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iMobie Updates AnyTrans to Free Download Online Videos from 900+ Sites Directly to iPhone and Computer

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- iMobie Inc., a leading iOS-related software developer, announced today an update of iPhone manager AnyTrans with free Video Download feature. It is the only free tool available in market that can batch download videos from Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, and 900+ other sites, and directly store in iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, PC, and Mac.

Better still, it smartly picks out the optimal resolution for download and automatically converts downloaded videos to make them perfectly playable in iOS devices, with no pre-roll ads.

"Online videos widen our sight and also entertain us in our spare time. However, there are times when you don't have an Internet connection but want to watch your favorite videos, like during a long plane, bus or train ride," said Frank Kong, the founder and CEO of iMobie Inc. "Therefore, Video Download comes and makes it super easy for you to watch videos offline on your iOS devices and computer with best quality, even sidestepping annoying pre-roll ads. As we are always committed, we are working hard to make AnyTrans a fully functional iPhone manager and to provide a better service for all iOS users."

Download online videos for free now:

Highlights of AnyTrans Video Download Feature:

Enjoy videos of any site in any format offline for free:

AnyTrans brings a free solution to download online videos from over 900 sites in batch, including Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, BBC, Break, Metacafe, and more. No matter the video is MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, or any format, AnyTrans can get them offline, and let you freely enjoy your loved videos without having to wait for pre-roll ads.

Download videos to iOS devices and computer with best resolution:

Video Download gives you the privilege to save online videos to PC/Mac or sync them to your iOS devices directly, so that you can watch them offline, even on the airplane. More importantly, you don't need to worry about the video quality, as it will intelligently choose the optimal resolution to download with automatic conversion to iOS-compatible formats.

Move downloaded videos freely across your devices:

AnyTrans makes it easy to move the downloaded videos freely to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and computer. Still, all for free. You can then watch them anytime, anywhere, in any device, as you wish.

For more details about AnyTrans:

Price and Availability:

AnyTrans Video Download feature is completely free to use, and runs on both Windows and Mac computers. Download it from:

Notes to Editors:

iMobie has prepared a guide on how to download videos to iOS devices and computer with AnyTrans:

About iMobie Inc.:

iMobie Inc. was established in 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathering a great many talented software engineers. Learn more:


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Troubleshoot iOS 10 Data Lost Disaster and Other Common iOS 10 Problems with iMobie Complete Tutorial

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Although many users believe their iPhones are 100 percent safe for iOS 10 update, thousands of iOS data disasters occur everyday and countless vital data are missing forever. To minimize the risk & cost of such miseries, iMobie content team prepared a full range of iPhone Data Recovery solutions (covering up to 12 categories of iOS data) for smoothing the way of iOS 10 / iPhone 7 Upgrade.

Selena Larson at CNNTech reported that Apple users who were quick to download its latest iOS 10 software were subject to a major bug that left their iPhone temporarily useless. Whether users have met any iOS 10 problems or not, it's noteworthy that by their nature, the iPhones may be in danger of missing data after updating to iOS 10, or setting up the new iPhone 7 (Plus) through restoring from iCloud backup.

"Despite Apple has been through with a series of iOS 10 beta releases, the final version still produced problems for early downloaders today," said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc. "To help users smooth the way of upgrading to iOS 10, as well as the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, our content team has been working on a definite and complete roundup to address a variety of iOS 10 data lost problems, like the iMessage audio attachments are missing after update to iOS 10, iCloud Photos Library doesn't sync all my photos, to just name a few."

Read more details visit:

Some Quick Fixes for iOS 10 Data Disaster:

Recover Lost Messages - iCloud backup covers messages, like the iMessage, SMS, MMS and the pictures/videos attachments, which will be downloaded to iPhone during the restoration process. If users look for some message threads that are missing after restoring from iCloud backup, it's probably caused by the mistakenly deletion before iPhone backed up to iCloud. Try the following commercial software to retrieve your deleted messages from iPhone.

Recover Lost Contacts - The restoration of Calendar and Contact data from iCloud backup runs precisely and automatically, users even hardly notice how it occurs. In case the Calendar and Contact data are missing (probably it is due to the incomplete iCloud backup for the device), try this alternative iPhone Transfer solution to transfer Contact from your old iPhone to new iPhone.

About iMobie Inc.:
iMobie Inc. was established in 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathering a great many talented software engineers. For more information, visit

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iMobie Launches AnyTrans 5 – The Ultimate iPhone Manager with Blazing Flash-Sync Speed And Redesigned Interface

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- iMobie Inc., the leading provider of iOS utility software, today released the most advanced all-in-one iPhone manager AnyTrans 5, offering easy yet comprehensive tools to craft the best iPhone, iPad and iPod touch experience.

Redesigned with a minimalistic interface, the program creates a beautiful environment to further liven up its world-class organizing features. Beyond that, the update also dramatically enhances the data transfer speed, resulting in migrating hundreds of pictures and songs in only seconds. Additionally as the new iPhone 7 arrives, AnyTrans 5 also helps new-iPhone users to migrate their entire collections from old iPhone into their new one.

"AnyTrans is developed for the most essential things you use with iPhone for everyday: music, pictures, media library, data transfer and so much more," said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie. "Now we have further revamped AnyTrans 5 not only to perform the fastest sync speed far ahead of market, but also refine the interface and improve the performance in lots of aspects, which overall amounts to the most efficient and beautiful iPhone-manager."

Blazing Flash-Sync:
Upgraded with Flash-Sync, the cutting-edge technology applied for iPhone transfer, AnyTrans 5 now compresses the time required to export files significantly down to 1/5 of the last version. Now it needs only 24 seconds to transfer 10 complete music albums and 3.4 seconds with 100 images, which leaps past most rivals.

Download AnyTrans 5 directly from:

Fresh Modern Interface:
With a simple yet lively design, AnyTrans 5 wraps up its heavy-weight organizing features in a light interface. With lively bubble buttons, it's easier and more intuitive than ever for users to transfer their playlists, sort photos, back-up data and manage all-important information. Besides, the added refreshing cut scenes also help cheer user's mind when they're waiting for a transfer process to complete, or dealing with myriads of iPhone data.

Connect All Devices and Files Resources:
AnyTrans not only builds a super-fast bridge across all users' devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer. It also streamlines access to all files hidden beneath iTunes library, iTunes backup, iCloud and deep iOS. Therefore users can export, transfer and organize their iPhone content conveniently all in one place without any limit.

Pricing and Availability:
Users can download AnyTrans 5 for both Mac and Windows from:

iMobie is currently offering promotion on AnyTrans 5 that will last until September 12: Personal license is discounted at half-price while Family License $20 off. Learn more:

Notes to Editors:
To facilitate your review and writing, iMobie has prepared a comprehensive media page with detailed introduction of AnyTrans 5 and hi-def graphics you may need:

About iMobie Inc.:
iMobie Inc. was established in 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathering a great many talented software engineers. More information:


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2016 Top 5 iPhone Data Recovery Software Roundup Review by iMobie Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Apple's iPhone 7 and iOS 10 are reportedly ready for launch in the next week, and the iMobie team continues its 2016 "Escort Your iOS 10 Upgrade Trip" campaign to smooth the way of upgrading to new version of iPhone and iOS.

For this special report and review, iMobie rounded up the top 5 iPhone Data Recovery software and made in-depth review on each candidate. As by their nature an iPhone is always in danger of getting malfunctioned, damaged, lost or stolen, especially in this "Upgrade to New iPhone" season, a capable, versatile and efficient iPhone data recovery software would be extremely needed. That's the reason iMobie takes the time to compose this original, definite, and detailed review report in order to help users recover their lost and deleted iOS data.

"We use our iPhone every day, and for the majority, an iPhone probably is what we depend on most in this digital era. Unfortunately, you may experience a system crash, forget your password, catch a virus, damage your device, or have your device stolen. How about your personal data saved there?" asked by Frank Kong, the CEO of iMobie. "We hope our dedicated iPhone data recovery review will be helpful for users to find an iOS data recovery tool quickly and get back their data in a timely manner."

The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software Criterions:

#1 Compatibility - As Apple mobile product line covers over 20 iPhone, iPad and iPod models, the first criterion is the compatibility. One good iPhone data recover software should be capable of supporting existing mobile device models, iOS versions and even the upcoming new Apple devices.

#2 Recovery Methods - For the second question: Three most adopted iPhone Data Recovery approaches include recovering lost data from device, from iTunes backup and from iCloud backup (refer to iPhone Backup Extractor Software). There are also other tips that may help find lost data; some even don't need particular tools.

#3 Recovery Capability - iPhone Data Recovery software also follows industry rules: no matter how hard one tried to recover their lost iPhone data, it still have chance that they'll lose them forever. Actually the recovery capability is the most crucial standard of justify if an iPhone data recovery tool is qualified.

The Best iPhone Data Recovery Software Nominee:
By uplifting both technical and user experience to a new industry standard, PhoneRescue has just reached its third milestone release on this June with the release of version 3. Two impressive improvements make PhoneRescue the top 1 iPhone Data Recovery choice on the list: the leading iOS data recovery capability (features both data recovery and iPhone transfer utility) and the super fluent user experience.

Read Full Report/Review Here:

About iMobie Inc.:
iMobie Inc. was established in 2011, and located in Tianfu Software Park (China), a place gathering a great many talented software engineers. For more information, visit


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