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Ghaben Partners Bring the Caribbean to the Bay Area with New Miami Inspired Restaurant

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. -- Ghaben Partners is excited to announce the grand opening of LITA, a celebration of cultures and flavors influenced by the melting pot of Miami, slated to open January 20, 2022. While contemporary Caribbean cuisine is often overlooked in modern fine dining, LITA will prove that these flavors are undeniably decadent.

LITA will serve contemporary Miami cuisine - an exciting fusion of the various Latin Caribbean cultures that have migrated to the region over the years. This truly unique flavor profile will be brought to life in the Bay Area through a vibrant atmosphere and locally sourced ingredients.

"We're so proud to bring the beautifully rich, flavorful, and truly unique Caribbean inspired cuisine from Miami to Walnut Creek," mentions Sofia Ghaben, Co-Owner of LITA. "This beautiful blending of cultures has resulted in a euphoric yet approachable fine dining experience. There's nothing quite as delicious as our favorite pairing - the double poured Queen Anne's Revenge with our signature ​​Maine Lobster Tail Corn Dog!"

Miami based Interior designer Antoinette Emanuel took inspiration from Miami's renowned nightlife and culture to bring forth the beautifully electrifying interior design of LITA. From the custom patched booths, emulating the colors of Miami's purple sunsets and white sand beaches, to the lavish hand sculpted concrete faux walls by Colombian artist Lorna Samara Ash and inspired by the vast artistic community that thrives in Miami's Wynwood district. A custom infinity mirror wall by California mirror artist Nicky Alice, represents Miami's vibrant lights.

LITA's kitchen will be led by Executive Chef Nick Peters, a graduate of Hyde Park's Culinary Institute of America, who has been directing restaurant teams across the Bay Area since 2010. Peters worked with Florida based Chefs Luis Robinson, a Chef's Plate 13: Miami winner, and Issac Correa, owner of Sarasota's Baker & Wife, to develop LITA's unique menu.

LITA's beverage offering was curated by Bar Consultant Alex Arriaga, who's extensive background in Caribbean cocktails and spirits allowed him to create a wonderfully eclectic range of authentic Caribbean rums alongside top-shelf liquors to round out its Miami inspired menu. Arriaga brings experience from both Lafayette's Barranco and Trader Vic's.

Learn more at: (website coming soon).

Address: LITA, 1602 Bonanza St., Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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PushSave is Excited to Announce Two-Year Agreement with Washington Youth Soccer as its Preferred Fundraiser

FARGO, N.D. -- Washington Youth Soccer and PushSave are proud to announce their two-year partnership agreement. Over the next two years PushSave will serve as Washington Youth Soccer's managed services fundraising solution. Through this partnership, PushSave will provide Washington Youth Soccer and its member associations and clubs the opportunity to capitalize on PushSave's unique and innovative way to raise money.

Currently working with thousands of sports teams and clubs across the U.S., PushSave will continue to deliver best-in-class, contactless and community-driven fundraising. PushSave is a digital coupon book and donation platform (all in one) offering great value to the organizations for raising money as well as for the consumers who support the organization. PushSave's technology is highly automated and simple to use right from a cell phone. The PushSave system eliminates the volunteerism that is typical with traditional fundraising and streamlines how organizations can raise the necessary funds to operate.

"We were pursuing a simple and effective way for associations to raise money when we discovered PushSave. We believe this system will bring significant value to our members and we are thrilled for this partnership," said Nick Perera, Executive Director of Washington Youth Soccer.

"We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Washington Youth Soccer and all of their member associations and clubs," said Mark Teckenburg, Chief Executive Officer of PushSave. "We are committed to ensuring every kid has the opportunity to play the great sport of soccer, regardless of their financial situation and our number one objective is to help grow the sport of soccer in Washington and across the U.S."

Learn more:

About Washington Youth Soccer

Washington Youth Soccer is a nonprofit organization bringing soccer opportunities at all levels of the game to kids ages 5-19 across the state. Our organization is comprised of 33 Member Associations and over 150 clubs that facilitate recreational, select and regional programs as well as TOPSoccer (soccer programming for players with disabilities). Additionally, we run four annual State Cup Tournaments, state level leagues, an Elite Player Development program, and several soccer outreach programs. Learn more:

About PushSave

PushSave® is a customized mobile coupon book designed to support youth organizations and non-profits across the U.S. with a simple, EASY to promote fundraiser. Our mission is to be THE MOST uniquely designed fundraising solution that brings obvious value to consumers, organizations, and merchants. Our managed services program is second to none in the fundraising industry and is ideal for minimizing volunteerism or adding additional work. PushSave is 100% contactless and community-driven. Learn more:


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ACES Quality Management software analyzes more than 4.5 million audits, while company achieves record new client growth in 2021

DENVER, Colo. -- ACES Quality Management® (ACES), the leading provider of enterprise quality management and control software for the financial services industry, announced it processed more than 4.5 million audits through its ACES Quality Management & Control® software in 2021. In addition, the company also experienced a 60% surge in new clients, signing dozens of new financial institutions including a Top 15 Bank, one of the largest mortgage outsourcers in the industry, and several top independent mortgage lenders.

2021 also saw the launch of ACES CONNECT, the organization's newest communication functionality designed to help relay critical exceptions immediately and provide secure collaboration between quality control and lines of business. Simultaneously, ACES added 30 vendors to its network, allowing users to order, track and receive re-verification documents and data directly within the ACES core platform. ACES also announced ACES ENGAGE, a two-day conference designed to bring together the nation's top financial services quality management professionals to discuss industry trends and best practices, taking place in May 2022.

"The uncertainty and turbulence of the financial markets over the last 24 months has underscored the need to maintain quality and mitigate risk, and our tremendous growth in 2021 reflects how serious lenders and financial institutions are taking these obligations. Quality control and risk management have often been afterthoughts when it comes to innovation, but by replacing manually-driven processes and legacy systems with the automation ACES delivers, these organizations are realizing the competitive advantages of a faster, more efficient and accurate quality review process," ACES CEO Trevor Gauthier said.

"With the expected market shift to purchases in 2022, our primary focus is to help as many lenders and financial institutions as possible shore up their internal review and risk mitigation practices to keep quality at the forefront of their operations. With ACES in their corner, these institutions can be proactive instead of reactive in addressing issues before they become widespread while also improving quality across the board, which has a positive impact internally and with their business constituencies."

Additional ACES milestones of 2021 include:

* Adding and revising over 8000 audit questions to ACES Managed Questionnaires;

* Publishing 2067 articles and 504 calendar items to its free Compliance NewsHub;

* Reviewing and interpreting 206 Agency/GSE publications on behalf of users;

* Producing four quarterly Mortgage Industry QC Trends Reports and nine free industry webinars;

* Conducting a 2-day virtual user summit;

* Serving as speakers/moderators for eight panels across seven national industry conferences and webinars;

* Maintaining a net promoters score of 45+ since 2016; and

* Securing key industry partnerships with The Compliance Group and Winnow Solutions.

Last year ACES increased its staff by approximately 50% and was recognized for multiple industry awards. Individually, Romina Cusenza was named one of HousingWire's Marketing Leaders, Nick Volpe was named a HousingWire Insider and Trevor Gauthier was selected by HousingWire as an HW Vanguard. Additionally, Sharon Reichhardt and Amanda Phillips were selected as Elite Women in Mortgage by Mortgage Professional America.

In addition, the ACES team continued its efforts to give back to their local communities through ACES CARES. Established in 2018, ACES CARES encourages employees to make a positive difference in the community through volunteering, outreach and financial contributions to charities, offering a dollar-for-dollar match of employee donations to U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations of their choice and supporting employees' wellness and community involvement programs. Since the program's inception, ACES Quality Management and its staff have donated a total of $30,200 to 43 organizations through ACES CARES. Most recently, ACES CARES donated $2,500 each to Sister Carmen Community Center and Community Foundation Boulder County, both local organizations in Boulder County, Colo., assisting victims of the Marshall Fire, which occurred on December 30, 2021, and destroyed nearly 1,000 homes in Boulder County.

"ACES strives to make a positive impact not just for our users, but also within our local communities through ACES CARES and the industry as a whole," Gauthier added. "On the industry side, we doubled down on curating actionable insights and information via resources such as the Compliance NewsHub and our quarterly Mortgage Industry QC Trends Report, to provide the entire industry with the most accurate and up-to-date compliance and regulatory information in a digestible way."

About ACES Quality Management

ACES Quality Management is the leading provider of enterprise quality management and control software for the financial services industry. The nation's most prominent lenders, servicers and financial institutions rely on ACES Quality Management & Control Software® to improve audit throughput and quality while controlling costs, including:

* 3 of the top 5 and more than 50% of the top 50 independent mortgage lenders;

* 7 of the top 10 loan servicers;

* 11 of the top 30 banks; and

* 1 of the top 3 credit unions in the USA.

Unlike other quality control platforms, only ACES delivers Flexible Audit Technology, which gives independent mortgage lenders and financial institutions the ability to easily manage and customize ACES to meet their business needs without having to rely on IT or other outside resources. Using a customer-centric approach, ACES clients get responsive support and access to our experts to maximize their investment. For more information, visit or call 1-800-858-1598.

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New Online Bookstore Creates Marketplace for Self-Published Authors Struggling to Compete on Amazon

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- The self-publishing book industry's exponential growth has taken the world by storm. Opening doors once closed to unknown writers, self-publishing creates an alternative - some may say disruptive - option for writers with a small fan base to share their work and build brand awareness on a global scale. Empowered by the popular do-it-yourself movement, a new direct-to-customer bookselling platform,, launched in December.

Aimed at helping self-published authors committed to creating, distributing, and promoting their work, Direct2Author is a low-cost, targeted complement to promoting books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.

"Direct2Author is our response to large book distributors like Amazon, who sells more books than any other single retail outlet in history and has over 30 million titles in its online bookstore," said Michelle Jackson, self-published author and founder of the platform. "Our goal is to pull self-published books out of the highly trafficked traditional book marketing lane and steer them to a place they can call 'home.' We believe this platform will make it easier for dedicated readers to find new works by diverse writers."

Direct2Author stakes its bet on book lovers interested in supporting a niche market. But the platform goes a step further by addressing an issue that often plagues writers who aren't traditionally published. By allowing authors to earn a "Reader Approved" badge from a team of editors and beta readers, the platform helps validate self-published works' readability, appeal, and writing style.

"Too often, readers believe that self-published books are poorly written,' said Jackson. "But the success of traditionally published authors who were once self-published like Margaret Atwood, EL James, and even Stephen King who self-published a collection of short stories in 1960, prove that our work is valuable and critical to the publishing industry's growth."

Direct2Author provides a free basic book profile upload and three subscription-based dynamic profiles. Dynamic profiles include direct links to the author's websites and author pages, book cover and book description uploads, promo video integration, social media links, and digital media promotion. Subscriptions start at $3.99 a month.

Readers can sign-up and receive free access to the online bookstore and the 5-crown book rating system. They can also earn free merchandise and weekly book feature promotions. Learn more:

Unlike Amazon, Direct2Author is not a fulfillment service. Instead, the platform aims to tap into direct-to-customer bookselling. As self-published authors build their own websites on platforms like WiX, WordPress, and Squarespace and create author brand awareness on social media using popular hashtags like #booktok, #bookstagram, and #booktwt, readers can purchase directly from the author, pay less in distribution fees, and help them build long-term fan-bases.

"Self-published authors are entrepreneurs," said Jackson. "Technology allows us to establish dynamic branding and marketing tools that we can control. As a result, we now have the power to touch a global community of book lovers."

To learn more or register as a reader, author, or sponsor, visit or email


VIDEO (YouTube):

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134 New Industrial Manufacturing Planned Industrial Project Reports – December 2021 Recap

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- SalesLeads announced today the December 2021 results for the new planned capital project spending report for the Industrial Manufacturing industry. The Firm tracks North American planned industrial capital project activity; including facility expansions, new plant construction and significant equipment modernization projects. Research confirms 134 new projects in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

The following are selected highlights on new Industrial Manufacturing industry construction news.

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Type

- Manufacturing/Production Facilities - 123 New Projects

- Distribution and Industrial Warehouse - 54 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Scope/Activity

- New Construction - 46 New Projects

- Expansion - 49 New Projects

- Renovations/Equipment Upgrades - 52 New Projects

- Plant Closings - 7 New Projects

Industrial Manufacturing - By Project Location (Top 10 States)

Indiana - 11
Texas - 9
North Carolina - 9
Georgia - 7
Tennessee - 7
Michigan - 7
Minnesota - 7
Pennsylvania - 6
New York - 6
Ontario - 6


During the month of December, our research team identified 16 new Industrial Manufacturing facility construction projects with an estimated value of $100 million or more.

The largest project is owned by Toyota Motor North America, who is planning to invest $3 billion for the construction of a battery manufacturing facility in LIBERTY, NC. They have recently received approval for the project. Completion is slated for 2025.



Pulp and paper company is planning to invest $500 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their warehouse and manufacturing facility in GREEN BAY, WI. They have recently received approval for the project.


Steel company is considering investing $350 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility and currently seeking a site in GEORGIA. Watch SalesLeads for updates.


Building materials mfr. is planning to invest $340 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in GRAND RAPIDS, MI. They are currently seeking approval for the project.


Silicon refining company is planning to invest $150 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in TIPTONVILLE, TN. They are currently seeking approval for the project.


Lumber company is planning to invest $111 million for the construction of a manufacturing and sawmill facility in PLAIN DEALING, LA. They are currently seeking approval for the project.


Custom corrugated packaging products mfr. is planning for the construction of a 537,000 sf manufacturing, warehouse, and office facility at 595 Thornwood Drive SW in NEWARK, OH. They are currently seeking approval for the project. They will relocate regional operations upon completion.


Semiconductor mfr. is planning to invest $100 million for the construction of a 120,000 sf manufacturing and office facility in ORO VALLEY, AZ. Construction is expected to start in early 2022.


Electric vehicle mfr. is planning to invest $89 million for the construction of a manufacturing facility in GREER, SC. They are currently seeking approval for the project.


Automotive mfr. is planning to invest $51 million for the renovation and equipment upgrades on their manufacturing facility in BEDFORD, IN. They have recently received approval for the project.


Wood products mfr. is planning to invest $50 million for an expansion of their manufacturing facility in LEXINGTON, NC. Completion is slated for late 2022.

About SalesLeads, Inc.

Since 1959, SalesLeads, based in Jacksonville, FL is a leader in delivering industrial capital project intelligence and prospecting services for sales and marketing teams to ensure a predictable and scalable pipeline. Our Industrial Market Intelligence, IMI identifies timely insights on companies planning significant capital investments such as new construction, expansion, relocation, equipment modernization and plant closings in industrial facilities. The Outsourced Prospecting Services, an extension to your sales team, is designed to drive growth with qualified meetings and appointments for your internal sales team.

Each month, our team delivers hundreds of industrial capital project intelligence reports within a variety of industries, including:

* Industrial Manufacturing

* Plastics

* Food and Beverage

* Metals

* Power Generation

* Pulp Paper and Wood

* Oil and Gas

* Mining and Aggregates

* Chemical

* Research and Development

* Distribution and Supply Chain

* Pipelines

* Pharmaceutical

* Misc. Industrial Buildings

* Waste Water Treatment

* Data Centers

Learn more:

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Stack Sports Partners with Soccer Leaders to Launch National GOALS Council

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Industry thought leaders across youth soccer have partnered with Stack Sports to launch the GOALS Council, an innovative strategic advisory council. This council brings together forward-thinking stakeholders from across the country to solve pressing problems facing youth soccer today, and work together to better the sport for the next generation.

"GOALS stands for Growth, Organization, Advancement, & Learning in Soccer and represents Stack Sports' mission to invest in youth soccer in a deep sense, as we are truly invested in helping organizations increase participation and grow the game in our communities," said Andrew R. Hiatt, VP of Growth and Market Strategy at Stack Sports and former US Youth Soccer Chief Operation Officer. "We are thrilled to welcome our founding members of the GOALS Council, and are excited about their energy and commitment to youth soccer, and to see what areas of growth the council identifies first as we at Stack Sports are prepared to support in whatever ways possible."

The GOALS Council, a national strategic advisory group founded by Stack Sports and industry luminaries, is an action-oriented group of leaders in the soccer space working together to better the sport for the next generation. This ideas incubator will look to collaborate and address key issues facing the sport. The Stack Sports commitment is to move forward council ideas in the industry via our efforts, connections, partnerships, and resources. The Council has selected "growing the game and increasing engagement" as the primary goal in 2022.

Roberto Aguas, CEO of Copa Holdings and President & Executive Director of Coaching of FC Copa Academy / New Jersey Copa FC, has been selected to serve as the founding chairperson of the GOALS Council.

"It is an honor to serve as the founding council's chair and work closely with these industry luminaries. I accepted this role as I am deeply committed to the council's mission of growing and retaining the players in the sport of futbol we love," said Roberto Aguas. "I look forward to working with the council members and Stack Sports to continue to shine a light on the most important issues and areas we would like to improve in years to come."

In addition to Roberto Aguas, the founding class of the GOALS Council includes:

* Laura Halfpenny, Executive Director of Georgia Soccer

* Joel Dragan, Executive Director of Florida Youth Soccer Association

* Gordon Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Ohio Soccer Association

* Miriam Hickey, Executive Director of High Country Soccer Association

* Joe Guerra, President of The Soccer Club of Guilford, Inc.

* d'Alary Dalton, CEO and Founder of Alta California Sol and Sol Soccer Club

* Diego Bocanegra, Head Women's Soccer Coach at University of Houston

* Mark Botterill, VP of Sales at Augusta Sportswear

The inaugural GOALS Council meeting will be held at the United Coaches Convention in Kansas City, Missouri on January 19, 2022. Subsequent meetings will be held each quarter throughout the year.

About Stack Sports

With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations, including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars, rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations. Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on three key pillars - Play, Improve, and Engage.

To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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Kiosk and Digital Signage News from Industry Group and Kiosk Association (KMA) for Jan. 2022

​DENVER, Colo. -- January news from the Industry Group and the Kiosk Association: NRF is coming up this weekend and we are hopeful our retail facial payment finalist takes home the "Best Payment Innovation" award. The transactions and enrollment numbers certainly justify it.

We also thank Jim Kruper with KioWare who is managing the booth. Stop by and see contactless self-order, assistive technology ala McDonalds and the new Ingenico Self-4000 terminal. He is featured on our portal page on NRF -- NRF Big Show #1606.

Big legal ADA news is Quest Diagnostics got very bad news on two fronts. The class action part will drive remedial actions across the entire country, and all units. That originally inexpensive kiosk has the definite possibility now of turning out to be an expensive choice.

For the upcoming DSE show in Vegas/March, besides hoping COVID will subside, we are hoping to show a cool 4K 85-inch demo deployed recently at super major retailer (they sell staples?). At NRA our odds are pretty good we will have the Samsung "KMA" kiosk in our booth (running Nanonation partner software). We are in the Tech Pavilion.

New Gold sponsors - FEC POS -- now entering self-checkout (SCO) kiosk market. American Kiosks - offices here in Colorado. Custom projects is prime competency.


* Self-Checkout Kiosks by FEC

* ADA Kiosk Quest Diagnostics Update + Walmart Blind Access

* Olea Kiosks Names Director of Sales


* Message from Brad Gleeson -- Digital Signage Tradeshow

* Video of Latest Starbucks..oops I mean 7-Eleven Digital Menus

* OLED Display Solution 30 Percent Brighter Than Standard OLED - LG

* LG taps DSP Concepts for voice command recognition

* Redbox Digital Signage Kiosks Coming Soon!


* Autonomous Robots - Sidewalk Robot with Uber and 7-Eleven

* Autonomous Robots Airport Food Delivery Robot

* Restaurant Market Report - Investment in 2022 includes tech, real estate

* Drive Thru Technology - McDonalds Sells Platform to IBM


* Hotel chain converts Windows PCs to Chrome OS

* Linux Developer for Kiosks - Raspberry PI developer for Kiosks

* Accessibility Trends For Internet Access - Desktops and Mobiles - 2022 - What will be considered accessible?


For more information visit

Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group ( ).

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Minority Business Accelerator Program Expands to Support Small Underrepresented Female Entrepreneurs in Arizona, Georgia and Florida

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- ThinkZILLA Consulting, announced its 15-week entrepreneur accelerator program for female minority entrepreneurs. The only firm that combines program management resources with extensive DE&I expertise, a network of thousands of minority-led business suppliers and full-service marketing capabilities, has expanded programming to combat poverty and support entrepreneurs in need of access. Quality business training and mentorship.

Earlier this year, ThinkZILLA expanded to Scottsdale at the Arizona State University SkySong Innovation Center, where it launched the first United Diversity Business Summit, convening business experts and CEOs to share innovative approaches to enhancing Arizona's economic growth outcomes.

The recent "State of Black Business" report highlighted racial gaps in Arizona, where Black workers are underrepresented in most industries yet overrepresented in the state's lowest earning brackets, and the business accelerator intends to reverse these trends.

"Education and entrepreneurship can support individuals and business owners in rising from poverty, creating sustainable enterprises and making a true mark on the Arizona business world and culture," said Dr. Trayham. "We are proud to lead the way in executing to seeing more business owners build and scale across the state."

ThinkZILLA's 15-Week Accelerator Program is in partnership with the Millionaire Mastermind Academy, a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to end poverty through entrepreneurship, has helped more than 7,000 women nationwide gain the education and training they need to succeed in business. Since its founding in 2017, the Millionaire Mastermind Academy has awarded $60,000 in scholarships and more than $30,000 in seed funding to help African American women entrepreneurs create successful and sustainable business enterprises.

"The Pioneer Accelerator Program couldn't have selected a better time to launch in Arizona," noted Cloves Campbell, Jr., owner and publisher of the Arizona Informant, which recently celebrated 50 years of recording Black history. "As the Black population has increased astronomically, so, too, has the number of Black businesses. The need for programs that can specifically assist our Black entrepreneurs is long overdue. Dr. Velma Trayham and her team are providing a service that will not only create more Black businesses in Arizona but will also stimulate the economy for all of Arizona!"

Companies that commit to diversity, equity and inclusion benefit broadly with financial growth, a more diverse and stable employee base, deeper diverse supply chain engagement, greater innovation and enhanced company reputation.

Applications for the Hybrid business accelerator will begin accepting applications Jan. 10, with a deadline of Feb 15. The program will kick off with orientation at ThinkZILLA's SkySong office on March 1.

Learn more:

The 15-week program will cover branding, doing business with local government and corporations, funding a business for growth, sales and marketing, and more. In addition, it will provide mentorship and networking to expand entrepreneurial knowledge, connections, and opportunities with the aim of helping business owners and entrepreneurs acquire the skills and support they need to scale and succeed in Arizona.

This program is made possible by public and private partnerships. Founding sponsors for the Accelerator program include American Landmark, M&T Bank and Blaylock Van, LLC.

About the Millionaire Mastermind Academy:

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy was designed to empower Black women to overcome the challenges of economic instability through entrepreneurship and small business. The Millionaire Mastermind Academy educates women and support the growth of their small businesses, engages entrepreneurship to combat the threat of poverty and gender-based income disparities, and enhance local community economies.

For more information, please visit

About ThinkZILLA:

With its mission to increase economic impact through cultural diversity, ThinkZILLA helps organizations create a positive economic impact. ThinkZILLA supports clients interested in addressing inequities and realizing growth opportunities through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming, while impacting the local community.

To learn more about ThinkZILLA visit


"State of Black Business" report - (PDF)

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Mid America Mortgage Welcomes Jarred Talmadge to its team of reverse mortgage experts

ADDISON, Texas -- Mid America Mortgage, Inc. (Mid America) announced industry veteran Jarred Talmadge has joined Mid America as Western Reverse Mortgage Sales Manager. In this role, Talmadge is responsible for expanding Mid America's reverse mortgage presence in the Western U.S.

"Mid America is dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of every borrower, including existing homeowners seeking to tap into their home's equity in retirement," said Mid America Owner and CEO Jeff Bode. "Reverse mortgage borrowers are often underserved even though seniors comprise a significant portion of the homeowner market. We're extremely pleased to announce Jarred has joined our team and thrilled to expand our team of reverse mortgage experts."

Talmage brings more than 25 years of mortgage industry experience and has spent the last three years specifically focused on reverse mortgages. Talmage joins Mid America from the American Advisors Group, where he was the Market Sales Manager for the Rocky Mountain region. In addition to being an industry veteran, Talmage is an author and instructor, offering real estate agents, loan officers and financial planners courses in sales, marketing and reverse mortgage.

In 2020, Talmadge authored the book "Too Good To Be Free: How a Reverse Mortgage Can Improve Your Life, Your Cash Flow and Pay You Too." It can be found on He's also been a guest on channel 9News NBC in Denver, Colorado and Company, KLZ AM 560 and on the Michael Bailey Radio Show. Talmadge earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Phoenix.

"As a reverse mortgage specialist, I'm passionate about helping lenders, borrowers and real estate agents understand the often-misunderstood product that reverse mortgage is," said Talmadge. "The best part of the mortgage business is being able to help other people, to have this ability expanded at Mid America is exhilarating."

To learn more about joining Mid America's reverse mortgage team, contact Talmadge at

About Mid America Mortgage, Inc.

Mid America Mortgage, Inc., Addison, Texas, is a multi-state, full-service mortgage lender serving consumers and mortgage originators through its retail, wholesale, and correspondent channels. We offer a wide range of residential home loan programs to meet the needs of most home buyers and homeowners and are also the nation's leading provider of Section 184 home loans for Native Americans. Learn more at

In operation since 1940, Mid America has thrived by retaining its entrepreneurial spirit and leading the market in innovation, including its adoption of eClosings eNotes. Click n' Close is Mid America's ultra-secure, digital mortgage approval and closing process that gets home buyers from application to closing within two weeks. With just a few clicks at closing, Click n' Close puts keys in the home buyer's hand in 15 minutes or less. Apply online at

Frequently named a top mortgage employer/workplace by industry trade magazines such as Mortgage Professional America, MReport, National Mortgage News and National Mortgage Professional, Mid America is looking for tech-savvy, service-oriented mortgage professionals to join our growing team. We are dedicated to providing our employees with industry-leading tools and technology to deliver a great package of competitive pricing, programs and knowledgeable service. Want to join our team? Visit

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Vice Capital Markets breaks internal trading volume record in 2021, helps clients achieve peak profitability

NOVI, Mich. -- Vice Capital Markets, a leading mortgage hedge advisory firm for independent lenders, banks and credit unions, announced today that the company set a new internal trade volume record last year, trading more than $202 billion on behalf of its full service clients. Using an advantageous mix of delivery and execution, the company was able to help its clients capitalize profitably on each trade.

"The past two years have been both chaotic and profitable for the mortgage industry, and Vice Capital Markets has worked hard to ensure our clients felt as little chaos in their hedging pipelines as possible," said Vice Capital Markets President Troy Baars. "That approach certainly paid off in 2021 thanks to the trust we have built with our clients over the years, but we would not have reached this internal trading record if our clients had not had such a stellar year in terms of volume, making this as much their achievement as it is ours."

In addition to the increase in annual trade volume, Vice Capital Markets also experienced a marked increase in its client base, including more than 50% growth in the credit union space in 2021.

"Vice Capital Markets has always placed a premium on serving all types of mortgage lenders and building communicative and collaborative relationships with our clients, a practice that continued last year," said Chris Bennett, Principal at Vice Capital Markets. "Our clients range in monthly production from $10 million to $5 billion a month, yet every client receives the same personalized care and attention to detail, allowing us to better meet their needs."

About Vice Capital Markets

Since 2001, Vice Capital Markets has successfully managed interest rate risk and maximized profitability on MBS trades and mortgage-related transactions for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders of all sizes. With an average of more than 10 years' experience behind each of the traders on our team, Vice Capital has helped its clients realize, on average, a 25 to 55 bps improvement over their best effort execution, and Vice Capital's proprietary risk-management models and complex investor and agency best execution platform have consistently yielded safe and effective profit maximization for its clients.

Learn more at or call (248) 869-8100.

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