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Miami Mold Specialists Upgrades Attic and Crawlspace Mold Removal Technologies

MIAMI, Fla. -- Prestigious South Florida Mold Removal Co., Miami Mold Specialists, Acquires State of the Art Fogger Tech. Specifically Designed for Attic, Crawlspace, and Maritime Mold Remediation and Disinfecting.

Toxic mold in attics and crawlspaces is a major problem throughout the state of Florida. Taking into account the past hurricane season, crawlspaces among many other areas exposed to flooding would all be perfect places for mold to thrive. Attics are another prime area for mold to grow as these areas are constantly under extreme temperatures and consistent high levels of excess moisture and humidity as South Florida is in fact, classified as a tropical climate.

Miami Mold Specialists new state of the art vector foggers are specifically designed for getting in those hard to reach areas, such as in attics and crawlspaces. The innovative South Florida mold removal company also utilizes Airbiotics, an all-natural, all purpose, VOC free, biodegradable cleaner that utilizes natural probiotics to clean and disinfect areas on a microscopic level.

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According to the Miami Mold Specialists website, "By utilizing cold fusion and AirBiotics cleaning solutions, your attic's air quality will be restored and the temperature will decrease significantly. The fogger uses ULC (ultra-low volume) technology which produces a powerful 8-16 GPH flow rate and it can easily cover an area of 328 square feet in less than 1 minute; this makes it one of the most durable and powerful ULV fogger on the market."
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About Miami Mold Specialists:
Miami's Premier Indoor Air Quality, Mold Remediation Service Provider- Miami Mold Specialist: High Tech and Eco-Friendly Indoor Air Quality, Mold Inspection, 3rd Party" Conflict Free" Mold Testing, and Mold Removal Services. Multi Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Over 30 Years Experience!
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Miami Mold Specialist Launches Advanced Robotics Division

MIAMI, Fla. -- South Florida mold removal co., Miami Mold Specialist, integrates state of the art robotics into new line of upgraded mold inspection and mold removal equipment.

Cutting edge robotics and mold inspection? Remaining on the edge of technological innovation within the indoor air quality and mold remediation industries is what Miami Mold Specialist well specializes in. As such, Miami Mold Specialist recently announced the reinvestment of capital into the latest and greatest high tech, mold inspection technology: Advanced robotics for inspecting crawlspaces, attics, large ventilation systems, and even ships and aircraft.

"Hard to reach areas, crawlspaces, attics, duct work, pipes, ventilation shafts - even large commercial ships to passenger jets - can now all be extensively examined for moisture, water damage, and mold in real time with 100-percent accuracy," stated Marty Katz, the operations manager for Miami Mold Specialists. "Our Inspectorbots are capable of fitting into the tightest of places, allowing our technicians to thoroughly investigate problematic areas via a live video feed."

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With this breakthrough use for advanced robotics within the home mold inspection and mold remediation industries, Miami Mold Specialist created an additional add-on service; attic and crawlspace cleaning, disinfecting, mold removal, and mold preventative services.

Thanks to this new technology, home and business owners throughout South Florida can now view and interact with Miami Mold Specialists technicians via the live video feed streaming from the high tech robotic devices.

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About Miami Mold Specialists:
Specializing in high tech mold inspections, 3rd party "conflict free" mold testing, and rapid mold removal services. Offering rapid response, state of the art, and eco-friendly indoor air quality mold remediation services. Call-1-305-763-8070

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