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ZKTECO USA integrates STiD Mobile ID for Advanced Contactless Access Control Offering

ATLANTA, Ga. -- STid announced today that ZKTecoUSA has integrated the STiD Mobile ID® application with ZKTecoUSA's ZKey mobile credential app for a more comprehensive, advanced contactless access control offering. The combined, enhanced mobile application offers four unique modes for contactless identification to ensure users have multiple options to meet their individual needs and preferences in addition to secure and dynamic QR code support.

STid's Mobile ID is currently compatible with ZKTecoUSA's Atlas and Pro series access control panels and will be integrated into many other hardware and software solutions from ZKTecoUSA moving forward.

STid's Mobile ID simplifies managing and issued cards by using virtual cards on smartphones that can be used with or without conventional cards. Virtual access cards can be stored on STid Mobile ID App, for Android or iOS, available free of charge in app stores, for near instant issuing of credentials.

The four unique modes include:

* Badge mode: smartphone or wearable is presented like a convention access card

* Slide mode: hand becomes the access card

* Tap Tap mode: double tap the smartphone in a pocket for access

* Hands-free mode: ID is automatically detected

Hosted on the cloud or on-premises, STid's Mobile ID offers managers ease of use with multi-user or multi-site options and quick, easy management of virtual cards.

"Integrating with STid has allowed us to provide solutions for our customers that were not able to be previously met," said Prata Khadilkar, marketing manager, ZKTecoUSA. "Advanced features like Pocket & Wave mode allow us to stay ahead of the trends in the access control world. We have even been able to integrate the credentials into our existing ZKey mobile credential app already supporting our secure & dynamic QR codes for truly contactless access."

The new mobile application is available for use with the ZKTecoUSA Atlas Access Control Panel, which features an easy-to-use interface with fingerprint reader to ensure building managers can control and grant access to only those users who are authorized and supports both Wiegand & OSDP protocols. Mobile ID is also available with the popular Pro series tripod turnstiles for indoor environments.

STid's Mobile ID will also be added into ZKTecoUSA's BioSecurity software and solutions for a direct connection to create and send credentials to the users, Cielo 365 cloud solution and Atlas 360 hybrid-cloud solution later this year. Multiple ZKTecoUSA hardware kits will include an STid Mobile ID option moving forward.

"We're happy to combine strengths and expertise with another industry leader to deliver the best solutions to end users," said Frederick Trujillo, U.S. Director of Operations, STid. "Our Mobile ID operates worldwide with any other open solutions and offers the widest range of usage options to ensure adoption. We look forward to expanding our relationship with ZkTecoUSA to deliver more innovation access control solutions."

Learn more:

About ZKTecoUSA:

ZKTecoUSA is a globally renowned enterprise focused on delivering biometric verification technology designed to help make the world a safer and wiser place for all its inhabitants. ZKTecoUSA brings to market a wide range of solutions including Smart Identity Authentication Applications, Smart Entrance Control Applications (for both pedestrians and vehicles), and Smart Office Applications. Products range from simple RFID & QR code readers to advanced biometric door controllers, turnstiles, walkthrough metal detectors, and even x-ray inspection scanners. For more information, please visit

About STid Group:

STid's mission is to protect people, their property and data through secure access and identity. For more than 25 years, STid has created and marketed identification solutions for high security physical and logical access control, as well as Automatic Vehicle Identification. STid has the widest range of OSDP(tm)-Verified readers on the market today. The Company aims for businesses, residential, governments and industry to simplify and protect their digital identity management by developing non-proprietary intelligent identification solutions that use state-of-the-art RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® and Internet things of Things (IoT) technology.

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How to Create a Shortcut on Windows 10: Make it Easy with PDNob Windows Shortcuts

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Although shortcut keys were developed to help make working on a PC faster, it is almost impossible for anyone to memorize all of the available windows shortcuts commands. That's why computer users want to know how to create a shortcut on windows 10. Thanks to the new software developed by PDNob, problems on how to create a shortcut on windows 10 is tackled. Users can customize their favorite shortcuts on their PC and easily access them by simply clicking the middle mouse button.

"Are you tired of memorizing tons of shortcut keyboards? Are you weary of downloading a variety of applications to do things like OCR, screenshot, QR Code Generator or others? Here we finally launched PDNob Windows Shortcuts to solve your problems on how to create a shortcut on windows 10. It is worth a try!"

See What PDNob Windows Shortcuts covers:

The new windows shortcuts software contains a slew of important shortcuts including keyboard shortcuts, screenshots, pushpins, calculators, image translators, and more; all creativity organized to help users complete their operations quickly and efficiently.

With the software's multiple customization features, users can easily add as many shortcuts as they need and also customize the application launcher to suit their preferences.

Using PDNob Shortcuts, computer users can increase their work efficiency and decrease PC workload.

1 - Quick start: PDNob Windows Shortcuts can be launched instantly by pressing the middle mouse button or Ctrl button. You can also go to settings to reset the hotkey.

2 - Record Hotkeys: Any default keyboard shortcuts can be recorded in PDNob Windows Shortcuts, which allows you to access them with just a click of the mouse.

3 - Create Windows Shortcuts: Aside from the default keyboard shortcuts, you can also customize your own shortcut keys, for example, opening a file, a folder, a software, a URL, sending text, stimulating keystrokes, or running command.

4 - Enjoy diverse functions: You can find OCR, Screenshot, QR Code Generator and Identifier, Pushpin or other functions in this productivity app.

Price and availability:

PDNob Windows Shortcuts software offers computer users 46-days free trial and three different pricing options to choose from. Under the first plan, users can get the license to use the shortcuts launcher on as many as 3 PCs for a full month at $9.95. The 1 Quarter Plan costs $19.95, while the third plan costs $119.95 for a year's worth of access.

Anyone interested in downloading the PDNob Windows Shortcuts can do so via the following link:

About PDNob:

PDNob is a software development firm dedicated to creating unique products and tools that will greatly improve the efficiency of modern-day computer users. Trusted by more than 25 million users worldwide, the company specializes in technological innovation around user experience and is run by a seasoned team of software engineers and computer scientists.




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Tenorshare 4DDiG Rolls Out Its Brand-New Version 9.0 With 30% Off

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Tenorshare 4DDiG is one of the world's most well-known data recovery software that has been developed to fulfill all recovery needs. With significant improvements in terms of user experience and comprehensive data recovery features, Tenorshare 4DDiG has upgraded to Windows 9.0 version. The new version of Tenorshare 4DDiG offers users the best data recovery solution with an upgraded interface and powerful functions that help them retrieve lost data successfully.

The latest upgrade of Tenorshare 4DDiG is for all kinds of file loss situations. It allows users to recover lost or deleted photos, documents, videos, and other files from a PC hard drive. It can even recover old, deleted files on the external hard drive and SD card. The new interface helps users find what they are looking for quickly and also saves time.

The software's interface is simple and easily understandable, even for beginners. Furthermore, with a completely new and intuitive interface, the recovery software supports all kinds of data loss circumstances, including emptied recycle bin, malware infection, hardware failure, deleted files by mistake, or other unknown reasons.

4DDiG 9.0 New Features:

1 - Brand new interface with easy-to-understand user operation tips

2 - Support reload the last scan results for efficient Scanning

3 - Any lost data type can be recovered, be like photos, music, document, etc. moreover, any file systems can be recovered, be like NTFS, FAT, APFS, HFS+, etc.

4 - 4DDiG 9.0 also supports data recovery from external & internal storage devices, such as external HDD, SD cards, USB, etc.

5 - 4DDiG 9.0 allowed users to free preview the scanned-out files

The upgradation has been completely overhauled for optimal performance and faster data recovery. In addition, the latest edition enhances the ability to handle more file types and supports different storage devices making it easier for people to use.

4DDiG means "for data dig." This software aims for deep scanning and digging the data works in both Windows and macOS systems. It is designed with an innovative algorithm and simple interface that offers users the best solution for all kinds of data loss problems more quickly and efficiently. So, head over to 4DDiG for a worry-free data recovery experience and also get the 30% OFF.

To know more about the new version, follow Tenorshare 4DDiG's social media handles:

Official Website:




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MISMO Certifies DocMagic’s Total eClose™ Platform and Proprietary RON Technology

TORRANCE, Calif. -- DocMagic, Inc., the premier provider of compliant loan document generation, automated regulatory compliance and comprehensive eMortgage services, announced that it attained MISMO's eClosing System and remote online notarization (RON) certifications for its Total eClose™ solution.

Both certifications are part of MISMO's eMortgage Technology Certification Program created to support, advance and increase the mortgage industry's adoption of digital solutions and is specifically designed to facilitate and encourage eClosing transactions. Moreover, the RON certification confirms that the provider's platform, procedures, and policies comply with MISMO standards and the eClosing certification confirms that the platform meets MISMO-specific requirements.

MISMO standards are widely accepted and used throughout the real estate finance industry, and most major institutions, including government agencies and GSEs, which are utilizing MISMO standards to exchange data with business partners. In addition, agencies like the CFPB have made it clear that their examination and data exchange tools will rely on and conform to the MISMO standard.

DocMagic became Certified MISMO Compliant for eClosing in February of this year and is the only document generation provider with the eClosing certification. In 2021, DocMagic's proprietary RON capability was offered to its existing client base. The company's Certified RON solution seamlessly integrates with the company's industry-leading Total eClose platform, enabling lenders and their borrowers to realize a fully digital closing experience.

"We are pleased to have received these important certifications, which establish standards that improve lenders' ability to evaluate eClosing technology providers," stated Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. "DocMagic has consistently championed the utilization of eClosing and RON technology in an effort to move the industry forward. These certifications help facilitate the adoption process and we fully embrace them."

DocMagic's Total eClose platform is a single-source solution that contains all components needed to execute fully paperless eClosings. The award-winning innovation was the first of its kind to be introduced to the mortgage industry in 2014 and since that time has gained widespread market adoption.

About DocMagic:

DocMagic, Inc. is the leading provider of fully compliant document generation, automated compliance, eSignature and comprehensive eMortgage solutions for the mortgage industry. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Torrance, Calif., DocMagic, Inc. develops award-winning software, mobile apps, and web-based systems for the production and delivery of compliant loan document packages. The company's solutions connect industry participants, promote collaboration, and ensure data integrity to execute precision-based digital lending transactions. The company's compliance experts and in-house legal staff consistently monitor legal and regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. For more information on DocMagic, visit

About MISMO:

MISMO is the standards development body for the real estate finance industry. MISMO developed a common language for exchanging information for the mortgage finance industry. Today, MISMO standards are accepted and deployed by every type of entity involved in creating mortgages, and they are required by most regulators, housing agencies and the GSEs that participate in the industry. Use of MISMO's standards has been found to lower per loan costs, improve margins, reduce errors and speed up the loan process by reducing manual, paper-based processes while creating cost savings for the consumer.. For more information, please visit

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HitPaw Video Editor V1.3.0 Brings a Big Update with Speed Ramping, Freeze Frame and Adding Marker

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- HitPaw, a company aiming to develop the best digital creation solution, has recently announced the new version of HitPaw Video Editor. The latest version of HitPaw Video Editor concentrates on the most powerful functions, which will help creators add more possibilities to the content. To improve the user experience, HitPaw Video Editor also optimized current features to simplify the video editing.

Let's see what new major features about HitPaw Video Editor:


Speed ramping helps users change videos' speed in order to make videos more rhythmic. HitPaw Video Editor also presets 8 different types of templates to inspire creators on how the videos will look, which lowers the learning curve for beginners.


A freeze-frame effect is a frozen frame within a piece of video, which halts the movement within the video. The freeze-frame effect allows users to emphasize a point or a movement, which is a great tool to obtain the audience's attention.


Editing requires tons of organization and time. By adding markers in the timeline, everything would be so easy to process. If you want your audio to come in at a specific frame of your clip, you can place markers on the desired points of the video timeline.

After those amazing new features, HitPaw Video Editor also optimized the existing features:

* Exports speed increased by 40%
* Adding 278 stickers and 48 filters
* Added tips to explain all icons
* Other 8 optimization items

Compatibility and Price:

HitPaw Video Editor is now compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7(64-bit OS) and Mac OS (10.13 or above). Its pricing starts from $29.95 USD for a monthly plan. For more price checking and information, you can visit

About HitPaw:

HitPaw is an emerging software company specialized in video editing, screen recording, watermark removing, image editing, photo enhancing meme-making, etc. We help users turn their inspiration into reality so that we can generate more ideas to make the world full of more creativity. To know more, you may visit

Our Social Media:






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Image Translator Software Converts Image to Text – PDNob Image Translator

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- PDNob launches the image translator designed to rapidly turn images into editable texts. In cases where people might want to use OCR function to extract text from a screenshot, a scanned PDF or others, the best way is to download the PDNob OCR scanner on PCs.

See what PDNob Image Translator covers:

What is the best OCR software out there? Of course, the PDNOb Image Translator!

The PDNob Image Translator uses the most sophisticated OCR technology to capture text. The process is done in such a way that is instantaneous and rapid, producing high-quality texts. With the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, users can extract text from image or others in just a few seconds. It is used for easing heavy work processes, providing users with the most effective way to avoid losing or misfiling documents.

The free OCR software also affords users the opportunity to create their own keyboard shortcuts, allowing them to capture texts quickly and access other specific functions. Asides from the fact that users can extract texts from images, PDNob Image Translator also allows them to extract words from PDFs at a rapid rate.

"PDNob Image Translator is designed for you to OCR any area on your PC, be it an image, a PDF, or a webpage. It is free of charge and can satisfy your daily use," said the company's spokesperson.

Experience PDNob Image Translator now:

Availability and Compatibility:

Having discovered the best OCR software, is there any free OCR software?

For the most part, the PDNob Image Translator is not just the number one OCR software but a free OCR software that is available, easily accessible, and compatible with any Personal Computer. The software can be directly installed from the web and added as a built-in editing tool on Windows 7-10 and MacOS 12 and newer for optimum performance. Once installed, it can be used to analyze scanned page images and compare text characters, making them editable and replicable.

About PDNob:

PDNob comprises a team of 100 professional engineers who use their top-tier expertise in creating unique solutions to optimize work performance. It prides itself on creating products that are up the notch to help users increase productivity. The company is driven by its mission to leverage technological advancements to design unique user experiences for millions of people across the globe.




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Nebraska State Soccer Partners with Sports Connect to Bring Dependable Software and Great Support To Their Members

OMAHA, Neb. -- Nebraska State Soccer (NSS), the governing body for US Youth Soccer in the state, has announced its move back to Sports Connect powered by Stack Sports as the Exclusive Technology and Online Registration Provider for the state. NSS previously partnered with Stack Sports for six years before exploring other options for the 2020-2021 season.

This multi-year partnership serves to support NSS's mission of providing the resources that affiliated regional and local clubs need to grow participation. Sports Connect provides technology solutions for the state association, affiliated leagues and clubs, and the participating players, coaches, families, and volunteers.

Sports Connect is a key component of the U.S. Soccer Connect mission of growing participation and advancing the sport of soccer in conjunction with U.S. Soccer.

The U.S. Soccer Connect initiative consists of leading services powered by Stack Sports connecting every level of the soccer pathway. It represents the largest commitment of technology and sports resources to any project in American sports history.

"A key component to growing participation is having a reliable state management platform," said Molly Vaughan, Director of Member Services. "After practicing our due diligence and exploring alternative solutions, we are confident that Sports Connect provides the best software and support in the industry. With that, we are proud to renew our partnership with Sports Connect as the Exclusive Technology and Online Registration Provider of Nebraska State Soccer."

"We are honored that Nebraska State Soccer has once again selected Sports Connect as their trusted technology partner," said Adam Abney, General Manager of Sports Connect. "There are many options for soccer state associations and clubs, but we differentiate ourselves by remaining partner-first, meaning we strive to provide the best support and product in the industry so that our partners can succeed. NSS is developing future generations by providing a safe and fun environment through soccer, and we couldn't be prouder to support their mission."

Affiliated clubs partnering with Sports Connect have access to a full suite of features, including Mobile-First Registration, seamless data integration with NSS, safety and compliance tracking, professional website designs, business insights, fanwear, and much more.

Learn more at:

About Nebraska State Soccer:

Nebraska State Soccer Association was officially started in 1969 and currently represents a membership of over 25,000 youth and adult soccer players, 3,000 coaches, 900 referees and 1,000 administrators throughout the State of Nebraska. The organization consists of over 70 clubs who register players (boys and girls) from ages of four (4) through nineteen (19) on the youth side and any age on the adult side throughout the state.

Nebraska State Soccer provides and supports opportunities for the development and growth of our members through the game of soccer, with an ongoing commitment to service, education, promotion, and administrative support for all levels, ages, and abilities of soccer players in Nebraska. Nebraska State Soccer is a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association (US YOUTH SOCCER), United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and the official representative of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for the State of Nebraska. For more information, contact Nebraska State Soccer at

About Stack Sports:

With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations. Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on four key pillars - Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development. To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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Black Knight Empower LOS Now Integrated with DocMagic

TORRANCE, Calif. -- DocMagic, Inc., the premier provider of loan document generation, compliance support and comprehensive eMortgage services, announced an integration with Empower, Black Knight's loan origination system (LOS), to help automate the DocMagic document generation process for lenders and provide access to additional DocMagic services.

Lenders now have access directly from Empower to DocMagic's intelligent document generation solution, supporting compliance, data integrity and trackability. DocMagic's data-driven technology leverages its sophisticated audit engine for automated data validation testing and regulatory compliance audits to analyze relevant compliance rules, regulations and applicable laws, assisting lenders with compliance on pertinent loan documents throughout the lending process.

"We are pleased to integrate with Black Knight to facilitate digital document generation and compliance support for the mortgage industry's leading lenders," stated Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. "Black Knight has done an outstanding job aligning with key market providers to support their customer base, significantly growing its LOS business. We're excited that this integration for document generation will also pave the way to provide lenders with the benefits of additional DocMagic solutions."

Black Knight's end-to-end, feature rich LOS platform supports a growing digital lending ecosystem designed to support business expansion. The cloud-based system offers advanced capabilities that automate the lending process from start to finish. Empower is configured to support a lender-specific workflow and operates in tandem with DocMagic's automated and continuous compliance checks on relevant documents at key points throughout the process.

"Empower's strategic integration with DocMagic offers tremendous benefits to Empower users by providing innovative, lights-out integration to support best-in-class document generation, while preserving the integrity of the data and tracking it throughout the loan process," said Rich Gagliano, president, Black Knight Origination Technologies. "Together, Black Knight and DocMagic can help lenders support their compliance efforts and provide borrowers with a more satisfying loan experience."

Kansas City-based Nutter Home Loans, the first mutual Black Knight and DocMagic client to go-live with the Empower integration to DocMagic, is experiencing positive results. The national lender was founded in 1951 and originates Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, and USDA loans.

"Nutter is committed to making the lending process as easy as possible for our customers," stated Tera Guy, EVP of operations at Nutter Home Loans. "DocMagic's integration with Black Knight delivers multiple efficiencies for our borrowers and our support staff. Like Nutter, the team at DocMagic places paramount emphasis on delivering service excellence, and in part, this is one of the primary reasons we engaged with them. We look forward to continued optimization of our service through future capability expansions."

About DocMagic:

DocMagic, Inc. is the leading provider of fully compliant document generation, automated compliance, eSignature and comprehensive eMortgage solutions for the mortgage industry. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Torrance, Calif., DocMagic, Inc. develops award-winning software, mobile apps, and web-based systems for the production and delivery of compliant loan document packages. The company's solutions connect industry participants, promote collaboration, and ensure data integrity to execute precision-based digital lending transactions. The company's compliance experts and in-house legal staff consistently monitor legal and regulatory changes at both the federal and state levels to ensure accuracy. For more information on DocMagic, visit

Media Contact:

Joe Bowerbank

Profundity Communications, Inc.


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iTop Giveaway: Enter to Get Free, Value of $250,000 Top Windows Software Keys

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Summertime is party time! Welcome to iTop Summer Party! This time, iTop united with 9 top software companies including IObit, Digiarty, MiniTool, 4K Video Downloader, Leawo, AceThinker, etc. to hold a grand giveaway party to offer 15 top software with a total value of $250,000 as gifts.

The giveaway event starts on May 11, 0:00 PT, and ends on May 24, 2022 24:00 PT. Each participant can get freebies at this event. iTop sincerely invites each user to attend this massive Summer Giveaway Carnivals! Keys are limited! Take action now!


1 - iTop VPN

Private access to global internet in one-click with military-grade protection, lighting speed, unlimited data and multiple devices up to 5 supported at the same time.

2 - iTop Screen Recorder

A flexible screen recorder helps record any area of the screen of every important moment on multiple occasions: work, home, gameplay, education, meeting, etc. in HD quality with no lagging and time-limited.

3 - iTop Data Recovery

Recover any data including photos, videos, Office documents, and more from PC, HDD, SSD, or USB. The real No.1 data recovery

4 - IObit Driver Booster 9

Keep over 6,000,000 drivers & popular game components up-to-date quickly and safely for top PC and gaming experience.

5 - MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro

The most popular disk management solution on Windows with a fast, secure, and simple way to achieve disk management. Easily implement HDD/SSD management on disk/partition/file system level.

6 - Winx HD Video Convertor

An all-in-one video processing toolkit to convert, resize, cut, and edit any 4K UHD videos easily. With full GPU-acceleration tech and High-Quality Engine to process video at NO. 1 fast speed without quality loss.

7 - 4K Video Downloader

The simplest video downloader ever. Download video and audio from YouTube and similar services on Windows, macOS, and Linux easily to HD video.

8 - VideoProc Converter Pro

One-Stop Video Processing Software to convert, resize and process large 4K/HDR videos, audios, and DVDs easily at a fully accelerated speed.

9 - Leawo DVD Ripper

A professional DVD ripping and converting software to decrypt, rip and convert DVD discs, folders, and ISO image files to video/audio files in 180+ formats at up to 720P quality.

Terms to follow:

1. Time period: The giveaway event starts on May 11, 0:00 PT and ends on May 24, 2022 24:00 PT.

2. How to get: Just simply click the "Get Key" button to freebies.

Learn more at:

About iTop:

Founded in 2016, iTop has been creating tools and software available on both desktop PCs and mobile devices which also are used and trusted by more than 20 million users now. iTop aims to enable users a secure and more enjoyable digital life. By creating intuitive, smart, stable & secure software products all the while, iTop keeps the pride as a tech-oriented company.

Learn more at:

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CleverFiles Becomes the First Company to Offer Software Licenses as NFTs

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short, have already enabled many innovative use cases, from digital collectibles to private membership experiences. Today, CleverFiles, a software company based in Alexandria, VA, announced its collection of 100 full-featured transferable lifetime licenses for its world-famous data recovery software, Disk Drill, sold as NFTs on OpenSea.

CleverFiles is the first software developer in the world to explore this pioneering NFT use case, which could revolutionize how software licenses are distributed, stored, and authenticated. The collection, called Disk Drill - Essential Data Recovery, is available for purchase on OpenSea, the first and largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs.

Each of the 100 full-featured lifetime licenses costs the equivalent of $79 in USD Coin, a digital stablecoin that is pegged to the United States dollar to maintain a stable value. In comparison, a standard Disk Drill PRO license costs $89, while the lifetime one is $118, making the NFT licenses more than 30% cheaper. What's more, all NFT licenses can be used to unlock both the Mac and Windows version of Disk Drill.

Besides being more affordable, NFT licenses for Disk Drill offer several attractive benefits thanks to the underlying blockchain technology:

* They can be easily resold or transferred as unique gifts.

* Only a cryptocurrency wallet address is required to purchase a license.

* Each license comes with a unique piece of NFT art that provides additional value as an attractive digital collectible.

* To maintain proper price and gas estimates, the collection exists and is sold on Polygon.

* There are more than 10 traits in the Disk Drill's NFT collection.

Despite taking advantage of some of the most innovative technologies in the world, the NFT licenses are just as easy to use as regular ones, requiring no technical knowledge besides the ability to maintain a cryptocurrency wallet.

To see the entire collection of 100 full-featured transferable lifetime NFT licenses for Disk Drill PRO, visit this OpenSea collection.

Learn more:

About NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are units of data stored on a blockchain, a decentralized database that makes it possible for transactions to be organized without a central authority. NFTs are not mutually interchangeable, which makes it possible for them to uniquely identify digital files such as photos, videos, audio, or text.

About CleverFiles

CleverFiles is a US-based software development company specializing in data recovery solutions. Its flagship data recovery application, Disk Drill, has been available since 2010, helping thousands of Windows and Mac users achieve professional results when recovering lost data, all while being exceptionally easy to use and costing a small fraction of what professional data recovery centers charge for their services. Learn more:

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