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RoweBots’ RTOS Brings Wearable Technology to Market Faster with Reduced Development Costs

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Today, at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 USA, RoweBots, an embedded software company, announces the immediate availability of WearableOS, a real-time operating system (RTOS) specifically for wearable and IoT-enabled devices that attach to a user or are held by a user to operate.

WearableOS helps OEM developers design off-the-shelf wearable technology faster, simpler and at a lower cost thanks to a complete platform and environment based on lean product development. It incorporates RTOS technology with a special selection of peripheral support, communication protocols, wireless support and HMI plus device and cloud connectivity ready to incorporate seamlessly into a design.

"Wearable technology developers today face a myriad of challenges in creating a wearable that has unique capabilities, as well as has the ability to sense, store, interpret and communicate information about the wearer's surroundings," said Kim Rowe, CEO and founder of RoweBots. "WearableOS not only addresses pressures of cost and time to market, but also helps developers with design challenges related to size, power consumption and security. With WearableOS, we hope to make developers' device ideas a reality - whether it's wearable tech jewelry or personal security gadgets."

The new platform arms developers with a variety of features that are critical components of wearable design, including a range of wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It also ensures minimal power consumption by providing a selection of processors that feature both inherent low power as well as power management features.

With support for a variety of peripherals and sensors, such as GPS chips that can be quickly integrated into the design, WearableOS allows for various sets of focused capabilities. Given today's challenges in wearable technology security and privacy concerns, RoweBots understands that wearables must be protected from eavesdropping and tampering. WearableOS offers a rich set of security features that a developer can put in place at the foundation to build a secure system and application set.

WearableOS is based on RoweBots' proven Unison RTOS solution, a real-time operating system that offers a complete component set for the development of IoT and M2M Communication Embedded Applications. The RTOS is designed to the well-known POSIX standard, and is optimized for size, modularity and adaptability to system-on-chip solutions, microcontroller units, microprocessor units, digital signal processing systems, field-programmable gate arrays and digital signal controllers. It is intended to help developers take products beyond the prototype level and add value with the opportunity for later expansion and enhancement of the product line.

WearableOS comes with a demonstration package in the form of a low-power watch kit. Featuring a 240 x 240 color display and a BLE connection, the watch kit allows users to quickly learn about WearableOS by developing a device using an open source hardware kit and supplied software.

RoweBots will demonstrate its WearableOS technology at WT Wearables in San Francisco on July 25-26. To learn more, visit .

About RoweBots:
RoweBots has delivered excellence in embedded systems products for over 30 years. The company's products are optimized specifically for those developing extremely small devices that require a broad set of embedded applications. Specifically, RoweBots' flagship products can assist with developing medical, wearable and IoT-enabled devices, drastically cutting down time to market and, in turn, costs associated with development. More information:

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Lauren Jaeger
Uproar PR for RoweBots
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Business, Electronics, Free News Articles, Software

RoweBots Announces WearableOS, A Wearable Devices RTOS

WATERLOO, Canada -- RoweBots, a leading supplier of RTOS solutions for wearables and Internet of Things devices, announces WearableOS, a special variant of the Unison(TM) RTOS. WearableOS is focused on delivering the precise set of features that wearable OEM developers need. Wearables have unique requirements that are not found in many embedded devices and as a result most RTOS solutions don't deliver what is needed in terms of power management, wearable focused processor, peripheral and wireless circuits supported, and wireless architectural variants.

Based on the Unison RTOS, a tried and proven solution, WearableOS(TM) eliminates unneeded features and simplifies designs. For example, wearable OEM designers need improved power management solutions and WearableOS does this in several ways. A very tiny memory footprint ensures the ability to use minimum hardware. Next, it saves power by providing support on the smaller and most power-efficient processors of a given type and size. It also minimizes power by allowing idle sleep and RTC synchronization upon restart as well as powering down peripherals when they are not in use.

WeareableOS supports broad categories of wearable devices including rings, bracelets, watches, fitness bands, gesture tracking devices, motion detectors and analyzers, VR glasses, AR glasses, concussion sensors, shoes, body motion tracking, body suits , sticks, bats, pads, vital signs, weight, vision tracking and more. The combined set of requirements for these varied applications is fully supported off the shelf by WearableOS.

Zero boot time, another key feature of WearableOS, enables devices like AR glasses, or glasses that help the blind see, to be instantly available. Concussion systems don't have to wait for devices to power-up when teams start practicing and home health care systems are available immediately after a power failure.

WearableOS also includes complete wireless router options off the shelf while supporting other architectures. For team sports, devices need to network to sidelines or centrally located routers in order to communicate information and provide real-time status information but everyone on the soccer team shouldn't need to carry a smart phone onto the field. However, the road racing cyclist might need that smart phone. WearableOS can handle either and so it is highly adaptable to various wearable designs and architectures.

Along with various wireless router options, different radios are required depending on the application. From Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart/SmartReady, through WiFi, 6loWPAN, Zigbee, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G and more, WearableOS offers the wireless protocols support you need to say connected with the right wireless architecture.

WearableOS offers comprehensive security to protect user data at all times, but does this on tiny processor platforms with integrated wireless support and assumes local data storage. From secure file transfer through email and remote management, WearableOS solves security problems.

Light, durable and small is the norm for wearable devices. WearableOS helps achieve these goals. By focusing on and supporting the smallest, lowest power, wireless processor options with the smallest packaging, WearableOS addresses all wearable design issues.

WearableOS is free for evaluation and prototyping. Licenses start at $999 USD for a single project and availability is immediate.

About RoweBots:
RoweBots is developing the next generation of modular system on chip ultra-tiny embedded Linux software for embedded OEM for the Internet of Things and M2M communication for a broad set of embedded applications. The company is based in Waterloo, Canada.

For more information, visit the RoweBots web site

Trademarks: Unison is a registered trademark of RoweBots Research Inc. All other product and company names are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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RoweBots Press Contact:
Lena Oginskaya, Marketing Manager
RoweBots Limited
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