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Dissecting Inflammation to Understand Chronic Disease in Type 2 Diabetes

LA JOLLA, Calif. -- Scientists are pursuing novel strategy to understand the source of inflammation in chronic diseases at the molecular level. Dr. Marcelo Freire at The J. Craig Venter Institute, is among the scientists conducting this provocative research and he's the lead and senior author of a recent study, "Transcriptomics of type 2 diabetic and healthy human neutrophils."

Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting approximately 415 million people worldwide, and its prevalence is rising in adults, increasing the risk of developing co-morbidities such as inflammatory lesions on limbs, eyes and periodontal tissues. In fact, patients with diabetes are more prone to develop severe forms of COVID-19. Recently neutrophils have also been associated with inflammatory pathways in Sars-CoV-2 infections.

Thus, demonstrating that diabetics fail to respond to microbial/viral and metabolic challenges due to deficiencies on immune cells. However, clinicians are unable to accurately predict which patients will develop chronic inflammatory and associated co-morbidities.

"Unravelling immune and lipid mechanisms of diabetes can advance our understanding of the disease," Freire says. "We found that aberrant inflammation is a molecular source of chronic disease in type 2 diabetes and that's reversible."

In laboratory studies, researchers identified two pathways that dysregulate inflammation in type 2 diabetes. By employing a global analysis of RNA (transcriptomics) from innate immune cells, they discovered novel immune and lipid-related genes that are chronically suppressed.

Though chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes have excellent therapeutic modalities that focus on blood sugar levels and insulin, none currently control the disease-associated chronic inflammation.

In this study, human neutrophils (the most abundant leukocytes in the blood) were evaluated via transcriptomics for the first time. This new survey of human neutrophils provides access to the scientific community about regulatory signatures and mechanistic information of in health versus disease.

"Collaborative efforts have been established to expand the knowledge in our lab and others to expand the field of neutrophils and investigate the source of inflammation to other organs," Freire says.

Inflammatory networks derived from neutrophils can become informative in terms of early diagnostics of diabetics and future development of therapeutics.

For this work, the researchers treated human cells ex vivo with a novel fatty acid, resolvin E1 (RvE1), known for its pro-resolution functions. The application of this exogenous therapeutic showed that type 2 diabetics are not irreversibly damaged and that the treatments that reduce chronic inflammation may rescue the phenotype. Because Freire's team has expertise in inflammation and the receptor-ligand axis, they were able to assay human cells with tailored amount of RvE1 to further advance precision medicine.

In addition to conducting RNA sequencing (transcriptomics) and analysis of full neutrophil transcriptomes, the team used cell culture to enhance concentrations of RvE1 for both healthy and diabetic neutrophils The scientists tested control treatments to account for placebo stimulation of cells, but genes that were deficient or saturated in diabetic subjects only changed after specific concentrations of RvE1 were added, demonstrating that chronically inflamed cells are responsive

"There's much more research ahead, but the findings around unresolved inflammation should be a starting point to develop novel biomarkers for chronic disease severity and treatment," Dr. Sarah Kleinstein, first author of the study, says.

Freire agrees that the research is just in the beginning and future plans include furthering their understanding of diabetic heterogeneity and diagnostic/therapeutic development.

"We aim to find a better solution to monitor and treat chronic inflammation," Freire says.

Read an accelerated article preview of the study in BMC Immunology here:

About the J. Craig Venture Institute

The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) is a world leader in genomic research with 160 scientists and staff who are bold innovators fearlessly pursuing revolutionary ideas. It's registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and has a long track-record of creativity and an interdisciplinary approach to genomics. It's committed to accelerating foundational scientific research to drive advances in human health and environmental sustainability.

For more information about JCVI:

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ZKTECO USA Launches ZKWatch – Integrated Biometric Access Control with Video Event Management System powered by Arteco Global

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- ZKTeco USA a leading provider of smart and innovative physical security solutions has launched ZKWATCH which is an integrated Biometric Access Control with Video Event Management Solution as requested by its large customer base all over the world.

ZKTeco's all in one ZKBioSecurity platform has become the number one choice of integrators all around the world to manage our award-winning SpeedFace access control readers and Pro Series access control panels. System integrators and end users always wanted a single platform to manage their access control and video from a single platform. ZKWatch combines alarms and notifications from third-party devices such as video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition (LPR), fire detection, gunshot detection, video analytics, building automation and more onto a single, intuitive platform.

ZKWATCH server is a hardware appliance preloaded with ZKBioSecurity and ZKWATCH which can support up to ten doors and cameras and can provide reasonable recording storage capacity as well. ZKWATCH software can also be purchased separately if the customer prefers to install it on their server. The focus is on identifying critical events and areas of interest, rather than sifting through hours of non-critical video footage and linking them with access control transactions.

As noted by ZKTeco USA President & Founder Manish Dalal, "Arteco was one of the first software developers to offer video event management and partnering with them to offer an integrated solution with ZKBioSecurity platform was the need of the hour. As ZKTeco introduces new devices and software applications to the market, we look forward to integrating them with Arteco's NEXT VEMS, as well."

"Our collaboration with ZKTeco has already let to excellent results, therefore we couldn't be happier to take part in this new project by providing the software technology of ZKWATCH", states Giampaolo Sabbatani, CEO of Arteco. "A complete integration of both of our products is the natural consequence of our mission: bridging the gap between effective security solutions and security professional by proposing custom-made solutions."

About ZKTeco:

ZKTeco is a leading provider of Biometric and RFID access control solutions. Product offerings include door & elevator access control panels, readers (i.e., RFID, fingerprint, finger-vein, palm vein, facial recognition), Long-Range UHF and LPR Readers for gate controllers, Turnstiles, Walkthrough Metal Detectors, X-Ray inspection scanners, and versatile Visitor Management platform. Its solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages. ZKTeco designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers. Its U.S. facility includes a large experience center and warehouse in Alpharetta, GA.

For more information visit us at and follow us on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

About Arteco:

Founded in 1987, Arteco is a global provider of event-driven intelligence solutions based in Faenza, Italy, with operations in Italy, USA, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina. With a focus on ease of use and event management, Arteco's research and development initiatives have united world-class, state-of-the-art video analytics and video management onto a single-platform to optimize processes and reduce costs. Arteco provides a wide range of software and network hardware solutions that integrate with third-party systems such as video surveillance, video management and access control. Arteco products are available through certified integrator partners around the world.

For more information about Arteco's Video Management Software (VMS) solutions, please visit and follow on social media channels: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

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Say Goodbye to Receipt Headaches! AmTrav and Emburse Automate Travel Expenses

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. -- AmTrav, the one connected platform for business travel, and Emburse, a global leader in expense management and accounts payable automation, today announced the next evolution in their partnership with the launch of their automatic receipts integration. This cutting-edge integration automatically populates AmTrav travel expenses in clients' Emburse expense wallets to save travelers, expense preparers and expense administrators time, frustration and mistakes.

Traditional travel and expense integrations all have shortcomings that cause errors and create additional work for users. Booking data feeds often don't match up with actual payment data, credit card data feeds are delayed several days and don't include receipts or important expense details, email forwarding is unreliable, and manually entering expenses and uploading receipts is a time-consuming pain for users.

The automatic receipts integration solves these pains by enabling AmTrav to send 100% accurate expense data and receipt images from the AmTrav point of sale to users' Emburse expense wallets. Users can then add these complete travel expense items to an expense report with one click. This feed includes any travel changes made through AmTrav, automatically populating expense records for additional fare amounts, change penalties or refunds. Emburse users can also designate expense owners to receive expenses for specific travelers.

This new integration builds on AmTrav and Emburse's history of simplifying clients' travel and expense processes since 2013. Busy travelers and expense preparers are freed from tedious tasks like uploading receipts and entering receipt data for travel purchases and travel changes. Expense owners no longer need to remind travelers to forward receipt emails for expense report preparation. And expense administrators get reliable expense data straight from the AmTrav point of sale, saving those administrators time and frustration as travel expenses reliably reconcile with company credit card statements with fewer user or system errors.

"The word 'integration' gets thrown around a lot these days, but the one between AmTrav and Emburse is robust and real-time," said AmTrav CEO Jeff Klee. "Customers who pick AmTrav and Emburse can get a travel management platform that they'll love, paired with a world-class expense management system, tightly integrated so their travel expense data flows accurately from one to the other to save all users time and headache."

To learn more about how AmTrav and Emburse can make travel and expense management easier for your team, reach out to AmTrav or Emburse today.

About AmTrav Corporate Travel

AmTrav is a new kind of technology and services platform that's driving business travel into a bold new era. Our easy-to-use solution empowers travelers and travel bookers to be more productive. Companies of all sizes use AmTrav to book trips, find savings, set travel policies, manage payments and expenses, and keep their travelers safe. Travelers love AmTrav because our one connected platform provides a seamless experience across the travel ecosystem and our travel experts and relationship managers are always ready to help. More than 1000 businesses use AmTrav to go places, meet people, build meaningful connections, and get the most out of every trip. For more information on AmTrav visit, call us at 800-795-8371 or drop us a note.

About Emburse

Emburse humanizes work by empowering business travelers, finance professionals, and CFOs to eliminate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what matters most.

Emburse offers a growing portfolio of award-winning expense and AP automation solutions, including Emburse Abacus, Emburse Captio, Emburse Certify, Emburse Chrome River, Emburse Cards, Emburse Nexonia, Emburse SpringAhead and Emburse Tallie. Its innovative offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of specific industries, company sizes, and geographies, and are trusted by more than 9 million users in more than 120 countries. Over 16,000 customers, from start-ups to global enterprises, including Boot Barn, Grant Thornton, Telefónica, Lufthansa Systems, and Toyota rely on Emburse to eliminate manual processes, make faster, smarter decisions, and help make users' lives - and their businesses - better.

Emburse is recognized as a leader in expense management and accounts payable automation by analyst firm IDC, and has received multiple awards for its high levels of customer satisfaction.

For more information on Emburse, visit, call 877-EMBURSE, or follow the organization's social channels at @emburse.

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Calgary Author Honored in 2021 Indie Book Awards for Memoir about Social Justice and Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Sandra LA Boszko is quickly building a name for herself as an author who's edgy and honest. That's why her new book, "Welcome to California: From LA County Jail to #1 in Sales" (ISBN: 978-1525546440) was named one of the best indie books of 2021 by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. It recounts how her mental illness led to a wrongful and traumatic incarceration in the Los Angeles County jail system.

(Editorial note: Book title has strike-through [line] on the word 'Welcome.')

The book is humorous and heartbreaking all at once. It traces how she traveled from her home in Canada to the hills of Hollywood to pursue a career in acting/stunts and recounts how bipolar disorder repeatedly sent her packing from Los Angeles. After failed attempts to develop this dream, she finds herself in a prison system that ignores protocol for inmates with mental illness.

"The whole experience was horrific," she says. "Writing this book was cathartic and helped with the overwhelming anxiety and PTSD that resulted from this damaging ordeal. I never had that before."

For example, a 5150 is a section of the California Welfare and Institution Code (Thomson Reuters, 2017) that authorizes a mental health practitioner or an officer to involuntarily confine an individual suspected to have a mental disorder who is gravely disabled, a danger to themselves, or a danger to others. The individual can be brought into custody for up to 72 hours for assessment or placed into a treatment facility.

"Unfortunately, I didn't receive a 5150 even though the arresting officer knew I was mentally ill," Boszko explains. "Celebrities such as Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears, Mischa Barton and Kanye West have all received a 5150."

Sandra's incarceration lasted 10 days while her family struggled to locate her and to convince the courts that she was in need of medical care. During that time, she experienced abusive guards, isolation and neglect.

And according to L.A. County Jail stats, she's not alone. The County of Los Angeles reports that 70 percent of the inmate population has a serious medical or mental illness upon initial assessment and at least 30 percent of its inmates have a mental illness.

"This experience left me deeply traumatized and I knew I had to share this story with others. During the writing process, I began to heal," she says. "I want people to understand mental illness from the inside out and to help the stigma go away. I truly hope this memoir helps others to realize that they are not alone in their struggles."

Sandra is an award-winning finalist in two categories - Social Justice and Memoirs (Personal Struggle/Health Issues) in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the world's largest book awards program for independent publishers and self-published authors.

The winners and finalists will be honored on June 25, 2021 in an online event which will stream live on Facebook at at 7 p.m. ET and 4 p.m. PT.

The Next Generation Indie Book Awards are judged by leaders of the indie book publishing industry, including many with long careers at major publishing houses.

For more information:

About the Author

Sandra currently works as a full-time Territory Manager for a multinational company. She enjoys facilitating presentations and has been a facilitator for a bipolar group in Calgary. She's active in Toastmasters and has placed first at two of its 2019 competitions. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Manitoba and a black belt in Taekwondo. She lives in Calgary. Alberta. This is her first book.

For more information about the book and the author:


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Caption: "Welcome to California: From LA County Jail to #1 in Sales" by Sandra LA Boszko.

(Editorial note: Book title has strike-through [line] on the word 'Welcome.')

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UnityOneCloud Positioned as A ‘Leader’ in MarketsandMarkets’s Multicloud Management Market Report

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- UnityOneCloud, a Multicloud Management SaaS platform for managing a real-world hybrid cloud environment, announced that it had been listed as a "Leader" in MarketsandMarkets Micro Quadrant on Multicloud Management Market Report. The report provides a strategic analysis of the market presence on the competitive leadership map.

According to the report, "UnityOneCloud is one of the leading multicloud management platforms for hybrid cloud workloads which offers comprehensive functionalities, such as remote management platform, service delivery platform, multicloud connectivity, and on-demand private cloud."

UnityOneCloud is a unified multicloud management platform for managing data centers, private clouds (VMware, Hyper-V, & OpenStack), and public clouds (GCP, AWS, & Azure), including the full suite of hybrid cloud assets in an enterprise IT environment - cabinets, power distribution units, bare-metal servers, networking devices, virtual machines, containers, service mesh, and serverless. It delivers multicloud observability, monitoring, management, auditing, support, and automation.

Speaking about multicloud management, Abhijit Phanse, CEO of UnityOneCloud, said, "We have created an enterprise marketplace where solutions like firewalls, load balancers, security devices, and databases can be acquired and configured with just a single click. UnityOneCloud provides a dedicated virtual data center that allows enterprises to manage their private cloud fully."

UnityOneCloud's remote data center management provides its users a visual snapshot of all the users' devices in the colocation data centers, lets them monitor their performance, and manages these devices from their location. In addition, it comes with enterprise-class support, which has a 15-minute response time, and experts available 365 days around the clock to support any issue. It also lets users securely access their physical/virtual assets and manage them in an auditable, repeatable, and systematic manner.

"UnityOneCloud is a multicloud management platform that manages hybrid cloud environments with a wide breadth and depth of functionality and provides multicloud observability, monitoring, management, auditing, support, and automation. The platform enables users to automate their multicloud infrastructure using UnityOneCloud's DevOps platform to run terraform, chef, ansible, puppet scripts and automate operations tasks," said Ritesh Chawrashe, Assistant Manager at MarketsandMarkets.

About UnityOneCloud:

UnityOneCloud is a leading global Software-as-a-Service company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive enterprise-grade Multicloud Management platform for managing real-world hybrid cloud environments. We help organizations manage, monitor, audit, support, and observe complex hybrid cloud assets right from bare-metal to serverless configurations spread across data centers and private and public cloud configurations. Learn more at:

About MarketsandMarkets:

MarketsandMarkets™ is the world's largest revenue impact company, serving over 7500 customers and providing strategic analysis services. Over ten years, MNM has identified and researched all high-growth use cases, technologies, ecosystems converging across multiple industries. 80% of the top 2000 companies globally rely on MarketsandMarkets for determining the new high growth and niche revenue opportunities.

Media Contact:
Arifa Bhat
Email id:

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Singing Dog Vanilla Hires New Marketing Professional from The University of Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. -- Singing Dog Vanilla is proud to welcome Andrew Gillen to the team as our new marketing specialist. Andrew will be responsible for engaging with our fans via social media, communicating with the blogging/influencer community, and connecting with food industry groups. He will also be accountable for monitoring search traffic and media to discover market-related trends.

Andrew, a 2021 graduate from the University of Oregon in Eugene, holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Marketing. Andrew is excited to join the team and apply his skills to help Singing Dog Vanilla's marketing efforts and be the voice of Singing Dog Vanilla.

As a recent college graduate, Andrew will bring a fresh mind full of new ideas to the company. Singing Dog Vanilla's hire exemplifies the growing pipeline of the University of Oregon and Oregon State University students finding roles at Eugene, Oregon, area brands.

"We're finding that many students choose to pursue food business dreams at The University of Oregon primarily because of the opportunities to apply their studies directly via internships and job opportunities at local brands," says Micah Elconin, Director of Eugene's Table, a partnership of Eugene area brands. "With 172 food and beverage manufacturing companies in the county, there's a lot of great work to be done!"

For more information about Andrew, visit the Meet Our Team page at

About Singing Dog Vanilla:

Founded on April Fool's Day in 2004, Singing Dog Vanilla has offices in Eugene, Oregon, and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. They partner with over 400 vanilla-growing families in Indonesia to bring organic vanilla products to food manufacturers, bakeries, scoop shops, restaurants, and breweries. Singing Dog Vanilla also has a full line of retail products sold in natural grocery stores across the USA and internationally. Profits are shared with their vanilla farmers and employees.

The Singing Dog Vanilla motto is "Silly Name ... Serious Vanilla."

Learn more at

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Swift Homes Achieves Milestone of 20,000 Home Offers This Year

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Swift Homes, a Chicago-based property purchasing company that buys homes for fair prices to rent out to local families and which is backed by a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund, announced its milestone achievement of 20,000 home offers this year, hitting awe-inspiring cash offer numbers to the delight of neighbors across the nation and cementing its reputation as one of America's largest cash home buyers.

Being in a unique position to help clients who need to sell their home for any reason, the Swift Homes team boasts the ability to guide the seller through the process and close the transaction quickly, its representatives utilizing a systematic approach that has proven its worth as a valuable tool for sellers in a myriad of transactions. What's more, because the company buys homes and rents them out, its reps are in a position to provide competitive offers, the Swift Homes team being comprised of members with more than 20 years combined experience buying properties.

"The Swift Homes team has completed transactions on more than 5,000 properties, with an emphasis on single-family homes, and we are so very proud of this latest incredible milestone achievement," says a Swift Homes senior company representative. "Because we can make cash offers without requiring a visit to a property, our team boasts the ability to close on a seller's desired timeline, handling all necessary repair work - a tactic that has undoubtedly contributed to this year's 20,000 home offerings.

"Further, Swift Homes occupies a specific niche in the form of helping homeowners sell their properties with ease, guiding sellers through their straightforward process and closing transactions in a fast and hassle-free manner. Indeed, to label our company a 'renowned real estate buying entity for numerous reasons' is something of an understatement."

The reason why so many sellers work with Swift Homes has to do with the company's ever-widening presence and vast experience, what with its team operating in more than 100 markets around the U.S., in thousands of cities, in addition to standout elements such as its program that allows sellers to remain in their homes by renting them back from Swift. And, the organization makes a purchase even if a seller is dealing with an investment home with tenants, as the homes are regularly bought to be made available for renting.

The Swift Homes three-step process begins with sellers answering a few questions about their property and company reps preparing an offer, before a home is sold as-is for cash - without the need to worry about repairs. Sellers then have the opportunity to close within 10 days, in a few weeks or longer, and can even pick their specific closing date.

According to Swift Homes personnel, the typical individual selling to the company is any home owner looking to unload a property quickly at a fair and competitive price; he or she may want to sell for a number of reasons, whether it's not being able to keep up with mortgage payments, a divorce or being behind on taxes. Irrespective of a house needing too much work or someone looking to part with a home that was inherited, Swift Homes buys houses for cash from any home owner - for any reason.

While the company specializes in single-family homes, Swift will work with sellers attempting to unload condos and multi-family/commercial properties.

Swift Homes is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3218 in Chicago and can be reached by calling (877) 861-2466. For more information visit or email

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Dream A World Education Founder Bunny Hull to Be Inducted Into Women Songwriters Hall Of Fame

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Bunny Hull, Grammy Award winner and Founder and Executive Director of Dream a World Education, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that delivers virtual and in-classroom arts-based social-emotional learning to young children, will be inducted into the Women Songwriters Hall of Fame in a ceremony on June 25 at the Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. The award celebrates music's finest songwriters and composers and pays homage to women "whose body of work represents the best of heritage and legacy of modern American music."

"To be mentioned in the same breath with Roberta Flack, Valerie Simpson and Mary Chapin Carpenter and the other honorees is beyond anything I could imagine and I can't think of a better way to pay it forward than to provide children with the kind inspiration that I've been blessed to experience through music and the arts," says Hull.

Hull's music and passion is driven by her dedication to enriching the lives of young children. She has written, performed and produced multi-media products for children that have garnered five Parent's Choice Awards, two National Parenting Publications Awards, a Dr. Toy Award, Children's Web Award, a Parents Guide to Children's Media Award, a commendation from the City of Los Angeles, an Emmy(R) nomination for writing, producing and directing "The Ripple Effect", a documentary about the work of Dream A World Education, and an Academics Choice Award for Secrets of the Heart(tm) TV, a children's educational series.

Hull is currently directing Secrets of the Heart II, Dream A World Education's new sequential learning program for children aged 4-8, designed to bring arts and social emotional learning to children around the world. The new series Series II will highlight Family and Community through a social justice and inclusivity lens by featuring overarching episode themes like Roots, Diversity and Identity.

For the program, Hull brought together a diverse team of Los Angeles artists including acclaimed visual artists Raul Baltazar and Yrneh Gabon, who will teach assemblage art and highlight the work of Betye Saar. She has also brought on folk artist Sunny War and choreographer Kara Mack ("Coming 2 America"), who will teach West African Dance. Episodes of the program will feature the work of artists including Ella Fitzgerald and Mahalia Jackson, and will address determination, trauma and healing through music sung during the Civil Rights era.

Dream a World Education focuses its attention on helping underserved communities, creating engaging programming to support young children and providing an avenue to empower them via self-expression through the arts. Since the pandemic began, Dream a World expanded its virtual classroom programs across the United States, growing from 10 local schools to 40 schools across the country and abroad, reaching as far as South Africa and Hong Kong.


Bunny Hull was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hull is a songwriter and singer best known for hit songs like 2008 Dove Award-Winning (Gospel Music Award) song "READY FOR A MIRACLE" and Grammy Award-Winning "NEW ATTITUDE," which catapulted Patti LaBelle to the top of the charts in 1986 for appearing on the "Beverly Hills Cop" Soundtrack. Hull has earned more than 20 gold and platinum albums with songs and/or as a vocalist appearing on albums with Angela Bofill ("Angel of the Night") Michael Jackson ("Thriller") (where she was a PYT), "Let Me Be Your Angel" (Narada Michael Walden/Stacy Lattisaw), Quincy Jones, The Jacksons, B.B. King, Barry White, Celine Dion, James Ingram, Vanessa Williams and on soundtracks and in films such as "EVAN ALMIGHTY," "BRUCE ALMIGHTY," "THE PRINCE OF EGYPT," "LOSING ISAIAH," "A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT" and "LEAP OF FAITH" among others. Her television soundtrack credits include NBC's TODAY SHOW, OPRAH, SESAME STREET, ANY DAY NOW, CHARMED and THE SIMPSONS, to name a few.

In 1999, Hull's best friend, singer Thelma Houston, gave her a book entitled "I Dream A World, Portraits of American Black Women." Around the same time, Hull accepted an invitation to teach music and the arts to young children at an L.A. inner city school. The events that followed led to her founding a nonprofit arts organization, Dream A World Education, where she is now Executive Director. Dream A World delivers arts-based, social-emotional learning with an emphasis on culture and diversity to children aged around the world.


Since 2008 Dream A World Education, Inc. has delivered arts-based, social-emotional learning to over 40,000 families and children in early elementary grade levels, in underserved public schools across Los Angeles. Dream A World Education makes a meaningful difference in early childhood development through Secrets of the Heart(tm) enrichment programs designed to teach social-emotional learning and cultural diversity with exemplary arts programming. Through Secrets of the Heart(tm) school residencies and web-based Secrets of the Heart(tm) TV, our original and continuing goal is to reach primary school-children everywhere, especially those in underserved schools and in low-income communities. Learn more:


PHOTO link for media:

Caption: Bunny Hull, Grammy Award winner and Founder and Executive Director of Dream a World Education

Megha Nabe
‭(516) 978-9968‬‬ ‬‬

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers Honored for Their Help at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Mexico Scientologists and their families were honored for their service to Catholic church officials and parishioners with a special Mass at the Iglesia Santa Maria de Guadalupe Capuchinas, part of the complex of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

According to the Church of Scientology International, as Mexico began to open up, these volunteers took on the task of sanitizing and decontaminating places of worship so those wishing to practice their faith could do so in safety.

Most years, some 20 million pilgrims visit the Basilica, most of them in December to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. The Basilica is one of the most visited Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. But in December 2020, with Mexico's mounting cases of COVID-19 and one of the highest rates of coronavirus casualties internationally, the church took the unprecedented step of shutting the doors of the Basilica to prevent the spread of the virus.

To Mexico's Scientology Volunteer Ministers, veterans of disaster response missions at home and abroad, the pandemic was a completely different kind of catastrophe to those they were used to dealing with-one requiring prevention. Nonetheless, because of the insight of Church leadership, they were well prepared to help.

Even before the pandemic was declared, thanks to the foresight of ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige, and in keeping with the maxim of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard that "an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure," the Church researched the most effective prevention methods and distilled them into a series of illustrated booklets and public service announcements presented in simple, direct language anyone can understand. These were made available in 21 languages on the Stay Well Prevention Resource Center. The Church also researched the best methods of sanitization and made these available to Scientology Churches, Missions and Scientology Volunteer Ministers around the world.

Catholic and evangelical religious leaders who have worked on interfaith programs with The Freewinds, the Scientology religious retreat in the Caribbean, reached out to the ship for help to make their churches safe. The Freewinds arranged for trained Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Mexico City to respond to their needs. The Volunteer Ministers took on sanitizing the Basilica and other Mexican churches to ensure that parishioners could worship in safety.

At the special Mass, a representative of the cardinal attended in appreciation of the Church of Scientology and the work of the Volunteer Ministers in sanitizing the Basilica and churches throughout the city and the State of Mexico. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers trained church representatives in how to sanitize the chapel, and after the Mass, they presented the priest with a full kit containing all the equipment and materials needed to continue the sanitizing of the church.

An interactive timeline on the Scientology website, 20/21: A Look Behind & A Look Ahead, presents an overview of the work of Scientology Churches, staff and parishioners who helped their communities and entire countries deal with the pandemic.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers program is a religious social service created in the mid-1970s by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

A Volunteer Minister's mandate is to be "a person who helps his fellow man on a volunteer basis by restoring purpose, truth and spiritual values to the lives of others." Their creed: "A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well."

The Founder of the Scientology religion is L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige is the religion's ecclesiastical leader.

For more information, visit the Scientology website - - or the Scientology TV network -


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Caption: Scientology Volunteer Ministers were honored with a special Mass in the chapel of the former convent of the Capuchinas, part of the complex of churches and facilities in the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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Cole Engineering awarded $179M OTA by U.S. Army

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Cole Engineering Services, Inc. (CESI), a By Light Company, has been awarded a $179M Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement to serve as the core software enabler for the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Training Simulation Software / Training Management Tool (TSS/TMT). The TSS/TMT is the "core" simulation software and hardware that provides a common synthetic environment, the exercise design and control tool, and data manager for STE collective training.

As the Army's future training capability, the STE will be a single, interconnected training system that provides a training environment, in which units from Soldier/Squad through Army Service Component Command conduct collective training. The STE will converge the live, virtual, constructive, and gaming environments as one complete training capability.

"Team CESI is honored to be entrusted to enable the future of the Army's Synthetic Training Environment to empower a revolution in Army training capability and effectiveness," said Devin Lyders, CESI Senior Vice President, Advanced Training Systems, "We have taken great pride in supporting STE since the initial onset of prototyping activities in 2018 and are proud to offer a comprehensive solution that is modular, scalable, and prepared to rapidly deliver capability into the hands of the Soldier. As a participant in and benefactor of Soldier Centric Design, CESI understands at its core that the TSS/TMT capabilities are about delivering the best possible training to our Warfighters no matter the place, time, or domain."

Team CESI consists of a robust group of contributors with deep understanding of the STE vision including 4C North America, Inc.; Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inc.; Cesium GS, Inc.; Dignitas Technologies; Leidos, Inc.; Perspecta; Raydon Corporation; Systematic, Inc.; and Maxar Technologies.

The Team CESI solution is a modular open systems architecture built on a CESI-developed backbone called MSSV ("massive"). The TSS/TMT solution will realize a modern, modular system that converges live, virtual, constructive, and gaming environments into a single, holistic synthetic environment. MSSV is a proven, hardened architecture solution that will allow an integrated, tested, and training-ready capability to be delivered in under a year.

"By Light and its companies continue to provide innovative systems and solutions to help stay ahead of our country's adversaries," said Bob Donahue Jr., Chief Executive Officer of By Light, "Team CESI is immediately postured to deliver a solution that keeps our soldiers in front and is adaptable to the ever-changing operational environment."

About CESI

Formed in 2004, Cole Engineering Services, Inc., is an award-winning company that maintains a distinct record of strong performance in developing dynamic engineering programs. CESI implements operational, modeling, simulation, and gaming-based technologies that enable Warfighters and First Responders in their services to the nation. CESI develops unique simulation-based systems for simple and complex military missions and has extensive experience developing interoperable distributed simulation architectures for engineering and training environments. Led by a highly talented and experienced team with deep institutional knowledge and an extensive infrastructure in the form of laboratories and tools/methodologies, CESI tackles some of the military's most complex modeling and simulation projects. Learn more at

About By Light

By Light Professional IT Services LLC, headquartered in McLean, VA, is an ISO 9001, 20000-1, and 27001 registered and CMMI-Dev Level 3 rated systems integrator that provides secure, turnkey systems by incorporating exceptional engineering, project management, telecommunications, and cyber capabilities to safeguard mission success. Founded by industry professionals with extensive knowledge in the DoD, DISA, and other US Government agencies, By Light successfully implements technical solutions that integrate commercial best practices to meet the needs of government. For more information, visit

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