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Troy Gathers Publishes His New Book ‘African World History’ Amid America’s Racial Divide

ATLANTA, Ga. -- In his newly released book "African World History" (ISBN: 979-8669353353) author Troy Gathers seeks to bring a calm to America's storm. According to Troy Gathers of BE YOU PUBLISHING, the year 2020 will forever leave a permanent blemish in our lives. Not only are we still in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are approaching one of the most controversial Presidential Elections in modern times.

Both Democratic and Republican parties are focusing on solutions they maintain will smooth out America's issues, but one issue that definitely stands out in America is the racial divide. During the first presidential debate, we witnessed both President and Vice-President dismiss groups that further a separatist agenda but to no avail. Although during the debate white supremacy was denounced, not much was done to bring understanding amongst either side.

Author Troy Gathers believes that education of each other's culture along with justice may close the gap in race issues. "There seems to be a void in relationships amongst all races in America," says Gathers. America has a dark history of racism that is typically excluded from front-page headlines. Troy is determined on closing America's racial divide with his book African World History. Gathers trusts that after reading "African World History" there will be a shift in energy and new grounds to build as a unified nation and not a nation at odds.

The history of Africa has never been a permanent fixture in the history books in America, thus leaving countless citizens without any awareness of Africa's immense history. Unfortunately, only 10% of the African American community is aware of the history of Ancient Africa as well. No wonder why we see groups in the African American community making the case that their lives matter.

"African World History" is Gathers' fifth book, however one that he shaped carefully. Troy states, "I understand the History of Ancient Africa is vast, yet this book points out key kingdoms and rulers to set the stage for your research. Moving forward, we must have a greater respect for each other."

About the Author:

Troy Gathers is an Entrepreneur and PhD Candidate focused on cultivating and inspiring his readers. Troy began working on literally books in 2015, reaching millions with his original quote books. (Take Me with You) African World History is Troy's attempt to educate all races about the immense history of Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. "There are far too many great rulers and kingdoms from Ancient Africa that are never discussed in school. That is not fair to any race to omit a part of history that can bring all of us closer as one," Gathers says.

"African World History"
ISBN: 9798669353353

Learn more about Troy Gathers at

African World History available to order:

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Caption: Author Troy Gathers.

Caption: Cover, "African World History" by Troy Gathers.

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no1uno Completes Their 20th Anniversary Remastered EPIC EP ‘no1uno2’

DREXEL HILL, Pa. -- no1uno (pronounced "no one you know") are set to release the Special Remastered EP Edition from their 2000 full-length CD, "no1uno2," on Friday, October 30. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, this EP edition features select tracks including their eclectic rock epic, "down - the dance," described as a "dark moody atmosphere" with a "beautifully eerie vibe."

Gallo, known as "gallospole" in the band, states their creative vision succinctly: "We meticulously crafted a captivating, cinematic experience about deeply personal issues involving love, the loss of innocence and addiction."

Working from their privately owned and operated studio, no1uno had the opportunity to pursue their musical imagination without constraints from the music industry. Their music is eclectic, influenced by the industrial, progressive and electronic rock genres.

The band, based in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, includes Daniel H. McKay (mazlin wratch) on bass, guitars and keyboards; James Sempsey III (iii) on vocals, drums and keyboards; and Marc A. Gallo (gallospole) on vocals, guitars, percussion and keyboards. All recording, engineering and mixing was executed by no1uno except where noted.

An exclusively studio-based band, no1uno were forerunners in promoting their music on the internet, under the guise of anonymity, in the 1990s. The site, hosted their works and CD Baby distributed their CDs. They never performed live.

In March 2020, no1uno remastered their first self-titled EP and were featured on the Gagliarchives, an international progressive rock radio station, hosted by Tom Gagliardi. In addition, they were interviewed by Charles Kershenblatt on the podcast, Bringing It All Back Home, in February 2020.

The EP, "no1uno2 - Special Remastered Edition," will be available on all major streaming services starting on Friday October 30, courtesy of Great Egg Music. no1uno music videos can be seen on their YouTube channel.

Learn more at:


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*Caption: no1uno

For more information & PR enquiries, please contact:
Marc A. Gallo, Mind The Gap
DREXEL HILL, PA, United States

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Tickets on Sale Now for World of Illumination’s ‘Socially Safe’ Theme Parks

TEMPE, Ariz. -- World of Illumination, the world's largest animated drive-through light show, has released tickets for the 2020 holiday season at The company's theme parks are located in Tempe and Glendale, Arizona, along with a brand new location in Marietta, Georgia on the grounds of Six Flags White Water.

World of Illumination's drive-through light shows feature millions of colorful lights and hundreds of animated displays synchronized to popular and beloved holiday music. The theme parks are uniquely COVID-friendly, as visitors can enjoy the shows from the safety and comfort of their cars. Online reservations are also required, making the experience totally touchless and socially safe, while simultaneously controlling traffic to decrease waiting times.

While all three theme parks have roughly the same number of RBG LED lights that can be customized to 16 million shades of color, the shows feature different elements so visitors can enjoy a distinct experience at each location: Arctic Adventure in Tempe, Rockin' Christmas in Glendale and Candy Rush in Marietta. Each experience is about a mile in length and takes approximately 30 minutes to drive through.

"We are so excited to be able to provide much-needed family entertainment to our communities this holiday season," said World of Illumination co-founder Simon Kreisberger. "We have gone totally touchless to ensure the safety of our guests and hope that our shows will help 2020 end on the brightest note imaginable."

World of Illumination theme parks are open nightly from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, including holidays.

Rockin' Christmas in Glendale opens Nov. 6, 2020 followed by Arctic Adventure on Nov. 10, 2020 and Candy Rush on Nov. 13, 2020. All shows run through Jan. 3, 2021. Ticket prices start at $29 plus applicable taxes and fees per vehicle in Arizona and $35 plus taxes and fees per car in Georgia. A portion of proceeds benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation in both states.

For more information, visit For press inquiries, email

About World of Illumination:

With offices in Tempe, Arizona, World of Illumination is the world's largest drive-through animated light show, featuring millions of state-of-the-art lights and displays set to holiday music. Current theme park locations include Tempe and Glendale, Arizona and Marietta, Georgia. Connect at @worldofillumination.


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*Photo caption: World of Illumination brings drive-through holiday entertainment to the 2020 season.

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New Rap Writer/Producer and Eminem Stan James Guiltinan Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Create Music Video Salute to Eminem

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Will the real Stan please stand up? Before James "Slim Jimmy" Guiltinan knew that Eminem's "Stan" had become a dictionary word defined as a sort of super, but sometimes obsessed fan, he'd written one of his first two rap songs, as an Eminem "salute." The slang definition of "stan" likely originated from Eminem's song and music video "Stan."

At first, James referred to his song, "This Time and Then" as a "tribute song" to Eminem, but later learned that the term was reserved for the deceased. So he coined a new phrase "salute song." James now suggests that he could be the real Eminem "Stan," but not of the obsessed or crazed kind of stan, an example of which might be the recent intruder into Eminem's home. The Detroit rap artist's music helped to get James through a dark period in his life.

Having only played trumpet in high school during the seventies, and new to rap writing and producing, James had assistance from Los Angeles rapper Solid Savage who recorded and co-wrote "This Time and Then." James originally didn't want to charge for the song, as he felt it would cheapen the "salute." His distribution service required a minimum price for streaming distribution, but James has made "This Time and Then" available at no charge on SoundCloud. James' Kickstarter campaign serves to create a complementary product (the accompanying music video) to further the Eminem salute.

Ironically, Slim Shady's "Stan" song and music video features a Stan character who ends up accidentally or purposely killing himself in a car accident. While James admits to being suicidal during his struggles, and perhaps saved by in part at least, rather than troubled by an absence of writing back, Eminem's music.

"Eminem's music gave me encouragement, because it talks about struggles that Slim Shady experienced during his life, which I identified with," James says.

After losing his job two years ago and living out of his van, which was after losing his family's house and getting divorced, James took up songwriting to finally try his hand at the creative arts. At first, his lyrics were essentially poems. After ordering two songwriting books, James got a little better at the craft. He also remixed the background music he selected for "This Time and Then" after taking a class in Logic.

During his two years of being homeless, James has written and produced seven hip hop and one R&B tracks. Most of the work on his songs, including the cover artwork, writing, and background ("beat") music selection was done using a cell phone, after his MacBook was stolen.

"Wrigley Field," a sequel to "This Time and Then," is a playful rap song, where James comes to Slim's "rescue" by providing a warning to - in good fun only - similar to a diss track - Machine Gun Kelly, regarding MGK's Eminem diss (disrespect) song. James views "salute" songs as being the opposite of "diss" songs, and he hopes they become popularized.

"Similar to the Stan in the Eminem song and music video, I DM'd Slim on Instagram, but didn't hear back," James says. "However, he may have given me a lyrics wink in one of his songs as 'Gilligan.' Of course, I can't know for sure. It's just close to my last name, and I also used 'Gilligan' in my "Wrigley Field" lyrics."

"This Time and Then" and "Wrigley Field" are available on streaming platforms under the artist name "James Bernard Guiltinan."

For more information about James music video Kickstarter campaign:


Listen to "This Time and Then:"

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Photo Caption: "This Time and Then"


Photo Caption: "Wrigley Field"

James Guiltinan

No celebrity endorsement or affiliation claimed or implied.

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Hidden Compass Invites Public to Partner with Storytellers in Unprecedented Journalism Model

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- This week, Hidden Compass, an award-winning quarterly magazine on exploration, became the first media company in the world to host crowdfunding campaigns with every journalist they publish.

"We're betting our future, and our hopes for journalism, on the idea that the public will embrace the opportunity to meet and support individual journalists," says Co-founder, Sabine K. Bergmann.

Hidden Compass launched their pioneering business model on October 13th, through a fresh website and a new issue that celebrates journalists as heroes. Each contributor will receive their share of crowd-funding proceeds on top of the magazine's pay rates. The mission is to turn nerds - like journalists, scientists, artists, and explorers - into household names.

The new model allows Hidden Compass to publish without relying on clicks, targeted advertising or selling user data. Drawing inspiration from farm-to-table trends in the food industry, the publication invites audiences to see and support where the stories they read are coming from.

"We are in the era of junk food media," says Co-Founder Sivani Babu. "But we see a future where publications don't have to enable our addiction to clickable content. We see a future where journalism is sustainable. Hidden Compass is the first step towards that future. We're the antidote to clickbait."

More information:

About Hidden Compass:

Hidden Compass was founded in 2017 and is based in Santa Barbara and Berkeley, California. It was co-founded by award-winning journalist and photographer Sivani Babu and award-winning journalist and editor Sabine K. Bergmann. Hidden Compass is a publication that showcases scientists, explorers, artists and journalists, and invites the public to partner with these heroes.

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Phenomenology Virtually Connects Broadway Talent to Public Schools During COVID-19

FREDERICK, Md. -- Phenomenology, Inc., an innovative production model in the performing arts, is facilitating connections between Broadway performers and the Academy of Fine Arts, which brings together more than 80 students across 10 public high schools who are interested in learning visual art, dance, music and theatre.

As public school programs across the United States struggle to establish meaningful curriculum due to remote and socially-distanced learning, caused by the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency, Phenomenology decided to take action to help bring master class programming to the AFA, featuring numerous Broadway performers, including, Jon Rua ("Hamilton"), Matt Wolpe ("Finding Neverland"), Jawan Jackson ("Ain't Too Proud"), Ginna Claire Mason ("Wicked") and others.

"As a corridor for the performing arts, the central mission of Phenomenology is to bring Broadway talent, projects and opportunities to Frederick, Maryland," said Jeffery Keilholtz, CEO/Artistic Director of Phenomenology. "Because of the leadership structure of our organization, Phenomenology is uniquely positioned to help connect AFA students to many of the most exciting performers on Broadway, and we are committed to increasing those opportunities for students in this new school year in a safe and effective way."

Broadway performers will conduct master classes for AFA students in remote fashion, where students and performers connect with each other online and in real time.

The AFA is an artistic community and career pathway program for Frederick County Public School students in grades 10-12. According to AFA Coordinator, Jonathan Kurtz, students participate in rigorous instruction that prepares them to enter some of the most demanding collegiate and professional arts programs. Some AFA classes are also for college credit.

"Phenomenology is providing access to Broadway professionals given that travel is not a possibility in our COVID-19 environment," says Kurtz. "Students are still able to learn from the experience of professionals and engage with them, thanks to the connections that Phenomenology provides."

Earlier in 2020, Phenomenology worked with AFA and area schools to facilitate a virtual performance opportunity for Maryland students by having Jackson ("Ain't Too Proud"), as their audience. Jackson also provided one-on-one insight with many of the student performers. Phenomenology also arranged to have Mason ("Wicked"), as a surprise AFA commencement speaker for graduating students in 2020.

Jackson and Mason are working with AFA students again, thanks to this new, more robust initiative facilitated by Phenomenology.

For more information about Phenomenology visit:

About Phenomenology, Inc.:

Phenomenology, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is an innovative production model to raise the quality of life for performing artists and technicians by creating meaningful partnerships in the entertainment industry - coupled with the production of high-value projects - to generate a first-of-its-kind corridor of professional activity between Frederick, Maryland and major media markets.

More information:

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Bella Zuniga and Luiz Gohara Announce the Birth of Their Baby Girl

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Colombian model, Bella Zuniga, and her partner, Luiz Gohara, a Brazilian baseball player, are excited to announce the birth of their healthy baby girl, Emilia. She was born in Arizona on July 23 and is the couple's first child together. The name, Emilia, was chosen by the couple to honor Zuniga's grandmother.

"We are over the moon in love with her," Zuniga and Gohara share.

The couple plan to raise Emilia in the United States and are dedicating their time to taking care of her. Zuniga plans to return to her modeling job after a while and Gohara plans to find a new baseball team to play for in the future when things settle down.

During pregnancy, the couple decided they did not want to know the sex of their baby. They preferred it be a surprise.

"And, it was a wonderful surprise," Zuniga says. "I've always wanted a daughter and I can't wait for us to do fun things together. It feels so surreal to be a mom and I'm excited about this new stage of my life."

With an extensive social media presence, the duo will document their family's developments and adventures for their followers.

Zuniga documented her pregnancy to her fanbase and announced the birth of her baby on Instagram with an adorable post of Emilia sleeping, captioned: "Welcome to the world my little princess." The post received a positive reaction from followers, with fans congratulating the couple on their new baby.

"It's Bella's Life" is Zuniga's YouTube channel. She regularly posts makeup content and family vlogs so viewers can get a glimpse into her life. On September 17, she posted a vlog at Wildlife World Zoo, showcasing precious footage of Emilia watching the animals.

Zuniga and Gohara began their relationship back in 2018 while Gohara was playing for the Atlanta Braves. They have been together ever since and look forward to a bright future together raising their new daughter.

For more information, visit:



Caption: Bella Zuniga


Caption: Luiz Gohara

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Music for Choir and Orchestra Becomes Mystical Reflection of Life and Memory in Brian Field’s New Album

LONDON, UK -- RMN Classical is excited to announce that "CHORAL & ORCHESTRAL WORKS" by Brian Field, produced by Rick Romano and distributed by RMN Music, will be released worldwide on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music and all digital platforms on October 15, 2020. The album, a collection of 12 works written by the composer in recent years, explores mysticism and includes instrumental works for ensemble, large orchestra and choral works. His works are performed throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The jazz-flavored instrumental track, "Nine, Four by Four," opens the album followed by a section of choral works with English lyrics. The orchestral "Shiva Tandava" completes the first half of the album and unlocks an exotic mysticism. Mirroring the opening, it's followed by the second section of choral works - this time based on Latin text.

"Beatitudines," a far-reaching work, sees the choir and a large orchestra conjunct. Two tracks for choir and organ close the Latin section leading the listener to the final track. A little gem, gospel-like song, "Sweet Forgiveness," brings the album to completion in a coda-like style.

"This compilation of 12 works showcases some of my more recent choral and large-scale instrumental/orchestral works," Fields, an internationally-acclaimed and renowned composer, says.

The music is an eclectic fusion of lyricism and driving rhythm that brings together elements of post-romanticism, minimalism and jazz.

"Apart from the jazz-influenced, 'Nine, Four by Four,' the works in this compilation embrace and celebrate the mystical. In many cases, these are mystical elements of faith and in others the secular, though equally mystical reflections of life and memory," Fields says.

The album features performances by esteemed musicians, ensembles and orchestras including the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and Choir conducted by Peter Illénay; the Composes' Choir conducted by Daniel Shaw; the Lviv Philharmonic Society & Chorus conducted by Ferdinando Nazzaro; and Heelan Chorale conducted by John Flannery.

"I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with Brian, a truly rare contemporary talent and an all-around great person," RMN Classical music director, Romano, says. "He was the winner of our competition for new music - which is how we discovered him - and I'm incredibly excited to release this album and showcase all his music ideas."

Guy Rickards, Gramophone, says, "Listening to [Brian Field's] First Quartet makes me want to hear more. It's four very rhythmic movements are models of concision, real dialogues between the four musicians."

About Brian Field

Field began his musical endeavors at a very early age. He studied piano and then received an undergraduate degree in music and English literature; a master's in music from the Juilliard School in New York City and a doctorate from Columbia University. Field studied and deepened his musical knowledge with Noel Zahler, Zosia Jacynowicz, John Anthony, Linda Skernick, Milton Babbitt, George Edwards and Mario Davidovsky, among others. An award-winning composer, his compositions are recorded on various classical record labels and distributed worldwide. He has written music for solo, chamber ensemble and orchestra, ballet, stage and television.

For more information about Field:

About RMN Classical

RMN Classical is a specialized label - part of RMN Music, and launched by composer-producer, Rick Romano, to promote and nurture the contemporary and sound-art music scene in all its ramifications developing and producing original ideas and voices through a range of projects and releases curating and nurturing an ever-growing catalogue of works and artists.

For more information:

About RMN Music

London-based, RMN Music is an independent music company created to empower contemporary artists and audience through a series of strategic services and projects, connecting music and people crafting unique experiences, fueling ideas and imagination.

Its labels - RMN Records, RMN Classical - promote musical diversity through production, promotion and development of a variety of different projects including new album releases and events across a wide range of genres with no distinction of countries, age or background.

More information:

Twitter account: @RMNMusicProd

Facebook account:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo Caption: Brian Field, "Choral and Orchestral Works."

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New Thriller Author to Donate 50 Percent of Book Sales to Help Stop Human Sex Trafficking

HUGO, Minn. -- In this first book of a new five-part series, "La Familia: Loose Ends" (ISBN: 978-1735416007), author Corey Cepeda of Razor Sharp Publishing, introduces readers to a ruling family reigning terror over Mexico - the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. Filled with political intrigue, murder and family drama, the twists and turns take readers on a page-turning ride they're not soon to forget.

Each book in this five-part series will have a portion of sales donated for different issues including cancer and dementia / Alzheimer's research. 50 percent of the proceeds from the first book will go to organizations in Minnesota that are working to fight human sex trafficking.

"La Familia: Loose Ends" starts with the attempted murder of the country's most powerful drug lord, Vicente De Los Santos, who also happens to be the nation's ruler. It all happens at his 10-year old daughter's birthday party and in the wake, innocent children and women are killed, quickly leading to a national Armageddon. Severely injured, Vicente, "The Boss of Bosses," is out for blood. His eldest son, Ignacio, joins his avenging father while he carries secrets of his own and Ignacio's brother, Santino, returns home to help his family, but becomes suspect that something deeply sinister is afoot.

Vicente's brother, Aurelio, an honest and fierce lieutenant in the Sinaloa State police, opens an investigation and quickly pieces together a frightening enemy. Gabriella, Vicente's wife, is a cunning business woman and mother. She works to keep the family, including her young daughter, Lucita, together while she continues to support the efforts of her ruthless husband.

"I've had the story in my head in for a few years," Cepeda says. "After a recent career break from working in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided it was time to put pen to paper. The words poured out effortlessly."

Inspired by TV shows such as "Breaking Bad" and "Sons of Anarchy," Cepeda says he wanted to write something that showed true conflict between characters.

"I wanted to create a series that I'd want to read - something engaging, gripping, dark and conflicted," he says. "This series is the end result."

"La Familia: Loose Ends" is a phenomenal introduction into the underbelly of the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. It exposes a highly complex and powerful family who are destined for a tragic end.

Cepeda captures this spectacularly uncompromising fictional account of a complex and merciless family that struggles with two things: How to maintain their chokehold on the drug empire they have created; and the bloodlines that bond them.

The book is available in print and digital format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from all other major book retailers.

For more information:


About the Author

First-time Minnesota author, Corey Cepeda, nails his epic introduction to the De Los Santos Family. With no formal education or background in writing, Cepeda wrote "La Familia: Loose Ends" in three short months.

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo Caption: Cover, "La Familia: Loose Ends."

Corey Cepeda
of Razor Sharp Publishing

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Mocha Media Inc. Launches its New Publishing Division with the Announcement of EAT TO LIVE: A POST PANDEMIC LIFESTYLE by Four Time New York Times Best Seller Russell Simmons

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Mocha Media Inc. ( launches its Publishing Division with the announcement of the upcoming book "Eat to Live: A Post Pandemic Lifestyle" (Mocha Media Inc., Hardcover: On Sale: December 22, 2020; $29.99; ISBN: 978-0999158456) by four Time New York Times Best Selling Author, Russell Simmons.

Mocha Media Inc, is a new publishing venture created by Mocha Ochoa, CEO of The Oracle Group International, A Black Woman owned Publishing Consulting Firm.

As part of his birthday celebrations, Russell Simmons unveiled the "Eat to Live" book cover at gatherings held online, at his home in Bali hosted by his daughters Ming and Aoki, and at the historic Ben's Next Door in Washington D.C., hosted by publisher Mocha Ochoa.

In conjunction with the theme of the book, each party reflected "A Post Pandemic Lifestyle." In Bali, Simmons used this opportunity to give the gift of COVID testing to the residents of Ubud Bali.

In Washington D.C., guests engaged with Simmons and his co-writer Simone Reyes as they spoke about Eat To Live in a masked, socially distanced event. Included in the book cover unveiling were Zoomed testimonials from fellow vegans Jermaine Dupree, John Salley along with other notables to include Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Jr., Kimora Lee, and his brothers Rev Run and Danny Simmons.

According to Mr. Simmons, "I want the rest of my life to be about service and helping to uplift people spiritually and physically; so they can have happier, healthier lives. I lost so many friends from COVID due to preventable preexisting health conditions which were attacked by COVID. This book is dedicated to those wanting to make a little bit of a change."

"Now is the time to not only reclaim ownership of stories that celebrate our Blackness," says Mocha Ochoa. "But we must also ensure that there are platforms for writers to operate as change agents, just like they did in Harlem Renaissance and Negritude movements. In creating these spaces where we can discuss these ideas, we will be able to hold the conversations that inspire solutions and ultimately lead to the healing of our communities."


Russell Simmons a four-time New York Times Best Selling Author. He is an American entrepreneur, record executive, writer, and film producer who has transformed himself from an overweight/smoking/drug user to a healthy, fit, vegan yogi. He is currently the Co-Executive Chairman of Gushcloud International and President of Gushcloud Talent Agency, co-founder of the hip hop music label Def Jam Recordings, and created the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and Tantris.


Mocha Media Inc. founded by Mocha Ochoa is a Black Woman owned publishing company created to provide a platform in the publishing industry where black voices and stories are celebrated. Ms. Ochoa is the CEO of The Oracle Group International, an award winning literary public relations firm and publishing consulting firm. Learn more about The Oracle Group International:

"Eat to Live: A Post Pandemic Lifestyle" is available for pre-order at Mocha Media Inc -

For Media Inquiries please contact:
Mocha Ochoa
Phone: 202-210-0925

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Cover, "Eat to Live: A Post Pandemic Lifestyle" by Russell Simmons.

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