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Royse Events to Host the 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum: The Future of California

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Royse Events LLC, a nonpartisan organizer of technology and policy events, today announced its upcoming 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum. The CASC Forum will provide a virtual platform for candidates from across the state to briefly share their vision for California's future.

Candidates will either appear live via videostream on October 10, or can choose to submit a prerecorded video for publication. Participation is open to all California candidates currently running for the United States House of Representatives, California State Assembly, or California State Senate.

The CASC Forum is a free event and open to the public. Attendees should register at https://cascforum.com/.

Confirmed participants include:
* Chris Bish - Candidate for US Congress (District 6)
* Ritesh Tandon - Candidate for US Congress (District 17)
* Jeff Gorman - Candidate for US Congress (District 20)
* Andy Caldwell - Candidate for US Congress (District 24)
* Eric Early - Candidate for US Congress (District 28)
* Angélica María Dueñas - Candidate for US Congress (District 29)
* David Kim - Candidate for US Congress (District 34)
* William "Liam" O'Mara - Candidate for US Congress (District 42)
* James S. Waters - Candidate for US Congress (District 46)
* Gary J. Michaels - Candidate for State Senate (District 19)
* Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh - Candidate for State Senate (District 23)
* Cathy Cook - Candidate for State Assembly (District 8)
* Eric M. Rigard - Candidate for State Assembly (District 9)
* Carlos Villapudua - Candidate for State Assembly (District 13)
* Peter Ohtaki - Candidate for State Assembly (District 24)
* Julie Solis - Candidate for State Assembly (District 34)
* Mike Graves - Candidate for State Assembly (District 43)
* Jeffi Girgenti - Candidate for State Assembly (District 45)
* Toni Holle - Candidate for State Assembly (District 52)
* Godfrey Santos Plata - Candidate for State Assembly (District 53)
* Fatima S. Iqbal-Zubair - Candidate for State Assembly (District 64)
* Sharon Quirk-Silva - Candidate for State Assembly (District 65)

Roger Royse, founder of Royse Events, shared "we look forward to bringing the California candidates together in a virtual forum to meet their voters and share their vision of the future."

The 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum is the third political forum hosted by Royse Events since 2016. Previous events included the 2018 Silicon Valley Candidates Forum in San Francisco, CA and the 2016 Presidential Candidates Forum in Menlo Park, CA in which 5 US Presidential candidates participated.

About Royse Events

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Roger Royse

Related link: https://cascforum.com/

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