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Consumer Advocates for RFCE Reform (CARR) to Cease Operations October 31

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Consumer Advocates for RFCE (Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly) Reform (CARR), a San Diego-based nonprofit, announces it is closing its doors effective October 31, 2020. Founded in 2009, CARR has been California's only consumer advocacy organization focused exclusively on residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFEs), working to improve the aging experience through advocacy and education.

"On behalf of CARR, I am very grateful for a productive decade of helping families find suitable assisted living facilities for loved ones and advocating for industry accountability and reform across the state," said Chris Murphy, Executive Director and Co-Founder of CARR. "I would like to thank CARR's Co-Founder Christina LeBlanc Selder and members of our board of directors for their passion and commitment to our work, as well as the many donors, volunteers, interns, and fellow staff who made important contributions along the way."

CARR, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was co-founded by Murphy and her colleague Selder after they recognized there was a need for greater transparency and accountability for assisted living services in California. During its 11-plus years of operation, CARR worked toward increasing government oversight, consumer education, research, and advocacy. Over the years, the organization collected and analyzed tens of thousands of public documents on assisted living facilities, providing the foundation for its evidence-based legislative reform proposals.

In 2013, CARR was featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune's special watchdog series "Deadly Neglect," which drew attention to the lack of oversight and small fines for serious violations at California assisted living facilities. Later that same year, CARR helped draft AB-1523, sponsored by then state Assemblymember Toni Atkins, which required residential care facilities for the elderly in California to carry liability insurance. And in 2018, CARR played a role in the passing of the "Keep Our Seniors Safe" bill (SB-172), which requires RCFEs that allow firearms to have a secure firearms safe. CARR also performed under contract with the County of San Diego (2014-2019), developing a rating system for RCFEs in the county.

Awards CARR has received include the First Amendment Coalition's Free Speech and Open Government Award (2014) and the San Diego County Bar Association's Distinguished Organization of 2019 Award.

With the dissolution of CARR, consumers will have access to CARR's extensive database of public records on assisted living facilities, which will be housed by Elder Law & Advocacy. Elder Law & Advocacy is a nonprofit organization providing free and low-cost legal services and advocacy for seniors in San Diego and Imperial Counties (

"Elder Law & Advocacy is proud to provide continued access (beginning in early 2021) to this major resource for people researching assisted living facilities for themselves and loved ones," said Carolyn Reilly, Executive Director of Elder Law & Advocacy. "CARR has been an important partner this past decade in our efforts to serve thousands of San Diego-area seniors each year. Hosting the RCFE database helps further our mission to protect the interests and well-being of seniors."

About CARR:

Consumer Advocates for RCFE Reform (CARR) is a San Diego-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization promoting transparency and accountability for consumers using assisted living services, and specializing in public document research on assisted living facilities and the state's oversight of the industry.

Learn more at:

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Campaign Guru® Dr. Singh Releases New Website:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Dr. Singh, also known as the CampaignGuru®, has released a new website; WWW.TWITTERISM.COM which analyzes over 50,000+ of President Donald J. Trump's "social media voice" from his tweets in real-time using AI. The website provides the Tone in which the tweets are delivered.

Dr. Singh, who formerly founded, is available to debunk the popular mainstream media narratives that Donald Trump's tweets often come across as harsh or negative - and proves this via a quantitative scientific study.

In addition:

* Dr. Singh identifies himself as a conservative turban-wearing Ph.D. holding a Master's in Political Science, a Master of Science in Social Media, and one of the first in the academic world to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy degree specializing in social media and technology.

* Dr. Singh has already published a 450-page scientific research paper, for his dissertation from Ashford University, under the guidance, in part, of Dr. Sinan Aral, a professor in social media from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Sinan Aral sat on his Ph.D. Dissertation Committee. Dr. Aral is a world authority on social media and fake news.

* Dr. Singh's new self-published book, "TWITTERISM: RAISE YOUR VOICE," will be available on Amazon in November 2020 with a foreword written by Professor. Anthony Edward Schiappa, an expert on communication and rhetoric from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

* Dr. Singh's research for both his website and the book is based on a quantitative study and debunks several media outlet's theories on Donald Trump's tweets, including but not limited to Tone, his anger, and his overall follower engagement. Tucker Carlson had one big takeaway from the 2020 presidential debate: "Tone is everything" (Owen, 2020).

* This website is the first to measure the Tone of a world leader in real-time, and it explores the link between tone and follower engagement, creating a "Trump Follower Engagement Index." The website should be of great use for any social media activist interested in developing followers. Dr. Singh has developed a patent-pending software that analyzes Donald Trump's tweets in real-time by using Artificial Intelligence. For example, "The mood of Donald Trump is 76% confident right now." Here is the link to the website

About Ravneet (Ravi) Singh MA MS Ph.D.

Dr. Ravneet (Ravi) Singh was born in the United States of America. He wears a turban as a requirement of the Sikh religion from northern India. Dr. Singh grew up in the cornfields of Illinois in the village of Prestbury. His favorite hero is Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican (GOP) President. He adopted at an early age the Lincoln notion of "perseverance." At the age of 11, he met the first Sikh President of India and fell in love with politics.

His grandfather encouraged him to pursue a career in politics, while his father insisted on medicine. Dr. Singh was the first Sikh (with uncut hair and turban) to attend and eventually graduate from a USA Military Academy in American history. Due to the uniqueness of his case and harsh military rules, a legislation was introduced on his behalf to allow him to graduate with full USA military honors as a 2nd lieutenant (ARMY) while wearing a turban which was enacted under President Ronald Reagan's administration. He then attended Valparaiso University, where he followed his passion and became Student Body President, Captain of NCAA Division 1 Golf Team, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med and Political Science.

He then enrolled at Northwestern University and pursued a Master of Arts in American Political Science. Ravi Singh served as a public servant in Illinois State Government under Governor Jim Edgar's administration, working for Lt. Governor Bob Kustra and State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, who he refers to as his "political mother." During his time there, he learned the art of politics and campaigning, which inspired him to run as the first turban-wearing American, for the Illinois State Representative open seat in his hometown Aurora, Illinois, at the age of 25. He was one of the first to have a political website for his campaign and an online town hall, in 1997. He lost the campaign but won the Kane County nomination for the GOP (Republican Party), becoming the first Asian American to win the nomination. During his campaign, he started a website through which was born, and led to him being profiled in Business Week Magazine and USA Today, as the "CampaignGuru."

ElectionMall Technologies Inc. main purpose was to help promote e-democracy and enable candidates, regardless of party affiliation, gender, or religious affiliation, to have access to technology tools for their political campaigns, regardless of their budget. Something Dr. Singh was persecuted for when he ran for State Representative. As CEO of, Ravi Singh became a Washington DC politician and maverick. Dr. Singh was a dot com pioneer who worked extremely hard to offer campaign technology in the early days of the "Digital Era." The campaign and elections industry were full of "good old boys and American political consultants" who were not very welcoming to his Chicago hustle and turban identity. In 2010, the company co-branded with Microsoft Inc., developing the first cloud application for the political vertical, called Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft. Ravi Singh received an infusion of investment and marketing dollars that launched for worldwide operations. Ravi Singh opened offices all over the world including, Ukraine, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Brussels, and India, working on world leader's campaigns like Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Enda Kenny (Ireland), Jose Sera (Brazil), and Anwar Ibrahim (Malaysia).

The company helped over 9 world leaders and various heads of state with their "digital campaign war rooms." "Campaign Guru" his software committed to over 7000+ political websites worldwide. In 2014, the company faced charges of election fraud for two campaigns in San Diego, California. The company was forced to shut down operations in 2016 due to litigation cost, but the CEO, Ravi Singh, was personally charged with four federal felonies. He later appealed to the US 9th Appellate courts and eventually the US Supreme Court in 2020; however, the case did not get heard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2017, Ravi Singh went back to graduate school and pursued a Master of Science in Social Media Management from Liberty University, a Harvard Certificate in Digital Strategy, the prestigious digital marketing program from Duke University, and MIT Sloan Business School Executive ACE program; at the same time finishing his doctoral (Ph.D.) in Social Media and Technology from the University of the Rockies in Denver Colorado, now Ashford University. He successfully completed all these programs in less than three years and, in the process and has settled down in Miami, Florida.

Ravi Singh is a patriotic American who currently offers his social media expertise to business, brands, celebrities and is no longer able to participate in political campaigns without notifying the US government. The science behind his book, "Twitterism" will be published on Amazon in November 2020.

For more information on Dr. Ravi Singh please visit:



Caption: Trump's Tone Intensity shows that Anger is the least Tone used.


Caption: Dr. Ravi Singh MA, MS, PhD; Social Media Expert; former CEO of

Jenny Kefauver
+1 (703) 850-3533

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Tickets on Sale Now for World of Illumination’s ‘Socially Safe’ Theme Parks

TEMPE, Ariz. -- World of Illumination, the world's largest animated drive-through light show, has released tickets for the 2020 holiday season at The company's theme parks are located in Tempe and Glendale, Arizona, along with a brand new location in Marietta, Georgia on the grounds of Six Flags White Water.

World of Illumination's drive-through light shows feature millions of colorful lights and hundreds of animated displays synchronized to popular and beloved holiday music. The theme parks are uniquely COVID-friendly, as visitors can enjoy the shows from the safety and comfort of their cars. Online reservations are also required, making the experience totally touchless and socially safe, while simultaneously controlling traffic to decrease waiting times.

While all three theme parks have roughly the same number of RBG LED lights that can be customized to 16 million shades of color, the shows feature different elements so visitors can enjoy a distinct experience at each location: Arctic Adventure in Tempe, Rockin' Christmas in Glendale and Candy Rush in Marietta. Each experience is about a mile in length and takes approximately 30 minutes to drive through.

"We are so excited to be able to provide much-needed family entertainment to our communities this holiday season," said World of Illumination co-founder Simon Kreisberger. "We have gone totally touchless to ensure the safety of our guests and hope that our shows will help 2020 end on the brightest note imaginable."

World of Illumination theme parks are open nightly from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, including holidays.

Rockin' Christmas in Glendale opens Nov. 6, 2020 followed by Arctic Adventure on Nov. 10, 2020 and Candy Rush on Nov. 13, 2020. All shows run through Jan. 3, 2021. Ticket prices start at $29 plus applicable taxes and fees per vehicle in Arizona and $35 plus taxes and fees per car in Georgia. A portion of proceeds benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation in both states.

For more information, visit For press inquiries, email

About World of Illumination:

With offices in Tempe, Arizona, World of Illumination is the world's largest drive-through animated light show, featuring millions of state-of-the-art lights and displays set to holiday music. Current theme park locations include Tempe and Glendale, Arizona and Marietta, Georgia. Connect at @worldofillumination.


*VIDEO (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo caption: World of Illumination brings drive-through holiday entertainment to the 2020 season.

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The Power of Messaging: Ad Agency Challenges Industry to Spread Message to Encourage Audience to Vote

DALLAS, Texas -- With Election Day less than a month away, and early voting beginning on October 13, in a nonpartisan effort, Alpha Business Images (ABI), has rolled out the Keeping It 100 Challenge to spread the message of encouraging voter participation with the help and talent of peers in the advertising industry.

* COVID-19 affects voter registration, which dropped 70% in 11 states compared to 2016

* Enthusiasm to participate in this year's election is like none seen this century

* 6 out of 10 voters prefer to cast their ballots before Election Day

This year's election will be staggeringly different from any prior election year due to the obstacles COVID-19 presents, the misinformation about mailing in ballots and the reality that not every U.S. citizen has registered to vote because of political exhaustion and friction in 2020. ABI is recruiting the creative ingenuity and passion that all agencies pour over their clients to extend those same efforts to our democratic republic - each agency pledging 100% participation in not just this election but in ALL elections. "Every Person. Every Election" will inspire ad agencies to join the movement and do what they do best - influence, inspire and act.

"We spend a lot of time with folks in our industry - virtually and otherwise. Not only the people we work with in our agencies every day, but other industry-related companies, vendors and freelancers we often partner with on projects. This challenge is intended to go beyond the 2020 Presidential race. Our hope is that it continues to include the many local races that occur in our cities/counties every year," stated Dawn Davidson, ABI's vice president and creative director. "Civic engagement should become a part of the industry's culture if we really want to more effectively reach diverse targets," Davidson concluded.

Early voting is in full effect in Texas and there's still time in some states to register to vote. Most importantly, an opportunity yet exists for spreading the message to compel those who may be apolitical and believe voting doesn't make a difference to get out and vote.

The goal is to help the ad industry voter to be informed and make the right choice for them. The Keeping It 100 Challenge site includes curated resources like the information needed to register, where to vote, and resources about each candidate.

For more information on the Keeping It 100 Challenge, go to and join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram @KeepingIt100Challenge.

About ABI:

ABI is a full-service marketing and advertising firm defined by The Art of Influence. Through its proprietary system Audience 360, ABI analyzes clients' audiences and creates and tailors content that connects to and influences relationships with brands. Adweek's Top 100 List in 2020 recognized ABI as one of the fastest-growing ad agencies in the world. Information:

Media Contact:
Sophia Johnson (ABI)

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TeamSnap Commits $1 Million to Improve Access to Sport for Underserved Youth

BOULDER, Colo. -- Today at The Aspen Institute Project Play Summit 2020, TeamSnap CEO and Founder Dave DuPont announced that TeamSnap will commit $1 million over the next three years to improve access to sport for underserved youth athletes.

As part of the commitment, TeamSnap will be supporting a series of new programs to drive access to sport. This includes being a partner on The Aspen Institute's Project Play 2024 initiative which mobilizes industry leaders to take actions around making sports accessible to all children, regardless of race, gender, zip code or ability. As well as a long-standing partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance, an organization that recently announced their Million Coaches Challenge, a commitment to train over 400,000 coaches, with a focus on underserved communities.

"Access to quality sports is a very personal initiative for me. Playing team sports had an incredibly positive impact on all aspects of my life; they taught me key life skills and laid the foundation for a healthy lifestyle," said DuPont. "I believe all children should have the same access to sport that I had growing up. I am immensely proud that TeamSnap is doing everything it can to support access to sport and our $1 Million commitment will go a long way towards helping ensure more young athletes get into the game."

Over the past six months, TeamSnap has been a key resource in helping sports organizations and teams navigate the pandemic and make a safe return to play. Its Return to Sports resource hub has been heavily accessed and its new Health Check COVID-19 screening tool, which it is providing free to all of TeamSnap's 24 million users, has already been used more than 4 million times.

About TeamSnap

Since our formation in 2009, TeamSnap has been single-mindedly focused on taking the work out of play. 24 million coaches, administrators, players and parents rely on TeamSnap's powerful and easy-to-use tools for communication, scheduling, payment collection and registration, organizing every sport and group activity in the world. For more information, visit

Twitter: #YouthSports #SportsTech @teamSnap

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Beverage Metrics Announces Launch of Next Generation Beverage Management System for the Hospitality Industry

DENVER, Colo. -- Beverage Metrics®, an emerging Colorado-based beverage management technology company for the hospitality industry, today announced the launch of its next generation beverage management inventory tracking system. The new system provides operators with a comprehensive tool to track, manage and reduce excessive costs associated with their beverage program.

Created for the hospitality industry, the Beverage Metrics system helps track an operator's bar inventory and simplifies order management with suppliers. The system also provides beverage pour monitoring functionality which enables real-time, perpetual inventory, a significant need in an operator's ability to track shrinkage and bar inventory costs.

"Keeping a weekly or monthly inventory gives an operator a clear picture of what's on hand, what they are running out of or what's not selling," said company CEO, Dan Grimm. "Comparing this to what was sold gives operators a key metric - the variance between sold and consumed. This POS-based perpetual inventory has been the cornerstone of beverage management for the past decade. Add real-time pour depletions from our state-of-the-art pour monitoring system and it's a game changer."

In 2019, Beverage Metrics brought aboard two co-founders (Dan Grimm and Dean Grimm) from AccuBar®, the beverage management industry leader for the last fifteen years, to lead development of their all-new beverage management system. These well-regarded hospitality veterans, each with over twenty years' experience in the industry, completely reimagined the Beverage Metrics' system, providing increased functionality while leveraging the latest development technologies.

Features of the new system include:

* Quick, easy and accurate inventory using barcodes and patent-pending bottle profiles along with product images

* Track inventory from point of delivery by single bottle or case(s)

* Automatically track inventory that's moved from storage to a sales location

* System generates and prepares an order recommendation for review and submittal to suppliers

* Beverage Metrics Bottle Sensor provides value whether the container is open or not; other spout-based technologies only work once a bottle is opened

* Pour monitoring functionality automatically depletes poured beverages from on-hand inventory, thus maintaining a real-time, perpetual inventory

* Streamlined POS integration with recipe auto-substitutions

Learn more about the company's solutions at:

About Beverage Metrics:

Based in Denver, Colo., Beverage Metrics is a next generation beverage management solution for the hospitality industry. Their system helps operators manage product inventory and monitor pouring activities for shrinkage and cost reduction. Beverage Metrics is a member of IDENTEC GROUP AG.

To learn more: or email


IDENTEC GROUP AG is a leading global provider of wireless sensing solutions. IDENTEC GROUP AG identifies, measures, tracks and traces assets along the entire value chain and supply cloud-based information. IDENTEC GROUP AG offers as a one-stop shop all relevant products (consultancy, software, hardware, service). Solutions elaborated by their group have assisted numerous companies in various sectors all over the world to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and as a result, their competitiveness. Learn more at:



Caption: Beverage Metrics' 3D Profile utilizes real bottle images and an easy-to-use slider to set bottle fill level for the most accurate inventory system in the industry.


@beveragemetrics #beveragemanagement #beveragemanagementhospitality #barinventory

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Episcopal Diocese of New York receives $1 Million from Lilly Endowment to launch ‘Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation’

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Episcopal Diocese of New York is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $1 million from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish "Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation."

The program is funded through Lilly Endowment's Thriving Congregations Initiative. The aim of the national initiative is to strengthen Christian congregations so they can help people deepen their relationships with God, build strong relationships with each other and contribute to the flourishing of local communities and the world.

Lilly Endowment is making nearly $93 million in grants through the initiative. The grants will support organizations as they work directly with congregations and help them gain clarity about their values and missions, explore and understand better the communities in which they serve, and draw upon their theological traditions as they adapt ministries to meet changing needs.

Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation is a five-year project for congregational renewal of the Diocese of New York, developed in collaboration with General Theological Seminary. This project grows out of the recent strategic initiatives of the Diocese in church planting and congregational redevelopment as a brave and faithful response to a rapidly changing environment of mission and ministry.

Episcopal Futures envisions vibrant congregations with capacity to discern and articulate a clear mission, vision and identity, promote spiritual vitality and faith formation among its members and respond creatively and adaptively to conflict and change in their ministry contexts. In collaboration with General Theological Seminary, the Learning Communities program will be designed and developed to provide resources of training curriculum, consultants and coaches to the participants. The participating teams will practice and implement collaboration, faith renewal and radical reconciliation in their ministry contexts. Work will include continued implementation, evaluation and research. In keeping with the Reparations Resolution 9 of the Diocesan Convention 2019, Episcopal Futures is also committed to developing Learning Communities in the historically African-American communities as well as in the marginalized communities. in collaboration with General Theological Seminary.

The goal of Episcopal Futures is to (1) build a culture of collaboration and adaptive leadership in and among the congregations of the Diocese that will lead to a deeper commitment to common life and common mission, rooted in the Episcopal ethos and identity, (2) catalyze the renewal of congregations through team work and creative practices in mission and ministries, and (3) plant new and imaginative worshipping communities and outreach ministries that foster justice and reconciliation.

The Episcopal Diocese of New York is one of 92 organizations taking part in Lilly Endowment's Thriving Congregations Initiative. They represent and serve churches in a broad spectrum of Christian traditions, including Anabaptist, Baptist, Episcopal, evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed, Restoration, Roman Catholic and Orthodox, as well as congregations that describe themselves as nondenominational. Several organizations serve congregations in Black, Hispanic and Asian-American traditions.

"In the midst of a rapidly changing world, Christian congregations are grappling with how they can best carry forward their ministries," said Christopher Coble, Lilly Endowment's vice president for religion. "These grants will help congregations assess their ministries and draw on practices in their theological traditions to address new challenges and better nurture the spiritual vitality of the people they serve."

Lilly Endowment launched the Thriving Congregations Initiative in 2019 as part of its commitment to support efforts that enhance the vitality of Christian congregations. Episcopal Diocese of New York is grateful to receive this significant grant to launch this exciting and new initiative, Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation.

The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin
Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of New York

The Rev. Canon Victor Conrado
Canon for Congregational Vitality and Formation

Learn more at:

About Lilly Endowment Inc.

Lilly Endowment Inc. is an Indianapolis-based private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 by J. K. Lilly Sr. and sons Eli and J. K. Jr. through gifts of stock in their pharmaceutical business, it is a separate entity from the company, with a distinct governing board, staff and location. In keeping with the founders' wishes, the Endowment exists to support the causes of religion, education and community development. The Endowment funds significant programs throughout the United States, especially in the field of religion. However, it maintains a special commitment to its hometown, Indianapolis and home state, Indiana. The principal aim of the Endowment's grantmaking in religion is to deepen and enrich the lives of Christians in the United States, primarily by seeking out and supporting efforts that enhance the vitality of congregations and strengthen their pastoral and lay leadership. Learn more at:

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Pure Protein, LLC to Exhibit and Preview New Website at the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) 46th Annual Meeting

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. -- Pure Protein, LLC (Pure Protein) an HLA company that has developed comprehensive analytical capabilities in the field of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) immunology and an approach to produce soluble forms of the HLA molecule (sHLA), announced today that it will be an exhibitor at the ASHI VIRTUAL ANNUAL MEETING, October 19 - 21, 2020, where the Company will be previewing its soon to launch website

This new website will offer academic and commercial researchers access to individual HLA reagents to detect, profile, and monitor allele-specific immune responses, as well as HLA peptide epitope binding services to aide in improving the design of vaccination and therapeutic targeting strategies.

Rico Buchli, Ph.D., Pure Protein's Director of Research commented, "For over 20 years, Pure Protein has provided technology and expertise to advance novel therapies and diagnostic tools for applications in transplantation, oncology, autoimmunity, and infectious disease."

He added, "We are excited to exhibit at ASHI 2020 and share the news about where we will soon be offering researchers 126 Class I and 154 Class II proteins in both unmodified and biotinylated forms, as well as access to Pure Protein's peptide validation, screening and mapping services."

About Pure Protein, LLC

Pure Protein, L.L.C. is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary technologies related to the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system, formed and exclusively licensed from the University of Oklahoma in 1999. Pure Protein, in conjunction with its affiliates and subsidiaries, aims to bring novel therapies and diagnostic tools to patients across a wide range of application areas spanning from therapeutic development in the fields of oncology, autoimmunity, and infectious disease, to antibody mediated rejection in transplantation. Visit:

Pure Protein is funded and managed by Emergent Technologies, Inc. an innovation solutions and technology commercialization leader headquartered in Austin, Texas. Visit:

Link to event information:

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Backuptrans Updated to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone 12

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Backuptrans, a leading mobile software development company, has updated Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer to support iPhone 12. The new version can help you easily transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Mini/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max. There is no official method to transfer WhatsApp between Android and iOS. Luckily, Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer software makes it possible.

With Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer, mobile phone users can transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone in a few simple clicks.

"Many smartphone users wish to migrate the WhatsApp chat history when they switch phones. That is why we create and update the software," said Eric Ng, the CEO of Backuptrans. "We create simple & innovative solutions for life."

Step by step tutorial:

What are the new updates?

1 Transfer, Backup & Restore WhatsApp Data (Support iOS and Android): It supports to transfer WhatsApp chat messages, including videos, images, audios attached files between iOS and Android.

2 Fully compatible with the latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max: It not only supports iPhone 6 to iPhone 12, but also supports various models of iPad and iPod from iOS 9 to the latest iOS 14.

3 Export WhatsApp messages and links to PDF: You can use Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer to export WhatsApp messages as a file for viewing. The messages and links can be exported as PDF, HTML, WORD, and TXT.

Other features have been updated including:

1 Multi-directional Transfer WhatsApp between iOS and Android Device: Backuptrans's advanced technology and rich experience of data processing and transmission can ensure a high success rate for WhatsApp transferring.

2 Backup WhatsApp Chats to Computer Freely & Easily: It is better to use than the official solution to back up WhatsApp chats from Android/iPhone to computer by one-click. The chats will be merged perfectly in the previous backup.

3 Print WhatsApp Messages on Computer: Backuptrans provides a direct way to print out WhatsApp chat messages on computer. You can choose to print all chat messages or a single conversation.

Price and Availability:

For personal 3 mobile devices, it is available at $19.95. You also can buy the Family edition that $29.95 for 8 mobile devices.

Learn More:

About Backuptrans:

Backuptrans Studio is a leading software development company providing mobile device software solutions. Founded in 2012, Backuptrans has been an award-winning developer especially in the mobile data transferring software and mobile device management field. More information:



VIDEO (YouTube):

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Hawaii’s First N-95 Mask Factory Opens Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020 in Kona

KONA, Hawaii -- Kona Mask Co. LLC, located in Kailua-Kona near Costco, will begin producing N-95 and flat-pleated masks using two automated machines. "We can produce 1 million masks every 3 weeks made right here in Hawaii," says Nicolas Garcia, CEO of Kona Mask.

Garcia saw the need for a local manufacturer to provide PPE rather than one based thousands of miles away.

Garcia adds, "We are inviting Mayor Harry Kim, members of the Coronavirus Task Force, government officials, and local leaders who helped inspire this concept, to walk through the factory on Saturday, October 17 at 10 a.m."

For further information, contact Nicolas Garcia, 808-365-6989 or email

Factory address: 73-4820 Kanalani Street, Bay 9, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Other newsworthy items:

* Captain Nicolas Garcia retired from United Airlines on April 1, 2020 after 46 years as a pilot.

* The mask factory was inspired after the Pandemic was declared and Garcia could not find a mask for his fiancé, Amy Colombo, a United Airlines flight attendant.

* The funding came from Garcia selling his home and retirement savings.

* Garcia ran a successful airline soap factory during the 1980s AIDS Crisis.

* The factory will be staffed by locals with manufacturing experience.

* The factory mural was painted by Katana Leigh and will be unveiled on Saturday.

More information:

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo caption: CEO Nicolas Garcia and United Airlines flight attendant Amy Colombo poised to make millions of N-95 masks at The Kona Mask Co.

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