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Evaluations and Defense Testimony Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden, Currently Offering a No-Fee Phone Consultation for Attorneys

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- For more than 20 Years, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden has provided pre-sentence and post-sentence evaluations for defense attorneys and their clients. Dr. Freiden is also an expert in courtroom testimony and has been engaged by numerous law firms in multiple states.

Because the vast majority of attorneys across the country are currently still in lock down or working from home, Dr. Freiden is now offering a free phone consultation for attorneys who need to discuss their cases and evaluations. Although the evaluations must be done in person, the initial phone consultation is designed for clients to cover any questions or missing details of the case.

"I consult with attorneys on a regular basis, discussing their cases in great detail," notes Dr. Freiden. "Often times, the reason they come to me is to remedy a poor or 'botched' evaluation from an ill-prepared therapist. Attorneys need to be aware that evaluations must be done in person and not over the phone, zoom, or via teleconferencing."

The process is as follows: Dr. Freiden will schedule a complimentary phone consultation with an attorney to discuss a case. This is followed by a face-to-face meeting between Dr. Freiden and the client. Please note that Dr. Freiden follows all COVID-19 safety precautions throughout every in-person meeting. "Our entire staff and our clients must follow all safety and sanitary precautions before and during our in-person meetings," says Dr. Freiden. "We regularly sanitize the office and require that masks be worn throughout our meetings."

About Dr. Freiden

Since 1996, Dr. Jeffrey Freiden has worked in the field of Sexually Offending Behavior, conducting Sex Offender Risk Evaluations, providing treatment and testifying in state and federal court. He is an evaluations and defense witness testimony expert working with numerous law firms located throughout the US. He is currently the evaluator and treatment provider for Shelby County Department of Corrections, Tennessee Department of Corrections, The Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the United States Court Office of Probation.

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Dr. Jeffrey Freiden

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Proper Lawn Mowing Technique is Important for Successful Grass Growth

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. -- If a homeowner's lawn looks uneven and just plain ugly in some spots, how the grass is being mowed might be affecting its appearance, says Giroud Tree and Lawn. From how to set the mower height to how soon after the rain falls the grass is cut, good mowing practices are important for keeping a lawn looking vibrant, healthy, and green all season long.

Start with Clean, Sharp Blades

Before mowing the lawn, homeowners should make sure the mower blades are sharp and ready to give an even cut. Always clean mower blades between each mow to prevent the spread of fungus and diseases.

Lawn Mowing Height

Grass should always be cut at 3-4 inches or higher, especially during the warmer months. Taller grass will provide a canopy to retain soil moisture and will prevent unsightly browning, shade weed and crabgrass seeds, and facilitate deep root growth. Giroud recommends that no more than 1/3 of top growth be removed per cutting.

How Often to Mow

When mowed infrequently, tall, wet grass may leave clumps pf clippings that can smother turf and provide an opening for weed infiltration. Mow on a regular schedule, about every 7-10 days. However, homeowners should also be mindful of the weather! If there experience a dry spell, mow less often to give the grass a chance to grow. If there is a lot of rain, grass will surely grow faster; but be careful about mowing when grass is wet. Clumps of dead, wet grass left behind after a lawn mowing can lead to lawn fungus issues.

Lawn Mowing on Slopes

If the yard has a slope to it, homeowners should be careful about mowing in that area. Always mow slopes sideways to prevent scalping. Not only does this prevent damage to the lawn, but it's also a safer practice for operating the lawn mower.

Still Seeing Lawn Problems?

If homeowners find that the lawn still doesn't look good, there might have an underlying issue with the grass or soil, such as diseases or insect infestations. Call a certified Lawn Care company for a complete Lawn Evaluation.

For more information about good lawn mowing techniques, please check out

For more information, visit the company website at or call 215-682-7704.

About Giroud Tree and Lawn

Giroud Tree and Lawn specializes in tree service, lawn care and mosquito and tick control programs that make customers love doing business with the company since 1974. Serving Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, the company offers professional tree and lawn evaluation, tree pruning, tree removal, insect and disease control, fertilizing, stump removal, traditional and 100% organic lawn programs and mosquito and tick control. Giroud Arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and have the knowledge and experience required to properly diagnose, treat and maintain trees and lawn health.

The company is Accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association and Better Business Bureau. The "Giroud Treework for Charity" program donates free tree care services to parks, historical sites and other non-profit organizations located in the Company's service area. For more information, visit the company website at or call 215-682-7704.

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Amid Ongoing Work-From-Home Requirements, DocMagic Provides its eSign Technology at Zero Cost to Boost Employee Productivity

TORRANCE, Calif. -- DocMagic, Inc., the premier provider of fully-compliant loan document preparation, regulatory compliance and comprehensive eMortgage services, announced it has made an agnostic version of its eSign technology available for free in order to help organizations increase productivity, efficiency and compliance among work-from-home employees during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders as well as after they are lifted. DocMagic is the leader in eSign technology within the mortgage industry, having executed more than 300 million eSign transactions and counting.

Nearly every company relies on signed documents in some part of its core business activities. These agreements often require signatures from multiple parties. Documents are often printed several times, then faxed or emailed, making the process not only cumbersome, laborious and time consuming, but prone to risk as well. Over the past several months, since the inception of social distancing requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are finding that signing and securely delivering these documents in a timely manner has become a challenge.

DocMagic's eSign technology is traditionally used by mortgage loan borrowers to compliantly eSign initial mortgage loan document disclosures and closing documents. However, DocMagic has modified the platform, making it document agnostic, enabling it to easily handle the execution of important documents such as contracts, NDAs, LOIs and virtually any other agreement, to be electronically signed and legally binding.

"As stay-at-home orders began to open up in more states, large numbers of home-based workers in all industries will continue with the telecommute model and thus continue facing challenges with signing and executing documents," said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO at DocMagic. "Many employees are using makeshift home offices that lack the hardware, devices, and software to facilitate compliant e-signings. Fortunately, DocMagic is in a great position to help with a proven platform used in one of the strictest, most highly regulated industries. Our eSign technology allows companies to circumvent wet signings, back-and-forth emails, and scanning or faxing documents, for a proven, highly secure, compliant electronic platform."

DocMagic's eSign platform makes electronically signing documents a snap - without the need for any hardware or software. It's 100 percent web-based, easy-to-use, requires no installation or maintenance whatsoever, and can be securely accessed via any device with an internet connection. DocMagic eSign also provides for the secure capture of electronic signatures for all documents stored in the PDF file format. Documents are digitally sealed and access is provided to all parties with audit trail capabilities, document versioning, tracking, and email notifications.

In a recent Zillow survey conducted by The Harris Poll, more than half of employed Americans (56 percent) have had the opportunity to work from home, and a vast majority want to continue, at least occasionally, according to the poll. Among Americans working from home because of the pandemic, 75 percent said they would prefer to continue to do so at least half the time, if given the option, after the pandemic subsides. And two-thirds (66 percent) of those employees said they would be at least somewhat likely to consider moving if they had the flexibility to work from home as often as they want.

Iannitti adds: "We believe that even after stay-at-home orders are gradually lifted, there will still be a significant number of businesses that find the telecommute model to be pragmatic, efficient, and cost effective. After the COVID-19 pandemic slowly winds down, we still want to make our eSign technology available for free. It's our ongoing way of giving back in order to help companies remain as successful as possible."

To clarify, DocMagic's free offer pertains to the agnostic eSign solution only, not mortgage-specific eSignings involving the company's dynamic loan document generation service. Interested organizations can learn more by contacting DocMagic at or call (800) 649-1362.

About DocMagic:

DocMagic, Inc. is the leading provider of compliant loan document preparation, compliance, eSign and eDelivery solutions for the mortgage industry. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Torrance, Calif., DocMagic, Inc. develops software, mobile apps, processes and web- based systems for the production and delivery of compliant loan document packages. The company's compliance experts and in-house legal staff consistently monitor legal and regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. For more information on DocMagic, visit

Social Media: @DocMagic #FreeEsign #eSignTechnology #COVID19goodwill #DocMagicEsign

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Joe Bowerbank
Profundity Communications, Inc.

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SunBug Solar Celebrates the Milestone of Serving 2000 Customers

WESTFIELD, Mass. -- SunBug Solar, a Massachusetts solar energy provider with offices in Westfield and Arlington Mass., is pleased to announce the installation of its 2,000th customer. John Hoogstraten and Eileen Keegan, a couple residing in Williamsburg, Mass., are SunBug's 2,000th clients, having gone solar not once, but twice.

Hoogstraten,​ a semi-retired contractor, was skeptical at first when first introduced to photovoltaic (PV) solar through the Solarize Mass program in 2014. The program, run by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, helps municipalities design, promote, and execute limited- time group programs that educate residents on the benefits of green energy while offering them discounts on installations. Keegan encouraged her husband to overcome that initial skepticism and look into the matter further.

"I figured there was no harm in learning more, so I went to one of their information sessions," said Hoogstraten. "I signed up for a site assessment and we ran the numbers."

When John and Eileen realized that the system would pay for itself in about seven years, they began the process to have his first solar energy system installed. They chose to invest in a plan that would deliver just enough energy to meet their home's consumption.

The system proved profitable for the energy needs of their home, but only when supplemented with the firewood John chops himself. Because John and Eileen plan to age-in-place, and are looking toward a time when chopping wood is no longer feasible nor desirable. Their plan to add air source heat pumps (ASHPs) for heating meant their electric load would increase, and wanted to add additional PV so as to avoid as much fossil fuel use as possible.

Again, through MassCEC they learned about the Solar Access Program, an effort to help homeowners install ASHPs in conjunction with solar. While they did not initially qualify, Dan Britton, a member of the residential solar design team at SunBug's Westfield location encouraged them to not give up. They might qualify in the next calendar year.

"They mentioned they were entering semi-retirement and expected their 2019 income might qualify, so I suggested they can re-apply after they file their 2019 taxes," said Britton.

By March of this year, John and Eileen confirmed their eligibility and the conversation with SunBug continued.

In the end, they opted for an additional 2.5 kW of roof mounted solar and a Tesla Powerwall battery for backup for when the grid goes down. SunBug system designer Dan Britton said it was a clear choice. "We decided to add a battery backup because all of the stars were in alignment: they have a dry, clean basement with space for a battery adjacent to their electric panel, they can include the battery system in the Mass Solar Loan to get additional income-based loan support, they can take advantage of the adder for batteries in the state's SMART solar incentive, and they can opt in to the utility's Connected Solutions program to get additional revenue to offset the battery cost."

SunBug is thrilled to be able to count such committed renewable energy enthusiasts at their 2000th customer, and as a show of appreciation is happily discounting the ​couple​ $2000 off their new solar electric system. ​"That discount will be an enormous help to us as we implement these enhancements to our home and quality of life," said Hoogstraten. "We are thrilled to be doing business with SunBug, tickled to find ourselves in the position of being your 2000th customer, and deeply grateful for this gesture."

"Congratulations to SunBug Solar on their 2000th installation," said MassCEC CEO Steve Pike. "MassCEC is pleased to partner with John Hoogstraten and Eileen Keegan, and 5,500 other Massachusetts residents who have accessed clean, renewable solar power through the Mass Solar Loan program."

About SunBug Solar:

SunBug Solar is a local, Massachusetts owned-and-operated solar energy consulting and installation company with offices in Arlington and Westfield, MA. SunBug Solar creates positive environmental and social impact by exemplifying our core values of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability with our customers, within our industry, and among our teammates. Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation since 2018, SunBug has clients across Massachusetts from Great Barrington to Cape Cod. We design and build all types of solar systems, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW, including residential, commercial, carports, and ground-mounts. Our integrated approach - from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support - has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service, and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.

For more information, please visit

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Local San Diego company distributes PPE nationwide to hospitals and government agencies in need during the coronavirus pandemic

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- A local San Diego company, The PPE Supply Co., plays a significant role in getting hospitals and government agencies the PPE they need. Located in San Marcos, California the company began in an attempt to help during the coronavirus crisis. However, it ended up becoming one of the largest companies facilitating hospitals, businesses and government agencies personal protective equipment (PPE) around the country.

Serial entrepreneur Bardia Rahim began the company in quarantine as he followed the news leading up to the pandemic. "I kept hearing on the news about the PPE shortage in hospitals and just wanted to help. I knew a few of my friends were large-scale suppliers so I reached out to see what we could do. I just made a few phone calls and had no idea how massively this would turn out. I saw a need and just took action."

Rahim initially founded the company with the mere intention to help, but has now secured substantial government contracts with the pentagon as well as large hospital buying groups nationwide. These contracts will help supply over 500,000 hospitals with PPE amidst the shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The PPE Supply Co. specializes in "spot buys" out of Los Angeles. This means that goods to be distributed to buyers are already landed and ready to be delivered immediately within the USA. With counterfeit PPE sales at an all-time high, Rahim believes that dealing with USA manufactured goods is the best and safest way to operate.

Spot buy deals also ensure that the goods are readily available, as many distributors are making claims on fictitious lots. The spot buy is a buying practice typically used by hospitals during crises, or when there is a shortage and they need goods "on the fly." They are faster transactions on live products which ship immediately. These deals are extremely prevalent now, as there is an overwhelming shortage in PPE supply, during the current state of emergency.

Especially since relations with China, the main producers of PPE for the USA, are turbulent most buyers have been forced to source goods within the country. The Trump administration has put extensive tariffs on Chinese exports and even halted their shipments amidst the recent trade war. This is good news for USA producers, however, there is still extreme shortage as output volumes are not yet up to par with the overwhelming demands.

The PPE Supply Co's efforts are acknowledged. Hopefully this will be a catalyst and inspiration for companies and individuals to pivot and find success amidst chaos. Small businesses fuel the economy so it is important to keep them alive and well. Rahim says his company will designate twenty percent of its profits toward mask donations to hospitals nationwide.

For more information visit

Note to editors: proof of completed deliverables and other validations available on request.

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Maryland Food Truck Week 2020 Will Roll Out in July

BALTIMORE, Md. -- After many weeks of reflection, we made the decision to uphold Maryland Food Truck Week's dates to July 10 - 26, 2020, event organizer Au Jus Solutions, announced today. Since Maryland entered a State of Emergency and Governor Hogan issued a stay-at-home order, Food Trucks, who are essential businesses, never truly stopped operating.

When business parks shut down, Food Trucks started to focus on helping front line workers by delivering freshly cooked hot meals to hospitals and first responders. Soon enough, all large-scale events were canceled or postponed but it did not stop the creativity of food truckers who realized that the need was now in the heart of our communities. While Marylanders were flattening the curve, Food Trucks started to set up in neighborhoods to offer more food options to residents.

"COVID-19 Pandemic truly shows the resilience of the food truck industry and its capacity to adapt to any situation in order to continue their mission of serving the community," declared Willy Dely, founder and owner of Au Jus Solutions, a Baltimore-based food and beverage consulting agency which has been organizing Maryland Food Truck Week since 2016.

The 2020 edition of Maryland Food Truck Week is presented by the Maryland Mobile Food Vending Association [MDMFVA].

"As an industry that relied heavily on catering to the masses, we suddenly had to find alternative methods to survive the pandemic and care for our families; being mobile was one of our assets, but it quickly became our downfall when it came to COVID-19's new ways of life," said Nicole Youse, President of the MDMFVA and Chef/Owner of Crossroads Bistro.

She added: "As the president of the MDMFVA, I have never been more proud to be a part of this industry and see the good the members, my competitors, my comrades, and my family are doing in this 'new' world. I was nervous about the decimation of our industry in the beginning, but I have been proven wrong, and have never been more excited to see where we take the industry from here!"

This season again, Maryland Food Truck Week benefits Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. "In 2019, we raised $2,631.25 for Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland," said Dely. He added, "What Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland does is incredible and benefit the local community so much. Giving back to them is the minimum we can do to help them, especially during these difficult times."

The mission of Meals on Wheels is to enable people to live independently at home through the provision of nutritious meals, personal contact, and related services, which is even more important during these uncertain times.

"Since March 17th, Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland has produced, packed, and delivered over 500,000 nutritious, ready-to-heat and eat meals to homebound seniors and other vulnerable populations who are without access to food," said Stephanie Archer-Smith, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels of central Maryland. She added: "We quickly expanded our meal volume from 25,000 meals weekly to over 75,000 meals. The need for our services has continued to rise, with no foreseeable decline. We are all being called to do more, and we are answering that call with extraordinary effort, commitment and grace."

This edition of Maryland Food Truck Week will most certainly be different from past years as it will not be celebrated with large gatherings of food trucks and people. But this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the vast diversity of the industry with even more neighborhoods to visits as it is expected around 15 daily food truck spots to visit, throughout central Maryland.

All food trucks and locations will be posted on in the next couple weeks.

During Maryland Food Truck Week, visitors will be invited to enjoy all culinary creations as well as exclusive specials, tailored for the celebration.

Like and Follow Baltimore Food Truck Week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @MDFoodTruckWeek

About Au Jus Solutions:

Au Jus Solutions is a Baltimore-based food and beverage consulting company offering solutions to food trucks, restaurants, foodservice and hospitality businesses. Au Jus Solutions also offers social media marketing expertise and support, PR solutions, as well as tailored hospitality-related services for corporate happenings.

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*Caption: Food Trucks, who are essential businesses, never truly stopped operating.

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James F.X. Payne joins pExchange LLC as Vice President of Special Projects

ARLINGTON, Va. -- pExchange LLC, a leading provider of innovative government PPBE budgetary software, database management and advanced analytics solutions, just announced that James F.X. Payne has joined the company as Vice President of Special Projects.

Jim brings over 35 years of IT and Federal Sector experience to pExchange, as well as significant expertise building large, scalable businesses. Formerly with Dun & Bradstreet Government Solutions as a Business Development Executive, Special Projects, Jim leveraged the company's unique business forensic data sets and data analytics capabilities to solve major national security issues for the Intelligence Community, such as money laundering, illicit finance, shell companies, and counterintelligence.

Prior to D&B, Payne was President of the Public Sector for Z&A Infotek, SVP/GM of National Security and Cyber Infrastructure at Telcordia Technologies, President of Federal Telecom for Bechtel National, Inc., SVP/GM for Qwest Communications and VP of Sprint/Nextel Communications' Government Division. Twice, while at Telcordia (1996) and Sprint (2000), he earned the prestigious Federal 100 industry award for significant achievements in federal information technology. During his Sprint tenure, he also established its Government Division and grew it from $3M to $750M over six years, covering virtually every civilian and independent agency.

"Jim is a heavy hitter with a valuable background in building strategic partnerships at the Federal Government level. In addition, he is conversant in the technical aspects of software and database solutions - a rare combination. Jim will be a great asset as we look to expand our offerings throughout the Department of Defense and other Federal Agencies," said Enrico Serafini, CEO of pExchange.

Presently, Payne presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association (AFCEA), the AFCEA Cybersecurity Committee, and the board of Linden Resources which focuses on career employment for the disabled. He is also one of the Board of Trustees officers of Gallaudet University.

About pExchange LLC

Founded in 2015, pExchange ( is a leading provider of budget software, database management & advanced analytics solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense. pExchange's team of highly skilled developers, data scientists, and database architects build solutions to modernize and automate highly complex business processes. Its software enables government agencies and commercial enterprises to save time, improve accuracy, drive higher productivity, and make better, evidence-based decisions.

Learn more at:

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Universal Electronics, Inc., invests in new manufacturing equipment

WHITEWATER, Wis. -- Universal Electronics, Inc., (UEI) has invested in new capital equipment to improve PCBA manufacturing processes and increase capacity. These new investments will allow UEI to continue meeting the unique needs of their clients in industries including medical, industrial, consumer, and security. Most notably, UEI has recognized the industry-leading accuracy and reliability of the ASM ProcessLens a precise and flexible 5D inline Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) system.

"SPI gives Universal Electronics the capability to identify solder joint defects at an early stage and solve the issue before it becomes a problem downstream," said Rick Jensen, owner and president of UEI. "This allows our company to provide a higher quality end product for our customers and meet their exacting product requirements."

Through this capital, UEI is quickly adjusting to meet an increased demand resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic while also looking forward towards advances in electronics manufacturing technology. These investments are just UEI's latest in a long-term investment roadmap to continue meeting critical time-to-market demands. The company celebrated their 40th year in electronics contract manufacturing this past January by investing in additional manufacturing capabilities.

"With the ASM Process Lens we will eliminate solder printing defects before they occur. In addition, we will be enjoying a permanent and proactive optimization of the printing process, as well as better yields, and a more stable, productive SMT line with less operator interventions," said Steve Highley, facilities and engineering manager at UEI.

These recent capital investments also include Branson's Integrated Ultrasonic Plastic Welder 2000 IW+, a self-contained ultrasonic plastics assembly system, and Epilog's Fibermark S2, a laser with flying-optic design and high-quality engraving results.

About Universal Electronics, Inc.:

Founded in 1980, UEI has two certified facilities in the upper Midwest. The Whitewater, WI and East Troy, WI facilities are ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, FDA, and ITAR registered. With 40 years of manufacturing excellence, UEI offers flexible engagement models and fast, cost-effective time to market strategies. Additional information about UEI and NPI-Plus and their services may be found at and

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Teenager Creates COVID-19 Wristbands to Educate and Raise Awareness

CHICAGO, Ill. -- What started out as a small family project for three teenagers concerned for their grandparents' safety during quarantine has taken off with the launch of COVID-19 Wristband, LLC. Kenna Royce, 17, and her two younger brothers, Hayden and Colby, launched an innovative effort to help others communicate and encourage safe social distancing practices during the pandemic. The Royce siblings created the COVID-19 Wristband project.

"The wristbands feature colors and embossing that signify unique designations regarding COVID-19 status and role," says Kenna Royce.

Wristbands are available in Red, Green, Yellow and Purple:

* Red = High-Risk -- The red designation is for individuals who are at higher risk of contracting the virus. This includes seniors, as well as individuals of any age with a compromised immune system or an underlying medical condition that increases their risk. A red wristband helps communicate that status to others nearby and encourage them to practice extreme social distancing.

* Green = Recovered -- The green wristbands are for those who have recovered from COVID-19. Royce created this designation to encourage people who have recovered from the virus to share information about their experience and inspire others to practice safe social distancing to prevent further spread.

* Yellow = Cautious -- Yellow COVID-19 wristbands are for people who are neither high-risk nor recovered. Their status is unknown; they may not have the virus, or they may be carriers who are not exhibiting any symptoms. The yellow wristband reminds them and others to continue to follow public health recommendations designed to prevent the further spread of the virus.

* Purple = Essential Workers -- The purple wristbands don't communicate COVID-19 status. Instead, they are designed to celebrate the contributions of frontline workers including healthcare professionals, grocery employees, delivery personnel, maintenance workers, and others. Royce created the purple wristband as a symbol of unity and solidarity for those who deserve our thanks and appreciation during the pandemic - and to encourage people around these essential workers to express their gratitude.

Wristbands can be ordered for $2 each at

To date, wristbands have been shipped to 25 states across the US, from California to Maine. The Royce family is donating all proceeds from the sales of the COVID-19 wristbands. So far, donations have been made to local hospitals, assisting living facilities, restaurants, and retailers. To learn more, visit:

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*Photo caption: Royce family.

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Tucson Startup Focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Water Management Project Helps Sustain a European Nation

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The University of Arizona Center for Innovation has announced that NOAH Malta, a subsidiary of NOAH Arizona LLC, a company based on technology invented at the University of Arizona and started at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI), has been awarded a groundbreaking contract by the European Union.

The contract entitled "DEVELOPMENT OF A PREDICTIVE WATER ABSTRACTION AND PRODUCTION MODELLING FRAMEWORK," engages NOAH Malta to study the feasibility of implementing NOAH's patented water management decision support system on the island nation of Malta. NOAH is working in partnership with Malta's Energy and Water Agency (EWA) and the Water Services Corporation (WSC), the water utility in Malta.

Malta, the most densely populated European nation, is an archipelago consisting of one main island and several smaller ones located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Africa. It ranks among the most water scarce nations in the world. Today, with a booming economy and thriving as a popular tourist destination, Malta is experiencing a "perfect storm" that is becoming all too typical across the globe: too little natural freshwater for its growing demand, made worse by more frequent droughts from climate change.

NOAH's patented water management system combines real-time data streams with AI and optimization models. The system helps identify optimal water management strategies that minimize costs while maximizing water sustainability and quality. Working with the startup incubation team at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation has helped NOAH identify new markets and prove how AI can be used in a variety of ways to provide meaningful predictions and optimization solutions for the water problems that nations like Malta are facing. NOAH's system is highly flexible and can be used in combination with pre-existing models and methods developed by a utility to augment their management objectives.

The project will explore the possibility of optimizing the current potable water production infrastructure to produce the required volume of potable water and achieve the best water quality possible whilst minimizing costs.

Malta's project goal is to collaborate with NOAH to study the feasibility of integrating their real-time decision support system with WSC's existing models and methods. The partnership and its outcomes may ultimately serve as a paradigm applicable to other European countries facing similar water problems, as well as other water-stressed countries around the world.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for NOAH to further advance our system by collaborating with water experts in Malta. They are on the front-line of some of the world's most serious and difficult water problems," says Emery Coppola, NOAH LLC co-founder and president.

"Noah is one of those companies that we are extremely thrilled about supporting with our incubation program. Dr. Coppola and the other co-founders are working on leading-edge technology with immense growth potential for the company and significant positive impact - in this case on the well-being of an entire nation," expresses Eric Smith, Executive Director of University of Arizona Center for Innovation

Currently Malta obtains approximately sixty percent (60%) of its water supply from three (3) reverse osmosis (RO) plants. The remaining water demand is met through extraction of diminishing groundwater via 100 production wells. The groundwater is extracted from complex limestone aquifers characterized by karst features. These limestone eroded aquifers with preferential flow pathways are extremely difficult to model with conventional physics-based groundwater simulation models. Historical over-pumping of the limestone aquifers has caused significant saltwater intrusion from the surrounding ocean, degrading groundwater quality.

A major challenge will be to identify the optimal trade-off between RO and groundwater sources among multiple conflicting objectives given that the water quality from RO is superior to groundwater, whereas the production costs required to produce freshwater by RO are higher than groundwater. These objectives include water quality and cost, proper targeting of specific groundwater wells to pump and the most effective pumping rates to minimize salt-water intrusion. Individual supply wells also have variable operating costs and water quality conditions; they also are subject to different salt-water intrusion effects on the aquifer that can dynamically vary due to regional pumping and other conditions.

Accurate predictions are essential for achieving superior real-time water resources management decisions. In collaboration with the Agency and WSC, NOAH's will explore the feasibility of applying their system to supplement the utility's existing models and methods to help manage Malta's enormously complex and challenging water problems.

A nation with a storied history and culture, optimal water management is an imperative that will allow this Mediterranean jewel to flourish far into the future.

About the UA Center for Innovation

​The University of Arizona Center for Innovation is a startup incubator network with locations across the Southern Arizona region. The center's mission is to grow scalable startup ventures that fuel the Arizona economy. Since inception in 2003, the program has directly served over 120 companies and impacted thousands of entrepreneurs through providing access to people, programming and places that help entrepreneurs take their companies from idea to market.

The University of Arizona Center for Innovation is part of Tech Parks Arizona which brings together university, industry and community, creating "interactive ground" to advance technology commercialization.

Learn more at:


NOAH LLC is a technology and water consulting company. Its patented system, which directly combines data streams with artificial intelligence, formal optimization and other modeling methodologies constitute the most advanced decision support system in the world for water resources management.

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*Photo caption: NOAH staff being shown the control room at one of Malta's Reverse Osmosis facilities.

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