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Hit Psychology Book Gets Updated Edition

BOSTON, Mass. -- "Calm & Sense: A Woman's Guide to Living Anxiety Free," the hit novel by psychologist Wendy Leeds (Calm Day Publishing, ISBN 978-0999901526), has an updated edition out with new updated studies and information. In honor of the new edition, there will be a limited time sale on the ebook version of the book across platforms.

Calm and sense uses a unique women-centric approach to anxiety. The book focuses on the needs of women. Combining up to date data from anxiety studies, personal stories, and practical tips, author Wendy Leeds offers something special in the space.

Leeds is a practicing psychotherapist with both a professional and a personal interest in finding ways to heal anxiety without medication. She has dealt with anxiety all her life and knows what it's like to live with the kind of worry and fear that make the smallest things in life difficult.

In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent several surgeries and six months of chemotherapy. It was at that low point, that she began a life-long journey to create a calm, centered joyful life, for herself and others. She began by reading everything she could get her hands on about anxiety. Then in 2006 she went back to school to earn two graduate degrees in psychology.

Ashley L Peterson of Mental Health at Home said, "['Calm & Sense'] doesn't feel like a therapist trying to educate you; rather, it has the feel of another regular person having a conversation with you, who just happens to have the knowledge and experience of a therapist. With the wide range of ideas offered in the book, I think any reader is likely to find things that work for them."

"For those who endure chronic anxiety, even seemingly innocuous daily tribulations can take on giant, scary, insurmountable portions," said Roberta Rosenthal Hawkins, MFA, PhD. "'Calm & Sense' is a loving, gentle, often witty, and infinitely helpful path through one's jungle of fears. As one might hope of any jungle guide, the author's compass is sure, her survival kit is well-stocked, and her cheerful, can-do spirit is reassuring and encouraging the whole way."

"Calm and Sense" is nationally distributed by Cardinal Publishing Group. It is published by Calm Day Publishing, and available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and, and where books are sold.

Learn more about the author at:

Find the book on Amazon at:

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New PDNob Manga Translator Accurately Translates Multiple Pages of Your Foreign Comics to Native Language On the Go

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- If you're a comic fanatic, you must agree the artistic illustrations in Manga, are not only enticing but also exciting. This experience is, however, short-lived especially if you can't read the foreign text in the speech bubbles. The good news is, PDNob Inc. has upgraded its flagship translation software; PDNob Manga Translator to allow readers to perform batch OCR on multiple Manga pages as well as save time with automatic translation to your native language, tackling the problem on how to translate manga.

"Manga comics are known for their incredibly rich stories in fantasy adventures, superheroes, and monsters, but most people just cut themselves off from the wonderful world of these foreign comics because they aren't equipped with manga translator app thus don't know how to translate manga," says CEO of PDNob Inc. "With our newer version of PDNob Manga Translator 2.0.0, you don't have to know foreign languages to read. You can have all pages of your favorite Manga automatically translated to your native language and enjoy the experience. We hope this app will be your go to Manga and anime comic translator app. Happy reading."

See What's new in PDNob Manga Translator 2.0.0:


1 - Enhanced batch screen translator for manga function

You can now take multiple screenshots of your favorite Manga or import image files, and have the best manga translator app automatically perform a batch screen OCR on each page consecutively - and convert them to .txt, .doc, and docx.

2 - Automatic translation when OCR is active

Once batch OCR is complete, you can choose your preferred native language and have the text translated in seconds, depending on the number of pages you have scanned.

3 - Result editor and export function of the Comic translator is added

In the editor, or simply the result viewer, you can edit batch OCR text and export it to other editors in txt., doc., or docx. file formats.

"PDNob has always been on an amazing mission to connect Manga & anime fans across the globe through our Manga translator v2.0.0," added CEO of PDNob Inc.

Learn more:

Availability of PDNob Manga Translator:

PDNob Image Translator is available for installation in Mac OS version 12.0 and newer, and Windows version 7 to 11.

About PDNob Inc.:

PDNob Inc. is a leading software developer of highly functional, ergonomic, and user-friendly software aimed to help users maximize their efficiency, productivity, comfort/enjoyment and bring life to any content displayed on a computer, mobile, or tablet - in any language. Learn more:

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Fix Windows Black Screen after Login with PassFab Computer Management

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- PassFab has proudly announced great news for more than 1.4 billion people worldwide who use Microsoft Windows for their personal and professional use every day. The annoying windows black screen after login is a major problem for many of these users and how to get rid of that windows black screen after logging in is a question everyone asks online. Repairing this blue or black screen after logon windows 10 can be a bit tricky and especially for those users, who are not expert in computing. The all-new PassFab Computer Management tool is emerging as the ultimate solution to all kinds of Windows Blue/Black screen crashing problems in minutes.

"PassFab Computer Management can burn bootable ISO Image into a disk with a blank CD/DVD/USB to help you boot your PC from various scenarios, such as black screen, blue screen, loading circle, etc.," said the spokesperson of PassFab, while introducing this remarkable new software. "This software finds and fixes over 30,000 different issues related to Windows including black screen, blue screen, restarting, booting issues, random reboot, screen freeze, and other common or rare issues faced by users every day," she added. For those who want to know how to fix black screen on laptop or to eliminate win10 black screen after login, this software is their best answer.

In addition, the PassFab Computer Management is emerging as the ultimate windows all-in-one PC solution tool that is not only easier and quicker, but also safer than any other option available online. This software can easily boot up computers that cannot start properly and it can also reset Windows local and domain password. Moreover, it can also be used to recover data from unbootable hard disk and can shred undeletable files completely. However, its top feature is resolving the issue of black screen after logon Windows 10 and the software has received great reviews for this feature.

Even though PassFab Computer Management can Fix Windows Black Screen after login, but this is not its only great feature. This software has 7 powerful products in one suite. These include Windows repair, data recovery, backup and restore, partition management, data wiping, windows password reset, and product key recovery. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7. The problem of after login black screen or Windows 10 black screen may be scary for many computer users but this remarkable new software will solve the windows crashing problem of windows black screen after login within minutes, and this great new solution by PassFab is designed to make lives of over 1.4 billion Windows users easier.

For more information, please visit the website at:

About PassFab:

PassFab was founded in 2010 as a leading password recovery tool developer, and it has now expanded to a range of software and online tools to make the lives of its users easier worldwide.




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Mom’s Touch Brings its Exceptional Fried Chicken Restaurants to Southern California

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- Mom's Touch, a renowned brand with more than 1,300 restaurants across Korea, is pleased to bring its unique and inspired take on fried chicken to the United States. There are convenient locations open in Long Beach and Gardena, with a third coming soon to the City of Industry. A globally-focused operation with concrete plans for continued growth, Mom's Touch is also known for its ample franchise opportunities and extensive franchisee support. In Korean, Mom's Touch means "the thoughtful hand of a mother." This speaks to the company's steadfast commitment to preparing and serving meals of the highest possible quality, as well as their refusal to take any shortcuts.

In many ways, Mom's Touch aims to redefine the notion of what fast food can be by truly prioritizing both quality and efficiency. With their pledge to offer patrons an unparalleled fried chicken experience, the company has invested substantial resources to put together the best staff possible, and equip that staff with the equipment and preparation processes necessary for success. For their part, the Mom's Touch staff takes great pride in the food they serve and the overall value they provide customers on a regular basis.

Mom's Touch also maintains exceptionally high food and service standards, which is immediately evident to anyone that dines at one of their restaurants or has food delivered. While other businesses may aim to put in as little time and effort as possible for food preparation, Mom's Touch meticulously hand batters each item, and uses osmosis marination to help ensure that the robust flavors come through inside and out. Each item is lovingly crafted by staff onsite, and carefully made to order specifications.

While their menu is fairly streamlined, it nevertheless boasts an assortment of delicious dishes made using fresh ingredients and featuring tantalizingly bold flavor profiles. There are a number of fried chicken sandwiches available, from Mom's Original to Creamy Garlic and Fuego. Mom's Touch is also known for its ample chicken wing options as well as its chicken fingers with distinct dipping sauces. With a variety of heat levels to choose from, spicy food enthusiasts, those that prefer mild dishes, and everyone in between will find much to enjoy and appreciate.

As their website highlights, Mom's Touch operates with the philosophy that patrons should eat the foods that fill their lives with joy. It is that type of top quality, flavorful food that the staff offers each day. The company encourages everyone in Long Beach, Gardena, and surrounding areas to visit their locations and experience the Mom's Touch difference for themselves.

Mom's Touch - Long Beach is located at 6191 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, and can be reached by calling (562) 216-8679. Mom's Touch - Gardena is located at 1400 W Redondo Beach Blvd Suite 120 in Gardena, and can be reached by calling (310) 400-7305.

For more information, please send an email to or visit


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BC Wood Products in Ashland Receives Virginia SHARP Designation Under the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s (DOLI) Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program

RICHMOND, Va. -- Commissioner Gary G. Pan announced today that the BC Wood Products in Ashland, Virginia, has been certified as a Virginia SHARP Worksite under the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), the agency's highest level of recognition for excellence in safety and health management systems for small businesses.

"This outstanding achievement in occupational safety and health has come through the dedication and hard work of BC Wood Products employees and management. I commend BC Wood Products for embracing the cooperative spirit of the SHARP program, and congratulate them on their hard-earned certification as a Virginia SHARP Worksite," said Commissioner Pan.

BC Wood Products commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees is demonstrated by its low injury and illness rates. The Ashland facility has a total three-year average for the TCIR (Total Case Incident Rate for injuries and illnesses) of 1.5 compared with a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) national rate of 5.1, representing a TCIR rate 71% lower than the national average for the industry. The site's three-year average DART rate (Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred injury and illness cases) is .9, compared with the 3.5 national rate, which is 72% below the national average for the industry.

As part of the recognition for achieving Virginia SHARP status, the worksite is entitled to fly the Virginia "SHARP Worksite" flag. The process for reaching Virginia SHARP status is extensive to ensure that only the very best companies qualify. Currently, there are only 14 Virginia SHARP sites in the state. BC Wood Products site has set a standard of excellence that is second to none.

Virginia businesses that participate in SHARP substantially improve safety and health protection for thousands of Virginia employees through cooperative efforts to reduce injuries, illnesses, and fatal accidents. SHARP worksites regularly report decreased bottom line costs associated with dramatically reduced injury and illness rates (an average of approximately 50% below the respective industry average), and improved productivity and employee morale. Reducing private sector employer costs associated with injuries, illnesses, and fatal accidents enhances a company's economic viability and competitiveness, and increases available capital for reinvestment, expansion, and new hiring.

DOLI operates six recognition programs. These include:

1. Virginia STAR is a cooperative relationship between the VOSH program, the employer, and the employees that include the agreement of company leaders to operate exceptional safety and health management systems that meet a rigorous set of occupational safety and health criteria. Participating employers agree to voluntarily participate in the program and to directly involve employees in all aspects of the company's safety and health management systems. Requirements include an extensive application process, submission of written safety and health policies and procedures, demonstration of successful implementation of those programs through injury and illness rates that are below the national average for the employer's industry, and an intensive weeklong inspection by a team of VPP experts.

2. Virginia BEST (Building Excellence in Safety, Health and Training) is a strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Associated General Contractors of Virginia (AGCVA) that recognizes AGCVA members who voluntarily implement highly effective safety and health management systems to benefit construction workers and reduce or eliminate injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on construction sites in Virginia.

3. Virginia BUILT is a new strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Associated Builders and Contractors of Virginia (ABCVA) and is designed to encourage and recognize ABC-VA members who voluntarily implement highly effective safety and health management systems to benefit construction workers and reduce or eliminate injuries, illnesses, and fatalities on construction sites in Virginia. The Virginia BUILT program incorporates the ABC STEP program (Safety Training Evaluation Process) as the gateway to participation in Virginia BUILT.

4. Virginia CHALLENGE is a formal three stage recognition program that dramatically improves safety and health at the worksite and prepares the company to apply for Virginia STAR recognition.

5. VOSH-VADOC CHALLENGE is a strategic partnership between the DOLI and the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) to recognize safety and health excellence at correctional facilities around the Commonwealth. Three stages of participation in VADOC Challenge prepare a site to apply for Virginia STAR recognition. Virginia has the only two correctional facilities in the nation to have received VPP STAR status, Augusta and Lunenburg Correctional Centers. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the DOLI office closest to you at or contact Milford Stern, VPP Manager, at (540) 562-3580, ext. 123, or

6. The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) recognizes businesses of 250 employees or fewer and is administered by the DOLI Consultative Services Division. Contact Tracy Michaud, Consultation Program Manager, at (804) 786-8707 or

DOLI also offers free On-Site Consultation Services to help employers better understand and voluntarily comply with VOSH standards. Priority is given to high hazard workplaces with 250 or fewer employees and all services are offered to employers at no cost. On-Site Consultation Services helps employers identify and correct potential safety and health hazards by conducting walk-through surveys (without citations or penalties), abatement advice, on-site training, and program assistance to develop safety and health programs. Additional information about On-Site Consultation Services can be obtained by contacting the DOLI office closest to you at or by contacting Tracy Michaud, Consultation Program Manager, at (804) 786-8707, or

The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program is financed in part by a grant from the U. S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), under §23(g) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The FFY21 Virginia State Plan is funded by a grant of $4,332,400 federal funds, which constitutes 50% of the State Plan budget excluding any state overmatch funds. Zero percent, or $0.00 of the State Plan budget, is financed through nongovernmental sources.

The Virginia On-Site Consultation Cooperative Agreement program is financed in part by a grant from the U. S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), under §21(d) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The FFY21 Virginia Consultation program is funded by a grant of $1,189,200 federal funds, which constitutes 90% of the Virginia Consultation program budget excluding any state overmatch funds. Zero percent, or $0.00 of the Virginia Consultation budget, is financed through nongovernmental sources.

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Klingenstein Fields Advisors Adds Senior Advisor to Its South Florida Team

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Klingenstein Fields Advisors (KF Advisors) welcomes Michael S. Schiff, J.D., AEP, TEP, as a Managing Director based in the Boca Raton area. He will be joining John A. Pavela, CFA, Managing Director, who heads KF Advisors' south Florida team from its new offices located at 777 South Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. Michael and John, along with the firm's New York-based professionals, will work with existing clients in south Florida and spearhead the firm's growth efforts in this key market.

These enhanced resources will enable KF Advisors to provide a comprehensive and bespoke range of wealth management, planning, and investment solutions, accompanied by high-touch personalized service.

"Michael will be an invaluable addition to the south Florida team," said John Pavela. "He is deeply rooted in the community and brings a wealth of experience in integrated wealth management and helping families navigate complex financial issues. His client-centric philosophy and hands-on approach align well with KF Advisors, and I look forward to working with him to expand our presence in south Florida."

Michael joins KF Advisors from Fiduciary Trust Company International, where he was responsible for business growth and relationship management for individuals, families, and philanthropic institutions, domestically and internationally. Prior to Fiduciary Trust, Michael held leadership roles in business development and relationship management with several other organizations, including Glenmede Trust, Amicorp Services, PNC Wealth Management, BNY Mellon, and US Trust. He began his financial services career at Prudential Securities. Prior to entering wealth management, Michael was in private practice as an attorney specializing in estate planning, family law, and complex commercial transactions.

"For over 30 years, KF Advisors has been providing customized wealth planning and investment management to help clients protect, preserve, and grow their wealth," said Michael Schiff. "I share KF Advisors' commitment to working closely with clients and their families to wisely and effectively manage their financial lives."

Michael earned his J.D. from the Cardozo School of Law and holds a B.A. in History with a minor in Business from the University at Albany, SUNY. He holds the Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) designation conferred by the National Association of Estate Planning Councils (NAEPC), is a Registered Trusts and Estates Practitioner (TEP), and a full member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Planning Practitioners (STEP). Michael is active in industry and community organizations, serving as President of the East Coast Estate Planning Council and Chair of STEP Gold Coast Florida. He is a founding member of the South Florida Chapter of the Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) and is on the Professional Advisors Committee of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

About Klingenstein Fields Advisors:

Klingenstein Fields Advisors represents two privately held independent Registered Investment Advisors managing approximately $4.0 billion in assets. The firm offers a full array of wealth, planning, and investment management to a broad array of individuals, families, and institutions.

More information:

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EPIC Welcomes Kerry Connor – Joins as National Voluntary Benefits Practice Leader

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, a retail property and casualty insurance brokerage and employee benefits consultant, announced today that Kerry Connor has joined EPIC to lead its National Voluntary Benefits Practice. With over 20 years of experience in the voluntary benefits space, Connor will utilize her subject matter expertise to support EPIC account teams and clients with the design, funding, and delivery of the full spectrum of voluntary benefit offerings. She will be based in the Philadelphia area.

Early in her career, Connor's aspirations focused on the voluntary benefits area. Her first step was the ownership of an enrollment firm, which served the brokerage community and companies directly in the mid and large markets. The firm was sold after 15 years to a top 100 bank. Next, her expertise in this unique space was sought out by two leading cyber security companies where she served as top national director of sales at both. Most recently, while at Genomic Life, Connor partnered closely with consultants, enrollment firms, benefits administration providers and employers across all markets on the development and delivery of new and innovative genomic benefit programs.

"Kerry brings a great balance of direct sales experience as well as working collaboratively with the brokerage community. I have no doubt that her leadership will bring incredible value to our clients either directly or through their current EPIC advisors. Workforce changes have made customization of family benefits on an individual basis an essential service," commented Craig Hasday, President, National Employee Benefits Practice.

Connor holds a B.S. in Marketing from Drexel University.

About EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants:

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, a retail insurance brokerage, has more than 2,800 team members operating from more than 80 offices across the U.S., providing Property and Casualty, Employee Benefits, Specialty Programs, and Private Client solutions to clients. EPIC ranks among the top 15 retail insurance brokers in the U.S.

Learn more:

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Hudun Launches a Full-Featured WorkinTool Watermark Eraser

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Hudun, a leading software company with 9 years of experience, today releases a Full-Featured Watermark Remover - WorkinTool Watermark Eraser. In the era of self-media, people often need to deal with videos, pictures, and copywriting in their work and often encounter difficult situations, such as removing watermarks from videos.

Presumably, many of you have tried various tools, and these tools either need to pay or offer several hidden limits. This effective watermark remover, WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, is what I'd like to present to you. New to the field as it is, it has already appealed to a swell of followers. Is it worthy of installation? You can find the answer after reading my detailed testing. The test mainly focuses on the product details, pricing, compatibility, and main features of this watermark removal tool.

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser Ultimate Description

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is a watermark processor based on the Windows system. With its matured AI removal technology, you can eliminate watermarks on videos and photos without blur. In addition, it is more than a watermark remover; you can also use it to add watermark to video and image, trim video length, crop video size, edit images, etc. However, though it is multi-functional and practical, it is not flawless. It supports uploading relatively few file formats. So, before you use it to remove watermarks, you must ensure your file is suitable to import.

Why Like It

* Great watermark removal results without blur

* Free to use with no limits

* fast to operate; supports batch removal

* Clear and user-friendly interface

* Contains multiple videos and photo editing tools

Why Dislike It

* Compatible with the Windows system only

* Supports a few file formats (videos in MP4, MOV, MKV; images in JPG, PNG, BMP)


WorkinTool, a professional tech company dedicated to office software, explored a series of free office tools for all users. As a leading feature of WorkinTool, this watermark eraser provides a long-term free trial without any limit. All of you can access and use all features without hidden costs. I didn't find any purchasing notifications throughout my testing, even for some advanced features. It is entirely free, as it claims.

This watermark removal software now supports Windows only. If you want to process watermarks on your phone, WorkinTool also provides a mobile phone version for Android, Video Eraser. I'll discuss the product details of this watermark removal in the following.

WorkinTool Watermark Eraser Helpful Features

In this part, I'll show you the basic features of this watermark remover software. You can also obtain detailed tutorials on removing watermarks, adding watermarks, cropping videos, editing photos, etc.

1 - Remove Watermark

As a core feature of this software, it can lead to excellent watermark removal results. No matter watermarks on pictures or videos, this watermark removal software can eliminate them without making the erased part indistinct. Batch operation is feasible. That means you can cover multiple watermarks at a time and remove them with just one click. It is easy to use. Just upload your file and select the watermark to get rid of it.

2 - Insert Watermark

Except for watermark removal, it can also be used as a watermark maker. To enhance copyright security, you can generate text or image watermarks for your videos or photos. There are many watermark modes to select. You can also determine the watermark's size, font, color, opacity, and location.

3 - Crop Video Size

Another helpful feature of the WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is that it can change the video ratio at your option. You can crop your video into 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, etc. If you are not satisfied with the default ratios, you can choose to design the ratio by customizing the video's width, height, and angle.

4 - Edit Images

As mentioned before, Not WorkinTool Watermark Eraser is a simple watermark processing tool but a helpful photo editor. It allows you to crop photo size, add filters, frames, overlay, text, funny stickers, etc. There are numerous photo editing materials for you to select. All elements in it are free to use without restrictions.

Learn more:

Cope with Watermarks on Android - Video Eraser App

Suppose you need to deal directly with video and photo watermarks on your mobile phone. This watermark remover app - Video Eraser, may meet your needs. As a mobile counterpart of the WorkinTool Watermark Eraser, it can also remove watermarks with excellent results.

Learn more:

User Experience of Video Eraser App

* Price and Planning: Many features in this app are free to use. For some advanced features, it also provides daily free trials for all users. And also, the subscription fee is relatively low.

* User Interface: It has a clear interface and straightforward toolbox. You can navigate the tool without effort.

* Removal Result: It helps remove watermarks in high resolution. No evident blurs appear on the erased area.

* Converting Speed: In seconds, you can get a new file without watermarks and product logos. It keeps you away from bothering waiting for the removal process.

* Functionality: Aside from processing video and photo watermarks, it can cut out images, crop, reverse, compress videos, etc. Plentiful features are bound with it.

* File Security: It won't save or send your uploaded files. The edited video or photo will be immediately eliminated from its server after you save them.

About Hudun Software

Hudun is a leading innovative technology company based in Shanghai, an international economic center. Since our establishment from 2013, we have been providing simple and easy software services to more than 100 million loyal users around the world. Our innovative working tools with lightweight design and powerful features cover PDF conversions, video editing, photo editing, Airplay, data recovery and more.


VIDEO (YouTube):

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New Mind the Gap 2022 Report is Must-Have Tool for Research Institution Gap Funding and Accelerator Programs

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- It's no secret that gap fund and accelerator programs are critical for assessing, funding and developing early-stage technologies and startups, but how are research universities and support programs making it happen? What's working? What's not? The just released Mind the Gap 2022 answers these questions and more. Jacob Johnson, founder, innovosource and the author of the report, supports research institutions, corporate innovation teams and venture investors by bringing it all together in one place.

The Mind the Gap 2022 Report is a roadmap and stakeholder support document for leaders - whether new to the field or experienced - who want to enrich existing or develop new gap fund programs. It provides operational benchmarks and surefire strategies for success.

"We need to ensure that there's an answer to the shortage of early-stage development capital and commercialization development support because without it, many promising technologies and startups will stall or struggle to develop, which is not a path towards the future," Johnson says. "And, despite global financial, economic, political, environmental and social volatility, research institutions continue to respond through the creative and sophisticated evolution of gap fund and accelerator programs to demonstrate their importance to innovation and society."

The Mind the Gap 2022 Report is based on 15 years of experience and data and includes 176 different gap funds affiliated with 97 research institutions. It's basically the life cycle of a gap fund and reviews everything from how to identify the gap and define gap funding to structuring the gap fund, managing the process and understanding its overarching impact on the innovation ecosystem.

Information in the report includes:

* A detailed assessment of traditional and emerging forms of early-stage capital showcases where gap funding fits in;

* Actionable strategies for raising and initiating funds and plans for sustainability based on a full review of current funding sources;

* Illustrations of specific impact and results of gap funding, including financial returns, process indicators, economic development measures and community engagement metrics;

* A design framework for a full four-step gap funding process from promotion to funding selection and evaluation to management and oversight; and

* Highlights of innovative support programs that are associated with gap funds that build an innovative community of students, faculty and mentors.

The gap funds detailed in the report have collectively been the catalyst for:

* $625M invested into reported 7,370 university tech and formational startups;

* $8B+ in follow-on capital attracted from government, corporate, angel capital and venture firms; and

* Commercialization achieved through 1,569 spinouts and 992 technologies licensed to high-tech companies.

Smart companies and investors are taking notice and making it a strategic, external innovation and investment priority to partner (or start their own) gap fund and accelerator programs for applied research, proof of concept projects, corporate venture investments and advisory/mentorship. In return, they can expect improved insights, competitive positioning and access to future technology and startups.

A summary report (free of charge) and full report is available at: Special release pricing for the full report includes multiple package offerings.

About innovosource:

Over the past 15 years, innovosource ( has worked with and supported hundreds of gap funding programs around the world. By partnering with research institutions and affiliates, innovosource informs, connects, and advocates for technology and startup gap funding and accelerator support programs.

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Remo Recover 6.0 is Here: Remo Software Launches its Most Powerful Data Recovery Software

BANGALORE, India -- Data Recovery has evolved, and so have the data loss scenarios. In response to rising data loss concerns, Remo Software, a leader in the data recovery industry, has released the latest version of their most popular and recognized product, Remo Recover.

The all-new Remo Recover 6.0 is here.

Data Recovery made simple, safe and quicker: This one line can sum up everything about the new version of Remo Recover 6.0. There is a lot to unpack in this new version:

Intuitive User-friendly UI: The upgraded user interface entirely focuses on simplifying the user journey and the application has been designed to make it even more simple and quick to use.

The new home screen allows the user to customize the data recovery process right at the beginning by specifying preferred location recovery. The user can choose either the drive or a specific folder or even a specific file type that he is looking for before hitting that scan button.

Auto Dual Scan: Remo Recover 6.0 gets a new upgrade to its powerful scan mechanism ensuring complete data recovery without any user intervention. This means as soon as the Quick scan is completed the software starts Deep Scan to recover more files from the drive.

Recover While You Scan: Unlike its predecessor, the users need not wait for the scan to complete to recover data in Remo Recover 6.0. You can start recovering data even when scanning is in progress, this saves huge time to users.

Much Smarter: The smart filters and advance search feature will make the process of finding the files during recovery a walk in the park even for a novice user. The user can preview the file for free and recover them only after judging the recovery quality.

More upgrades to Remo Recover 6.0 include:

* Support for more than 500 plus file types like photos, videos, documents etc.,

* Support for data recovery from more than 1000 plus storage devices like hard drives, SD cards, SSDs, USB etc.

* Rigorous testing under more than 100 real time data loss scenarios.

* Designed to perform consistently across all versions of Windows including latest Windows 11

You can check the all new Remo Recover 6.0 for Windows here:

About Remo Software:

Remo Software, since 2011 has been a prominent figure in the data recovery and data management sector whose contribution has impacted many users in making their digital life easy. With a proud portfolio of more than 33 quality software applications for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, Remo Software has its footprints across the globe in more than 106 countries. Rated highly for its simplicity and being a Microsoft Gold partner only adds a feather to their high quality and safe to use products.

Learn more about Remo Software:

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