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FormFree Head of Vendor Management and Compliance Katie King Honored as HousingWire 2020 Women of Influence

ATHENS, Ga. -- FormFree® Head of Vendor Management and Compliance Katie King has been recognized by HousingWire (HW) as a 2020 Woman of Influence. In its tenth year, the Women of Influence awards program honors 100 women who are "shaping and propelling the mortgage, real estate and fintech industries forward."

King was recognized for her contributions to the housing economy during the 2008 housing market crash and for her role at FormFree, where she oversees all matters relating to compliance, audits, vendor management and enterprise risk. A 20-year veteran of the housing and finance industries, King earned her compliance and government relations bona fides as a senior leader at such organizations as Black Knight Financial Services (NYSE: BKI), Citizen's Bank (NYSE: CFG) and SunTrust Bank (now Truist, NYSE: TFC). As Director of Business Development and Client Relations at Hope LoanPort, King deployed the nation's first consumer-direct portal, which helped 750,000 distressed homeowners access the National Mortgage Settlement.

"Katie's experience has positioned FormFree to excel even in the midst of a public health pandemic," said FormFree CEO Brent Chandler. "Her swift efforts have been instrumental in helping our partners understand that we need to urgently advance industry acceptance of direct-source borrower data to streamline processes, improve security and decrease costs for lenders, servicers, investors and - most importantly - borrowers."

"This year's Women of Influence represent leaders who have faced some of the most unprecedented challenges the housing industry has seen in years," said HousingWire Magazine Editor Kelsey Ramírez. "Their strength set an example of leadership that impacted not just their teams or companies but the industry overall. This was one of the most competitive years we have ever seen for the award."

The full list of HW's 2020 Women of Influence award honorees can be viewed at

About FormFree:

FormFree is a market-leading fintech company whose revolutionary products AccountChek and Passport are changing the credit decisioning landscape and encouraging lenders nationwide to incorporate a more holistic view of each borrower's financial DNA. To date, thousands of U.S. lenders and brokers have ordered millions of FormFree's patented verification reports representing over a trillion dollars in loan verifications. FormFree delights borrowers and lenders with a paperless experience, reduces origination timelines by up to 20 days and offers automated analysis and standardized delivery to lenders and investors using a secure ReIssueKey(tm). For more information, visit or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

About HousingWire:

HousingWire is the most influential source of news and information for the U.S. mortgage and housing markets. Built on a foundation of independent and original journalism, HousingWire reaches over 40,000 newsletter subscribers daily and over 4 million unique visitors each year. Our audience of mortgage, real estate, financial services and fintech professionals rely on us to Move Markets Forward. Visit or to learn more.

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*Photo caption: FormFree Head of Vendor Management and Compliance Katie King.

Twitter: @RealFormFree @HousingWire

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Seattle Company, Oscilla Power, Developing Breakthrough Approach to Recharging Underwater Vehicles

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Oscilla Power, Inc. is proud to announce the receipt of a $200k grant from the US DOE to further develop technology that enables autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to recharge themselves using ocean waves. In this Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) project, Oscilla Power will collaborate with Lockheed Martin, through their Rotary and Mission Systems group, to explore how this capability can be incorporated into their AUV and UUV systems.

AUVs are now seeing significant use across a wide range of marine applications and the AUV market is projected to grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% to over $1.6 Billion by 2025. However, the capability of an AUV is limited by its battery capacity. An NREL report noted that there were a number of key advantages in increasing the amount of power available, particularly the ability for longer duration missions. Oscilla's technology offers the ability for the vehicle to recharge its batteries using only the environment, potentially enabling unlimited range and duration.

According to Balky Nair, President of Oscilla Power, "The development of a capability that can be integrated into commercial AUVs to provide enough power to recharge the on-board batteries could be potentially game-changing for ocean science and military operations."

Solar panels have been used previously for AUV recharging, however, this approach suffered from very low power and constrained operations to daytime only. A significant advantage of using waves for this purpose is that ocean waves are more than 100 times more energy dense than solar, allowing for much higher power to be produced. AUV's spend the majority of their time working at depth so higher power is advantageous to minimize surfacing and recharging time.

Oscilla expect to demonstrate a fully working laboratory prototype early next year. If successful, Oscilla plans to work with Lockheed Martin to progress to a full ocean demonstration shortly afterwards, with the ultimate objective of transitioning the technology to commercial and military platforms.

About Oscilla Power, Inc.:

Oscilla Power, Inc. is focused on developing advanced technology to extract energy from ocean waves.

Learn more at:

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Shuler Research Studies COVID Public Communication Effectiveness

HOUSTON, Texas -- Shuler Research, a social modeling research group noted for predictions based on public risk tolerance, is studying effectiveness of COVID-19 information and how the public uses it to make strategic decisions.

An on-going survey asks "Current projections of vaccine effectiveness are 40-60%, similar to research demonstrated mask effectiveness of 50-75%, did you know this?" Respondents report 89% to 11% that they did not.

A key question is highly correlated with strategy choices: "Population (herd) immunity is all or nothing - a threshold effect?" Respondents are 60% in agreement and 40% in disagreement. This affects, for example, the public reaction to economist Joe Brusuelas' recent comment (see image).

A difficulty of epidemic or pandemic modeling is that predictions change behavior, which change predictions. Weather forecasting does not have this problem. But economic forecasting also has it. founder Robert Shuler, developer of an economic based crash rate theory for NASA and book author, says, "Pessimistic reinforcing forecasts between the economy and a pandemic are not just possible but likely. With more accurate understanding and messaging, people will make better decisions. Our focus is on the understanding that the decisions are based on, not what the decisions are. Reasonable people may choose different paths, and more than one path may lead to a solution, but if expectations are not met businesses crash and we lose both the economy and our health."

The survey will run through the first week of August at

It includes an animation of good/bad behavior effects on unlock (unexpected), a special graphic with unlock, seasonality and immunity showing effect on total cases, and takes only 5 minutes for participants to evaluate and give feedback. Over 48% of say they learned something from the survey. They will contribute to better COVID information and faster, more effective strategies. is an independent research think tank focusing on the puzzle of society, civilization, evolution and systems behavior.

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*Image caption: Pie charts, public reaction to economist Joe Brusuelas' recent comment.

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YUASA Systems to Demonstrate New Endurance Test Capabilities for Flexible Displays

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Bayflex Solutions announces that YUASA Systems, the leading provider of endurance test systems for displays and flexible electronics, will demonstrate new solutions for flexible display testing at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week, taking place virtually August 3-7, 2020.

Building on its world-class capabilities for repeated physical motions using unique tension-free technology that enables non-destructive performance evaluations, YUASA will demonstrate three new capabilities at the Display Week Exhibitor's Forum:
* A new optical analysis system (CS-CAM) that integrates an optics package and image processing software into a standard CS clamshell-type flexing mechanism. Using a side-view mounting configuration, the CS-CAM can provide real-time edge strain analysis for early delamination detection while testing multi-layer film stacks.
* A new test cartridge (CS-TD) for both the standard and twin mechanical jigs that enables "teardrop" shape flex testing, with adjustable parameters for neck width, tear length and width to simulate different sizes and shapes of hinges on display devices. Alternatively, this cartridge can adjust the neutral plane for multi-layer flexing.
* A new medium size flexing jig (CS-M) suitable for testing tablet and laptop displays. As with all CS jigs, the CS-M provides clamshell type flexing of linear or planar objects to 0.5 mm radius, and works with the ECP system control and data capture package.

In addition to these new products, YUASA Systems, working with its U.S. partner Bayflex Solutions, is developing new capabilities in multi-environment chambers (PICO) that provide desktop endurance testing in multiple hostile conditions such as humidity, temperature, as well as data analysis capabilities that can provide real-time assessment and predictive analytics based on test data.

Finally, in order to adapt the "new normal" of work from home, YUASA Systems and Bayflex Solutions now offer equipment on a subscription basis in addition to purchase, and have opened test centers in Japan and the U.S. so that clients can ship samples for testing.

"YUASA Systems is pleased to continue to offer advanced testing capability to the display industry, for flexible displays, touch screens, and other flexible components. The development of the CS-CAM, CS-TD cartridge and CS-M products were in response to the requirements of display and touch screen materials suppliers, panel makers, and system integrators, all of whom need to have repeatable, controlled endurance testing simulating real-world physical conditions," said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Principal, Bayflex Solutions. "This year's solutions are significant as we are eager to introduce a completely new series of optical imaging and enhanced data analysis capabilities."

About YUASA Systems

Yuasa Systems continues to develop endurance testing systems for over twenty-five years. Trusted in automobile, consumer electronics and other industries it has developed modular systems with tension-free(tm) mechanisms to better isolate test characteristics and conform to functionality tests according to the latest international, domestic and industry-led de-facto testing standards for flexible materials, components, cables or modules. Learn more:

About Bayflex Solutions

Since 2015, Bayflex Solutions is a U.S. based systems integrator for flexible products. An exclusive distributor of Yuasa Systems, and proven developer of endurance testing system control, electronic & image processing and data analysis. Bayflex Solutions has been a long-term collaborator with leading North American companies & standard bodies to ensure the latest flexible testing needs.

Learn more:

VIDEO (YouTube):

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*Caption: CS-CAM integrated optical analysis system

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PILLARZ LLC Online K-6 Education Introduces ‘Friends & Family’ 50% Discount Program

RENO, Nev. -- PILLARZ LLC (, a leading K-6 online educator, announced today its "Friends & Family" program.

Friends & Family provides parents the opportunity to enroll their child in any PILLARZ educational program for a month and receive a 50% discount for a sibling or friend.

Watch the Five-Minute Video Announcement:

The Parent Mobile App for child enrollment is available from the Apple App Store as well as Google Play and can be downloaded directly from the site to a smart phone.

John Ochinero, PILLARZ Founder and CEO stated, "All of our classes are capped at five students to encourage advanced learning and to provide for a social environment." Ochinero continued, "Additionally, we are introducing Friends & Family so that a child enrolled for a month with any of our programs can share the educational experience with their sister, brother or best friend."

PILLARZ LLC Class Programs are "Enhance", "Thrive" and "Scholar" offering formats of 2-4 days and four to twelve hours per week. Enrollments can be by the week or month for additional savings.

PILLARZ offers enhanced scholarship in Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Further, Special Education and advanced S.T.E.M. scholarship is available via their Individual Class format.

Parent consultation is free via a self-scheduling link on the PILLARZ Contact page. Further, PILLARZ pricing starts at under $100 for their entry level program "Enhance."

"We are kicking open the doors to make our accelerated, continuous assessment, targeted curriculum available to as many children as possible," stated Ochinero.

PILLARZ has partnered with awarded, USA based IXL for comprehensive curriculum which has a rich 20+ year award winning history and used by tens of millions of students in 190 countries.

Ochinero underscored, "Our mission is to provide a safe, highly educational environment where we consistently assess what educational tools will ensure students exceed their academic potential."

PILLARZ enters the market with proven, Licensed Educators with a passion for excellence, award winning curriculum, interactive engagement, and sophisticated Parent and Teacher Mobile Apps that seamlessly enrolls students. Learn more:

The PILLARZ mission is to assist children to reach for the stars!

VIDEO (YouTube):

Media Contact:
John Ochinero

John Ochinero LinkedIn Profile:
Over 16,000 Followers
Over 1,000 Endorsements
Over 20 Written Recommendations

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IDmission, LLC Announces Biometric Upgrade Path for Enterprise Security Access Points

BOULDER, Colo. -- IDmission, LLC, a global leader in biometric and AI technology that reduces risk associated with false identities today announced its Identity Management System (IDMS) to significantly reduce unauthorized access to large multi-tenant facility access points.

With IDMS, large organizations can significantly control physical and logical access points throughout the enterprise. The upgrade solution provides the ability to augment existing systems for two factor authentication with biometric technology or totally replace outdated key card & PIN systems. The IDMS solution does not require additional investment in access hardware.

IDMS provides a multipoint improvement in access systems including quick employee onboarding and tracking with biometrics, highly secure access, Identity management, and reporting.

"As biometric technology continues to grow as a reliable authentication medium, there is a growing urgency for fast, reliable, and more secure verification of employees accessing secure locations and systems," said IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee. "We have engineered a secure end-to-end solution that is easy to implement and does not require replacing your entire infrastructure."

An ideal security solution for airports, ammunition dumps, government facilities, hospitals, nuclear plants and powerplants, oil refineries, security firms, the armed forces, and any large company that uses key card access/badges, IDMS prevents illicit transfer of access key cards, PINS, and passwords to unauthorized employees and contractors for both physical and logical access points such PCs and other systems. IDmission combines standards compliant security with passive liveness detection. Invisible by design, it applies biometric science to create security that does not get in the way of doing business.

About IDmission

IDmission, a global leader in biometric and AI technology, reduces risk associated with false identities. It is one of only two U.S. based biotech providers, and the sole provider of a proprietary, end-to-end biotech solution for identity theft, through a comprehensive "Know Your Customer" (KYC) platform and automatic ID document analysis across 200 countries and four categories of biometrics: face, fingerprint, iris, and voice. For more information, contact

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Twitter: @IDmissionLLC #KYC #identitytheftprotection #biometrics #biotech #biometrictechnology #identityverif

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Florida Gators, The Libman Company Announce Multi-Year Relationship with Primary Presence During Basketball Season

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Florida Gators Sports Properties, on behalf of the University Athletic Association (UAA), today announced a new relationship with The Libman Company, a family-owned business that has been making quality cleaning tools since 1896.

The multi-year agreement marks a first-of-its-kind between the Gators and Libman. Concurrent with the upcoming 2020-21 collegiate athletics season, The Libman Company will own the designation of "Official Hardwood Floor Care Provider of the Florida Gators." The brand also will have a significant presence on Billy Donovan Court at Exactech Arena during basketball season.

"We're thrilled to be aligning our brand with the Florida Gators, one of the most respected athletics programs in the country," said The Libman Company President Andrew Libman. "We take pride in the quality of our products, and we know college athletics is a smart avenue for amplifying Libman's visibility."

The Gators' relationship with Libman was secured by Florida Gators Sports Properties, the locally based Learfield IMG College team, which is dedicated to UF and serves as UAA's multimedia rights and sports marketing arm.

"We're excited to have Libman join Gator Nation as 'Official Hardwood Floor Care Provider of the Florida Gators' and fans will see Libman prominently displayed during basketball season," said Lee Douglas, Florida Gators Sports Properties' general manager. "Libman is the industry leader, and we're proud to have them join the list of prestigious companies which choose to align with the Gators."

The Libman Company, the leading brand of cleaning tools, manufactures products from brooms and mops to more specialized tools for kitchen and bathroom cleaning and industrial uses. Libman has partnered with a number of NBA franchises, NCAA institutions and NCAA conferences. For more information about the Libman Company, please visit

Stacey L. Vaselaney
SLV Public Relations
(216) 905-0908

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RPP Products Selects Sagon-Phior and SDDPR as Branding and PR Agencies of Record for Its New ‘Premier Pure’ Hand Sanitizer Product Line

BLOOMINGTON, Calif. -- RPP Products today announced that it has selected Sagon-Phior and SDDPR as its branding and PR team for the company's new Premier Pure hand sanitizer product line. In March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RPP Products pivoted from motor oil production to hand sanitizer production in just seven days. Sagon-Phior and SDDPR were hired in April 2020 to introduce the new product line to consumers, businesses and non-profit organizations in need of FDA-approved hand sanitizer in large quantities.

"When we realized we could help fight the COVID-19 crisis by shifting our raw materials to hand sanitizer production, we knew we needed to move quickly and hire a professional branding and PR partner to help us establish ourselves in this new market," said Eric Zwigart, CEO of RPP Products. "Together with Sagon-Phior and SDDPR, we have created an essential brand during a very challenging time in our country's history."

"As experts in Emotional Marketing, this product launch was an ideal fit for our firm," said Glenn Sagon, CEO of Sagon-Phior. "In this crisis, we understand the importance of identifying how consumers are going to emotionally connect to a brand. In an environment of great uncertainty, Premier Pure stands for safety and confidence, and the opportunity to provide organizations, consumers and those in need with hand sanitizer. RPP's philanthropic efforts to help homeless shelters, military vets and families have been a true inspiration for everyone."

Sagon-Phior is completing the new Premier Pure website and marketing program slated to launch in two weeks.

"Eric and his team have a great story to tell," said Stacey Doss, president of SDDPR. "Entrepreneurial ingenuity rises up to meet a national challenge, the result of which is assisting others in a time of crisis, and giving back to those who need the help the most. We are proud to be involved in such a worthwhile effort."

Southern California-based RPP Products is a national, privately held $150 million manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil and additives to the convenience and grocery channels. In just seven days in mid-March, RPP Products CEO Eric Zwigart pivoted the company to begin producing in excess of 30,000 gallons of FDA-approved hand sanitizer daily, for as long as it's needed. Zwigart felt that the homeless and food- insecure would likely not get the supplies they needed during the crisis, and decided to focus his company's donation efforts there.

In just three months, RPP Products has donated over 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to hundreds of non-profit organizations including:
* 800+ homeless in temporary housing at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California
* Los Angeles motels run by HOPICS and part of California Governor Gavin Newsom's "Project Roomkey" of 3,000 hotel and motel rooms statewide for the homeless
* Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in Pittsburgh, PA, which last year delivered 35.5 million meals in its 11-county service area
* Denver Rescue Mission, temporary housing for 700+ homeless men at Denver's Western National Complex
* The Doe Fund for use at The Bentley Hotel in New York City where the organization is temporarily housing 300+ formerly homeless men, with the remainder going to The Doe Fund's three shelters in New York City and Harlem
* Eight United Way regions (New York City; Sacramento and Orange County, Calif.; Washington D.C./Alexandria, Va.; Denver; Seattle; Atlanta; Detroit), paving the way for a national, strategic partnership

About RPP Products

RPP Products is a national privately held manufacturer and distributor of automotive chemicals and lubricants to the convenience and grocery distribution channels. RPP Products CEO Eric Zwigart has vowed to use the 40,000 gallons per day of ethanol alcohol that RPP Products has access to for the purposes of answering the hand sanitizer shortage, for as long as it's needed. RPP is currently producing in excess of 30,000 gallons daily, and continues to ramp up its production capacity by tens of thousands of gallons per day.

RPP Products is selling hand sanitizer to essential workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis (hospital staff, first responders, veteran's organizations, postal carriers, etc.) and to the public through its convenience and grocery distribution channels. For more information, please visit

About Sagon-Phior

As a full service, Southern California integrated marketing and branding agency, Sagon-Phior's focus is Emotional Marketing, which enables marketers to better understand important, often unseen patterns of consumer emotion and behavior. Sagon-Phior's DNA was borne in the motion picture industry. CEO Glenn Sagon was the Creative Director in the Worldwide Marketing Group for Columbia Pictures and Chief Creative Officer Rio Phior was the Creative Director for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas at Lucasfilm. That experience has made a significant impact on how the agency develops marketing strategies for technology, healthcare, financial services, non-profit and lifestyle clients. Sagon-Phior has applied the philosophy of Emotional Marketing to branding and marketing programs from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies for decades.

For more information, please visit

Follow on social:


SDDPR is a marketing and public relations firm that has been serving clients in a variety of industries for 14 years, from start-ups to established, well-known brands. The company often partners with branding and ad agencies to provide a fully-integrated suite of services. Specialties include Strategic Planning, Crisis Communications, and Media Training. For more information, please visit

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Aligned Technology Solutions Ranked Among Virginia Most Elite 501 Managed Service Providers

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Aligned Technology Solutions has been named as one of the world's premier managed service providers and one of the top MSPs in Virginia on the prestigious 2020 annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings.

For the 13th year, MSPs from around the globe completed an exhaustive survey and application this spring to self-report product offerings, annual total and recurring revenues, profits, revenue mix, growth opportunities and company and customer demographic information. Applicants are ranked on a unique methodology that weights revenue figures according to long-term health and viability; commitment to recurring revenue; and operational efficiency.

Channel Futures is pleased to name Aligned Technology Solutions to the 2020 MSP 501.

"We are once again thrilled to be named to the MSP 501 Rankings," said Gar Whaley, Co-founder, Aligned Technology Solutions. "This recognition is a true testament to our dedication and focus on helping our clients achieve success by leveraging technology solutions we implement and manage to grow and secure their business. We are grateful to our teammates, clients and partners who helped make this honor possible."

"I'm so proud of our team for earning this distinction for the second year in a row," said Don Sauer, Co-founder, Aligned Technology Solutions. "They work so hard and are so dedicated to being the best they can be for our clients each and every day. We get plenty of praise from our amazing client / partners, this is just the icing on the cake."

In the 13 years since its inception, the MSP 501 has evolved from a competitive ranking list into a vibrant group of service providers, vendors, distributors, consultants and industry analysts working together to define the growing managed service opportunity.

"These benchmarks are what local businesses should examine when choosing a managed service provider with the experience, skill set, business knowledge and defined strategy to help them succeed in this fast-changing digital landscape," says Kris Blackmon, Senior Content Director, Channel Partners and Channel Futures. "In all of the managed service providers that Virginia has to offer, Aligned Technology Solutions stands as a shining example of excellence."

Ten MSP 501 special award winners will be recognized at the MSP 501 Awards Gala at Channel Partners Virtual: Digital Events for the Modern Channel on September 8 - 10. Nominations for these special awards, including Digital Innovator of the Year, Executive of the Year and the Newcomer Award, were included in the MSP 501 application, and all candidates were encouraged to submit for them.

The data collected by the annual MSP 501 program drives Channel Partners's and Channel Futures's market intelligence insights, creating robust data sets and data-based trend reports that support our editorial coverage, event programming, community and networking strategies and educational offerings. It serves as a lynchpin to dozens of programs and initiatives.

The complete 2020 MSP 501 list is available at Channel Futures:


The 2020 MSP 501 list is based on data collected by Channel Futures and its sister site, Channel Partners. Data was collected online from March 1 through June 30, 2018. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, profit margin and other factors.

About Aligned Technology Solutions

Since 2010 ATS has been helping organizations leverage and manage technology to grow and secure their businesses. Aligned Technology Solutions is an award-winning technology service provider delivering customized and comprehensive IT solutions for IT Outsourcing, Cybersecurity, Cloud, VoIP & Broadband. ATS is committed to providing world class customer service and best-of-breed technology solutions that provide our clients competitive advantage in their marketplace. Learn more at

About Informa Tech

Channel Futures, Channel Partners Online, Channel Partners Conference & Expo and Channel Partners Evolution are part of Informa Tech, a market-leading B2B information provider with depth and specialization in the Information and Communications (ICT) Technology sector. We help drive the future by inspiring the Technology community to design, build and run a better digital world through our market-leading research, media, training and event brands. Every year, we welcome 7,400+ subscribers to our research, more than 3.8 million unique visitors a month to our digital communities, 18,200+ students to our training programs and 225,000 delegates to our events.

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Whiteflash Named 2020 BBB Pinnacle Award Winner

HOUSTON, Texas -- Whiteflash Inc., top tier retailer of ideal diamonds and fine bridal jewelry, has just been named winner of the prestigious Better Business Bureau 2020 Pinnacle Award -the BBB's top honor for excellence in quality control, customer care, and community service. The annual competition involves retail jewelers from all across the Greater Houston area, the fourth largest market in America. Whiteflash has now earned the top honor from the BBB a remarkable four out of the past nine years.

Whiteflash has been a BBB Winner of Distinction every year since 2004, maintaining an unbroken A+ rating with the BBB. The annual awards competition evaluates businesses on a comprehensive list of performance standards including customer care, product quality, consumer education, innovation, integrity, and social responsibility. With the 2020 Pinnacle award Whiteflash has been once again recognized as an exemplary company and market leader among the many well established fine jewelers in the Greater Houston Area.

Having launched their business in the year 2000, Whiteflash is in the vanguard of jewelry companies born into the information age. In addition to their world-class A CUT ABOVE(r) brand of super ideal diamonds, Whiteflash offers two other categories of precision cut AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent diamonds, all of which are in-house and available exclusively at Whiteflash. All are posted to their state-of-the-art mobile first website with a full complement of diagnostics and advanced light performance imaging. Whiteflash is also an authorized distributor for some of America's finest bridal designers including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, A. Jaffe, Ritani, Vatche and Benchmark, providing a selection of top quality diamond engagement rings that is unsurpassed.

Reached for comment on winning the BBB 2020 Pinnacle Whiteflash COO Eliezer had this to say. "During this challenging time with the health crisis impacting our industry so dramatically, it is particularly uplifting to be honored with the top award from BBB. By virtue of maintaining a deep in-stock inventory of world class diamonds and designer engagement rings, Whiteflash has been able to continue operations delivering brilliant experiences to our wonderful customers around the country and overseas."

Having been awarded the 2020 BBB Pinnacle once again validates the company's core value driven philosophy and their devotion to best practices. Whiteflash is a member of the American Gem Society, an organization dedicated to consumer education and protection. They are also one of the few retail jewelers in the world certified for ISO9000 quality management. And a laser focus on the customer experience has resulted in a huge number of 5 star reviews at independent review sites like Google Reviews and Yelp.

In the words of Whiteflash CEO Debi Wexler, "We are incredibly proud of our team for once again being chosen by the BBB for its top award. The Greater Houston area is home to some of the finest jewelers in America, and to receive the BBB Pinnacle is a humbling accomplishment. It's extremely motivating to be recognized for our dedication to uncompromising quality and customer care."

About Whiteflash:

Whiteflash is a top tier retail jeweler specializing in Ideal Diamonds, Designer Engagement Rings and Fine Bridal Jewelry. Their A CUT ABOVE(r) Super Ideal Diamonds are considered by trade experts and diamond connoisseurs to be among the finest in the world.

The award winning website, described by Kiplinger's Magazine as the 'Lord of the Online Rings" enables shoppers the world over to view, compare and purchase top quality loose diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry in a convenient, secure and information rich environment.

Whiteflash is the first jewelry retailer in the world to attain ISO 9001 certification for total quality management and welcomes visitors to their showroom located in the upscale Houston area community of Sugar Land, TX. Whiteflash is a proud member of the American Gem Society.

For more information, log onto or call toll free 877-612-6770

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