How it Works


Getting Started

Once you sign-up to use our content (it’s free!), you simply use the following procedures to repurpose our archived articles for your online newsletter, industry news site, or printed company newsletter:

  1. Choose A Content Category
    First, pick an appropriate article content category for your audience, such as “Book Publishing News.” You can find article topics on either the News Categories page (from menu at top of page), or selected categories in the light grey box on the right side of every page on this website.
  2. Find Content to Use
    As you scroll down the list of headlines and article summaries on the news category page (using the “Book News” category as an example), you may find one or more articles that would be appropriate to use, related to new books, authors, and publishing companies. Once you locate a story you’re interested in, you can usually simply click the headline, or for newer content there will also be a “Get News Article” text link underneath the summary paragraph.

    (Tip: Click here to open a separate browser window of the “Books…” category page, so you can view that at the same time as you review this “How it Works” page.)

  3. Retrieve Article(s)
    Once you click a headline or “Get News…” link, as noted above, you will be transported to the news article stored locally on this site. From here you have several options, but the simplest one is to choose the copy/paste method. As you look at the news article on the archive website, you can highlight (using your mouse) the entire article from the byline (who wrote/edited the news item) at top, down to the last paragraph of the actual article. You can skip any site-related links or content found at the bottom (such as reminder about Terms of Use).
  4. Paste Into Your Content System
    Depending on whether you use a web publishing tool like Dreamweaver, WordPress, or a print publishing application like QuarkXpress, InDesign, or similar, the amount of “cleanup” you will need to do may vary. For many modern website design applications, your pasted in content should work as-is, since it will automatically convert double spaced paragraph breaks into the correct HTML commands (e.g., in WordPress). If not, you would need to put the <p> code between each paragraph manually. Most print publishing tools will assume a double line break is a new paragraph, depending on how your style sheets (i.e., in Adobe InDesign) are implemented.

    If you need a logo, photo, or additional information on the company, product, or service found in the article, you may click the “Read Text Version of News” link found at bottom of article, to find the contact person from the company. Please contact that person directly for images, or additional information and not freeNewsArticles, or Send2Press.

  5. Add Required Copyright Credit and/or Hotlink
    Per the free content license agreement, you are required to include a hotlink and copyright notice when using an article from our archives in any electronic medium including website, e-newsletter, PDF, etc. Example:
    Copr. © 2012 Send2Press® and Name of Company Here -

    If you are using an article in a printed newsletter, company journal, or similar, you would use the same text including the URL, only without a hotlink (obviously). If you use an article from Send2Press “as-is” (verbatim) either in print or electronically using the copy/paste method described in Step 4 above, you should also include the company name or person name (“author”) as the author/source credit.

    You do not need to mail us copy of usage, although sending us a link to your usage is appreciated and we will add your use to our “in print” page. 🙂

  6. That’s It!
    As long as you follow these guidelines and our terms and conditions of use, you can publish the archive article content as you see fit.

Important Note: you expressly MAY NOT “scrape” content from our site using any automation package, RSS pull, or similar, without our express permission and a license agreement.

Reminder: in order to utilize the news articles found in our archive categories in your printed newsletter, or online publication (website), you must first sign-up for our free usage license.