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Lime Group, LLC to offer customized digital marketing services

FLORENCE, Ala. -- As a result of continued growth and client success, Lime Group, LLC, will begin offering marketing services tailored to specific business' needs and goals. In the past, Lime Group has offered a flat rate for access to all of their resources from website development and maintenance to social media management and print advertising. Thanks to feedback from clients and the expansion of services, the company will now be offering customized services so that everyone pays for what they need and no more.

"A lot of people were paying one price a month for us to do everything for them, but not every business needs everything we offer," said owner, Brian Williamson. "Now, we can get them exactly what they need so they're not paying for what they don't. We also have moved to quarterly agreements instead of yearly so that services can be turned on or off according to a clients' needs during slow months of the year."

Customers will be able to choose from numerous services, including:

* Website Design & Maintenance

* Search Engine Optimization

* App Development & Maintenance

* Social Media Marketing

* Graphic Design and Branding

* Press Releases & Content Creation

* Email & SMS Marketing

* Pay Per Click & Social Media Advertising & Management

* Consultations for small Businesses just getting started

* and other services as needed!

"The continued support of our customers has enormously helped us in two different ways," Williamson said. "They've supported us in a way that has allowed us to grow and expand in a way that will ultimately benefit them and get them exactly what they need. And the clients we have had, both recently and for a long time, have given incredible feedback that lets us know that we're doing things awesome, we just need to offer some less than others."

With this increase in specialized services, prices overall will see an increase; however, the cost differential will be small since the packages are customizable instead of all-inclusive.

"If we're going to offer specific services, we want to give our clients the best of the best, and that means we have to employ more people," Williamson said. "That said, clients are going to see the results they want to see in a much more sustainable way that's worth it."

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Offering marketing and technology solutions Since 2010, our team helps businesses get ahead of the competition by utilizing our knowledge and skills. Our willingness to explore new concepts, trends, programs and platforms defines our approach to marketing and exemplifies our appreciation for challenging, unique projects.

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Energy Electronics Enlists the Saber Team Digital Marketing Firm

MILFORD, Conn. -- Energy Electronics has announced that it has hired the Saber Team to expand their online operations through comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategies. This move highlights Energy Electronics' mission of further establishing its already significant market presence and reaching an even larger customer base.

Energy Electronics is the premier distributor of corporate communications devices in America. It's a multi-faceted organization that's become a dominant player in the business communications sphere through the wholesale distribution of electronic devices that solve various logistic issues.

Established in 2014, Energy Electronics has quickly become a leading source for U.S. corporate logistic solutions. Their technological expertise, coupled with high quality of service, has enabled the company to foster fruitful collaborations with well-known names in the industry, including Sonim, Samsung, Alcatel, Motorola, LG, and OnePlus. The source of such impressive connections is the organization's consistently outstanding user experience. This has led to a need for advanced online marketing, which is why they have partnered with the Saber Team.

The president of the Energy Electronics, Yisroel Teitelbaum, is confident that the Saber Team will help Energy Electronics boost its operations. "The industry of corporate communication devices is rapidly shifting to an online setting. Which is why establishing a powerful web presence is more important than ever," said Yisroel. "The Saber Team are seasoned experts in marketing and internet branding, and we have no doubt our collaboration will be highly successful."

The Saber Team partnership isn't the only major partnership Energy Electronics has established recently. They've also been collaborating with Sonim and have begun distributing their cutting-edge smart scanners and mobile computers, the Sonim RS60 and Sonim RS80. "The company is confident that these models will be flying off the shelves as soon as they hit the market," Teitelbaum said, "and there's no one better to help us with the promotion than the Saber Team."

Established by Shmuel Aber in 2010, the Saber Team is a marketing and web development company based in Long Island. The organization specializes in Google SEO, digital marketing, and high end website development. The business consists of a highly knowledgeable team of SEO technicians, graphic designers, and code developers and they utilize proprietary techniques to help businesses improve their google rankings.

The Saber Team exhibits outstanding attention to detail and expertise, which has helped them become an industry leader. It's one of the most renowned organizations on the SEO stage, providing premium services for a wide range of businesses. The Saber Team employs state-of-the-art marketing research and SEO strategies to ensure the success of each client.

Aber is extremely excited about the upcoming project. "Here at the Saber Team, we are eager to provide our services to Energy Electronics. God willing, we will be implementing our three-tier strategy that will bring even more popularity to Energy Electronics, and propel them to the top of the business communications vertical."

More information:

About Energy Electronics LLC:

Energy Electronics is America's premier distributor of corporate communications devices. Founded in 2014, they've quickly grown to become one of the leading sources for corporate logistic solutions in the US.

They've perfected a streamlined system of operations that enables them to move product quickly and efficiently. Their quality of service has helped them cultivate relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers in the business, and they use it to leverage their connections to directly benefit their customers.

At Energy Electronics, it's all about providing personalized service and increasing productivity. Their ability to deliver precise and expedited results is just one reason why they continue to grow 50% year on year.

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Turrem Is Offering a Buy 1 Give 1 Listing Package to Benefit Small Local Businesses

WARE, Mass. -- For the first time, Turrem is proud to help customers purchase citation packages that benefit local small business owners.

Turrem, a Western Massachusetts-based web design and SEO agency, provides quality manual citation services. When purchased: The same service will go to a local small business or nonprofit organization of your choosing. Each organization will receive manually claimed business listings, removal of duplicates, submission for navigation, and a 300+ point local SEO audit.

Roberto Torres, owner of Turrem explains that, "When you purchase a business listing package, we will give the same citation service to a local small business of your choosing."

Turrem in web design and local SEO services that help small business improve their local marketing, including its Buy 1 Give 1 opportunity, which are all offered on its website at

Roberto Torres goes on to say that "citations, or business listings, contribute to a business's online presence by providing links back to their business website, and by giving consumers places to find their business on websites that already appear in search for more keywords."

What makes Turrem's service unique is that each listing is manually claimed and updated. There are no APIs used. This allows for the service, "to be a one-time cost to update dozens of quality citations for your business."

With online being such a competitive landscape, it can be difficult for local business owners to stay in front of local consumers and boost their organic web traffic. That's where Turrem comes in. With a focus on quality citations and business listings, Turrem's citation services are built-to-last and will lead to more exposure and awareness for your business online.

Turrem also says that its citation packages will "remove duplicate listings to reduce confusion and bad data. [Also], submission to data aggregators will get you listed in navigation apps."

Want to learn more about Turrem's Buy 1 Give 1 service?

In regards to giving back to the community, Turrem shares that, "upon purchase, you can then submit your business information and the business you wish to give to."

Interested in finding local marketing help?

Luckily for you, you can sign up for Turrem's newsletter to "subscribe for actionable tips each month to grow your local small business."

If you're ready to get started working with Turrem, the answer is simple. Please visit today.

About Turrem:

Turrem is a web design and SEO agency that is based out of Ware, Massachusetts.

Official Company Mission: "To help small businesses grow so they can impact the people who live, work, and visit their communities."

Contact Info:
Name: Roberto Torres
Organization: Turrem
Address: Turrem, Ware, MA 01082
Phone: 413-277-8691

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