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Pop Up World’s ‘Investor Connector’ Aims to Disrupt Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den

LONDON, U.K. -- If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for start-up funds your only option could be family and friends, crowdfunding or maybe just maybe if you are accepted, an appearance on Shark Tank or Dragon's Den. Graham Jules, founder and CEO of Pop Up World is familiar with the plight of the underdog and small business owner.

In 2014 he battled with media giants Marvel and DC Entertainments over the trade mark "Superheroes" due to the title of his start-up manual "Business Zero To Superhero." Amazingly, after a two-and-a-half-year legal battle, he won.

Following on from that success Jules has launched an alternative to the well-loved entrepreneurial TV programmes, an app called Investor Connector.

Jules says, "The problem is, despite crowdfunding and programmes like Dragon's Den, funding is still hard to come by for many start-ups. Investor Connector is like a Tinder for Investors! Start-ups get to post their pitch decks online and investors use criteria they set to download or 'like' the proposals. If an investor downloads a pitch deck the start-up can contact the investor and begin a dialogue. Investors can swipe or scroll on their mobile or desktop."

The platform boasts 800+ venture capital and angel investment networks. Jules adds, "It's important to note that we do not get involved in any deals or take any commission. We simply act as a 'dating site' for start-ups and potential investors."

So how does Investor Connector compare to crowdfunding where multiple investors or the "crowd" invest in a start-up venture? Jules replies, "Investor Connector is different. Crowdfunding aims to receive multiple micro-investments and if the start-up's target is reached the venture is funded. With Investor Connector we are looking to match start-ups with firms that can fund your business in its entirety, so no middle man or multiple shareholders or success fees here."

It's a well-known statistic that 90% of start-ups fail, one of the key reasons stated for that failure is often lack of funding.

Jules comments, "Yes, it's a sad statistic but ironically there have never been so many opportunities for start-ups. The problem is one of visibility. If you can't get your start-up under the nose of the right investment firm, it's tough. Raising funds is a full-time job in itself, Investor Connector aims to lighten that load."

So, if you are a new business wary of being bitten by the Dragon's or Sharks, Pop Up World's Investor Connector may be an option to investigate.

Start-ups can register by going to

Investment firms can access the app by contacting Pop Up World at

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Smart Sips Coffee Swims with the Sharks on Good Morning America

WALL, N.J. -- Smart Sips Coffee founder and president, Lara Nikola, went swimming with the sharks from Shark Tank as a guest on Good Morning America's newly-branded afternoon show called "Strahan and Sara," pitching her unique fun flavored coffees, lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolates.

In her pitch to Sharks Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary, Nikola touted that you can drink your dessert without the calories, carbs or sugars. Smart Sips decadent flavored coffees are sugar-free, carb-free and two calories per cup.

Kevin O'Leary, otherwise known as "Mr. Wonderful," sampled Smart Sips' chocolate peanut butter coffee during the segment, calling it "damn good." Nikola explained how Smart Sips Coffee is not your ordinary cup of joe, saying, "We put excitement into the daily coffee drinking routine with flavors like brown sugar bourbon, chocolate peanut butter, blueberry cinnamon crumble and so much more."

Shark and QVC maven Lori Greiner shocked Nikola and the other sharks when she shared that this was not her first time sampling Smart Sips Coffee. After recognizing the packaging, she informed the audience that as a fan of flavored coffees herself, she had previously ordered Smart Sips Coffee on Amazon.

Taking the bait, the Sharks congratulated Nikola on the success of her e-commerce business she started out of her house six years ago and has since grown into a multi-million-dollar company. Shark Daymond John called her success "amazing," adding, "We have to find a way to be partners!"

The afternoon extension of ABC's Good Morning America first aired in September and was recently rebranded with a new name, set and logo. "Strahan and Sarah" is taped in the morning and airs at 1 p.m. ET.

About Smart Sips Coffee:

Smart Sips Coffees' uniquely flavored products are sold nationwide at, and Amazon and are available in single serve cups compatible with all Keurig K-cup machines as well as in ground bagged options.

For more information, visit or Facebook: and Instagram: @smartsipscoffee


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Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank to be Keynote Speaker at EMRG Media’s Annual 2018 New York Event Planner Expo

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- This year EMRG's Media Event Planner Expo in New York City has been extended to two days of networking and education for those in the event planning industry. The event will kick off on October 2, 2018 with an educational series at the TKP New York Conference Center followed by a day of meeting with exhibitors on October 3 at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

Jessica Stewart, vice president of marketing, EMRG Media, says they're thrilled to have Barbara Corcoran, one of the "Sharks" from ABC's hit TV show, "Shark Tank," be this year's keynote speaker. "Corcoran is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country and is sure to motivate and inspire," Stewart says.

Corcoran will speak on October 3. An exclusive book signing and pre-reception is available for "All Access" ticket holders.

The October 2 speaker series will include educational sessions featuring industry leaders and a keynote session led by Colin Cowie, a well-known celebrity event planner and lifestyle guru.

These two days will provide infinite opportunities for event planners to connect with more than 3,000 event planning professionals, exhibitors and corporate decision makers from companies such as Google, Vayner Media, Barclays, Estee Lauder and Facebook.

This year, EMRG also welcomes several new exhibitors such as Visual Comet, Carey Meeting & Event Services, and A La Mode as well as past exhibitors that include SPiN, B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, propNspoon, Butter Group and NYC Flower Project.

"We're helping people to build their brand, business and increase sales. We're the premier trade show for the events, marketing and hospitality industry," Stewart says.

For more information about speaker and all access tickets, times and locations, visit:

About EMRG Media:
EMRG Media is a premier, full-service marketing, event planning and publishing firm based in Manhattan. Over the last 16 years, it's garnered public acclaim and recognition as an innovative, corporate event marketer with an impressive roster of clients. Its exclusive corporate client base includes names such as JP Morgan Chase, Blue Sky Studios, Barclays, Edelman, Conde Nast Publications, and the Alzheimer's Foundation. Learn more about EMRG at:

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