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Estes-Hightower PLLC offers monthly legal subscriptions to access Texas attorneys but with a twist

HOUSTON, Texas -- Estes-Hightower PLLC, a Houston law firm, has attorneys that are available through monthly retainers or as some call them, legal subscriptions. The law firm recruits attorneys across Texas with credentials broad enough to cover a variety of legal issues. Legal subscriptions are not a new concept, but are typically offered by pre-paid legal service companies.

The twist being that the legal subscriptions are offered by Estes-Hightower PLLC, which is not a pre-paid legal service company but an actual law firm.

Estes-Hightower PLLC believes there is a better way for clients to receive legal representation. And, legal subscriptions can assist. How it works. The legal subscriptions, which are monthly retainers, give clients access to Texas attorneys through an online portal. Legal services include legal blogs, consultations, legal documents, and litigations all for a refundable monthly fee.

If potential clients want a more traditional one-time legal service, for example a Last Will and Testament, then Estes-Hightower PLLC will continue to offer a la carte non-subscription based legal services.

Estes-Hightower PLLC was established originally as the Law Office of Teri Estes in 2000 and has been operating for 20 years.

The website's URL is's Facebook page is and Instagram page is @ehpllc_pleadwrite.

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Personal Injury Attorney Rachel Anthony Has Joined LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC Law Firm

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC has announced that Rachel Anthony, a personal injury attorney, has recently joined their Houston area office of LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC. The law firm focuses on personal injury cases and has offices in The Woodlands, Texas and Plano, Texas. Ms. Anthony's legal background includes catastrophic personal injury cases and commercial litigation. She is a 2007 magna cum laude graduate of the University of Texas Tech School of Law and a Briefing Attorney for the Honorable Jeffrey V. Brown during his tenure as a Justice at the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston, Texas.

"I am often asked 'What is a personal injury lawyer and how can one help me?' by people who have been injured but have no legal representation," states Ms. Anthony, "and that is a perfectly legitimate question. Our firm offers a free consultation to personal injury victims and I discuss their legal rights and their options for the future. Initially, many injured people are without legal counsel and are not happy with the personal injury settlement offer from an insurance company's attorney or adjuster. Many injured people don't know where to turn and are dismayed and overwhelmed by the insurance claims handling process. This is a critical point in time for the injured party - they need sound legal advice before signing any documents that would settle a personal injury lawsuit. They could easily make the mistake of agreeing to a compensation amount that is far less than what they deserve under the law."

Personal injury attorneys represent people who have been injured by the negligent, reckless, or careless acts of another individual or company. The injury can be physical, emotional, economic, and psychological. Pain and suffering is an important consideration that can increase compensation. There are other personal injury claim categories that are often compensated such as the cost of medical bills, the cost of physical therapy, and loss of income. The key is to obtain good legal advice from an attorney with experience in various personal injury cases. The attorneys and adjusters representing the negligent individual, the insurance company, or other liable company are seasoned experts and have considerable experience with personal injury negotiation tactics. Individuals who - without legal representation - attempt to negotiate with these experienced lawyers and adjusters often find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

"I joined the LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC law firm because of their experience in handling personal injury claims, whether they be through settlement or litigation, and the flexibility of working with a boutique legal team. Perhaps the most common mistake I have seen in this area of law is when an injured person agrees to a recorded conversation with an aggressive insurance company's attorney or adjuster. Yes, they are gathering information which is fine. But the attorney or adjuster is also very keen on seeing the injured person contradict himself or herself - a technique that could substantially reduce the final injury benefits and affect how the personal injury settlements are paid out. In such a scenario, the injured party should always be accompanied by his or her attorney," commented Ms. Anthony.

The lawyers of LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC, including Ms. Anthony, have extensive backgrounds negotiating both for and against insurance companies related to personal injury claims. All lawyers at the firm have spent nearly 40 years combined working directly for the insurers before joining LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC and focusing their practices on representing personal injury victims.

The law firm takes a team approach to each personal injury case in an effort to achieve maximum recovery for their clients. They treat their clients like family and they focus on making their clients whole after their injury.

LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC, Attorneys at Law, encourages anyone who has been injured to fight back. They deserve a fair and equitable settlement for their injuries, their pain and suffering, their physical rehabilitation, their loss of income, and the impact their injuries will have for the rest of their lives. Learn more at:

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The Expansion of The Law Offices of Victoria Broussard: Bringing Humanity and Unbiased Practices to Central Texas Courts

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Law Offices of Victoria Broussard​, a Houston-based law firm, today announced their return to Austin, and plans for expanding their practice across central Texas. The company launched in Austin in 2006 and relocated its office to Houston in 2014. Victoria Broussard, founder and CEO, took to the media this week to announce their return to Austin and plans to expand the offices. Full legal services are now available to residents of Austin, Houston, and the surrounding cities.

The Law Offices of Victoria Broussard is a privately owned business that has been established for 15 years. It opened its doors in 2006 in Austin, TX and moved its offices to Houston in 2014. Since Ms. Broussard's arrival in 1988, Austin has been her home base, and main focus when it comes to eliminating bias practices in the judicial system.

With the new expansion of staffing and service area, in Austin, Houston and surrounding cities, The Law Offices of Victoria Broussard is working to popularize bringing a transformative approach to the judicial system, incorporating authenticity and fairness with clients from all walks of life.

To learn more about the practice visit:

About CEO/Founder Victoria Broussard:

Victoria Broussard is a graduate from the University of Texas and Thurgood Marshall School of Law and is widely known as a prolific speaker, author, and advocate for survivors of childhood sexual trauma and domestic violence. Along with her efforts to transform our society's handling of the legal system by keeping our shared humanity as the focus, Ms. Broussard is in the process of re-releasing her previously published book "i-Comfortable Victim." This book covers the story of her life told through a fictional lens, bringing a unique awareness to challenging topics such as childhood sexual trauma, domestic violence, and the immeasurable psychological damage these events cause and how to integrate the experience to ultimately achieve healing and wholeness.

A statement from Victoria Broussard: "The Law Offices of Victoria Broussard is thankful to establish and build their client base in both Austin and Houston as they continue to expand the team and create a narrative of thought leadership that aims to arrest biases and unfair treatment in the judicial system at all levels, while simultaneously elevating our collective consciousness."

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Klemchuk LLP 15th Annual Ethics CLE

DALLAS, Texas -- Klemchuk LLP, a leading litigation, intellectual property (IP), and business law firm, announces that the Klemchuk LLP 15th Annual Ethics CLE will be held on Friday, May 3, 2019, in Dallas, Texas.

This year's event is being held at Topgolf, and offers attendees 90-minutes of Ethics CLE credit. In addition to hearing these insightful speakers and earning CLE credit, attendees will enjoy food and beverage during the event, and golf afterwards.

Bill Cornelius, attorney at Wilson, Robertson & Cornelius, P.C. and a mediator in Tyler, Texas, will speak on the "Ethics Rules and Collegiality in the Legal Profession," which explores the balancing of the ethical guidelines regarding zealous representation with a lawyer's ethical duty to the tribunal and obligations to the profession, including opposing counsel and parties.

Mark Divine of Unbeatable Mind, and Darin Klemchuk, managing partner of Klemchuk LLP, will speak about "Making Ethical Decisions in Tough Situations: Views from a Retired Navy SEAL Commander."

Please view the Klemchuk LLP Ethics CLE news page for all the details:

About Klemchuk LLP:

Klemchuk LLP is a litigation, intellectual property, transactional, and international business law firm dedicated to protecting innovation. The firm provides tailored legal solutions to industries including software, technology, retail, real estate, consumer goods, ecommerce, telecommunications, restaurant, energy, media, and professional services. The firm focuses on serving mid-market companies seeking long-term, value-added relationships with a law firm. Learn more about experiencing law practiced differently and our local counsel practice.

The firm publishes Intellectual Property Trends (latest developments in IP law), Conversations with Innovators (interviews with thought leaders), Leaders in Law (insights from law leaders), Culture Counts (thoughts on law firm culture and business), and Legal Insights (in-depth analysis of IP, litigation, transactional, and international law).

Learn more at:

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