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Kiosk Association Announces May 2022 News – NRA Chicago Preview

​DENVER, Colo. -- May 2022 Self-Service News - Association of Kiosk Manufacturers. Since 1996, for 26 years serving the self-service technology market. Here is our collected information for the upcoming National Restaurant Show in Chicago. It includes:

* Exhibits you'll see in our 10x20 booth 6576 in Tech Pavilion (North)

* Information on discounted and/or free passes to the show

* Social events going on such as DSF get-together at local bar (sponsored by Intel) and the RTN Restaurant Technology Network happy hour

* Speaking events - Matt Ater talks alongside Kelsey Hall of McDonald's

* List of member exhibitors at the show including Intel and Panasonic

* We can help with passes to show and/or social events as members of those groups

* List of assets and downloads to make life easy if not traveling to Chicago.

Learn more:

ISE 2022 in Barcelona -- over 40K in attendance, so not sure if the next time it will be Amsterdam. The highlight for us is a very nice video by LG Business Solutions showing their new competing kiosk (with assistive tech unlike Samsung) along with some stellar new release outdoor and indoor displays. The 400 NIT indoor 110 inch for sports bars in particular. Included is our perspective on where the market is, and where it is heading.

InfoComm in June is the next show (Las Vegas) and we are an official media sponsor. We have begun our preview post.


* LG ISE 2022 with LG Kiosk, Outdoor Menu Boards
* Self-Order Restaurant Software - Acquire Digital
* InfoComm 2022 Spotlights - June 8-10 at LVCC
* Pitney Bowes Kiosk Services - Kiosk Service Solution Introduction
* Digital Menu Boards - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know
* Panera's chief digital officer on the future of restaurant tech
* Kiosk Cost News - Self-Service Kiosk Pricing Guide
* Restaurant Tech Trends w/ Panera and Chipotle + NRA Preview
* McDonalds Kiosk - Vispero Recognized by McDonalds for Accessibility
* Automated Bar for Sports Fans w/ Facial Recognition & Age Verification
* EV Charging Stations - California Study Says Many Don't Work
* Digital Menu Board Cost FAQ - How Much They Cost and Installation
* Kaiser Permanente Patient Check-in Kiosks Video

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Kiosk and Digital Signage News from Industry Group and Kiosk Association (KMA) for Jan. 2022

​DENVER, Colo. -- January news from the Industry Group and the Kiosk Association: NRF is coming up this weekend and we are hopeful our retail facial payment finalist takes home the "Best Payment Innovation" award. The transactions and enrollment numbers certainly justify it.

We also thank Jim Kruper with KioWare who is managing the booth. Stop by and see contactless self-order, assistive technology ala McDonalds and the new Ingenico Self-4000 terminal. He is featured on our portal page on NRF -- NRF Big Show #1606.

Big legal ADA news is Quest Diagnostics got very bad news on two fronts. The class action part will drive remedial actions across the entire country, and all units. That originally inexpensive kiosk has the definite possibility now of turning out to be an expensive choice.

For the upcoming DSE show in Vegas/March, besides hoping COVID will subside, we are hoping to show a cool 4K 85-inch demo deployed recently at super major retailer (they sell staples?). At NRA our odds are pretty good we will have the Samsung "KMA" kiosk in our booth (running Nanonation partner software). We are in the Tech Pavilion.

New Gold sponsors - FEC POS -- now entering self-checkout (SCO) kiosk market. American Kiosks - offices here in Colorado. Custom projects is prime competency.


* Self-Checkout Kiosks by FEC

* ADA Kiosk Quest Diagnostics Update + Walmart Blind Access

* Olea Kiosks Names Director of Sales


* Message from Brad Gleeson -- Digital Signage Tradeshow

* Video of Latest Starbucks..oops I mean 7-Eleven Digital Menus

* OLED Display Solution 30 Percent Brighter Than Standard OLED - LG

* LG taps DSP Concepts for voice command recognition

* Redbox Digital Signage Kiosks Coming Soon!


* Autonomous Robots - Sidewalk Robot with Uber and 7-Eleven

* Autonomous Robots Airport Food Delivery Robot

* Restaurant Market Report - Investment in 2022 includes tech, real estate

* Drive Thru Technology - McDonalds Sells Platform to IBM


* Hotel chain converts Windows PCs to Chrome OS

* Linux Developer for Kiosks - Raspberry PI developer for Kiosks

* Accessibility Trends For Internet Access - Desktops and Mobiles - 2022 - What will be considered accessible?


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Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group ( ).

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Kiosk News from Industry Group and Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) for Nov. 2021

​DENVER, Colo. -- November news from the Industry Group and Kiosk Association. Events and Features This Month: First Responder Lockers and Kiosk; Bill Payment Kiosk Review; and McDonalds Deploys Accessibility to self-order kiosks.

Events and Features This Month

* First Responder Lockers and Kiosk -- Our feature story on innovative new public safety lockers and kiosks from CR+M. The CR+M digital kiosk stores five CR+M belts, each containing five STOP THE BLEED® kits as well as a breaching tool and a ballistic shield. The units also provide a highly valuable real-time digital bulletin board, branding and advertising tool.

* Bill Payment Kiosk Review - an onsite review, photo gallery and discussion of 2021 payment stations used in retail telecom stores such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Xfinity Comcast.

* McDonalds Deploys Accessibility to self-order kiosks -- McDonalds will deploy accessibility to all owned stores by the end of the year and any new deployments to franchise stores will come with accessibility included. Featured is the integration of the JAWS screen reader and the AudioPad hardware assistive technology.

NRF in New York January -- We will be showcasing accessibility in multiple form factors and in the POS space. As part of the show, the KMA and Datacap Systems have nominated PopID in the Best Payment Innovation award category. As of September 2021, PopID announced that more than 100 restaurants and retail brands now accept PopPay throughout Southern California with around 70,000 registered users and more than four million facial authentications.

On September 7, 2021, PopID announced they plan to go national. Recently, Wendy's in Japan announced a rollout of facial payment technology by PopID. It takes less than 30 seconds to vote. Please vote for PopID at:


* First Responder Kiosk - Emergency Supply Lockers for "Stop the Bleed"

* Bill Pay Kiosks Review 2021 - AT&T Bill Pay, Verizon, T-Mobile, Xfinity Comcast

* Cashierless Store Kiosks - Starbucks and Amazon Go

* Facial Payment - PopID and SoftBank to Launch PopPay In Japan - Wendy's

* New Kiosk Model From Evoke Creative Supplier for McDonalds

* Retail Market Research IoT Impact 2021 - The Digital Transformation

* Digital Signage Case Study - Westin dvLED Peerless-AV, NovMega, LG in Canada

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Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group, at

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