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A Fathers Fight Against Scientology’s Disconnection Policy that Ripped his Family Apart is Now an Illustrated Book

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- Author Brian J. Sheen's new book, "Relentless, Rescuing My Daughter from Scientology, an Illustrated Story," (ASIN B091P673ZX) is the struggle of a father and newly pronounced grandfather, attempting to get state and federal officials to preserve the sanctity of his family from the Church of Scientology's "horrific acts" that ripped his family apart and allegedly violated his human rights, was recently released, Quan Publications announced. The book is now available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

Brian Sheen has always been a devoted father who has cherished his children and shared his love and success with them. He encouraged them to follow their hearts and live a life of freedom. Nothing had prepared him, for the devastating shock, when he received a phone call from his Scientologist daughter, that the Church of Scientology demanded his daughter to never speak or see him again, unless he agreed to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars and place himself under their full control.

Why? Because her non-Scientologist father had been declared an enemy of her Church, for reasons they refused to disclose to him. If his daughter were to violate their disconnection order, she would also be labeled an enemy, and forced to disconnect from her Scientologist husband, mother, and friends and lose what was most probably, her last opportunity to become a mother. Extremely upset and protesting furiously, she was forced to obey.

This book acts as a warning to any existing or prospective new Scientologist, to recognize what Judge John Breckenridge shared about the Church of Scientology: "In addition to violating and abusing its own members civil rights, the organization has harassed and abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies. The organization is clearly schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder L. Ron Hubbard. The evidence portrays a man who's been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements." (*See Note 1.)

Money, power, and control of their members life is at the core of how Scientology functions, which Sheen shares with compelling illustrations. He shows how Scientology convinces members to spend thousands of hours to implant Hubbard's insane alien attachment hallucinations into their minds to disassociate them from reality while expecting they will become superhuman.

"Relentless," acts as a warning to any existing or prospective new Scientologist, to recognize the trap of how Scientology imprints them with their demented beliefs and why Hubbard's processes create severe mental dysfunction and dangerous disassociated states. Readers will learn how Scientology's distorted view of human existence causes them to blame the alleged multiple rape victims of celebrity Scientologist Danny Masterson to accuse the victims, not Masterson, of committing a crime, because they reported their alleged rapes to the police!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and seeing the visuals of how celebrity Scientologists like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Elisabeth Moss and Greta Van Susteren have been hypnotized to support Scientology's family disconnections, attacks on critics, and Hubbard's fraudulent representations, is shocking.

Readers will feel the emotional impact of the author through the gripping illustrations that share his journey through Scientology and his relentless struggle to reconnect with his daughter and meet his new grandson.

A leading authority on Scientology, Mike Rinder, Emmy Winner for Co-Producing "Scientology and The Aftermath" calls this book, "Powerful. Righteous. He will never be silenced and will ultimately prevail."

"Great. Gripping. Devastating. Remarkable," shared Tony Ortega, Proprietor of The Underground Bunker Blog.

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*NOTE 1:

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this press release, including any excerpt quotes from book, are solely those of the author of the book.

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New On-Line Product Disrupts the Automotive Industry for The Good of Consumers

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Autica, a U.S. based internet-based consumer website, announces the development of a revolutionary and disruptive on-line car purchasing solution that provides consumers the ability to purchase and take delivery of a vehicle in one hour or less from an extensive network of localized dealer inventory unique to each customer inquiry.

With Autica, the consumer easily locates, selects and has the car delivered to their home or office for test drive and inspection the very same day. No more speculating on the condition or suitability of a vehicle from competitive websites which can take days to travel to the consumer. Autica allows individuals the freedom and convenience to finalize every aspect of their vehicle purchase, including delivery quickly and remotely. Utilizing a laptop computer or other smart device, the entire transaction is now financed and fully documented without ever having to visit the dealership.

Michael P. Martinez, CFO for Autica states, "The consumer will no longer have to wait endlessly or take an entire day out of their busy lives to purchase a car. They can finally complete the entire purchase from anywhere, on their schedule, with the entire transaction financed, documented and car delivered in under an hour from the comfort of their home or office. There are no hard sales pitches or pressure from the dealer. Just simplicity and convenience, what the consumer has come to expect."

Autica will be ready for introduction to the public in the coming months. Autica is an innovative solution to buying a car and finally gives the consumer what he/she wants -- making a car purchase fast and easy without long waits, pressure and lengthy sales pitches at the dealership or even waiting days for inspection and test drive. For additional information contact Michael P. Martinez at (505) 280-3200.

George Lovato
Autica LLC

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Top of Mind Welcomes Former MonitorBase Chief Revenue Officer and Mortgage Industry Veteran Rick Webster as VP of Client Strategy

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind), a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software for the mortgage lending industry, announced it has added mortgage and marketing expert Rick Webster as VP of client strategy. In this role, Webster will serve as the firm's client-facing liaison, leveraging martech best practices, out-of-the-box automation and digital marketing expertise to ensure Surefire CRM users achieve their goals.

As the leader of Top of Mind's Blueprints for Success initiative, Webster will collaborate with the firm's sales and account management teams to help users maximize Surefire CRM capabilities. In addition to identifying and driving Top of Mind best practices, Webster will leverage both his fintech experience at MonitorBase and considerable insider knowledge of marketing and funnel strategies to guide mortgage lender success.

"Rick Webster's rare combination of marketing, technology and mortgage business experience make him an exceptionally valuable evangelist for the Surefire CRM platform and a proven resource for helping mortgage lenders realize topflight marketing outcomes," said Top of Mind CEO Bill Hayes. "With his expertise in mortgage marketing and successful background in digital advertising, Rick will be a strategic asset to advancing our clients' marketing objectives."

In addition to Webster's previous role as chief revenue officer of MonitorBase, a SaaS B2B fintech platform utilizing AI and big data to enhance predictability, marketing and customer retention for banks, realtors and mortgage lenders, his career achievements span the mortgage, marketing and technology industries, including serving as vice president at Doorway Home Loans and mortgage-related roles at Merrill Lynch and E*TRADE. Most recently, Webster was at the helm of PierBase as an advisor to early-stage SaaS startups providing revenue-generating growth strategies. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events, including HousingWire's

"I'm extremely honored to join the team at Top of Mind," said Webster. "I look forward to evangelizing the power of the Surefire platform and helping our clients drive deeper outcomes using our technology."

About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( started as a bootstrapped direct-mail marketing company. Today, the company is recognized as the mortgage industry's most-relied-upon provider of marketing automation and creative content solutions. From individuals to enterprise lenders, Top of Mind's SurefireCRM helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, earn repeat business and deserve referral business. With intuitive, "set it and forget it" workflows and award-winning content, mortgage professionals can effortlessly maintain and deepen their emotional connections with clients.

@mortgagecrm #marketingautomation #mortgagemarketing #digitalmortgage

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Encounter Telehealth Awards ‘Certificates of Excellence in Mental Health Care’

OMAHA, Neb. -- Encounter Telehealth awarded their partner facilities 'Certificates of Excellence in Mental Health Care' for their perseverance and dedication to the mental health needs of their residents throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This past year has been wrought with unprecedented challenges and hurdles for the staff and residents of our senior living community partners," explains Jennifer Amis, President and CEO of Encounter Telehealth.

"Through everything, the care teams at these facilities have gone above and beyond to ensure the mental health and wellness for their residents. They truly deserve special commendation."

Depression and anxiety hit an all-time high for older adults amid the pandemic. Recent studies determined that 1 in 4 older adults have experienced depression and anxiety since the pandemic began. Lockdowns, loneliness, fear, and loss have contributed to a mental health epidemic in an already struggling population.

In 2020, throughout the pandemic, Encounter Telehealth conducted over 10,000 telehealth encounters for residents of senior care communities. The staff at these communities have embraced the Encounter Team as an extension of their own care teams. The collaboration between Encounter and their partner facilities has improved the mental health and quality of life for residents and staff members.

About Encounter Telehealth

Encounter Telehealth supports the mental and behavioral health needs of residents in senior care communities. Our services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management, mental health therapy for both residents and their family members, after hours care, and staff training. Our communities include skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, memory care, home health care, ICF/IID facilities, Veterans Homes, and corrections. Our patients receive specialized, evidence-based mental health care regardless of where they live.

Learn more at or by emailing us at

Twitter: @EncounterPsych

Facebook: @EncounterTelespychiatry

LinkedIn: @EncounterTelehealthLLC

Instagram: @encountertelehealth


"Jenkins Living Center is located in Watertown, South Dakota -- a rural area in the northeastern corner of the state. Our community lacks the services of a psychiatrist, and scheduling visits with a clinical psychology would often take weeks before the resident could be seen. When we signed on with Encounter, we immediately saw an improvement in mental health services for our resident population. The telehealth psychologists that have served our facility have been extremely responsive whenever we have needed a consultation, and they are very engaged when visiting with our residents and staff. They thoroughly review the residents' medical records prior to visits and do an outstanding job of follow-up regarding efficacy of medications they have prescribed. Overall, the well-being of our residents who need mental health consultations has improved dramatically since we began to partner with Encounter," said Loren Dietman, President and CEO of Jenkins Living Center.

"The majority of our residents being followed by Encounter have had improved mental health. Behaviors have decreased, which has helped the environment for both the residents and employees. Residents' mental health is more stable," said Nicholas Guerrette, Administrator at Borderview Rehabilitation and Living Center.

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157 New Industrial Manufacturing Planned Industrial Project Reports – March 2021 Recap

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- SalesLeads announced today the March 2021 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 157 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news.

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type

-- Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 141 New Projects

-- Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 41 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity

-- New Construction - 45 New Projects

-- Expansion - 57 New Projects

-- Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 68 New Projects

-- Plant Closings - 6 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States)

North Carolina - 11

Wisconsin - 9

Texas - 9

New York - 9

Georgia - 8

Ohio - 8

South Carolina - 7

Michigan - 7

Massachusetts - 6

Kentucky - 6


During the month of March, our research team identified 12 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more.

The largest project is owned by Intel Corporation, who is planning to invest $20 billion for the construction of two manufacturing facilities at their manufacturing complex in CHANDLER, AZ. The project is in the early design stage. Completion is slated for 2024.



Battery mfr. is considering investing $5 billion for the construction of a manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in GEORGIA. Watch SalesLeads for updates.


Cardboard packaging mfr. is planning to invest $440 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in JACKSON, AL. They have recently received approval for the project. Construction will occur in phases, with completion slated for 2024.


Electric car mfr. is planning to invest $362 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 817,000 sf manufacturing facility at 8400 Winchester in MEMPHIS, TN. They have recently received approval for the project.


Steel products mfr. is considering investing $164 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in MICHIGAN or in the Midwest area of the US. Watch SalesLeads for updates.


Electric vehicle mfr. is considering investing $148 million for the construction of a battery manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in QUEBEC. Watch SalesLeads for updates.


Personal care products mfr. is planning to invest $90 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 570,000 sf manufacturing facility in GROVEPORT, OH. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Fall 2021.


Aluminum products mfr. is planning to invest $54 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 460,000 sf manufacturing facility at 300 Brown Rd. in FRANKLIN, KY. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for Summer 2022.


Fluid control equipment mfr. is planning to invest $53 million for the construction of a 139,000 sf manufacturing facility in DEVENS, MA. They are currently seeking approval for the project.


Electric vehicle mfr. is planning to invest $41 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in CHARLOTTE, NC. Completion is slated for Summer 2022.


Specialty wire products mfr. is planning to invest $37 million for the expansion of their manufacturing facility in KIMBERLY, WI by 70,000 sf. Construction is expected to start in Spring 2021, with completion slated for 2022.


Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America. Our professional research team identifies new construction, expansion, relocation, major renovation, equipment upgrades, and plant closing project opportunities so that our clients can focus sales and marketing resources on the target accounts that have an impending need for their products, services, and indirect materials.

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Nomis Solutions Appoints FinTech Veteran Joe Zeibert as Vice President, Head of Mortgage Product and Strategy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Nomis Solutions (Nomis), a global, industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider, announced today the promotion of FinTech expert Joe Zeibert to vice president, head of mortgage product and strategy. In this role, Zeibert will lead the continued development and innovation of Nomis' mortgage pricing and profitability management and competitive intelligence technology.

Zeibert, previously an executive banker at Bank of America, was recruited by Nomis in 2019 to develop the company's flagship mortgage pricing and competitive intelligence product. In just over a year, Zeibert has established and launched a suite of mortgage SaaS products with record implementation times, doubled the Nomis client base and served as subject matter expert for a variety of mortgage industry speaking engagements and events.

"Bringing Joe on board was part of a multi-year strategic initiative to introduce a tactical, incredibly unique pricing and profitability management product to the mortgage industry," explained Frank Rohde, president and CEO of Nomis Solutions. "Joe's innate skills and mortgage know-how have been pivotal in Nomis' rapid growth, and we are more focused than ever before on driving innovation for mortgage pricing and profitability insights."

Zeibert's knack for mortgage pricing has been cultivated over the last 15 years through his extensive experience in home equity pricing, analytics and product development. During his eight-year tenure at Bank of America, draw-per-loan increased by 23%, and profitability rose by 15%. He then progressed to Ally Financial as senior director of product, pricing, credit and analytics of the mortgage division. There, he generated more than $5 billion in leads annually, modeled 662 million price points individually and drove ad hoc and automated analytics and reporting tools to provide competitive pricing insights and empower data-driven decisions.

"Nomis has really opened the floodgates of opportunity for mortgage lenders of any size. We have perfected the science behind leveraging competitive data and actionable analytics to provide real-time, granular insight into an organization's operational processes, competition and the effectiveness of their strategies," said Zeibert. "I am honored to receive this promotion and look forward to watching more and more lenders take advantage of these tools that provide a substantial competitive edge."

Nomis' mortgage technology suite provides real-time pricing analytics and competitive intelligence, enabling mortgage lenders to identify and act on market opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, optimize operations, and maximize profitability. With Nomis, mortgage lenders save time and resources, experience an increase in lead-to-application conversion rates, and can more accurately identify and react to profitable opportunities.

About Nomis Solutions

Nomis Solutions is a global, industry-leading pricing and profitability management solutions provider that delivers competitive intelligence to bankers and mortgage lenders to facilitate more advanced pricing strategies. The company's analytics platform and end-to-end pricing tools enable retail banks and mortgage lenders to achieve customer- and borrower-centric pricing backed by real-time, actionable data. The platform also supports banks and mortgage lenders in their understanding and anticipation of the evolving demands of customers and borrowers, competitors, and ever-changing market conditions. For more information, please visit

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Gearing up for a Busy Season at ACE Adventure Resort

OAK HILL, W.Va. -- In preparation for the season kicking off, ACE Adventure Resort announced they are looking for seasonal employees to fill a variety of positions. Adjacent to the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, ACE, a family owned and community-based resort, operates on 1,500 acres of lush property. ACE is home to a wide variety of adventure activities including whitewater rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, and over a dozen more, all of which have positions open to potential employees. ACE is not only hiring for adventure activities, but also retail, food and beverage, landscaping, and more.

ACE Adventure Resort is looking for seasonal employees, making it a great option for college students, teachers, bus drivers, and any individual with flexible summers. River Guide training begins May 10 and runs Monday-Friday until May 28, taking place on the Upper and Lower sections of the New. While previous rafting experience and first responder medical certifications are not required, they are extremely helpful. ACE Adventure Resort is also generously offering to pay for first-aid and CPR training for adventure guides, as well as CDLs for bus drivers.

Cody Derrick, ACE Adventure Resort's human resources director, is looking forward to welcoming new additions to the ACE family this upcoming season. "We want employees who are passionate about their work, whatever it may be. People who care about our guests' experience and do everything in their power to make our guests want to turn their spontaneous vacation into an annual one at ACE Adventure Resort."

ACE Adventure Resort is eager to welcome new staff members and introduce them to a unique and fun-loving environment. Working at ACE allows those who are passionate about the outdoors to share their excitement with guests and tourists. Those new to adventure activities will get the chance to train and become more familiarized with recreational activities in the New River Gorge. Aside from the experience and a vibrant work environment, ACE Adventure Resort will provide all employees with a 25% discount that is accepted both on property and at the Gear Shop in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Learn more about ACE Adventure Resort at:

Those interested in a potential position at ACE Adventure Resort can apply at

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ReverseVision Selects AWS as Cloud Provider to Deliver World-Class Digital Reverse Mortgage Lending Experience

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- ReverseVision®, the leading national provider of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and private reverse mortgage sales and origination technology, announced it has adopted Amazon Web Services, Inc (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider. The move to AWS is part of ReverseVision's platform transformation, which aims to establish reverse mortgage loans as mainstream lending programs by bridging the technology gap between reverse and forward lending systems with its flexible, cloud-enabled architecture.

Leveraging AWS enables ReverseVision to increase the agility of its award-winning reverse mortgage lending platform. The scalability of AWS makes it possible for ReverseVision to accommodate large volume fluctuations without compromising platform performance. Additionally, AWS provides ReverseVision the capacity to build and scale a high-performing API environment that supports dynamic connectivity with lenders' full tech stacks.

ReverseVision Chief Technology Officer Jim Magner reports that since transitioning to AWS many areas of platform performance have improved 20-30%.

"Moving to AWS is important to ReverseVision's broader technology strategy of enabling lenders to bring reverse mortgages into their forward mortgage lending workflow," said Jim Magner. "Older Americans hold over $8.05 trillion in home equity and have a strong need for financial flexibility. Offering reverse mortgage loans alongside traditional loans will expand the options available to the 1.5 million Americans over the age of 62 who take out a mortgage each year."

AWS has the most extensive and broadly adopted global cloud infrastructure. Its secure cloud computing environment is architected to meet security requirements for global banks, the military and high-sensitivity organizations.

About ReverseVision

Founded in 2007, ReverseVision®, Inc. is the leading national Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and private reverse mortgage sales and origination technology platform, supporting more reverse mortgage transactions than all other systems combined. The company's comprehensive product suite aligns to lenders' unique business and operational models, connecting all lending participants across the entire reverse mortgage lifecycle. A five-time HousingWire TECH100™ company, ReverseVision is a privately held company based in San Diego, California.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @reversevision #digitalmortgage #HECM

Facebook: @ReverseVision

LinkedIn: @ReverseVision

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National Postdoctoral Association Unveils New Strategic Plan

ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Today, the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) released a strategic plan for the coming three years to move closer towards its vision of "an inclusive community where all postdocs are empowered, valued, recognized, and supported in their current and future endeavors."

The 2021-2024 plan features a dozen strategies oriented around four pillars of NPA activity -- advocacy; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); member development; and operational excellence. The pillars and strategies were developed through an inclusive, eight-month process that included surveys of postdocs and university offices, consultation with external stakeholders, and use of best practices.

"The pillars of this strategic plan represent the next logical steps in our growth," said Stephanie Eberle, M.Ed., NPA Board Chair, "diversifying our research community, advocating for equity and opportunities within it, and maintaining the intentional, dependable service this important community deserves."

Since 2003, the NPA has been dedicated to improve the postdoctoral experience by supporting a culture of inclusive connection. This new member-driven plan is designed to bring even greater focus to the NPA's efforts by honing in on areas of greatest value and importance to postdocs and the institutions that support them.

The release coincides with the NPA's 19th Annual Conference, also occurring this week, and which has itself shattered attendance records and positioned the organization to jumpstart work under the new plan. The 18,000 member association hopes to further engage with its members, partners, allies and other stakeholders as it builds out specific initiatives and activities to implement its new strategies.

"We are committed to excellence in helping our members succeed -- from developing career pathways to building more inclusive communities -- and to creating novel and collaborative ways of enabling such success," commented Thomas P. Kimbis, J.D., NPA executive director and CEO. "We encourage stakeholders to connect with us to create win-win scenarios under our new plan."

About National Postdoctoral Association:

The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational association headquartered in Rockville, MD. Founded in 2003, the NPA envisions an inclusive community where all postdocs are empowered, valued, recognized, and supported in their current and future endeavors. The NPA serves the entire postdoctoral community, including its 18,000 individual and 215 organizational members.

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Green Janitorial Innovations Spur New Tech Company Focused on Occupant Health

DES MOINES, Iowa -- With over eight years in providing green, sustainable, microbial protection to businesses, schools, and medical facilities throughout the Midwest, The Heritage Group of Des Moines, IA launched a new tech company, SPMC, LLC in the summer of 2020 to be led by SPMC President John Bergman and SPMC Technical Director Joe Johnson.

More than vacuuming, cleaning, and dusting, Heritage Building Maintenance, the custodial and building management arm of The Heritage Group, set themselves apart with their commitment to the integration of WELL building best practices and use of science-based research and technology. Science-Proven Microbial Control® was born out of their objective of cleaning for health. This not only helped customers maintain the wellness of their buildings but also helped protect those who occupy them.

"Disinfecting has always been a thorn in the side of a sustainable green cleaning program," said Johnson. "Over the last eight years we've worked hard to develop Science-Proven Microbial Control® into a real, solutions-based program."

In the spring of 2020, when businesses across the nation were suddenly challenged with crisis-level health and operational obstacles, Heritage's years of experience in microbial control and innovation turned itself into a real-world tested, science-based process that facilitated the founding of SPMC, LLC - the tech company supported by their trademarked program.

From the initial announcements of pandemic spread and the challenges that faced building management, the SPMC, LLC team saw increased interest from Building Services and Commercial Real Estate Management Companies fostering continuous growth and licensing opportunities throughout the year.

While the timing for a start-up could have been challenging for some, SPMC has continued to grow their family of licensees - all while supporting their current customer list including Paramount Building Solutions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, Specialty Maintenance Service out of Omaha, as well as Heritage Building Maintenance in Des Moines. SPMC also continues to educate their business clients and associates on the benefits of Science-Proven Microbial Control®, WELL building best practices, and the use of science and data that supplement traditional cleaning and building maintenance services.

"This takes janitorial services beyond 'straightening up'," says Greg Theroux, Founder and CEO of Heritage Building Maintenance and SPMC, LLC. "While we're in the cleaning business, really, our job is to make our customers' workspaces healthier."

As the Heritage Building Maintenance team continues to provide healthy solutions in custodial and building maintenance services, they and others will become licensees through SPMC, LLC to provide a technologically advanced program that includes a multi-step process, and a scientifically-tested, EPA registered, antimicrobial surface protectant. These treatments are applied through their Test - Treat - Track™ process, creating a superior, data-based cleaning and protection protocol.

John Bergman, who comes from decades of commercial and corporate real estate management, joined the leadership team at SPMC, LLC in January of this year. Together with Technical Director, Joe Johnson, SPMC will continue to innovate and grow its offerings.

"This is so far beyond cleaning, we can't consider ourselves anything less than a tech company," said Bergman. "The data used to support our licensees is groundbreaking."

Bergman went on to explain that through their Science-Proven Microbial Control® program, licensees use testing to set a baseline of cleanliness - at a microbial level - within a building. This establishes a scientifically trackable, data-based health and wellness microbial control protocol for each and every space they serve, providing long lasting protection beyond cleaning and focusing on occupant health and safety.

"Considering our current health-conscious corporate culture," said Bergman. "The availability of this technology sets a new standard for health in the built environment. By providing long-lasting microbial control we re-set the need for hyper disinfecting. This not only provides health and wellness to buildings and occupants, but focuses on sustainability and green best practices."

SPMC, LLC is located in Des Moines, Iowa and currently serves a growing list of licensees and partner companies throughout the Midwest.

If you have questions or would like more information on their Science-Proven Microbial Control® program or licensee opportunities from SPMC, LLC, you can contact John Bergman, SPMC, LLC President at or go to their Web site at

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