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Dateline: Fri, 20 Oct 2006

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Oct. 20 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Do you remember life before kids? Or, perhaps before your friends had kids? Enter that sweet bundle of joy and late night parties and gourmet meals are traded for sleepless nights and drive-thru dinners. ”

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Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs Launch Gift Company That Reflects on Life before Children

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Oct. 20 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Do you remember life before kids? Or, perhaps before your friends had kids? Enter that sweet bundle of joy and late night parties and gourmet meals are traded for sleepless nights and drive-thru dinners.

After hearing so many friends comment, "before kids, I..." it occurred to Abby Miller, a Pittsburgh parent of two, that it would be fun to capture those sentiments in a line of gifts for parents that would make even the most stressed-out mom or dad laugh out loud. Enter business partner, Kitty Cheatham, who thought the idea was a solid one, and Before Kids,,, was born. Before Kids... gifts for parents include coffee mugs, t-shirts, aprons and notepaper, which are emblazoned with fun reflections on parenthood.

"The reality of parenthood is that, while it's the greatest job in the world, it's hard work," said Miller. "Even the most organized parent occasionally looks back fondly on those freedom-filled days before children. Our gifts for parents aim to remind them of that time in a fun, lighthearted way."

Before Kids... gifts are unique because of their clever sayings, some of which include:
    Before Kids...whine was a beverage.
    Before Kids...I thought I was busy.
    Before ended at five.
    Before Kids...three in bed was risque.

Knowing they hit on a great gift idea for parents, Miller and Cheatham are dedicating all their time and focus on growing Before Kids... The company's full line of gifts for parents is available online at and in local Pittsburgh shops. Priced from $8-$30, Before Kids... offers a great selection of gifts for parents just in time for the 2006 holiday season.

"The level of positive response we've received from moms, dads, the press, and the baby product industry has been tremendous," Cheatham commented. "We knew this was a great idea but we had no clue how much the Before Kids...messages would resonate with people."

Before are perfect for hostess gifts, stocking-stuffers and baby shower favors or gifts.

While Miller and Cheatham are currently Before Kids... only employees, the team is working with about a dozen consultants and vendors in Pittsburgh, and their line of gifts for parents are carried in several local stores including Doodlebugs in Blawnox, Gifted in Mt. Lebanon and McMurray, and Contemporary Concepts in Squirrel Hill. Their online presence allows Before Kids... gifts to be purchased worldwide which has resulted in national media coverage as well as buzz in parenting and baby blogs such as and

Miller and Cheatham are excited about the potential Before Kids... has and are looking to expand their line with additional sentiments more products and even complementary lines that offer more for dads and grandparents. Right now the pair is conducting important market research by attending soccer games and PTA meetings - where it's common to hear parents sigh, "before kids, I...."

To pick the perfect gift for moms and dads in your life, visit or call 412-956-0806 for store locations.


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