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Modern Art Cartel Pushes the Boundaries of Art and Technology

TORONTO, Ontario -- What do you get when you mix multidisciplined, modern artists from around the world with a cutting-edge blend of technology and art? You get Modern Art Cartel. Modern Art Cartel is at the forefront of combining art with technology and has developed the world's first AI digital artist, MysterioAI, that creates engaging NFTs (non-fungible token) or collectible digital assets. In addition, its events employ RFID and QR Technology to deliver immersive, in-person art experiences.

This newly-created collective of contemporary artists has a mission to help businesses, developers, interior designers and homeowners create inspirational spaces through modern art. And, NFTs are just one of the collections that's taking the art design world by storm.

Modern Art Cartel looks for artists that push the boundaries, concepts, ideas, mediums, technology and talent. They then hand select and invite those artists to join the Modern Art Cartel collective. It typically recruits artists through social media, industry events and referrals.

Once an artist has been added to the collective, Modern Art Cartel handles what most artists eschew - the business end of things. It manages all of their sales, marketing and operations, so they can focus on doing what they love - creating art.

Artists in the Modern Art Cartel work in a variety of mediums with different materials and styles. Many of its artists have received major media coverage and multiple awards. In fact, "Art Business News" recently added Modern Art Cartel to its list of "Top 40 Artists" to Watch."

"I created the Modern Art Cartel along with my long-time friend, Rafael Scasserra. We did it because of our love of art," Mark D'Onofrio, CEO, Modern Art Cartel, says.

Scasserra is an artist and technology entrepreneur and the two are now working to curate an incredibly talented group of what D'Onofrio refers to as "art misfits."

"Each artist has a personal style and is focused on changing the art game," D'Onofrio adds. "We're pushing the boundaries of art through our creations, materials, collaborations and technology innovations and I'm excited about what the future holds."

About Modern Art Cartel

Modern Art Cartel curates, designs and sells modern art. It partners with interior designers, developers, businesses and home owners to create amazing spaces that dazzle. It's been featured on major media outlets such as Bravo, Living Luxe and Global News and is a platinum art sponsor for HGTV Canada in 2021/2022. It also sells its unique art online.

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Caption: "Moves Like Jagger" Original Pop Art by Rafael Scasserra, Modern Art Cartel co-founder.

Rafael Scasserra
of Modern Art Cartel

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American Artist Mateo Blanco Creates a Portrayal of the American Flag Made from His Clothing

ORLANDO, Fla. -- As our country faces a pandemic and signs of a nation divided, the need for hope and happiness is greater than ever before. Renowned artist and proud American Mateo Blanco has seen these signs and is making a stand for unity through his art.

Blanco created "July 4, 2020," a portrayal of the American flag made from his clothing. Each of the iconic colors making up the flag not only has meaning to this country, but to Blanco personally. The white fabric was made from a shirt he often wore while studying at Florida Atlantic University as he worked hard to not only gain knowledge but wisdom. The red stripes are created from his lucky interview shirt, something he typically wore while spreading his art and message with others. The blue swatch was from the favorite blue workout shirt he wore when trying to get healthy.

All fabrics and colors used in the piece represent Blanco putting his best foot forward, which is exactly what he's encouraging all other Americans to do.

"As a principle, everything I do is through love and happiness," said Blanco. "But right now, everywhere I look in my beloved country, I see pain - we are separated. In order to overcome our struggles, we must individually put our best selves forward and unite as a nation."

This isn't the first time Blanco has used fabric in his art. He's also created "Coat of Many Colors," a portrait of Dolly Parton; and "Joseph, Coat of Many Colors," a tribute to Jewish history. In fact, Blanco is known for his whimsical use of unusual mediums like Smarties(r), coffee beans and rope.

"Typically, my work is light-hearted and fun. I create my art to spread joy," Blanco said. "However, for 'July 4, 2020,' I knew I needed to use my platform to share a bigger message. We must come together as a united country."

Although "July 4, 2020" was created this year, its inspiration goes all the way back to the 1950s. After admiring Jasper John's Flag painting, Blanco thought that while this was a beautiful representation of America in the past, it wasn't reflective of the society we're currently living in. He immediately got to work to create a modern representation of this famous piece, giving it his own unique twist.

"July 4, 2020," along with other works by Mateo Blanco, including "Hopi Girl," made from rope; "Ellen," a portrait of Ellen DeGeneres made from coffee beans; and "Desire," a series of Madonna portraits which change when viewed from different angles, can be purchased through the Rosenbaum Contemporary gallery in Boca Raton, Florida.

About Rosenbaum Contemporary:

Rosenbaum Contemporary, founded in 1979, is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The gallery caters to international collectors interested in investment-quality works by Postwar, Modern and Contemporary masters and presents nationally recognized museum-level exhibitions throughout the year. The gallery also offers a wide range of free services to collectors worldwide including acquisition advice, art consulting, sourcing of artists, art collection building and management and resale of select works of art.

Learn more at:

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*Photo caption: Mateo Blanco by Carlos Amoedo.

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