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Digitl Mediums Marks Women’s History Month in Partnership with Fame Lady Squad and NFTignition by Co-Hosting Woman-Centric NFT Events

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Outernational Holdings, LLC (dba Digitl Mediums) is proud to recognize and celebrate women and girls this month around the world in celebration of Women's History Month. Digitl Mediums is committed to continuing its efforts to promote gender equality with meaningful partnerships, celebratory packaging and global storytelling efforts.

To mark the milestone, Digitl Mediums is announcing that it is working with the Fame Lady Squad and NFTignition to host a booth at the Los Angeles NFT.LA event (March 28-31). Immediately following NFT.LA, Digitl Mediums, Fame Lady Squad and NFTIgnition will host Women.NFT -- the first all-female NFT panel, NFT gallery event and a "From the Blockchain" podcast event to be held at various Los Angeles locations on April 1st & 2nd. The events serve to celebrate the impact that women and girls have made and continue to make and encourages female education and empowerment in the NFT, crypto and Web3.0 space.

"I am really proud to be a part of the movement we see happening in NFTs right now, and events like Women.NFT that amplify all the work being done to bring more women into the space," said NFTignition, co-Owner of Fame Lady Squad. "For the first time, women have a chance to be at the forefront of new technology, and we are working hard to make sure that's exactly what happens."

Women.NFT will feature special appearances from the following influencers who are deeply vested in the NFT and crypto space: NFTignition (co-Owner of Fame Lady Squad and co-Host of the "From the Blockchain" podcast); Bored Becky (co-Owner of Fame Lady Squad and co-Host of the "From the Blockchain" podcast); Crypto WendyO (a crypto expert that provides marketing and media solutions for crypto companies globally and founder of the "O Show"); Toni Payne (founder of Champayner Social Club and the Host of the NFT Talk Show); Brooke J Lacey (a NFT project tech advisor, blockchain developer, crypto TikTok creator, speaker & educator, and Web3.0 tech recruiter); and Iris Ichishita (a filmmaker, executive, producer, digital engagement expert and entrepreneur with hands-on experience in creative development, content programming and physical production.

"Digitl Mediums is pleased to host the first NFT gallery event and panel to feature women in the NFT industry," said Jay Estrella, CTO of Digitl Mediums. "The event serves to celebrate the impact that women and girls have made and will continue to make in the burgeoning NFT space."

Attendance at NFT.LA and the Women.NFT events could not be possible without the sponsorship of Year of the Woman (a series of dynamic, one-of-a kind NFTs created by artist Yasmin Shima); Mine the Future (the first NFT that mines you Bitcoin - owners of MTF become profit partners in an industrial-grade BTC mining facility); DigitalSelf, Inc. (a leader in the metaverse space); TokenProof (lets you prove ownership of your digital assets without compromising safety or privacy, both online and IRL); Defintasy (a play-to-earn metaverse platform); and (digital comics, collections and story-telling on the Blockchain).

About Digitl Mediums

Beverly Hills-based Digitl Mediums is a purpose-built team of strategists, digital marketing experts, creatives, and influencers passionate about building, evolving, and amplifying the reach, voice, people, and product offerings of the brands we represent. Our team's collective experience is heavily rooted in sports, art, entertainment, emerging culture and creative marketing in the crypto industry to create the kind of advertising people want to experience, witness, hear, feel, promote, and pay for. Our team has been in the industry for over 40 years with experience working with some of the best in the industry, such as Nike, Sprite, Gatorade, Verizon, ADIDAS, and Spark Communications. For more information, please visit our Website:

About Fame Lady Squad and NFTignition

Fame Lady Squad is not only the first generative female avatar NFT project but also the first community-led project, and its community exists to provide opportunities and support to women of all backgrounds in the crypto/NFT space. Fame Lady Squad is led by pioneering members of the woman's NFT space: Bored Becky, Data Lady (Now Data) & NFTignition (known outside the NFT world as Danielle Davis). NFTignition is the Co-Owner of Fame Lady Squad. Some might know her as the Host of the Podcast series "From the Blockchain" or from her appearance on Bloomberg TV. For more information, please visit: and

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The American Gem Society Celebrates Women’s History Month Through Women Designers

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- The American Gem Society (AGS), a nonprofit association dedicated to consumer protection, is proud to celebrate and recognize its women designers, as well as women leaders in the jewelry industry during Women's History Month.

Throughout the month of March, AGS will feature the beautiful jewelry created by women within the association's community of members. AGS is also featuring the jewelry of these women on their "Trending Now" web page.

"The American Gem Society is what it is today in large part because of the leadership and creativity of the women in management and in our community," said Katherine Bodoh, CEO of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories. "We value and are inspired by the guidance and vision of the women on our board and on our team, the retail store leaders who are the backbone of the American Gem Society, and the creative visionaries designing jewelry. We are excited to share these designs with our audience, and hope they feel as inspired as we do by the artistry and beauty of what these women have created."

"Seeing wonderful, strong, and talented women leading the AGS made an early impression on me as I grew and learned in this industry," said Lisa Bridge, President-Elect of the American Gem Society's International Board of Directors. "We are lucky at AGS to have a community that supports and champions one another to make us and the industry better. I am thankful for their example and the path they have created for all of us to thrive."

To see the jewelry from the American Gem Society's participating women designers, visit or follow the American Gem Society on Instagram.

To find an American Gem Society jeweler in your area, visit

About American Gem Society

The American Gem Society, founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. The American Gem Society awards credentials for its members, who are held to the industry's highest standards and must pass annual recertification examinations to maintain their titles. Members of the AGS membership are passionate about jewelry and dedicated to creating a positive buying experience for their customers. To find an AGS jeweler near you, visit


Facebook: AmericanGemSociety1934

Instagram: @americangemsociety

Twitter: @AmerGemSociety


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Registered Nurse and Ganga Mompreneur Debi Madaio Celebrates the Legacy of NJWeedman’s Joint Eatery During Women’s History Month

TRENTON, N.J. -- If the longtime marijuana activist Ed Forchion is the NJWeedman, then his business partner, Debi Madaio, is easily Trenton New Jersey's "First Lady of Weed." As the majority owner of NJWeedman's Joint, the popular marijuana-themed eatery located in the state's capital city, Madaio is defiantly acknowledging her legacy as a heroic ganga mompreneur during Women's History Month.

A registered nurse, cannabis activist, mother to two daughters and a special needs son, Madaio is not only the driving force behind NJWeedman's Joint but also NJWeedman himself! In celebration of Women's History Month, she has expanded her business with the opening of The Stash Spot, a specialty boutique smoke shop located inside The Joint and a new 'potcast,' "Joint Accounts," closing out Women's History Month on March 29, 2021 and streaming every following Monday at 3:00 p.m. ET across The Joint's social media platforms. "Joint Accounts" will feature the latest happenings in and around NJWeedman's Joint.

The pandemic has fostered all sorts of new innovations, and for Madaio, The Stash Spot and "Joint Account" both evolved as such. While NJWeedman's Joint luckily survived the shut-in as an essential business restaurant operation, smoke shops in New Jersey had to close. Madaio had the idea to move all her smoke shop items to the restaurant and still meet the needs of her cannabis clientele. The Stash Spot is the expansion of that service. With cannabis now finally legal in the state, offering a one stop shop for food and supplies is a convenience her customers greatly appreciate. The Stash Shop carries marijuana paraphernalia like pipes, rolling papers, marijuana themed convenience items, knick knacks and clothing.

Operating a small business while working full time as a registered nurse and caring for a special needs son has been challenging, to say the least. But Madaio has witnessed and survived additional trials as well. Located just across the street from the Trenton City Hall, The Joint had been operating successfully since 2015 and was garnering national accolades for its contribution to cannabis culture. It was during Women's History Month of March 2017 when NJWeedman's Joint first came under scrutiny per an undercover operation and raid that led to Ed Forchion's arrest and incarceration. Forchion's arrest garnered him 447 days in prison, leaving Madaio not only fighting for his release, but also for the survival of their business.

"While Ed was being held for those 447 days prior to trial under the New Jersey Bail Reform Act, we had to close the business in order to secure it. I basically robbed Peter to pay Paul to make sure the rent was paid. I had made Ed a promise that I would make sure the business and the building were still there when he got out of jail! That was one of his biggest fears, that he would get out of jail and ride by the building where The Joint used to be. I couldn't and wouldn't let that happen as Mercer County had taken enough from him already," notes Madaio.

Today, NJWeedman's Joint is once again a thriving watering hole for not only Trenton but also the surrounding communities, cities and states. Customers drive in from New York and Philadelphia on any given day, or drop in when visiting from not only around the country but the world, for their delectable menu of dishes named after marijuana inspired themes and famous celebrity stoners. Meals like the "Snoop's Dream," a fish and grits dish; Willie's Chillie; the Kevin Smith Impossible Burger; the "Pothead Sandwich," fried fish with a shrimp crab relish and sriracha sauce; and the "East Coast Cannabis Coalition," a turkey meatball dinner with marinara sauce and spaghetti are all the rage.

The restaurant's ambiance, created by Madaio, mirrors an actual marijuana grow room with curtains, tablecloths and chairs designed and fashioned after marijuana leaves. There are also live outdoor music performances and show offerings which are streamed online for a wider viewing audience.

Madaio has an undergraduate degree in criminal justice as well as in nursing. While currently still working long hours, she envisions the eatery as an outlet which will provide work and income closer to home and nearer her child. NJWeedman's Joint was once called 'the happiest place on earth' by Extraction Magazine and Madaio's mission is to keep those kinds of vibes flowing. The Stash Spot, NJWeedman's Joint and her new podcast, "The Joint Account," will continue in service to keep their customer's energy high and lifted.

"I'm looking forward to one day being done with all drama," expresses Madaio. "New Jersey has finally legalized our favorite plant, but now the battle for inclusion in the cannabis industry begins. We know that small businesses and entrepreneurs are getting edged out of this new legal, burgeoning billion-dollar industry. I'm hoping that in exchange for our commitment to good service that our customers won't allow that to happen to us here."

NJWeedman's Joint is located 322 E. State St. in Trenton, NJ. Debi Madaio can be reached at and via the NJWeedman's Joint website at .

Catch "Joint Accounts" every Monday, starting March 29 at NJWeedman's Joint on Facebook ( and on Instagram ( ).

Learn more about Debi Madaio at and at .

Sign the "Demand Governor Phil Murphy Grant NJWeedman's Joint a Recreational Cannabis License!" at

Makeda Smith

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