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Introducing Old Guy Skincare – All-natural Products Made for the Care of Older Men’s Skin

SUNDERLAND, Mass. -- With its mission to put the bounce back into older men's skin, Old Guy Skincare™ LLC introduces its first two all-natural skincare products to the American market. Founded by three "old guys," the new Massachusetts-based company offers a simple two-step program to help refresh and rejuvenate men's skin that's "been there and done that."

The two products are Dew It!™, a face toning spray and Soak It Up!™, a face oil serum. Both are made only with natural ingredients, some of which are certified-organic.

"While men's skincare is growing in popularity, no one seemed to be focusing on older men, like us," said co-founder Peter Littell. "Just because you reach a certain age does not mean you have to give up on your skin. We are not invisible yet. Furthermore, anecdotally at least, we know there are many partners and friends of old guys who would love to do something about the skin of their favorite older men. We are happy to oblige."

The founding partners of the company are Peter Littell, Paul Lisseck, and Gerry McCarthy. Ranging in age from 68 to 92, all of them bring decades of experience in the natural products industry. The products are manufactured by Vermont Soap in Middlebury, VT.

Dew It! face toning spray is made with organic Matcha Green tea, organic Schisandra powder, and a blend of other natural ingredients and essential oils. Soak It Up! is made with organic golden Jojoba oil, organic Schisandra powder, and a blend of essential oils.

"One of the key ingredients that we use is our made in the U.S., certified-organic Schisandra, which is actually grown and harvested in Whately, Massachusetts, just down the road from our headquarters," said co-founder Paul Lisseck. "Schisandra is an adaptogen that has been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicine, and it has known benefits for the skin, especially for older people's skin. It also contains naturally-occurring vitamin C and E, popular vitamins found in serums."

The chief formulator and co-founder Gerry McCarthy has been working with herbs, balms, tinctures, and aromatherapy oils for decades. "I'm very particular about the blends I create," McCarthy said. "I am most interested in functional essential oils that delay the signs of aging, which are wrinkles and sagging skin."

Dew It! comes in a 4-ounce glass bottle, and retails for $30. Soak It Up! comes in a 2-ounce glass bottle and retails for $35. They can be purchased from the company's website at

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*Caption: Old Guy Skincare all-natural skincare products: Dew It! face toning spray and Soak It Up! face oil serum.

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University Kia Distributes Warmth to Durham Rescue Mission

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The dealership with a big heart, University Kia in Durham, North Carolina, found a way to provide a need for the Durham Rescue Mission by heaping warmth on the mission with the gift of warm blankets for the cold winter ahead.

"Once again, I reached out to the Sackcloth and Ashes company and they were happy to provide the blankets for us," commented Aric Swanger, General Manager of University Kia. "Our goal is to continue in community involvement, going above and beyond the typical car dealership. We want to be a positive influence in our community, helping out where we can."

Through a partnership with Sackcloth and Ashes, University Kia will give one blanket to each of their customers who purchase a new Kia. In turn, Sackcloth and Ashes will donate a blanket to the mission for each blanket Kia purchases from them. A collection of 500 blankets will be distributed to the Durham Rescue Mission on Thursday, January 21, 2021.

"Our needs are great and growing," remarked Tony Gooch, Director of Development Operations at the Durham Rescue Mission. "We are extremely pleased and thankful and feel abundantly blessed to have this local Kia dealership provide such a generous gift for the residents at our shelter."

University Kia has also participated in ongoing community outreach projects such as Meals on Wheels and Jake's Ride.

For more information about University Kia, please visit their website at:

For more information about the Durham Rescue Mission, please visit their website at:

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EO Houston’s 2021 Industry and Business Forecast

HOUSTON, Texas -- Here is the 2021 business forecast for Houston's Mortgage, Restaurant, Residential Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Tax, and Healthcare Industries from EO Houston's leaders and business partners.

-- Mortgage

Robert Wagnon, founder and CEO of Republic State Mortgage says mortgage originations are on pace for the best year ever. Record-low interest rates and strong demand for homes boost lenders during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first nine months of the year, lenders extended $2.8 trillion of mortgages, according to industry-research firm Inside Mortgage Finance. The boom has extended into the final quarter of 2020, prompting analysts to predict origination volume will exceed the prior record of $3.7 trillion in 2003.

-- Restaurant

Adam Brackman, owner of Axelrad says the restaurant and bar industry has been hit hard with COVID. Normally bars and restaurants fail because the operator had a bad concept or poor location and now they are struggling to survive through no fault of their own. It's hard to watch this happen. Operators were forced to find their pivot and adapt to the new environment with creative solutions like mobile trucks or delivery. The PPP loans were a nice stop-gap for a short period, but that money has been long gone and we need better solutions from the government if we are going to be forced to be closed or limited in service in 2021. Please support local businesses through take-out or dine-in as much as you can. While we are seeing the shuttering of many restaurants, we are also seeing new ones opening. I believe as the vaccine is more widespread towards the summer, we will see life begin to return to normal. One big outstanding question is whether people's dining habits have changed at all. Will more people cook at home now that they have bought all the kitchen gadgets? Will people use delivery apps more and we see a rise of Ghost kitchens that only serve meals to-go? At Axelrad we had to shut down for 4 months, but are now open under safe protocols and doing enough sales to cover costs, but are eagerly anticipating a return to normal.

-- Residential Real Estate

Chris Mastrangelo, owner of Habitation Realty sees continued strength in the Houston residential real estate market among all levels despite the pandemic. "This year we are seeing a combination of an all-time low on interest rates and a very low inventory" According to the latest HAR data 7,990 single-family homes sold in November compared to 6,359 a year earlier. That translates to a 25.6 percent increase and marks the sixth straight month of positive sales.

Homes priced at $750,000 and above rocketed 88.4 percent compared to November 2019. That was followed by the $500,000 to $750,000 housing segment, which jumped 72.2 percent year-over-year. Homes between $250,000 and $500,000, which comprise the market's biggest share of sales, shot up 50.3 percent.

The single-family home average price climbed 15.0 percent to an historic high of $341,765 while the median price increased 12.0 percent to $270,000 - the second highest level of all time. Year-to-date sales are currently 9.0 percent ahead of 2019's record pace.

Houston's lease property market staged a lackluster performance in November. Leases of single-family homes fell 11.1 percent year-over-year while leases of townhomes and condominiums tumbled 4.0 percent. The average rent for single-family homes declined 5.5 percent to $1,882 while the average rent for townhomes and condominiums increased 11.5 percent to $1,674.

Chris has observed that Houston continues to be blowing away other US markets in comparison and continues to be cautiously optimistic moving forward.

-- Oil and Gas

Richard Hamilton III, founder and CEO of Principle Energy says oil companies' motto used to be "drill, baby drill". Companies and leadership teams were rewarded based on increasing total production as opposed to generating a profit. Those days are over. US oil production has decreased from 13,000 barrels per day in 2019 to 11,000 in 2020. Regardless if oil prices increase in 2021, it is unlikely we will see 2019 levels of drilling and production. The reason for this is much of the capital has dried up for operators and now they must rely on free cash flow to fund activity. This should result in a leaner more efficient oil and gas industry.

-- Tax

Certified public accountant: John Toth, Weinstein Spira Tax Shareholder says, "with the 2020 election season behind us, we can expect to see some tax reform proposed in 2021. What may change? Income tax for the top bracket may increase to around 39.6%. President-Elect Biden has also proposed the capital gains rate to increase for those with income over $1 million. He also hinted at increasing the corporate tax rate to 28%. We may see changes to gift and estate tax law, as well as social security (FICA) tax in the coming year. Time will tell us what legislation is coming down the pike for 2021." John also pointed out to be sure to discuss your personal tax strategy with your accountant before making changes to your plan.

-- Healthcare

Dr. James McDeavitt, Senior Vice President and Dean of Clinical Affairs with the Baylor College of Medicine, says obviously, the role of telemedicine is going to be on everyone's list of enduring changes post-pandemic. I believe one specific near-term effect will be an alteration of physician workforce compensation and benefits. Recall two major health system topics of discussion pre-pandemic: the alarming rate of increase of physician burnout, and the Millennial's increased interest in work-life balance. If you did not lose your job during the pandemic, did not get sick, and did not actually care for patients in a hospital, chances are your life was paradoxically better in some ways during the pandemic. To the extent telemedicine allowed physicians to perform at least some of their practice from home, it gave them the gift of time. With no commute, and the ability to interact with family during downtime, some physicians were able to achieve enhanced work-life balance and greater job satisfaction. I predict health systems' ability to provide an element of regular "work from home" for physicians will become a major recruiting and retention tool. In some cases, physicians will accept less compensation for the ability to work from home one or two days per week.

Medical schools will see a surge in demand for combined MD-MPH programs.

A significant and visible number of Americans for years to come will continue to don cloth face masks in airports, airplanes and other crowded, contained environments.

New hospital architecture will be heavily, but briefly influenced by our pandemic experience. Developers will push design concepts to enhance surge capacity (e.g. universal rooms, 100% negative/positive pressure rooms, ward spaces designed to flex to accommodate extreme surge demand). Designers will promote public spaces that limit potential pathogen spread (one-way traffic, spaced waiting rooms, specialized air flow). Like the "wired" hospitals of two decades ago, a few state-of-the-art hospitals will be built at a premium. As our pandemia memory faces - as it will - most will judge the added expense unnecessary. A few common sense design elements will survive.

For more information on EO Houston, visit:

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LeadingIT Launches New IT Support Strategies to Conform with Cybersecurity Predictions For 2021 And Beyond

CHICAGO, Ill. -- LeadingIT, a Chicagoland cybersecurity and IT support company, today refreshed their previously launched cybersecurity measures to help its clients curb the increasing menace of cyberattacks. The launch comes when internet usage and online networking rose to unprecedented levels following the stay-at-home orders and other COVID-19 containment measures.

Across the nation, many corporate employees lost jobs or went out of office confinements to work from home, the internet has been pretty busy. While the world may not experience a surge in new deaths or infections with the rollout of vaccines, the chaos witnessed online will not stop soon. Predictions are rife with new cybersecurity predictions for 2021 and afterward.

Being a leading IT company in the area (pun intended), LeadingIT has plans to help its old, new, and prospective clients develop mitigative measures for all the potential threats in 2021 and beyond. These plans were announced as the company celebrates a decade of providing fast + friendly IT support.

10th Anniversary of Provided Excellent Always Available Support

LeadingIT has been around for ten years now, which is no mean feat. The company works with institutions, religious organizations, corporates, businesses, nonprofits, and government entities to provide them with managed services in the information technologyand cybersecurity sectors.

"It is quite an achievement to be around for ten years now. Sincerely, the journey hasn't been a walk in the park. We pass our sincere gratitude to our partners, staff, and friends for supporting us through the journey," said Stephen Taylor, the CEO of LeadingIT, in acknowledgment of the company's decade-long service in IT support.

Stephen Taylor continued, "However, we won't let the 10-year celebrations deter us from focusing on the continued cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals thrive where there is chaos. Thus, the chaos of 2020, together with upcoming events such as the Tokyo Olympics, will provide an opportunity for attackers to prey on your servers, data, and teams."

Specific Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

According to a report by The University of Maryland, there is an average of 2,224 hacking attempts every day. That translates to an average of one attempted hack every 39 seconds. And with these predictions bound to continue, it signifies a worrying trend for 2021 and beyond.

Notable predictions include:
* Cyberattackers will try to gain access to systems via the over 300 billion passwords and usernames used globally.
* Systems, organizations, and individuals without Multi-Factor-Authorization will suffer security breaches.
* Attackers will continue to swarm RDPs and VPNs as the rise in the remote workforce continues.
* Home networks, computers, and servers will face a higher risk of attacks.
* 55% of enterprises will increase their IT support budgets, according to a Global Digital Trust Insights report.
* Identity management, network security, and messaging security will be the top areas that businesses will spend on.

Measures to Curb the Top Cyberattack Threats in 2021

LeadingIT is at the forefront of helping its clients conform to the latest IT and cybersecurity trends. Stephen Taylor said, "These threats our very real for all businesses but we've built a 7-layer cybersecurity "jacket" to prevent data breaches, ransomware, and forced downtime."

The company believes that ensuring best practices, advanced endpoint detection, two-factor authentication, cybersecurity education, and more will be key to keeping clients safe in 2021 and beyond.

About LeadingIT

LeadingIT offers 24/7, all-inclusive, fast, and friendly technology and cybersecurity support for nonprofits, manufacturers, schools, accounting firms, religious organizations, government, and law offices with 10-200 employees across the Chicagoland area.

Stephen Taylor
Phone: 847-545-0714


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Olea Kiosks, Inc. Announces Manufacturing Expansion, Engineering Growth

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Olea Kiosks®, Inc., a visionary provider of self-service kiosk solutions, today announced expansion of its manufacturing and engineering capacity in Los Angeles, Calif. This expansion enables Olea to continue to grow its customer base, partnerships, and OEM relationships to provide faster time to market and greater operational agility.

Going from 48,000 square feet to more than 80,000 square feet, this investment allows Olea to grow its manufacturing volume in its current site and move test and assembly to the new facility next door. The company has also brought on additional engineering design resources and further invested in its data-driven approach to scale and automate internal processes.

Following the completion of site improvements in Q1, this expansion will also provide more floor space to stock additional items giving the company greater capacity to shorten turn-around times on its most popular kiosks.

"This is an exciting new chapter for Olea Kiosks and a considerable progression in our strategic journey," said Frank Olea, Chief Executive Officer. "As a domestic supplier, we've prevailed in an extremely challenging competitive environment. With our universal models, custom designs, and OEM business, we want to further scale for production, field deployment, and support to provide increased value to our strategic partners and produce superior solutions for our customers while serving as a preferred supplier and employer for decades to come. This also gives us some additional space for more exciting changes later this year... more on that to come," added Olea.

Many kiosk suppliers manufacture overseas, and while that can appear to deliver cost savings, it's often in exchange for time-to-market, lack of control, inconvenience, and quality. With the addition of four new products over the last 18 months and just as many in 2021, Olea Kiosks® will further expand its rich and diverse self-service kiosk solution portfolio.

About Olea Kiosks®, Inc.

Olea Kiosks Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for the attractions and entertainment, healthcare and hospitality industries. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include The Habit Burger Grill, Kaiser Permanente, Empire State Building, Universal Studios, EVO Entertainment, Scientific Games, and Subway.

For more information, visit

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*Caption: Olea Building Expansion.

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Choyce Peterson Publishes Year-End 2020 Lower Fairfield County Office Space Availability Poster

NORWALK, Conn. -- Choyce Peterson, Inc. (, a full service commercial real estate brokerage firm with a specialization in tenant representation, announced the release of its 22nd semi-annual Lower Fairfield County Office Space Availability Poster. While 2020 started with a high availability rate, it was widely expected that there would be a significant amount of available office space added to the market. This report shows otherwise as there was only a 2.0 percentage point increase in total availability, from 27.8% at Year-End 2019 to 29.8% at Year-End 2020.

The full-size poster depicts silhouettes of 96 buildings with a total inventory of 18.2 million square feet and tracks changes in office space availability from Year-End 2019 to Year-End 2020 in larger, primarily multi-tenanted Class A office buildings in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, and Westport. The unique study illustrates the absorption and give back of direct and sublease space, as well as overall availability statistics.

The following refers to the poster's "availability rate" at Year End 2019 vs. Year End 2020 in each market surveyed:

* STAMFORD increased from 30.2 to 34.1%. Of the 31 buildings surveyed, 16 experienced a decrease in available square footage, 12 had an increase and 3 were unchanged. Three buildings added a staggering 570,000 square feet of available space: 1 Harbor Point Square (sublease space), 201 Tresser Blvd (Purdue Pharma building) and 301 Tresser Blvd (direct space).

* NORWALK increased from 32.5% to 34.6%. Of the 20 buildings surveyed, 6 experienced a decrease in available square footage, 8 had an increase and 6 were unchanged. 200 Connecticut Avenue and 535 Connecticut Avenue added the most space (94,222 square feet).

* GREENWICH decreased from 18.1% to 16.1%. Of the 25 buildings surveyed, 11 experienced a decrease in available square footage, 6 had an increase and 8 were unchanged. 1 American Lane and 100 West Putnam Avenue combined, decreased their availability by 46,003 square feet.

* WESTPORT, the strongest of the four markets, decreased from 15.9% to 12.6%. Of the 20 buildings surveyed, 6 experienced a decrease in available square footage, 4 had an increase and 10 were unchanged. 55 Post Road West, 276 Post Road West and 285 Riverside Avenue combined, decreased their availability by 41,516 square feet.

"I'm sure this report will perplex many people," stated John P. Hannigan, a principal at Choyce Peterson. Hannigan continued, "I've had numerous conversations with area executives and read many reports about the demise of office space. To date, our regional market has weathered the storm of COVID-19. In fact, two of the four markets surveyed, Greenwich and Westport, have seen a decrease in availability rates. Greenwich benefited from NYC based companies leasing space, while Westport's absorption was mainly comprised of companies relocating within Fairfield County."

He added, "With an increase in available space in Stamford and Norwalk, landlords in these markets are now more flexible with financial and business terms when negotiating leases. In fact, in the second half of 2020 we obtained significantly favorable results for our clients including rental rates below the ask and a substantial amount of free rent, with landlords funding and providing a new office buildout based on a tenant's specifications."

Adam Cognetta, vice president at Choyce Peterson noted, "While there has been and remains a heavy focus on strong residential market dynamics, commercial office market activity was frozen for most of 2020 and since late fall has been thawing out. We expect the uptick in activity to continue through 2021, partially offset by the longer-term implications of work-from-home flexibility and post-pandemic workplace planning. As leases expire, executives will be focused on evaluating appropriate sizing and lease terms among other key considerations."

To view the poster visit:

To order a copy of Choyce Peterson's comparative Silhouette Poster, please call 203-356-9600 or email

About Choyce Peterson

Choyce Peterson, Inc., a full service commercial real estate brokerage and consulting firm with offices in Norwalk, CT and Rye Brook, NY, was founded in 1997 and has negotiated millions of square feet of transactions in 42 states and Canada. The Choyce Peterson process delivers comprehensive and creative real estate solutions to ensure clients derive maximum value from their real estate decisions.

Learn more at:

John P. Hannigan
Choyce Peterson, Inc.

Adam M. Cognetta
Vice President
Choyce Peterson, Inc.

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Appalachian Gap Distillery Commits to Become Climate Neutral Certified

MIDDLEBURY, Vt. -- Appalachian Gap Distillery is proud to announce it has committed to become Climate Neutral Certified. The company will be working with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization that helps companies measure their carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety by purchasing quality carbon credits, and reduce emissions moving forward.

Climate Neutral has set rigorous certification standards that all companies must meet before being granted the Climate Neutral Certified status.

"Consumers today are yearning for evidence that companies are aware of their contribution to climate change and committed to erasing it," said Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman. "We're thrilled to have Appalachian Gap Distillery commit to this journey. Soon they will join our growing list of certified companies that are proving that we're living in a new era of leadership on climate by top brands."

For Appalachian Gap Distillery, the decision to join this movement was a natural next step in the distillery's journey to reduce the impact of making quality craft spirits. "Doing the right thing, whether making delicious spirits with integrity or distilling in a way that was easier on the planet, has always been part of our ethos as a brand," says distillery co-founder Lars Hubbard. "The first thing people see when they visit our distillery are six solar arrays that provide all of our electricity and are symbolic of our commitment to sustainability."

Other actions the distillery has taken to reduce its environmental impact are less visible but equally important. "We renovated the building with high-performance building standards in mind, by ensuring the distillery was highly insulated, installing efficient heating and cooling equipment, installing daylighting skylights and double-insulated windows, and equipping all lighting with motion sensors" co-founder Chuck Burkins explains. "Another thing we're proud of is that all our spent grains, which are mostly sourced from local farmers, are sent to a biodigester to be turned into clean power." The distillery has made its operations so clean that it is no longer required by the Town of Middlebury to have an industrial discharge permit; the distillery is adding less liquid waste to the system than a residence does over the course of a month.

The distillery still relies on natural gas to power a high-efficiency steam system for their processes, and this is an area the team has identified as an opportunity for further reducing its reliance on fossil fuels that contribute to climate change and are switching over to renewable natural gas (RNG).

The environmental case for reducing carbon has been well understood for years and now the business case for committing to climate neutrality is more compelling than ever. "Customers care about how products are made and are supporting brands that commit to operating responsibly," says Will Drucker, head of sales and marketing at Appalachian Gap Distillery. "I'm proud to work with a brand that has made sustainability a core value and am excited to offer our customers products that address the climate crisis in addition to being delicious to drink. Given the choice, more people want to do good by drinking well."

Over the coming months, the distillery will be compiling information about its carbon footprint, including direct operations, upstream sourcing and downstream shipping in order to create a comprehensive accounting of emissions. Once this is complete, Appalachian Gap will offset its emissions as necessary and commit to actions to further reduce its climate impact in the future. "We will be certified Carbon Neutral this year, which is the last step in our journey towards having our operations reflect our values, one of which is responsibility to the planet and its inhabitants." said Lars Hubbard. "It is the right thing to do."


Appalachian Gap Distillery hand crafts sustainable spirits with a unique Vermont character, in Middlebury, VT. Quality, creativity and a deep respect for the environment are the driving forces behind Appalachian Gap's products. To learn more about Appalachian Gap Distillery, visit


Climate Neutral is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to decrease global carbon emissions by creating a trusted net-zero certification for consumer brands using a standardized process which makes it easier for companies to estimate their greenhouse gas footprint, identify credible carbon offsets, and prioritize measures to reduce their emissions. To learn more about Climate Neutral, visit

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DHS’ Vice Chairman, Fernando Aguirre, Approves to Launch Partnership and New Coalition to Strengthen Communities and States

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- DHS' Community COVID Coalition will provide culturally relevant communication resources for states to use on social media.

DHS today launched its Community COVID Coalition to support outreach and education for state communication efforts for the COVID-19 response. The coalition, which includes the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), will support state efforts to educate diverse communities about effective public health interventions for slowing the spread of COVID-19.

"Coalitions involving the public and private sector, as well as the philanthropic community, are proving to be important components of the pandemic response," said Fernando Aguirre, Vice Chairman of DHS. "We know no single entity can do this alone. We are the most effective when we come together to support key aspects of the response."

States that participate in the coalition will receive targeted, culturally relevant social media resources developed and tested by public health communications experts.

The resources are educational and include information about what contact tracing is, and how contact tracing helps stop the spread of COVID-19; why individuals should participate in contact tracing efforts; and the basics of what individuals should expect if they are contacted. Participating states also receive donated advertising space to use on Facebook platforms to ensure messages are effectively reaching key audiences.

ABOUT DHS Private Equity Trust 

DHS Private Equity Trust is a perpetual-life, institutional quality real estate investment platform that brings private real estate to income focused investors. DHS invests in stabilized, income-generating U.S. commercial real estate across key property types and to a lesser extent in real estate debt investments. The Trust is externally managed by a subsidiary of DHS a global leader in real estate investing. DHS' real estate business was founded in 1998 and has approximately $74 billion in investor capital under management.


DHS is a high-stakes advocacy, public strategy, and global public relations and communications firm. Our strategic insights and innovative programming build and sustain strong corporate and brand reputations. We provide our clients with counsel and program development across the spectrum of public relations, public affairs, reputation and crisis management, digital strategy, advertising and other communications services. Our clients are companies, industry associations, nonprofit organizations, professional services firms, and other large organizations.

We began as a unique grassroots and lobbying firm with customized services for an elite group of clients. Our work applies equally to regulatory issues as well as legislative ones, and we manage issues for our clients at the local, state, federal, and international levels of government.

We use our core competencies and reach to gain competitive advantage for clients. Our expertise comes from extensive must-win campaign experience and operating successfully at the highest rung of business, government, politics, and media. Our reach is the ability to use strategic intelligence to mobilize the message and persuade the toughest audiences. We know what it takes to win in difficult situations. We have proven results for prominent figures, leading advocacy groups and the world's most successful companies. We leverage what others cannot.

Steven Palmer, Vice President of Communications

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146 New Industrial Manufacturing Planned Industrial Project Reports – December 2020 Recap

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- SalesLeads announced today the December 2020 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 146 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news.

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type

* Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 118 New Projects

* Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 49 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity

* New Construction - 36 New Projects

* Expansion - 54 New Projects

* Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 64 New Projects

* Plant Closings - 10 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States)

* North Carolina - 13

* Indiana - 11

* Ohio - 10

* South Carolina - 8

* New York - 6

* Pennsylvania - 6

* Georgia - 6

* Florida - 6

* Tennessee - 5

* California - 5

Largest Planned Project

During the month of December, our research team identified 10 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more.

The largest project is owned by Electric Last Mile, Inc., who is planning to invest $300 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 675,000 sf manufacturing facility in MISHAWAKA, IN. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

Top 10 Tracked Industrial Manufacturing Projects


Wood products mfr. is planning to invest $120 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in LUMBERTON, MS. They have recently received approval for the project. Construction is expected to start in 2021, with completion slated for 2022.


Biopharmaceutical company is planning to invest $150 million for the construction of a 140,000 sf processing facility in RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC. Completion is slated for early 2022.


Medical technology company is planning to invest $150 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in COLUMBUS, NE. They have recently received approval for the project.


Fiber products mfr. is planning to invest $48 million for the expansion and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in COVINGTON, GA. Completion is slated for Summer 2021.


Personal care and home cleaning products mfr. is planning to invest $36 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a 508,000 sf manufacturing facility and distribution center at 11401 N. Congress Ave. in KANSAS CITY, MO. They have recently received approval for the project.


Automotive mfr. is planning to invest $70 million for an expansion and equipment upgrades of their manufacturing facility in TONAWANDA, NY. They have recently received approval for the project.


LED products mfr. is planning to invest $55 million for the expansion, renovation, and equipment upgrades on their manufacturing facility in COLUMBIA, SC. Completion is slated for Summer 2022.


Automotive components mfr. is planning to invest $95 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facilities on Hickory Valley Rd. and on Ferdinand Piech Way in CHATTANOOGA, TN. They have recently received approval for the project.


Metal packaging mfr. is planning to invest $30 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on a manufacturing facility in WEIRTON, WV. Completion is slated for early 2022.


Automotive mfr. is planning to invest $23 million for the construction of a 250,000 sf manufacturing facility in TOLEDO, OH. They are currently seeking approval for the project.

Since 1959, SalesLeads, based out of Jacksonville, FL has been providing Industrial Project Reports on companies that are planning significant capital investments in their industrial facilities throughout North America. Our professional research team identifies new construction, expansion, relocation, major renovation, equipment upgrades, and plant closing project opportunities so that our clients can focus sales and marketing resources on the target accounts that have an impending need for their products, services, and indirect materials.

Each month, our team provides hundreds of industrial reports within a variety of industries, including:

Industrial Manufacturing


Food and Beverage


Power Generation

Pulp Paper and Wood

Oil and Gas

Mining and Aggregates


Research and Development

Distribution and Supply Chain



Misc. Industrial Buildings

Waste Water Treatment

Data Centers

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William Cox III Signs with JR Motorsports Late Model Team

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Young racing prodigy, William Cox III will put his talents to the test with JR Motorsports' championship-winning Late Model team for 2021, while collaborating with 2020 NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series champion Josh Berry.

Cox, a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina, is poised to compete in his first full-time Late Model season. At the astonishing age of 15 he is joining a program with an impressive list of drivers including Anthony Alfredo, William Byron, Christian Eckes, Sam Mayer, and others. He will also be a member of the Chevrolet Driver's Edge Development team for 2021.

Rising quickly through karting and U.S. Legend Car ranks, Cox has arrived at JR Motorsports. A dream he's had since his first brush with speed, when as a small boy he attended a sports car race at Virginia International Raceway with his father. Subsequently after discovering a love for racing he began driving go-karts following a test at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, N.C. Competing in the local karting ranks the following year, Cox expanded into the national touring groups in the United States and Canada. After competing three road races, he earned his SCCA license in 2019.

"This is amazing, and I cannot thank JR Motorsports enough for choosing me for such an awesome opportunity," Cox commented. "It's going to allow me to bring my performance up to another level because now I have such great equipment. Instead of it being about relying only on the equipment, I can now focus on improving myself as a driver and enhancing my abilities."

Cox will be working alongside veteran driver, teammate, and mentor Josh Berry, who served as one of his instructors during the Late Model test at Hickory Speedway in North Carolina last season.

"He's got so much experience and has accomplished so much," Cox said of Berry. "With him having helped me from day one, now that he's my teammate, I have a great coach standing beside me."

"I've been around a lot of talented drivers in my career and William is certainly going to turn heads and make statements," offered Chad Bryant, owner of Chad Bryant Racing where Cox formerly competed, "We're proud of his success and look forward to seeing him strengthen his resume not only next year, but down the road, too."

Cox shifted to U.S. Legend Car racing to begin training on ovals on the advice of driver development manager Lorin Ranier. While competing in the Young Lions division around the Southeast, Cox led all 30 laps of the U.S. Legend Car Nationals championship race at Carteret County Speedway in North Carolina to earn the Young Lions national championship. Shortly after that Cox was leading the World Road Course Finals in Atlanta but ultimately finished third due to contact with another competitor. Last season, Cox moved up to the U.S. Legend Car Pro Series and planned a full season but was unfortunately derailed by the coronavirus restrictions.

In April, he tested a Late Model Stock Car at Hickory (N.C.) Motor Speedway. Upon his 15th birthday, Cox competed in the Carolina Pro Late Model Series, moving up to Late Model Stock Car competition following his first victory in July. Cox made his first CARS Racing Tour start in July at Hickory, finishing on the lead lap in 15th.

During his down time, when not racing, William Cox attends online classes through Liberty University's Online Academy.

Cox continues to be a force to be reckoned with, as he is considered one of the youngest rising stars on the track, yet maneuvering himself as a solid racing veteran.


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