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New Book: ‘You’re An Author? Don’t get Hustled’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Published Author Wayne McFarland has just released, "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled - How to launch your book without getting hurt, hammered, or fleeced; a step by step guide" (ISBN: 978-1645505686; paperback).

In the short time since its release, "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled" seems to be causing quite a stir.

The book opens with: "So you're a new author? Well, gird yourself-soon to descend upon you are legions of flim-flam artists, bogus publishers, ad purveyors, and social media "experts." Their stated goal is to help you sell lots of books and make tons of money - quickly. Their real goal is to deflate as many bank accounts as possible - yours among them, sad to say."

The book goes on to guide authors in such things as "How much promotion should you expect to be doing yourself? Should you get a publisher? Self-Publish? How about an Agent? Or Promoting with Social Media? Should you do Pay Per Click advertising? How do you get book and reader reviews? Should you pay for reviews? It's all covered, in detail and step by step so hopefully (Authors) will know what to do - and what not to do - to keep (their) foot out of the New Author Beartrap."

Pre-release reviews have been laudatory with unanimity that a book such as this, containing specific guidance for authors on how to launch a book into the marketplace, is long overdue: "Splendid!... ...every page is a winning ticket!" "Mr. McFarland has produced an extremely useful manual for indie authors seeking advice on how to publish..." "... sooner or later every writer who wants a shot at publishing is going to need (this book)" "...this a gem for new authors... it's a superb... informative piece" "...(New Authors') pocketbooks are safer (from swindling) with this book...(this book) keeps the author that wants to publish safe."

"A lot of folks who make a living ripping off authors have expressed some real unhappiness about this book," stated McFarland, writer of "You're An Author? Don't Get Hustled." "But I really don't care. I just don't want any other author to go through what I did the first time around."

"You're An Author, Don't Get Hustled" is now available through Amazon.

Learn more about the author at:

Wayne McFarland
719 299-2063

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Venturist, Inc. Announces That Its New Virtual Strategy Academy and Virtual Strategy Development Programs Are Ready To Go!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Venturist(R), Incorporated announced today that its new Virtual Strategy Academy and Virtual Strategy Development Programs are ready to go!

"We have made enormous progress over the last couple months in developing and testing virtual versions of all our well-regarded strategy programs," said John Warden, Venturist, Inc. president and founder. "We have conducted two virtual Prometheus Academies - - our premier education offering, and one virtual Grand Strategy development engagement, our most complete strategy development program. In the live world, the Grand Strategy program has involved senior management meeting for six full contact days over two or three sessions. Our new program is done in multiple online sessions of 4 hours each once or twice a week - which greatly simplifies accessibility and scheduling."

He went on to say that the live version of the Prometheus Academy is a five-day, all-day program normally done at Venturist headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama but the virtual program is five consecutive, four-hour online sessions which also makes the program accessible to many more people.

For both the Grand Strategy Development and the Academy, Venturist is using Zoom Video Communications, Inc.'s Zoom video conferencing application for the "open planning" and Atlassian Corporation Plc's Trello collaboration application for the strategy development Post-It notes (stickies) function. Both programs are accelerated and supported by the Venturist(R) Prometheus Online Strategy Videos.

Learn more at:

John Warden finished by saying that he believes our recent experience with the pandemic restrictions has led to a better understanding of what can be done virtually and that the virtual programs will be an indispensable feature of the world going forward. Venturist ( can now offer in virtual form the full range of its programs-organization learning, grand strategy building, and strategy self-learning-and is committed to making them even better. Venturist virtual programs allow companies to learn and develop strategy without the need for travel or large gatherings that may be neither allowed nor desirable.

About Venturist, Incorporated:

Since its founding in 1995, Venturist, Incorporated has helped hundreds of companies, organizations, and individuals improve their business results through use of the strategy methodology process it created, the Prometheus Process.

John Warden ( is the president and founder of Venturist, Incorporated. According to the company's website, he developed a unique strategy process when he was on active duty in the US Air Force where he had a long career as a fighter pilot, commander, and staff officer. He had played a key role in creating the air campaign plan that was the backbone of the highly successful 42-day Gulf War-Desert Storm. When he retired from the Air Force, he believed that the strategy principles that had worked so successfully in war would help companies become dramatically more successful. He started Venturist to teach his strategy concept, called the Prometheus Process (, and to show companies how to build new strategies using the concepts.

Venturist helps its clients learn, develop, and execute strategy through virtual and live educational training, direct assistance programs, and an array of supporting products.

Learn more at:

Follow on LinkedIn:

VIDEO (Vimeo):

Lisa Frederiksen
of Venturist(R)

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Datasembly’s Real-Time Data is Helping Retailers Respond and Plan Ahead

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Datasembly is providing real-time insight into product pricing and availability data for retailers across America. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a landscape requiring retailers to focus on challenges posed by increased competition, omnichannel execution and contactless data acquisition. The solution to all three challenges, without ever stepping foot into a store, is Datasembly.

Datasembly's proprietary technology collects data on billions of products a week and then leverages it to create customized, shareable insights that clients use to make real-life decisions. This technology is helping its customers eliminate the need for manual or averaged data to identify customer issues or local market opportunities.

They have helped their retail customers to:
* Understand real-time, store-level pricing and promotions
* Improve their pricing strategies using a full history of competitive pricing data
* Improve pricing of key value items such as eggs, milk, and butter
* Improve margins
* Improve strategy and execution of seasonal items and new product launches

"The Datasembly difference is in the real-time method of collection of the data and the customized, actionable data provided," says Ben Reich, CEO of Datasembly. "Our clients have the benefit of seeing what's happening in their stores and their competitors,' without moving from their desks, and that's invaluable," he added.

In the aftermath of COVID-19 it will become more of a necessity for retailers to respond quicker to what's actually happening in their stores and their local market - that allows them to remain competitive and will help to provide customers with a positive experience in-store and online. Datasembly helps them do that.

Datasembly ( ) empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices and promotions in real time. Datasembly collects hyper-local, real-time data from tens of thousands of retail, grocery and QSR locations across North America. Datasembly's intuitive web app leverages this data to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate visibility and insights that save time, money and improve efficiencies.

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AutoAwards’ Loyalty Rewards Program Helped Grow Fred Beans’ Membership

ODESSA, Del. -- AutoAwards, a leading auto dealership marketing company, is happy to announce their client, Fred Beans' celebration of the redemption of the 10-millionth loyalty point. The prize? A year's worth of car payments. Customers who redeemed points last August - 546 in all - qualified for a drawing. The winner was a teacher who purchased two cars from a Fred Beans dealership the previous year.

The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships put in place AutoAwards' loyalty rewards program to help give back to the community they serve. The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships delivered the prize at just the right time to Central Bucks East ceramics teacher, Ann Huuki, who has three children in college and is planning a wedding with her daughter, Louise. The Fred Beans team surprised Huuki during a school meeting with news that the company would cover her car payments for a year. With this being a significant expense, she no longer needs to worry about these payments during a high-pressure time. It is a life-changing event, for which she is extremely grateful.

"We are always trying to connect with our customers in interesting ways, create excitement and more win-win situations," said Beth Beans Gilbert, Vice President of Fred Beans Automotive Group. "Our AutoRewards Loyalty program is an example of this, and we are proud to see it have such a positive impact."

Huuki, of Plumsteadville, Pa., is the grand-prize winner of a recent promotion run by the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships to celebrate the redemption of $10,000,000 in points in the company's AutoRewards Program. Randomly selected, Huuki won the prize.

The AutoAwards team behind the loyalty program for the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships' designed the program to thank loyal customers. The customer rewards program has been in place since 2003 and motivated tens of thousands of car-buying customers to return to the group's dealerships to put more than $11.6 million in earned rewards toward down payments on vehicles. The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships has established a remarkable reputation for being honest, transparent, and customer-centric.

AutoAwards created the loyalty rewards program to be simple for customers to understand and participate. Members earn 15 percent in rewards points on purchases with the swipe of their key tag. Each point equals one dollar. Rewards members may redeem up to $2,000 in points per vehicle purchase or $250 towards their collision center deductible. Members also enjoy discounts from more than 200 area merchants and special perks such as exclusive events with the extended Fred Beans Family.

Gilbert continued, "Our AutoRewards Program is our way of thanking customers for trusting us with their business, and promotion like this allows us to both celebrate and give back to our most loyal customers. Ann Huuki and her family are repeat Beans customers, and we could not be more appreciative of their loyalty and excited to present them with this grand prize."

Huuki is undoubtedly a living example of both the loyalty and excitement the program has brought. Huuki remarked she was "overwhelmed and surprised" to learn she had won the prize. Her coworkers, who helped celebrate the win alongside her, said that she was "totally deserving" because "good things should happen to good people."

Membership in Fred Beans' AutoRewards program - in place at the group's 20 dealerships in Pennsylvania and New Jersey - has grown to more than 323,000 members who have earned nearly $35 million worth of points since the program's inception, according to company officials. The program, created and administered by AutoAwards, has helped thousands of customers for more than ten years.

"The program works because customers know those points go to waste if they buy a car from other dealerships," said the enthusiastic Gilbert. "It's a great way to marry customers to the dealerships."

Stories of sustained loyalty to the dealerships who have AutoAwards' loyalty programs are common. Customer, Art Ehlo, applied $2,000 in points to his down payment on a 2019 Ford Fusion. It's the 18th car he's purchased from Fred Beans since the 1980s.

The program now includes free rotating monthly gifts from local merchants and discounts from about 175 local businesses. Free member-appreciation events include movie nights, minor-league baseball games, skating outings, and pictures with Santa during the holidays.

AutoAwards helps dealerships establish their rewards programs in exclusive marketing areas. By working with one auto dealership in their marketing area, AutoAwards helps them build partnerships with local businesses through their Keep It Local program.

To find out more information about AutoAwards' loyalty program, visit

About AutoAwards:

Since our founding in 1991, AutoAwards has been widely recognized as the industry-leader in automotive and marine loyalty marketing, earning longstanding relationships with many of the industry's most successful dealer groups and OEMs.

Since marketing for automotive dealerships has changed in the past 25 years, AutoAwards understands the #1 predictive factor for dealer growth and profitability. Customer loyalty is the most successful way to build revenue. Hundreds of automotive groups use and recommend loyalty programs for dealers as the way to drive brand loyalty. AutoAwards has always recognized the need for top notch, highly creative, effective loyalty strategies in large and small businesses alike.

For this reason, our automotive loyalty marketing expertise is engineered to meet the individual needs and goals of any business - regardless of its size. Contact us online to talk about dealer loyalty or call 302-696-6000. Visit: .

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Heartwood Assisted Living launches Re-Branding of Website and Service Offerings

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. -- Heartwood has been a long-standing staple for Residential assisted living among San Antonio Locals. With its Mid-Century modern touches and at-home feel, seniors feel as though it's a blast from the past in their day to daycare.

The management of Heartwood Assisted Living thought it was time to align the facilities design to its presence online. Their website was outdated and did not match the high-end offerings Heartwood now serves.

Local South Texas Residents will enjoy a midcentury logo, and the new Heartwood Assisted Living Website to navigate for care assessments, brochures, and a virtual tour.

Heartwood is a Type B Facility and considered a "small" ALF (Assisted Living Facility) since they serve less than 16 residents at their location (Via TALA). Large ALF's are considered anyone serving 17 residents or more.

Michelle Gheliuc at Heartwood States, "Even though HHS state requirements let facilities have a staffing ratio of 1:16 residents, we do our best to provide the very best care; because of this, Heartwood will always have a staffing ratio of 1:3."

Additionally, Heartwood at relaunch has added additional services to their offering. This concierge service will enable seniors not to have to leave for mundane things or worry about venturing to public places cause of the current climate with COVID-19. Even with COVID happening, residents can still have family visits outside, provided they practice social distancing. These procedures are in place to ensure that all residents stay safe and healthy until it passes.

If needed, seniors can have toiletry provided, medical transportation to medical appointments, and even pay for short-term respite care. If someone needs short respite care, Heartwood Assisted Living will still give all regular amenities to its residents as if it is their own family.

As COVID-19 ramps up in numbers of positive cases, Heartwood has put safety measures in place to ensure the safety of all residents. Family members can continue to visit outside while maintaining social distancing requirements. If anyone has also traveled, per HHS Texas Guidelines, 14 Day quarantines are mandatory as well.

Full details can be found at the references above. Additionally, Heartwood's new website can be found at:

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America’s Values: Valuegraphics Survey shows Patriotism is the #1 priority, ahead of Family

VANCOUVER, B.C. -- Among the 56 core human values that The Valuegraphics Database measures, the average American ranks "Belonging" ahead of "Family" and "Relationships" - a result that reflects the very strong national pride in the U.S.

This means that, as a priority, Country comes ahead of everything else.

It can also explain the fractious divisions within the U.S., as groups coalesce around ideas that bind them together. A brotherhood. A birthright. A backdrop for understanding US feelings of exceptionalism in a global village. An explanation for why "Make America Great Again" resonates either positively or negatively with so many U.S. voters.

By comparison, the rest of the world, on average, places more value on "Family" and "Relationships" above all else.

The distinction is important because what we value predicts how we will behave.

Our values - what we care about most - are the only accurate indicator of who people are, and why they do the things they do. The stereotypes perpetuated by demographic labels have nothing to do with how we decide to behave, and yet are still so pervasive in every aspect of life.

To understand foreign and domestic issues, engage in target marketing, or build consumer profiles, knowing the exact values that trigger behavior for any group of people is a strategic essential.

In Valuegraphics research around the world and in every sector, values of togetherness - like "Family," "Relationships," "Belonging" and "Community" - almost always rank at the top. Which is hopeful for all of humankind, but which clouds the distinctions from one region of the world to the next. After these values of togetherness are set aside, the remaining value sets reflect the unique cultures of different regions in the world.

For example, the rest of the world cares more about "Financial Security" while it is less important in the U.S. - likely because wealth, or the promise of wealth, is part of the work hard/get ahead ethic of the American Dream. Similarly, "Material Possessions" ranks among the top 10 American values compared to the rest of the world. You don't acquire stuff without the wherewithal to buy it.

"Freedom of Speech," a value that is likely a byproduct of the ever-present debate about First Amendment rights, is far more important in the US than the rest of the world.

What do American's care least about? "Service to Others", ranks in last place while around the rest of the world that particular value shows up in the middle of the pack of 56 values. The survey also supports the U.S. spirit of individualism, with values of "Tolerance" and "Peace" rated as less important, compared to the world averages. American's value "Loyalty" lower than the rest of the world, along with "Community," "Personal Responsibility" and "Trustworthiness."

Understanding shared values is the key to understanding what will motivate target audiences to act. All humans spend every waking moment acting on, finding ways to feed, and looking for validation of what we care about most, our values, regardless of the demographic box we fit into.

About Valuegraphics

The Valuegraphics Database defines the shared values of target audiences, regardless of their demographic profiles. It uses a global database informed by neuroscience, psychology and sociology and measures 436 shared human values, wants, needs and expectations. It's accurate to +/- 3.5%, offering a high degree of confidence. Learn more:

Media Contact
Ian Edwards

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Tree Care Marketing Company Sees Its Most Explosive Growth Amidst 2020 Pandemic

WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- "The tree service companies that consistently thrive are those that ramp up their marketing efforts during times of recession, such as the economic downturn of the COVID-19 pandemic." This statement comes from Don Dowd, owner and founder of Tree Leads Today. "During economic lulls, many make the mistake of scaling back their marketing out of fear."

If a company's workflow becomes inconsistent, owners may lose their qualified arborists and climbers to their competitors. Without a solid team, a tree company is at risk of failure.

Tree Leads Today is a nationwide tree care marketing company with clients extending as far north as Waterville, Maine, as far west as Maui, Hawaii and to the south to Key West, Florida. They deliver 50 to 1,000 exclusive leads per month to every one of their tree care company partners.

As Dowd explains, they assign a personal client manager to each of their tree company partners, providing ongoing advice for online and offline marketing campaigns for continual, consistent lead generation. They cater to companies' ever-changing needs, such as ramping up, ramping down, or pausing their marketing when their businesses surge to the point they can't keep up with their expanding customer base.

Tree Leads Today works with the largest nationwide tree companies, such as Bartlett Tree Service and Davey Tree Experts, as well as startup and small companies. Unlike other lead systems, the leads they provide are 100% exclusive. This means they aren't shared with any other tree companies in the zip codes that have been specially reserved for their partners. Tree companies get the calls directly from their leads, a unique feature of Tree Leads Today that makes the process transparent and immediate.

Also, as Don explains, "We have found that 6% of leads are bad, so we built a 10% 'bad lead allowance' into the equation. So, for example, if you are a tree service with a 100-leads-per-month plan, we give you 110 leads per month to ensure we've got you covered."

Tree Leads Today maintains close relationships with all of their partnering tree companies. They look forward to the TCI Expo, the industry's biggest yearly event, to see their partners in person and network with thousands of exhibitors, educators, tree company owners, and equipment suppliers. Unfortunately, it was just announced by the host of the event, TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association), that this year's Expo is cancelled due to COVID-19 guidelines. Don says he and his team are disappointed, but look forward to attending next year. In the meantime, Tree Leads Today continues to thrive through the COVID-19 pandemic, with record-breaking growth in lead generation for the months of May and June, 2020.

Call Tree Leads today to see if your zip codes are available, 610-601-9100.

Learn more:

Click here for client form:

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STRATAC Leadership named Co-VP of Communications for American Marketing Association – Austin Chapter

AUSTIN, Texas -- STRATAC Marketing's Virginia Case was elected Co-VP of Communications by the voting members of the American Marketing Association's Austin Chapter - a premier marketing collaborative in Austin, Texas.

"As a newcomer to the Austin area, I am eager to engage with my new colleagues and the tech scene. It was sad to leave the meetup groups in DC, but I am greatly impressed with the professionalism, creativity, and welcoming nature of the Austin marketing community. I can hardly wait to roll up my sleeves as we tackle helping marketers market," said Virginia Case.

As Co-VP of Communications, Virginia will be working alongside veteran AMA member Don Roedner. Together they will be working to formulate a strategic plan and help members shape marketing in the Austin community.

Virginia Case is the Chief Marketing Fixer and Brand Strategist of STRATAC Marketing, a company she founded in 2004. As a Nielson Norman Group Certified UXD Expert, Virginia thrives on delivering realistic marketing strategies and delivers relevant go to market collateral for her clients that are rooted in best practices and cutting edge psychological research. Virginia's experience includes serving businesses on the Fortune 500 as well as local and startup ventures in technology, healthcare, fintech, software as a service, and non profit sectors.

Learn more about the American Marketing Associations Austin Chapter at


STRATAC provides strategic advice, comprehensive research, and tactical marketing services for B2B and B2C clients in the technology space. We take a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to psychology as it pertains to Sales, Operations, Marketing, and Employee Engagement, which allows us to elevate businesses and help them go to market or return to market. As a User Experience Design (UXD) agency, we help our clients shape a positive perception of their brands while creating memorable, positive engagements for their customers. Learn more at

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Advertising and Marketing, Alliances and Partnerships, Business, Free News Articles, Product Launches, Software and Voicify Announce Partnership to Bring Human Voice Over to Voice Assistant Applications

LONDON, Ontario --, the world's leading marketplace for voice over services, and Voicify, the enterprise conversational experience platform deploying to voice assistants, have formed a partnership to help brands serve their customers better through the power of the human voice.

Creating exceptional Alexa Skills or Google Actions has always been a streamlined process with Voicify. This partnership introduces a powerful way to source voice over into that process. Voice assistant users are shown to recall information much better when human voices are used rather than synthetic ones. Voicify customers can now turn to to source that human voice over for their conversation-based applications.

"The voice assistant space has immense untapped potential for brands, and Voicify makes it easy for companies to create and deploy voice content for these devices," says Colin McIlveen, Vice President, Sales, at "We're excited to include our diverse range of voice actors in that process, helping other brands find the right voice for their conversation-based apps."

"What excites us most about our partnership with is making available a wide array of voices and personality to our customers to use via assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant," says Jason Fields, CSO of Voicify. "One of the key benefits brings to the table is the variety of personality through voice that customers can leverage to differentiate the voice experience with a custom voice rather than that of the native assistant. Their service truly helps bring the brand voice to life."

For more information on the brand partnership, please visit:

About is the largest marketplace for audio and voice over products and services in the world, with over 1 million business and voice actor registered users. Since 2005, the biggest and most beloved brands have entrusted to help them find their voice. Headquartered in London, Canada, helps service clients and voice talent in over 160 countries. Learn more:

About Voicify

The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform(TM) provides brands and organizations with the ability to create engaging conversation-based applications ("apps") in one location that automatically deploys to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, chatbots, and other devices. Learn more:

Media Contact:
Michelle Melski
1-888-359-3472 ext. 536

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FlexCare Launches Rebrand Strategy to Emphasize Digital Health Solutions

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Exciting things are happening at FlexCare which is why they recently launched a rebranding campaign to help get the word out. As of June 15, the company logo changed slightly to reflect the company's strength, capabilities, growth and emphasis on providing Digital Health solutions to the marketplace.

"Through research, market analysis and conversations with our clients and broker partners, we feel rebranding FlexCare better demonstrates our growth objectives, product expansion and development of new relationships," Lee Shoemake, Principal, FlexCare, says. "This also allows us to be more competitive and to increase potential for our clients."

Digital Health is one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation and FlexCare is working to ensure it stays on trend. Partners and clients will continue to enjoy benefits such as healthcare cost savings, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and access to care - anytime, anywhere.

Changes to their products, online system, website, social media profiles and their new visual brand signature will occur seamlessly. Existing clients should expect business as usual. There will be no changes to the company's commitment to professionalism and their expertise. Projects will continue to be executed with precision and dedication.

Using its proprietary, online administrative system and app, FlexCare offers multiple benefits - bundled or unbundled - and provides easy administration for employers and accessibility for members.

"As we implement these changes, we'd like to thank our loyal clients and partners for the confidence they have placed in FlexCare," Shoemake says. "Without them, this would not be possible."

FlexCare looks forward to embracing their new brand and showcasing their many services including: Telemedicine, Caregiver/Companion Support, TeleDentistry, Behavioral Health, Dermatology, Telespine and other valuable programs.

About FlexCare

FlexCare, LLC is a leading digital provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services to private and public employers, associations, brokers, school systems and more. By using Digital Health services instead of more expensive urgent care and ER visits, FlexCare cuts unnecessary costs and keeps members smiling (instead of waiting).

For more information, visit:


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