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Nation’s Largest Hero Savings Program Homes for Heroes Establishes Local Website and Expands Service

STOCKTON, Calif. -- Inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, Homes for Heroes was started in Minneapolis, Minn. at the beginning of 2002. In 2009 it grew to become a national organization that has since helped over 40,268 heroes and given back over $68.4 million.

Homes for Heroes' mission is to provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day. Heroes include: Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military (active, reserves and veterans), Healthcare Professionals/EMS and Teachers.

Now our local area heroes can access their benefits directly at

In addition to the traditional line-up of heroes, local realtor affiliate Brian Nicolson, himself a US Navy Veteran, is expanding the benefits to include any essential workers who have served, in any way, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Interested parties simply need to register at

Homes for Heroes is comprised of affiliate real estate and mortgage specialists across the country along with local and national businesses committed to providing Hero Rewards(R) savings, which are easy ways for heroes to save significant money on a home. When working with Homes for Heroes real estate and mortgage specialists specifically, heroes are able to receive significant savings when they buy, sell or refinance a home. Hero Rewards is our way to say "Thank You."

"We're committed to giving back, serving and saying thank you to our local community heroes because they do so much to protect and contribute so much to our great community. They tirelessly serve and sacrifice for us so we feel it's the right thing to do, and we're excited to be able to give back and say thank you," says Brian Nicolson, local Homes for Heroes real estate specialist in downtown Stockton.

About Homes for Heroes, Inc.

Homes for Heroes, Inc. is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists; committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home. Shortly after 9/11, Homes for Heroes, Inc. was established to give back to Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military (active, reserves & veterans), Healthcare Professionals/EMS, Teachers and more for all they do.

Since 2009, Homes for Heroes, Inc., has helped over 40,268 heroes save over $68.4 million on their real estate transactions, sold over $4 billion in real estate to heroes, actively partnered with 2,600 like-minded real estate and mortgage professionals who've joined in the mission, and donated over $817,838 to heroes in need through the Homes for Heroes Foundation.

More information about the Homes for Heroes program can be found on the website: or by calling Brian Nicolson locally at (209) 689-0965

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Technology Meets Tradition on A Monson Family Farm

MONSON, Mass. -- SunBug Solar, a Massachusetts-based solar solutions provider, has completed the construction of a dual-use solar-terra photovoltaic system in Monson, Massachusetts. The design of the system allows the local landowner to harvest both sun from above and crops from below on land which has been in the family for three generations.

The system, dubbed "Million Little Sunbeams," and owned by Monson native Nate Tassinari and his wife Ania, is the first operational dual-use agricultural photovoltaic (PV) system in the state.

Generally, solar projects on agricultural land face pushback because traditional solar systems cover the ground in a manner that significantly reduces the amount of available farmland. This project did not face this kind of opposition because a dual-use system doesn't replace crops, it works with them. The array is designed to allow sufficient sunlight for the crops and raised high enough in the air to allow tractors continued access underneath.

"It's a good compromise between the need for innovation and respecting the land," said Tassinari. "Plus, it's my backyard. I want it to be both functional and beautiful!"

Just like all operations on the farm, the system must be designed to make a profit. Designing Million Little Sunbeams to be the most efficient PV system possible required pairing together several innovative technologies.

Million Little Sunbeams features an East-West tracking system from RBI Solar. The array is designed with 20 ft row-spacing and a minimum panel height of 10 ft to improve performance and to allow tractors continued access. Dual-use systems use special solar photovoltaic (PV) racking to harvest power from the same sunlight that nourishes the crops that grow under the mounts. On typical PV systems, solar panels are fixed and so consume the energy from direct sunlight themselves, shading the ground below and rendering it not suitable for crops.

Additionally, the Million Little Sunbeams project uses Longi Perc bifacial panels which allows some solar energy to go through the panels reaching the plants below while capturing radiation on the opposite side of the panel as it bounces off the ground and crops below. Lightly colored crops, such as dry hay, are particularly helpful to this process.

Finally, per panel power optimizers mitigate factors such as shading and aging of the solar panels. Using SolarEdge optimizers, the maximum power point of every module is tracked individually. This advancement prevents one panel from slowing down the rest of the system from operating at full capacity.

The land where the solar array is located has been in his family since Nate's Grandmother bought it more than 70 years ago. The neighboring Murphy Dairy Farm, owned and operated by Nate's cousins, utilize the fields to help feed to their cattle. The Murphy Farm was established in the 1910s by Nate's Great Grandfather; Thomas F. Murphy. Today the farm grows hay, produces milk, and now hosts two types of honey-producing bees as well as a young orchard with variety of fruits, exemplifying the diversity of resources this land generates.

Tassinari had worked with SunBug to put solar on his home in Boston, and reached out to SunBug to see what could be done with this land. When SunBug designed a dual-use solar photovoltaic agricultural solution, Tassinari was able to reconcile tradition with technology, and named the project Million Little Sunbeams after a book by conservationist and author Thornton Burgess.

Tassinari will be able to provide power not just to his own home, but through the Community Solar SMART program, he will also have the opportunity to sell this green power back to the community. Participants save money on their utility bills by purchasing through MLS, and part of the proceeds will be donated to Norcross Wildlife.

The website for Million Little Sunbeams - - is scheduled to go live on October 22, 2020. There, interested Monson residents and anyone who has National Grid as their electricity provider will be able to learn more and sign up to purchase energy fresh from the farm.

About SunBug Solar:

SunBug Solar is a local, Massachusetts owned-and-operated solar energy consulting and installation company with offices in Arlington and Westfield, Mass. SunBug Solar creates positive environmental and social impact by exemplifying our core values of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability with our customers, within our industry, and among our teammates. Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation.

Visit the website at:

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Bifacial solar panels allow crops to grow on this family farm while producing energy from the sun.

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The TMS Collaborative Celebrates its 1st Anniversary and Announces Clinic Expansion

EXETER, N.H. -- In September 2019, Dr. Paul Belliveau and partners launched The TMS Collaborative as a way to bring the cutting-edge technology of TMS to New Hampshire and beyond. TMS therapy is an FDA-approved, safe, and non-invasive treatment for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).

The treatment consists of gentle pulses targeted at the areas of the brain that are known to be involved with depression. Approximately 40% of patients diagnosed with MDD experience little to no relief using antidepressants, and often experience a long list of side effects. TMS Therapy, however, has few known side effects, is covered by most insurance plans, and up to 60% of patients respond positively to treatment, while over half achieve a complete remission of their depression symptoms. Of the patients that The TMS Collaborative has treated this year, 80% have experienced improvement and relief from MDD.

Co-Founder and Medical Director of the TMS Collaborative, Paul Belliveau, MD, has been practicing in Exeter, NH for over 20 years and is Board-Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry. Prior to practicing in Exeter, Dr. Belliveau was a physician with the United States Army, and practiced at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

"We are pleased to be able to bring this FDA approved treatment to Seacoast New Hampshire and surrounding areas of New England. Our patients have responded well to TMS and have found relief from their depression when antidepressants were not working for them. I continue to be impressed at how effective TMS is for many people that have suffered with depression for years," says Belliveau.

A year in, and many patient success stories later, the TMS Collaborative is expanding. "We are excited to announce that we are moving to a larger location in December. Our new location at 9 Hampton Road in Exeter will allow us to add additional TMS treatment rooms to better serve patients," says Wayne Barrows, co-founder and Director of Provider Operations. The clinic will continue to treat patients at its Exeter, NH location leading up to the grand opening.


The TMS Collaborative is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and treatment of depression with TMS Therapy. The team at The TMS Collaborative brings over 25 years of experience in delivering the highest quality care in a welcoming clinical environment. To learn more about TMS and the Exeter, NH-based clinic, visit

Phone: 603-988-2561

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Tekwell Services Invests in New Industrial Electric Motor Service Equipment

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tekwell Services stays on the cutting edge of providing best-in-class service for industrial electric motors and pumps. To this end we have invested in new testing equipment to better serve our customers.

Dry Ice Cleaning

Some motors are just too large to bring into the Tekwell Services shop for proper cleaning. For these situations, Tekwell is now offering dry ice blasting cleaning services.

Dry ice is excellent for cleaning motors because of its versatility. We use dry ice pellets, about the size of a grain of rice, and load them into a hopper which is connected to a high velocity air compressor that "blasts" the dry ice into every gap and crevasse in the motor. The ice simply evaporates away leaving behind no residue. This cleaning method is gentle and can be used in a number of different ways

Pump Testing System

Tekwell has developed a unique way to load test industrial pumps for diagnostic purposes or to load test them after a repair has been completed.

We have done this by engineering a 6' by 6' by 8' closed-loop water tank to measure the pump's flow efficiency as well as test it for leaks before sending the pump to be re-installed at the worksite. The ability to test pumps without having to install them back into a production environment to see if they truly have been repaired is game changing because it saves considerable time and rework.

This tank uses a ball valve to regulate flow pressure over a load curve which is carefully measured within the tank to verify that the pump is working, moving water at the proper rate.

This is a unique testing method that is only available at Tekwell Services in the East Tennessee area.

Roller Bearing Loading - Test Device

Tekwell Services, partnered with SKF, has developed a one-of-a-kind apparatus to help test roller bearings properly. Most roller bearings require a load during testing to avoid damaging the bearing when running the motor, but because there are no simple, reliable, and safe devices to accurately measure and display the bearing load, most shops ignore the loading of roller bearings during testing under the misguided belief that the test run doesn't really damage the bearing. SKF has proven that testing roller bearings without proper loading damages them especially in high speed applications.

Because of this, Tekwell Services designed and manufactured a load roller bearing testing device (with Patent Pending) to be mounted to a standard T plate to apply a load vertically or horizontally. The load is then applied by a single threaded rod attached to a load cell with a digital readout. The load cell and display can also be calibrated annually to meet the strict quality control requirements of the SKF Certified Rebuilder program.

"This device is a game changer," says Mark McKinney, Vice President at Tekwell Services. "We worked with SKF to bring a test for roller bearings that is safe, easy to use, accurate, and easy to remove and store."

"This new equipment is just one of the ways we continue meeting, and exceeding, our customers' expectations," says Jamey Steffner, CEO at Tekwell Services. "We believe that investing in new diagnostic and repair equipment for electric motors, as well as our knowledgeable staff, is the key to our growth and continued success."

About Tekwell Services, LLC

Tekwell Services, LLC is a SKF certified motor rebuilder that offers full service and repair for industrial motors, drives and pumps. From fractional horsepower to medium voltage, Tekwell has the skills and equipment needed to repair, test, and install machinery while ensuring peak efficiency and reliability.

With state-of-the-art shops located in Cartersville, GA, Knoxville, TN, and Chattanooga, TN, Tekwell Services specializes in industrial motor repair, electric motor refurbishment, motor and gearbox alignment, and many more of your electric motor repair needs. Tekwell is also a large distributor of motors, drives and controls. Website:

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Priority Express Rebrands as Capstone Logistics to Meet Last Mile Demand During Pandemic

PEACHTREE CORNERS, Ga. -- Priority Express, a logistics company in the courier and last mile delivery industry, announced today that it is rebranding following its acquisition by Capstone Logistics. The company will now operate as Capstone Logistics' last mile fulfillment solution.

Founded in 1994, Priority Express has long-standing relationships with partners in the North-East and Mid-Atlantic regions. In 2019, Capstone acquired the company to expand upon its existing last mile capabilities. As COVID-19 continues to impact consumer behavior, Capstone's now fully integrated solution aims to help partners meet their customers' evolving expectations and increased demand.

"Integration with Capstone's warehousing and transportation divisions enables us to rapidly expand our services and geographic footprint," said Jon Rydel, President of Capstone's last mile division. "Looking ahead, our focus is on leveraging this interconnected entity and our operational expertise to accelerate growth within the last mile sector."

Capstone's last mile services include:

* Expedited freight/distribution and reverse logistics at cross-docking facilities for pick-up and delivery of shipments requiring consolidation, repackaging, and/or sorting

* Scheduled, same-day, and next-day delivery for partners requiring fast, secure, and time critical shipments of highly sensitive items

* On-demand or STAT medical delivery which ensures dependable delivery service 24/7/365, exceeding competitor's on-time performance

Capstone has the ability to plug into and automate any segment of customers' networks. A proprietary logistics platform and mobile tracking app provide data-driven visibility, control, and workforce management for all parties within a network. Additionally, strategically placed cross dock facilities and an operational management system create cost efficiencies and reduce transit times.

"Having a reliable, direct-to-customer delivery solution has never been more critical," said Steve Taylor, CEO of Capstone Logistics. "Especially given recent challenges in the supply chain, our partners must navigate heightened customer expectations. They need to know that their products will reach the destination on time, every time. Our last mile solution gives customers complete visibility and control, providing them the assurance they need during these challenging times."

About Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is the leader in providing specialized, technology-enabled solutions for the most challenging supply chains. Powered by an interconnected platform, Capstone creates end-to-end efficiencies and cost-savings that help suppliers, distributers, and retailers exceed customer expectations. From performance-driven labor solutions to high-touch transportation and fulfillment, Capstone delivers the scale, accountability, and continuity that enables modern supply chains to compete in an ever-evolving environment.

For more information, visit:

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Troy Gathers Publishes His New Book ‘African World History’ Amid America’s Racial Divide

ATLANTA, Ga. -- In his newly released book "African World History" (ISBN: 979-8669353353) author Troy Gathers seeks to bring a calm to America's storm. According to Troy Gathers of BE YOU PUBLISHING, the year 2020 will forever leave a permanent blemish in our lives. Not only are we still in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are approaching one of the most controversial Presidential Elections in modern times.

Both Democratic and Republican parties are focusing on solutions they maintain will smooth out America's issues, but one issue that definitely stands out in America is the racial divide. During the first presidential debate, we witnessed both President and Vice-President dismiss groups that further a separatist agenda but to no avail. Although during the debate white supremacy was denounced, not much was done to bring understanding amongst either side.

Author Troy Gathers believes that education of each other's culture along with justice may close the gap in race issues. "There seems to be a void in relationships amongst all races in America," says Gathers. America has a dark history of racism that is typically excluded from front-page headlines. Troy is determined on closing America's racial divide with his book African World History. Gathers trusts that after reading "African World History" there will be a shift in energy and new grounds to build as a unified nation and not a nation at odds.

The history of Africa has never been a permanent fixture in the history books in America, thus leaving countless citizens without any awareness of Africa's immense history. Unfortunately, only 10% of the African American community is aware of the history of Ancient Africa as well. No wonder why we see groups in the African American community making the case that their lives matter.

"African World History" is Gathers' fifth book, however one that he shaped carefully. Troy states, "I understand the History of Ancient Africa is vast, yet this book points out key kingdoms and rulers to set the stage for your research. Moving forward, we must have a greater respect for each other."

About the Author:

Troy Gathers is an Entrepreneur and PhD Candidate focused on cultivating and inspiring his readers. Troy began working on literally books in 2015, reaching millions with his original quote books. (Take Me with You) African World History is Troy's attempt to educate all races about the immense history of Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. "There are far too many great rulers and kingdoms from Ancient Africa that are never discussed in school. That is not fair to any race to omit a part of history that can bring all of us closer as one," Gathers says.

"African World History"
ISBN: 9798669353353

Learn more about Troy Gathers at

African World History available to order:

IMAGE Links for media:
Caption: Author Troy Gathers.

Caption: Cover, "African World History" by Troy Gathers.

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Showcase USA introduces U.S.-China Trade Solution: Program to help companies start selling in China using cross border e-commerce

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Cross border e-commerce is re-writing the rules for international business and particularly for how small and medium sized brands reach the ever growing, but elusive China market. Traditional stocking distributors and importers have been replaced by e-commerce marketplaces that allow Chinese consumers to purchase foreign brands directly from the source via supply points in the United States or through bonded warehouses in China. ABC Showcase USA a leading provider of cross border e-commerce services, international trade and logistics, announced a major expansion of services to assist U.S. brand suppliers to access a comprehensive solution to help sell directly to consumers in China through cross border e-commerce.

Cross border e-commerce is dramatically transforming the way foreign brands penetrate the Chinese market. This year more than $250 billion dollars in commerce is expected through cross border e-commerce in China and more than 600 million active online consumers are expected by 2023. Perhaps even more exciting, U.S. companies can start selling their products in China without needing to first commit to costly regulatory approvals, re-labeling or modifications.

The rise of cross border e-commerce has brought with it an unprecedented opportunity for American companies to tap sales directly from Chinese consumers. Even with the specter of protracted trade friction between the United States and China, cross border e-commerce offers U.S. brand holders a sensible work around to sell their products in China avoiding high tariffs. New-to-export companies can begin selling their brands direct to consumers in China including in highly regulated product categories such as health supplements, beauty products, pet food, and packaged foods with no need to directly ship their inventory overseas and thus bypassing a traditional stocking distributor. The Chinese government has recently lowered duties on most consumer goods sold through cross border sales to 9.2 %. Coupled with the expanded Chinese individual personal exemption, consumers can now import up to 5000 RMB($720.00) duty free.

The team at Showcase USA has simplified the cross border e-commerce process to offer companies a customizable solution to help quickly launch their products rapidly in China. Since the start of 2018, Showcase USA has managed the successful launch of U.S. apparel, beauty, packaged foods, supplements, and innovative consumer goods on,, WeChat and other leading cross border marketplaces.

According to Mark Matsumoto, company co-founder, "The Showcase USA program allows U.S. companies a low-risk method to start selling direct to Chinese consumers in as little as 30 days. Our turn-key solution provides full support to launch new brands through cross border e-commerce in China including active social media marketing and participation in live streaming events."

Leveraging the backbone of ABC Depot Logistics who established the 3PL and procurement arm for in America(now part of Alibaba) , the ABC Showcase USA model provides brand holders a simple method to manage all aspects of the cross border process selling on leading platforms including, Kaola, Pinduoduo, Tmall, WeChat and others.

The ABC Showcase Program provides brand holders the following bundled support:

* Platform authorization and launch within 30 Days

* Product registrations with China Customs

* Translated product listings

* Management of inventory and logistics from Los Angeles or New Jersey Warehouse

* Payment collection from Chinese consumers

* Social media campaigns with influencers (KOLs) and participation in live streaming selling events.

* 24/7 customer service support in China

Please inquire about special low-cost pilot program options to launch your brand in China within 30 days!

Don't miss your chance to leverage the biggest online shopping market in the world. U.S. companies who take advantage of the program offered by ABC Showcase can actively participate in Single's Day and/or other important online sales incentive days in Winter 2020.

About ABC Depot Logistics/Showcase USA

Founded in 2005 as a leading provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, combing air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, road rail, express packages and e-commerce services. Having established a strong reputation in the global logistics industry, ABC Depot was enlisted by Netease/Kaola in 2015 to establish a 3PL operation and procurement office in North America. ABC Depot has played a key role helping become the leading cross border e-commerce platform in China. The launch of ABC Showcase USA in 2018 offered brand holders the first affordable and comprehensive cross border e-commerce sales and support solution.

To learn more about the ABC Showcase USA Cross Border Solution visit,


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Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill Invites Guests for A Limited Time to Hop on The Carolina Reaper Train with Their #SpicySalsaChallenge

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- "Can you handle the heat?" That is the question Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill is asking their fans when they order the new Pebre Salsa Picante. Ori'Zaba's has added the new scratch made salsa to their existing menu for a limited time.

"Our customers love the spice combination in our original salsa, so we thought we would expand our salsa line and kick it up a notch with this new super spicy salsa," said D.J. Wonnacott-Yahnke, Director of Consumer Product Management.

The new Pebre Salsa Picante blends four varieties of peppers: Serrano, Habanero, Carolina Reaper and Arbol with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, garlic, red wine vinegar and olive oil to create a salsa so spicy it comes with its own disclaimer, "The Pebre Salsa Picante is extremely spicy and should only be attempted by seasoned pepper eaters. We do not recommend this salsa for most people."

The combination of these four specific peppers creates a kick of heat. The Carolina Reaper is recognized as the "World's Hottest Pepper," and using this variety in the salsa, creates an eye-watering flavor that is only for bold and brave taste buds.

Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill specializes in fresh, scratch made Mexican meals and has four locations across the Las Vegas metro area.

Director of Operations, Lee Cartledge said, "A super spicy salsa fits perfect with our menu, you can add it to burritos, eat it with chips and guacamole or add it to any entree, if you can stand the heat!"

The thrill of eating the Pebre Salsa Picante is tempting fans to partake in Ori'Zaba's #SpicySalsaChallenge.

This October, customers can order a three-ounce portion of the Pebre Salsa Picante on any entree and if they are able to eat the entire dish while dining in the restaurant, their next meal entree is on Ori'Zaba's! The salsa is only available for a limited time, so customers are encouraged to get it while it's hot! (no pun intended - it's super hot!)

The #SpicySalsaChallenge runs through Halloween 2020 at which time, this Carolina Reaper salsa becomes a ghost and disappears.

Located at: 9360 W. Flamingo Road #110-521, Las Vegas, NV 89147

Learn more at:


For more information on Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill and the #SpicySalsaChallenge please contact Nicole Brooks, Sr. Marketing Specialist, Crazy Good Marketing, 720-325-2517 x733,

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Ultimate Auto Body Launches Updated Website

BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. -- Ultimate Auto Body, an auto body repair company in Bedford Hills, New York, is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their website. This was to ensure that the website is up-to-date, can easily be navigated, and is mobile responsive. The company offers auto body repair throughout Westchester County and neighboring areas.

The experts at Ultimate Auto Body use their knowledge, experience and precision equipment to bring new life and luster to the interior and exterior of every foreign and domestic automobile.

Greg Beobide of Ultimate Auto Body says, "We've built Ultimate Auto Body on a set of values that have been a foundation to our success. We protect our clients with a guarantee for all parts & workmanship for as long as they own their car. And, we have systems in place to ensure that our repair shops deliver what we promise.

"The most important thing we do is build trust. We've been in Westchester since 1977 and our dedication to systems and quality has insured our reputation as the county's finest repair shops."

The services they provide include auto body repair, auto painting, collision repair, and concierge services. They have developed the reputation of a leading local auto body shop in Bedford Hills, New York because they always focus on every detail in every job they undertake.

Beobide adds, "Our expert auto body repair and paint craftsmen ensure that every motor car leaving Ultimate Auto Body shops is a work of art."

The Ultimate Auto Body certified trained technicians, use only the latest hi-tech unibody pulling and aligning bench systems, highly specialized metal inert gas welding equipment, and only the finest materials available in the market, all geared toward returning your vehicle back to pre-accident condition or better.

Ultimate Auto Body believes in their work, that is why they guarantee all body, paint, glass, and structural repairs against any type of failure for as long as you own your vehicle.

Those who are interested in auto body services in Bedford Hills, in Westchester County, New York and surrounding areas may want to check out the Ultimate Auto Body website at

About Ultimate Auto Body

Based in Bedford Hills, New York, Ultimate Auto Body has been making cars look brand new since 1977. Ultimate Auto Body focuses on Auto Body Repair, Collision Repair, Auto Detailing and Auto Paint Services. More information:

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Right at Home Boston and North Receive Top Home Care Awards in 2020

SALEM, Mass. -- Earlier this year, Rosaleen Doherty & Jay Kenney, co-owners of Right at Home Boston and North based in Salem, Massachusetts, were honored by the Right at Home national organization with the 2019 Highest Annual Multi-Territory Revenue Award. With over 400 offices under the Right at Home system each year, the Boston and North franchise was recognized as the top revenue-producing Right at Home among the US for owners with multiple units.

Right at Home Boston and North serves almost 1,000 families a week on the North Shore, in the Merrimack Valley and the Boston area and employs over 300 trained professionals. Right at Home Boston and North grew their employee count by 4% last year and continues to grow today.

Due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony, that was to be held at the Right at Home national conference was withheld. However, the award is received with great dignity and appreciation.

Margaret Haynes, COO at Right at Home Corporate in Omaha, NE says, "Thank you for all you and your entire team do each and every day to bring the Right at Home mission to life in your local communities. You run an amazing business and serve as strong role models for the entire system."

RightSpirit Award

In the same online awards ceremony, the Allen Hagar RightSpirit Award also went to Rosaleen Doherty and Jay Kenney. The award is named after the founder of Right at Home and is awarded to the franchisee that demonstrates the highest commitment and an excellent example to other Right at Home businesses for improving the lives of seniors and adults with disabilities.

"In the handful of years the RightSpirit award has been given, it has never aligned with the winner of the highest revenue awards for Right at Home franchises," says Rosaleen Doherty, owner of Right at Home Boston and North. "Right at Home is the vehicle we utilize to do good for matter if it was when we just started almost 20 years ago, or right now."

About Right at Home Boston and North

Right at Home Boston and North is owned and operated by Rosaleen Doherty and Jay Kenney. The company was started in 2002 after Rosaleen and Jay moved to the North Shore to begin their married life.

Right at Home Boston and North provides in-home care services to seniors and disabled adults who choose to live independently through three home care offices in Salem, Somerville and Haverhill Mass. With over 18 years of providing home care services, CareTeam members undergo a thorough background screening and ongoing training in order to provide the best quality home care for the elderly. All Right at Home care is supervised by a team of registered nurses. Through their Dementia and Cognitive Support Programs, Right at Home is known as a leader in dementia home care in the Boston area. The mission is to change the world one human interaction at a time.

Learn more at or call for more information at 877-500-CARE (2273).

Media Contact:
Rosaleen Doherty

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