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SIERA.AI Leads the Way with Preemptive Accident Control for Industrial Lift Trucks with Real-Time Access to Data and Assets

AUSTIN, Texas -- Connected Industrial Mobility leader, SIERA.AI, announced the advancement of the telemetry Dashboard for remote visibility and monitoring to drive efficiencies and reduce lift truck accidents.

Operational connectivity continues to grow as manufacturing, warehouse and distribution centers seek to improve mobile safety, efficiencies and agility. As the collection of data evolves toward proactivity, lift truck safety systems are required to capture data further up the incident process. A solution is needed to connect and track the growing number of lift trucks, incidents and influx of new workers.

To advance the identification of lift truck incidents, SIERA.AI's Near Miss Tracking is a key indicator for potential injuries, accidents or fatalities. In 2021, SIERA.AI tracked 1.1 million near misses and high, medium and low impacts, a collective result of real-time customer incidents. A further breakdown includes 12,300 pedestrian near misses and 27,400 object near misses. The analysis of the near miss tracking results shows the 'who' and 'where' so safety, facility and plant managers can determine the 'why' and preempt further incidents from occurring.

"Our customers are taking on critical mobile safety challenges. As they take on these challenges, companies demand a forklift safety solution that captures information further up the accident process," said Saurav Agarwal, Founder and CEO, SIERA.AI. "We're empowering our customers with critical data to understand the movements and challenges to achieve a zero-accident environment."

To further empower fleet and maintenance managers' ability to control non-production lift trucks and OSHA failed forklift inspections, SIERA.AI's enhanced Forklift Access Control, prevents unauthorized individuals from powering and operating a lift truck. The controls are situated in the telemetry online Dashboard for remote access and shut down.

"There are many reasons to shut down a forklift in production. For our customers, if a forklift fails an OSHA forklift inspection, management can automatically give an audio and visual notification to the forklift driver that they have 30, 42 or 61 seconds to pull over in a safe way to park the vehicle," said Suhas Ajuha, COO, SIERA.AI. "All controls are easy to find and use ensuring urgency is taken when a situation arises."

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SIERA.AI is a fast-growing venture-backed AI company in Austin, Texas that's building the future of connected industrial mobility. SIERA.AI's AI-enabled IoT devices and SaaS platform bring advanced vehicle safety and automation to the manufacturing and warehousing market. Our customers include top Fortune 500 manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers. We have been recognized as one of 21 Austin startups to watch out for in 2021. Contact us at, press at or visit our website at or call 512-817-0702.

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SIERA.AI Expands S3 Slow to a Safe Stop Product Offering to Include Sit-Down Forklift Trucks

AUSTIN, Texas -- SIERA.AI, a leading innovator for safety solutions for preventing forklift accidents, announced today the expansion of the SIERA.AI Safety Solution S3 Slow to a Safe Stop to include sit-down forklift trucks.

The announcement completes the S3 rollout for electric lift trucks including but not limited to stand-up's, center-rider pallet trucks, narrow aisle, tuggers, order pickers and reach trucks. The S3 Safety System integrates machine vision, IoT sensors and AI to prevent forklift accidents in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

SIERA.AI offers two S3 Safety System solutions to prevent pedestrian injuries, and reduce facility and product damage:

S3 Proximity Warning & Impact Monitoring constantly monitors proximity around gas, electric or LP lift trucks. If a pedestrian or object comes within its path, the lift truck will automatically sound an audio alarm and give visual cues to the operator in enough time to prevent the accident.

S3 with Slow to a Safe Stop now offered on sit-down lift trucks, constantly monitors around the lift truck. If a pedestrian or object gets too close and the driver is unaware, the S3 with Slow to a Safe Stop will automatically override the driver, slow down the vehicle and enable safe stopping.

As the announcement is publicly released, SIERA.AI has received new customer orders for the sit-down forklift S3 Safety System.

"Our customers are implementing both S3 Safety Systems on their lift trucks," said Suhas Ahuja, COO of SIERA.AI. "The S3 Proximity Warning & Impact Monitoring is typically installed on most of the electric lift truck fleet with S3 with Slow to a Safe Stop on targeted electric lift trucks where high-risk areas have been identified. The combination provides advanced protection with data collection on a real-time Dashboard for a deeper understanding of movements and behaviors."


SIERA.AI believes Efficiency x Safety Accelerates Productivity with innovative solutions that empower and safeguard company assets and protect their employees so they can focus on what they do best. We accomplish this by integrating technologies such as machine vision, IoT sensors and AI to prevent accidents before they even happen.

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.