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The Vaccine for Racism, Inequality, and Hate Has Arrived in The Form of a New Children’s Book Series

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Author/Educator and Chiropractor based in Santa Monica, Dr. Todd Gewant, today announced the release of his 2nd book in the "What I Wish I Was Told" children's book series, "What I Wish I Was Told: Part 2: A Poetic Guide To Unite Us All" (ISBN: 979-8696235394).

Jane Elliott, renowned American diversity educator, endorsed "What I Wish I Was Told Part II," saying, "This book should be taught three times before college, and become the future bible of unification."

The book helps educators (primarily grades 4-12) and parents use illustrated poetry to promote and encourage dialogue with children around topics such as equality, acceptance, unity, and anti-racism. The included curriculum/activity guide helps young people explore their feelings, experiences, and opinions based on current societal issues of life.

"Poetry is an incredibly powerful tool for learning. Children will be taught how to write poetry and socialize appropriately, through the lenses of creative and free thinking, self-directed learning, and reading/writing comprehension. They will learn so much more of 'what I wish I was told' when I was young," says the author, Dr. Todd Gewant.

Each lesson in the book creates a highly unique platform for children to develop important qualities of self-esteem and an appreciation of diversity in all areas of life.

As stated by Dr. Todd, "We can help our children to become positive, caring, and creative adults through this curriculum."

Dr. Todd has been a frequent guest speaker at schools and social organizations, and has consulted with a variety of education administrators and teachers to develop a robust core curriculum around the true values of diversity.

Learn more about this original and timely journey of multicultural themes and modalities at

Both books in the "What I Wish I Was Told" children's book series can be purchased on Dr. Todd's online shop or on Amazon at

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*Caption: Cover, "What I Wish I Was Told: Part 2: A Poetic Guide To Unite Us All."

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Best Selling Author Beth Shaw, CEO and Founder of YogaFit, releases ‘Healing Trauma With Yoga: Go from Surviving to Thriving With Mind-body Techniques’

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Beth Shaw recently released "Healing Trauma With Yoga: Go from Surviving to Thriving With Mind-body Techniques" (Blue River Press, Paperback; $18.41; ISBN: 978-1681577777).

Beth Shaw is the founder and CEO of YogaFit, the world's largest yoga, and mind-body school, established in 1994. She is responsible for bringing yoga into the mainstream with her inclusive style of yoga. YogaFit has a network of over 250,000 people trained across the globe, and her last three books have cumulatively sold over 100,000 copies!

In her fourth book and long-awaited book, Beth is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness, yoga, nutrition, and wellness industries. This unique, user-friendly, and practical guide to understanding and healing the origins and effects of trauma is a comprehensive source of essential information and helpful advice and provides valuable, innovative tools to assist in addressing and working through anxiety, depression, and PTSD, as well as other trauma-related health challenges. These many issues, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have unfortunately compounded, which has made this book a life-changing experience for many.

Most recently Beth has been active on her blog at in hopes of inspiring and assisting others, such as her blog on combating the many stresses COVID-19 has had on those across the globe. Further, Beth Shaw's Instagram is filled with tips and strategies to mitigate stress and be the healthiest version of yourself. Recently, on her blog, Beth stated "Find healthy outlets to reduce your stress levels, yoga, exercise, walking your dog, listening to music, reading, NOT excess drinking, eating, online shopping".

Inside Beth intimately shares some of her very personal experiences with trauma and depression and the results of her years of personal study and reflection. Beth offers essential information and easy implementation of scientifically-proven techniques for self-care and new habits for daily living, exploring a variety of modalities, including yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and Ayurveda.

Learn how to heal yourself and others with Healing Trauma with Yoga:

* Design a multi-faceted healing program based on your needs or those of your clients

* Explore the effects of trauma on the brain and how to redirect neurological pathways

* Find guidance to creating healthier habits to deal with stress and tension

* Bolster your resilience and coping mechanisms as you face daily stressors

* Clear trauma from your body and mind through accessible, innovative yoga techniques

With its foundation firmly rooted in the latest scientific, technological, and practical methods, Healing Trauma with Yoga is designed for anyone who has experienced trauma, has clients or students with trauma-related issues, or is helping a loved one heal. Based on years of successful teaching and recovery using the trauma-sensitive YogaFit program, this book will help you live your best life in happiness, joy, balance, and harmony.

Beth Shaw and YogaFit's Upcoming Events

12/08/2020 - YogaFit Virtual Winter Series, Manage Your Holiday Mood

12/12/2020 - PNW FitCon Virtual Convention - Healing Trauma with Yoga with Beth Shaw

01/01/2021 - YogaLean 8-Week Transformational Program

01/16/2021 - The Yoga Expo, Pasadena, CA

Event info:


Beth Shaw is the founder of YogaFit, which has a network of over 250,000 people trained in yoga across the globe, and her last three books have cumulatively sold over 100,000 copies. She sits on the CanFitPro Advisory Panel, The Humane Society, and the Long Island University Board of Advisors. An E-YRT 500, Beth has spent time in India and Asia studying yoga and holds numerous certificates in fitness disciplines. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Nutrition, is a trained Yoga Therapist, and an Anger Management Specialist.


YogaFit was founded by Beth Shaw in 1994. The Leader in Mind-Body Fitness Education, for over 23 years, YogaFit has been educating teachers, enthusiasts, and professionals from a multitude of backgrounds. YogaFit is a strong, connected community of over 250,000 people worldwide. Focusing on pragmatic innovation, karma yoga, and higher purpose people first learning.

YogaFit holds over a thousand trainings annually and many Mind Body Fitness Conferences worldwide. YogaFit's training and educational sessions can be found in corporations, fitness clubs, universities, wellness centers, and military bases. Since COVID-19, they have converted their educational content online, offering their entire RYT 200 and 300-hour tracks virtually via zoom. Their virtual trainings follow the same information as their in-person trainings and are taught live by their amazing group of Trainers. YogaFit offers over 75 different education sessions on total mind-body wellness. Click here to learn more about YogaFit -

Please get in touch with Beth through for upcoming events, interviews and opportunities for collaboration.

Learn more:

Follow on Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / YouTube

Drew Becker
DNA Agency
Phone Number: 717-645-0196 (media only)

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*Caption: Beth Shaw of YogaFit recently released 'Healing Trauma with Yoga: Go From Surviving to Thriving with Mind-Body Techniques.'

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Aaron Ozee Considers Eight Figure Acquisition Offer for Regulus Literary Empire

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), and revered director of the "Regulus" movie, has received an eight-figure acquisition offer from a private investment group for the literary empire constructed around his infamous rat king character.

Ozee started developing the story that became "Regulus" halfway through 2017 while attending the College of DuPage within the first years of his college education and launched what became an international phenomenon with the largest self-publishing house in the world, Lulu Press Inc, that very summer on July 23, 2017. Little did Ozee know what his creation would spawn during the years that followed, but what transpired escalated his work, and his name, into legend.

Once "Regulus" hit bookshelves worldwide, it was only two weeks later that Amazon, being the largest bookseller on Earth, ranked this lauded tale as the #1 New Release for Children's Books. Media across the United States, and soon the world, spoke about Ozee with such high regard as the skies made way for something that only few authors have experienced in their lifetimes.

Original artwork, folk songs, street murals, branded merchandise, sculptures, video games, plush toys, and even face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic were produced by numerous creators and partnered sources in admiration for "Regulus". Ozee sent copies of his marvel of a book to many prominent world leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron. To his surprise, Ozee was delighted with personal responses from each congratulating him on what the fruits of his labor meant for the future of youth everywhere.

Ozee has collaborated with prominent restaurant chains and popular consumer brands such as Epic Burger, Jarritos, City Barbecue, Crystal Geyser Spring Water, Eli's Cheesecake, and Lou Malnati's Pizza glorifying the relationship between "Regulus" and his treasure hoard of cheese. Ozee has amassed millions of subscribers and followers on his social media and digital profiles through forming associations with innumerable artistic connoisseurs across the Internet.

Ozee even went as far as to send a physical copy of his cherished fable into space making it the First American Children's Book and First Self-Published Book Sent Into Space. Ozee continued this unorthodox campaign upon sending "Regulus" to several rare locations such as Mt. Everest, Chernobyl, North Korean DMZ, Bermuda Triangle, and the Galapagos Islands.

It was not much long after that Ozee sold the "Regulus" film rights to Bizarros Studio for adaptation into a stop motion animated picture that debuted exclusively on Amazon Prime in March 2020.

Celebrated actors, musicians, influencers, athletes, comedians, motivational speakers, and even political candidates respected in most family households continue to endorse "Regulus" as Ozee aims to make his dreams come true. One uncommon fact is that Ozee is only 24 years old and is on the brink of making history in the realm of the written universe.

"This has to be the proudest moment for my career. The world must understand this is not the end of a long journey but is a beautiful start to something exceptionally special," remarked Ozee during this announcement.

For those wanting to purchase a copy of the "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790) book, please visit

For those wanting to stream the Regulus movie on Amazon Prime, you will need to register for your membership or visit

Media Contact
Name: Aaron Ozee
Phone: 630-656-0323

*VIDEO (YouTube) -

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EveryLibrary’s One Book, One Congress Campaign Raises Awareness of Role of Libraries

RIVERSIDE, Ill. -- What if every member of Congress read the same book? And what if that book was about libraries? That's the question that EveryLibrary posed as the basis for their recently launched One Book, One Congress campaign. Every $20 raised by the One Book, One Congress campaign will be used to send a copy of the book "Inspiring Library Stories" to a member of Congress.

To ensure every Senator and Representative receives a copy of "Inspiring Library Stories," EveryLibrary must raise $10,000.

"Inspiring Library Stories" is a collection of 43 true stories shared by library workers, librarians, volunteers, and patrons from around the United States. Each story reveals the importance of libraries in American society. The book also includes five essays that further explore the value of libraries in the digital age.

"The tales told in 'Inspiring Library Stories' are moving, inspiring and illustrative of the role of libraries in our communities," said John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary. "We're sending copies to Congress to put libraries at the forefront of the minds of lawmakers. Every donation makes a difference."

Copies of "Inspiring Library Stories" (ISBN: 973-1732484864) are available for sale through Hinchas Press, a Los Angeles-based micropress that publishes zines, poetry, poetry in translation, and library science non-fiction. Hinchas Press supports social justice initiatives, and advocates for bilingual literacy endeavors, especially along portions of the Americas that are monolingual. 30% of proceeds from "Inspiring Library Stories" sales will be donated to support libraries in the United States.

To make a donation to the One Book, One Congress campaign, visit the EveryLibrary website at:

To purchase a copy of "Inspiring Library Stories," visit the Hinchas Press website at:


EveryLibrary is a 501(c)(4) political action committee dedicated to building voter support for libraries. Since 2012, EveryLibrary has provided donor-supported pro-bono advising and consulting to 115 library campaigns helping to win over $1.8 billion in stable tax funding. Beginning in 2016, EveryLibrary has provided strategic and tactical support to school library communities on education and tax policy, along with supporting dozens of challenges to school library budgets and school librarian positions in schools and districts across the country.


John Chrastka, Executive Director, EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute:


Kosi Harris, Publicist:

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Phoenix-Area Radio Host Writes Holiday Children’s Books for Charity

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Local morning radio host Rich Berra of 104.7 KISS FM's Johnjay and Rich Show has authored two holiday children's books with proceeds going to charity. Also heard on 93.7 KRQ FM in Tucson and in markets across the country through iHeart Media, the Johnjay and Rich Show is known for its annual Christmas Wish program, which grants holiday wishes to children and families in need.

The sale of these holiday books have generated nearly $80,000 in donations to the cause through the #LoveUp Foundation, the charity Berra started with his on-air partner Johnjay Van Es.

Berra's first book, "The Tale of Christmas Steve," chronicles the story of a miniature elf named Steve, who reminds readers that sometimes big things really do come in small packages. The sequel, "Christmas Steve Meets Christmas Carol," tells the tale of 6-foot-2 tall elf girl Carol, who is scared to let her talents shine. With a little help from Christmas Steve, Carol finds out what happens when she lets go of fear and starts dreaming out loud. Both stories champion inclusion and equality for all - no matter the outside appearance.

In addition to donating proceeds to the #LoveUp Foundation's Christmas Wish program, Berra has instituted a buy-one, give-one campaign where every book sold will be matched with a second book donated to a child in need. In years past, children's hospitals, foster care programs and Title 1 schools have all been beneficiaries; this year, the author adds Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley to the list.

"With so many children learning remotely and needing extra educational support due to COVID, we thought what better organization to benefit than Boys & Girls Clubs," said Berra. "Things may feel a bit different this year, but my belief is that the message, the fun and the hope of these books restore a little magic - that's something we all need this holiday season."

The beautifully illustrated hardcover books are both 32 pages long and retail for $17.99. They are available at AJ's and Bashas' stores across Arizona as well as in numerous boutiques.

For more information or to purchase, visit

To schedule an interview with the author, email

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Nationally Known Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant and Author Offers Readers A Path to Reversing Chronic Inflammation

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Jan Tilley, a nationally recognized dietitian specializing in chronic disease management, has just released a third book dedicated to helping those suffering with chronic inflammation. Entitled "Eat Well to Be Well: Living Your Best Life Through the Power of Anti-Inflammatory Food" (ISBN: 978-1626342668), the book summarizes the health risks so many face due to the fact the American diet has become completely unbalanced.

"I wrote this book prior to the COVID pandemic and recognize now how important the contents are as a resource to help people of all ages take practical steps to reduce inflammation. 'Eat Well to Be Well' offers readers a path to improved health by giving step-by-step guidance on how to maximize their health and avoid the compromised health issues associated with chronic inflammation. Those who read this book tell me it has been invaluable in guiding them to make healthy changes in how they eat, exercise, sleep and manage stress," stated Tilley.

As the world continues to navigate a very dangerous pandemic, news outlets throughout the U.S. broadcast story after story that the most at-risk patients are those with underlying conditions. The conditions they are referring to are a result of chronic inflammation which, if not reversed, can lead to diabetes, heart disease, various types of cancer, cognitive decline and a long list of auto-immune diseases.

Sadly, we have become a sedentary society, our stress is paralyzing, and proper sleep has become an on-going battle. Each of these topics are addressed in Tilley's book, both from her personal clinical experience treating patients and research from renown medical experts in these fields. Also included are over 100 of her most popular anti-inflammatory recipes deliciously designed to help readers successfully use food as medicine.

The book is available on, and on Amazon.

About Jan Tilley and Health by Jan

Jan is a nationally recognized expert in nutrition, general wellness and disease management. She is President/CEO of JTA Wellness, a San Antonio based clinic, where she and her team counsel patients to use food, exercise, improved sleep and managed stress to prevent or resolve chronic disease. Jan has years of experience in presenting science-based nutrition information to individuals and companies across the country. She has published numerous books on the topic of nutrition and has recently launched Health by Jan, a virtual platform featuring her blog, healthy recipes and personal motivation to inspire listeners to use food as medicine to manage chronic disease.

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Tennessee Pediatrician Releases Q and A Format Book for New Parents

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. -- "The Big Book of 'Why' for Parents" (ISBN: 978-1510758162) authored by Clifford Dale James, III, MD, a board-certified Tennessee pediatrician, and published by Skyhorse Publishing, is an ideal resource for any new parent. It's filled with 75 tips and tricks to help new parents feel confident that they're doing the right thing.

"Most new parents approach their upcoming adventure with mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation," Dr. James says. "There are so many questions that seem to be unanswered about their newborns and toddlers. Hopefully, this easy-to-read book will provide some comfort."

In this quick-to-use resource for first-time parents, the author addresses topics such as why newborns should not take baths, when to burp a newborn, why newborns have frequent gas and much more.

Some of the most common parenting questions addressed include:

* Why isn't my breastmilk coming in?

* Why is my baby constipated?

* Why can't I give my baby honey?

* Why shouldn't I strive to be the perfect parent?

* Why does my child have night terrors?

* Why won't my doctor just call in an antibiotic when my child is sick?

* Why do I need to take away the bottle or pacifier?

James' peers are singing praises for "The Big Book of 'Why' for Parents."

Dr. Joel 'Gator' Warsh says, "This book is a must-read for any new parent. It answers so many of the most common questions that I, as a pediatrician, hear in my office on a daily basis."

Jodi Aman, author of "Anxiety ... I'm So Done with You," says, "Parents, especially new parents, want to do everything right for their precious bundle of joy. In this book, Dr. James relieves their minds by offering researched-backed answers to 75 of the most common questions before they even have to ask."

Rachel Tomlinson, psychologist and author of "Teaching Kids to be Kind," shares that she wishes she had the book before her little girl was born.

"Becoming a new parent can be so confusing, and this book is perfect for answering the many questions parents have with bite-sized responses from a trusted professional," Tomlinson says.

The book is available on Amazon as well as all other major book retailers as a paperback or e-book. To request an excerpt, author interview or additional copies, contact: Julie Ganz at:; or 212-643-6819.

About the Author

Dr. Clifford James is a board-certified pediatrician. He's worked in private practice for more than 20 years. He has three children - Dalton, Tyler and Kaden -and is the founder of He's also the author of "A First Time Parent's Survival Guide." This is his second book. He lives outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

* Image link for media:
* Caption: "The Big Book of 'Why' for Parents" by Clifford James Dale James, III, MD.

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Successful Dallas Author and Businesswoman releases the third book in her Advantage Series, designed to help entrepreneurial companies grow exponentially

DALLAS, Texas -- Many employees believe they aren't being paid to think. In "The Thinking Advantage," author Jill Young shares the dynamic algorithm for creating and building a strong company. When everyone at the company is really thinking, miraculous changes can happen!

EOS Implementer(R) Young has spent her career teaching business leaders how to improve their companies' health and performance. This new book, the third in her Advantage Series, presents four simple steps that will encourage bosses to turn up the volume on creative, productive thinking throughout the company, not just in the corner office.

Young says, "When your people come to you, your main priority is to engage them in thinking. They'll feel more valued when they are able to contribute their own thoughts and ideas. And you'll be glad you listened, and the whole company will win!"

"The Thinking Advantage" releases worldwide on October 30, 2020 and is available wherever books are sold.

More information is available at TractionFirst -

What Others Have Said

Gino Wickman, author of the #1 bestseller, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business and creator of EOS(R) (Entrepreneurial Operating System(R)) says, "The simple yet deep observations Jill shares in this book will get your people thinking, solving, and creating at a higher level."

"The Thinking Advantage is a delicious, four-layer 'How-to-Teach-Thinking Cake Box' filled with amazing icing and decoration recipes you can use to create your own cake," said Walt Brown, Certified EOS Implementer(R) and author of The Patient Organization and Death of the Org Chart.

And finally, Martha Diaz, Head of Finance at Smile Fort Worth remarks, "I love the way Jill breaks down the steps, algorithms, and modes in this book. They are presented in a way that's easy to understand. I have more than a few takeaways. What I've learned goes beyond business, and I know will help me personally, as well."

Young says, "Traditionally, we assigned the burden of thinking to leadership only; we expected only leaders to do the hard thinking. Just like we delegate the 'doing' throughout the organization, as we learn to navigate new technologies and complexities, thinking can no longer be a skill reserved for top leadership. Thinking needs to be a skill taught throughout the entire organization. The Thinking Advantage provides the tools to do just that."

About the Author

Jill Young grew up in an entrepreneurial family, learning early on the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you'll do. Through the experience of her family's struggles and successes in business, Jill has become the dynamic and approachable leader she is today. She has a BS in Psychology, an MBA, and has held leadership positions in a variety of fields. Before becoming a full-time EOS Implementer in 2014, Jill was the president of a forward-thinking CPA firm, where she advised and guided clients using the EOS tools. Jill now implements EOS with over 80 companies and coaches entrepreneurs who are on a journey to become their best.

More information on these algorithms for exponential business growth is available at

Contact: Jill Young at

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Aaron Ozee Launches Regulus Masks Protecting Families During COVID-19 Pandemic

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), and esteemed director of the "Regulus" movie, has partnered with Vistaprint to launch a collection of masks which feature his infamous rat king character to protect families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ozee searched for vendors that could execute his vision for launching a collection of Regulus masks, but few proved worthy to handle such a task. However, when Ozee learned Vistaprint began printing face masks, he was convinced they were the right partner. Not just because the safety and quality measures they use when making them, but they donate a percentage of each order placed to local communities that have been devastated by the Coronavirus.

Ozee designed the collection of Regulus masks to be affordable to families who are confronting financial hardship. Each mask has considerable breathing room, can be washed using hand soap or various cleaning solutions for reuse, are equipped with a changeable filter, and come vacuum sealed with factory timestamps for enhanced security during shipping.

"We never expected this pandemic would change the way people live. Disasters of any kind are often unpredictable, but as humans we are strong enough to push through anything. Entertaining families during this harsh period of history with this global phenomenon of a character has been a gift from the heavens but ensuring the safety of my fans has never been more important. Masks are the key to defeating this horrible virus, and if we equally follow best practices, as directed by credible authorities, we shall prevail," said Ozee during the release of this announcement.

An unprecedented grouping of legendary actors, musicians, comics, political leaders, authors, film makers, athletes, and motivational speakers have expressed support. Names such as Tony Hawk, Akon, Drake Bell, Sean Astin, and Paula Deen rank among those who love "Regulus."

For those wanting to purchase a copy of the "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790) book, or Regulus mask for members of your family, please visit

For those wanting to stream the "Regulus" movie on Amazon Prime, you will need to register for your membership or visit


No celebrity endorsement claimed or implied.

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New Fine Art Photography Coffee Table Book Features Lafreniere Park

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The summer of 2020 will have varied meanings for people around the world. For Eugene L. Brill, a nature photojournalist and nonfiction author, it meant inspirational walks around New Orleans' Lafreniere Park. In his newly-released coffee table book, "Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park," Brill shares the history and photography of this natural oasis which includes a staggering number of bird species.

The book includes a brief history of New Orleans (including the history of the first settlers, Native Americans, Pirates on the Mississippi, the Flood of 1927, Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone). It also highlights the park's rich history and shares images of its many birds and other wildlife. The author tells the story of Attorney General Lafreniere, explains the park's initial concept in 1975 and documents what it's like today through its more than 50 plus wildlife photos.

"The bird life in Lafreniere Park is unsuspectingly spectacular," Brill says. "Usually when there's a 'Bird Sanctuary' sign you may expect to see a few birds. However, the pure multitude of birds in this park is mind-boggling. They live and thrive in perfect harmony with their human neighbors. My desire is to give people a sense, through my photographs, of what it's like to spend time among the birds of Lafreniere Park."

The foreword is written by Andrew Ward, Ph.D., chairman and co-founder HIV Awareness "iKnow" Music Project-East Africa.

"There's an intimacy to Brill's work; one has the sense of peeking into someone else's private family photo album," Ward says.

Brill shares that he hopes his passion for photography, the environment, nature and wildlife are evident throughout the book.

"Feeding my curiosity for history and my interest in photography, I further developed my love of the natural world that has since become the primary focus of my life. My goal is to use photography to bring history to life," Brill says.

"Summer of 2020: Walks at Lafreniere Park" is available for purchase here:

It's also available from:

* Amazon: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket - ISBN: 978-1715663896

* Independent Book Sellers: Hard Cover with Full-color Dust Jacket - ISBN: 978-1715616809

* Soft Cover with flexible, high-gloss laminated cover - ISBN: 978-1715629731

* Instant PDF version - Viewable on any device

* eBook - Available for Amazon Kindle Fire(r), and Apple iOS devices

About Eugene Brill

Eugene Brill is available for photography commissions to create keepsakes (web/print) and books/calendars that would preserve in posterity for future generations, in addition to generating revenue. Projects that have a conservation theme and involve botanical gardens, arboretums, public and private gardens, zoos, wildlife refuges, environmental projects, nonprofits, fundraising endeavors, etc. are encouraged to reach out.

Several photography collections, including framed prints on canvas, metal and acrylic, in addition to 12-month calendars featuring several photography sets from around the world, can be found here:

Eugene L. Brill

*Book jacket image for media:,w_1500/v1602279107/urkcesn7zd8dsw6mdjzi.jpg

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