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9th Annual Cursive is Cool Contest Adds Additional Prizes for Pandemic-Friendly Participation in Both USA and Canada for 2022

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Cursive is Cool® contest will be held as usual this year after encouragement from teachers, parents, and students, announced the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation today, despite some schools in the USA and Canada operating remotely, or using a hybrid model with in-person learning. In person education is on again, off again, hit or miss these days. Yet, Cursive is Cool Contest is reliable.

Modifications this year allow more students to participate who might not have teacher support as in the past.

Students are encouraged to enter early. A Random Drawing will be held this year at the conclusion of the contest. Prizes will be awarded for First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and a prize for the most Creative content. Those winners' handwriting will be reviewed for legibility and neatness. One of each prize per grades 1 through 8 will be awarded.

"Every year our judges look forward to reading entries because kids' points of view are not only entertaining but also often enlightening," remarked Lauren Mooney Bear, Campaign for Cursive Chair.

The annual cursive contest has many supporters. In Canada they include Laywine's and Zebra Pen (Canada). A new supporter last year is Blind Pig Press.

For the USA contest, supporters continue to grow, with Amsterdam Printing, Cursive Logic, Dixon Ticonderoga, Fahrney's Pens, Itoya, Louise Borden Author, Monkey Magnets, Caran D'ache, Colombia City Ninja School, New American Cursive, PEN World, Sakura and Writing Academy. New this year are; The City of Oroville, Washington Chamber of Commerce, Double Flush Stables, a non-profit rescue in Davie FL, Clairemont Act One, C.A.O. a non-profit theatre troupe in San Diego CA, Seth Wells, Recording Artist in Seattle Washington, Monroe Pizza and Pints in Monroe Washington, I AM Frequencies in Phoenix AZ, Brooklyn's Furry Friends, B.F.F.s, dog walking service, in Brooklyn NY. People and businesses from the four corners of the US are enthusiastic about supporting the Cursive Is Cool contest.

According to Sheila Lowe, President of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, "The good news from an informal survey indicates that more than half the states require at least some cursive writing training in public schools. Legislation is spending in six more. Only ten states have zero requirement to teach their students to write."

USA and Canadian contest dates are January 23 through April 8, 2022.

Learn more:

For more information, contact Lauren Mooney Bear:

"You don't have to be the best writer this year

To win a prize that will bring you cheer.

Entering is the main thing to do

To win a prize to be sent to you!"

About the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation:

The Foundation is a 501-(c)6 non-profit organization, chartered and incorporated in California, and are the sponsors of Campaign for Cursive®, and will graciously accept donations.

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Nomis Solutions Appoints Fintech Veteran George Neal as Chief Product Officer, Promotes Prashant Balepur to SVP, Corporate Strategy and Partnerships

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Nomis Solutions (Nomis), a global, industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider, recently announced the appointment of George Neal as chief product officer. In this role, Neal will oversee strategy and development for new and existing products across all Nomis industry verticals. With a renewed corporate focus on strategic alliances and partner development, Nomis has also promoted Prashant Balepur to senior vice president of corporate strategy and partnerships. In his new position, Balepur will focus on accelerating existing partnerships as well as evaluating new partnership potentials.

"George is a tremendous addition to the Nomis team, and his vision for our product roadmap will benefit our clients and their customers in a remarkable way," explained Frank Rohde, president and CEO of Nomis Solutions. "While his two-plus decades of experience in fintech is certainly an asset, George also brings a fresh perspective and energy to Nomis, and we are enthusiastic about the direction in which we are heading under his leadership."

Neal joins Nomis from Q2, a digital banking solution, where he served as VP of data products. Previously, Neal spent several years as the chief analytics officer at PrecisionLender, which was acquired by Q2 in 2019. Prior to that role, Neal also gained extensive executive experience at American Savings Bank as the senior vice president of credit and analytics, technology and information security and support services. Neal's additional experiences at HEI, Aon Corporation 2G Consulting, and UBS have equipped him with both a strong technological and financial background.

"I am thrilled to join the team of pricing and profitability management experts at Nomis Solutions," said Neal. "The organization has established an excellent history in traditional pricing and modeling functions, truly setting the bar on understanding how price changes impact portfolios, balances, and overall profitability. We plan to leverage Nomis' immense knowledge across these functions into a cohesive and effective product strategy, providing our valued clients with best-in-class pricing and price execution."

Balepur assumes the SVP of corporate strategy and partnerships position, bringing deep market and technical knowledge to the role. During his tenure with Nomis Solutions, Balepur has played an integral part in leading product management, product marketing, and pre-sales.

"Prashant knows our customers, products, and partners intimately and has been invaluable in the evolution and growth of the organization," said Rohde. "He is perfectly positioned to engage our fintech partners to deliver joint offerings that drive success for our customers, partners, and Nomis."

"As a bank or lender, your goal is to win and serve clients - profitably. But too often, manual processes, rigid systems, and siloed data can limit your impact, disappointing customers, and frustrating employees," said Balepur. "Working with our fintech and cloud partners across data, digital, and core banking, Nomis is helping bring customer-centricity to every product, pricing and offer conversation and decision, resulting in a far more intelligent and impactful process for all parties involved."

Nomis partners with leading banks, mortgage lenders, and other financial institutions throughout the United States and Canada to deliver sophisticated price optimization tools. Through Nomis' advanced customer-centric pricing and profitability management solutions, lenders can leverage real-time data intelligence in a smarter way, to offer best-in-class pricing and deliver more value to their customers and borrowers.

About Nomis Solutions

Nomis Solutions is a global, industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider that delivers competitive intelligence to bankers and mortgage lenders to facilitate more advanced pricing strategies. The company's analytics platform and end-to-end pricing tools enable retail banks and mortgage lenders to achieve customer- and borrower-centric pricing backed by real-time, actionable data. The platform also supports banks and mortgage lenders in their understanding and anticipation of the evolving demands of customers and borrowers, competitors, and ever-changing market conditions. For more information, please visit

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Tim Pool Highlights Craig X a Trump Supporting Anti-Establishment Republican Running for Congress

WHEELING, W.Va. -- Tuesday the 18th in a YouTube post about the Candidate visiting Pool's Castle. Tim Pool runs a popular podcast, more popular than CNN. He has the power to help promote an unknown Congressional candidate like the one running in his District, Craig Roberts. Recently, Tim has been speaking about helping candidates like Craig in the primaries because Tim said if they did help in the primaries then there will only be Establishment Candidates to support in the General Election.

Trump also agree to support SMART Republicans to specifically get rid of 13 RINOs. Candidate Craig Roberts happened to live in one of those Districts. It is being renamed this year to District 2 in West Virginia because of the State's shrinking population they lost another Congressional Seat. Craig Roberts is now running against two establishment millionaire Republicans, and he is a working-class candidate. He runs an online Judeo-Christian Church called Temple 420 where he recently did a 7-week online Bible study about the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. He was heavily censored and although very proud of the work it didn't build up a following because of censorship.

Pool is creating an online beef with the candidate. Roberts went their offices, which were listed on Apple maps as, "Tim Pool Cast Castle" to leave his information with Security that was non-existent. After being invited into the house by "Ben" and explaining he was not with James O'Keefe and his group he asked to leave his info and Ben insisted he speak to the guys in the studio. There was a brief encounter with Luke Rudowski where Luke said, "Leave your info with Ben."

"As I was writing down my information, when someone or several people started calling my name multiple times." The candidate claims he knocked on the door and the video shows Ben admitting he waved Craig into the house. "I was never more than 10 feet from the door and always in the presence of Ben. The only time I stepped away from the kitchen counter where I was writing my info for the show's producer was when they called my name."

Tim Pool's and the Candidates stories differ. The candidate claims he stepped away from the kitchen counter to see who was calling his name and the moment he turned around there was giant SRL camera on a gib in his face and was confronted by a guy named Chris making it look as if he had just walked in the house and was wandering around aimlessly without being invited in by Ben. The candidate says, "Ben invited me in, I politely explained myself and Ben gave me a pen and paper to write my info on. They are making their viewers believe I broke in for clickbait, but I am happy for the publicity I was not seeking."

"Most of my donations have been for $4.20" said the Congressional candidate. "I want to serve the country, but it is hard to raise money when you are an unknown person. I thought Tim could help."

The candidate has been using social media to build a following but is continually banned and censored for his unpopular beliefs. He's anti-vaxx mandates and pro-marijuana. "I produced shows for Cali-Plug Studio prior to the plandemic and we had an armed guard with an audience a millionth the size of Pool's. It was my intention to speak to their security and there was none, so Tim's video accusing me of breaking and entering is a lie, clickbait. I was trying to leave my info not be a part of his world."

"When Glenn Beck had me on CNN there was security that I had to pass through," claimed the candidate. "I have known about Luke for years from his films, but this Pool character," the candidate chimed on stating he hadn't heard of Tim until he recently had Joe Rogan and Alex Jones on his show. "I am in films with Joe Rogan and Alex Jones. Joe was at Temple 420 the very first time I preached the Word." The candidate from West Virginia claims to have a lot of weird encounters with celebrities and has written several books. "Joe, Eddie Bravo and producer Kevin Booth all came to hear me preach my first time on Hollywood Blvd. and I absolutely sucked!"

The candidate concluded, "Tim Pool seems to be trying to increase his audience with a clickbait video about me making himself a victim like everyone on the Left. He really is a Lefty from the research I've done. My goal was to raise money at I need $800 more dollars in tax-deductible donations to qualify for the primary. I appreciate everyone's love and support for my candidacy. Thank you very much and God bless America."

Learn more at Craig X 4 Congress at:


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ReverseVision Hires Industry Veteran Steve Butler as Director of Business Development

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- ReverseVision®, the leading national provider of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and private reverse mortgage sales and origination technology, announced that it added long-time mortgage professional Steve Butler to the company's sales team, who brings more than 35 years of experience to the company. ReverseVision has been adding resources in key functional areas as part of its strategic expansion plan.

In this role, Mr. Butler will build upon ReverseVision's strong footprint in the reverse mortgage space. Specifically, he will educate lenders on the opportunity with reverse mortgage products and introduce the ReverseVision Exchange (RVX) loan origination system (LOS) to traditional lenders that are looking to add reverse products. In addition, he will update lenders on ReverseVision's API roadmap to enable reverse products to coexist with their existing LOS system, while also communicating with brokers and the wholesale lending community to begin originating reverse loans using RVX technology.

"We are pleased to have someone with Steve's industry experience and talent join our growing team," said Bill Mitchell, CRO at ReverseVision. "We continue to see an increasing demand for our reverse lending technology and adding mortgage professionals like Steve who possess rich industry experience and a proven track record of success will help us better serve clients as ReverseVision continues expanding."

Prior to joining ReverseVision, Mr. Butler spent just over a decade at mortgage compliance software provider QuestSoft where he spurred the company's sales and business development efforts for a leading mortgage product. While there, he worked closely with independent mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions and LOS vendors. Mr. Butler was consistently a top producer at QuestSoft, part of the management team, and helped with the transition after an acquisition by Ncontracts.

Mr. Butler's lengthy career in mortgage spans working for mortgage technology companies, lending entities and consulting firms. He is a seasoned sales professional that has experience in a multitude of mortgage lending facets.

"I am excited to join the team at ReverseVision and begin working with lenders to assist in diversifying their product offerings using technology," Butler said. "There is a great opportunity in reverse mortgages; it's an ideal time to leverage technology like ReverseVision offers to empower lenders with tech tools for success in reverse lending."

About ReverseVision:

Since 2007, ReverseVision (RV) has been the leading reverse mortgage technology provider, serving 50 of the top reverse mortgage lenders, 100 percent of reverse investors, and more than 10,000 daily users. RV's award-winning technology offers new APIs (Reverse-as-a-Service) that open the total addressable market, creating new technology synergies that allow forward and reverse mortgages to coexist in the lender's core systems, helping break down adoption barriers so that mortgage bankers can serve their borrowers for life.

ReverseVision's core platform, ReverseVision Exchange (RVX), is comprehensive and proven to automate the entire reverse lending process from origination through secondary marketing. The company's technology is being successfully leveraged as a springboard that helps lenders get into the reverse space easily and efficiently. For more information, visit

Social: @ReverseVision #ReverseLendingAutomation #ReverseMortgageTechnology #ReverseLendingTechnology #HomeEquityConversionMortgage


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Independent Label tHinc. Records Announces the New Album, ‘Soul In Exile Redux’ from The Hesh Inc.

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. -- Independent record label tHinc. Records is excited to announce the release of the latest album from The Hesh Inc., "Soul In Exile Redux," available online everywhere on Jan. 28, 2022. The Hesh Inc. is a NJ/NY-based act led by singer-songwriter Heshy Rosenwasser (best known by his online moniker Hesh Meister), performing songs about exile, redemption, beach towns in the off season, and finding one's place in the world.

tHinc. (pronounced "think") Records is The Hesh Inc.'s proprietary label, which has put out releases by the artist since 1999.

"'Soul In Exile Redux' is a Rock album, in the Album Rock genre, by an artist who still believes in the power of Rock'n'Roll and albums, for fans of Rock music, in a world where such releases are increasingly rare, if not altogether archaic. It is the keystone release of the artist's magnum opus, designed to put him and his music before newer and wider audiences who may be thirsting for new releases of this style of music," Rosenwasser says.

An advance single from the album, "Jersey Shore Baby," was released on Nov. 26, 2021.

About Heshy Rosenwasser:

Heshy has been an active musician since his high school days, starting his musical journey in Jerusalem, Israel and then making his way through Boston, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, playing in bands covering a range of styles and genres from Rock to Disco to Reggae to Jewish music. He has released five albums of original music and has lent his keyboard and vocal skills to various artists in all the above-mentioned styles and locations. He has always considered the Jersey Shore his spiritual and creative center, returning there between and during his sojourns in those other places.

For bookings and further information, contact: tHinc. Records at:


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Inflation-proof Investments Made Possible with Luxury Diamonds

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Last month, Rosenberg Diamonds & Co of Boca Raton, Florida, whose primary focus is high-end diamond and jewels, announced record-breaking sales for the second year in a row - despite the ongoing pandemic. And they aren't the only ones. One study showed that from January through May 2021, overall U.S. jewelry sales surged a very impressive 41% from the same period, two years earlier.

Of the company's continued rise in sales David Rosenberg, Founder, and President of Rosenberg Diamonds & Co said, "During the pandemic year of 2020, we broke records sales. What is remarkable is that in 2021, we have seen a tremendous increase from last year and have broken last year's record by mid-year."

All of this, in the face of not only a pandemic, but also rising inflation. But as Rosenberg explains, a diamond is a brilliant investment. "We're seeing some of the highest inflation we've seen in decades. Whether you are purchasing a luxury vehicle, yacht or private jet, prices are exponentially higher these days. But you can take comfort when purchasing a diamond. Luxury diamonds do not require a lot of space for storage, they are durable, and, unlike cars or yachts, you can enjoy them without any concerns about decreasing value. So while stock and cash investments remain flat, diamonds increase in value, making them an excellent hedge against inflation."

Rosenberg is starting to see a pent-up demand for luxury purchases and as many galas & functions make their way back on the calendar, customers are looking to dazzle on the red carpet. Even gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays are becoming much more substantial. After all, luxury never seems to go out of style and diamonds continue to be everyone's best friend.

About Rosenberg Diamonds & Co:

David Rosenberg Diamonds is a high-end jewelry and diamond boutique located in Boca Raton, Florida. Rosenberg Diamonds & Co maintains exclusive relationships with some of the world's most prestigious and successful mines. As a result, they offer breathtaking white, D-flawless, natural fancy color diamonds and high-end jewels designed by David Rosenberg himself. Rosenberg Diamonds & Co is built upon honesty, trust, excellence, and expertise.

Visit our website to learn more:


VIDEO (YouTube): Our Rosenberg exhibition is coming up, and you are cordially invited to a bespoke experience of high jewelry by designer and diamantaire, David Rosenberg --


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2022 Mentor of the Year Finalists Announced: Four academic leaders nominated for strong commitment to mentorship

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA), in partnership with Gallagher, today announced during National Mentoring Month the finalists for the 2022 NPA Gallagher Mentor Award. The award recognizes a faculty member or advisor who engages in exceptional mentoring of postdoctoral scholars.

The prestigious award recognizes those who advocate for postdoctoral scholars; exhibit outstanding communication skills; embed diversity, equity and inclusion values in mentoring; demonstrate respect for the work and career paths of postdoctoral scholars; create productive working environments to enhance the postdoctoral experience; and show resilience and creativity as mentors during the pandemic.

"Recognition as a mentor is without a doubt the highest achievement one can receive, because it represents one's positive impact on those that will help shape the future," said Ed Krug, Ph.D., former recipient of the NPA Gallagher Mentor Award and professor emeritus at the Medical University of South Carolina.

The 2022 finalists for the NPA Gallagher Mentor Award are:

* Kellie Ann Jurado, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine

* Kalmia E. Kniel, Ph.D., University of Delaware

* Eben Kenah, Ph.D. & Grzegorz A. Rempala, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

"The NPA recognizes the accomplishments of all four of these impressive individuals and their unfailing commitment to mentorship for postdocs," stated NPA executive director and chief executive officer, Thomas P. Kimbis. "Each of these finalists is already a winner for how they give back to others every day and is a model for others to follow."

The winner of this year's award will be announced at the 2022 NPA Annual Conference, taking place live for the first time in three years in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton on April 1-2, 2022 and through a virtual event April 28-29, 2022. Registration remains open for this event and is accessible to anyone around the world. Early bird registration ends on January 28, 2022.

About National Postdoctoral Association:

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational association headquartered in Rockville, MD. Founded in 2003, the NPA envisions an inclusive community where all postdocs are empowered, valued, recognized, and supported in their current and future endeavors. The NPA serves the entire postdoctoral community, including its more than 21,000 individual and 230 organizational members.



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EnergyCAP Names Lalit Agarwal Vice President, Energy Management and Sustainability

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- EnergyCAP, LLC, the leading provider of energy management and utility bill processing software, today announced that Lalit Agarwal has been named Vice President, Energy Management & Sustainability.

This new leadership position at EnergyCAP will not only serve as the corporate subject matter expert in building energy management but will spearhead the company's ambition to expand its offerings for sustainability and carbon reduction goals as it relates to the built environment.

Lalit Agarwal formerly served as the Executive Director of University Operations and held numerous other energy and facilities roles over his 20+ year tenure at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). At UNL, he and his team implemented EnergyCAP in 2016 to underpin the university's energy reduction and sustainability initiatives. Using technology driven innovative initiatives, from 2004 to 2020 UNL reduced their annual energy consumption 44% while the student enrollment and research activity increased on campus.

Lalit serves on the Board of Directors for multiple industry associations, including the Central Association of Physical Plant Administrators (CAPPA) and the International District Energy Association (IDEA). He currently chairs the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) Task Force for Productive, Smart Buildings Initiative. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Osmania University in India and an MBA from the University Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).

"The Vice President of Energy Management and Sustainability will play a critical role in the strategic direction of EnergyCAP," said Tom Patterson, CEO at EnergyCAP. "For someone like Lalit, who is so well respected in this industry, to have such conviction and belief around EnergyCAP's capabilities is strong validation of our solutions and our vision for the future. His decision to join our team emphasizes the magnitude, importance, and potential of the opportunity ahead of us."

"I have used my skills to serve UNL for the last two decades. With this transition, I hope to serve a broader array of institutions and organizations in helping them make progress towards and achieve their ESG goals," said Lalit Agarwal.

He added, "Since I was first introduced to EnergyCAP as a client in 2016, I have been very impressed with their focused approach to leveraging technology to solve the energy & sustainability industry challenges. I have also been very impressed by the team having such strong conviction in their mission. I look forward to joining the team, achieving collective success for the industry, and helping to drive a more energy efficient and sustainable world."

About EnergyCAP:

EnergyCAP is trusted by 10,000+ Energy Managers across the country to aggregate and monitor their utility and energy data. We help our clients make data-driven decisions about their building operations to increase energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. Learn more at

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Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles Recently Signed Sokal

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles recently signed Sokal, The Raleigh based Automotive Advertising firm, as their agency of record. Sokal specializes in digital marketing and websites but will also offer their full list of services including but not limited to graphic design, video production, media buying, BDC services, and dealership consulting services.

Although Sokal's base resides in North Carolina, the agency stepped out into the northwestern region of the country with their creative reach, bringing the Lanphere Group on board.

Lanphere Auto Group consists of five dealerships, including Beaverton Honda, Beaverton Kia, Beaverton INFINITI, Bob Lanphere's Newberg Jeep Ram, and Bob Lanphere's Beaverton Motorcycles.

Originating in 1964, Bob Lanphere's Auto Group has grown and spread out over the past 50+ years along the Pacific Northwest, peppered throughout the Beaverton, Portland, Newberg, and Tigard areas of Oregon.

"I couldn't be more pleased to partner with such a fine dealership," offered Melissa Clark, CEO of Sokal. "Our expert team will deliver a uniquely creative edge, optimizing digital strategy and visibility for Lanphere's stores."

Tim Nelson, Lanphere Auto Group Chief Operating Officer, said "Our search for a capable advertising agency led us to Sokal because of their wide range of expertise in all of the same brands we offer. The partnership couldn't have been more perfect."

Starting February 14, 2022, Sokal will provide full-service advertising for Lanphere Auto Group.

About Sokal:

Headquartered in Raleigh NC, Sokal is one of largest automotive advertising agencies in the country.

The company specializes in digital marketing (SEO, paid search, CTV, pre-roll and display ads) and award-winning website design, and maintenance. Sokal also boasts a full-service agency experience with experts trained to execute everything from radio and television production, ad design, direct mail, media buying and much more.

Sokal employs well over 100 staff members including Digital Strategists, Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Video Producers and Editors, and Account Managers and Coordinators while currently managing well over 350 clients across the country.

For more information about Sokal, please visit their website at:

For more information about Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles, please visit their website at:

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Houston Embroidery Service Releases: ‘Check Out These 10 Best Promo Products for Restaurant Business’

HOUSTON, Texas -- As part of their endeavors to assist restaurants in increasing their overall brand image through the incorporation of promotional products, Houston Embroidery Service team have published their brand-new blog providing restaurant owners with a helpful list of promotional products that is sure to positively increase the eatery's brand image, as well as its overall guest satisfaction.

This fresh blog provides restaurant owners a detailed list of the most popular promotional products that should be available in restaurants all around the world. This blog includes insight from both marketing specialists and restaurant owners, detailing which promotional products can greatly improve the brand image of any food establishment. Over 82% of people have reported to have a more favorable impression of a particular restaurant after receiving a branded promotional product.

Houston Embroidery Service is no stranger to guest relations, especially when it comes to brand awareness, and have specifically curated this blog to let restaurant owners in on the best promotional products that they can gift to their restaurant guests to truly win over their target audience and promote their business.

Statistical polls have shown that more than 80% of restaurant goers who receive branded promotional products from an eatery that they visited had a more positive impression of the restaurant itself when compared to a restaurant not providing them any kind of promo product. Promotional product companies are an incredible asset for restaurant owners to utilize, as they can create high end products that restaurant customers would be proud to keep, wear, or use.

The promotional product that is given out to restaurant guests has the ability to not only improve and progress the life of that particular customer, but it also intensifies the overall brand image of the restaurant, greatly increasing the restaurant's sources of revenue and popularity amongst the masses.

Key findings from the blog include providing restaurant guests with reusable bags that have the eatery's logo printed on to the bags themselves, handing out aprons and t-shirts that act as promotional apparel pieces for the restaurant to provide to their customers, and creating unique and distinctive toys with the restaurants mascot or logo on them to give out to children that come in to eat at the restaurant.

The blog also goes on to describe how important dining is for individuals of all ages. Restaurants act as a place for people of all walks of life to come together and share their lives with each other and a restaurant that provides promotional products makes these individuals and their families feel even more special, allowing them to feel truly welcomed and appreciated by the restaurant and its employees.

There are a number of different items that restaurant owners can utilize as promotional products for their customers, increasing the restaurant's overall brand and marketing endeavors as a whole.

Learn more:

About Houston Embroidery Service

This is a promotional products distributor and an embroidery company that provides all type of promotional items to promote a business. This company also makes all kinds of custom patches like custom leather patches, custom iron on patches, custom Velcro patches, and custom embroidered patches. This company was established in 2009 in Houston, TX.


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