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TKG Implements A.I. Platform to Efficiently Connect Talent With Opportunity

GRANITE BAY, Calif. -- TKG, a boutique recruiting firm specializing in clinical diagnostics, is rolling out Humanly's AI-based conversational recruiting platform to help streamline the team's ability to connect exceptional talent with their Fortune 500 healthcare clients.

Through Humanly, candidates will now have access to TKG's industry-leading services 24 hours per day. By blending Humanly's automation technology with TKG's wealth of experience, the two groups are taking steps towards the future of talent acquisition.

Humanly is an AI platform for mid-sized companies that qualifies job candidates and answers their questions along the way. The platform automates the manual parts of candidate screening and scheduling so hiring teams can focus on the most meaningful interactions and candidates are not left in the dark.

Humanly's conversational experience rethinks the antiquated application process and engages candidates by seamlessly integrating with native hiring pages, social media outlets, and mainstream recruiting websites. Plain and simple, Humanly helps organizations grow their staff more efficiently and quickly.

"TKG entered into this partnership to increase our capacity to exceed the expectations of our clients, candidates, and each other. The Humanly platform will give my team more time to do what we do best - connecting directly with exceptional candidates to fulfill our clients' growth goals," commented Lyn Kleinbach, founder of TKG.

With candidate experience being more important than ever for organizations, providing applicants with an innovative way to learn about opportunities and connect with talent professionals in real time is crucial.

Through Humanly, TKG's clients, anxious to build sales and marketing teams, will have access to a larger pool of profoundly qualified candidates vetted through written, verbal and video skills while candidates will have the flexibility to learn about opportunities before, after or during their work days without the inconvenience of back-and-forth communications.

Added Andrew Gardner, COO of Humanly, "We are thrilled to be teaming up with TKG who has been leading through innovation in the healthcare recruiting space for two decades. It is amazing to align ourselves with partners like Lyn and her team as we adapt and grow in response to the ever-changing landscape."

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Tapcheck and HealthCare Synergy Partner to Better Serve Home Health Community Workers

TARZANA, Calif. -- Employee recruitment and retention continue to be top-of-mind human resource concerns for businesses around the country. That's why financial solutions company such as Tapcheck are partnering with companies to provide flexible solutions for employees. Its most recent partnership with Healthcare Synergy will give its home health employees more control when it comes to accessing their wages.

The 2019 Retention Report by The Work Institute revealed that more than one in three workers will voluntarily quit their jobs each year by 2023. And, according to a Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary - and that's a conservative estimate.

SO, companies that focus on more unconventional benefits and offerings can set them apart from the competition, while also helping to build strength in areas of recruitment and retention.

Tapcheck provides employers around the country with helpful solutions that allow their employees to access their earned wages on demand. For example, if an employee finds they need cash now to cover an emergency home or car repair, Tapcheck's service provides them with a sense of autonomy over their paycheck. This on-demand access to wages provides employees with a sense of financial security and also gives them the flexibility to get cash when and where they need it.

David Crow, president, HealthCare Synergy, says, "Companies can and must become better employers to retain and engage employees. We're excited to partner with Tapcheck to offer this convenient app to not just our employees, but to our home health clients' employees too. It provides them with more flexibility and control over their earnings."

Employers win with this financial wellness employee benefit because they're creating a positive workplace culture - one where employees are happier, more productive and prone to stay for the long-term.

"Developing a strategic approach to improving employee retention and recruitment is necessary and requires specific solutions to succeed," Crow says.

About HealthCare Synergy, Inc.

HealthCare Synergy, an outstanding provider of services and software for more than 25 years, continues to support the post-acute care industry with innovative solutions to effectively grow businesses and cultivate operational success. From clinical, billing, and staffing services to EMR software and customer support, HealthCare Synergy is there when you need them most.

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About Tapcheck

Tapcheck, established in 2019, is the provider of a financial wellness benefit that grants employees early wage access through a digital platform. The service enables greater financial flexibility for employees while offering employers a no-cost benefit to improve productivity, enrich company culture and drive employee retention.

It has the ability to partner with multiple industries and businesses can easily refer other businesses to its service.

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Move For Hunger and North American Van Lines Renew Partnership

RED BANK, N.J. -- Move For Hunger, a national non-profit organization, and northAmerican(R) Van Lines announced today that they have renewed their partnership to reduce food waste and fight hunger in the United States. Since 2011, northAmerican's 76 participating agents have rescued nearly 440,000 lbs. of food and have provided more than 365,000 meals to people who are facing hunger.

As members of the Move For Hunger network, northAmerican agents educate their customers about the issues of hunger and food waste and encourage them to donate their unopened, non-perishable food items on moving day. Then, the moving companies volunteer to deliver the donations to a local food bank or pantry at no additional cost.

northAmerican Van Lines agents also provide Move For Hunger with additional support by organizing food drives and by volunteering to rescue food from large events, like marathons.

"northAmerican Van Lines has been our partner for 9 years, but their support has never been more critical than it is right now," said Adam Lowy, Executive Director and Founder of Move For Hunger. "Food banks and pantries are facing an unprecedented demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are so grateful that northAmerican Van Lines remains committed to helping us fight hunger nationwide."

"Food insecurity has been a national issue for years, and is rapidly becoming a crisis," said Kevin Murphy, Vice President and General Manager of North American Van Lines, Inc. "Our agent network has proudly supported Move For Hunger's mission for nearly a decade and we are honored to help keep local food banks stocked as the need for food donations rises drastically due to these unprecedented times."

To date, Move For Hunger's network of more than 1,000 moving companies, more than 1,500 multi-family apartment communities, and many of the world's leading relocation management companies has collected and delivered more than 17 million pounds of food - providing nearly 14 million meals - to food banks and pantries across the United States and Canada..

Move For Hunger is a national non-profit organization that has created a sustainable way to reduce food waste and fight hunger. We have mobilized the leaders of moving, relocation, and multi-family industries to provide their customers, clients, and residents with the opportunity to donate their food when they move. Members of Move For Hunger also organize community food drives, participate in awareness campaigns, and create employee engagement programs.

For more information, or to find out how you can host your own food drive, visit

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Alegría Fresh and Impact Bioenergy Sign Strategic Global Deal to Deliver Alegría Farmacy Plant-based Food and Energy Systems

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. -- Erik Cutter, President and CEO of Alegría Fresh and Jan Allen, President and CEO of Impact Bioenergy are proud to announce the development of the Alegría Farmacy food production system. The Alegría Farmacy is an integrated zero waste regenerative organic carbon neutral urban microfarm system that provides a front-line defense against food supply disruptions, such as those currently being experienced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mobile, scalable and cost effective, the Farmacy integrates existing carbon management and off-grid energy production technologies to deliver superior quality greens, vegetables and herbs within the urban envelope where people live and work.

According to Erik Cutter, "By integrating our SoxxBoxx Gro System, the Impact Bioenergy 7.7 kW micro-anaerobic digester, GrowSpan's CEA greenhouse, advanced water filtration, plus a 10kW solar array and Simpliphi Power's energy storage system, we have created the first modular zero waste, regenerative organic, carbon neutral food production system that can be deployed over man-made surfaces off-grid anywhere, anytime. This represents a dramatic shift in conventional agriculture by decentralizing food production to deliver healing food within the densely populated urban environment while mitigating climate change and creating green jobs at the same time. Food security and community resilience are dramatically enhanced."

Jan Allen adds, "Alegría's modular regenerative food / energy solutions are a perfect fit with Impact Bioenergy's modular bioenergy and plant food solutions. Together we form a game-changing distributed community-scale energy system. We merge our anaerobic digester platform into Alegría's high-performance cultivation (regenerative food/energy/water) by converting food waste into onsite renewable energy and probiotic, toxin-free organic soil amendments. Rarely does an opportunity come along that can positively touch on energy, water, air, soil, food, jobs, and education simultaneously. This one does."

About Alegría Fresh

Laguna Beach, California-based Alegría Fresh designs and builds zero-waste, solar-powered regenerative organic microfarms employing high-yield soil-based growing systems featuring our SoxxBoxx system deployed within the Alegría Farmacy. Our high-performance urban farms repurpose unused spaces and can be deployed over man-made surfaces close to where people live and work. We call it "tractorless" urban farming. Our premium organic AlegriaLivingSoil results in superior nutrient dense vegetables, salad greens, fruit, flowers and medicinal herbs.

Alegría's rich soil biology guarantees that your locally grown produce is of the highest quality and requires no toxic pesticides. To maximize healing properties and provide critical immune support, our systems provide access to heart healthy produce that can be harvested and consumed within one hour, assuring you receive optimum phytoactivity and flavor, texture and nutrition density while reducing the environmental impact from inferior produce transported across continents.

Learn more at:

About Impact Bioenergy

Auburn, Washington-based Impact Bioenergy manufactures portable zero waste bioenergy systems that convert organic waste materials into energy and biofertilizer. We convert food waste and other organic wastes to energy and plant food, creating value in job creation, renewable energy production, carbon sequestration, and urban agriculture. Our HORSE technology delivers on all the sustainability metrics: financial, environmental, and social benefits. The capacity of a single system ranges from 960 to 57,000 lbs. per week of organic waste materials. We help farmers, businesses, communities and governments build resilient food ecosystems. Impact partnered with advanced manufacturing companies in a way that allows us to deploy our micro-digesters to operate successfully in a wide variety of urban settings. The odor control and clean modular design is adaptable to a broad range of architectural situations. Our philosophy has always been to use biomimicry of Nature in an inspiring and meaningful way. Learn more at:

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Media Contact:
Jessica McLeish

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Unlikely North Carolina Companies Partner Together to Produce Reusable Masks

RALEIGH, N.C. -- EHOP Health(R), a chronic disease reversal company headquartered in Apex, NC and Harriss & Covington, a hosiery mill headquartered in High Point, NC, recently delivered reusable face masks to customers across North Carolina and the United States. The first business to receive the reusable masks was Weaver Street Market.

This unlikely partnership between health coaching, manufacturing, and grocery store firms produced the new face mask brand, Easy Masks(TM).

These non-medical face masks serve the needs of employees, customers, families, and individuals who need protection for their essential trips.

"I became convinced that fabric masks are a useful tool in minimizing exposure dose to viral particles," said William (B.J.) Lawson, MD and CEO of EHOP Health. "Our first client, and a fifth-generation family business that has been knitting socks in High Point, North Carolina for 100 years, instantly came to my mind as having the potential to create a comfortable, reusable facemask."

Harriss & Covington's Co-President, Tyler Covington had just been ordered to shut down his manufacturing plant's non-essential activities due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. After speaking with Lawson, he recruited a small research and development team to prototype several face masks. "I wanted to help our state, and our country, safely get back to work," said Covington. "I believed we could find a solution for the growing demand of reusable face masks and through collaboration we have a face mask for the everyday essential needs."

Thanks to iterative feedback from associates of Weaver Street Market, another EHOP Health Client, the team quickly found out what features were required for a mask comfortable enough for all-day wear. "This has been a godsend," stated Ruffin Slater General Manager, Weaver Street Market. "We needed a protective mask to offer to our frontline employees and customers, and we wanted a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution which Easy Masks delivers."

About Easy Masks(TM)

Easy Masks offers a reusable, washable face mask knitted by a 5th generation mill in North Carolina. For more information about Easy Masks, visit Follow the company on Facebook

About Harriss & Covington

Harriss & Covington was founded in 1920 in High Point, North Carolina.

For more information about Harriss & Covington, visit With the fifth generation of the founders helming the operation and 250 employees strong, Harriss & Covington proudly thrives in the same town where it launched nearly a century ago, delivering high-quality performance socks to some of the most recognized brands in the world including Smartwool, Feetures, allbirds, Sock Club, Kane 11, Johnston & Murphy, and Ace & Everett.

About Weaver Street Market

Weaver Street Market is a co-op market created for the community, by the community. We sustain healthy communities together - through the goods that we sell and the good that we do. Weaver Street Market carefully selects high-quality products from sources we trust. Our partners include more than 100 local and independent food producers.

Founded in 1988, Weaver Street Market is owned by 22,000 consumer owners and 230 worker owners. We operate downtown stores in Carrboro, Chapel Hill's Southern Village, Hillsborough and Raleigh, as well as a Food House in Hillsborough that provides fresh deli, bakery, and meat products to its stores twice each day. Learn more at

About EHOP Health(TM)

EHOP Health helps employees reverse chronic disease and feel their best. It's flagship program, Journey 2 Health(TM), offers personalized health coaching services and a science-based online curriculum. Clients lower healthcare costs while investing into their people and culture throughout the chronic disease reversal program.

Although the majority of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and obesity can be reversible. Co-founders William (B.J.) Lawson, MD and Joe Jenkins, MD JD launched EHOP Health and the Journey 2 Health solution in 2016 after building a program and team to focus on disease reversal rather than disease management and compliance.

For more information about EHOP Health, visit

Follow the company on LinkedIn at

* Easy Mask Logo:
* Face Mask Image:

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The New York Public Library Partners with Online Tutoring Service Brainfuse to Give all NY Students Access to Free, Remote, One-on-One Homework Help

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The New York Public Library has partnered with online tutoring service Brainfuse to offer all New York area students access to free after-school homework help, including virtual 1-on-1 tutoring in a wide range of subjects for K-12 students.

The new tool - available beginning today March 24, 2020 at - offers a bank of videos, activities, writing labs, and other enrichment activities 24/7, as well as tutoring via chat from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, in both English and Spanish. The service is free with a New York Public Library card, which can be obtained virtually via the Library's e-reading app SimplyE.

Brainfuse is just one of a number of remote educational tools that the Library has made available, enhanced, or continues to make available during its temporary closure to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. In addition to Brainfuse-being offered temporarily to support students and parents beginning remote learning-the Library is offering BookFlix (for remotely-accessible read alouds), the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (to build critical thinking skills), and much more at

"One of the Library's key roles is to support a culture of learning and reading in New York City outside of the classroom, offering homework help, internet access, and materials access to hundreds of thousands of students each day after school," said Brian Bannon, the Merryl and James Tisch Director of The New York Public Library. "The need for this help hasn't gone away with remote learning, and so we are pleased to be able to offer Brainfuse and many other tools and tips to support families 'after school,' even when school is in their living room. With this new service, we are essentially offering every student, regardless of background, the opportunity to have a private tutor, and every parent the support that they need right now."

Maggie Jacobs, the Library's Director of Educational Programs, added, "Remote learning requires a different set of skills for teachers, students and their caregivers. We therefore decided to curate the e-resources we thought would be most helpful, not only to support student learning in digital school, but to support teachers in integrating quality, engaging materials into their online teaching, and provide families with fun activities to learn and play together during an otherwise stressful time. We are hoping this becomes a trusted, favorite one-stop resource to meet family and educator needs."

In addition to educational resources for students, while the Library is temporarily closed until further notice it is offering a wide range of public service assistance, including:
* E-Books / Digital Library Cards: During this temporary closure, the Library has seen a significant spike in e-book usage, and will continue to offer access to hundreds of thousands of free e-books via our e-reading app SimplyE. Through this app, New Yorkers can immediately receive a digital library card and gain access to a multitude of other digital resources we have made available during this temporary closure.

* Expanded E-Resources: The Library has worked with vendors to expand access to several digital research databases to allow for at-home access, including, periodical archives, JSTOR and EBSCO databases for academic articles and abstracts. All of the various digital resources for researchers, including the newly accessible ones, can be found here.

* Book Recommendations: The Library offers expert reading recommendations and lists (including our 125 Books We Love list released for our 125th anniversary in February).

* Existing Digital Resources: The Library continues to offer nearly 900,000 digitized images from our research collections, nearly 11,000 digitized archives, and our Ask NYPL reference / help service.

For the latest information on service offerings, patrons should sign up for NYPL Connect, a new, special newsletter focused on digital resources. They can visit for more information.

About The New York Public Library

For 125 years, The New York Public Library has been a free provider of education and information for the people of New York and beyond. With 92 locations-including research and branch libraries-throughout the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, the Library offers free materials, computer access, classes, exhibitions, programming and more to everyone from toddlers to scholars, and has seen record numbers of attendance and circulation in recent years. The New York Public Library receives approximately 16 million visits through its doors annually and millions more around the globe who use its resources at To offer this wide array of free programming, The New York Public Library relies on both public and private funding. Learn more about how to support the Library at

About Brainfuse

Brainfuse is one of the nation's leading online tutoring providers, serving a diversified client base of libraries, school districts and colleges/universities for over 18 years. With Brainfuse, users receive real-time tutoring from instructors via our proprietary online classroom. We serve hundreds of library systems throughout the country, including the New Mexico State Library, the Suffolk Cooperative Library System, the San Francisco Public Library, the Sacramento Public Library, The Free Library of Philadelphia, and North America's largest homework help program through the Chicago Public Library. Learn more at:

For more information about Brainfuse services, please contact us at

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FormFree and Ocrolus Partner for Comprehensive Borrower Income Verification Program

ATHENS, Ga. -- FormFree(R), a leading fintech provider of credit decisioning services, today announced a partnership with Ocrolus, a leading fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data with over 99% accuracy. FormFree's Passport(tm) all-in-one asset, employment and income verification service now includes API calls to Ocrolus for paystub and W-2 tax form collection and data verification.

Each day, Passport helps tens of thousands of loan originators assess the ability of loan applicants to repay loans. FormFree's partnership with Ocrolus enables Passport to ingest data from paystubs submitted in PDF or cell phone photo format. Passport can also pull income data directly from payroll providers with a consumer's permission.

"Income verification is a critical factor in assessing a borrower's ability to repay a loan," said FormFree CEO Brent Chandler. "Enabling lenders to corroborate images of paystubs against digital data sources allows them to make credit decisions with a high level of confidence."

As Ocrolus digitizes data from submitted paystubs and W-2 documents, Passport corroborates that data against public and proprietary sources to validate that the stated employer is a real company with whom the loan applicant has a verifiable connection. Next, the program compares the paystub data against consumer asset data to calculate annual net pay and gross income. The verified asset, income and employment data points are then instantaneously pushed to the lender systems such as point-of-sale (POS) platforms, loan origination software (LOS) and automated underwriting systems (AUS).

"We developed Ocrolus to analyze documents of any format or quality with over 99% accuracy," said Sam Bobley, CEO of Ocrolus. "FormFree is a leading fintech that we are proud to partner with; incorporating our capabilities within Passport provides lenders with precisely accurate data for financial decisioning."

Paystub and W-2 document submissions are currently supported and available to FormFree customers. Ocrolus and FormFree are also developing integrations for additional financial documents including bank statements.

About Ocrolus:

Ocrolus is a fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data with over 99% accuracy. Powered by artificial intelligence and a unique, human-in-the-loop data validation process, Ocrolus plugs directly into customer workflows via API, eliminating the need for manual data work. The solution includes built-in fraud detection and analytics, enabling customers to make smarter and faster business decisions with unprecedented scalability and precision.

Use cases include mortgage, small business, auto and personal loan underwriting, credit account openings and other document-intensive processes. Ocrolus has raised over $30 million in venture capital backed by Oak HC/FT, FinTech Collective, Bullpen Capital and QED Investors, among others. Visit to learn more.

About FormFree:

FormFree is a market-leading fintech company whose revolutionary products AccountChek and Passport are changing the credit decisioning landscape and encouraging lenders nationwide to incorporate a more holistic view of each borrower's financial DNA. To date, thousands of U.S. lenders and brokers have ordered millions of FormFree's patented verification reports representing over a trillion dollars in loan verifications. FormFree delights borrowers and lenders with a paperless experience, reduces origination timelines by up to 20 days and offers automated analysis and standardized delivery to lenders and investors using a secure ReIssueKey(tm). For more information, visit or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

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Capacity Partners with Kai’s Organics to Deliver Essential Sanitization Items to New York

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- In times of great uncertainty and stretched resources, it takes inspired minds and teamwork to make things happen. Kai's Organics, a leading manufacturer of USDA organic products, and Capacity LLC, trusted experts in order fulfillment, today announced they have come together to help bring essentials across the country, to the places hit hardest by coronavirus.

As the rising tide of the coronavirus pandemic turns into a flood of requests for essential medical and healthcare products, no area of the United States has been hit harder than New York City. Hand sanitizer is in especially high demand, which is why American entrepreneurs like the owners of Kai's Organics, based in Santa Rosa, California, decided to pivot their business to this essential item.

The challenge: how to get thousands of packs of this critical product from the other side of the country when supply chains are already stretched to breaking point?

This is where the collaboration with Capacity began, as Tod Stebbins, Director of Operations at Kai's Organics, reached out for assistance.

Of the initial request, Capacity's Chief Commercial Officer Noah Sange says: "As soon as Kai's approached us, we knew Capacity could help make a difference here. Our proximity to NYC and our ability to rapidly set up a new partner with high-volume, sustained bursts of direct-to-consumer orders, made us the perfect distribution platform for what Kai's wanted to offer. Their pivot to provide essential hand sanitizer was astonishingly fast, and we will move just as quickly to get those items across the country to exactly where they're needed."

With a bicoastal operation serving North America and multiple separate buildings across one expansive fulfillment campus in North Brunswick, New Jersey, Capacity is perfectly positioned to get goods across the country at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, Kai's Organics was able to bring its 10 years of experience in organic manufacturing and laboratory quality control to ramp up production of hand sanitizer.

"We went from the idea to producing 300 bottles an hour in less than a week," says Operations Director, Tod Stebbins. "In the 14 days since we started shipping, we've shipped hand sanitizer to 43 stats across the country to a total of 405 different cities along with England, Japan, Canada and Australia."

Connecting the dots of West coast production and East coast delivery is something Capacity does every day. As a result, these essential items will soon be in the hands of those who need them most. The company is now actively searching for more opportunities to use its considerable capabilities to help.

For more information on Kai's Organics hand sanitizer, visit:

For more information about Capacity, visit

To speak with an expert about urgent fulfillment needs, please call (732) 745-7770 or visit

About Capacity LLC:

Since 1999, Capacity LLC has delighted its clients' customers by delivering exceptional order experiences, via custom-engineered fulfillment solutions, value-added services, and tier-one technology. Strategic locations on each coast deliver reduced transit times, cost-effective shipping, and flexible transportation solutions. All facilities are close to the major ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and Newark/New York.

Capacity also has well-developed infrastructure serving the European market, with fulfillment operations in Lyon, France and a facility near London's Gatwick Airport, in partnership with Yusen Logistics subsidiary ILG. The company provides domestic and international distribution to companies of all sizes, from startups to globally renowned brands.

About Kai's Organics:

Kai's Organics, manufacturer of USDA organic products, has pivoted its manufacturing capabilities to help out with the country wide hand sanitizer shortages with the goal of getting as much hand sanitizer out to as many people as possible. It has supplied first responders, law enforcement, the City of Novato and numerous businesses large and small and is donating hand sanitizer to food banks, community organizations, at risk children and other worthy causes. To learn more, visit

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: An employee at Capacity LLC receives bottles of Kai's Organics hand sanitizer for shipment to New York City.

Thom Campbell
CSO, Capacity LLC
732-745-7770 x101

Tod Stebbins,
Director of Operations and Supply Chain, Kai's Organics

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Mira and the National Foundation for Cancer Research to expand COVID Care and tackle health disparities

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Mira, a healthcare company based in NYC, is partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) to provide COVID Care to cancer patients and caregivers, bringing healthcare closer to those who need it the most.

NFCR is a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing scientists in the lab the research funding they need to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatments, detection and, ultimately, a cure for all types of cancer.

Mira is a platform for individuals without insurance to get affordable copays for everyday healthcare. Mira's COVID Care program helps take the pressure off of the local health systems by allowing patients to manage symptoms at home instead of seeking testing at emergency departments.

Together, NFCR and Mira will also create a Prevention and Wellness Access Program to bring affordable healthcare to the U.S.'s uninsured and underinsured population, which totaled 60 million before the coronavirus outbreak and has been increasing rapidly due to the high unemployment rates caused by the pandemic.

Bringing Healthcare Closer to Those Who Need It The Most

According to the latest news, COVID-19 is hitting underserved communities disproportionately harder than the rest. As cases of COVID-19 rise in the United States, health systems are stretching their capacity to take in high-risk patients--creating a vacuum for those who live in zip codes with a history of health disparities.

"The National Foundation for Cancer Research has a long history of funding not only high-risk and high-impact cancer research projects to advance life-saving new diagnosis and treatment breakthroughs, we have also dedicated tremendous efforts toward public education and cancer prevention for the general public," said Sujuan Ba, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of NFCR. "Before cures are found, early prevention and healthy lifestyle choices remain the best defense against cancer."

"Using health technology innovation to help cancer patients and their loved ones access affordable healthcare options is an important public service that NFCR promotes," continued Dr. Ba.

Mira created one of the first end-to-end care delivery solutions to help individuals screen and manage symptoms at home instead of seeking testing at emergency departments. Now, Mira is partnering with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) to expand its program to help one of the most at-risk populations--cancer patients and their caregivers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mira has developed a 1-minute assessment to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors, based on the guidelines and protocols as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). It provides reliable, timely information to patients and community members. This free, easy-to-use tool is accessible 24/7, offers a symptom checker, as well as provides options for a virtual visit and information on sheltering-in-place.

Based on the results, you will have an opportunity to connect with a resource center to determine the best next steps--whether it be home care, getting a virtual consultation or getting tested. The whole process could happen in less than 5 minutes.

"NFCR is very entrepreneurial in terms of advancing innovations," stated Khang Vuong, Founder and CEO of Mira. "Working with NFCR, we will have an opportunity to help more people identify symptoms of COVID-19, stay at home and flatten the curve."

Reaching more people will ultimately lead to less cases and starving out the virus. Many people who come to Mira have recently lost their jobs and have to choose between putting food on the table or getting healthcare.

About National Foundation for Cancer Research

NFCR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides scientists in the lab the funding they need to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatments, detection, prevention and, ultimately, a cure. NFCR has distinguished itself in the cancer research sector by emphasizing long-term, transformative research often overlooked by other major funding sources. With COVID-19 on the rise in the United States, they are looking now, more than ever, to serve those without healthcare, as well as high-risk patients. Learn more at:

About Mira

Mira helps uninsured and underinsured get affordable healthcare. Besides COVID-19, members can also get affordable copays for preventive care, urgent care, mental health, lab tests, and prescriptions--services that are equally needed but inaccessible to those without insurance in this time of crisis. Learn more at:

*VIDEO (YouTube):

*IMAGE link for media:
*Image Caption: Mira allows individuals to screen and manage symptoms at home regardless of insurance status

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Tapcheck and PRO Resources Inc. Partner to Bring More U.S. Companies Early Wage Access

TARZANA, Calif. -- Financial solutions company, Tapcheck, has announced its latest partnership with PRO Resources - a multi-state Professional Employer Group with over 30 years of experience.

PRO Resources is always searching for innovative ways to evolve its service offerings and add value to its employer groups. Mike Brodsho, CEO, of PRO Resources, says, "Tapcheck's benefit was appealing to us because it's highly impactful for employees, it does not increase the employer's cost, it's easily deployable across multiple states, and it seamlessly integrates with our core HR and Payroll software."

Tapcheck works with professional employer groups and payroll providers across the country to bring employees immediate access to their earned wages. Once a business enrolls with Tapcheck and shares its payroll/time tracking information, employees can sign up to request earnings through the Tapcheck mobile app. Access to on-demand wages offers employees more financial flexibility, which is designed to particularly help the many American Workers (78%) who live paycheck to paycheck.

"Tapcheck gives employees the freedom to pay bills on time, avoid non-sufficient funds fees, reduce the need for high-interest payday loans, and access money between paydays," says Susie Kendall, President at Tapcheck.

Together, the partnership between the Tapcheck and PRO Resources will bring this financial wellness benefit to more employers and employees across the multiple U.S. states PRO Resources operates in. The aim is to help employers attract more job seekers, improve employee retention, and create a happier workforce while giving employees more financial flexibility to improve their overall state of wellness

"The world is always changing and we believe bringing continuous development is key to serving our customers," says Susie Kendall of Tapcheck.

PRO Resources Inc.
Home Office:
1271 Hwy 10 W
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Tapcheck Inc.
18757 Burbank Blvd. Ste. 109
Tarzana, CA 91356

About Tapcheck

Tapcheck, established in 2018, is the provider of a financial wellness benefit that grants employees early wage access through a digital platform. The service enables greater financial flexibility for employees while offering employers a no-cost benefit to improve productivity, enrich company culture and drive employee retention. Learn more:

About PRO Resources Inc.

PRO Resources Corporation is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), established in 1991, that designs and implements human resource solutions for clients in small and mid-sized markets.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to develop creative solutions that increase productivity, improve the focus on core operations and maximize the return on their human capital investment.

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