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Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles Recently Signed Sokal

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles recently signed Sokal, The Raleigh based Automotive Advertising firm, as their agency of record. Sokal specializes in digital marketing and websites but will also offer their full list of services including but not limited to graphic design, video production, media buying, BDC services, and dealership consulting services.

Although Sokal's base resides in North Carolina, the agency stepped out into the northwestern region of the country with their creative reach, bringing the Lanphere Group on board.

Lanphere Auto Group consists of five dealerships, including Beaverton Honda, Beaverton Kia, Beaverton INFINITI, Bob Lanphere's Newberg Jeep Ram, and Bob Lanphere's Beaverton Motorcycles.

Originating in 1964, Bob Lanphere's Auto Group has grown and spread out over the past 50+ years along the Pacific Northwest, peppered throughout the Beaverton, Portland, Newberg, and Tigard areas of Oregon.

"I couldn't be more pleased to partner with such a fine dealership," offered Melissa Clark, CEO of Sokal. "Our expert team will deliver a uniquely creative edge, optimizing digital strategy and visibility for Lanphere's stores."

Tim Nelson, Lanphere Auto Group Chief Operating Officer, said "Our search for a capable advertising agency led us to Sokal because of their wide range of expertise in all of the same brands we offer. The partnership couldn't have been more perfect."

Starting February 14, 2022, Sokal will provide full-service advertising for Lanphere Auto Group.

About Sokal:

Headquartered in Raleigh NC, Sokal is one of largest automotive advertising agencies in the country.

The company specializes in digital marketing (SEO, paid search, CTV, pre-roll and display ads) and award-winning website design, and maintenance. Sokal also boasts a full-service agency experience with experts trained to execute everything from radio and television production, ad design, direct mail, media buying and much more.

Sokal employs well over 100 staff members including Digital Strategists, Website Developers, Graphic Designers, Video Producers and Editors, and Account Managers and Coordinators while currently managing well over 350 clients across the country.

For more information about Sokal, please visit their website at:

For more information about Lanphere Auto Group and Motorcycles, please visit their website at:

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Houston Embroidery Service Releases: ‘Check Out These 10 Best Promo Products for Restaurant Business’

HOUSTON, Texas -- As part of their endeavors to assist restaurants in increasing their overall brand image through the incorporation of promotional products, Houston Embroidery Service team have published their brand-new blog providing restaurant owners with a helpful list of promotional products that is sure to positively increase the eatery's brand image, as well as its overall guest satisfaction.

This fresh blog provides restaurant owners a detailed list of the most popular promotional products that should be available in restaurants all around the world. This blog includes insight from both marketing specialists and restaurant owners, detailing which promotional products can greatly improve the brand image of any food establishment. Over 82% of people have reported to have a more favorable impression of a particular restaurant after receiving a branded promotional product.

Houston Embroidery Service is no stranger to guest relations, especially when it comes to brand awareness, and have specifically curated this blog to let restaurant owners in on the best promotional products that they can gift to their restaurant guests to truly win over their target audience and promote their business.

Statistical polls have shown that more than 80% of restaurant goers who receive branded promotional products from an eatery that they visited had a more positive impression of the restaurant itself when compared to a restaurant not providing them any kind of promo product. Promotional product companies are an incredible asset for restaurant owners to utilize, as they can create high end products that restaurant customers would be proud to keep, wear, or use.

The promotional product that is given out to restaurant guests has the ability to not only improve and progress the life of that particular customer, but it also intensifies the overall brand image of the restaurant, greatly increasing the restaurant's sources of revenue and popularity amongst the masses.

Key findings from the blog include providing restaurant guests with reusable bags that have the eatery's logo printed on to the bags themselves, handing out aprons and t-shirts that act as promotional apparel pieces for the restaurant to provide to their customers, and creating unique and distinctive toys with the restaurants mascot or logo on them to give out to children that come in to eat at the restaurant.

The blog also goes on to describe how important dining is for individuals of all ages. Restaurants act as a place for people of all walks of life to come together and share their lives with each other and a restaurant that provides promotional products makes these individuals and their families feel even more special, allowing them to feel truly welcomed and appreciated by the restaurant and its employees.

There are a number of different items that restaurant owners can utilize as promotional products for their customers, increasing the restaurant's overall brand and marketing endeavors as a whole.

Learn more:

About Houston Embroidery Service

This is a promotional products distributor and an embroidery company that provides all type of promotional items to promote a business. This company also makes all kinds of custom patches like custom leather patches, custom iron on patches, custom Velcro patches, and custom embroidered patches. This company was established in 2009 in Houston, TX.


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Neuro Diverse Living Announces the Launch of Their New Brand Name, Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa. -- Front Porch Cohousing is excited to announce the launch of their new brand and the inspiration behind that change. As a cohousing community of private homes clustered around shared space, Front Porch Cohousing will intentionally design spaces to create opportunities for those with and without neuro or cognitive disabilities to build meaningful and lasting relationships. A community where the support, encouragement and assistance of others will provide a safe and prosperous environment for all who live there.

The launch date for Front Porch Cohousing is January 18, 2022, and we expect our new inclusive, diverse communities to become thriving assets across Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL believes the best way to deliver on our vision is by providing a sense of belonging as we create authentic and vibrant spaces that are not just houses, but homes for adults experiencing neurological disorders. Our homes will be designed to bring a sense of neighborhood while providing hope and peace of mind to the families and friends who support these neurodiverse adults, knowing their loved ones are in a community which will empower them.

We believe we can accomplish our vision through our cohousing model by creating a nostalgic setting from a time when neighborhood kids played until the streetlights came on and people visited on their front porches; a time when neighbors openly supported each other. As we shift to our new brand, we welcome you to Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL.

"I'm encouraged about the work Front Porch Cohousing is doing in the community to address the critical shortage of neuro-inclusive cohousing options for adults with autism, assuring they will never live alone or isolated," said Jim Brexler, President & CEO Doylestown Health Network.

"With there being such a significant need for housing for people with disabilities in the Lehigh Valley, I'm thrilled to see the efforts and leadership that Front Porch Cohousing is making in creating inclusive and supportive cohousing options and opportunities," said Seth Hoderewski, Director of Transition Services, Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living.

Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL invites you to learn more about us on our website. There are many ways you can participate, donate, get involved and perhaps see how this type of community could be the best fit for you or your family member.

"Think inclusion, not isolation." - Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL Team.

Learn more at:

You can find us on social media by searching for FPCbyNDL on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Front Porch Cohousing: A Neuro-Inclusive Community by NDL, (267) 935-9003;

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Tacoma Marketing Agency Giving Away $5,000 of Services and Advertising to PNW Businesses

TACOMA, Wash. -- David White Marketing Services has just launched their Support Local Campaign to give away $5,000 of marketing & advertising services to 2 businesses in the PNW. The purpose of this campaign is to support local business during a tough time of a changing digital landscape from large platforms like Google & Facebook. You can nominate a business on their website.

The Tacoma Local Agency has made it a priority to partner with their clients and support their local community since the Covid-19 pandemic started. They've even brought cheer to retirement homes by hosting a distanced party with live music. Now, they're giving away $5,000 of marketing for two businesses in the PNW.

"We've increased by 145% during Covid with a lot of businesses going more and more digital where close contact 'marketing' pretty much fell away and we just feel blessed to be in a position to give back to our community," said David White, CEO.

A lot of businesses have struggled with recent technology changes from Google, Facebook and other platforms. David White Marketing Services will be helping the chosen business navigate these recent changes and get them leads. They have helped local plumbers get visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. They've even done video campaigns for artists and restaurants. All kinds and industries of businesses you have or know of that are in need, David White Marketing Services invites to be nominated. The Support Local Campaign will address whatever needs the selected business have and they are excited to start giving back.

For a chance to be chosen for the Support Local giveaway, nominate your own business or a business you know on the David White Marketing Services website ( by January 31, 2022. Businesses chosen and winners will be notified in February.

"Our agency has been very blessed over this last year, and we're just fortunate to be in the position to help. I especially love how excited the team rallies around these companies," added David White.


David White Marketing Services is a Tacoma, WA based agency that is dedicated to helping businesses get more leads, increase online visibility and phone calls. Being able to celebrate with our customers is our biggest joy. We will use every tool in our toolbox to get your phone to ring, and never quit! From ranking on Google to ads on TV, you're covered across all professional and community platforms.

Learn more:

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Mortgage Coach promotes Jacob Gibbs to VP, Technology and Shannon Baldwin to VP, Marketing

IRVINE, Calif. -- Mortgage Coach, a borrower conversion platform empowering mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive presentations that model home loan performance over time, announced the promotion of two of its department directors to vice president-level positions. Jacob Gibbs was promoted from Director of Technology to VP, Technology, and Shannon Baldwin was promoted from Director of Marketing to VP, Marketing. These advancements are a direct result of Gibbs' and Baldwin's exceptional leadership in their respective departments.

Gibbs joined Mortgage Coach 15 years ago and is now responsible for leading the development team, managing partner integrations, administering both local and network technology infrastructure, and overseeing Mortgage Coach's support team that serves 15,000 subscribers. With valuable experience in both mortgage underwriting and lending technologies, Gibbs is perfectly equipped to help lenders better serve their borrowers by empowering them with the digital tools to help them choose the best mortgage loan for their needs.

Prior to joining Mortgage Coach, Baldwin led marketing and events for Optimal Blue for 13 years. Baldwin was tapped by Mortgage Coach as director of marketing one year ago, and in that time she has proven her expertise in all mortgage marketing functions including brand strategy, digital marketing, web content and design, internal and external communications and event planning. As VP of marketing, Baldwin will oversee the development of Mortgage Coach's communication strategies and identify effective brand-building opportunities.

"Jacob's tech-forward mindset and Shannon's creative approach to mortgage marketing have been central to the Mortgage Coach mission of helping lenders enable people of all financial backgrounds to attain homeownership through smart mortgage strategies," said Mortgage Coach President Joe Puthur. "They have both brought immense value to our business and partners, and I am very proud to have them as a part of our team."

About Mortgage Coach:

Mortgage Coach is an award-winning borrower conversion platform that gives consumers the confidence to transact with educational presentations that model loan performance over time. The company's side-by-side loan comparisons allow borrowers to make faster, more informed mortgage decisions while enabling lenders to consistently deliver an on-brand, consultative home financing experience that increases borrower conversion, repeat business and referrals. To date, more than 120 enterprise independent mortgage banks, depository banks and credit unions rely on Mortgage Coach to deliver personalized, modern service that grows revenue and customer loyalty.

To learn more about Mortgage Coach, visit or follow @MortgageCoach.

Twitter: @MortgageCoach #mortgage

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This Startup Wants to Get People Talking Again!

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A new Arizona company, JabberYak, is on a mission to engage people with common interests using their ice breakers products, including customized T-Shirts, event badges, name tags, and office name plates designed to ignite meaningful, face-to-face communication without relying on personal devices.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting more than 40 million adults*. During the pandemic, about four in ten adults in the U.S. reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder. As things start to open post-pandemic, many people are experiencing even more anxiety when thinking about getting back into a social routine after isolating for so long. (*Citation: see link below.)

One area that is most concerning to people is the socialization that comes with returning to the office or events. Many professionals haven't seen their coworkers in over a year and those that are new to the company will be meeting their peers in person for the first time. When you are in the office, you're expected to connect with new people, and it can be difficult to navigate the flow of conversation.

JabberYak is founded by two Scottsdale-based women. Gail Levinthal is a former event planner who immigrated from South Africa in the 1990s, and Shideh Doerr is an entrepreneur and first generation Persian American. The two women developed JabberYak after seeing how difficult it was for those around them to connect with others, especially in large group settings such as corporate and singles events, holiday parties and even family reunions. While on a cruise with her family, Levinthal noticed how many people stopped to talk to her son because of the college shirt he was wearing. She saw that people were more willing to connect if they had a common interest.

The duo connected with serial entrepreneur and investor, Mack Baniameri and launched the JabberYak products in June 2021.

"The pandemic disrupted our lives in such a way that going back to a pre-covid routine can be intimidating," said Gail Levinthal, co-founder and CEO of JabberYak. "It's natural to feel anxious about the world opening up again, but with the right tools in place, the transition can be smooth and seamless. Knowing the interests of the people around you before the first word is even spoken can ease social anxiety and lead to more quality, meaningful conversations."

JabberYak's platform enables individuals to select their top seven personal interests that give insight into who they are. The selected interests then get printed on customized items that can be worn to work, meetings, events and displayed in the office. JabberYak products ultimately create a fun atmosphere, eases social interaction, build relationships, and improve the level of engagement with conference attendees, co-workers or customers.

JabberYak also offers an analytics dashboard to organizers prior to an event, providing valuable insight into who will be attending.

Learn more at:

For more information, contact




*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Sales4Roofers Enhance Customer Experience with Their Covid-Free Roofing Estimate Online Service

HAWTHORNE, N.J. -- The Sales4Roofers team continues to push boundaries in the global roofing industry by providing solutions that help roofers engage their customers - existing and potentials, better, while also ensuring homeowners have a seamless experience. In a related development, Sales4Roofers has continued to enhance the experience of homeowners through their Covid Free Roofing Estimate Online solution, enabling them to get the cost of services and visualize what the roof will look like after completion, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

"Covid had put an increased demand for our service, Homeowners love an online estimate appointment!" said Sean Mulkean, Homeowner Appointment Manager at Sales4Roofers. "We expect the number of online estimates we provide to rise close to 1500 in 2022."

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 139 million housing units in the U.S. as of 2019, revealing that there are a lot of homes that potentially need a roof (*note: see link to citation below). The figures indicate an increasing demand for roofing solutions amidst the emergence of thousands of service providers from different parts of the world. Despite the amazing figures from the market, consumers still struggle to access quality solutions due to either exorbitantly-priced services or unreliable roofing companies, with the Covid pandemic further worsening the situation. However, Sales4Roofers aims to change this narrative by helping homeowners get accurate estimates of roofing services to enable them to effectively prepare and make informed decisions.

The free roofing estimate online allows homeowners to get quotes in less than 30 minutes through a hassle-free appointment with roofing specialists from the Sales4Roofers team. The service comes with an enhanced Roof Simulator to allow customer see what the house looks like after completing the project.

Sean adds, "This is our biggest advantage for Homeowners, they love to pick and choose colors and instantly see what the roof looks like!"

Other benefits of the solution include a detailed explanation of the installation process, warranties, and price guarantees, simulation of the look of the roof with the chosen shingles, measurements done with state-of-the-art aerial measurement tool, and no sales pressure as customers are not required to pay any money at the appointment. Homeowners also get a complete estimate presentation in PDF for reference.

The launch of the solution is particularly useful, considering the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the roofing industry, especially in getting estimates from roofers, due to restrictions and adherence to safety protocols.

For more information about the online roofing estimate solution and other initiatives from Sales4Roofers, visit:



Sales4Roofers, 129 4th Ave., Hawthorne, NJ 07506.


VIDEO (YouTube):


*Census Bureau study:

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Environmentally Sensitive Cleaning Solutions Company launches new website to better educate and serve

ABILENE, Texas -- ProfitMax Chemical has launched a new website: With a newly revamped web presence, ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource for environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions by inspiring trust through educating.

ProfitMax Chemical is a training and sales company distributing environmentally sensitive cleaning products and the education on how to use them. Our stewarding process offers cleaning and sanitizing solutions individualized for each business. ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve as an endurance resource providing inviting and clean locations for all their customers.

From training and educating to the continued relationships and personalized products, ProfitMax Chemical aims to serve every client and connection as an endurance resource as:

- A resource for product awareness

- An informative pathway for purchasing

- A public and consumer education advocate

- A source of authority for training

As a 20-year established company of training, educating and sales in the cleaning industry, ProfitMax Chemical offers an ongoing array of environmentally sensitive products and services. When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing solutions, ProfitMax Chemical's qualitative and quantitative Proof of Process centers around educating, selling and training on the products and their individualized applications.

The ProfitMax Chemical Proof of Process takes into account:

- Cost elements

- Product specifications

- Understanding the products

- The time it takes to clean

- Amount of product required to clean.

- Employee Training modules

- Management Education and Support.

- Environmental Impact

Tim Bluhm, ProfitMax Chemical VP of Sales and Service, says, "We are not going to tell you what you need to do or need to buy. We are here to share, steward and educate the individualized options and recommendations that we believe will serve you, your business and your bottom line."

And Brian Bluhm, President and Founder, adds, "A proper, effective and strong cleaning program is often seen as secondary by many businesses. But in many if not most cases, it is the first thing a customer experiences. This is why our training adds a focus on taking care of the business, so that business can do more of the business it wants to."

Anyone interested in learning more about the product, services and training ProfitMax Chemical Strategic offers and the methodology can now find that information on their newly launched website:

ProfitMax Chemical is headquartered at: 2073 FM 89 Buffalo Gap Road., Buffalo Gap, TX 79508.


VIDEO (YouTube):

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Real Estate Technology Firm Swift Homes Partners with Cox Media Group on Marketing Campaign

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Today, Swift Homes announced a partnership with Cox Media Group on a multiplatform marketing campaign in Atlanta to help build awareness of Swift Homes' benefits and seller-friendly offerings that are available to consumers who are looking for real estate advice and services.

"Our partnership with Cox Media Group is important because of the scope and scale they provide," a Swift Homes senior executive said. "As one of the largest audio, video and digital networks, their relationship with their audience allows Swift Homes to effectively communicate to prospective home sellers - educating audiences about simplifying their home selling process."

Swift Homes is a technology company specializing in fast and easy home sales without the seller needing to list their property with a realtor. Their innovative platform provides home sellers with a fast cash offer and closing as quickly as thirty days. Home sellers pay no traditional broker fees, make no repairs, and receive cash as soon as thirty days. Swift Homes stands out among its competitors because it operates across the United States, so sellers aren't limited to specific geographies.

In addition, Swift Homes provides special seller-friendly offerings such as allowing sellers to remain in their homes with a rent back program. Even more, Swift Homes will make a purchase even if the home being sold is an investment home with tenants.

The marketing campaign began earlier this year and currently airs in Atlanta, Georgia.

About Swift Homes

Swift Homes is the pre-eminent buyer of homes within the real estate tech space. Their technology has revolutionized and simplified the way a home is sold by streamlining the process and removing unnecessary fees and time that come from listing a home with a broker. With over 20,000 offers made, Swift Homes is one of the largest technology-based home buyers in the country, and their team has over 20 years of experience purchasing homes. In short, if sellers need to sell fast or for any reason, they can sell to Swift Homes in a few easy steps.

Learn more:

About Cox Media Group

Cox Media Group is the advertising sales division of Cox Communications, the third largest cable entertainment and broadband services provider in the country. Cox serves approximately 6 million residences and businesses, giving Cox Media's customers the opportunity to reach their ideal customer wherever they go.

More information:
Swift Homes
875 N Michigan Ave, Suite 3218
Chicago, IL 60611
(877) 861-2466

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Retail Kiosk and Digital Signage News for Dec. 2021 from Industry Group & Kiosk Association (KMA)

​DENVER, Colo. -- December news from the Industry Group. Retail Kiosk News - NRF in New York January - We will be showcasing accessibility in counter and floor-standing models for the customer-operated POS space. See some of the same technology used by McDonald's.

Also, to be announced at the show is whether award finalist candidate PopID wins in the Best Payment Innovation category. The formal awards presentation and dinner is Saturday night. Fingers crossed.

Here is our official page on NRF site -

Digital Signage News - We are an official Association sponsor for DSE 2022. Las Vegas in March. A chance to see the new LED Fine Pitch renovation for the LVCC. Be sure and use KMA50 as coupon to get your discount.

Craig Keefner, manager of the Industry Group said, "Interactive digital signage projects have been increasing every year from large wayfinding to spectacular convention center signage to smart city deployments to drive-thru menu boards. Half of the RFPs in our space are digital signage related. Expanded coverage and deeper involvement in signage makes sense for our sponsors. We are happy to follow the lead of other respected groups such as Peerless-AV, Sixteen-Nine and TSI Touch in supporting this specific next-generation digital signage tradeshow that the industry deserves."

KMA also recently joined the Digital Signage Federation.


* Digital Signage Tradeshow - KMA Sponsors and Exhibits at DSE 2022

* Restaurant Market Report by Square (36 pages) By The Numbers

* Interactive Digital Wayfinding Kiosk - Colony Square 22Miles - Video

* Self-Check Hearing Screening Kiosks Going Into Giant Eagle

* Automated Pizza Kiosks Coming to San Antonio

* USPS Self-Service Kiosk Video - 2021

* Kiosk Association now a member of Digital Signage Federation

* Market Research NRF Special - POS/mPOS ISV Report

* Redbox Digital Signage Rolling Out to 4000 Redbox Kiosks

* Retail Kiosk - Amazon Go Starbucks in NYC Video Walk-Thru

* NRF Kiosk & Digital Signage - Preview and Tips for Retail Kiosk Show

* NRF Kiosk - Evoke Best Customer Experience Award Candidate

* Kohls EV Charging Station 2021 & Self Checkout

* NRF 2022 Kiosk - Visit Pyramid


For more information contact Craig Keefner, 720-324-1837 or or you can visit Kiosk Industry. Since 1996 for 25 years serving the self-service technology market. For a complete list of verticals visit The Industry Group.


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