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Church of Scientology Reaches Out to Help End the Drug Overdose Crisis

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Just last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses in the United States during the 12-month period ending April 2021. The Church of Scientology International urges concerned parents, educators and community leaders to take action against the "other pandemic" with drug education and prevention.

The Church is making fact-based drug education materials and courses available free of charge to anyone wishing to help turn around what the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is calling "a national crisis" that "knows no geographical boundaries."

Drawing on five decades in the field of drug education and prevention, the Church of Scientology developed the Truth About Drugs, now one of the world's largest nongovernmental drug information and prevention initiatives. In 2006, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a secular nonprofit corporation, was formed to serve as the primary distributor of the educational materials and to develop new materials to meet the challenge of continually changing drug trends.

The Foundation today oversees the Truth About Drugs campaign and coordinates an international network of volunteers brought together by their common purpose to create a drug-free world.

The Foundation has grown to a network of thousands of volunteers in more than 200 chapters around the world and partnerships with some 1,800 groups and organizations.

The Scientology Network original series Voices for Humanity documents the kind of change this initiative is accomplishing:

* In San Diego, California, Dr. Beatriz Villarreal uses the initiative to combat drug abuse by educating families on the dangers of drugs.

* In his native Massachusetts and throughout the U.S. Darren Tessitore works with driver's education programs to take action against drug-related accidents, vital with traffic deaths clocking in at 20,160 in the first six months of 2021-18.4 percent higher than last year.

* In New York City, the father and daughter team Dr. Bernard and Meghan Fialkoff have reached thousands of inner city schoolchildren with the Truth About Drugs.

* And from Colombia to Malaysia, South Africa to the Philippines and Kenya to India, drug prevention activists are empowering generations of youth with an initiative that continues to grow exponentially at the grassroots level.

All this to say there is effective action parents, educators and community leaders can take to protect their children, communities and the next generation from drug abuse and addiction. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, "Prevention strategies based on scientific evidence working with families, schools, and communities can ensure that children and youth, especially the most marginalized and poor, grow and stay healthy and safe into adulthood and old age. For every dollar spent on prevention, at least ten can be saved in future health, social and crime costs."

Learn more about the Truth About Drugs initiative and Foundation for a Drug-Free World on the Scientology Network.

Since launching with a special episode featuring Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige, Scientology Network has been viewed in 240 countries and territories worldwide in 17 languages. Broadcast from Scientology Media Productions, the Church's global media center in Los Angeles, the Scientology Network is available on DIRECTV Channel 320 and can be streamed at, on mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

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Aldersgate Annual Festival of Lights brings Joy, Caroling and Cheer to Charlotte Community

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Aldersgate is thrilled to host their Annual Festival of Lights driving tour on their campus on Saturday, December 4, 2021, from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. This free event showcases thousands of twinkling lights, and visitors are encouraged to roll the windows down, wave at residents and listen to local musicians.

"This amazing event was created last year as a way to bring the community together during Covid, in a safe way and for a much-needed cause," said Brooks Shelley, Chief Branding & Community Engagement Officer. "Aldersgate welcomed more than 600 driving tour attendees and collected 1,400 lbs. of nonperishable food items for the Second Harvest Food Bank. The holiday celebration brought such joy to visitors, residents, and team members alike, that we wanted to bring it back again to spread holiday cheer."

Aldersgate is grateful to both local and national sponsors for their assistance in making this event possible. See the list of sponsors at

Donations of nonperishable food items are requested at entry to benefit Loaves & Fishes and Friendship Trays. Learn more about Loaves & Fishes and Friendship Trays at

Entertainment along the drive will include the beloved Latin band, "Furia Tropikal," as well as Impromptu Acapella (a division of Carolina Voices) and the Youth Group of the Ethiopian Community Association of Charlotte & Surrounding Areas. In keeping with Aldersgate's commitment to fostering diversity, the featured bands and entertainment cross multiple cultures and traditions. Attendees will receive coffee mugs with hot chocolate packets and individually-wrapped cookies from Manolo's Latin Bakery. Manolo's Latin Bakery shares Aldersgate's commitment to philanthropy and was the winner of the Tiptree World Bread Awards Heroes USA 2021 by the International Bakery Industry Exposition.

About Aldersgate:

Aldersgate is a nonprofit Life Plan Community that has been an integral part of Charlotte, NC for more than 70 years. Aldersgate is actively involved in redefining and shaping the future of senior living. Located on one of the largest green spaces in Mecklenburg County, our wooded campus is abundant in natural beauty. The community offers high quality life enrichment and a working environment for older adults and society at large, regardless of age, color, gender or sexual orientation.

Aldersgate provides an At Home service that is available to help Charlotte residents with grocery shopping, housekeeping and care, if needed. The community has earned numerous accreditations, such as CARF and SAGE Platinum. The Asbury Health & Rehabilitation Center at Aldersgate was honored by U.S. News & World Report: "Best Nursing Homes"; the local community voted Aldersgate "Best Retirement Living"; and The Charlotte Observer honored it with "Best Assisted Living." Aldersgate is committed to helping residents thrive during this challenging and unprecedented time.

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Good and SMART America First Republican Patriot announces primary campaign run for West Virginia’s 1st District against a ‘sellout loser RINO’

WHEELING, W.Va. -- Pro-Cannabis Republican Candidate for Congress, Craig "X" Roberts (, The General Pharmer, was sitting on his hotel balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea when an FBI agent from Wheeling West Virginia called his cell phone. The agent wanted to know about January 6 insurrection and the events that took place at the U.S. Capitol. The first thing the FBI agent said was, "You are not in trouble, and you don't have to talk to me if you don't want." Telling someone they are not in trouble takes the pressure off.

The Candidate spoke about his experiences in Washington D.C. Tucker Carlson's report "The Purge" was similar to what Roberts saw. That was why he was moving to Mexico. "I don't think it is safe or stable to live in a country where two guys are claiming to be President at the same time," he told the FBI agent, because to this day "Trump has not conceded the election claiming fraud as the only reason for Brandon's victory. As the father of young children, I think it is best for my family to move to Mexico."

Roberts commented, "All the once stable institutions of America are now dividing the people against each other. How is that a good idea?" One week ago, President Trump, who Roberts believes won the election, asked American First Republican Patriots to run against 13 "sellout loser RINOs" who voted with the Democrat Party on "a fake infrastructure bill" (only 11% for structural improvements).

Candidate Roberts said regarding January 6, "I went there that day with two girl friends who had never been to D.C. We weren't part of any group." Answering that because the agent asked, "I still think the election was stolen, but I am not going to take up arms against the current regime. I trust the American people to do the right thing and correct the election problem."

West Virginia's 1st District Congressional Candidate Roberts found Wheeling because he saw a sign on Highway 70, "Wheeling Marsh Stogies." After being a reoccurring-regular on the TV show "Weeds," working for Mike Tyson's cannabis company and producing shows for the Cali Plug Studios that included a High Times show staring Jenae Alt, it was hard to imagine moving to the Ohio Valley in West Virginia, but the "stogie sign" was an omen.

"In 2017, when I was an online English teacher with students in China, I started having memorable dreams of working with President Trump. I didn't vote for him, but I love his America First agenda, so I used to fall asleep listening to his speeches." Roberts was certain that this was the cause of his Trump dreams.

"When I heard Trump ask for SMART Republicans to primary these traitorous RINOs I decided to look if one of them was in my District. I want my dream of working with Trump to come true." What are the odds with 435 Congresspeople that Candidate Roberts would have moved to the District of a RINO? Is Mr. Roberts going to Washington?

Tim Robbins predicted the "conservative rebel" in his hit film, "Bob Roberts." Now, Roberts, who has appeared in 15 cannabis films including "Haunted House of Chronic," "How Weed Won the West," "American Drug War" and "Totally Baked" to name a few becoming the living embodiment of the Conservative Rebel. He is pro-gun like Ted Nugent but looks more like Phil Robertson from "Duck Dynasty" than a politician.

"I agree with President Trump. The U.S. was attacked worse than Pearl Harbor or 911. This is Biblical because in my church we teach Fauci is the Rider on the White Horse of Revelation 6:2," Roberts confessed. "I know the press will beat me up for this, but it is what I truly think. Besides torturing dogs, Fauci a false healer wearing a white lab coat as cover for conquering. He conquered the world with two things, the Corona, and a common cloth - a bow (GK tocson) - you can't make this up!"

Roberts taught in Temple 420 that China and the U.S. are in an actual war even though it is undeclared. "This as a Biblical struggle between good and evil, an ideological war that I have been engaged in for a long time." The Candidate calls himself a veteran of the Drug War. "My friend named me the General Pharmer because of my militant stance for hemp. I was an influencer before the Internet and there was such a word. I think I am one of the reasons the Chinese government banned Americans as online English teachers," The Pastor Candidate laughed. "I taught their children to love guns, Jesus and freedom as I taught them English. When elected to Congress I'll absolutely put America First."

Learn more at:



VIDEO (YouTube):

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Current Builders Announces Final Phase of Construction at University Pointe

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Current Builders ( has announced the start of construction of Building G at the University Pointe project in Davie, Florida. The project is the final phase of University Pointe, an 860-bed student housing campus. Building G is on the site's southeast corner and will include 24 units and 46,390 square feet in a four-story building.

"Current Builders is pleased to be Broward Student Housing's preferred contractor," said Eric Herlihy, Executive Vice President of Current Builders. "We have worked with the development, led by Robert Koenig and his design team, for more than a decade, and completed University Pointe's first phase in 2019."

University Pointe serves the housing needs of three area higher learning institutions including Nova Southeastern University, Broward College and Florida Atlantic University. University Pointe is Current Builders second high-end student housing project.

About Current Builders:

Current Builders is an award-winning general contractor, established in 1972 with average annual revenues in excess of $250 million. Current Builders specializes in privatized student housing, multi-family residential projects, healthcare facilities, office/warehouse buildings, commercial distribution facilities, parking garages, interior build-outs, interior and exterior renovations, all included as turnkey projects inclusive of the construction of the buildings and related site work.


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Blockchain Meets Agriculture to Improve Soil and Air Quality

CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- Two innovative Cheyenne-based companies, the agricultural Carbon Asset Network and blockchain consultancy group Ember Labs have joined forces to create the new pathway for carbon sequestration and improving air quality by using the power of blockchain. This new model is designed to be a private enterprise alternative to Cap and Trade methods, which have not proved successful since its inception in 2009.

"Blockchain, combined with tokenization, empowers a model where we all can be successful in cleaning carbon out of our air by improving soil health," says Ian Alexander, principal of Ember Labs. "It's time to put that ability into the hands of ESG oriented businesses, agriculturists, land managers of any kind, and the everyday people wanting to help our environment. The desire to do this is not new. What we have designed is the ability to streamline and make the process for a Total Ecological Solution actually work."

The Carbon Asset Network joins with nonprofit Synergy for Ecological Solutions to provide grants which allow land managers to take action for a Total Ecological Solution through soil health. Often these new methods increase operating costs and capital investment. The grants allow the land managers to take action right away to maximize soil health.

As soil becomes healthier, there is more oxygen released to the air, and more carbon pulled into the roots and soil (carbon sequestration) through the natural process of photosynthesis. Land managers include not only those in the agriculture industry, but managers of parks, golf courses, undeveloped land, or anyone who manages open land.

"It's actually very simple," says John Robitaille, Director of Carbon Asset Network. "Nature has its own way to increase air quality and that's photosynthesis. Working with Ember Labs, we have created a method utilizing blockchain that simply makes this feasible and effective in a private enterprise scenario, which lets those who want to help both our soils and our air quality. The whole process turns on simply cooperating with Nature. We say it's climate wellness through soil health."

Many air quality programs are designed to eliminate emissions from fossil fuel. This new method, however, is designed to take any carbon out of the air immediately and is not reliant on adoption of alternative energy sources so that the air can improve sooner rather than later.

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Kiosk News from Industry Group and Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) for Nov. 2021

​DENVER, Colo. -- November news from the Industry Group and Kiosk Association. Events and Features This Month: First Responder Lockers and Kiosk; Bill Payment Kiosk Review; and McDonalds Deploys Accessibility to self-order kiosks.

Events and Features This Month

* First Responder Lockers and Kiosk -- Our feature story on innovative new public safety lockers and kiosks from CR+M. The CR+M digital kiosk stores five CR+M belts, each containing five STOP THE BLEED® kits as well as a breaching tool and a ballistic shield. The units also provide a highly valuable real-time digital bulletin board, branding and advertising tool.

* Bill Payment Kiosk Review - an onsite review, photo gallery and discussion of 2021 payment stations used in retail telecom stores such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Xfinity Comcast.

* McDonalds Deploys Accessibility to self-order kiosks -- McDonalds will deploy accessibility to all owned stores by the end of the year and any new deployments to franchise stores will come with accessibility included. Featured is the integration of the JAWS screen reader and the AudioPad hardware assistive technology.

NRF in New York January -- We will be showcasing accessibility in multiple form factors and in the POS space. As part of the show, the KMA and Datacap Systems have nominated PopID in the Best Payment Innovation award category. As of September 2021, PopID announced that more than 100 restaurants and retail brands now accept PopPay throughout Southern California with around 70,000 registered users and more than four million facial authentications.

On September 7, 2021, PopID announced they plan to go national. Recently, Wendy's in Japan announced a rollout of facial payment technology by PopID. It takes less than 30 seconds to vote. Please vote for PopID at:


* First Responder Kiosk - Emergency Supply Lockers for "Stop the Bleed"

* Bill Pay Kiosks Review 2021 - AT&T Bill Pay, Verizon, T-Mobile, Xfinity Comcast

* Cashierless Store Kiosks - Starbucks and Amazon Go

* Facial Payment - PopID and SoftBank to Launch PopPay In Japan - Wendy's

* New Kiosk Model From Evoke Creative Supplier for McDonalds

* Retail Market Research IoT Impact 2021 - The Digital Transformation

* Digital Signage Case Study - Westin dvLED Peerless-AV, NovMega, LG in Canada

For more information contact Craig Keefner, 720-324-1837 or or you can visit

Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group, at

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iTop Screen Recorder 2.0: Featuring High FPS Gameplay Recording in 4K UHD Quality with No lagging

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- iTop today announces the official release of iTop Screen Recorder 2.0, an advanced PC screen recorder offering an extra smooth video recording experience and supporting 4K UHD video quality. Not only does it bring the game recording to a professional level by applying GPU encoding technology but it also enhanced the smoothness and convenience in every step of the screen recording.

iTop Screen Recorder is a lightweight Windows PC screen recorder featuring easy operation steps, flexible recording options and original graphical video quality. In the new version, the game recording performance is largely enhanced by adopting advanced GPU rendering & encoding technology. Gamers will no longer face lagging nor frame dropping when recording during gameplay, even when it comes to the high-performance games at up to 120 FPS.

What's more the newly added HUD(heads-up display) feature enables gamers to grasp the current FPS and other information transparently relayed on the screen. iTop Screen Recorder 2.0 is also friendly to users who record in online meetings, courses or web streaming. Users can easily switch among "record PC screen," "record high-performance games" and "record audio files only" modes for specific scenarios within a second.

iTop Screen Recorder 2.0 has become a complete solution for desktop recording. The in-built video editing program is greatly optimized building on a 64-bit Windows system, making cutting and trimming more precise and accurate. Video, audio and screenshot files are saved and clearly displayed on the interface for users to swiftly pick whatever files they need to create final works. Moreover, the graphical quality of the saved videos reflects the original definition up to 4K UHD quality. iTOP Screen Recorder 2.0 is compatible with all Windows versions, including the newly released Windows 11 and Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, and XP systems.

If you are already an iTop Screen Recorder user, you can update within the software. If you want to have an easy and great screen recorder, try

About iTop

Founded in 2016, iTop provides applications on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices with the vision of making reliable software to achieve better digital life. iTop Screen Recorder is a very popular Windows PC screen recorder that has been downloaded by 8 million+ users worldwide. The recorder has a simple interface and integrates a built-in editor that helps users get video recordings easier, faster and clearer in original or up to 4K UHD quality.

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PDF Reader Pro Ties with Filmage Launch Black Friday 2021 Deals With 50% Off

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- PDF Reader Pro, a global software brand with a mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity, and Filmage, PDF Reader Pro's sister brand specializing in multimedia software, together today announced the launch of its long-awaited Black Friday Big Sales. The up to 50% off special offer will begin from November 22 to November 30, 2021.

Best PDF and Video Software Black Friday 2021 Deals

50% Off for PDF Solution

* PDF Reader Pro Mac-$39.99, was $79.99, 50% off -- Buy now

* PDF Reader Pro Windows-$19.99, was $39.99, 50% off -- Buy now

Up to 50% Off for Video Series

* Filmage Editor + Filmage Screen -$34.99, was $69.98, 50% off -- Buy now

* Filmage Editor + Filmage Converter -$24.99, was $49.98, 50% off -- Buy now

* Filmage Editor -$23.99, was $39.99, 40% off -- Buy now

* Filmage Screen -$17.99, was $29.99, 40% off -- Buy now

* Filmage Converter -$5.99, was $9.99, 40% off -- Buy now

Why Buy: Boost Your Productivity and Unleash Your Creativity

1. PDF Reader Pro - Most Powerful All-in-one PDF Editor

It's always inevitable that you will come across PDF documents in daily life - invoices, contracts, eBooks, bank statements, credit card statements, tax forms, insurance forms etc, and sometimes you have to transfer or edit these PDF documents. Then how to achieve this? All you need is a PDF editor tool.

PDF Reader Pro is such an all-in-one PDF office to read, edit, annotate, convert, create, encrypt, OCR, fill forms and sign PDFs.


- Annotate PDF with highlight, underline, stamps, links and write with freehand to take notes

- Quickly export PDFs to or from Microsoft Word / Excel / PPT / Text / Image and more offline

- PDF page editor: merge, split, insert, delete, extract, rotate, reposition, and replace pages in a PDF

- Edit PDF text to modify or change texts in PDF

- Create, edit and fill out fillable PDF Forms and sign PDF

- OCR image or scanned PDF to editable file

- Add Bates Numbering to your legal, medical, or business documents

2. Filmage Editor - Make Video Editing Simplified

Whether you are a newbie or a pro in the video editing world, you may need a video editor that suits your needs. As a professional but handy video editing tool, Filmage Editor consists of all advanced & basic features, making you create & edit video in minutes even if you're new to video editing.


- Professional and easy to use video editing software

- Create vlogs, demos, movies easily, and export without watermark

- Enjoy and share your masterpieces to YouTube or other social media

3. Filmage Screen - Best Screen Recorder & Mirroring

Need to create a tutorial for work? Want to share a fun gaming session with your friends? You just need a screen recorder. Filmage Screen is an excellent option. It not only supports capturing screens in customized recording areas, but allows you to edit video, make GIFs, convert and more.


- Record online courses & Zoom meetings without time limit

- Mirror iPad/iPhone screen and capture screen activities via Wi-Fi or USB

4. Filmage Converter - Convert From or To 1000+ Formats

Filmage Converter is the best video converter. You can convert videos to any formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, and crop, rotate, and merge video clips. So if you want to prepare your video files in any format for instant playback on a range of devices, Filmage Converter is a smart choice.


- Convert from or to 1000+ video / audio formats

- Convert videos for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Xiaomi, Huawei etc


PDF Reader Pro is a global software brand with a mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity. It has grown to be the world's No.1 PDF reader app on the Apple Store and installed on over 80 million devices in over 200 countries around the world.

To learn more visit:




Filmage specializes in multimedia software. The suite of products includes: Filmage Editor, a professional and easy-to-use video editing software for Mac; Filmage Screen, a powerful screen recorder for Mac; Filmage Converter, an excellent video converter and editor for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android; Filmage Player, a completely free audio and video player for Mac.

To learn more visit:




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Stack Sports to Acquire Team App

DALLAS, Texas -- Stack Sports, a global leader in modern sports technology, today announced it will add Team App, the Australia-based leader in team communications, to the Stack Sports ecosystem. More than 30,000 club and league administrators and 200 National Governing Bodies or Professional Franchises power their success with Stack Sports.

This addition of Team App to the Stack Sports suite of products, integrated together with LiveScoring and Streaming from GameChanger by DICK's Sporting Goods, will allow organizations to gain end-to-end insights from registration to the field of play while allowing parents, coaches and volunteers to more easily communicate with their sports organizations. It further positions Stack Sports as the industry leader in the $15 billion youth sports market.

About Team App

Team App is an Australian based smartphone app trusted by more than 7-million members and over 250,000 sporting clubs, teams, leagues and social groups in 150+ countries across the globe. Team App has helped transform the way coaches, team managers and volunteers are able to communicate and engage with their members. Choosing from a huge range of features, a fully customized app with a dynamically updating website can be created for free in less than 10-minutes.

Located in one of the world's great sporting cities of Melbourne, Australia, Team App started with a passion to support local community sporting clubs and help them prosper in a technological world. To learn more about how Team App can help your team, go to or download Team App from the App Store or Google Play.

About Stack Sports

With over 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company powers the sports experience through world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations, including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, USA Lacrosse, and NFL Flag, rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations.

Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and focused on growing participation in sports through Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth Technology, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development. To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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‘I FIL-AM POWERED’ Virtual Health and Wellness Summit on December 1-3, 2021

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- The Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Metro Washington DC (PACC-DC), in collaboration with Trainstation Philippines is spearheading a three-day virtual summit to promote health and wellness on December 1-3 at 6 p.m. EST entitled, "I FIL-AM POWERED." Says PACC-DC PRO, Olma Inocentes, "The title is a play at Fil-Am, short for Filipino-American, and empowerment because we believe that focusing on health and wellness promotes and supports personal growth, leading to self-empowerment. The summit is open to everybody. Health and wellness are universal concerns and ultimately, a global undertaking. But we need to start somewhere and where better to start than ourselves, our family and our community?"

Pre-pandemic, many people may not have been serious about their health and wellness, preferring to roll the dice with unhealthy life choices. Now, it's acknowledged as an important tool to promote longevity and has, in fact, surfaced as a necessity in the current pandemic reality.

Realizing the truth of that moved PACC-DC to organize this event with the help of Trainstation Philippines, a motivational training company. The Summit is host to an inspiring line-up of speakers and performers spread over the three-day event. Each day is themed - Day 1 for Mind, Day 2 for Body and Day 3 for Spirit, and will feature speakers from different sectors, including doctors, coaches, fitness trainers, culinary chefs and businesspeople. Join a community of thought leaders, influencers and practitioners to create a movement that positively impacts the lives of millions worldwide!

December 1: MIND

Neuro - The Brain * Panic and Emotional Hijack * The Emotional, Logical and Social Brain * The Organizing Principle of the Brain * Linguistics: Words * The Story in Your Head * Programming Our Defaults * Empowered to be CHAMPS - Connection, Have Fun, Attention Training, Physical Movement, Sleep Optimization * Mental Health * Brain:Mind Talk

December 2: BODY

Body Movement * Being the Best Version of You * Diet and Nutrition * Dental Care * Mentimeter Activity * General Health Care * Heart to Heart * COVID 19 and Vaccine updates

December 3: SPIRIT

Thriving Amidst Challenges * Spirit of Resilience and Courage * Fighting Spirit: Mental and Emotional Agility * Flourishing Spirit: Empowered From Within * Gratitude - Devi Prayer * Round Table: The Spirit of the Filipino * Round Table: Values & Community * Round Table: Grit and Flourishing in a Changing World * Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

From PACC-DC president Michael San Juan, "We are very excited about our virtual health and wellness summit on Dec 1-3. We expect to get a lot of health information and wellness tips from our speakers. Raffle prizes are also at stake and there will be musical entertainment featuring SNRG, a popular mixed hip-hop and R&B band, rapper EZ Mil, Janice Javier of The Voice Philippines, local favorite Katrina Manabat, singer-songwriter JayR and singer-actress Geneva Cruz.

Sponsored by George Mason Mortgage LLC, Avalon In-Home Nursing and Rehabilitation, BrightStar Care, The Medical Team and Enterprise Solutions, Inc. Sponsorship packages are still available. Please visit our website at

Tickets may be purchased at You can choose which day you want to attend, or you can join all three days.

PACC-DC is on its 28th year of service to its members and the community, and its vision is to further grow that presence in the DMV area. It is committed to develop programs and events that have a positive impact on the business community and to foster community outreach initiatives that benefit the entire region.


VIDEO (YouTube):

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