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National Coronavirus Hotline: Expanding to Rural and Underserved Counties in California

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH), a treatment center for Coronavirus and common health issues, built and managed by Pandemics Projects Inc. is proud to announce that it is expanding to rural and underserved counties in California.

Access to healthcare in many rural and underserved parts of California have always been a concern. Understanding the plight of the residents of counties such as Sierra, Mariposa, Alpine and Trinity, NCH has now rolled out its platform to be accessible in these and all counties in California.

The unique nature of the NCH platform enables cities, counties, states, non-profits, foundations, and for-profit companies to launch targeted healthcare campaigns to deliver healthcare-related services to their constituents at scale and track the performance of these services in real-time. With the click of a button, NCH makes it possible for institutions to buy and distribute healthcare-related services - just like any online service - in less than 15 minutes.

While announcing this fete, Dr. Michael Garbade, Project Lead of the National Coronavirus Hotline said, "We at NCH support the increasing availability of telehealth services in rural and underserved counties of California, as an alternative way for the residents to access healthcare, teletherapy and disinfection services. The barriers to quality access of healthcare in rural California such as private insurance reimbursements, connectivity, and an aging workforce have all been eliminated by NCH."

Institutions can book a healthcare campaign and NCH delivers the services real-time. The customers (patients) do not have to pay for services if they are eligible for free services based on the campaign parameters the institution set for the campaign. Creating a healthcare campaign on NCH allows funders to launch campaigns based on their operational goals. They can do so by providing information that includes the campaign budget, campaign name, and duration, and then define campaign target parameters. Target parameters can be zip code, city, county, state, citizenship, or affiliation to a group or school. Funders can create a campaign in a 3-step process that takes just a few minutes.

To book a healthcare campaign, visit NCH funder's dashboard, set up your campaign based on their operational goal, and provide information about your campaign budget and target parameters.

About National Coronavirus Hotline

National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH) is a California based information resource and treatment center for the coronavirus, aiming to reduce coronavirus spread and mental health issues. Register on NCH today from any county in California.

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Encounter Telehealth Awards ‘Certificates of Excellence in Mental Health Care’

OMAHA, Neb. -- Encounter Telehealth awarded their partner facilities 'Certificates of Excellence in Mental Health Care' for their perseverance and dedication to the mental health needs of their residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This past year has been wrought with unprecedented challenges and hurdles for the staff and residents of our senior living community partners," explains Jennifer Amis, President and CEO of Encounter Telehealth.

"Through everything, the care teams at these facilities have gone above and beyond to ensure the mental health and wellness for their residents. They truly deserve special commendation."

Depression and anxiety hit an all-time high for older adults amid the pandemic. Recent studies determined that 1 in 4 older adults have experienced depression and anxiety since the pandemic began. Lockdowns, loneliness, fear, and loss have contributed to a mental health epidemic in an already struggling population.

In 2020, throughout the pandemic, Encounter Telehealth conducted over 10,000 telehealth encounters for residents of senior care communities. The staff at these communities have embraced the Encounter Team as an extension of their own care teams. The collaboration between Encounter and their partner facilities has improved the mental health and quality of life for residents and staff members.

About Encounter Telehealth

Encounter Telehealth supports the mental and behavioral health needs of residents in senior care communities. Our services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management, mental health therapy for both residents and their family members, after hours care, and staff training. Our communities include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, memory care, home health care, ICF/IID facilities, Veterans Homes, and corrections. Our patients receive specialized, evidence-based mental health care regardless of where they live.

Learn more at or by emailing us at

Twitter: @EncounterPsych

Facebook: @EncounterTelespychiatry

LinkedIn: @EncounterTelehealthLLC

Instagram: @encountertelehealth


"Jenkins Living Center is located in Watertown, South Dakota -- a rural area in the northeastern corner of the state. Our community lacks the services of a psychiatrist, and scheduling visits with a clinical psychology would often take weeks before the resident could be seen. When we signed on with Encounter, we immediately saw an improvement in mental health services for our resident population. The telehealth psychologists that have served our facility have been extremely responsive whenever we have needed a consultation, and they are very engaged when visiting with our residents and staff. They thoroughly review the residents' medical records prior to visits and do an outstanding job of follow-up regarding efficacy of medications they have prescribed. Overall, the well-being of our residents who need mental health consultations has improved dramatically since we began to partner with Encounter," said Loren Dietman, President and CEO of Jenkins Living Center.

"The majority of our residents being followed by Encounter have had improved mental health. Behaviors have decreased, which has helped the environment for both the residents and employees. Residents' mental health is more stable," said Nicholas Guerrette, Administrator at Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center.

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Virtual Speech Therapy Company, Great Speech, Inc., Contracts with Harbour Benefits Holding Inc. to Increase Plan Participant Access to Telehealth

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Great Speech, Inc., a pioneer in the online speech therapy space, has contracted with Harbour Benefits Holding Inc, to increase access for much-needed virtual speech therapy services to Harbour's plan participants.

Harbour, a third-party administrator holding entity based in Tampa, FL, has been expanding its national footprint through acquisitions in order to extend its position as a leading US third-party administrator and solutions provider. Harbour collaborates with top-performing vendors to expand their innovative suite of solutions and provide new savings for their clients and members.

"We chose to contract with Harbour because of their long-term history as a national TPA and dedication to providing caring, prompt and efficient service to their plan participants," explained Avivit Ben-Aharon MS Ed., MA CCC-SLP, Founder and Clinical Director of Great Speech, Inc. "The demand for virtual speech therapy has increased exponentially since the pandemic and we are pleased to have the resources and staff in place to meet the needs of the Harbour members."

Great Speech strategically matches therapists with clients to promote successful results for children and adults with a wide range of language, stuttering, stroke rehab and TBI challenges.

About Great Speech, Inc.

Since 2014, Great Speech, Inc. has been the pioneer in virtual speech therapy, delivering convenient and specialized synchronous and asynchronous speech therapy services virtually. Its innovative approach leverages technology to match highly-qualified therapists with clients who are serious about improving their communication goals. Great Speech believes that everyone deserves the chance to communicate with ease and confidence. Great Speech is a proud recipient of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification and State of Florida Woman Business Certification. Learn more:

About Harbour Benefit Holdings, Inc.

Harbour Benefit Holdings, Inc. ("Harbour"), formerly known as Zenith American Holding, Inc., is a third-party administrative holding entity. The Harbour family of companies includes Zenith American Solutions ("Zenith"), the leading provider of third-party administration in the Taft-Hartley/multi-employer benefit fund market, Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. ("ISSI"), the leading provider of benefit administration computer systems and services to the Taft-Hartley industry, and Pacific Federal, LLC ("PacFed"), a full-service administrator of employee benefits via single-source direct services. Learn more:

Karen S. Dennis
KSD Public and Media Relations

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National Online Speech Therapy Company Partners with Ignyte Healthcare Strategies to Increase Consumer Access to Telehealth Services

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Great Speech, Inc., a pioneer in the online speech therapy space, has partnered with Ignyte Healthcare Strategies LLC to increase consumer access to much-needed virtual speech therapy services.

In response to the pandemic, Ignyte has launched a strategic Return to Work Plan to help governments, businesses and organizations re-open safely, resume normal operations, and maintain a healthy work environment. By uniting and streamlining accessibility to PPE, COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits, leading PCR laboratory testing services, and several forms of virtual healthcare (including telemedicine, tele-behavioral, substance abuse health, tele-speech therapy, virtual exercise, and population health management programs) Ignyte's Return To Work Plan offers comprehensive solutions for navigating the next phase of the pandemic - helping the workforce return to work and reopening society.

"While we always recognized the strong role telehealth would play in our economy, it took the pandemic to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of our online speech therapy services," explained Avivit Ben-Aharon MS Ed., MA CCC-SLP, Founder and Clinical Director of Great Speech Inc. "We strongly support the mission of the Return to Work program and are confident that offering speech and language telehealth services will reduce employee stress and parental anxiety while promoting strong return-to-work outcomes."

Great Speech strategically matches therapists with clients to promote successful results for children, adults and seniors with a wide range of language, articulation, stuttering and stroke rehab challenges.

"We chose to partner with Great Speech as our exclusive provider of online speech therapy services because we were impressed with their mission and business model," explained Tom Wallace Jr., Founder and CEO, Ignyte Healthcare Strategies, LLC. "The most strategic way to facilitate reopening offices is by removing the obstacles which keep employees at home. The quarantine reinforced in our minds how much we rely on brick and mortar services and how easily we can replace them with virtual ones, like Great Speech."

About Great Speech, Inc.:

Since 2014, Great Speech, Inc. has been the pioneer in online speech therapy, delivering convenient and specialized services virtually. Its innovative approach leverages technology to match highly-qualified therapists with clients who are serious about their communication goals. Great Speech believes that everyone deserves the chance to communicate with ease and confidence. Great Speech is a proud recipient of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification.

Learn more at:

About Ignyte Healthcare Strategies LLC:

Ignyte Healthcare Strategies specializes in diverse Telehealth / eHealth technologies and applications that enable Healthcare Systems, TPAs, Employers, PEOs, Benefits Brokers, Affinity Groups and Providers to significantly expand the scope, accessibility, convenience and value of the services they provide to their clients, employees and patients. Through Ignyte's established expertise, and broad network of healthcare partners and affiliates, Ignyte offers a broad combination of technology, product and service solutions to help their partners and clients deliver modern, efficient, high-quality healthcare to the customers and communities they serve. ​

Lean more at:

Karen S. Dennis
for Great Speech, Inc.
of KSD Public and Media Relations

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Encounter Telehealth Among 340 Organizations That Sent Letter to Congress Urging Action on Telehealth

OMAHA, Neb. -- Encounter Telehealth joined 340 organizations in signing a letter urging Congressional leaders to make telehealth flexibilities catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic permanent. This multi-stakeholder letter is represented by leaders in a wide range of healthcare industries from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

At the start of the pandemic Congress quickly waived barriers, such as geographic and site restrictions, to allow for the expansion of telehealth. This enabled federal agencies to allow providers to deliver care virtually to their patients, and made telehealth available to all Medicare recipients. This revolutionized healthcare for residents of rural communities, skilled nursing facilities, and many more.

If Congress does not act before the COVID-19 public health emergency ends, the current flexibilities and allowances will disappear-leaving millions without access to telehealth. Therefore, 340 stakeholders have drafted and sent a letter to Congress explaining the urgent and necessary steps that need to be taken to ensure the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has the authority to make these telehealth allowances permanent.

These urgent actions include:
* Remove obsolete restrictions on the location of the patient to ensure that all patients can access care at home, and other appropriate locations
* Maintain and enhance HHS authority to determine appropriate providers and services for telehealth
* Ensure Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics can furnish telehealth services after the public health emergency
* Make permanent Health and Human Services (HHS) temporary waiver authority for future emergencies.

It is imperative that CMS have the authority to expand access to telehealth based on data gathered from experience gained through the pandemic. Telehealth fulfilled a vital role allowing patients to be screened, evaluated, and to continue services and management throughout the pandemic. Patients deserve broad access to healthcare regardless of geographical restrictions or national emergencies.

Encounter Telehealth, LLC has joined 340 organizations such as the American Psychological Association, American Telemedicine Association, and the American Nurses Association in signing this letter. Read the letter here:

Learn more about Encounter Telehealth, LLC at:

Amanda Rigsby

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TherapyTopia Launches COVID-19 Thrive Campaign to Support Laid Off Americans

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- TherapyTopia is a social enterprise that offers "Workplace Mental Wellness Solutions." To address the needs of so many out-of-work Americans, the organization pivoted its business model to partner with companies and individuals to help provide free virtual mental health and career coaching services to Americans in a time when they need it most. TherapyTopia's goal is to help 1 million Americans re-enter the workforce through its COVID-19 Thrive Campaign.

To support this mission, the organization has designed a sponsorship structure that, at minimum, supports three types of individuals - a laid-off worker, a virtual therapist, and a support staff member - for six months.

"In essence, TherapyTopia's COVID-19 Thrive Campaign is creating two jobs (a virtual therapist and a support staff member) who are helping a third person to get back on their feet," Lequita Brooks, founder and CEO of TherapyTopia, says. "It's an all-round, win-win situation."

Brooks explains that TherapyTopia is fusing two services that don't typically go together - outplacement services and employee assistance programs, a solution she calls "Outplacement Mental Wellness Services."

"Like everyone else, we're evolving to meet new workplace demands in uncertain times," Brooks says. "Company sponsorships are the ideal way for businesses to help laid-off employees re-enter the workforce when the time is right."

There are different sponsorship levels available, but all of them will include six months of virtual coaching support via a HIPAA-compliant platform; unlimited text support; an individualized COVID-19 Thrive Plan; solution-focused strategies; and referrals for additional services as needed.

"There's really a way for any individual, philanthropist, or company to get involved," Brooks says. "There are volunteer positions, individual benefactors, and company sponsorship opportunities available."

For more information about TherapyTopia's COVID-19 Thrive Campaign:

About TherapyTopia

Founded in 2012, TherapyTopia is a social enterprise that specializes in "Workplace Mental Wellness Solutions" with a team of highly-skilled, licensed, behavioral health therapists who offer practical life management strategies via teletherapy and in-person (upon request).

Lequita Brooks, TherapyTopia's founder and CEO, holds a Master of Social Work (MSW) from Florida State University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Brooks has extensive experience as a social worker working with Employee Assistance Programs and in hospice care as well as nearly seven years of experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program. She's been interviewed on ABC's "First Coast News", featured in articles in "Black Enterprise" magazine and Jacksonville's "Your Health", and presented for the Jacksonville Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM Jacksonville).

Learn more:

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Kara Pound
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Georgia Psychiatric Practice Provides Insurance-Covered Telehealth Services

ATLANTA, Ga. -- As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many mental health practices are being forced to close their doors to patients. These closures are causing even more anxiety and stress. United Behavioral Health Solutions (UBHS, Inc.) is happy to report that it continues to see patients via its telehealth services during a time when they likely need it most.

And, the news gets even better. According to The American Psychiatric Association, "The use of video-based telepsychiatry helps meet patients' needs for convenient, affordable and readily-accessible mental health services." It also cites growing evidence that telepsychiatry leads to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction ratings. As a result, policy makers, payers and providers are increasingly considering ways to implement and use it.

"Thanks to our mental telehealth services, there has been no disruption to current services and care and we can help new patients in need too. Our model allows us to help patients meet their specific challenges - anytime, anywhere," Michael Coleman, CEO, UBHS, says.

While the primary focus during this pandemic has been maintaining physical wellness, mental health cannot be overlooked.

"In fact, during times of social isolation, existing mental health conditions can be heightened and new ones may occur. We're here for everyone from adults to kids who have nowhere to go," Coleman says.

UBHS is able to take same-day or next-day appointments and has a built-in Internet-based technology platform that makes connecting with a mental health expert easy and stress free. It also accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most major insurance plans.

In addition to working with individuals, UBHS also works directly with correction facilities, nursing homes, private practices, community service boards, crisis stabilization units, schools and inpatient hospitals. It serves patient populations in Georgia, South Carolina and Kentucky.

For more information, visit:

About UBHS

UBHS specializes in telepsychiatry and psychotherapy to provide quick and convenient access to a broader community where provider access is limited. It was founded by a group of caring medical and mental health professionals who are passionate about helping people with emotional/behavioral problems.

Together, they set their goals to build a business to provide a cost effective, high quality and sustainable solution to healthcare. Its highly-trained, diverse and seasoned staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.

All of its physicians and clinicians are board certified, licensed and carefully screened and trained to work across a technology platform that is highly secured, Internet-based and HIPAA compliant.

AJ Norris
of UBHS, Inc.

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Papa Partners with FlexCare to Expand Services to Families

MIAMI, Fla. -- Papa, a nationwide provider for older adults and families announced today its partnership with FlexCare, LLC to provide employer groups Papa's nationwide services. This partnership allows FlexCare's employer groups to benefit from Papa Pals' companionship, transportation, technology assistance, and light household chores. Papa and FlexCare will start their partnership immediately and continue to alleviate the loneliness epidemic among family members and provide respite to employees.

"Papa is excited to welcome FlexCare to the partnership family as we continue to uplift employees' family members with face-to-face or virtual companionship visits," said Founder and CEO Andrew Parker.

Currently 1 in 6 Americans working full-time or part-time report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative, or friend (*see note 1). In an AARP study, 69% of working caregivers caring for a family member or friend reported they had to rearrange their work schedule, decrease their hours, or take an unpaid leave in order to meet their caregiving responsibilities. In fact, most caregivers experience at least one change in their employment due to caregiving such as cutting back work hours, taking a leave of absence, receiving a warning about performance/attendance, among others (*see note 2).

With Papa and FlexCare working together, the partnership can help improve unmet needs for care and improve access to care for older adults and families. This will also reduce stress and increase well-being for family caregivers who work full-time positions.

FlexCare is excited to partner with Papa in providing caregiver/companionship services to the employer market. We view this as a tremendous opportunity to provide a valuable benefit to employers and their employees, said Principal Lee Shoemake.

According to a recent study from Harvard Business School, businesses are oblivious to the number of employees who are caring for family at home.

It may seem, on the surface, that this is something businesses can just ignore, but in reality, as unemployment is dropping, the number of family caregivers is rising. That's only going to grow more as the cost of health care rises and our population ages. Almost 44 million people are acting as unpaid caregivers in the United States alone.

More than 80% of the employees surveyed said their caregiving duties impacted their work, yet less than 25% of employers felt that caregiving impacted the work of the very same employees.

FlexCare is committed to fulfilling this important employee benefit which will not only assist with reducing absenteeism but also provide a value benefit to each employee and their family members.

About Papa

Papa is a Miami startup that has evolved to Family-OnDemand and provides assistance and companionship to older adults and families throughout Florida, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Illinois, and Kansas. Papa launched their service in January of 2018. For more information, visit



About FlexCare

FlexCare, LLC is a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services to private and public employers, associations, brokers, school systems and more. By using telehealth services instead of more expensive urgent care and ER visits, FlexCare, LLC TeleHealth cuts unnecessary costs and keeps members smiling (instead of waiting).

In addition to telemedicine and the Papa Caregiver/Companionship program, FlexCare TeleHealth also provides Dermatology, Behavioral Health and Telespine benefits.

Using their proprietary online administrative system, FlexCare seamlessly provides multiple employee benefits either bundled or unbundled which makes for ease of administration for employers.







Note 1:
Note 2:

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Innovative Telehealth Company Gives Expectant Mothers and Parents Peace of Mind During COVID-19 Crisis

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- No greater concern exists in the current crisis of COVID-19 than for expectant mothers and their loved ones. The problem is two-fold, says BabyLiveAdvice. Women don't want to risk their health by exposing themselves and their unborn or newborn babies to the virus. And, even if they did try to seek outside support during these trying times, an overwhelmed healthcare system cannot meet the need.

Over the next three months, nearly a million babies will be born in the United States. Reliable information for them will remain scarce as inundated prenatal providers working in healthcare facilities with limited protective gear are overburdened and struggling to respond to patients' most basic queries.

The good news is that a Los Angeles-based, woman-owned social enterprise - BabyLiveAdvice - is ready to provide the most accurate, reliable and helpful information to its anxious members as they are going through life happiest event in fear of the unknown. The company provides expectant and new mothers with lactation support and online educational breastfeeding classes.

"Now more than ever we need to support breastfeeding considering it is one of the few reliable preventative health behaviors in this circumstance," says Genevieve Colvin, IBCLC, who is lead lactation consultant and a board member of BabyLiveAdvice.

BabyLiveAdvice partners with healthcare providers and health systems to support coordinated, comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care anywhere, by filling the educational gap for expectant mothers and parents. The end result is reduced complications and better outcomes for mothers and their babies. The company uses a HIPAA-Secure Telehealth platform, offered online through chats, calls or video face-to-face engagements between the mother/parent and a nurse/provider. Complete virtual support is offered from preconception to early childhood.

In addition to one-on-one consultations, BabyLiveAdvice offers peer and professionally led support groups and classes via the web. Programs are designed to bring people together, recognizing the shared emotional experience of pregnancy, motherhood and parenthood.

Most recently, BabyLiveAdvice partnered with three new groups:
* GravidaMom - - a world-class video course company that also provides information guides;
* Peer Support Solutions -
* Postpartum Support International -

"We want to provide members with a variety of options for peer support and online education," Sigi Marmorstein, founder and CEO, BabyLiveAdvice, says. "Our goal is to decrease isolation and improve the knowledge, health and wellbeing of our members, not just during this global health crisis, but far into the future."

BabyLiveAdvice's program has been piloted extensively, and to date helped thousands of parents to get one-on-one support in their language by a caring provider rather than through pamphlets, blogs, Google searches or articles.

Its mission to help parents and improve the statistics surrounding pregnancy, births and child rearing is working.

Learn more at:

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Photo Caption: Sigi Marmorstein, founder and CEO, BabyLiveAdvice.

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Nurse Innovator Impacts Moms’ and Babies’ Health in ‘Year of the Nurse and Midwife’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- BabyLiveAdvice, Inc., a Los Angeles-based, woman-owned social enterprise, supports pregnant moms and parents from preconception through early childhood via telehealth, phone and chat. The company's mission is to help one million moms and their babies to be happy and healthy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) designated 2020 - "The Year of the Nurse and Midwife" - bringing women's issues front and center. BabyLiveAdvice is taking heed.

"The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world," Sigi Marmorstein, founder and CEO, BabyLiveAdvice, says. "Giving birth in America has become increasingly dangerous, sometimes deadly, especially for mothers who lack access to care."

In fact, the 2019 March of Dimes Report Card revealed that, for the fourth year in a row, more babies in the U.S. (approximately one out of 10) were born too soon, with the rate of pre-term births increasing steadily every year. (*Note 1.)

"We have 135 moms a week who die or are injured during childbirth or within weeks of giving birth," Marmorstein says. "There are two babies who die every hour. It's not talked about and prevention is lacking."

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists projects that there will be a shortage of nearly 9,000 obstetricians and gynecologists by 2020, which will grow to a shortage of approximately 22,000 by 2050. This shortage is creating "maternal deserts," where 5 million women have no access to obstetricians.

"Some women have to travel five to six hours for care or even go out of state," Marmorstein says.

Marmorstein, a nurse innovator and telehealth expert with 22 years of clinical experience, believes she has a technological solution to help with this crisis. In 2018, she self-funded BabyLiveAdvice, with support of colleagues such as Milton Chen, CEO of Vsee, the HIPAA-secure platform used by BabyLiveAdvice, who support her vision.

Prior to the company's launch, extensive research and pilots showed that pregnant women and new parents are under-informed or misinformed about their pregnancy, childbirth options, breastfeeding and infant care. They lack education and have unequal healthcare access. Additionally, shorter appointment times, transportation barriers and early discharge from the hospital just serve to widen the care gap.

The pilot study went on to demonstrate that when moms are supported, educated, monitored, empowered and coached throughout their pregnancies and postpartum period they have better birth outcomes and fewer complications than moms who did not receive such help.

"We're a group of nurses and midwives who are mothers. We're from diverse cultural and clinical backgrounds and work from home caring for our children while using our skills to support and help others," Elaine Kopinga, lead nurse midwife at BabyLiveAdvice, says.

BabyLiveAdvice gives mothers/parents virtual access to advice and support from the comfort of their home. They can ask questions and get answers right away.

"From pre-conception through the baby's age of four, women have access to a personal team of professionals and it doesn't cost thousands of dollars," Lovell Valencia, clinician at BabyLiveAdvice, says.

BabyLiveAdvice fills a critical gap in the current health system. It's a budget-friendly solution and insurance companies, employers, hospitals, physicians and non-profit organizations are already collaborating because it's easy to implement. Advice staff helps physicians to manage large panels of patients, while effectively reducing physician burnout, improving care access and reducing overall costs.

"We have our eyes and ears on moms and babies and are more effective than a traditional nurse call line in reducing ER visits and calls to physicians. We improve timely escalation and emergent conditions, and reduce the overall risk of care," Marmorstein says.

While maternal deaths are not a subject many like to talk about, BabyLiveAdvice believes 2020 is the year to begin the conversation, promote awareness and produce real results that lead to positive change. They've already made a difference, but there's more to be done.

About BabyLiveAdvice

BabyLiveAdvice supports and partners with providers, employers, insurance companies and other organizations, nationally and internationally. It works to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality by providing virtual prenatal/postnatal education, monitoring of chronic conditions (i.e., diabetes and hypertension), smoking and substance abuse cessation, parental nutrition and mental health screening and support.

For more information, visit:

*NOTE 1 (PDF):

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