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Designer John Robert Wiltgen Beats the Odds: ‘The Candy in My Pocket’ – An Inspirational Memoir About Designing Your Best Life

CHICAGO, Ill. -- With holiday shopping just around the corner, John Robert Wiltgen's riveting memoir "The Candy in My Pocket" (ISBN: 979-8986007007), is now available for the gift giving season. As a type 1 diabetic for more than 55 years, Wiltgen has been a successful business owner and now author whose memoir describes his journey of finding joy and success amidst a life riddled with obstacles and despair due to insulin-dependent diabetes.

Critics describe "The Candy in My Pocket" as an inspirational but irreverent story about designing your best life despite horrifying circumstances.

His memoir journals the dramatic days of his forty years as an award-winning designer commissioned by celebrities, world leaders, and other luminaries; his (secret) debilitating and death-defying battle with diabetes; and the struggle to hold on to himself and those he cared about along the way.

"I first knew I was going to live an extraordinary life when Zsa Zsa Gabor said I should be on stage," said Wiltgen.

But then Sid Caesar told him, "If you don't have tragedy, you won't have comedy."

The years have taught Wiltgen they were both right.

Wiltgen was diagnosed with T1D when he was eight. At that time, his parents were told he would not live to see 40. For a kid from a middle-class suburb of Chicago his life has been exceptional.

He graduated high school in three years.

When he was 16, he apprenticed at a theatre working with Hollywood legends such as Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor, Louis Jordan, Leslie Caron, Syd Caesar, and Imogene Coca.

Wiltgen started his own residential design firm at 18 and never looked back-even when he could not see. "After all, who wants to hire a blind designer?" he laughs.

Wiltgen fought diabetic retinopathy in his early 20's for four years and won. A year later he was told he needed a kidney transplant. Performed at the University of Minnesota, it is now 36 years post-surgery and still functioning! "The surgeons told me it would last 12-15 years but they were mistaken," said Wiltgen.

In his 30's he developed heart disease, fought cellulitis, osteomyelitis, a below the knee amputation, pulmonary fibrosis and skin cancer.

Wiltgen also survived COVID in April of 2020 when no one knew anything about it. "The doctors would not come into my room. Instead, they phoned me on the hospital's phone to find out how I was doing," he said.

Nonetheless, his memoir includes larger-than life tales that are extremely entertaining. Though his life involves many tragedies, it also includes exciting personal and professional adventures as well as celebrity cameos with stars such as Jane Seymour, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie, Sean and Robyn Wright Penn, Steve Harvey, John Cusack, the former Governor and First Lady of Lagos State, Nigeria (who is now running for President of that country) and Jesus.

His career has included designing homes across the United States, Canada, Mexico-even Africa. Wiltgen has appeared on HGTV, NBC, FOX, WTTW etc. His completed projects have been featured in more than 200 newspapers and magazines not including the hardcover coffee table books that also display his work. He has received 45 awards from his peers.

Navid Ziran, an orthopedic trauma surgeon said, "I perform many amputations due to diabetic foot infections and am very familiar with the effects of diabetes on the mental and physical quality of life as well as the overall longevity."

"The five-year mortality rate after an amputation is 62%," Ziran noted. Other individuals would have died a long time ago, yet he not only survived but became a world-renown designer," said Ziran.

"John is a quintessential example of how the human spirit can not only adapt but also flourish and succeed despite overwhelming obstacles. Truly, his life story embraces "ad astra per aspera"-a crooked path leads to the stars," said Ziran.

"I would say that regarding survivability and inner strength, John represents the end of the bell curve for not only diabetic patients but also humans," he concluded.

Holly Hunt, founder of the celebrated luxury home furnishings and design brand said, "John has a talent for storytelling and writing as well as for design, but the most important part of this memoir is his amazing energy and determination to live with the debilitating disease type 1 diabetes, Hunt said. "He enjoys a full life gathering fabulous, famous and adventurous friends, and gives back to many far more than he takes. He never looks back, always forward choosing to be happy and fully engaged while hiding his scars and physically damaged parts with Versace!"

Cynthia Rowley, global fashion designer, remarked, "I laughed out loud at every story. John's triumph over medical adversity is enormously uplifting. He chooses joy, happiness and unwavering positivity in his quest to live life on his own terms. I have never met a person with more energy and pathological optimism."

"I wrote this book to help people of all beliefs and backgrounds remain optimistic in the worst of times-no matter what personal or professional challenges they're dealing with," stated Wiltgen. "You might not have diabetes or know someone who does, but we all have challenges-and need stories exemplifying how to live our best lives-or, at least, laugh while trying!"

"The Candy in My Pocket" would make a great holiday gift not only for any one of the 500,000,000 diabetics around the globe, but for anyone fighting a debilitating disease. It can be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Book Depository, even Walmart.


For more information, please go to the following websites:

A portion of the profits realized from the sale of this book will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

John Robert Wiltgen has spoken on numerous topics at various venues including colleges, trade shows, private clubs, professional organizations and numerous podcasts. He's appeared on HGTV's I Want That! Baths; I Want That! Kitchens; and Homes Across America as well as NBC's Open House, Fox Television, and WTTW. He is a great interview.


John Robert Wiltgen started writing as soon as his mother bought him a used Underwood typewriter at a garage sale. During middle school he was editor of the school newspaper. He graduated high school in 3 years studying art, literature, creative writing and theater. After a brief stint at design school, he embarked on his career as a residential designer and never looked back.

Wiltgen continued to grow his award-winning and successful residential design firm while fighting many obstacles. He obsessed over making his client's worlds beautiful taking him across North America and halfway around the world-from Chicago's Gold Coast to Africa's Ivory Coast. John Robert Wiltgen Design is synonymous with its reputation for excellence and superior quality in design, styling, and craftsmanship.

"The Candy in My Pocket" is Wiltgen's first book-a very personal memoir. However, he promises to delve into writing fiction next.

About his life John likes to quote the American writer, Elbert Hubbard. Born in 1857, raised in Illinois, he wrote, "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out alive."

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New Book, ‘The Power of the Pen,’ Gives Insights into the World of Handwriting Analysis

SEATTLE, Wash. -- With its first-ever published book, "The Power of the Pen: from the unconscious to the conscious" (ISBN: 978-1970181340), The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) showcases 23 unique perspectives on handwriting analysis and its modern uses. Each essay is penned by a respected handwriting analyst and explores topics such as handwriting research in the digital age, human resources, the effects of medication on handwriting, genealogy, deception, signature analysis, psychology, and so much more.

Filled with personal stories and handwriting psychology, "The Power of the Pen" is a rare look into the world of handwriting analysis and highlights how people around the world study and use graphology today.

"AHAF is proud to present 'The Power of the Pen,' an Anthology that captures not just the technical side of graphology, but also the spirit and passion that brings it to life. 'The Power of the Pen' represents decades of dedication, study, practical research and application of graphological principles by widely respected handwriting analysts and graphologists," said Lauren Mooney Bear, AHAF President.

"After working in this field for more than 50 years, it was a great privilege to bring together these professionals and shepherd their work into a one-of-a-kind publication. 'The Power of the Pen' anthology does what no other book on handwriting analysis does: it offers a broad spectrum of topics and perspectives on all levels of interest and expertise," said Sheila Lowe, AHAF Immediate Past President and Editor.

The foreword, contributed by neuroscientist, Dr. Mark Noble, affirms the special effects writing has on the brain and how writing by hand is more effective than the computer when it comes to learning.

"The Power of the Pen: from unconscious to conscious" is 362 pages and is now available through Amazon:

Intro Video (YouTube):

About AHAF:

The Foundation is a 501-(c)6 non-profit organization, chartered and incorporated in California, and are the sponsors of Campaign for Cursive. Visit

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‘Achieving Life Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Goal’ – Personal Development Writer Releases Inspiring Book On Finding Your Purpose

OTTAWA, Ontario -- An inspiring story about finding your purpose and achieving happiness by tapping into three spheres: personal growth, family values, and career focus, "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction" (ISBN: 978-0228880103; Tellwell Publishing) is a personal development novel by author Jonathan J. Woolverton.

A new release, "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction," tells the story of how achieving life satisfaction is our ultimate goal. And to achieve it, we must set out our purposes in life. We exist in three spheres: our Personal Growth sphere, where we determine what we wish to accomplish in our own personal life given what is important to us; our Family Values sphere, where we set out our goals and objectives for what we wish to accomplish as a family unit; and our Career Focus sphere, where achieving a certain status and income level will determine our successes and accomplishments as they relate to our working life. As well we must determine how to achieve happiness in our life-after-work years.

When asked why Woolverton wrote "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction," he said: "The world has become more chaotic over the past couple of decades. The stresses, pressures, and worries in our lives have grown exponentially. It has become more difficult to find happiness and joy in life. We have lost the ability to balance our lives effectively between what we require to achieve what is important to us on a personal basis, how to achieve a balance between our career goals and our family priorities, how to manage our expectations against reality, and how to ensure that our life-after-work years result in true life satisfaction."

The recently published personal development novel is perfect for readers ready to clarify their life goals and purpose and strive for their ultimate goal: achieving life satisfaction.

"For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction" is available through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $21.99), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and Booktopia.

More information about the book on Amazon:


JONATHAN J. WOOLVERTON was born in Ontario, Canada. Shortly after that, he moved with his family to the U.S. J.J. attended a private boys' school in Western New York State and later enrolled in a university in Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a BBA in economics and accounting with a minor in psychology. Over his career, J.J. has consulted and advised committee members on how to set and accomplish their internal goals and objectives within their own organizations.

Learn more at:

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Publishers Newswire announces annual Books to Bookmark List for Dec. 2022 – 10 Great Reads You’ve Likely Never Seen

TEMECULA, Calif. -- Publishers Newswire (PNW), a news publisher covering books, music and software launched in 2004, has announced its annual "books to bookmark" list of 10 new and interesting reads from small publishers and self-published authors in North America published in 2022. These books are often overlooked due to not coming from major traditional book publishing houses.

"A notable trend in 2022 was the illustrated children's book, teaching youngsters to deal with grief from loss of a loved one, or explaining the pandemic, or both," says PNW editor and publisher, Christopher Laird Simmons, who has worked in the publishing world since the late '70s, and is also CEO of the website's parent company, NEOTROPE®. "Adoption and memoirs were also a trend in small publishing, more so than the common business and financial books, or general adult fiction. For our annual list we've picked a diverse and worthwhile line-up for avid readers to discover."

Herewith are 10 interesting reads worth a look (alphabetical order, based on book title):

"A Secret Revealed" (ISBN 978-1954682351; J2B Publishing; 136pp) by Robert Stowe England is debut novel, tells the story of Dean Farley, a young boy growing up in post-World War II America trying to gain confidence in himself by earning the respect of his parents and peers. A small North Carolina community is the crucible Robert Stowe England, a veteran financial author, uses in "A Secret Revealed" for Dean to figure out if he has the mettle and ability to handle adult life.

"Avoiding Swindlers" (ISBN: 978-0228881179; Tellwell Talent; 360pp) by Canadian author Al Rosen, is a book full of warnings based on true events. Investors lose multi-millions of dollars to financial tricksters. Social media and new investing apps have encouraged new investors to buy into "hot tips" - this has created more hazards and swindlers. Al Rosen wrote "Avoiding Swindlers" so individuals can learn to identify red flags. Al Rosen has served as a university professor (holding a PhD) with several qualifications in the fields of investigative accounting and reporting (such as acting as a fraud examiner) for over 35 years.

"Here Comes Cowboy Larry, Stepping Out In Faith" (ISBN 978-1667838816; Reality Marketing And Design; 116pp) is the biographical story of Larry Callies in his own words, where he dreamt from the age of ten of becoming a Cowboy; and his spiritual journey as man of color to the founding of the First Museum honoring the long history of the Black Cowboy Heritage. This must-read story shares insight into Larry's unshakeable grit, unrelenting compassion, unbending stubbornness, and unmistakable kindness which Larry cultivated while growing up in a segregated Southeast Texas over three decades on ranches, singing Country Western songs at the then segregated Gilley's Nightclub with Gilley's all white band, and life-risking bull penning jobs. Larry is a professional cowboy, singer, writer, and museum curator.

"I Slept in My Bed Last Night" (ISBN 979-8985784404; WF Publications; 32pp) by seven-year-old author, Sammy Wallace, is his debut rhyming children's picture book. The book is a comical story about a boy who finally decides to sleep in his bed. While fast asleep, a mysterious monster wakes him up from his dream. Confused as to exactly what the monster is, and what the monster wants, the brave boy contemplates a series of possibilities as he tries to unlock the mystery. Sammy created the premise of the book at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles. Due to school closures, Sammy kept busy with his imagination and often composed stories with his grandmother, Dr. Gwendolyn Mukes, who transcribed the book for him, and felt that it was important to help Sammy find his literary voice while maintaining a sense of wonder and imagination.

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery" (ISBN: 978-1956955071; Savage Sports LLC; Legacy Launch Pad Publishing; 448pp), the first book by Robert Sikes. While Sikes was always interested in competitive bodybuilding, the "bro dieting" approach based on junk calories, extreme caloric deficits and carbohydrates resulted in disastrous side effects. The book is the result of Sikes' experiences as a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach, specifically his transition from carbohydrate-based training protocols to ketogenic ones, and its resultant performance benefits.

"Love Without Wings: An Adoption Fairytale" (ISBN: 979-8986768014; BookBaby; 36pp), by Adam Swain Ferguson and Illustrated by Veronica Stanley Hooper, was inspired by a true story - his own story - and celebrates diverse families made complete through adoption. While "Love Without Wings" is written for children, it's also the perfect read for adoption agency staff, counselors and teachers in search of a positive educational tool.

"ScootieToots and the Feathers From Heaven: A Family Healing Book" (ISBN: 978-0228866862; Tellwell Talent; 66pp) by Audri B. Cabness is a whimsical children's story with a powerful message that offers families an uplifting vantage point, at any point in their healing process, from which they are given the opportunity to begin to pivot from despair to serenity. CABNESS is an author from the United States, and is also the founder of The Sebastiens Smile Foundation. Cabness endured the pain associated with the loss of her beloved infant son, in whose honor the book was written.

"The Velocity of Information - Human Thinking During Chaotic Times" (ISBN: 978-1475865455; Rowman & Littlefield; 208pp), authored by David P. Perrodin, Ph.D., rigorously clarifies and deepens how we think about societal human behavior and mental health during days, weeks, months, or even years of chaos. This is an invigorating scholarly work for all audiences. Utilizing several in-depth personal interviews and explorations of historical and contemporary events, "The Velocity of Information" provides a functional and realistic roadmap with specific, actionable guidance on how to navigate chaos. Perrodin is an author, researcher, professor, and host of "The Safety Doc" podcast. Dr. Perrodin is a speech-language pathologist specializing in psycholinguistics.

"The World According to Bess: A Funny, Unfiltered Memoir of Life Lessons from My 90-Year-Old Mom" (ISBN: 978-1956955330; Legacy Launch Pad Publishing; 168pp), by Bonnie Lorber Habyan is a treasure trove of motherly insights and a "love letter" to her mother. Reflecting on their mother-daughter bond, Habyan details the hilarious and insightful things her mother has said and done over the years. In the latter chapters, she also examines how their relationship has been shifting as Bess battles with dementia. Habyan is a speaker and a chief marketing officer working in real estate in finance, and has had rich life experiences that include earning her MBA as well as being a corporate spokesperson, a news reporter, and a radio DJ for a call-in love songs program.

"Uncle Rocky - Fireman #10 - Ice Rescue" (ISBN: 978-1954682160; J2B Publishing; 36pp), authored by James Burd Brewster is the 10th Uncle Rocky - Fireman book in the "Glad to do it!" children's series and is illustrated for kids aged 3-7. The series, illustrated by Mary Barrows, honors first responders by retelling true-life emergency response stories through the eyes of its characters: Uncle Rocky - Fireman, Officers Jack and Kate and EMT Morales.


Learn more about additional books you've probably never heard of here:


Publishers Newswire is an online publication founded in 2004, part of the Neotrope News Network, covering books and publishing, music and software news. Publishers Newswire does not endorse, "recommend," or review any of the book titles mentioned, and the specific books mentioned are for informational purpose only. No fee or other consideration was paid for inclusion in this list.


Neotrope has been in the publishing business since the late 1970s, when then teenage founder Christopher Simmons published first "The Comic Collectors Comic Checklist" sold at the San Diego Comic-Con. The company went on to publish "The Galaxy of Fandom" a one-off entertainment magazine, and later "The Adama Journal" a fanzine for "Battlestar Galactica." In 1982, "The Unicorn Hunters Guidebook" was featured in Playboy magazine. In 1987, a fanzine for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" called "Galaxy Class" launched. In 2008, the company published "FRACTOPIA" a coffee table art book by Simmons (ISBN: 978-0971055506; Neotrope Press).

The company publishing unit was originally called Silver Unicorn Graphics (S.U. Graphics and Marketing), became Mindset Press in 1987 and Neotrope Press in 1997. The Neotrope News Network was launched in 2004.

The company is also a leader in online advertising and marketing, public relations, music/video and multimedia. Neotrope is based in the Southern California wine country of Temecula. Neotrope® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and Europe. The company celebrates its 40th anniversary in Jan. 2023.

Christopher Simmons has been a working journalist since 1984 when he sold his first article to POLYPHONY magazine. Later writing for diverse pubs including Computer Player, Digital Imaging, Micro Publishing News, Spazz, the Graphic Artist's Guild newspaper, among many others. He has been widely interviewed on topics related to technology, marketing, health and entertainment.

Learn more about Neotrope at: (website under reconstruction for 2023).

NOTE: NEOTROPE does not publish any of the books mentioned in this press release nor represent any author or publisher in an agency capacity. For questions about any of the books mentioned contact the author or publisher directly and not this website.

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A Threat Is Coming – Only He Can Stop It: Fantasy Writer Releases Thrilling Tale Of Heroes and Foes in ‘Beginning of Arrogance’

TORONTO, Ontario -- A fantastical story set in a world where paladins are heroes and the champions of the gods finds itself in the shadow of a looming threat. Their only choice? To rely on the services of an uneducated, incapable and stubborn paladin named Krell, whose adventures we follow in the fantasy novel "Beginning of Arrogance" (ISBN: 978-0228868668; Tellwell) by Bryan Cole.

A new release, "Beginning of Arrogance," is set in a world where paladins are nothing but trouble and stories about paladins are everywhere. Paladins are notorious for upsetting the balance of power, to the detriment of any who don't worship their deity. So when Krell is called to service by the capricious god of the seas and skies, ReckNor, those with wealth and power, can't help but be concerned. ReckNor hasn't called a paladin in years, and his nature is ever-changing and erratic.

The fact that Krell is also an uneducated nobody with a stubborn streak as wide as the sea turns their concerns into fear. All of which matters less than the threat clawing its way from the waves, ready to turn the ocean red with spilled blood....

"I rarely, if ever, see the implications of gods being active entities who seek out followers while in competition with other gods for followers," says Cole. "I want to tell the story of how I would see when such a person is called to serve by a god in this fashion, one where the god takes an active role in trying to preserve the fate of his followers."

The recently published fantasy is perfect for fans of "Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones" as it has already received high praise from fantasy lovers, saying it is "...a promising start to a series that high-fantasy fans will enjoy" and had an ending that "kept me hanging on for more..."

"Beginning of Arrogance" is available through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $21.99), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Booktopia, and Indigo.


BRYAN COLE is an avid reader and has loved the fantasy genre since he was a child. His love of stories of mighty knights, terrible dragons, and noble steeds has inspired him for decades.

Find out more at

Note to editors: Review copies of "Beginning of Arrogance" are available upon request. Bryan is available for interviews and commentary. Contact info can be found on the author's website, linked above.

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In ‘Last Chance’ a rocket full of misfits hurls towards a new planet, as toilet humor is thrust into the outer reaches of the galaxy

SYDNEY, New South Wales -- "Last Chance: A Future Apocalypse Caught in a Trilogy" by Darren E. Watling (ISBN: 978-0228882879; released Oct., 2022) is a quirky look at earth's final hours. The best and brightest are sent to colonize a more stable planet as earth meets its untimely demise. However a Plan B rocket contains a motley crew who could be described as "wildcards" at best. Humanity's survival hangs in the balance in a new world. Sci-fi fans will be delighted by this experimental book, which is both a novel and an anthology all-in-one, with no shortage of toilet humour.

The earth's epilogue was a forgone conclusion. Our World selects seven of the best human beings that man, woman, and others could put their faith in, to ensure human existence, each displaying traits of a master in his/hers/its field. However, not all traits are in the best interest of humankind. Seven hospital patients are placed on a Plan B shuttle. Life was difficult on Earth and a new planet presents new problems. Will the ex-Fruit and Nut Friendly Psychiatric Hospital patients rise to the challenge? Be sure to read this no holds barred apocalyptic tale that satirizes end-of-the-world dramas.


Darren E. Watling is a first time author, whose comedic novel is a touching tribute to his mother who was unable to finish telling this hilarious tale - a well rated short story that turned heads because of its quirky humor and plot twists.

"Last Chance" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (KDP $3.79) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more. "Last Chance: A Future Apocalypse Caught in a Trilogy" -


Author: Darren E. Watling

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Comedy

Released: October, 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-0228882862

HARDCOVER ISBN-13: 978-0228882879


Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( )

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‘My Spouse, My Friend’ – Educator and counselor writes from a faith perspective to give a crash course on marital relations

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, Alberta -- "My Spouse, My Friend" (ISBN: 978-0228842859) is a must-have book for couples, newlyweds, those long in love, and engaged. A crash course on married life by author Ingiete Oyama.

Released in April 2021, "My Spouse, My Friend" is a crash course on married life, from how to argue like an adult to making financial plans for the future, to how to get along with your in-laws. Written from a faith perspective with a biblical backing and real-life anecdotes, "My Spouse, My Friend" is a guide to navigating questions about marriage and finding answers.

Author Ingiete Oyama sets you in a front row seat as she highlights the necessity for spouses to treat each other as friends and not foes. The book centers on the blessings that abound in marriage when couples choose to love each other and put God at the helm of affairs in their lives. Best summed up as intentional or purposeful marriage.

"My intention for writing this book is to help couples reclaim their intimacies and unite in perfect matrimony. They should also realize God's intention in instituting marriage," said Oyama when reflecting on her book.

"I am convinced that the Lord God who put this idea in me would bless everyone with a very fulfilled marriage and God's blessings and protection. Hopefully this book succeeds in bringing back the fun in marriage, where couples can be themselves and are not afraid to laugh freely with each other. Reinstates friendship, abundant love, and understanding between all couples. Where the lightheartedness of friendship and love exist and where man and woman work toward common goals of unity, happiness, and love."


INGIETE OYAMA is an accomplished, married and well-educated woman, whose passions lean heavily toward helping others. She has a master's degree in counseling, child and adolescent welfare, occupational health, rehabilitation and return to work, as well as other credits in addiction and behavior management. She is a mother of five, an educator and counselor.

To learn more about author Ingiete Oyama's writing debut and "My Spouse, My Friend," please visit

"My Spouse, My Friend" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $23) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Author: Ingiete Oyama

Genre: Self-Help

Released: April 2021

PAPERBACK: ISBN-13: 9780228842859

HARDCOVER: ISBN-13: 9780228842866

EBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228842873

AUDIOBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228848875

Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( ).

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A chaotic blend of love, betrayal, and the need for human connection

TORONTO, Ontario -- In Yvonne Van Lankveld's current novel "The Park Street Secrets" (ISBN: 978-0228869252; released Sept., 2022), new neighbors move into a historic government building and classic film location on Park Street in Niagara Falls Canada. The building was featured in the film noir "Niagara" starring Marilyn Monroe.

This new story adds even more mystique to the iconic architectural attraction. After being redeveloped into condominiums, several new tenants begin to call Park Street home. Some have ties to the location's cultural heritage, while others move in to take refuge and hide their secrets.

"The Park Street Secrets" features siblings Lily and Rose, whose animosity towards each other threatens to invalidate their inheritance. The pair must cohabit for one year to receive what is bequeathed to them. They move into one of the seven new Park Street condominiums together. Their new neighbors include Gracie Sheehan, a woman determined to start a new life, as well as two young lovers, and a self-centered customs broker who always gets whom and what he wants. The building manager holds secrets of his own, making The Park Street Secrets a chaotic blend of love, betrayal, and the need for human connection.

About the Author:

Yvonne's love of words began early in childhood. Her first career as a Registered Nurse was supported by two diplomas from Mohawk College, and a Bachelor's degree in Community Health Sciences from Brock University. Although her writing skills earned her awards and acclaim in many clinical settings and professional nursing journals, she never lost her desire to write fiction.

Yvonne is an active member of the Niagara Branch of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA), and has been part of the CAA Niagara Novel Writers group since January 2022. She is a contributor to the CAA (Niagara Branch) Book: 'Words that Connect Us' - the CAA Niagara Anthology, to be released this month. Yvonne is also a reviewer for the Whistler Independent Book Awards, and profiled on the Canadian Authors Reviewers page.

"The Road to Alright," Yvonne's first novel was released in 2019. The second edition launched in 2022 with "The Park Street Secrets," which she completed during the pandemic. She is currently writing her third novel, "Follow Polly's Lane."

If you would like to find out more about "The Park Street Secrets" visit:


Author: Yvonne Van Lankveld


Buy Link (Amazon):


Released: September 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-0228869252


Publisher: Tellwell ( )

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New book celebrates the magic of adoption and diversity through creative storytelling

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. -- Adam Swain Ferguson, founder, Purple Fox Entertainment, is a creative producer and author. His new book release, "Love Without Wings: An Adoption Fairytale" (ISBN: 979-8986768014), was inspired by a true story - his own story - and celebrates diverse families made complete through adoption. It's scheduled to be released during National Adoption Month (November) on November 19, National Adoption Day and is available for pre-order on the Purple Fox Entertainment website here:

While "Love Without Wings" is written for children, it's also the perfect read for adoption agency staff, counselors and teachers in search of a positive educational tool.

After two years of waiting and wishing, the author and his husband had nearly given up hope on adopting. But then it happened. They received a call that would change their lives forever. The woman who would be their son's biological mother had chosen them to adopt her baby boy.

From the day their son, Taran, was born Ferguson had made up a fairytale-style bedtime story that told a magical tale of how their family came to be. He soon realized that this story had the potential to move beyond the nursery walls. So, he set to work.

The book's storyline centers around two kings who embark on a magical quest to become fathers; they have a shooting star as their guide. At the end of a sparkling trail, their greatest wish is finally fulfilled after a miraculous encounter with a fairy. Coincidentally, she'd been wishing on that same star, but her wish was to find the perfect family for the very special baby growing in her belly.

"As an adoptive dad, I wrote 'Love Without Wings' with hope that it will encourage children to feel pride in the magic that they bring to their families' lives," Ferguson says.

Since becoming a father, Ferguson says he's had difficulty finding books that approach adoption from the creative storytelling side of things. He found most to focus on the mechanics and process. And, he's not alone. To date, many have had the opportunity to preview the book and agree that it takes a refreshing look at adoption.

Amanda K., a director at LifeLong Adoption says, "As an adoptive parent coordinator who works alongside waiting adoptive parents, I appreciate that this book provides hope and light during a journey that can be difficult. The way this story is full of meaning and love is perfectly done."

Geraldine O., Ph.D., a child psychologist shares that the book is "a beautiful and thoughtfully written fairy tale about adoption from the unique perspective of love from the child's biological and adoptive parents."

She says that this is not often depicted in children's picture books and believes that this book will make a wonderful addition to a child's library as well as serving as a much-needed therapeutic tool for child psychologists.

Adoptees are singing its praises too. After reading "Love Without Wings," Mike P. says that he never had the opportunity to read a children's story that reflected his family.

"It's wonderful to see it happening in 'Love Without Wings,' he says. "As an adopted kid, being wanted is a key ingredient to feeling loved, and this book really sends that message."

Veronica Stanley Hooper, the book's illustrator, has created beautiful images with many details for an eager child to discover as their parents read this feel-good story about unconditional love, wishes and dreams come true.

"This unique story shares the elements of adopting a child through a heart-warming storyline," Hooper says. "And, while this tale is perfect for any family wanting to explain adoption to their children, it stands on its own as a classic fairytale too."

Watch the book trailer here:

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About the Author:

Adam Swain Ferguson discovered his calling for film and video production after moving to California in 2017, where he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business, and a Master's in Producing for Television. Now, he's channeling both his professional entertainment experience and innate talent as a storyteller, to produce children's content inspired by his own personal experiences with family growth; including adoption and IVF.

He hopes to continue on this path and to build additional storylines to represent his commitment to diversity by creating a series of book adaptations. He wants children to see themselves through his stories which will eventually showcase a host of different family dynamics and structures.

Currently, Ferguson lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his husband and their son.

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A new book illuminating the real life impacts of depression and anxiety through an evocative fictional narrative

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Author Paul G. Swingle's new novel "Silhouette" (ISBN: 979-8545559596; released Aug., 2022) delivers a brilliant and deceptively simple story, giving us insight into the hearts of two lonely souls. They gaze at each other from a distance, dreaming of forming a bond. Will their fears, depression, and anxiety prevent them from connecting?

On the night of a blue moon, while walking his dog, middle-aged widower Jim sees Gladys on the roof of a neighboring apartment building and is inspired to speak with her. There's just one problem: she can't hear him.

Indeed, Jim isn't even sure that Gladys truly exists-that she isn't just a rooftop patio umbrella silhouetted against the moon. Hampered by debilitating social anxiety, he cannot work up the courage to even wave.

Yet Jim returns to the same spot night after night, and Gladys - who is indeed real - sees him and becomes equally interested. She even contributes to their "conversation," though he cannot hear her either. And while Gladys struggles with her own demons - self-loathing and depression - she is lifted by Jim's attention, even as she describes how difficult her life has been.

Two characters, driven by sadness and a longing to connect. Will they?

About the Author:

Dr. Paul G. Swingle can be considered one of the founding fathers of Clinical Psychoneurophysiology, one of a select few, directly responsible for bringing Neurotherapy out of university labs and clinics to the general populace in the 1980's. His numerous publications including nine books and numerous peer reviewed journal publications.

"Silhouette" is now out independently published and promoted by Tellwell Talent (RRP $7.89) and available through Amazon, Chapters Indigo, and more. Silhouette: 9798451441466: Swingle, Paul G.: Books -


Author: Paul G. Swingle


Released: August 2022

PAPERBACK: ISBN-13: 979-8545559596


Publisher: Independent

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