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New Online Bookstore Creates Marketplace for Self-Published Authors Struggling to Compete on Amazon

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The self-publishing book industry's exponential growth has taken the world by storm. Opening doors once closed to unknown writers, self-publishing creates an alternative - some may say disruptive - option for writers with a small fan base to share their work and build brand awareness on a global scale. Empowered by the popular do-it-yourself movement, a new direct-to-customer bookselling platform,, launched in December.

Aimed at helping self-published authors committed to creating, distributing, and promoting their work, Direct2Author is a low-cost, targeted complement to promoting books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.

"Direct2Author is our response to large book distributors like Amazon, who sells more books than any other single retail outlet in history and has over 30 million titles in its online bookstore," said Michelle Jackson, self-published author and founder of the platform. "Our goal is to pull self-published books out of the highly trafficked traditional book marketing lane and steer them to a place they can call 'home.' We believe this platform will make it easier for dedicated readers to find new works by diverse writers."

Direct2Author stakes its bet on book lovers interested in supporting a niche market. But the platform goes a step further by addressing an issue that often plagues writers who aren't traditionally published. By allowing authors to earn a "Reader Approved" badge from a team of editors and beta readers, the platform helps validate self-published works' readability, appeal, and writing style.

"Too often, readers believe that self-published books are poorly written,' said Jackson. "But the success of traditionally published authors who were once self-published like Margaret Atwood, EL James, and even Stephen King who self-published a collection of short stories in 1960, prove that our work is valuable and critical to the publishing industry's growth."

Direct2Author provides a free basic book profile upload and three subscription-based dynamic profiles. Dynamic profiles include direct links to the author's websites and author pages, book cover and book description uploads, promo video integration, social media links, and digital media promotion. Subscriptions start at $3.99 a month.

Readers can sign-up and receive free access to the online bookstore and the 5-crown book rating system. They can also earn free merchandise and weekly book feature promotions. Learn more:

Unlike Amazon, Direct2Author is not a fulfillment service. Instead, the platform aims to tap into direct-to-customer bookselling. As self-published authors build their own websites on platforms like WiX, WordPress, and Squarespace and create author brand awareness on social media using popular hashtags like #booktok, #bookstagram, and #booktwt, readers can purchase directly from the author, pay less in distribution fees, and help them build long-term fan-bases.

"Self-published authors are entrepreneurs," said Jackson. "Technology allows us to establish dynamic branding and marketing tools that we can control. As a result, we now have the power to touch a global community of book lovers."

To learn more or register as a reader, author, or sponsor, visit or email


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InstantPublisher Adds Warehousing and Fulfillment Services to Quarantine Writing Advice and Book Self-Publishing Services Discount

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- is proud to add warehousing and fulfillment services to its line of self-publishing services. Why did InstantPublisher add these services for their customers? Printed books, especially hardcover books, take up a lot of space. Storing books in an author's garage or basement might not be an option. In addition, some authors, especially for books delivered by businesses, encounter a lack of proper, climate-controlled warehouse space to store their books.

Another way that warehousing and fulfillment services may benefit self-publishing customers is that few print-on-demand companies will offer print-on-demand services for hardcover books, wire-bound books, or custom-sized books with embellishments such as foil stamping and special coating. These books also require proper storage.

Another warehouse and fulfillment service offers is kitting. Kitting is when you bundle multiple pieces in an order, such as multiple book titles or custom-printed advertising pieces, and ship them as packages together.

"Our customers asked for this service, so we found a way to make it happen," says Chris Bradley, President of "Our warehouse and fullfillment services addresses a need for some of our self-publishing and our custom commercial printing services customers."

Please keep in mind that warehousing and fulfillment is not necessary for all customers. If you or your business only sell a couple of books a month, it makes more sense to be to store the and ship the books yourself until you build your sales up.

For more information about's warehouse and fullfillment services, including pricing, go to

About is the short-run printing and book publishing division of Fundcraft Print Group located in Collierville, Tennessee. FCP is a third-generation family-owned publishing conglomerate with seven divisions specializing in all types of print, from family history books to long-run commercial print jobs. The InstantPublisher division launched in 2004 and since then has helped thousands of authors self-publish and print their own books.

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Brand Messaging Strategist Asks Readers of Motivational and Success Genre Books to Look A Little Closer Before Buying

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman of FSG Messaging and Optics is asking both readers and aspiring authors to have a closer look at the motivational, inspirational, coaching and success books that are being released and marketed faster than ever.

Success, motivation, inspiration and the opportunity to achieve wealth draw an excited and large-scale audience. At the same time, there are a great deal of less than honorable individuals looking to make money off these people without offering much in return.

This has opened a door for a series of less than authoritative and aspiring coaches, multilevel marketing consultants, self-professed success gurus and "certified" life coaches believing that all they need to do to tap into these markets is to get a book out on to those markets.

This is not saying that all coaches, consultants and gurus are guilty of this, but the percentage that are is going up dramatically at a scary pace.

"We have noticed a rise in companies that allow you to purchase what we term as a prefabricated book. These books fall into one of the genres of success or coaching toward business, health, wealth, and sales to name just a few. You simply buy a system that you download which allows you to move some chapters around, change a few words, headers, add a few stories of your own, create a book cover, publish as an eBook or print on demand, and wham, you're an author," says Weisman.

Is it legal? Yes. You have purchased a license to use other people's work that has allowed you to state it as your own, but is it ethical?

Weisman answers, "I see this as permissive plagiarism. A license has been bought, but how does this create authentic authority and a foundation of integrity to trust this new author if the truth was revealed? Would these authors be ok with openly stating that they bought eighty to ninety percent of a book and just added a few pieces to it? I seriously doubt it. So where is the honor and transparency there?"

The take away?

For the readers:

Consider looking a little deeper in to the books you are thinking of purchasing to see if they hold the authenticity and authority behind the story. Take the time to vet the sources and make sure they are resources of knowledge and expertise that can help you.

For the aspiring writers:

Honor yourself and honor those you want to work with. Not everyone has a book in them and that's ok. It is also a whole lot better to not try to fake your validity in a world that is catching up and catching on to the scams and the half truths faster than ever.

Ensure that your messaging is rooted in a foundation of authenticity and integrity that can amplify your authority. If you are a not so talented singer that only lip syncing on stage with someone else's voice, the chances are greater of being found out these days.

Even with all the others using the white label and prefab downloads of books, courses, audios and whatever else... stand out by being true to you and the audience you want to build.

More at or

Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a contributor for FSG Messaging and Optics. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product. Weisman is also the host of the brand Messaging Podcast: "Wait What Really OK."

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New Publishing Company Brings Rich Stories of Africa to the Young and Young at Heart

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A longtime education professional with a passion for fiction is announcing the launch of a brand-new publishing company with a focus on young adult adventure fiction targeting readers of all ages. Former high school teacher, university adjunct and current curriculum developer manager for higher institutions, Joan Cheboswony is the founder of Worlds Unknown Publishers, a new self-publishing firm created to provide a platform for sharing stories about Africa, her people, cultures, and expansive natural beauty.

"Our books give voice to the rich and vibrant stories of 1.3 billion African people," Cheboswony said. "Our lineup of titles is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of even the most reluctant teen readers."

Cheboswony, a resident of Phoenix and a native of the village of Kipniwai, Kenya, was motivated to curate a collection of African-themed books to ignite the curiosity and passion of young people craving literary encounters with fascinating and real youth from around the world, whose experiences are simultaneously relatable and yet completely foreign to them.

As an immigrant, Cheboswony was exposed to different cultures through books, which helped her navigate cross-cultural communication and created a hunger in her to explore "worlds unknown."

Her mission with Worlds Unknown Publishers is to partner with authors from Africa to develop and publish high-quality fictional books for young adults. The current lineup of authors includes titles by Erick Ngoda, Muthoni wa Gichuru, Emily Wekulo, Moraa Gitaa, Newton Mudaki, Maria Ngoda, and Goro wa Kamau.

One of the company's newly released books, "Let's Talk About This" by Moraa Gitaa, centers on two young girls from different cultural backgrounds in Nairobi, Kenya who meet at the Angels of Mercy Girl's Crisis Centre the morning after both have suffered the trauma of rape. "Let's Talk About This" is an engaging YA novella that recounts an end-of-the-year school party gone wrong while addressing issues of sexual trauma and forced child marriages.

Cheboswony said, "'Let's Talk About This' is just one example of her publishing company's engaging and boundary-pushing books, each one filled with authentic characters and relatable stories from around Africa."

Another example is "Ward Nine" by Emily Wekulo, a story of wealth, power, and mental illness centering on characters tangled in twisted cultural beliefs.

"Our authors' characters are vivid and very real," Cheboswony said. "Readers will lose themselves in the pages of these books. They will barely notice how long it took to get to the last page of each one."

View book trailers at

Learn more about Worlds Unknown Publishers' books at

For more information about the company, go to

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*Caption: Some example initial book releases from Worlds Unknown Publishers.

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New Book: ‘You’re An Author? Don’t get Hustled’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Published Author Wayne McFarland has just released, "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled - How to launch your book without getting hurt, hammered, or fleeced; a step by step guide" (ISBN: 978-1645505686; paperback).

In the short time since its release, "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled" seems to be causing quite a stir.

The book opens with: "So you're a new author? Well, gird yourself-soon to descend upon you are legions of flim-flam artists, bogus publishers, ad purveyors, and social media "experts." Their stated goal is to help you sell lots of books and make tons of money - quickly. Their real goal is to deflate as many bank accounts as possible - yours among them, sad to say."

The book goes on to guide authors in such things as "How much promotion should you expect to be doing yourself? Should you get a publisher? Self-Publish? How about an Agent? Or Promoting with Social Media? Should you do Pay Per Click advertising? How do you get book and reader reviews? Should you pay for reviews? It's all covered, in detail and step by step so hopefully (Authors) will know what to do - and what not to do - to keep (their) foot out of the New Author Beartrap."

Pre-release reviews have been laudatory with unanimity that a book such as this, containing specific guidance for authors on how to launch a book into the marketplace, is long overdue: "Splendid!... ...every page is a winning ticket!" "Mr. McFarland has produced an extremely useful manual for indie authors seeking advice on how to publish..." "... sooner or later every writer who wants a shot at publishing is going to need (this book)" "...this a gem for new authors... it's a superb... informative piece" "...(New Authors') pocketbooks are safer (from swindling) with this book...(this book) keeps the author that wants to publish safe."

"A lot of folks who make a living ripping off authors have expressed some real unhappiness about this book," stated McFarland, writer of "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled." "But I really don't care. I just don't want any other author to go through what I did the first time around."

"You're An Author, Don't Get Hustled" is now available through Amazon.

Learn more about the author at:

Wayne McFarland
719 299-2063

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*Photo caption: Cover, "You're An Author, Don't Get Hustled" by Wayne McFarland.

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InstantPublisher Offers Quarantine Writing Advice and Book Self-Publishing Services Discount

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. -- According to 2002 study popularized by Joseph Epstein of the New York Times "81 percent of Americans feel that they have a book in them - and should write it." This equates to roughly 170 million adults over the age of 18 out of the entire United States population alone says InstantPublisher; a conservative number of potential authors. Maybe you are one of them.

During the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, many people have been impacted by the stay-at-home orders requested by state and national leaders, and many have had work hours cut severely, been laid off, or released from jobs completely all waiting for the COVID-19 crisis to pass. With these stay-at-home orders keeping many social and entertainment venues closed, many people find themselves with a lot of free time on their hands, and the "someday" that many of us have stated as the day we will find the time to write that book is "today."

But writing a book is just half of the battle. The next step is getting your book into the hands of readers. Many authors long to get a lucrative book deal from one of the Big 5 book publishers such as Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster, but landing a publishing contract with one of these companies is highly competitive and takes a lot of time and rejection before you find success. This leaves many authors looking for an alternative way of getting their books into print-an alternative way such as using a self-publishing book printing company.

And according to Chris Bradley, President of InstantPublisher, "The COVID-19 outbreak has also unleashed incredible demand-and corresponding sales-for cookbooks, self-improvement books, and binge-worthy novel series, just to name a few."

So, how do you, as a potential author, take advantage of this demand? Write that book now and get it in the hands of a high-quality self-publishing book printing company such as InstantPublisher.

To help potential authors reach the goal of seeing their creative works in print, InstantPublisher is offering a limited-time 10% discount for first-time customers on any book publishing package if the order has been placed by July 1, 2020. Use the coupon code: print-2020. We also will be running a series of blog posts over the next 3 months dedicated to guiding the author along the writing process and educating them about the numerous benefits of self-publishing your own books.

"We really want to encourage potential authors during this difficult time. Helping them get those books written and into print as fast as possible," states Bradley. "InstantPublisher has printed over 11 million books since our start in 2001, and hopes to help authors achieve their self-publishing dreams, and help create something positive out of this crisis."

Learn more:

About is the short run printing and book publishing division of Fundcraft Print Group located in Collierville TN. FCP is a third-generation family owned publishing conglomerate with 7 divisions specializing in all types of print from family history books to long run commercial print jobs. The InstantPublisher division launched in 2004 and since then has helped thousands of authors self-publish and print their own books.

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