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Jaiimoni Starr releases single ‘Stop and I Go,’ launching career at age 16

ST. LOUIS, Mo. -- Jaiimoni Starr, who sung solo songs and performed praise dances at church, and began her career doing cover raps, launches her first professional rap single with "Stop and I Go." She is 16.

Starr presented her first solo rap at East St. Louis Senior High School for a Black history program, and ever since her goal has been to express herself through music.

"The song was 'Glory,' by artists John Legend and Common. This is when I first realized I have rhythm and an interest in rapping," Starr writes on her website.

Since entering high school, she says, "I have experienced more complex things about life ... my writing style became deeper and more from a place of positivity, pain, eagerness, and venting. I wrote from what I felt because I wanted people to understand who I was through the songs I wrote.

"I aspire to teach young women that music doesn't always have to be portrayed in a negative and degrading way, also that you can get a message across and still sound or appear cool. I've learned that music can have a positive and negative effect on our generation, and its vibrations."

With an understanding of phrasing and song craft beyond her years, "she has an ease and flow in her writing and performing like she has been rapping for a long time," Martinez Robinson, Co-manager at Daugherty Entertainment said.

Allen Daugherty, Daugherty Entertainment, is managing the artist. Sham, one half of the Grammy award-winning duo the TrakStarz who discovered St. Louis music artist Chingy, and has worked with artists including Ludacris, 2chainz, Janet Jackson, & Usher, has teamed up with new production partner Virus, who toured alongside of Beyoncé, to produce the single.

Equity Distribution, created by Jay-Z, is a global music-distribution platform that allows artists to retain ownership of their masters and has signed a distribution deal with Starr and Daugherty Ent.

"We're really excited for Jaiimoni, she's an enormous talent and this break out for her is huge," Daugherty said.

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Bre Maa Releases New EP that Promises Rap in its Purest Form

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Rap artist, Bre Maa, also known as "The Hood Celestial" or "T.H.C." just announced the release of her debut EP - "Brightly Unveiling Majesty" (B.U.M.). With four tracks, this album is poised to quickly brighten the rap scene.

A rapper, singer and poet, Bre has found light from the darkness and is ready to cast that shine through her music and soul. She's created an album that she shares is "rap in its purest form."

Having created a pure style all her own, Bre wants listeners to really understand the original elements of what hip-hop is all about - peace, love and having fun. Her lyrics are filled with insightful commentary that leave her audience wanting more.

"I'm an artistic messenger who creates music to heal and be healed. Most of my work is produced during my own healing processes, so all of my songs are beautiful breakthroughs. I cry or laugh, write it down, express how I'm feeling from the heart and pray the song inspires whoever is listening. The recording and technical aspects of the process come later," she says.

And, when it comes to that production part, Bre knows that she couldn't have done it without the help of producers Negus Korby, Solar B and Jewy Stupid.

"They've all helped to make my vision a reality," she says.

It's clear that Bre has found her voice and wants people to not just hear, but to listen.

Listen to the new EP:



About Bre Maa

Originally from Carson, California, Bre's raw and motherly presence brings a new perspective to rap. Her story started out a bit dark where she was surrounded by negative influences which only served to make her stronger and help her to find her current voice. She dropped her first single in September 2018 - B.U.M., a song that sheds light on the defamation of the black woman's image in this country and beyond with a tone of pain and triumph.







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King of Battle Rap to change lives with latest Battle Rap Tournament

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc. has brought together some of battle raps lyrical geniuses to help one lucky winner's dream come true in winning the first annual Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Tournament. Contestants will have the opportunity starting June 1, 2021 to register on under one of 10 leading battle rappers in the game to guide them to the Grand Finale as their Team Captain. Giving them a chance to win $100,000 in cash, a studio produced record and a signed major record deal.

Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc. is inviting you to attend their press conference on June 7, 2021 at the infamous CoCo Studios in Atlanta, GA and meet the 10 Battle Rappers who have committed their expertise in getting their team to the top. With the support of American Rapper Cassidy, known as the King of Battle Rap, helped bring together this amazing collective of Team Captains who were happy to put their battle rap beefs if any aside to help the battle rap culture make history. The conference will give more insight on the tournament and why these 10 battle rappers wanted to make a difference.

"We wanted to set ourselves apart from other battle rap tournaments in terms of not only the large cash prize but through sophisticated technology development and virtually bring together battle rappers from around the globe," said Reginald Greene, CEO and founder of Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc. With over 4 decades working alongside some of the biggest names in music, Greene looks forward to shaping the gap in battle rap and inspire rappers to follow their dreams.

Learn more:

Interviews and photo opportunities ahead of and at the press conference will be available with:
* Reginald Greene, CEO & President, Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc.
* Cassidy, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Murda Mook, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Jag, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Daylyt, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Danny Myers, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Calicoe, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Reed Dollaz. American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* Eazy The Block Captain, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain
* T-Rex, American Battle Rapper, Team Captain

The press conference can be attended in-person or by virtual request. For further information or to confirm your attendance either virtually or in-person, please contact John D. Armstrong Jr. directly at or by phone 215-221-4075.

The details of the event are as follows:

Who: Worldwide Battle of The Rappers

What: Press Conference/Interviews

Where: CoCo Studios, 767 Trabert Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

When: Monday, June 7, 2021 2 p.m. ET


John D. Armstrong Jr.

Director of Special Events

Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc


Worldwide Battle of The Rappers Inc., 3220 West Monte Vista Ave, Suite 176, Turlock, CA 95380.


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Nipsey Hussle New Hit Announced

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- "Blue Dreams," which is the latest release from Nipsey Hussle by independent record label Juice Division Records is arguably the best posthumous verse from the Nipsey Hussle vault yet.

In addition, the song has a chance to land on at least one Billboard Chart this week, Landing on the Billboard charts is no easy task for an independent record label.

Watch the official "Blue Dreams" Music Video Starring Nipsey Hussle on YouTube (beat produced by Sandy 3 p's):

Listen to Blue Dreams on Spotify:

Follow CEO Juice Lee on Instagram:

Melvin Rivers
Juice Division Records LLC

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*Caption: "Blue Dreams" cover.

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New Rap Writer/Producer and Eminem Stan James Guiltinan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create Music Video Salute to Eminem

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Will the real Stan please stand up? Before James "Slim Jimmy" Guiltinan knew that Eminem's "Stan" had become a dictionary word defined as a sort of super, but sometimes obsessed fan, he'd written one of his first two rap songs, as an Eminem "salute." The slang definition of "stan" likely originated from Eminem's song and music video "Stan."

At first, James referred to his song, "This Time and Then" as a "tribute song" to Eminem, but later learned that the term was reserved for the deceased. So he coined a new phrase "salute song." James now suggests that he could be the real Eminem "Stan," but not of the obsessed or crazed kind of stan, an example of which might be the recent intruder into Eminem's home. The Detroit rap artist's music helped to get James through a dark period in his life.

Having only played trumpet in high school during the seventies, and new to rap writing and producing, James had assistance from Los Angeles rapper Solid Savage who recorded and co-wrote "This Time and Then." James originally didn't want to charge for the song, as he felt it would cheapen the "salute." His distribution service required a minimum price for streaming distribution, but James has made "This Time and Then" available at no charge on SoundCloud. James' Kickstarter campaign serves to create a complementary product (the accompanying music video) to further the Eminem salute.

Ironically, Slim Shady's "Stan" song and music video features a Stan character who ends up accidentally or purposely killing himself in a car accident. While James admits to being suicidal during his struggles, and perhaps saved by in part at least, rather than troubled by an absence of writing back, Eminem's music.

"Eminem's music gave me encouragement, because it talks about struggles that Slim Shady experienced during his life, which I identified with," James says.

After losing his job two years ago and living out of his van, which was after losing his family's house and getting divorced, James took up songwriting to finally try his hand at the creative arts. At first, his lyrics were essentially poems. After ordering two songwriting books, James got a little better at the craft. He also remixed the background music he selected for "This Time and Then" after taking a class in Logic.

During his two years of being homeless, James has written and produced seven hip hop and one R&B tracks. Most of the work on his songs, including the cover artwork, writing, and background ("beat") music selection was done using a cell phone, after his MacBook was stolen.

"Wrigley Field," a sequel to "This Time and Then," is a playful rap song, where James comes to Slim's "rescue" by providing a warning to - in good fun only - similar to a diss track - Machine Gun Kelly, regarding MGK's Eminem diss (disrespect) song. James views "salute" songs as being the opposite of "diss" songs, and he hopes they become popularized.

"Similar to the Stan in the Eminem song and music video, I DM'd Slim on Instagram, but didn't hear back," James says. "However, he may have given me a lyrics wink in one of his songs as 'Gilligan.' Of course, I can't know for sure. It's just close to my last name, and I also used 'Gilligan' in my "Wrigley Field" lyrics."

"This Time and Then" and "Wrigley Field" are available on streaming platforms under the artist name "James Bernard Guiltinan."

For more information about James music video Kickstarter campaign:


Listen to "This Time and Then:"

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James Guiltinan

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