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Warrington Shaw – Singapore Factories Stop Hiring Amid Falling Exports

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Warrington Shaw says Singapore's exports hurt by falling demand from China as trade war escalates. A recent dramatic decline in Singapore's exports has underlined the seriousness of economic problems in Asia. Singapore is traditionally one of the world's most trade-dependent economies and economists at Warrington Shaw say this makes it a good gauge for the health of other economies in the region.

Warrington Shaw economists blame the prolonged and escalating trade war between the US and China for Singapore's falling exports. In May, Singapore's non-oil domestic exports dropped by 15.9 percent making it the biggest fall in more than three years.

As the trade dispute between China and the US rages on with no signs of abating, demand from China is rapidly waning. For Singapore, a significant drop in exports to China contributed most to the overall decline.

Recent trade war developments mean that the US-China spat may end up becoming a tech war given recent bans on Chinese tech giants.

Warrington Shaw analysts say the fall in Singapore's exports echoes a global decrease in demand for electronics. The global technology slowdown could be hurting Asian economies even more than the trade war at this point.

Singapore's declining demand is evident in decreased factory activity. As orders fail to come in, many factories in the Southeast Asian country are sitting with more inventory than they need and many have made the call to cease hiring.

In the first quarter of this year, Singapore's economy expanded at its weakest pace in ten years and in May, the country slashed its growth predictions to between 1.5 and 2.5 percent for 2019.

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Warrington Shaw Says Prolonged Trade War Will Devastate US Farmers

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Warrington Shaw analysts say U.S. farmers will miss out on more earning potential as China hits back at Trump's punitive import tariffs. For months, U.S. President Donald Trump and members of his administration have been providing encouraging updates on the supposed progress of negotiations with China as the world's two largest economies seek to reach a trade agreement that would see the reversal of hefty tariffs imposed on imports during the course of the last year.

U.S. farmers have stood firmly behind Trump and his efforts to broker a better trade deal with China even as tariffs have impacted their earnings and, in some cases, crippled their operations. Warrington Shaw analysts say many U.S. farmers who helped elect Trump are reporting their lowest incomes in more than a decade.

On Monday, Trump unexpectedly hiked tariffs on Chinese goods to the value of $200 billion causing China to retaliate by raising duties on $60 billion-worth of US products. The new higher tariffs imposed by China target a sweeping range of agriculture products and Warrington Shaw analysts say U.S. farmers could be hit hardest.

U.S. farmers have, in effect, been battling the fallout of higher tariffs for the better part of a year and Warrington Shaw analysts say this latest round of tariffs could prove too much for many of them to bear.

Trump has stated that the country's farmers will receive $15 billion dollars-worth of assistance to help offset the impact of China's retaliatory tariffs but analysts at Warrington Shaw say this show of support may not be enough to appease U.S. farmers who are running short of patience as the trade war shows no sign of abating.

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Warrington Shaw to Attend FundForum Asia

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taipei, Taiwan based Warrington Shaw is pleased to announce that it plans to attend this year's Asia FundForum which will take place in Hong Kong. The three-day event will run from the 14th to the 16th of October and forms part of one the world's leading investment management events, the FundForum Series.

FundForum Asia is an opportunity for investment managers to meet and network with people in the industry and showcase company brands.

This year. FundForum Asia will bring together more than 150 CEOs and senior business people who will share knowledge and experience with attendees.

"Last year's event was a resounding success that was attended by industry giants and experts in the sector. Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the 2018 conference and we are very excited to be sending a group of Warrington Shaw representatives to such a well-known and informative event this year. FundForum Asia is an excellent opportunity for our firm to participate in and benefit from the conversation around the future of asset and investment management in Asia," says Ms. An Tsao Head of Public Relations at Warrington Shaw.

The event promises to tackle the unique challenges facing Asian investors, address client needs and discuss the increasing use of technology and its benefits.

FundForum Asia is one of several conferences that Warrington Shaw plans to attend during the course of this year.

"Conferences of this caliber are an incredible opportunity to network and gain knowledge about industry trends and we look forward to passing on the knowledge gained to our valued clients," says Ms. Tsao.

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Warrington Shaw to Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taipei, Taiwan based investment house Warrington Shaw is proud to announce that it will hold a competition to celebrate and support the second annual World Creativity and Innovation Day which takes place on the 21st of April this year.

In 2018, the United Nations celebrated the first official World Creativity and Innovation Day in an effort to promote creative multidisciplinary thinking to help create a sustainable future.

A report published by the United Nations showed that creativity and innovation are some of the most powerful resources at the disposal of the world's population and Warrington Shaw hopes to help promote the growth of creativity and innovation at both the individual and group level with its essay contest.

The contest will be open to Taiwanese high school students and will have a category for groups and individuals. Essays must contain ideas for creative and innovative solutions to one of the 17 problems on the UN's Global Goals list.

The UN Global Goals list contains sustainable development goals which, if achieved would help to transform our future. The list was created by the UN in 2015 and agreed upon by world leaders. The UN hopes to achieve the list of goals, which includes the eradication of poverty, an end to inequality and quality education for all by the year 2030.

"We are proud to host a competition that will encourage the youth of today to conceptualize solutions that will help them build a better future for themselves and future generations," said Ms. An Tsao, Head of Public Relations at Warrington Shaw.

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Warrington Shaw Seeks Taiwanese Sports Team to Sponsor

TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan -- Taipei, Taiwan-based investment house, Warrington Shaw is planning to sponsor a local grassroots sports team. As part of an initiative to give back to the local community, Warrington Shaw plans to select a promising sports team from Taiwan each year and provide sponsorship to help pay for costs related to training, travel expenses, kit, facilities and equipment.

Grassroots sports typically cover all disciplines of sport played by non-professional competitors on a local or national level through institutions working for nonprofit.

Potential recipients of the sponsorship will need to apply to Warrington Shaw by means of a motivational letter detailing the history and goals of their sports team.

"It is very clear that there is tremendous local sports talent in Taiwan but at a grassroots level, many teams with great promise simply lack the necessary funding to pursue their ambitions and fulfill their potential," says Ms. An Tsao, Head of Public Relations at Warrington Shaw. "Providing much needed funding to support these teams is a real and lasting way of giving back to the community."

Not only has early sport participation been linked to higher self-esteem in the youth of Taiwan, statistically, youths who are regular participants in sporting activities are less likely to fall victim to substance abuse and commit crimes.

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