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After, Inc. Outlines its Commitment to Sustainability

NORWALK, Conn. -- After, Inc. announced today its ongoing commitment to a sustainable future, detailing its multi-year strategy and initiatives on its website. Given its history as a post-sale technology and solutions partner to the world's top manufacturers and retailers - and its recent purchase of Accentf(x) Marketing with its Lettershop facility - After is now one of the largest multi-channel Warranty Marketing and Database Management providers in the country. With that growth also comes the responsibility to invest in a sustainable future.

What After, Inc. has always done:

* Extensive data hygiene - After utilizes multiple mailing address and enhancement databases and validation techniques to maximize mail deliverability and minimize waste.

* Predictive modeling - After uses predictive modeling to only send direct mail to those most likely to respond.

* Extended warranty programs - After helps its clients build extended warranty programs that utilize nationwide service repair networks to enable customers to extend the life of their current products.

What After, Inc. accomplished in 2022:

* Paper sourcing - After sources paper and envelopes from providers that purchase their pulp from sustainable forests that plant more trees than they harvest.

* Paper recycling - After recycles all unused paper and wooden pallets and encourages its clients to print a recycle call to action on all direct mail.

* New printing equipment and capabilities - After purchased a new, leading-edge, four-color printing system to maximize print efficiency, expand our capabilities, and minimize downtime. The system, with its duplex printing and automated splicing and folding, greatly reduces waste from paper roll changes and the need to scrap pre-branded client templates. The system is in place, and training is nearly complete.

2023 Initiatives:

* In-house mail production - Prior to the Accentf(x) acquisition, After outsourced its mail printing. With the acquisition and expanded print capacity, After will move all its mail production in-house for its current and future marketing clients.

* ECO mail stock - After will implement Forest Stewardship Guidelines (FSG) that require all mail pieces to be printed on ECO mail stock.

* Post-consumer waste (PCW) paper - After will source paper that is 10-15% PCW or recycled pulp fiber.

"Our commitment to sustainability is a top strategic priority," says Nate Baldwin, CEO of After, Inc. "While we believe that direct mail is a crucial component to any successful Warranty Marketing strategy, we are also dedicated to supporting a sustainable planet. By bringing all printing capabilities in-house, investing in top-of-the-line printing equipment, and incorporating sustainable sourcing, we can confidently assure our clients and their customers that the highest eco-friendly standards are being met."

Learn more at:

About After, Inc.

After, Inc. ( is a pioneer in the post-sale services industry. Since 2005, we have helped some of the world's top brands transform their businesses after the point of sale. Our post-sale services drive higher customer satisfaction, product reliability, and brand equity, lower claims costs, and additional revenue and profit opportunities.

In 2021, we launched QuickSuite, a modular set of SaaS technologies to help manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce sellers build deeper relationships with their customers and increase loyalty and lifetime value. The suite covers the entire post-sale lifecycle, and includes QuickReg®, QuickCover®, QuickClaim®, QuickInsight®, and QuickRenew®.

Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, After, Inc. is part of Galway Holdings, a diversified financial services distribution company with a focus on data analytics, technology transformation, and innovative risk sharing solutions.

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Azarus Introduces Sponsored Play and Earn Overlay Games to Streams with Themed Trivia

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Azarus has expanded its reach as the pioneer of livestreaming interactivity with a new Overlay Games platform allowing streamers to play along with their fans live and earn rewards.

Founded in 2018, Azarus is rolling out an upgrade to its Overlay Games platform to enable streamers and brands to activate massive live audiences through Overlay Games on any streaming platform. Viewers of a stream become gamers and are rewarded for their attention and participation through AzaCoins, which are redeemable in the Azarus Store for more than 35,000 digital items, including popular premium video games and currency in popular free-to-play games.

This new platform is a pivotal milestone for Azarus, which has been running its popular trivia game, Azarus Challenges, for the past three years as a Twitch Extension, which has accumulated more than four million viewers participating and more than $2 million in prizes distributed.

"Streams are so much more than TV, offering a deeper level of engagement between content creators and fans," Azarus CEO and founder Alex Casassovici said. "Our new platform creates a win-win scenario for streamers everywhere and the brands who need a natural way to connect with fans. This interactivity reveals the true nature of streams."

Azarus can now be used on any streaming network, allowing for more diverse gameplay and offering brands an opportunity to sponsor Overlay Game sessions to connect with fans in a playful and engaging way.

Starting today, you'll be able to play a tailored trivia game, with the creator as a host, quizzing fans on the lore of the latest expansion to Brawlhalla's universe. Through a series of three trivia question sets that will be updated daily, fans will be tested on their knowledge and speed to answer questions, determining how many AzaCoins will be won.

Azarus sets itself apart by creating the first platform that turns streams into massively real-time multiplayer digital arenas. The platform connects brands, creators, and audiences through games that magically appear over streams that the audience is already watching. Brands sponsor games using a real-time performance model, which offers them a unique platform to engage more deeply with audiences while simultaneously rewarding them. Likewise, creators enabling this connection by launching brand-sponsored games get rewarded with AzaCoins based on the level of audience engagement they drive during their streams.

"We are seeing very strong demand from ad agencies and brands who are eager to activate on our new platform. They're excited to run massively interactive ads, delivered at scale via our network of creators, paying only when a recognized user engages, all while creating a positive experience for both creators and their fans," adds Torry Stanley, VP of Finance & Revenue Operations at Azarus.

The Azarus platform will bring more games and more innovative gameplay, available for brands to sponsor and for creators to run on their channels, on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Creators can join today by signing up at

About Azarus

Azarus ( is the pioneer of Overlay Games, a new form of casual games that layer over streams. Overlay Games are massively multiplayer, simple, fun, and rewarding. Azarus offers the first platform that provides an environment to build, distribute and monetize Overlay Games on any stream. Overlay Games bring together massive live audiences, revealing the true nature of streams as an interactive medium, supporting the company's vision that "Streams are not TV."

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iDenfy partners with advertising platform MGID to provide ID verification

KAUNAS, Lithuania -- An identity verification and fraud prevention startup, iDenfy, announced its new partnership with MGID, a global advertising platform. Using iDenfy's full-stack ID verification services will help MGID boost new registrations while securing the onboarding process.

Forging documents and committing fraud are more frequent because of the low costs and the technology-driven market. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated with their techniques, and businesses and internet users report record financial losses.

Card Not Present reports that in the first half of 2022 alone, there were 800,000 fraud cases reported in the United States. Considering this, iDenfy company officials stress the importance of having a more robust fraud detection system for financial institutions and all digital platform operators.

According to MGID, Know Your Client (KYC) procedures, once strictly used in financial institutions, are standards now adopted by industries outside the financial sector. To keep up with security requirements and to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations, MGID began to look for a new ID verification provider and found iDenfy's four-step ID verification solution. MGID claims that the new implementation protects current and potential clients by ensuring that the business is transparent and all customers are legitimate individuals.

MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display, and video, to deliver a positive user experience. MGID helps advertisers drive performance and awareness while enabling publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. Brand-safe, privacy-first advertising is MGID's top priority. Alongside protecting user data and maintaining transparency, MGID has strict standards to ensure that users see only relevant, high-quality creatives and honest advertising.

iDenfy's solution was created to respond to the demanding fraud prevention market. The AI-powered verification software detects forged documents and fake identities by quickly extracting information and identifying suspicious patterns. Currently, iDenfy's platform assists MGID in automating customer due diligence and protecting the business from potential risks. Additionally, the newly implemented identity verification service powers a simple yet secure and efficient onboarding process for individual advertisers accessing MGID's platform.

According to the ID verification startup, a higher volume of new registration attempts means a higher chance of fraud, especially if the organization doesn't have the right tools at its disposal. To improve accuracy and completely eradicate fraud, iDenfy's in-house KYC experts review each verification manually, minimizing fraud risks and preventing unwanted registrations during MGID's customer onboarding process.

"iDenfy's advanced identity verification helps us stay compliant with current laws and regulations while providing a smoother experience for our customers. We believe that an effective fraud prevention system is essential in today's digital age, especially if you want to make the best possible decisions for your business," said Oleksandr Nazarenko, Head of the Fraud Protection Department at MGID.

"We've reached one of our goals and created an efficient, user-friendly identity verification process that helps authenticate documents in real time. Now, we're glad to have found more long-term partners who put their trust in our security tools, allowing us to safeguard their business from fraud," added Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.

About iDenfy:

iDenfy, a platform of identity verification services and fraud prevention tools ensures AML and KYC compliance for every company - from large-scale businesses to small organizations. The rapidly growing business was named the best "Fintech Startup" in 2020. The company also received recognition for winning a Baltic Assembly Prize for innovation in 2021.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit


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RocketRoof Announces Their One-of-A-Kind Results Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Today, RocketRoof ( announced much to the dismay of traditional marketing companies that lead selling is over. RocketRoof's one-of-a-kind comprehensive marketing solution enables owners of roofing and other home service businesses to receive qualified appointments with exclusive homeowners in the company's local area of business. RocketRoof is so confident in their ability to connect homeowners and service companies that they offer a 30+ appointments in 4 months guarantee to take all the risk out of it for their clients.

Watch the RocketRoof Explainer Video -

"What business hasn't wished to be able to invest in growing their business without the risk of losing their marketing investment? Many roofing and other contractors have shared that they are not having achieving marketing success by buying leads or running their own ads without industry expertise," said Lisa Apollo, Vice President at RocketRoof. "Both methods are an outdated and risky approach. RocketRoof has changed the game for the roofing community and is now offering a Done-For-You (DFY) marketing system that takes all the risk out of it. Our vision is business growth through pre-qualified appointments backed by a guarantee. There is a better way to for companies to market themselves, and RocketRoof is the solution."

RocketRoof Ensures Exclusivity and Only Accepts One Contractor Per Area

RocketRoof's unique take on marketing is an offering based on the feedback of countless home services business owners. The commitment to offering a guaranteed done-for-you marketing platform is what sets it apart from the other marketing companies. Not only that, but RocketRoof's program offers exclusivity in a business's area. This means that gone will be the days of fighting to get a bid in or get referrals from family and friends. Marketing companies often sell the same leads to multiple contractors, which almost always ends up in a brutal bidding war. Nobody makes any money, and bitterness ensues. RocketRoof found a way to stop this madness.

RocketRoof only accepts one contractor in each local area to ensure success for each of their clients. This means that all qualified appointments booked in that area are unique and exclusive. As soon as a company claims an area, it is theirs forever and any company in that area is no longer able to claim it.

You can find out if your local area is still available today by visiting

About RocketRoof:

RocketRoof is an innovative leader in offering specialty niche-focused marketing programs within the home services space including roofers, HVAC, solar, painting, and other contractor-led businesses. The company offers a results-guaranteed marketing program focused on booking pre-qualified and vetted homeowners in need of their specific services.

RocketRoof™ and RocketRoof's Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals™ are trademarks and/or service marks of RocketRoof in the United States and/or other countries.

For more information on RocketRoof's Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals:



VIDEO (Vimeo):

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Economic Empowerment Event Teaches Minority Women Business Owners How to Scale using social media

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Helping minority women entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level, powerhouses Dr. Velma Trayham, founder of the Millionaire Mastermind Academy, a leading nonprofit organization that has mentored more than 8,000 women, and Santia Deck, the founder of TRONUS, the first sneaker company owned by a woman athlete, are coming together for a particular online event on using social media for good. The free event, Building a Brand through Social Media, takes place online on November 21 at 2 p.m. EST, Thinkzilla Consulting Group announced today.

Geared towards underserved and underrepresented aspiring and established women entrepreneurs, "Building a Brand through Social Media" will share the essential steps entrepreneurs need to take to establish and expand their brands through various platforms while employing self-love. Truist Bank sponsors this program to inspire and build better lives and communities through economic empowerment.

Santia Deck of TRONUS is a history-making professional female football player and social media influencer. She recently made history by being offered the highest-paid contract in women's football history. In addition, Deck is a published author, fitness model, TV personality and host, social media consultant, and public speaker.

"Black women have notoriously been underrepresented in many ways, but things are finally changing and I'm excited to see us rise up and show the world our value and why we are the creators and trendsetters of almost EVERYTHING," Deck said.

Dr. Velma Trayham is a 2022 recipient of President Biden's Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Trayham is a dynamic personality and business leader in professional circles for Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and community leaders from all walks of life. Her mission is to end poverty through entrepreneurship. To date, Dr. Trayham has mentored thousands of business owners across the country and has built community engagement programs supporting supplier diversity professionals seeking to engage diverse business owners.

"Women's empowerment is not only equal consideration; it is necessary for sustainable economic and social development," said Millionaire Mastermind Academy founder Dr. Velma Trayham. "Economic Empowerment is a powerful tool against Poverty, which is why Millionaire Mastermind Academy was created to end Poverty through empowered entrepreneurship.

Registration is now open at

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy services underserved Arizona, Georgia, Florida, and Texas business communities. The organization houses several impactful programs, including statewide Entrepreneur and Real Estate Accelerator Programs to help more minority women succeed in business.

About Millionaire Mastermind Academy:

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and support the growth of women-owned business enterprises, thereby strengthening the economic impact in their community. Additionally, we address the barriers to economic mobility for women who have been systemically and historically underserved and excluded.

For more information, visit

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Artificial Intelligence in Performance Marketing: UCLIQ Believes Its AI-Based Traffic Delivery and Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention That Can Reshape the Industry

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- UCLIQ is set to change the future of Performance Marketing with its AI Traffic Delivery and Fraud Prevention. The developers claim their platform can help other businesses instantly target only relevant audiences and detect 53% more fraud.

Artificial Intelligence has irrevocably changed the world we know, and Performance Marketing is no exception.

Due to innovative AI developments, many affiliate and performance marketing platforms already enable businesses to unearth more detailed data on their success, analyze campaigns, and discover possible customers.

But those advanced AI solutions that yesterday were enough to successfully scale and outperform competitors today turn out to be insufficient.

The UCLIQ team believes that businesses seeking to do well in the highly competitive digital space should focus on AI solutions capable of resolving two types of issues - the quality of traffic delivered and protection from fraudsters.

Alex Rand, CEO at UCLIQ, says: "Growing a business in the era of constant breakthroughs requires more than finances and skills. To my mind, to develop and prosper, every modern business needs to be backed by technologies helping improve traffic quality and combat ever-evolving fraud."

Strong in its beliefs, the team at UCLIQ has leveraged all its experience and expertise in AI and Performance Marketing to present its innovative artificial intelligence marketing tools - Smart Traffic Delivery and Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention.

Smart Traffic Delivery System: Overview:

Smart Traffic Delivery is a marketing tool based on AI-powered algorithms to help businesses target the relevant audience intelligently.

Traditionally, a marketing campaign aiming at driving traffic to a business would include digital ads or social media posts across various platforms with the hope that prospects would find the brand and complete the deal.

However, such an approach ignores customers' behavior before and after the campaign, requires the marketing department to analyze all the activity, and stretches the budget.

Unlike conventional techniques, Smart Traffic Delivery examines individual customer behavioral trends, applies mathematical analysis and inductive statistics, and automates multiple repetitive tasks.

This, in turn, enables businesses to monitor all kinds of engagement 24/7, modify campaigns at any time, and maximize their effectiveness without marketing managers' participation and extra expenses.

Also, rich customer insights obtained from AI-driven campaigns allow businesses to create a personalized user experience by autonomously generating relevant content that can appear in front of the right people on the right platforms at the right time.

Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention: Overview:

Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention is another UCLIQ tool designed to improve the quality of traffic.

"Digital space on a par with multiple possibilities to grow has spawned many new forms of fraud. And without proper affiliate fraud protection, a business can quickly lose its position under the growing amount of malicious activity," considers Alex Rand.

The Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention system makes the perfect blend of intelligence and speed. Based on complex AI algorithms and machine learning, it empowers multi-layer traffic scanning by following several metrics at a time.

On top of that, the longer the tool runs with historical and real-time data, the more precise the affiliate fraud detection will be. As per developers, the accuracy can be improved by 53%.

Noteworthy Milestones Achieved with UCLIQ:

Since its introduction to the public market, UCLIQ has managed to detect numerous cases of malicious activity and improve the quality of traffic due to its smart technology and AI analysis.

One of UCLIQ's longest-served customers, Trafee Machine - a CPA affiliate network - while working with over 50K publishers and processing millions of impressions per day, improved its ROI by over 30% by employing advanced Fraud Prevention and Smart Traffic Delivery tools.

In addition, UCLIQ noted that due to its AI-powered tools, Trafee received 100% improvement in specific verticals and 42% improvement in EPM on average.

About UCLIQ:

UCLIQ is a new-age performance marketing platform designed to help CPA networks, startups, and media buyers to intelligently run their affiliate businesses, thanks to AI-driven traffic delivery, 3-layer Fraud Prevention, and Smartlinks that do their job the proper way.

With a clear goal to let everyone improve their business outcomes, UCLIQ always does its best to provide solutions tailored to understand what works better.

To find more information about the UCLIQ solutions and fees, or request a personal Demo, please visit .

UCLIQ can also be found across several social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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RelyCircle Networking App helps Small-Businesses Get New Customers with Its Zero Up-Front Cost Referral System and Free Advertising on FB/Google

SECAUCUS, N.J. -- RelyCircle networking app offers small-businesses a Pay-Per-Sale digital advertising platform vs Pay-Per-Click by Google and Pay-Per-Impression by Facebook. The free "RelyCircle Business" app helps small-business owners gain new customers by requesting, tracking and incentivizing referrals from their existing customers. Business owners only pay a cash referral fee after - not before, as is the case with competitors - they have gained new sales.

The majority of that cash referral fee goes straight to the customer, rewarding them for their successful referral. In addition to customers sharing their referral on social media platforms, RelyCircle spends a portion of its revenue towards advertising the listed businesses for free on Facebook and Google.

For customers that enjoy recommending small businesses by giving well-deserved reviews on review sites, this is a game changer. Customers recommend small businesses via the RelyCircle App and earn cash rewards for each referral that leads to a new sale.

"Local business search is the most common type of query performed by consumers and RelyCircle provides the search results based on user recommendations and distance only, providing consumers with unbiased answers to their search," says CEO Minesh Chandarana.

RelyCircle aims to revolutionize social selling by giving businesses a platform to connect with a vast pool of customers without spending any money upfront for advertising.

And with the rising concerns over consumer privacy, RelyCircle's creators emphasize that consumer and business data is never sold in order to gain revenue. The app's sole source of revenue is referral fees.

The "RelyCircle Business app" is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play. Businesses that register will be automatically be entered to win a $10K makeover.

More details and terms on the program can be found at:

Learn more about RelyCircle at:


VIDEO (YouTube):

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Depth Public Relations highlights 16 years of client success with new website unveiled at Mortgage Bankers Association’s 2022 annual conference

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Depth Public Relations (Depth), a leading provider of consultative B2B marketing, public relations and reputation management services for mortgage fintech innovators, the residential finance industry and technology for emerging regulated markets (regtech) marked the 16th anniversary of its founding with the launch of a new website featuring testimonials from its treasured clients and industry partners during the Mortgage Bankers Association's Annual Convention & Expo 2022 in Nashville.

"My business partners, our talented team of practitioners and I share a vision for cultivating a clientele that values our commitment to unmatched subject-matter expertise, depth of content, strategic understanding of the markets we serve and an unwillingness to compromise our integrity. That is the kind of client we pursue and serve most effectively," explained Depth founder and president Kerri Milam.

Depth's business model was conceived to fill a knowledge and service gap for growth-focused technology innovators driving the modernization and digitization of housing finance. Combining unrivaled strategic insights and top-shelf content development with native digital marketing acumen, Depth has a track record of success fueling adoption solutions and services across the mortgage lifecycle, from customer relationship management (CRM), appraisal and loan origination technology to innovations in mortgage servicing, quality control (QC) and capital markets.

During the last decade and a half Depth has maintained its commitment to avoid working with its clients' direct competitors and to facilitate strategic cross-pollination across clientele - an added value that continues to set the agency apart. Further, the firm emphasizes integrated marketing planning and rigorous project management to maximize sustained momentum, support strategic pivots and ensure 360-degree accountability.

As Depth reflects on its success in not merely weathering but thriving throughout multiple economic cycles, Milam says it seeks to broaden its unrivaled mortgage, housing and financial technology expertise by servicing clients among emerging regtech and HR technology markets.

About DepthPR:

Depth Public Relations (Depth) is a leading provider of consultative B2B marketing, public relations and reputation management services for the mortgage lending and residential finance industries. Since 2006, the firm has represented a clientele of established and emerging brands serving mortgage lenders, mortgage servicers, real estate professionals and appraisers. Depth is committed to serving the cause of digital innovation and to practicing the pay-it-forward principle alongside The Golden Rule. Depth is a member and supporter of the Mortgage Bankers Association, Housing Finance Strategies and The Mortgage Collaborative.

For more information, visit:

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MMI appoints Jordan Woodard as Director of Product Analytics

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI), a leader in data intelligence and market insight tools for the mortgage and real estate industries, announced it has hired Jordan Woodard as director of product analytics. In this role, Woodard is responsible for maintaining and expanding MMI's business intelligence platform, which provides clients with data intelligence in a user-friendly format.

"Jordan's experience, skill set and analytical mind will help MMI offer more to our customers as our tool becomes more essential in a slowing market," said MMI founder and CEO Ben Teerlink. "His experience in turning massive amounts of data into insights that provide more than a basic analysis will be an asset to MMI and our clients."

Prior to beginning his tenure at MMI, Woodard served as director of revenue operations and solutions architect in the SaaS industry. In his role, Woodard focused on retooling and improving internal tech stacks to improve scalability and deliver reliable strategic reporting while identifying opportunities for growth in the public safety industry.

Woodard is not new to the mortgage industry, having spent time at Top of Mind in Solutions Delivery, providing clients with insights into their marketing return on investment (ROI) and how to improve their ROI through enhancing their sales materials. Woodard also designed some of the products released on Top of Mind's customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Surefire.

"I have a history of working from a user experience perspective, making things easier to access and use and taking complex data sources, conglomerating them into one area and providing actionable insights from the data set," Woodard said. "My goal in this position is to provide our customers with data they can slice and dice to help them understand trends, market potential and growth that result in actionable insights they can use in the marketplace."

About MMI:

Mobility Market Intelligence (MMI) is a market leader in data intelligence and market insight tools for the mortgage and real estate industries. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the company's signature product, MMI, provides actionable intelligence for lenders, real estate agents, real estate brokerages, title companies and others in the real estate industry. MMI is currently used by more than 350 enterprise customers, including 20 of the top 25 lenders in the country.

To learn more, visit or contact

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Design-Build Firm LETTER FOUR Partners with CRISPx for Rebranding

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Design-Build firm LETTER FOUR has collaborated with brand innovation agency CRISPx to revamp their branding and deliver a marketing experience that's perfectly attuned to client needs. Timed in anticipation of LETTER FOUR's 12-year anniversary, this extensive project has included an overhaul of the firm's website, as well as content production geared toward informing clients about the Design-Build process and sharing the team's expertise.

Lauren Adams, Lead Architect and Co-Founder of LETTER FOUR, praised the CRISPx team for the project's successful deployment: "This brand refresh means a lot to LETTER FOUR! We've worked with CRISPx to time the release of our new website and logo with the 12-year anniversary of the creation of the firm and the upcoming opening of our newly purchased office space.

"CRISPx has guided and managed the entire process with us, from creating custom content for us to share with those who would like to learn more about designing and building a custom home, to full website development, launch announcements, and graphic design of our customized content. Working with them has been a dream and they have been and always will be our go-to as we grow our business and provide more offerings to potential clients and partners."

Jeremy Baker, the firm's General Contractor and Co-Founder, also expressed how this rebrand has been a key instrument in reflecting LETTER FOUR's service development: "Over the past 12 years, LETTER FOUR's process has evolved as we've honed in on our key offering of the seamless integration between architecture and construction. Our projects have grown year over year, and how we work with our clients has become more refined.

"We have taken a big leap and decided it was time to refine our image! We knew we needed a partner to guide us through this process and a true partner is what we got with CRISPx. They managed the journey and helped with a new logo (final design by Richard Baird), a new website, marketing materials, ads, custom content, and much more. Their process made it fun and incredibly informative!"

With the new strategies and materials created by CRISPx, LETTER FOUR is empowered to connect with more of LA's residents and communicate the unique value of their renovation and custom home services.

Tony Crisp, the Founder and Strategist behind CRISPx, conveyed great excitement over supporting this mission: "When you first hear the words 'architecture + construction,' you may think 'brains + brawn,' however with the team at LETTER FOUR, you also get 'heart + soul.' The Founders, Lauren and Jeremy, truly care about the people they work with and focus on delivering not only a beautiful house, but also a space where people can feel alive. This sentiment can be seen in the new 'This Is Not A House' ad campaign for LETTER FOUR in Architectural Digest magazine. My team and I, and CRISPx, are honored to have the privilege to help LETTER FOUR craft and bring their brand vision to life."

LETTER FOUR is currently welcoming inquiries from locals looking to create unique and progressive places to call home.

Interested residents can learn more at


LETTER FOUR is a full-service architecture and construction firm based in Los Angeles, California. Since its establishment in 2010, the firm has helped homeowners and businesses throughout the region design and build iconic spaces, using a straightforward, intensely collaborative process that keeps clients engaged and informed from start to finish.

About CRISPx:

CRISPx is a brand innovation agency operating out of Newport Beach, California. Founded in 1992, the agency uses the DOSE method(tm), which borrows a little behavioral science, to help your company evaluate your customers' experience, then provide comprehensive marketing solutions to build your brand and grow your business by creating experiences that #evokepositivity. Get started at

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