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Chicago area band The PondHawks gives hometown a song with ‘River Grove’

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Riverpool Records and The PondHawks announce the release of their new single, "River Grove." How many cities have their very own song? The town of River Grove, a suburb of Chicago near O'Hare Airport, now does thanks to The PondHawks.

Mario Novelli, born and raised in River Grove, co-wrote the song with songwriting partner, Jorie Gracen. The two formed the very popular indie band in 2007, which has over 600,000 fans worldwide.

The PondHawks have three albums out, two of which, "The PondHawks Have Landed" and "Blue Light," made the Top 10 Regional Albums of 2011 and 2016. "Blue Light" also made the 2016 Grammy ballot.

The band's music is unique and refreshingly original. Novelli's vocals and Gracen's harmonies resonate with a blend that gives The PondHawks their signature sound. Gracen and Novelli are also poetic storytellers that can lyrically paint a picture tailored-made for the listener's imagination.

Music critic, Tom Lounges of the Northwest Indiana Times describes their music as "a groovy psychedelic-pop progressive '60s sound with sparkling hooks."

Alan Haber of Pure Pop Radio says, "This Chicago band is a melodic treat, melding retro and contemporary influences for a decidedly catchy listening experience."

One characteristic of The PondHawks' music; no songs sound alike. Each has its own identity, but retains the inherent DNA of a PondHawks' song. What makes this band standout is their musical versatility that embraces multi-genres.

Their latest song, "River Grove," tells a story about the small pioneer town of 1888 that grew into the charming, bustling "village of friendly neighbors" that it is today. The once sparsely populated rural community, prospered from the railroad with an economic boost that helped it thrive.

"River Grove" takes you on a magical journey to a place where those who lived, will always call home. The song describes with poetic imagery, the beauty, the warmth, and the closeness of its people. We discover the rich history that molded the town's glorious past into the modern day present. It is a place where dreams are possible and where life is well lived. Gracen and Novelli's exquisitely crafted words create an idyllic, universal hometown scenario that the listener can easily identify with.

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Are The PondHawks Chicago’s Best Kept Music Secret?

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Riverpool Records and The PondHawks announce the release of the new focus track, "Wire Me" from the album "Blue Light."

The up-and-coming indie band is making waves not only on the radio, but also in social media. They have a quarter of a million likes on Facebook and thousands of followers on Twitter, MySpace and Reverbnation.


Formed in 2007 by songwriting partners Mario Novelli and Jorie Gracen, The PondHawks have since captured a worldwide audience with catchy melodies and a pioneering approach to music. Some may call it retro-rock with a now sound, but the band's unique signature style falls into its own category.

The PondHawks have an artistry for storytelling, which evolves through meticulously crafted passages that create atmosphere and mood. Their music is driven by poetic lyricism that is clever and compelling. Stellar vocal harmonies intertwine seamlessly through musical interludes that unfold with stunning synchronicity and energy. Instruments are carefully selected to drive the melody and the emotional power of the song.

Both of their critically acclaimed albums, "The PondHawks Have Landed" (2010) and "Dreaming Over Ireland" (2012) received extensive Triple A FM radio airplay in the U.S. and massive Internet radio play worldwide with albums selling out their initial runs. "The PondHawks Have Landed" reached the #7 spot in the Top 10 (USA) Regional Albums of 2011.

The band's hit song "Drive," from "Dreaming Over Ireland," charted at #1 on Music World Radio's Top 20 Alternative Songs Euro Chart. Votes from thousands of fans from around the world kept the song at #1 for 13 weeks.

When The PondHawks' new holiday song "Winter Wine" premiered on a UK radio station in December 2015 - their first new music in three years - 45,842 listeners from around the world tuned in to listen. At the time the song aired, it was 11:50 p.m. EST and 4:50 a.m. in Europe.

At a recent outdoor concert headlined by the band, 8,000 fans showed up. Some traveled long distances from other states and many sported PondHawks T-shirts.

In The PondHawks' hometown of River Grove, a suburb of Chicago, phone calls from fans flooded the Mayor's office when the band's June concert was cancelled due to weather.


The PondHawks newly-released third album "Blue Light," their first new album in four years, is making an impact on popular streaming services. Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music are driving album sales on iTunes (U.S., Europe) and (U.S., UK, Russia, Europe).

The album is receiving robust radio airplay in the U.S. and Europe with all 10 songs popping up on radio station playlists.

Two days after the album's first single, "Bitter Game" was released, it charted at #3 in the Top 15 Reverbnation Picks of the Week posted by A Journal of Musical Things.

Alan Cross, music critic at A Journal of Musical Things, writes: "The PondHawks have a mid-to-late '60's sound that brings to mind a combination of The Beatles and David Bowie."

Alan Haber of Pure Pop Radio said this about Blue Light: "This Chicago trio is a melodic treat, melding retro and contemporary influences for a decidedly catchy listening experience. Clever touches delight across the whole program, from the mandolin-powered 'Armadilla,' with its playful vocal harmonies, to the pop pleasures of four-on-the-floor pop-rocker 'Bitter Game.' Mario Novelli, Jorie Gracen and Michael Gillespie deliver a highly desirable album and win on all cylinders."

After one listen to "Blue Light," fans of The Beatles, Paul McCartney and Wings and ELO will be delighted to find a happy mix of pop, rock, and classic rock influences jam-packed with tasty Beatlesque flavors and psychedelia.

The PondHawks are currently the #1 ranked Indie band in the USA and the world on the Reverbnation charts. They were selected out of 3.7 million bands to join the prestigious Reverbnation Connect A&R group based in New York City. Connect's A&R Director, Matt DuFour described The PondHawks' music as "timeless."

On Aug. 29, The PondHawks release their second focus track "Wire Me" from "Blue Light."

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.