Comprehensive Seminar at Walt Disney World(R) Guarantees College Graduation

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Dateline: Thu, 23 Mar 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “ORLANDO, FL – Mar. 23 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A college-readiness seminar and program at Walt Disney World(R) Resort, Brendon Burchard’s College Success Bootcamp, guarantees that attendees will go on to become college graduates within six years or less – or their money back.”

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ORLANDO, FL (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A college-readiness seminar and program at Walt Disney World(R) Resort, Brendon Burchard’s College Success Bootcamp, guarantees that attendees will go on to become college graduates within six years or less – or their money back.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 45 percent of students who start college never finish. Burchard’s seminar aims to change that. The bootcamp, which is being held at Walt Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort from August 3-6, 2006, offers strategies to current and college-bound students on how to survive and succeed in today’s college environment emotionally, socially, academically and financially.

“The odds of graduating college these days are as poor as guessing heads or tails,” Brendon Burchard, author of “The Student Leadership Guide,” and founder and host of the event, said. “With over half a million collegians falling short of acquiring their college degree every year, it’s clear that students need to be better prepared for the challenges of college life.”

There are many factors which contribute to the college attrition rate that include: depression, alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, apathy, and, increasingly, financial debt. Today, seventy-four percent of students rely on financial aid, and the average college student graduates with $15,162 in debt, an increase of 66.5% since 1993.

“We will be teaching students how to earn and handle money,” Burchard said, “But we’ll also be helping them develop into mature, healthy adults. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for college students, so we’re preparing our participants to deal with the mental, emotional and social stresses of college.”

The College Success Bootcamp will feature over one dozen, well-known speakers and provides students with six years of free continuing education and support through newsletters and email “help lines.”

“This is a much needed event that addresses the challenges students face in transitioning between high school and college, and between dependence and independence,” said Doug Stone, co-author of “Real College: The Essential Guide to Student Life.” Stone, who teaches at Harvard Law School, explained, “Brendon Burchard is the perfect person to host this seminar-he’s incredibly passionate about helping students succeed.”

Burchard, 29, has been called “the student leaders’ leader,” and is the author of the academically acclaimed book, “The Student Leadership Guide.” He is also an award-winning speaker on student life and leadership. His book, now in its third edition, is used at dozens of universities across the country. Among his many accomplishments, he has designed executive development programs for Fortune 500 companies, co-created university leadership courses, and served on several nonprofit advisory boards. Most recently, he served as a human performance consultant for Accenture, the world’s largest management consulting company. Burchard will take leave from the company this month to focus on the bootcamp.

“There’s no shortage of resources and programs to help you get into college,” Robin Raskin, Director of Communications at “The Princeton Review” and author of the recently released, “A Parent’s Guide to College Life,” said. “But, once you’re accepted, you’re left to swim with the sharks. It’s great to see programs like The College Success Bootcamp taking such an innovative, holistic approach to helping students hone the skills they’re going to need to succeed throughout their college careers.”

Tickets to the event are limited to approximately 1000, so early registration is recommended. Students, parents and high school or college professionals interested in attending can register or learn more at For those who are interested in participating in a different way, multiple levels of sponsorships as well as extensive exhibit options are also available.

In addition, people who refer a student to the site who registers and attends, will receive $100.

The College Success Bootcamp is a production of swiftKick Development LLC, a company founded by Brendon Burchard, and is dedicated to helping students make the grade and make a difference in their classrooms, communities, and early careers.

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