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A Pilot’s Powerful Memoir Takes Readers from the Ground to the Sky

SEATTLE, Wash. -- A new memoir, a powerful coming of age tale, is set to release this fall. "Unlearning to Fly: A Memoir of Navigating the Turbulence and Bliss of Growing Up in the Sky" (ISBN: 978-1735641300), gives a detailed account of how the author, Russ Roberts, not only helped blow up his backyard with dynamite, but also shared a Volkswagen with a moose. In the air, Roberts was the youngest licensed flight instructor in America. He flew single-engine airplanes across the Atlantic, and commanded airliners around the world. What happened on the ground was quite another story.

Roberts writes how airplanes were the golden thread that secured an otherwise turbulent start to life. In this heartwarming and often heartbreaking story, he tells how he overcame, and had to unlearn what his dysfunctional parents taught him. The author details the difficulties of growing up with an alcoholic parent and describes overcoming his parents strong, peculiar, and even harmful religious teachings.

Airline pilot, broadcaster, sailor, speaker and now author, Captain Russ Roberts says he is, "Not so much an adventurer as a lifetime collector of experiences and stories."

The book has received several reviews during its pre-publication phase.

Chet Burgess, former CNN, executive producer of Interactive Programming, says, "Russ Roberts is the only person I know who knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up, and then realized that dream. 'Unlearning to Fly' serves as a literary metaphor for his, sometimes rocky, relationship with his father. This is a good read."

Joanne Rideout, host and creator of radio's, "The Ship Report," says, "This is truly the only book that I have ever read that describes so clearly what it must be like to sit in the cockpit of an airplane on the runway and at the controls. It was like I was there myself. And take off - the thrill of it, the wonder of it - it made me want to do it too, something I have never thought much about. It was thrilling and made me want to fly."

"Unlearning to Fly: A Memoir of Navigating the Turbulence and Bliss of Growing Up in the Sky" will be available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible in late November 2020.

For an advance review copy or other media request, contact Russ Roberts from 9-5 p.m. PDT at: 1-434-825-3669.

For more information:

Twitter: @RussRoberts12


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*Caption: Cover, "Unlearning to Fly" by Russ Roberts.

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Dallas Author and Speaker Teaches Employees How to Improve Themselves and Their Workplaces with the Release of ‘The Earning Advantage’

DALLAS, Texas -- Jill Young, author, speaker, and founder of TractionFirst releases a new book providing bosses a way to help their employees earn more. Most employees lack clarity about how their performance connects to the value they create for their company. "The Earning Advantage" (ISBN: 978-1647462758) is a unique resource for employees to earn more money while promoting their company's growth.

EOS(R) Implementer Young works with business owners to help them grow their teams in productivity and earnings as well as in number.

Young says, "Attitude alone won't get you paid more. You need great performance too! When both are combined, they produce present and future productivity!"

"The Earning Advantage" released worldwide in July and is available wherever books are sold.

Gino Wickman, author of the #1 bestseller, "Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business" and creator of EOS(R) says, "'The Earning Advantage' is ideal for helping people understand how to love their jobs, become invaluable, and make more money."

"As a business owner, I want my employees to succeed! 'The Earning Advantage' gives them a roadmap to exponential success! It's a tool to take the mystery out of how to be a great employee and how to make bosses love having you on the team," says Ronald A. Pyke, CPA CFO, President of vbo Solutions.

Finally, Alex Freytag, Certified EOS Implementer, Author, Entrepreneur, Integrator at ProfitWorks LLC remarks, "The Earning Advantage gets to the essence of what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead. Jill's writing style is fun and approachable and keeps the reader glued. Great bosses will hand these books out like candy!"

Young defines, "Money is a tool that can help you get what you want. It's not the goal, it helps you meet your goals." She designed the book so that a boss could hand it to an employee who just asked for a raise, make a plan to get together and talk about the raise in a synergistic way. She says the book does the heavy lifting for entrepreneurs by teaching their employees important values.

Find the book on Amazon, at:

About the Author:

Jill Young grew up in an entrepreneurial family, learning the advantages of having a clear vision and doing what you say you'll do. Through the experience of her family's struggles and successes in business, Jill has become the dynamic and approachable leader she is today. She has a BS in Psychology, an MBA, and has held leadership positions in a variety of fields. Before becoming a full-time EOS(R) Implementer in 2014, Jill was the president of a forward-thinking CPA firm, where she advised and guided clients using the EOS tools. Jill now implements EOS with over 80 companies and coaches entrepreneurs who are on a journey to become their best.

More information is available at TractionFirst -

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Why would a Russian-Jewish couple, living near Boston, return to the Soviet Union in 1931?

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- "Forget Russia" (ISBN: 978-1732848047) by L. Bordetsky-William, scheduled for publication on December 1, 2020 by Tailwinds Press, tells the story of three generations of Russian-American Jews journeying back and forth, throughout the twentieth century, between America and Russia, searching for some kind of home and, of course, finding something altogether different.

It is a tale of love, murder, revolution, and betrayal. In 1980, Anna, an American college student journeys to the Soviet Union to confront her family's past. As Anna dodges date rapists, KGB agents, and smooth-talking marketeers while navigating an alien culture for the first time, she must come to terms with the aspects of the past that haunt her own life.

With its insight into the everyday rhythms of an almost forgotten way of life behind Brezhnev's Soviet Union, "Forget Russia" is a disquieting multi-generational epic about coming of age, forgotten history, and the loss of innocence in all of its forms.

Advance Praise for "Forget Russia"

"One by one, Anna will lift the tops from the Russian dolls starting from the original tragedy-the murder of her great-grandmother Zlata during a pogrom-to shed light on the destiny of three generations of women ... In this dazzling choral novel, woven together over almost eighty years, the great grand-daughter triumphs in the challenge to reunite her family forever, calming their hearts beyond the centuries," said Maia Brami, author of "All Yours."

About the Author:

L. BORDETSKY-WILLIAMS is also the author of "The Artist as Outsider in the Novels of Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf" (Greenwood Press, 2000); the memoir, "Letters to Virginia Woolf" (Hamilton Books, 2005); and three poetry chapbooks - "The Eighth Phrase" (Porkbelly Press 2014), "Sky Studies" (Finishing Line Press 2014), and "In the Early Morning Calling" (Finishing Line Press, 2018). She is a Professor of Literature at Ramapo College of New Jersey and lives in New York City.

To obtain an advance copy of "Forget Russia" for a book review or to arrange an author interview, use the following contact information:
Author: L. Bordetsky-Williams
Phone: 917-701-4880


Twitter: @BordetskyL

Book Trailer (YouTube):

Tailwinds Press:

Caption, cover, "Forget Russia."

Caption: Photo of the Author - L. Bordetsky-Williams.

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New Novel Attacks Trump on Climate Crisis

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- In the newly released novel, "Snowflake" (ISBN: 978-1734093506) Arthur Jeon cranks up the climate change alarms while indicting the Trump administration for their environmental destruction. The result is a cli-fi thriller that's a blistering contribution to "contemporary historical fiction," the emerging genre that tackles current issues through fictional characters.

In addition to presidential assassination, "Snowflake" swims through many of America's murky cultural waters, including gun violence, factory farming, social media hate, mental health, and a #metoo subplot.

Ironically, Arthur Jeon's previous books, published by Random House, are nonfiction works that teach ancient mindfulness practices to cope with modern stress. But to tackle the crushing topic of rapid global warming, the writer turned to fiction.

"Many of us feel we are in an existential crisis right now. I wanted to speak to readers at that depth, which is only reached through emotion and story," says Jeon. "If you invest people in the character, then you can sneak in the latest climate science. I hope it appeals both to lovers of fiction and nonfiction."

According to Publishers Weekly Booklife, "the troubled, passionate young protagonist's voice is alluring and immediate." Ben, 18, is an animal lover who's alienated by social media and obsessed with science. After two near-tragedies, the scholarship student starts compiling doomsday headlines in his journal - the entire novel is snappy journal entries - and becomes enraged at the president who's accelerating the crisis. With each global warming disaster, Ben realizes the very survival of his generation is at stake. So, the "apocalyptic Holden Caulfield," as one reviewer calls him, decides on a desperate act of environmental activism, one that explores what it means to be a good American versus a global citizen: he will assassinate the climate-denying POTUS. Ben's journey stress-tests the line between morality and madness. And the novel pushes boundaries.

When asked if he's concerned about publicly excoriating the sitting president, Jeon quoted Ron Charles in his recent article in the Washington Post: "Fictional characters can no more defame a real-life person than they can murder one."

"In 'Snowflake,' that real-life person is Donald Trump," continues Jeon. "And Trump's attacks on our environment that Ben cites are real - you can fact-check them all. It's what compels my fictional character to want to kill the president who every day sells off our natural inheritance."

"Snowflake" is a provocative manifesto for our precarious moment, as one species goes extinct every twenty minutes and seven million people will die from air pollution this year (just two terrifying facts from the book). For those who feel like its young protagonist, angry and helpless as we blow past irreversible tipping points, the novel is an urgent battle cry - if not to take up arms, then to vote.

Arthur Jeon is the author of two nonfiction books published by Random House - "City Dharma: Keeping Your Cool in the Chaos" and "Sex, Love & Dharma: Finding Love Without Losing Your Way." Both books apply mindfulness to the stresses of modern life and love. Snowflake is his debut novel, using fiction to communicate climate fact.

Publisher: Global Animal
ISBN: 978-1734093506
Available on Amazon:

Follow on social:

Arthur Jeon
* Facebook:
* Twitter:

Global Animal
* Website:
* Facebook:
* Twitter:

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*Caption, cover, "Snowflake" by Arthur Jeon.

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Eloquent Light Editions Launches New Photography Book – The Light of Days Gone By: Photographs by Craig Varjabedian

SANTA FE, N.M. -- Eloquent Light Editions announces a new photography book by award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian, "The Light of Days Gone By," which was 45 years in the making. It celebrates with stunning imagery the journey of a photographer and the beautiful light he has witnessed and captured along the way. This beautiful hardcover book retails for $34.95 and is available from the photographer's website Studio Shoppe or

"The Light of Days Gone By" is a testament to Varjabedian's vision and many years of hard work and will appeal to anyone who appreciates fine photography. Varjabedian's photographs from the magnificent red hills of Ghost Ranch and gleaming white dunes of White Sands to more faraway places - from strong Native Americans to weathered cowboys and more - these expansive landscapes and intimate portraits are all presented in this beautifully printed book.

The 48 color and black & white photographs were carefully curated by Varjabedian's long time studio director Cindy Lane, to not only share the breadth of this photographer's career but also to reveal relationships between individual images and from the themes he has explored over the years.

"Working as a photographer has given me the opportunity to constantly be learning something from my experiences behind the camera. For me it's more than just about making pretty pictures-that's nice certainly - but it's more about having the opportunity to observe, to be a witness to the quintessential beauty of it all," says Craig Varjabedian.

"The Light of Days Gone By" includes two essays. In "Past Light in this Present Time," Cindy Lane writes about working and collaborating together for 30 years with the artist and observes that the authenticity of these photographs frequently evokes powerful emotions in the viewer. And in "On the Power of Memory and Trees," artist Myra Bullington looks not only at the importance of photographs as an aid to memory but also shares an appreciation gained from many years of being a creative observer and thoughtful commentator on the photographer's work.

"The Light of Days Gone By" is also being presented as a 3D virtual exhibition by Converge Las Cruces Fine Art. View this beautiful interactive showcase here:

"Craig Varjabedian's photography captures, with arresting clarity, the ineffable whispers of time and spirit layered deep in New Mexico's cultural landscape. Through the artful combination of his compassionate eye and technical virtuosity, he evokes the past in the present and the holy in the everyday," says Catherine Whitney, Museum Curator.

About Craig Varjabedian

Craig Varjabedian is a photographer who explores the back roads of the American West, making pictures of the unique and quintessential. 45 years behind the camera, 14 books, 42 museum exhibitions and hundreds of fine art photographic prints all comprise a rich and rewarding career. His images share awe-inspiring stories of the land and the people who live on it-one photograph at a time.

To learn more about the book:

To learn more about the photographer:

About Eloquent Light Editions

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Eloquent Light Editions is a design and publishing company of fine art books, notecards, postcards and posters.

Cindy Lane
Director, Eloquent Light Editions
(505)983-2934 (media & public)

Note to editors - digital image files for editorial use, download here:

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Fort Collins Mayor Wayne Troxell declares September 16, 2020 Holocaust Survivor ‘Joe Rubinstein Day’

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Author Nancy Sprowell Geise announces that on Sunday, September 14, 2020, Mayor Troxell presented Holocaust survivor with the honor in recognition of Joe's 100th birthday. Joe said, "I am so honored and grateful that I'm still alive to celebrate 100 years. I can't believe it. I love life and I love people."

Shortly before dawn on a frigid morning in Radom, Poland, German soldiers forced twenty-one-year-old Icek "Joe" Rubinsztejn onto a crowded, open-air truck. The next day, several around him were dead. From there, things got worse for young Joe​-much worse.

Joe arrived at Auschwitz/Birkenau on April 30, 1942, and was imprisoned there for over two years before being taken to several other notorious camps, including Buchenwald, Ohrdruf, and Theresienstadt. Throughout his ordeal, surprising and remarkable events occurred to save his life.

Barefooted when he was seized, Joe would become one of New York's leading shoe designers for legendary companies Herbert Levine, Inc., Nina Shoe, and others. Beth Levine called Joe, "The Man with the Golden Hands." Joe designed some of the most expensive and sought-after shoes in the world. Shoes designed by Herbert Levine, Inc. were worn by first ladies and movie stars alike. While the Nazis took everything else, they were unable to take Joe's love of life and his love of people.

Joe, who is Jewish, met Irene, who is Catholic, in Germany after the war. They married in 1947 and later this month will celebrate 73 of marriage. They lived in New York for over 30 years before moving to California, and then to Colorado in 2007.

When Joe was taken from his family, he had no idea he would never again see anyone he knew or loved. His widowed mother and four siblings, including Joe's identical twin, were believed murdered at the Treblinka death camp along with over 33,000 others from the Radom Ghettos.

Despite having lost nearly everything a person can lose, Joe found a way to live a joy-filled life. He says, "No matter what, we have to love each other."

For over 60 years, Joe never told anyone his story because he did not believe anything good could come from doing so.

Now, nearly every week Joe receives letters from people all over the world who have read about him in the book, "Auschwitz #34207 - The Joe Rubinstein Story" (ISBN: 978-1939919120) by author Nancy Sprowell Geise.

Learn more at the book at and author:

Purchase book on Amazon:

People tell Joe that if he found a way to live joyfully after all the loss and trauma he experienced, then they know they can face their challenges. Joe's life is an inspiration for us all and an example of how to thrive, despite the most difficult of situations.

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell (left) and 100-year-old Holocaust survivor Joe Rubinstein

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Launch Pad Publishing Releases Memoir About Overcoming Cancer

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Launch Pad Publishing is releasing its first memoir about overcoming cancer using unconventional methods. "Life is a Ride: My Unconventional Journey of Cancer Recovery" (ISBN: 978-1951407292) tells the tale of environmental consultant Chris Joseph, who, at 59, received a diagnosis of stage three pancreatic cancer.

After chemotherapy left him drained and still sick, he embarked on an alternative path to recovery that, against all odds, healed him both physically and spiritually.

Joseph is no ordinary entrepreneur. He's an environmental consultant who decided to create a "borrow and pay back" company for musicians in New Orleans, whose friends started a Go Fund Me to help fund his alternative treatments in Germany, who openly cries out of gratitude without prodding.

Readers have fallen in love with Joseph and his story. "Informative and uplifting," "a testimonial on taking back your life," "moving and helpful," "honest and emotional" and "raw and inspiring" are just a few of the comments that reviewers have made.

Joseph was the first patient to be interviewed by two of the leading pancreatic cancer researchers in the country on The Pancreatic Cancer Podcast and his book has been excerpted by the environmental non-profit NatureBridge.

Experts have also embraced Joseph's tale. "Heartwarming, funny and engaging, Chris Joseph gives us one of the best kept secrets of being a successful cancer patient: take action and become the CEO of your own medical path," says Pamela Varady, PsyD. "Chris Joseph draws a map from one devastating diagnosis to empowered wellness, documenting some of the routes patients can take around the worst obstacles," says Kimberly Kaye, FMHC and patient advocate.

"Chris Joseph is a wonder," says Launch Pad publisher Anna David. "He wrote his book and pursued publication with such a passion that it's no wonder he beat cancer. I'm actually convinced Chris Joseph could beat anything."

"Life is a Ride" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

To learn more visit:

About Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for leading-edge entrepreneurs and thought leaders, Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment world, including KTLA anchor Courtney Friel and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga, in addition to government sales expert Gene Moran, Magic Johnson agent Darren Prince and franchise expert Tim Conn, among many others. Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Cover, "Life is a Ride: My Unconventional Journey of Cancer Recovery" by Chris Joseph.

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Brand Messaging Strategist Asks Readers of Motivational and Success Genre Books to Look A Little Closer Before Buying

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman of FSG Messaging and Optics is asking both readers and aspiring authors to have a closer look at the motivational, inspirational, coaching and success books that are being released and marketed faster than ever.

Success, motivation, inspiration and the opportunity to achieve wealth draw an excited and large-scale audience. At the same time, there are a great deal of less than honorable individuals looking to make money off these people without offering much in return.

This has opened a door for a series of less than authoritative and aspiring coaches, multilevel marketing consultants, self-professed success gurus and "certified" life coaches believing that all they need to do to tap into these markets is to get a book out on to those markets.

This is not saying that all coaches, consultants and gurus are guilty of this, but the percentage that are is going up dramatically at a scary pace.

"We have noticed a rise in companies that allow you to purchase what we term as a prefabricated book. These books fall into one of the genres of success or coaching toward business, health, wealth, and sales to name just a few. You simply buy a system that you download which allows you to move some chapters around, change a few words, headers, add a few stories of your own, create a book cover, publish as an eBook or print on demand, and wham, you're an author," says Weisman.

Is it legal? Yes. You have purchased a license to use other people's work that has allowed you to state it as your own, but is it ethical?

Weisman answers, "I see this as permissive plagiarism. A license has been bought, but how does this create authentic authority and a foundation of integrity to trust this new author if the truth was revealed? Would these authors be ok with openly stating that they bought eighty to ninety percent of a book and just added a few pieces to it? I seriously doubt it. So where is the honor and transparency there?"

The take away?

For the readers:

Consider looking a little deeper in to the books you are thinking of purchasing to see if they hold the authenticity and authority behind the story. Take the time to vet the sources and make sure they are resources of knowledge and expertise that can help you.

For the aspiring writers:

Honor yourself and honor those you want to work with. Not everyone has a book in them and that's ok. It is also a whole lot better to not try to fake your validity in a world that is catching up and catching on to the scams and the half truths faster than ever.

Ensure that your messaging is rooted in a foundation of authenticity and integrity that can amplify your authority. If you are a not so talented singer that only lip syncing on stage with someone else's voice, the chances are greater of being found out these days.

Even with all the others using the white label and prefab downloads of books, courses, audios and whatever else... stand out by being true to you and the audience you want to build.

More at or

Brand Messaging Strategist Loren Weisman is a contributor for FSG Messaging and Optics. Loren focuses on the authenticity, authority, optics, psychology and perceptions of a brand, persona or product. Weisman is also the host of the brand Messaging Podcast: "Wait What Really OK."

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New Publishing Company Brings Rich Stories of Africa to the Young and Young at Heart

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- A longtime education professional with a passion for fiction is announcing the launch of a brand-new publishing company with a focus on young adult adventure fiction targeting readers of all ages. Former high school teacher, university adjunct and current curriculum developer manager for higher institutions, Joan Cheboswony is the founder of Worlds Unknown Publishers, a new self-publishing firm created to provide a platform for sharing stories about Africa, her people, cultures, and expansive natural beauty.

"Our books give voice to the rich and vibrant stories of 1.3 billion African people," Cheboswony said. "Our lineup of titles is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of even the most reluctant teen readers."

Cheboswony, a resident of Phoenix and a native of the village of Kipniwai, Kenya, was motivated to curate a collection of African-themed books to ignite the curiosity and passion of young people craving literary encounters with fascinating and real youth from around the world, whose experiences are simultaneously relatable and yet completely foreign to them.

As an immigrant, Cheboswony was exposed to different cultures through books, which helped her navigate cross-cultural communication and created a hunger in her to explore "worlds unknown."

Her mission with Worlds Unknown Publishers is to partner with authors from Africa to develop and publish high-quality fictional books for young adults. The current lineup of authors includes titles by Erick Ngoda, Muthoni wa Gichuru, Emily Wekulo, Moraa Gitaa, Newton Mudaki, Maria Ngoda, and Goro wa Kamau.

One of the company's newly released books, "Let's Talk About This" by Moraa Gitaa, centers on two young girls from different cultural backgrounds in Nairobi, Kenya who meet at the Angels of Mercy Girl's Crisis Centre the morning after both have suffered the trauma of rape. "Let's Talk About This" is an engaging YA novella that recounts an end-of-the-year school party gone wrong while addressing issues of sexual trauma and forced child marriages.

Cheboswony said, "'Let's Talk About This' is just one example of her publishing company's engaging and boundary-pushing books, each one filled with authentic characters and relatable stories from around Africa."

Another example is "Ward Nine" by Emily Wekulo, a story of wealth, power, and mental illness centering on characters tangled in twisted cultural beliefs.

"Our authors' characters are vivid and very real," Cheboswony said. "Readers will lose themselves in the pages of these books. They will barely notice how long it took to get to the last page of each one."

View book trailers at

Learn more about Worlds Unknown Publishers' books at

For more information about the company, go to

*VIDEO (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Some example initial book releases from Worlds Unknown Publishers.

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Mom of Three Autistic Boys Pens Book About Navigating the Pandemic and Sobriety with Grit, Humor and Love

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. -- The global pandemic has average parents becoming teachers, referees, cooks, therapists, and so much more. One mother, Melanie Donus, took on the extra challenges of parenting three autistic boys while leaping into sobriety and published a book about the experience.

"I suddenly found myself in sink or swim mode and had to find a creative outlet to alleviate stress. Writing letters to my mom helped me cope with our suddenly upside down world and provided a soothing sense of calm, inspiration and motivation, Donus said." Her efforts soared in the ranks during pre-sale giving her an Amazon "Best Selling Author" badge.

"Leaning On Mom: Letters to Roberta, How a Mom of Three with Autism Found Strength During the Pandemic" (ISBN: 978-0578741789) provides a raw and humorous window into the world of author Melanie Donus, who could be viewed as the next Marvel superhero. In this collection of letters to her own mother, Roberta, Melanie shares what day-to-day life was like for her and her family during the first four months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Donus has "three boys who are quite different, but all who need their routine, structure, education, treatment, school, and therapists. Suddenly, Melanie had to be all those things," says Ray Cepeda, Founder and Director of ABAskills, who wrote the Foreword for Leaning on Mom.

"Please be extra kind to an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) mom if you see her in the community over the next few months. Getting 'back to normal' is not in our vocabulary," Donus says.

The scenes in "Leaning on Mom" move quickly and reveal the endless questions, epic meltdowns, musical Zoom calls, behavior challenges, and heart-wrenching moments that show Donus' boys regressing before her eyes. Her journey through the decision process and arrangements for one of her boys to relocate to an out-of-state residential school is particularly moving.

"Leaning on Mom" is NOT, however all "doom and gloom." Donus details her challenge unfriending "Donna" (code for chardonnay) and includes stories of miracles, heroes, and unexpected acts of kindness. Donus dedicates the book to herself not to reflect narcissism but as a way to shine a light on the enormous responsibilities of those who give 200 percent to their autistic children, leaving little time for themselves. She recognizes that this can result in isolation, loneliness, and a reliance on alcohol as a best friend; and shares her pandemic journey to sobriety, the second pivotal point in her life when she turned away from alcohol.

These un-sugarcoated scenes from the real life of a resilient and resourceful mom as she navigates unprecedented challenges will educate readers about Autism Spectrum Disorder and inspire them to find their own inner strength. This snapshot in time is one for the history books.


Melanie Donus is the proud mother of three school-aged children, Dimitri (17), Michael (17), and Maxx (12), who all have Autism Spectrum Disorder and three very different profiles of abilities and challenges. She lives on Long Island, New York, with her husband Andrew. "Leaning on Mom" is Melanie's first book and became a pre-sale Best Seller on Amazon.

Learn more at:

VIDEO (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:

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