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234 Solutions LLC Announces the Free Virtual Independent Podcast Conference on March 28 and 29, 2020

CLARKSBORO, N.J. -- Joe Pardo, A method to practice business strategist and founder of 234 Solutions LLC, is hosting a two-day virtual online event focused on the best practices and approaches for podcasters on Saturday, March 28 and Sunday, March 29, 2020, from 9 a.m. ET to 5:30 p.m. ET both days.

From creating to organizing, launching to distributing and growing to monetizing, The Virtual Independent Podcast Conference is featuring over 40 speakers giving their time to help educate, assist and empower podcasters and future podcasters. This free online Podcast Conference welcomes anyone, at any stage and any level of podcasting.

"Whether you have been thinking about starting a podcast to the well-established podcaster that is looking to expand their audience and opportunities, to the rampant podcast fan, this event is for all of you," says Joe Pardo, who is serving as the host and master of ceremonies for the conference.

The Virtual Independent Podcast Conference is sponsored by Blubrry and Poddit. Blubrry delivers the most flexible tools for podcasting. More about Blubrry at Poddit shares the best ways to connect for your next podcast interview. More about Poddit at

The Virtual Independent Podcast Conference will be broadcasted live in the Independent Podcasters Group on Facebook at This is a public group. Just click join, and you are in.

The virtual experience of the online conference is enhanced with active comments and questions that can be added and asked throughout both days of the event.

Joe Pardo states that, "In this time of quarantine, as challenging as it is, it gives us all a new drive to hone our skills, activate our dreams and begin to organize the methods we want to put in to practice. Instead of waiting till September for the originally scheduled physical conference, I felt we could create a greater impact in the moment and reach many more individuals by going online and going online in the middle of this quarantine."

He adds, "On the same note, ignite these attendees to dig in and get to work on their podcasts now.

"So many lose the steam of execution after attending a conference. It wears off and people often move on to other things as they get busy with the normal day to day life. Since our lives are nowhere near normal these days, I believe there is a great deal of opportunity in the current day to day lives of all that attend to create, reinforce, repair or grow their podcasts to the next level."

More information:

About Joe Pardo

Method to Practice Business Strategist, "Super" Joe Pardo brings a series of strategy, application and execution planning to every entrepreneur, team or business that he works with. Founder of the Dreamers Podcast with Super Joe Pardo and the Independent Podcast Conference, Joe focuses on putting the right methods into the best practices in order to bring about the personalized solutions for each client.

A New Jersey based strategist, Super Joe's knowledge and methods come from experiences and applications that have been applied to start up entrepreneurs with pennies in the bank to the established nine figure businesses that need the adjustments to stay on a growth track.

Joe focuses on designing the individual solutions to accelerate growth with each client. It is a team effort and not an expired template approach that has allowed his journey to help the widest array of businesses at all levels.

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Sha Bandzz Donates Proceeds From ‘Watch Me Work’ to Coronavirus Cure

PERTH AMBOY, N.J. -- "Watch Me Work" - the EP released February 1, 2020 - is the first project the industry gets to see from the new young artist Sha Bandzz. The long-awaited debut EP from Sha Bandzz "Watch me Work" is available now on your favorite source to purchase music online.

Sha Bandzz the Artist

The new age hip hop music artist and entertainment company owner, Sha Bandzz From Perth Amboy, New Jersey was born January 27, 2000 to loving parents. Faced with a great obstacle early in life, he was just 8 when his father was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison which is the true bait to his hunger. Bandzz says before the music sports was his outlet but music has helped to cope with life and connect with others who can relate.

After graduating high school Sha Bandzz spent one semester studying business at Utica college, in Utica New York, where he says he spent a lot of self-time reflecting. The following semester he dropped out of college and returned Home to pursue his dreams of becoming a music mogul.

The EP "Watch Me Work" is a statement for all the haters, doubters, naysayers and others who said he couldn't make it as a rapper and think he should have stayed in school. (Hints the title "watch me work," he is telling those doubters to sit back and watch what he can do.) After the smash hit "Bentleys" got national attention and radio play in over 26 different countries, there is no denying Sha Bandzz is a musical prospect.

Bandzz has something to prove: The young versatile artist puts his creativity on full display with "Watch Me Work" the EP. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic affecting millions, Sha Bandzz in a humanitarian effort decided to donate the proceeds from "Watch Me Work" to finding a cure for the coronavirus.

Sha says "The covid-19 Hasn't affected me personally just yet but the virus has the potential to take out the vast majority of our loved ones young and old alike." Consequently, Sha Bandzz Ent. Made the business decision to donate the artist proceeds from the EP to be proactive in assisting in creating an antidote for the coronavirus.

Sha Bandzz has other works out now like his 2019 summer hit "Bodybuilder feat. EEM, & Kannons" and the song that started his career as an artist "in Love WIth The Money" - this track also features EEM. The list goes on and so many more, new features coming soon and plenty more albums to come.

Learn more at:


*VIDEO (YouTube) "I Don't Understand" -

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*Photo caption: Music artist, Sha Bandzz.

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‘Bipolar is NOT an STD’ made it to the Best New Bipolar Disorder Books and Best Bipolar Disorder Books of All Time

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Dr. Lauren Goodall, PsyD, author of "Bipolar is not an STD" (ISBN: 978-1089401507) takes notice of her two "Best Book" achievements for her outstanding self-help book.

Dr Lauren Goodall's book, "Bipolar is NOT an STD: Beyond Bipolar, anxiety, depression, personality problems, and relationship offenses" has proven instrumental as a self-help book covering the range of Bipolar spectrum disorder, all kinds of mood dysregulation, and understanding personality disorders.

In a recent interview, Dr. Lauren Goodall, was extremely pleased to get this type of recognition in the book arena. "What I think really matters, is that my book helps a person to understand what is happening and why. By first and foremost understanding this, you can literally cut years off of getting reckless & inaccurate diagnosis, which is unfortunately out there."

She was thrilled to find that BookAuthority, ranked her book at #11 in Best Bipolar Disorder books of all time, and #6 in 2020's best Bipolar books.

Once Covid19 crisis becomes more stabilized, Dr. Lauren Goodall will proceed with discussion/group meetings/book signings to be announced. In the interim, she hopes that this time becomes an opportunity for people to catch up on relevant self-help, and most importantly, heal.

She added, "BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for this honor."

"Bipolar is not an STD," is currently released and available in softcover thru Amazon and all major book and E-book retailers. Dr. Goodall is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and signings by contacting her via her Email:

Media Contact:
Dr Lauren Goodall

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Supporting Links:

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Aaron Ozee Entertains Families On COVID-19 Lockdown Debuting His ‘Regulus’ Movie Early

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has chosen to debut the Regulus movie, ahead of the July 25, 2020 release date, for a limited duration to entertain those who have been subjected to lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-orders for purchase and rental were opened to public audiences this morning around the globe and prices have been slashed to make watching the Regulus movie affordable to families confronting hardship during this damaging outbreak.

"We as the human race understand the coming threats of the COVID-19 pandemic and seek entertainment to distract us from the horrors circulating the streets," says Ozee. "We know that children are the future, and during this grim period of history, they need creative stimulation more now than ever before. And, with that being said, we are proud to announce that 50% of the sales collected from the Regulus movie, the 'Regulus' book, and each title released under my name will be donated for the remainder of 2020 to help those affected by this unexpected health disaster. We are in this fight together. We are not alone here!"

Even with the early release of the "Regulus" movie, Ozee has confirmed the film will be available for purchase or rental on most video-on-demand and streaming services July 25, 2020 as planned from the start.

The premiere of the "Regulus" movie in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago has been unchanged, which is scheduled for July 25, 2020 as well, but Ozee has vowed to monitor updates from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control to decide otherwise.

The "Regulus" movie was thrust under the spotlight at the beginning of 2019 as the book carrying the same name garnered attention from celebrities, visited the most unreachable places such as Space and Mount Everest, shared with the most controversial political figures in power, and proceeds to dazzle whomever chooses to embrace the infamous rat king in appreciation for his beautiful tale.

For those who are interested to purchase or rent the Regulus movie ahead of the release date and wish to help families confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

"Regulus" Movie Trailer (2020):

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*Photo caption: Author Aaron Ozee's titular character, "Regulus."

Media Contact
Aaron Ozee

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University of Los Angeles College of Divinity Captures The First National Championship of March Madness

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- In only its third season of fielding a men's basketball team the University of Los Angeles College of Divinity (ULACD) overcomes all odds to win the ACCA national championship in Joplin, Missouri.

Despite an overall season record of 27-1 ULACD received a four (4) seed entering the first National Championship tournament of March Madness March 4-7, 2020 hosted by the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri.

In the first game ULACD faced off against fifth seed Baptist Bible College from Missouri, the Alma Mater of famed evangelist Jerry Falwell. Baptist Bible College came into the game with a record of 16-7 led by Missouri Hall of Fame coach Darin Meinders. Despite playing less than an hour away from their campus in Springfield, Missouri, Baptist Bible College fell 106-92 to ULACD in a sloppy high scoring hard played contest. Both teams combined for 39 turnovers and 45 fouls but ULACD led at half time 53-38 and dominated with points at the free throw line 26-11.

ULACD was led by Jerron Wilbut's 37 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Wilbut went 13/15 from the free throw line, missing his last two throws and 4/6 from the 3 point line. Junior point guard KV Myricks scored 20 points while grabbing 7 rebounds and handing out 3 assists. Back-up forward Johan Meclot came off the bench and recorded a double-double of 10 rebounds and 10 points with 2 assists. Second team All-American Troy Biglow scored 11 points in only 13 minutes of action while battling foul trouble. Kelton Conway added 12 points and 6 rebounds as he was the fifth ULACD player to be in double Figures.

In the end ULACD followed coach Miller's formula of establishing superior field goal percentage shooting almost 61% while holding Baptist Bible College to only 39%. Baptist Bible College was only able to stay in the game by shooting an amazing 48 3 point field goals.

In the National Semi-Final ULACD faced Off against number 1 seed Champion Christian College (CCC) from Hot Springs, Arkansas and their coach Leonard Epps. ULACD and CCC played an entertaining back and forth affair with 12 lead changes and 5 ties. ULACD was down 41-37 while Shooting only 34% at half but outscored the top seeded team by 12 while shooting 60.7% in the second half 47-35.

ULACD finally prevailed 84-76 winning the assist matchup 19 to 11 while shooting 16/19 from the free throw line. ULACD was led by Sophomore second team All-American Troy Biglow's dominating performance with 30 points and 15 rebounds in 40 minutes of game action. Honorable Mention All-American KV Myricks had another stellar effort of 18 points, 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Playing a complete game Despite shooting only 1/6 at the three point line, Senior Jerron Wilbut nearly had a triple double with 15 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists. Kelton Conway again talked double figures with 15 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in 30 minutes of action.

In the Championship game ULACD took on the home team Ozark Christian College (OCC) and their veteran coach Chris Lahm, an excellent Coach with over 600 career wins at the Four-Year college level. Although the home crowd loudly cheered OCC throughout, the visiting team from Compton, California finally prevailed 97-89.

ULACD led at halftime 52-45 despite having cumbersome foul trouble. Despite being the smaller Team ULACD won the battle of the boards in the first half 19-17 and had 13 first assists at half time compared to only 4 for OCC. ULACD also won the shooting percentage war shooting 54.5% from the floor compared to 45% for OCC; and 54.5% from the three point line compared to 38.5% for OCC.

In the final stanza ULACD outscored OCC 45-44 while shooting 44.7% to 42.9% for the home team. ULACD overcame an outstanding free throw effort by OCC who made 22/24 foul shots for the game. OCC with a bigger and deeper team, ultimately won the battle of the boards in the end 43-38. ULACD won the assist battle 20-13 in the end.

Leading the team to victory for ULACD was tournament MVP and 1st team All-American Jerron Wilbut who tallied 31 points, 5 assists and 8 rebounds. OCC played excellent defense causing the ULACD starting backcourt, of Juniors Dupree Mitchell and KV Myricks, to combine for a season low 10 points. Reserve freshman guard Devone Brown scored 11 points and added 4 rebounds off the bench.

The difference in the game was the ULACD starting forwards, both Junior College transfers. Junior small forward Kelton Conway was the key to the game making 5/10 three point field goals, while adding 8 rebounds and 5 assists for a total of 22 points. Complimenting Conway was fellow El Camino Real HS graduate sophomore forward Troy Biglow who added 17 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists in limited Minutes due to fouling out. Reserve senior forward Johan Meclot came off the bench and played outstanding defense while grabbing 6 rebounds and scoring 6 difference making points.

The exciting championship game had 6 lead changes. In the end and Against all odds ULACD cut down the nets and captured their first National Championship in only their third year of having a men's basketball program.

In the victory, ULACD Head Coach Michael Miller made history by becoming the first coach to win a high school state title, a junior college state title and a national title.

Coach Miller was the first Coach in the history of California to coach both a high school (Ribet Academy 1990-91) and junior college teams (Los Angeles City College 1997-98 and 2002-03) to state titles.

With ULACD's surprising string of victories in the ACCA's 38th annual national tournament; Coach Miller's added national championship (ULACD 2019-20) set a new trifecta record never before achieved by any basketball coach.

More information on ULACD:

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Aubade Publishing Achieves Publishing Goal One Year Early: Releases Eight Titles in 2020

ASHBURN, Va. -- Aubade Publishing, a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), is steadily growing, expanding and exceeding its business expectations. It's scheduled to release eight titles in 2020 - four poetry collections, three novels and one memoir:

* "The Law of the Land" (ISBN: 978-0-9845494-8-1), poems by Red Hawk (May 19, 2020)

* "High Tide" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-99-8), poems by Ed Meek (May 26, 2020)

* "Song of the Selkie" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-00-4), poems by Jane Beal (June 2, 2020)

* "The Yellow Sports Bra: A True Story of Love, Faith, and Basketball" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-03-5), a memoir by Jamie Graham Duprey (June 23, 2020)

* "Jerusalem as a Second Language" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-06-6), literary fiction by Rochelle Distelheim (September 29, 2020)

* "Love's Garden" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-08-0), historical fiction by Nandini Bhattacharya (October 27, 2020)

* "The Reluctant Patriot" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-10-3), historical fiction by Susan Lohafer (December 1, 2020)

* "Roadworthy" (ISBN: 978-1-951547-13-4), poems by Dave Mehler (December 15, 2020).

The eight works were selected for publication in response to a call for manuscripts from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) in 2019 and a rolling review of manuscripts continuously submitted on Aubade's website.

"We published three titles in 2018 and set a goal at that time to expand to eight titles by 2021; we're one year ahead of schedule," Vonda Puckett, founder and business manager, Aubade Publishing, says. "That's very exciting."

And, Vonda, who is a graduate of Weber State University, has a double major in history and English, and is an especially qualified judge of historical fiction, is not going it alone. Her husband, Joe Puckett, and daughter, Cosette, are also committed to this niche family business.

"Aubade Publishing is really a labor of love," Joe says, who is also the business's chief editor. "We all get to indulge our reading addiction as part of our work."

Cosette, a 2019 English graduate from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, manages acquisition, performs editing, designs covers and layouts, manages the social media sites and illustrates some of the books.

"We were flooded with manuscripts," Cosette says, "but the writers we chose for publication really grabbed us with their style and content - it's quite an eclectic group. We're also very happy to publish Rochelle Distelheim for a second time."

The books that Aubade Publishing publishes are rooted in the family's favorite literature genres: fantasy and science fiction, Gothic, historical and literary fiction, poetry and memoirs.

"I used to read so much as a kid that my parents would ground me from reading if I got in trouble," Cosette says, "but now I get to read as part of my job and be involved in the creative process with these fabulous writers."

Aubade's website theme revolves around an Emily Dickinson poem which opening lines state: "There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away."

"By reading these eight books, I 'traveled' to British India during the two world wars; St Petersburg and Jerusalem after the fall of the Soviet Union; contemporary Cape Cod; Tennessee during the Civil War; the Great Plains when Sitting Bull lived; the Hi-Line of Montana in the 1990s; the Pacific Northwest (with a truck driver); and I got to meet a selkie," Cosette shares.

The books are available for pre-order directly from the publisher's website at:

There are also instructions for writers on how to submit manuscripts for possible future publication. Ingram will distribute all eight titles to the trade.

Advance reading copies (ARCs) for the first five titles are currently available for electronic review on NetGalley ( and paperback ARCs can be requested from the publisher. Electronic and paperback ARCs for the three remaining titles will be available for review closer to their publication dates.

"We're looking forward to possible future expansion," Vonda says, "but we don't want to put a number on that like we did in 2018. We might have to wait until our youngest daughter, Emma (who also loves reading), graduates from college first."

About Aubade Publishing

Founded in 2010, Aubade Publishing is a family business that's quickly gaining notoriety in the publishing world. Aubade's business model is to discover and publish experienced writers who may have been overlooked by larger publishing companies, bringing their works to publication.

*Caption: Aubade Publishing releases eight new titles in 2020.

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Arizona Grand Ole Opry Tribute to Bill Bassett

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. -- The Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts Foundation will host a "Tribute to Bill Bassett in the Grand Ole Opry Style" concert on Sunday, March 22, at 3 p.m. in the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 210 Camp Lincoln Road in Camp Verde.

Unlike a typical concert, the Grand Ole Opry Style presents several artists giving the audience a variety of music and a sample of each artist's musical style. This Tribute to Bill Bassett will include 20 different performers whose exceptional talents will make this a memorable afternoon.

The fast-paced opening hour will highlight more than a dozen popular musicians, each performing one or two selections of well-known country, folk, pop, and jazz favorites. Reno and Sheila McCormick will perform authentic, down-to earth country, western and bluegrass featuring his strong vocals and hot flatpicking on the Martin guitar.

Ron McLain follows with his repertoire of country, folk, blues, and love songs from the 30's to the present. Singer and fiddle/violinist Sonja Whisman will be joined by bass guitarist, Marty Thrifty, vocalist Kathi Belucci, and guitarist Lee Zimmer to present standards and a classic pop instrumental. Singer/songwriters, Larry and Leslie Latour, will perform their original life-story songs and heart-warming two-part harmonies. Gary Simpkins, who rounds out the first have, was a part of the 60's folk-rock scene in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and since the 80's has been playing folk festivals and shows throughout the region.

The second half will feature the music of the Blazin' M Ranch singing cowboy, Bill Bassett. As a young boy growing up in Seattle Washington, Bill imagined himself a singing cowboy when, at the age of 6, he wrote his first song, "Six White Horses." Bill honed his craft writing, recording and playing in clubs and at concerts, eventually making the move to Nashville, and toured the country supporting many country legends. In 2005 Bill joined the Blazin' M Ranch where, for 15 years was the Master of Ceremonies and leader of the Blazin' M Singing Cowboys through nightly shows.

Bill interprets songs in a way that brings out the joy, heartbreak, humor and pathos of life. He was inducted along with Jim and Jeanne Martin into the Greater Arizona Country and Western Swing Association Hall of Fame in 2018. Bill perform some of his original songs. He will be backed up by the Bill Bassett Ensemble. On bass guitar will be Tommy Anderson who is founder of the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra. Dave Rentz on percussion and drums has provided the beat for over 30 local bands in his 40-year music career. Eric Williams, on piano and saxophone, has been a Verde Valley entertainer for many years. Rounding out the Ensemble will be Reno McCormick who started his musical career when he won the band contest at Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom Festival in 1977.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, visit the website at

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Shobitam, one of the fastest growing Indian Ethnic Wear Brands in the US, releases Shobitam Signature Collections, to celebrate International Women’s Day

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Shobitam Inc,. designers of beautiful Indian Ethnic Wear announced the release of Shobitam Signature Collections, their largest product launch yet. The Pure Silk Sarees of the Signature Collections are inspired by the rich heritage of Indian handloom and mark a significant expansion to Shobitam's collection of highly rated sarees, blouses, gowns and jewelry.

Just in the first year, thousands of customers all over the US have experienced Shobitam's original designs of saree and jewelry collections. With over 530 five-star customer reviews, Shobitam, known for its top-rated and unique collection in ethnic and party wear, is now expanding into women's bridal wear and wedding collections with gusto and confidence.

Shobitam Signature Collections Details:
* Signature is the curated collection and couture line from Shobitam, and includes highly curated premium partywear and bridal wear. The bridal wear collection portrays the beauty and classiness every bride dreams about for her special day.
* Signature Collections include Pure Silk Sarees from Banaras, Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Mysore and Coimbatore. Drawing from rich Indian handloom, the finest and most delicate silk fabrics with intricate weaves of zari work have been embellished with traditional embroideries.
* Pure Shobitam Silks are Silk Mark Certified for best quality and offered at best prices which will allow women across the world to embrace ethnic wear for weddings and special events.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of Shobitam Signature Collections," said Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Shobitam. "This launch marks an important milestone in our journey towards making Ethnic Fashion accessible to everyone in a sustainable way. As a women-owned enterprise, we are especially grateful to be launching this to celebrate Women's Day, and continue to earn reviews like: 'My second purchase. Love their professionalism. Beautiful saree! great quality. Packaged so nicely and arrived very quickly.'"

The Signature Collections are the hallmark of the highest quality of elegance and design that Shobitam is known for. Check out Shobitam Signature Collections at:

About Shobitam, Inc.

Founded by fashionistas and creative sisters Aparna and Ambika in Seattle, Shobitam is dedicated to making Indian ethnic wear affordable, elegant and available globally. We are powered by a passion for wearing good clothes, an interest in designing them, and a drive to make them available to all. A shop for a cause, our mission is to help people feel good, look good and do good. By working closely with weavers in designing unique collections and selling directly to customers through an online platform, we offer beautiful selections with quality, prices and 5-star service!


Instagram: @shobitam

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Shobitam Founders Aparna & Ambika.

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Singer-Songwriter, Joe Iadanza Brings 1970s-inspired Aesthetic to the Southeast on Tour March 19-26, 2020

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- In support of his latest album, "COMMON MAN," Long Island-based singer/songwriter Joe Iadanza will embark on his first tour of the southeastern United States in over ten years. Beginning on March 19, 2020, in Baltimore, Maryland, stops on this tour also include: Richmond, Virginia; Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Greensboro, N.C., and Marshall, N.C.

With words and music by Iadanza, "Common Man" is Joe's third studio album following his critically-acclaimed debut, "Traveling Salesman" (2008), and sophomore follow up, "All in Good Time" (2010), both of which resulted in extensive touring in the U.S. and Europe.

"Music is the way I process the world. It's how I process the emotions that I feel - the happenings, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and the love and the sorrows and the pain. I take that and I channel all of that emotion into music and song. Hopefully, I share that with you in a way so that it touches you, and so that you can feel it and how it relates to your own life," said Iadanza.

Born of Italian immigrants and union activists, Joe Iadanza understands the passionate struggle of the American dream. With a voice that recalls Cat Stevens and Harry Chapin, and songs that hearken to the impassioned storytelling of Springsteen and Leonard Cohen, this Long Island native's music is rooted in classic folk: honest and raw.

Details and tickets (when available) for all of these shows can be found by visiting Iadanza's website at:

Tour Dates:
March 19, 2020 Baltimore, MD,
at The Living Stage at Hotel RL - Baltimore Inner Harbor

March 20, 2020 Richmond, VA,
at Downward Dog Dance, Yoga and Wellness
An Evening of Songs, Spirit, and Conversation with Joe Iadanza

March 21, 2020 Kill Devil Hills, OBX, North Carolina,
at Ascension Studios - Solo Acoustic Concert

March 24, 2020 Chapel Hill, NC,
at Imbibe - Tuesday Songwriter's Night

March 25, 2020 Greensboro, NC,
at Common Grounds - Joe Iadanza Solo

March 26, 2020 Marshall, NC,
at MIX Listening Room - Joe Iadanza and Hannah Kaminer (Asheville, NC) - split bill show

"Common Man" is available to purchase now on CD, Vinyl, and can be heard streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Singer/Songwriter Joe Iadanza.


VIDEO (YouTube):

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Award Winning Brand Architect and Marketing Mogul Ericka Pittman announces the release of her highly anticipated memoir

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Oracle Group International announces the publication of "WHAT MOMMY NEVER TOLD YOU: A Woman's Guide to the Next Phase of Life" (Scribe Publishing; Paperback; March 2020; $25; ISBN: 978-1734194708) by award-winning, brand architect and entrepreneur Ericka Pittman.

Ericka Pittman has been marketing and developing brands for over 20 years, becoming an expert in brand building with specialization in lifestyle branding and positioning. Her campaigns and initiatives have reached across genres, creating a bridge between influencers, artists, celebrities, brands and most importantly consumers.

"What Mommy Never Told You" provides alternative options in order to create success on your terms once the guidance, direction, and checklists of society expire. This book is meant to be an exploration of a woman's journey beyond the general rules and guidelines of adolescence, opening up a broader lens to the possibilities of the next stage in life.

While there are numerous examples of phenomenal women who have achieved unprecedented success in business, and even greater success in work/life balance, there are limited platforms for women embarking on their "next phase" of life.

"The challenges and successes that I have experienced on this journey have taught me so many things," says Ms. Pittman. "The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to share that knowledge I've gained in life through the stories and lessons I have included with love in the chapters of this scribe. This book is for every woman who has a dream. This book represents triumph over transition."

Pittman provides readers with her unique business acumen to inspire those who want to learn what it takes to reach prestigious heights professionally. Pittman has held titles at media companies such as Time, Inc., Vibe Media Group and Conde Nast before transitioning to the Blue Flame Agency where she sat as the VP of Marketing.

She adds, "I want all women to experience their greatest truth and realize their potential."

Ms. Pittman will embark on a national tour with The Power of N.O.W (No Other Way to get things done) events in select cities. The Power of N.O.W series, curated by Ericka utilizes the principles outlined in the book in forums that will inspire and educate women how to take back their power in the present and start immediately manifesting the life they want right N.O.W.

"What Mommy Never Told You" is currently available for pre-order at

Twitter: @WMNTYBOOK @erickampittman

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Cover, "What Mommy Never Told You," by Ericka Pittman.

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