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UltFone Has Launched a Giveaway to Celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- UltFone has proudly announced that it has launched exciting new giveaways for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. UltFone has prepared Thanksgiving and Black Friday gifts for everyone. There are 3 parts, get the free one month license for UltFone Windows data recovery, $9.95 special offer for new product and exclusive coupon code. The event will end on December 16, 2020, so take the opportunity!

UltFone is an industry-leading software solution, it focuses on data recovery and management of phones and Windows. This year UltFone has taken a step forward by revamping all the products. With the ultimate UltFone software, all the lost data can be recovered including photos, videos, Microsoft documents, audios, and emails.

1 - Get the free one month license for Windows data recovery

To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, UltFone is giving out amazing packages. Users can get one month free license for UltFone Windows data recovery. Data can be recovered from Windows computer, USB drive, SD card and many other storage devices. UltFone's amazing Windows data recovery tool adopts the latest technology to scan the lost data and recover the data with a high recovery rate.

2 - $9.95 special offer for new product

Moreover, UltFone is giving a special offer for the new products, UltFone iOS Location Changer, just $9.95. The users can change and fake GPS location on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. to prank/trick family/friends. What's more, users can spoof your location to access GEO restricted AR games like Pokemon Go, websites, apps, etc. This GPS cheater is of great help in hiding your currency location to stop being tracked.

3 - Exclusive coupon code only for thanksgiving and black Friday

In addition to this, UltFone is giving coupon to the users to enjoy exclusive deals on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Enjoy up to 30% off.

How to participate:

For more information, please click the links below:

About UltFone

UltFone is composed of a group of tech talents. It is not only committed to improving the quality of products and the user experience, but also adopting continuously advanced technology to create new products and cater for the needs of users. More information:




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Innovative Solutions to ‘Windows 10 (1809) October 2018 Update Deleting Files’ Error by EaseUS Software

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Microsoft has pulled the mass rollout of Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update after a bug hitting users, causing file deletion on Windows PC. EaseUS Software is providing innovative solutions to fix this issue.

According to Microsoft, "We're empowering a new era of personal productivity. We've focused on helping people across their and personal lives by offering tools for whole life experiences and...."

Although Microsoft spoke highly of this new update of Windows 10 1809, the Windows 10 October Update has caused people's files to disappear. Some users even complained that the 'Documents' folder appeared to have been deleted, with no way to resolve this issue. Fortunately, EaseUS Software has gathered complete solutions to thoroughly resolve Windows 10 October 2018 Update deletes files error and restore all lost files.

Microsoft rolled-out Windows 10 October 2018 Update on 3 October 2018 and immediately pulled Windows 10 1809 update after receiving reports of 'documents being deleted' on 6 October 2018. During these three days, a major bug has hit some Windows 10 users, deleting their 'Documents' folder, overwriting files without asking.

It's not clear about the exact number of Windows 10 users have been affected by this problem, but even if it's a small percentage, it's still a troublesome problem for most ordinary users. Fortunately, Microsoft made a fast response without delay to halt the mass rollout. As for those users who have installed the latest October 2018 Update of Windows 10 and lost files, Microsoft also presented official solutions. And EaseUS Software also innovates some tricks here to help.

Official solutions from Microsoft
* For Windows users who have checked for this update and are experiencing a file missing issue:

Please contact Microsoft directly at +1-800-MICROSOFT or find a local number in your area for help.

If another computer can be accessed, please contact Microsoft at (link will vary according to country of origin).

* For those who have installed this update but haven't losing any files:

Please stop using the PC immediately to prevent further data loss. And to create a backup of useful files is also necessary.

* For users who haven't installed this update:

If the Windows 10 October 2018 Update installation media has been manually downloaded, please don't install it and wait until the new media is available.

Besides, a new update will be available and resumed to roll out to customers, promised by Microsoft. (But the date is still unknown.)

Innovative fixes provided by EaseUS Software

Besides Microsoft's official resolutions, EaseUS Software also provides great Windows users with innovative solutions to fix 'Windows 10 1809 deleting files' error and restore all deleted files by this update.

* For those users who have already installed the latest Windows 10 update:

If the 'Documents' folder files or other file gets deleted, a third-party piece of data recovery software will get back files deleted by Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

EaseUS data recovery - Data Recovery Wizard with its 'Specify a location' feature supports to specify an exact location and scan all lost files such as 'Documents' folder deleted by Windows 10 1809 Update.

If no file loss issue exists under Windows 10 October 2018 Update on Windows PC, to create a frequent backup of essential files is highly recommended.

EaseUS Windows backup and recovery software - Todo Backup with its schedule backup feature will save Windows user a lot of time and energy with a scheduled backup.

* For those Windows users who are planning to install Windows 10 October 2018 Update:

Please wait and do not rush!

Microsoft has committed to resume a new version of Windows 10 October 2018 update after resolving the 'deleting bug'. When the new version of Windows 10 1809 is available online with a mass rollout, install and enjoy the new features by then.

For further help to resolve other complex Windows 10 update issues such as Black Screen or Blue Screen death error, please refer to this page:

About EaseUS Software:
EaseUS(R) provides professional IT solutions for home, education and SMB users, service providers in data recovery, backup, system optimization and partition manager on both Windows and Mac platforms. Founded in 2004, EaseUS has established itself as a fast-growing international company with over 100 million wonderful users worldwide.

For more information, please visit

EaseUS(R) is registered trademark of CHENGDU Yiwo Tech Development Co., Ltd.

Microsoft(R), Windows(R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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New update! Recover Data from a Crashed Computer System with Wondershare Data Recovery Pro

GUANGDONG, Hong Kong -- Recently, Wondershare has released Data Recovery Pro 6.60 with numerous advanced features. One of the most evident benefits of the tool is that it allows data recovery from a crashed system as well. Its latest support with WinPE bootable media can be used to perform the data recovery operation when a Windows system is not able to boot in an ideal way. This allows its users to retrieve their content, even when the system fails to boot or malfunctions.

How to recover lost data caused by Windows operating system crash, blue screen of death, or other computer bootable problems? Just create a bootable disk to recover lost data under WinPE environment!

More Details About Wondershare Data Recovery Pro 6.60:

The latest update of Wondershare Data Recovery Pro 6.60 now supports Windows Preinstallation Environment. Even though the Data Recovery Tool is available for both Windows and Mac, the feature is dedicated for Windows systems. You can download Wondershare Data Recovery Pro with WinPE Bootable Media here. It can be used to recover data from crashed computer.

The tool is already used by over 5 million users the world over and is considered as one of the oldest data recovery applications with over 10 years of presence. It can recover data from FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS, and every major file system. Besides hard disks, it can also perform the recovery operations on USB flash drives, memory cards, and other secondary data storage units. It supports the recovery of files in over 550 different formats as well.

With this latest update in Wondershare Data Recovery Pro, the tool can also be used to perform the recovery operation even when the system is not working.

Following are some of the major highlights of the tool besides all the existing features:
* Users can create a bootable media (CD/DVD or a USB flash drive) from its interface that can later help them boot their system.
* The bootable media can be used to recover lost and deleted data in an emergency.
* If the Windows system has been crashed or can't boot, then users can insert the bootable media and start their system from the new source.
* Later, they can use its interactive interface to recover the data of their choice.
* The tool supports Windows Preinstallation Environment to provide assistance to its users.

Once they have started their system from the bootable disk, users can perform a comprehensive scan for their lost content. The data recovery tool performs a quick and a deep scan that can help users retrieve their lost data. Additionally, users can also preview their data and restore it selectively.

The Pro version of Wondershare Data Recovery 6.60 is now available with the support of WinPE environment. The application can be downloaded from its official website and be used to create bootable disks without any trouble.


About Wondershare Data Recovery:

Data Recovery is a dedicated tool developed by Wondershare Technology to make it easier for its users to restore their lost and deleted content. Compatible with all the leading Windows and Mac versions, it supports the recovery of more than 550 different file formats. Having a user-friendly interface, it is a reliable tool that is known to produce the highest success rate in the industry.

VIDEO (YouTube):

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