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Kiosk and Menu Board News from the Kiosk Association (KMA)

​DENVER, Colo. -- Kiosk Association News - Menu Boards & Kiosks: News on Shake Shack, Panera's, Wendy's and BurgerFi. See information on tradeshows this week including DSE, IAAPA and Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

News 11/12/2022

* Mobile portable kiosk - Easy ship, easy setup, easy location

* Ticketing and wristband kiosks at IAAPA this week

* POS Market Report - Who uses what...

* Panera AI Drive Thru Proof of Concepts in NY review (see Deep Dive)

* Shake Shack - iPad kiosks coming to all

* Child Support Bill Payment

* Why and How of Accessible Kiosks Whitepaper

* Wendy's POS Case Study for franchisees

AVIXA Articles

* Curved Display Case Study 22Miles & Nanolumens - Video

* Latest update on iPads and small format for restaurants, healthcare & transportation

* Cosmopolitan Hotel Lobby Case Study with video

* Menu Board Technical Considerations

* BurgerFi ROI Case Study

* Enhancing C-Store Experience

* Digital Menu Boards - McDonald's & Coates


I tested out Panera's new 'automated' drive-thru and now I think every fast food chain should use it -- An Alexa-type conversational order-taking AI for the drive-thru with lots of pics, but oddly no audio. Will multi-lingual capability be added? We've asked.

This coming week is a busy tradeshow week with DSE in Vegas (we are in 617, use KMN20 for a free pass. See cloud services for 3 different SOC systems, self-order countertops, an outdoor digital sidewalk marquee, and a dual 55 outdoor menu board. In Florida, there is the huge IAPPA show with all types of ticketing, and finally Smart City Expo in Barcelona.

The deadline for comments for the U.S. Access Board ANPRM is next week (21st) as well.



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Almost 30% of Restaurateurs Want to Change Their POS Provider, Says Survey

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- This week, released its 2022 POS Survey Report. The survey asked over 800 independent restaurant owners to rate and comment on their POS systems' installation and operational costs, system and contract characteristics, and their satisfaction with POS features and support.

A lot has changed since the POS Survey was last conducted in 2017. Here are some key takeaways from this year's survey:

* The ten most popular brands account for over three quarters of the market. Toast and Square were the most popular POS brands, a significant shift from 2017 when Aloha and Micros were the industry leaders.

* POS system upfront costs have fallen more than 30% since 2017, as today's restaurateurs are spending an average of only $9,289 to get up and running with their systems. On the other hand, monthly fees have increased by 274% to $379 on average over that same period.

* The growth in monthly subscriptions is due in part to flexibility in contract length in exchange for limitations on credit card processing. Almost half of those surveyed said they are locked into using their system's credit card processor.

* 61% of respondents report that they use one or more handheld devices in their operations compared with only 27% five years ago.

* Many survey takers say that they do not use many of their POS's features because they are hard to implement or operators lack the time and support to get the necessary training.

* Respondents are disappointed by the support they receive from their providers. In the 2017 survey, 84% of respondents were satisfied with vendor support but in the most recent survey, that proportion dropped to 69%. One restaurateur told us: "The phone support is terrible. You wait on hold for an hour just to speak with someone who is learning the system. Super frustrating all around."

* Challenges like these are driving about 30% of those surveyed to consider switching their POS provider within the next year.

The 2022 POS Survey provides valuable insights for those restaurateurs looking for a new POS system or wanting to make a change. POS providers will find that the survey gives them a wealth of data and straight-from-the-user comments that can help them improve their systems and services as well as attract new customers.

Explore the full survey results at

About is a community of independent restaurant owners. With more than 69,000 members since 1998, serves a worldwide member base that operates in more than 160 countries. members represent a wide range of restaurant concepts of all sizes, with over 35% of members operating multiple locations. Learn more:, 20235 N. Cave Creek Rd., Suite 104, Phoenix, AZ 85024.

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Digital Signage Experience in Las Vegas Nov. 17, 2022

​DENVER, Colo. -- Join KIOSK ASSOCIATION (KMA - Kiosk Manufacturer Association) in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Experience at the LV Convention Center, Nov. 17, 2022. We are in booth 617.


* Clover Kiosk by Nanonation - Nano will be highlighting their cloud platform and wide-ranging support. Nano will show 3x screens (a Samsung, an LG, and a Sony) stacked on a single dual post mount showing three SoC platforms for signage. For Nanonation show handout DSE_Nanonation Overview-compressed.

* Keyser Digital Menu Boards - Everything You Wanted to Know - the Keyser FLEX Outdoor Digital Display System, will showcase a new full turnkey dual 55" LCD outdoor display. Keyser 55 Dual Flex IP67 Specs

* Counter Top Self-Order with Accessibility - PolyTouch with Storm Interface -- Pyramid Polytouch Flex and also Pyramid Datasheet Booklet-compressed

* Here is our booth portal on DSE

* General Floorplan

Wednesday also is the day for the highly anticipated Sixteen:Nine Mixer, a prelim session covering merger and acquisition activity. That is at the Hard Rock but sold out. You may be able to get pass from sponsors.


* November 21st is the deadline to send in responses to the nine questions the U.S. Access Board has asked for input on.

* In Washington D.C. -- M-Enabling Summit for Kiosk Accessibility Oct 24 Washington D.C.


* 3Cosmopolitan Hotel Lobby Case Study - Digital Signage

* Digital Menu Board Technical Considerations - Indoor & Outdoor

* BurgerFI ROI Case Study for Restaurants (with metrics)

* Kiosk Privacy Is About To Get Far More Complicated


* Availability - Managing the Kiosk and Self-Service Supply Chain

* Biometric Kiosks - Thales Biometric Devices Now Available at UCP

* Digital Wayfinding Kiosk Software by 22Miles Updates

* Kiosk Accessibility Event - M-Enabling Summit

* Front Desk Reception Kiosk aka Virtual Receptionist

* Relevant Retail Using Digital Signage

* Kiosk Printer G2E News - Lottery Ticket Printer

* Drive Thru QSR Study 2022 (eg McDonalds Drive Thru)

* Ticket Kiosk Branding Design - Top 4 Tips & Videos

* Self-Order ROI Example BurgerFI Feature

* Coming to your home Samsung Smart TV Soon...Telehealth

* Taco Bell EV Charging Stations Deployed


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DSE Expo booth information:

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Fiscal Systems Launches ‘FS Petroverse’ a Universal Point of Sale Platform for C-Stores and Truck Stops

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Fiscal Systems Inc, a Capstone company and leading provider of point of sale (POS) integrated systems, announced the launch of FS Petroverse, a universal business solution that manages the entire retail, food service, and forecourt-fleet business within one powerful POS platform.

"We feel FS Petroverse will revolutionize how the petroleum industry looks at POS solutions. FS Petroverse was developed with the singular goal of unifying all of the various and disparate processes across the entire retail enterprise," says James Spahn, Executive Vice President of Fiscal Systems. "Our partners can now manage their C-Store, truck stop, restaurant QSR, and hospitality needs with a single seamless, fully integrated platform. The days of running multiple POS and peripheral supporting systems are over."

FS Petroverse offers a robust set of capabilities within a single platform that covers all advanced retail processes, from front-end transactions to back-end reporting. Fiscal Systems will officially unveil FS Petroverse during the 2022 NACS Show in Las Vegas, October 1-4, 2022.

Fiscal Systems is owned by Capstone Logistics.

About Fiscal Systems:

The Fiscal Systems is a software company based in Huntsville, Alabama, that delivers the most dynamic and robust solutions for retailers, ranging from a single site to national operators. Our mission is to consistently provide our business partners with superior products and services ethically, responsively, and cost-effectively. We define our success by the success of our customers. To learn more about Fiscal Systems, visit

About Capstone Logistics:

Capstone Logistics, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a top end-to-end 3PL logistics company specializing in warehouse services, transportation management, and last-mile delivery and fulfillment. We partner with various sectors, including retail, grocery, food service, industrial, consumer products, home improvement, healthcare, and more. To learn more about what Capstone has to offer, visit

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The Kiosk Association August 2022: Restaurant Tech in Denver

​DENVER, Colo. -- See Kiosk Association in Denver, September 19-21 at the CREATE Show, the Future of Foodservice. We are sponsoring Ask the Expert with Chipotle and if you are a restaurant exec wanting to attend, we can save you $500 with a free pass. Just email with your details.

Coming up in November is Digital Signage Expo 2022 in Vegas. We'll be there in booth 617. Next month we are participating in a webinar on service and logistics with Pitney Bowes.


* Feature article this month is Kiosk Privacy Is About To Get Far More Complicated. Evan Schuman looks at the healthcare segment and HIPAA considerations.

* On AVIXA is our article on Volta and it's over a billion views milestone for its EV charging stations

* Digital Menu Boards - a big deal announced on the selection of the global provider for digital menu board CMS provider for McDonald's (worldwide).

* Samsung Displays
* Peerless-AV (see Volta EV Charging)
* AcquireDigital
* Star Micronics
* Pitney Bowes
* WelcomeWare
* IDmission


* The U.S. Access Board is releasing its scope of work (aka ANPRM) this month for all types of self-service including Point-Of-Sale. They will be accepting comments and all entities are encouraged to provide comments. Link ( Earlier they released guidelines for EV Charging to the ball rolling.

* Samsung Displays, Restaurant Technology is now a Gold Sponsor
* RFID Reader Technology with incentives for manufacturers
* Kiosk Privacy Is About To Get Far More Complicated - Feature
* Restaurant Technology - CREATE in Denver 9/19
* Kiosk Components - How To Select
* Senate Testimony on Accessible Federal Technology & Title III
* Telehealth Accessibility Guidelines HHS and DOJ
* OS Neutral Payment Devices for OS Agnostic Payment Kiosks
* Automated Cocktail Machine Tended Bar Coming to Denver
* Will EV Charging Infrastructure Be Ready for EV Charging?
* Kiosk Printers - Catalog of Thermal Printers
* Digital Signage CMS Platform - Version 7 by 22Miles
* Payment Kiosks - Multi-Processor Payment by Datacap & PAX
* EV Charging Design Recommendations by U.S. Access Board
* No Code Development Platform - For Any O/S - Intuiface


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Kiosk Association July 2022 – Regulatory Snapshot

DENVER, Colo. -- U.S. Access Board next session to include EV Charging Stations, Kiosks, Information Transaction Machines and POS. Canada's CSA Group is working on new guidelines, says the Kiosk Association (KMA). Point-of-Sale is likely to center on physical access by customers and audio? KMA is a participating sponsor for the ANSI EV Panel and on two working groups. See EV Panel post.

Important - input to the ANPRM is encouraged by ALL involved parties (restaurants and hotels and whatever). Once the comments close, it is impossible to add comments. ANSI EVSP is also open to participation by all companies. Make your viewpoint heard!

Updated Regulatory Brief -- Point-by-point discussion of expected Access Board ANPRM & ANSI EV Roadmap, Assistive technology, ADA as non-delegable duty, and from the National Restaurant Association, a rare critique of upcoming ADPPA act and "alarming" provisions. Meanwhile, the HIPAA Modernization Commission continues working on HIPAA. We were interviewed for article on disability inclusion in workplace.

The federal government is ramping up, strongly, to get regulations in.

Related -- Critical privacy considerations for public-facing technology is our feature article by Evan Schuman (Evan writes for Computerworld and TechCrunch). This is the part 1. Next month Evan may focus on healthcare.

Recent Posts:
* Critical Privacy Considerations For Kiosks - Feature Article
* How Popular is Self-Checkout at Supermarkets
* EV Electric Vehicles Standards Panel Sponsor
* Medical Grade Touchmonitors from TDS Touch
* Restaurant Kiosks - GRUBBRR Rolling out Samsung Kiosk - Case Study Data
* Disability Inclusion In Workplace Interview
* EV Charging Stations LG - LG Electronics Buys Mango
* Digital Wayfinding Kiosks at Phoenix Sky Harbor
* Payment Kiosks ISVPay and UCP Provide Omnichannel
* Hotel Check-In Kiosks HITEC
* Digital Wayfinding Smart City demo at recent InfoComm
* Self-Order Kiosk by LG Released in Korea
* Should Restaurant Accessibility Standards Include Digital Menus
* Digital Signage Software - Public Transport Case Study

Recent EV Charging Posts:
* Panasonic $4B plant to be in Kansas
* Canada EV Charging - 1.6 Million Needed
* EV Charging Stations LG - LG Buys Mango
* EV Range launch of fast chargers for electric vehicles in California.
* Walmart to buy 4,500 EVs for order delivery

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EV Range Reduces Central California Range Anxiety on Highway 101

SOLEDAD, Calif. -- V Range, Inc., the leader in zero emission vehicle charging station management software solutions and installation services today announced the launch of new fast chargers for electric vehicles in Soledad, California. The EV market is quickly moving from early adopters to the mass market with EVs becoming a person's primary and only vehicle. Although many people can charge their cars at home or near their workplace, range anxiety is a significant issue when driving beyond those areas. This becomes particularly acute during long range travel and in rural corridors.

"We are really excited to bring these chargers to Highway 101 drivers," said Carl Pancutt, CEO of EV Range. "Unlike the majority of currently available chargers in California, the chargers in Soledad can deliver up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes, which is the sweet spot for those driving through highway corridors. In addition, our driver app implements a frictionless payment methodology and our backend charger management system monitors the chargers in real time to immediately address uptime issues."

"Our property has many shops and restaurants that attract travelers through Central California. Installing fast chargers allows us to add a new and necessary amenity for EV drivers," said Beau Oxsen of Shaw Development. "In addition, we are able to further monetize our unique location and bring more people to our tenants' establishments. Everyone wins."

The process to bring these future-proof chargers online was done in conjunction with Monterey Bay Air Resources District which was instrumental in helping fund this state-of-the-art charging location.

"MBARD's objective is to improve air quality across Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties," said David Frisbey, Planning and Air Monitoring Manager of the Monterey Bay Air Resources District. "We are in a new world of opportunities to mitigate the environmental impacts from cars and trucks. Working with companies like EV Range, and highway corridor property owners, enables us to ensure that EVs can travel easily through the North Central Coast Air Basin."

About EV Range:

EV Range is a full-service, vertically integrated electric vehicle infrastructure solution provider. Our software and services are available to consumers and businesses. To learn more about EV Range visit

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Kiosk Association June 2022: ADA for Self-Service and EV Charging Stations

​DENVER, Colo. -- Self-Service Kiosks Digital Signage EV Charging News: This month we've launched a new clearinghouse for EV Charging Stations ( EV charging infrastructure now has significant funding from the NEVI Infrastructure Act.

Funds will be released before the end of 2022. Existing ADA regulations such as ADA 2010 and Section 508 apply. We have a complete writeup on We predict that both the U.S. Access Board and ANSI will weigh in on EV-related before the end of 2022.

As part of our EV kickoff we have also put together an EV charging market snapshot reflecting current SLED and FED opportunities for EV charging infrastructure (which have "soared" as the media likes phrasing). Currently $2B in just these markets for active RFPs.

Our ADA Committee is evolving to keep pace with the anticipated regulatory actions in this self-service space. As co-chairman, Nicky Shaw of Storm Interface and Michael O'Hare of TechForAll Consulting have four initiatives they are in process of executing.

1 - Expand our sounding board to officially include organizations such as the NFB, AFB, Canadian groups and the RNIB

2 - Formalize and automate our existing educational communications to procurement entities in the SLED space

3 - Expand the working groups to include new self-service segments such as Smart Cities, robotics and EV Charging

4 - Formalize our industry input from current sponsors such as Panasonic, LG and Intel.

Recent Posts

* Digital Signage Software - Case Study - London Underground
* EV Charging Market Numbers & Charts
* Digital Signage Awards - Best of Show InfoComm 2022
* Kiosks History - What Was the First Zebra Kiosk Printer?
* Hotel Kiosks - American Kiosks and meldCX Partner
* ADA Kiosks - Canada ADA Accessibility Plan
* Healthcare - The Role of Kiosks: Scoping Review
* ADA - Kiosk Retrofit for Usability & Accessibility Webinar
* EV Charging Station News - News Summary Added
* Digital Signage - InfoComm & LG Booth

Recent EV Charging Posts

* Tesla Cameras Are Coming From Samsung
* EV Battery 98 Percent Capacity in Less Than Ten Minutes
* PennDOT to distribute millions on electric vehicle charging stations
* EV Charging Vehicle Market - June Snapshot
* EV Charging - Samsung and IoTecha Join Forces

Learn more:

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Kiosk Association Announces May 2022 News – NRA Chicago Preview

​DENVER, Colo. -- May 2022 Self-Service News - Association of Kiosk Manufacturers. Since 1996, for 26 years serving the self-service technology market. Here is our collected information for the upcoming National Restaurant Show in Chicago. It includes:

* Exhibits you'll see in our 10x20 booth 6576 in Tech Pavilion (North)

* Information on discounted and/or free passes to the show

* Social events going on such as DSF get-together at local bar (sponsored by Intel) and the RTN Restaurant Technology Network happy hour

* Speaking events - Matt Ater talks alongside Kelsey Hall of McDonald's

* List of member exhibitors at the show including Intel and Panasonic

* We can help with passes to show and/or social events as members of those groups

* List of assets and downloads to make life easy if not traveling to Chicago.

Learn more:

ISE 2022 in Barcelona -- over 40K in attendance, so not sure if the next time it will be Amsterdam. The highlight for us is a very nice video by LG Business Solutions showing their new competing kiosk (with assistive tech unlike Samsung) along with some stellar new release outdoor and indoor displays. The 400 NIT indoor 110 inch for sports bars in particular. Included is our perspective on where the market is, and where it is heading.

InfoComm in June is the next show (Las Vegas) and we are an official media sponsor. We have begun our preview post.


* LG ISE 2022 with LG Kiosk, Outdoor Menu Boards
* Self-Order Restaurant Software - Acquire Digital
* InfoComm 2022 Spotlights - June 8-10 at LVCC
* Pitney Bowes Kiosk Services - Kiosk Service Solution Introduction
* Digital Menu Boards - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
* Panera's chief digital officer on the future of restaurant tech
* Kiosk Cost News - Self-Service Kiosk Pricing Guide
* Restaurant Tech Trends w/ Panera and Chipotle + NRA Preview
* McDonalds Kiosk - Vispero Recognized by McDonalds for Accessibility
* Automated Bar for Sports Fans w/ Facial Recognition & Age Verification
* EV Charging Stations - California Study Says Many Don't Work
* Digital Menu Board Cost FAQ - How Much They Cost and Installation
* Kaiser Permanente Patient Check-in Kiosks Video

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SecuGen Releases Hamster Pro 30, FBI-Certified Fingerprint Reader for Mobile ID FAP 30

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- SecuGen, world leader in optical fingerprint technology, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Hamster Pro 30 fingerprint reader and U30 OEM sensor. The new contact fingerprint reader and sensor from SecuGen are FBI-certified for use in FIPS 201 PIV and Mobile ID FAP 30 applications.

The Hamster Pro 30 takes its place in SecuGen's expanding line of FBI-certified products alongside the Hamster Pro 20, the Hamster Pro 10, and their companion OEM sensors: U30, U20-A, and U10, all of which meet various requirements under the FBI's Next Generation Identification System Image Quality specifications.

The Hamster Pro 30 and U30 sensor feature a fingerprint glass platen that is larger than all other SecuGen contact sensors, and they represent the newest entries in SecuGen's offering of high quality, rugged, yet affordable fingerprint sensors and readers. The Hamster Pro 30 reader and U30 sensor are suitable for a wide variety of applications that include healthcare, retail, finance, telecommunications, access control, time and attendance, national ID programs, immigration, and many others.

SecuGen sells its products through a worldwide network of Systems Integrators, Software Companies, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company is organized to support and provide developers with free SDKs and tools that facilitate the integration of SecuGen fingerprint technology into larger systems and products.

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen stated, "Our amazing engineering team continues to design products of the highest quality. With the launch of Hamster 30, we have broadened our product line in response to our partners' requirements for larger sized fingerprint readers for FAP 30 applications."

"We are always trying to develop products for our development partners to meet their customers' diverse needs," said Dan Riley, SecuGen's VP of Engineering. "The Hamster Pro 30 and U30 are just the latest examples."

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, "We focus tirelessly on our core mission, which is to provide fingerprint technology, at the right price, to enable our partners to compete and succeed. Alongside that, we will continue to develop software tools that are free or low cost to help accelerate the integration of SecuGen technology into our customers' applications."

Learn more about the new Hamster Pro 30 at:

Learn more about the new U30 fingerprint sensor at:

About SecuGen:

SecuGen Corporation ( is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms.

For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to delivering innovative, high quality, rugged, and price-performing products for a wide variety of applications such as insurance and banking, health care, point of sale, logical and physical access control, mobile devices, national ID, voter registration, SIM card authentication, fleet management, and many more.

SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive partner network of reseller partners including original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators in North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

SecuGen(R) is a registered trademark of SecuGen Corp. in the United States and other countries.

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