Real-Life Mom Launches Web-Based Center for First-Time Moms

Dateline: Fri, 25 Aug 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Fla. – Aug. 25 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New moms need all the help that they can get and at a new Web site:, interested moms and their families will have access to multiple resources in one location.”

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HUTCHINSON ISLAND, Fla. – Aug. 25 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — New moms need all the help that they can get and at a new Web site:, interested moms and their families will have access to multiple resources in one location.

“I was the first mom in my neighborhood,” Margaret Shinnebarger, founder of, said. “I found myself constantly being asked for advice from all of my neighbors who were moms-to-be. Some new moms would literally be in tears when they came to me. I quickly decided to try and help this group of women by sharing what I had learned at no charge! I am not a pediatrician, or a huge corporation – I am just one new mom trying to help others.”

Unlike Dr. Spock or Johnson & Johnson, Shinnebarger is a real-life mom of two. Her husband’s career required frequent moves leaving her with very little local support to help deal with the range of issues facing first-time moms. As a result, she developed an enormous library of experiential, medical, scientific and journalistic materials, along with good, old-fashioned common sense. She condensed this knowledge into a month-by-month chronological path for baby’s first year.

The one-size fits all Website offers suggestions, advice, free consultations, community collaboration, infant-care information, consumer services, and more, in one location.

“There is a wealth of information out there about pregnancy and baby’s first year,” Shinnebarger said. “I wanted new moms to have one place to go for all of their information, instead of having to spend uncounted hours searching the Web.” provides one central location where new moms can link to resources that help them make decisions about their pregnancy and childbirth and learn about the growth and development of their new baby from birth through one year. Updated news articles keep moms in the loop when it comes to safety, health and overall care of their newborn.

“What makes our Web-based service truly unique,” Shinnebarger explained, “is the ‘Ask the Nannie’ advisory facility and the customized baby-shower registry service, ‘Baby eRegistry.’ New moms can ‘Ask the Nannie’ a question and receive a rapid response. Advice is based on personal and real-life experiences of real mothers.”

The ‘Baby eRegistry’ service has over 30 affiliate partners that provide more than 600 baby products ranging from bottles to full-furniture suites. When a new mom registers, an e-mail is sent to the new mom’s list of friends and family invitees and allows them to shop online and save time.

“The ‘Baby eRegistry’ was the greatest service I could have asked for at this hectic time in my life,” Janice Alodah, a happy customer, said. “I am a professional and most of my baby shower guests were too. Many of them thanked me for making their baby shower shopping experience easier.”

Alodah was also impressed with the “Personal Shopper” experience.

“If I needed an additional item added to my registry,” Alodah explained, “I would simply make a request. A search would be made for the item via the network of retail online stores. Within a day, the item would be added to the Baby eRegistry shopping selection. I always received everything I requested.” also utilizes a library of current parenting reference materials for researching questions and concerns including books on infant care, parenting and family magazines, baby magazines and other online research.

Shinnebarger adds that all medical questions and concerns should be referred to a physician or pediatrician.

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