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Upstart California museum acquires mythic ad characters

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The Valley Relics Museum of Van Nuys, California, has acquired a collection of 3,000 advertising characters once housed in the galleries of the Museum of Modern Mythology in San Francisco, founder Tommy Gelinas announced today.

The unique collection, featuring display versions of the Jolly Green Giant, Mr. Clean, Elsie the Cow, Tony the Tiger, Cap'n Crunch and Mr. Peanut, promoted the idea that such figures were modern manifestations of mythic archetypes. The Museum of Modern Mythology operated in downtown San Francisco from 1982 through 1989, focusing on the curation and display of twentieth century advertising artifacts. The entire collection was moved to storage in 1989 after the gallery's closure in the wake of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

"Every culture has its own mythology," Ellen Havre Weis, the Museum's founding director, was quoted as saying. "Regardless of where they came from, these images exist, they're part of our culture and they must be dealt with in some serious light." Ms. Weis passed away earlier this year from cancer. Gordon Whiting and Benjamin Whiting, Ms. Weis's husband and son, negotiated the agreement to move the collection to its new home at the Valley Relics Museum in the months before she died.

Such luminaries as film historian Leonard Maltin and mythologist Joseph Campbell joined the board of the Museum of Modern Mythology, validating the significance of the collection and its underlying thesis.

The Valley Relics Museum is home to a pop culture pantheon of neon signs, pinball and video arcades, life-size Jack in the Box clowns, and television artifacts from the home of "Dragnet" star Jack Webb, among other memorabilia from post-war California culture.

"We see this as a natural extension of our mission, to preserve and make available the many expressions of popular culture that surround us and become part of our lives," said Mr. Gelinas, who founded Valley Relics in Chatsworth, California, in 2013. He relocated the gallery to its present location near the Van Nuys airport in 2018.

"The idea that these figures have some deeper resonance seemed obvious to us. We're thrilled to carry on the work that Ellen started, and to share these colorful and beloved characters with the public."

Mr. Gelinas estimates the first exhibit of the new collection will launch early next year. "The Museum of Modern Mythology will open at the Valley Relics Museum in Spring 2022, in a new gallery annex adjacent to the main rooms."

The Valley Relics Museum is located at 7900 Balboa Blvd, Hangars C3 & 4, Lake Balboa, CA, 91406, (818) 616-4083.

Learn more at: and


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*Photo Caption: Tommy Gelinas of Valley Relics Museum, Benjamin Whiting of Ellen Weis Archive, Donna Knott of, Eva Kisevalter of Stella Neptune, and Gordon Whiting of Ellen Weis Archive, showing off some of the treasures of the Museum of Modern Mythology collection, now part of Valley Relics Museum in Van Nuys, California. (Photo courtesy of The Ellen Weis Archive/Los Angeles.)


Tommy Gelinas
Valley Relics Museum
Phone (818) 521-5646

Gordon Whiting
The Ellen Weis Archive
(310) 448-3660

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MTS and See Your Shadow Songwriting Win at 14th Prayze Factor Awards

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- On Saturday, September 19, 2021 the winners for the 14th Prayze Factor Awards were announced. MTS Management Group is proud that they, along with their client, See Your Shadow Songwriting, were selected among the winners. See Your Shadow, headed by Michael Coleman, was named Best Alternative Gospel Group for their single, "I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello."

MTS was honored with three awards: Manager of the Year, Record Label of the Year and PR/Marketing Company of the Year. These are the first wins for both MTS and SYS.

"I'm stunned and speechless," said Michael Stover, President of MTS. "I never imagined that we would receive finalist nominations, let alone take home 3 wins! Thank you to all those who voted for us and the International Music Association. God is so good!"

All events (except the main show) can be watched via PGN TV on your favorite streaming sites (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IOS & Android Mobile Apps or you can watch on the Prayze Factor Awards website.

The Prayze Factor Awards are designed to expose faith-based arts on a national/international level with major market radio, television and industry exposure. Finalist nominees were selected through two tiers of fan and industry voting. Past seasons of Prayze Factor have yielded over 70 million votes.

See Your Shadow Songwriting is an international iTunes chart-topping songwriting/production co-op, led by Michael "Metropolitan Cowboy" Coleman. With their 25th single release, "It Starts With Hello," See Your Shadow has influenced the Dance Club genre and now traverses the Country market. "I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello" was a Christian Music Weekly chart hit.

MTS Management Group was a 4-time nominee: Best Manager, Best PR/Marketing, Best Promotions, Record Label. Michael Stover is an internationally accomplished manager and publicist with artists in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Austria, and Sweden. With too many artists and collaborations to list here, Michael Stover has led the Country, Roots, Rock and Gospel markets throughout the United States and abroad to major exposure in Radio, Stream, Film and Video.


VIDEO (YouTube):

LOGO link for media:


Michael Stover

MTS Management Group

Phone Number: 412-445-5282

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The Keeping Tabs Awareness Campaign: Rotting Rationality

FLINT, Mich. -- Jonathan McKay, better known by his social influencer tag RoarJMcKay is a psychedelic multimedia content creator hailing from Flint, MI. Harnessing the influence of psychedelia, McKay has begun to apply concepts of geometric structure and interconnectedness visually in abstract ways. After surviving the disastrous "Flint Water Crisis" and fighting a brave battle with Cancer in his saliva glands, Jonathon had a new vision for life. That new vision was "Keeping Tabs."

Established in 2017, the sole purpose of Keeping Tabs (KT) has been to bridge the gaps in communication relating to factors of socioeconomic, mental, and physical diversities.

Jonathan has an optimistic personality. Even after surviving such tough battles and handling such trauma, he still looks for the bright side of life. Keeping Tabs (KT) is one of the examples of how important it is for Jonathan to help society in the most innovative of ways.

The brand name Keeping Tabs project is a mobile application doctors use to aid inpatient treatment plans in the prescription process. Its primary focus was the opioid crisis hovering around the U.S. How people are battling with such crises and what guilt they face after recovering from several addictions.


The app includes risk assessment analysis, deviance tests, DSM-5 inventories, and biometrics in a user-friendly format for smooth navigation. KT aims to be a means to combat the growing overprescription epidemic and the opioid crisis. This crisis affects citizens of the United States nationwide. However, McKay has partnered with Midwest community organizations to create hope and spread awareness of proper treatment plans in the pharmaceutical industries.


McKay is a registered member of the organization and has previously presented at the American Psychological Association Convention in Chicago, IL, in the summer of 2019.

Volunteer Medication takes back every quarter with Flint Innovative Solutions (FIS) alongside the University of Michigan - Institute of Clinical Health Research (Ann Arbor). Marketing and multimedia content partnerships with diverse teams of photographers and videographers based in the Midwest for professional content creation.

Keeping Tabs began to extend the barrier in multimedia marketing in 2019 through the recording of the Keeping Tabs Podcast. Produced by Whiting Entertainment, McKay interviews content creators on their brands and asks example questions from the mobile application. The podcast was a huge success immediately and opened the door for a feature interview on fellow Midwest creative series "The DoGood Podcast"

RoarJMcKay did not limit the campaign to podcasts only as his artistry exists through brand partnerships and his current focus lies solely in Keeping Tabs. Using Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchats interactive stories, LinkedIn networks, YouTube videos, and Google SEO to broadcast visually to the audience, the barriers continue into 2021.


"Rotting Rationality," RoarJMcKay's debut single as a musical recording artist, released October 30, 2020. The music production was a worldwide hit and reached audiences globally.

The album "Rotting Rationality" highlights the major crisis and issues within the community. It highlights the difficulties people face during a crisis, and the lack of motivation makes them depreciate life.

RoarJMcKay states: "One of the greatest lessons I've learned throughout my professional experience has been to accept diversity and respecting other people's paths to success. Understanding that hard work comes in all shapes and sizes and to never judge a person before you meet them. I've met some of my most valuable friends in the creative scene."

With melodic tones from Kevin Katana of Katana Worldwide and engineered by RIAA-Gold recipients Dre Berg and Duff Didthat of Lifeline Studios located in Royal Oak, MI. This track, along with the messaging and branding of Keeping Tabs, quickly caught the attention of tens of thousands worldwide auditorily and hundreds of thousands cross-platform through both visual and audio media.

This rise in web traffic and in-person collaboration with creatives in his network began the Rotting Rationality tour in May 2021 in Auburn Hills, MI.

This date was followed by a rapid series of performances in cities including Detroit, music festivals in Northern Michigan, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California by August of the same year.

He has a very positive and unique way of seeing life. He always finds positivity, and that is why with his music, he directly addresses the discouragement and lack of motivation issues within the societies.


The fall booking season picks up where the summer left off in Las Vegas, NV (Sept. 24), where McKay will be joining The Sound Gallery for stop one in the three city Trip Tsunami Tour. Afterward, he will head back to the Midwest for a VIP exclusive event in Detroit, MI (September 30) hosted by Stiizy Los Angeles. Followed by a professional photoshoot with Caroline Pierce of Racine, WI (Oct. 2) to build his corporate modeling portfolio.

The second stop of the Traptsunami Series takes place in Tampa, FL (Oct. 7), where McKay will make his southern regional debut thanks to the Sound Gallery, yet again. In Racine, WI (Oct. 9) McKay will be performing at the Studio Grand Opening of highly acclaimed Midwest content creator Evie McNeil, this leads back to the Midwest.

The last scheduled date of the Traptsunami Tour takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (October 16) to conclude the autumn booking season leaving plenty of time to prepare for winter. Jonathan sends a huge thanks to all the team members of Urahara's Music Festival, Gametime Events, Crowdfreak, and the Sound Gallery deserve endless praise for the platform's assistance in coordinating the summer Rotting Rationality tour.


The new Keeping Tabs and RoarJMcKay merchandise was printed exclusively by Aquarius Co. (Flint, MI). The psychedelic effect of the holographic reflective material not only reflects light but also the positive and diverse influence of festival culture. They are offering two classic material colors, both black and white, and can be matched with holographic vinyl or the contrast white 3M.

The variants of RoarJMcKay and Keeping Tabs are interchangeably available, with all proceeds and donations going to the technical, research, and production teams to continue the campaign's success. The Rotting Rationality tour highlights McKay's debut single. It offers new opportunities for supporters to help pivot the Keeping Tabs Awareness Campaign from a regional to a national initiative that caught the attention of event coordinators nationwide.


Beginning November 2021, McKay will be accepting bookings and brand partnerships.

Contact by phone at (810) 874-3756 or email at for brand partnerships and for all inquiries involving influencer marketing, entertainment, or collaborations with other artists.


VIDEO (YouTube):

IMAGE link for media:

Caption: Keeping Tabs Halloween Season Promotional Photoshoot. Photographed by Eddie Daneki.

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Get Ready for New Licensed Character for Advertising and Toys: Here Comes Black Friday

MIAMI, Fla. -- The day after the American Thanksgiving Day holiday has long been considered the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. Dubbed "Black Friday" for many reasons, shopping on that day (via brick and mortar or e-commerce) has become part of the holiday tradition for most consumers. Empire License, Inc. is now very excited to introduce to the world their very own version of Black Friday: "Black Friday" the character, in the formation of animation and plush dolls.

As the preferences and habits of consumers change and evolve, so has Black Friday. The day Black Friday is now known and celebrated throughout the world. Of our 195 countries an estimated 50 to 60% celebrate Black Friday in one form or another. The day and phrase have had great exposure over the past years and is growing by leaps and bounds with no ending in sight.

"Consumers will see our 'Black Friday' character in many different settings," says E.L. Williams, company CEO and co-creator of the Black Friday character. In the channel of advertising, Walmart, Amazon and Target are three of the largest retailers in the United States. The three giants are always in a battle for greater market share, especially during the holiday period. Empire believes they have the solution for either company gaining that extra advantage using their Black Friday character as their company pitchman. "This would be the ideal situation for any company wanting to evolve into a powerhouse, not necessarily any of the three mentioned above," adds Williams.

Holiday shopping kicks off in November, Empire has created an animated family television show that will air prior to holiday shopping, it's a show created for the kids and parents as well: "Black Friday's Magical Christmas." The show will be filled with family holiday fun, adventure and of course holiday marketing. The show was created to hype the holiday season and get consumers motivated and ready to go, regardless of situations they may be experiencing. The message is that there are deals out there for everyone and who knows this better than the man himself, Black Friday.

In the channel of trade of toys and dolls, Black Friday is available for licensing, just give him a squeeze and he will say one of an array of given lines. The character doll will be available for sale during the Christmas holidays only.

Lastly, the Black Friday Loyalty Rewards Card will be introduced. "We truly feel that the companies participating in our Black Friday Licensing Campaign will benefit in a myriad of ways," says Williams. "It would be great to work with the large companies as well as the small, watching the small evolve into the giants they all have the potential to become."

For more information or to contact Empire License to become a partner visit: / or phone: 1-888-714-3577.


Emory Williams



*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: "Black Friday" the character, in the form of animation and plush dolls.

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STRATAC Receives 3 Gold and 1 Silver 2021 MUSE Creative Awards

AUSTIN, Texas -- The 2021 MUSE Awards programs are now officially closed now that winners have been announced. Taking in 4,876 entries from all over the world in both the MUSE Creative Awards and the MUSE Design Awards, the competition has demonstrated itself to be one of the leading programs in honoring excellent individuals in the creative and design fields.

STRATAC has won the Insurance Website of the Year Gold, Self-Promotion Video of the Year Gold, Direct Marketing Branded Content of the Year Gold, and the Business to Business Video of the Year Silver awards in the competition, for their clients Gun and Trophy Insurance, Nisos, and VirPack.

"It was gratifying to be recognized for our work in these 4 different categories. We appreciate the trust our clients place in us - in our strategy, tactics, vision, and creativity. Especially in a year where 'thinking outside the box' became the only 'norm' - we were grateful for clients who were willing to take the leap and stay the course with their outbound efforts," stated Virginia Stewart Case, CEO. "This industry recognition has been a validation of our efforts and we are grateful to be among such enterprising competition for a second year in a row."

The MUSA Awards programs stay true to their objective of honoring professionals in both creative and design spaces, promoting the entrants' excellent works. The International Awards Associate (IAA), is the creator of these awards and upholds impartiality by enacting strict assessment criteria and organization of a jury made up of industry professionals, who are living examples of excellence themselves.

The Jury and Evaluation Process

With 46 jurors casting votes from 25 countries, the awards ensure that a diverse panel of qualified professionals are adjudicating the competition. These individuals can be found working under leading companies from the creative and design industries, such as Associate Creative Director of MullenLowe Renato Barreto, Visual Communication Design Specialist at United Nations Children's Fund Shangning Wang, Creative Director of BEAMY Ronn Lee, Creative Director of ADBRAIN Inc. Masanori Eto, Dr Adjunct Associate Professor and Design Director of Irving Smith Architects Jeremy Smith, Founder and Creative Director of Kre8ive Partners Mark Turner, Owner and Founder of UArchitects Misak Terzibasiyan, etc.

Every entry is assessed based on relevant standards pertaining to their respective industries in order to ensure impartiality. Further, blind judging is exercised, as such jurors are only able to assess each entry purely on its own merits.


STRATAC provides strategic advice, comprehensive research, and tactical marketing services for B2B and B2C clients in the technology space. We take a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to psychology as it pertains to Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Employee Engagement, which allows us to elevate businesses and help them go to market or return to market. As a User Experience Design (UXD) agency, we help our clients shape a positive perception of their brands while creating memorable, positive engagements for their customers.

Learn more at

Website: MUSE Creative Awards / MUSE Design Awards

Facebook: MUSE Awards

Twitter: MUSE Awards

Instagram: MUSE Awards

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Lime Group, LLC to offer customized digital marketing services

FLORENCE, Ala. -- As a result of continued growth and client success, Lime Group, LLC, will begin offering marketing services tailored to specific business' needs and goals. In the past, Lime Group has offered a flat rate for access to all of their resources from website development and maintenance to social media management and print advertising. Thanks to feedback from clients and the expansion of services, the company will now be offering customized services so that everyone pays for what they need and no more.

"A lot of people were paying one price a month for us to do everything for them, but not every business needs everything we offer," said owner, Brian Williamson. "Now, we can get them exactly what they need so they're not paying for what they don't. We also have moved to quarterly agreements instead of yearly so that services can be turned on or off according to a clients' needs during slow months of the year."

Customers will be able to choose from numerous services, including:

* Website Design & Maintenance

* Search Engine Optimization

* App Development & Maintenance

* Social Media Marketing

* Graphic Design and Branding

* Press Releases & Content Creation

* Email & SMS Marketing

* Pay Per Click & Social Media Advertising & Management

* Consultations for small Businesses just getting started

* and other services as needed!

"The continued support of our customers has enormously helped us in two different ways," Williamson said. "They've supported us in a way that has allowed us to grow and expand in a way that will ultimately benefit them and get them exactly what they need. And the clients we have had, both recently and for a long time, have given incredible feedback that lets us know that we're doing things awesome, we just need to offer some less than others."

With this increase in specialized services, prices overall will see an increase; however, the cost differential will be small since the packages are customizable instead of all-inclusive.

"If we're going to offer specific services, we want to give our clients the best of the best, and that means we have to employ more people," Williamson said. "That said, clients are going to see the results they want to see in a much more sustainable way that's worth it."

Learn more at:


Offering marketing and technology solutions Since 2010, our team helps businesses get ahead of the competition by utilizing our knowledge and skills. Our willingness to explore new concepts, trends, programs and platforms defines our approach to marketing and exemplifies our appreciation for challenging, unique projects.

Learn more at:

For questions about Lime Group, LLC, services offered, or pricing, please contact Brian Williamson at

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Whiteoak Invests in Amplify-Now to Accelerate Global Expansion and Development

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. -- Amplify-Now, a leading provider of Strategy Execution Management software headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, announced that Whiteoak, a growth-equity firm based in Sydney, Australia, plans to invest in their company to help spur global growth and product development ambitions. The investment news followed Amplify-Now's recent expansion into its North American headquarters, near Los Angeles.

"We wanted to accelerate the success we've achieved with an investment firm that provides a combination of capital and deep strategic support," Matt Williams, CEO of Amplify-Now, says. "Whiteoak has a successful track record for supporting Australian-headquartered companies to succeed in global expansion."

The investment is the second in the $100M Whiteoak Growth Fund, securing a majority stake in Amplify-Now.

Greg Garvin, Whiteoak's Managing Director, says that, "Amplify-Now has achieved global success by offering a software solution that provides a single source of truth to help manage complex transformation programs within large organizations. Clients love that the solution is intuitive and easy to set up and can be configured for many applications including: Business Transformations, Post-merger integrations, ESG change programs and Digital Transformations."

Other companies backed by Whiteoak include: Lack of Color (also in the fund), a fashion label; SkinKandy, a jewelry and piercing business; Priava, a venue management platform; Status Anxiety, a popular handbag label; and The Healthy Mommy, an online weight loss and health community for mothers.

About Amplify-Now

Since 2013, Amplify-Now has offered Benefits Realization and Strategy Execution Management (SEM). Its SEM software enables organizations to execute strategies that create business value for their customers and investors. The software supports transformation programs from end-to-end, supporting portfolio planning through value realization.

To support a global roster of corporate and consulting clients, it's headquartered in Adelaide, Australia with offices in Los Angeles, CA and West Sussex, UK.

For more information:

About Whiteoak

Whiteoak was founded in 2016 by Richard Whiteoak as an independent investment firm with a distinctive approach to investing capital in private Australian companies. Its mission is to accelerate the growth of high-quality companies by providing capital and deep strategic support.

For more information:


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Fanplayr Launches PrivacyID to Address New Privacy Laws and Upcoming Ban on Third-Party Cookies

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a global leader in online behavioral personalization, artificial intelligence and user privacy, announced the introduction of its new anonymized user identification solution PrivacyID.

According to a UNCTD report COVID-19 accelerated the growth of e-commerce with more business being conducted online than ever before, including the use of sensitive data. As data breaches continue, privacy is a growing concern for most users on the web. At the same time, Google continues its plan to phase out third-party "cookies," making it harder for online businesses and advertisers to track web users. Companies also must adhere to expanding state laws outlining user data protections and the penalties for breaches in user privacy.

Fanplayr's propriety solution, PrivacyID, protects user data by assigning user identifiers and anonymizing the information collected, allowing customers to access the information without breaking privacy regulations or compromising user security.

According to Rajiv Sunkara, CTO and co-founder of Fanplayr, privacy regulations and data breaches are growing concerns for most businesses. "Consent regulations are evolving and difficult to manage," says Sunkara. "The changing landscape unfortunately has led to less accurate business analytics, reduced ability to identify visitors, and has dialed back some of the developments in user experience. We developed PrivacyID specifically to solve these issues."

The technology behind PrivacyID is unique in that it allows for seamless use of the anonymized information, giving providers of third-party services access to the data while keeping it protected so there's no disruption of integration with their services. Data is collected continuously any time a user interacts with a customer's website or any of their third-party services such as SMS and email providers. Administration is simple with customers using a single dashboard to manage user identifier access within their organization and third-party service organizations.

"After more than a decade of providing personalization and artificial intelligence solutions to our customers, we're confident PrivacyID will solve some of the pain points that have evolved with recent changes in regulations," says Simon Yencken, CEO and co-founder of Fanplayr. "Our primary objective is to allow our customers to move forward with the advancements we've made in user experience and sales conversion, while maintaining the utmost integrity of their user data."

Fanplayr has been granted provisional patent protection on the technology behind PrivacyID and will test the system with a select group of customers in 2021.

Learn more about PrivacyID:

About Fanplayr:

Fanplayr is a global leader in e-commerce behavioral data, using machine learning and AI to enable businesses to increase conversion rates and revenue, collect more leads, and retarget visitors with personalized recommendations during and after the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with offices in New York, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Mexico, Milan, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Hamburg, Melbourne and Tokyo.

Learn more:


*IMAGE link for media:

*Image caption: Fanplayr Introduces PrivacyID.

Lacy Talton

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Print’s Not Over – It’s Just Getting a New Lease on Life

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Is print cool or old school? According to the Productivity Network LLC, a Chicago-based print production company, it's a little of both and that's a good thing. In business for one year, the team at the Productivity Network is positive that print's not just sexy, it's downright hot.

Co-owners, Erika Pflederer and Michael Wade, believe that while digital continues to reign, print is far from over. That's why they've extended their hand to those who want to add or re-introduce print into their mix.

"The past year has taught us many things," Pflederer says. "Among those lessons learned are: anything is possible, people are increasingly growing tech-weary, business models are rapidly changing and more and more consumers crave nostalgia. It's these factors and more that point to a comeback for print. It's time for print to shine again."

In fact, Pflederer and Wade were so confident that they bet their careers on it and launched the Productivity Network in September 2020. To date, it's landed some impressive accounts including a well-known packaged goods company and multiple financial businesses.

The co-owners intentionally designed their business to be virtual which provides them the flexibility to work with anyone, anywhere. And being veterans of the print ad business, they have a wealth of resources at their fingertips.

Its model is low overhead, killer service, attention to detail, top talent and the ability to scale up and down as needed.

"We can quickly pivot to meet demand," she says.

Since launching their business, Pflederer and Wade have worked on a variety of print campaigns ranging from billboards and transit signage to bus wraps and business presentations.

"Of course, we do digital work too. We're not that crazy," Pflederer shares. "It's just that we believe print has to be accessible to those who want it and we really know how to do it. There are not many in-house print production services out there anymore and we serve to fill that niche. We work directly with brands too."

Pflederer, who grew up working in her dad's print shop, makes it a point to ask people to think about print.

"Just look around. Go into a shop. Get on a train. Drive on the interstate. Open your mail. Dig into that swag bag. We're surrounded by print. Sometimes people don't even realize they need print until they think about it. 'Oh yeah,' they say. It's not going away and we're here to help," she says.

About Productivity Network

The Productivity Network provides high-end print production services typically found at large advertising agency studios. It can meet a variety of production needs ranging from print to digital and can efficiently and professionally handle ever-changing production needs. Prior to launching Productivity Network, Pflederer and Wade worked for multiple major advertising agencies and for countless top-name brands. They've successfully executed and delivered national and international print campaigns and now they're excited to pass on that expertise and passion directly to their clients.

For more information, visit:


Photo link for media:

Photo Caption: "Print's Not Over."

Erika Pflederer
of Productivity Network

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New Yiftee White Paper ‘Coming Back Stronger’ Illustrates Communities Banding Together to Support Local Business

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Today Yiftee published a new white paper based on its experience with more than 300 Community eGift Card programs across the country, 90% of which were started during the pandemic. The paper uses 16 short case studies to describe different chamber of commerce, main street, downtown and city programs all centered around simple digital gift cards. The case studies reflect the diversity of the communities themselves, all with the objective of helping residents and local businesses weather the pandemic storm and come back stronger.

Local partners drive creative community engagement

Community eGift Cards give people tens to hundreds of choices where to spend them while guaranteeing that the money stays local. Yiftee enables the cards, and the Company's local partners - the chambers of commerce, downtowns, main streets and city governments - come up with the creative programs to engage their communities. The "Coming Back Stronger" white paper describes diverse programs from scavenger hunts; to after-school activity programs for at-risk kids; to essential worker and employee appreciation; to large CARES Act-, American Recovery Plan- and tourism tax-funded bonus programs. There is virtually no limit on how Community Cards can be used to enhance the local economy.

Community Cards benefit the shop local movement

In most cases, these programs and Community Card sales in general represent new revenue sources to the local businesses in an area. While COVID-19 has drawn a focus on small business, the white paper shows that Community Cards are becoming entrenched in employee rewards programs, restaurant weeks, farmers markets and thoughtful everyday gifting among consumers. No doubt, some of this new downtown business would have previously gone to national brand gift cards, but much of it is from new growth in the gift card industry.

"We are excited to bring more of the $171 billion US gift card industry to Main Street shops and restaurants," said Donna Novitsky, Yiftee CEO. "The power of the Community is far greater than any one store. For example, we see 51% of Community Card holders try new places. With digital gift cards driving much of the 8-9% per year increase in US gift card sales, Community Cards are a huge growth opportunity for the shop local movement." (*Citations: see notes 1 and 2.)

The 17-page white paper covers city partnerships, designed to jumpstart pandemic recovery; unique gifting programs that generate increased revenue for local businesses; and how some groups have recruited local sponsors who have gained recognition for their generosity and community spirit.

You can download the free white paper here (PDF):

About Yiftee, Keep Local Dollars Local

Yiftee ( serves more than 300 communities and 10,000 local businesses with simple, secure, point-of-sale system-independent eGift Cards that keep millions of local dollars local. The company works with Chambers of Commerce, Downtowns, Main Streets, Business Improvement Districts, city governments and other local organizations to create "Community Cards," branded for the community and redeemable at 10s to 100s of local businesses. Organizations and individuals purchase them online and send them via email, text or print to friends, family and co-workers to support their local businesses.

There is no cost to the organizers or merchants for the program and it can be set up in just a few days. Yiftee also provides custom-branded cards for individual merchants, franchises, and chains.

More info at, email:, Twitter: @Yiftee, Facebook:

Works Cited:

[*Note 1] (January 2021). The "United States Gift Card and Incentive Card Market Intelligence and Future Growth Dynamics (Databook) - Spend Analysis by Digital / e-Gift Card, Retail and Corporate Consumers, Top Retailers, Distribution Channel, Occasions, and Demographics. Dublin, Ireland:

[*Note 2] Claremont Consulting Group Survey of Yiftee Customers. (April, 2021). Customer and Community Analysis and Recommendations. Claremont, CA: Yiftee, Inc.


*Image link for media:

*Caption: New Yiftee white paper "Coming Back Stronger" illustrates many creative Community eGift Card programs led by local organizations to help their small businesses thrive.


Donna Novitsky, CEO, 650-533-0938

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