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Appvance collaborates with Tech Mahindra to Power Artificial Intelligence-Driven Testing Practice

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Appvance, the inventor and leader in AI (Artificial Intelligence)-driven testing technology announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering services and solutions. Tech Mahindra will augment their AI-driven testing practice with AIQ (Appvance IQ) to further strengthen their leadership in enterprise digital transformation.

AIQ is the world's only AI-driven unified test automation system with patented Machine Learning technologies that revolutionize the software QA process. Leveraging 19 machine learning methods, AIQ supports both web and native mobile apps and can autonomously generate thousands of test scripts in a matter of minutes, identifying bugs by itself with no regular human intervention.

Andre Liao, CEO of Appvance, announcing this partnership said: "Tech Mahindra's recognized leadership in unified business transformation is enabled by disruptive technologies. Appvance's industry first and only Autonomous Testing technology will directly power that disruption through our advanced AI-based testing. This will allow forward thinking businesses to realize immediate value in cost, time and agility. We are excited that we are teaming to exploit this market opportunity together."

George Mundassery, Global Head - AI and Automation, Tech Mahindra, said, "There is a critical need to rethink, relearn and reinvent industry's approach to application delivery in these changed and challenging times. Appvance partnership, in line with our TechMNxt charter, will augment our LitmusT (AI powered Intelligent Test Automation Portfolio) offerings to enable customers to fast track the adoption of AI in Quality Engineering."

Gartner predicts that by 2024, three quarters of large enterprises will be using AI-enabled test automation tools that support continuous testing across the different stages of the DevOps life cycle. Test automation has been difficult for decades, in part because test scripts need as much maintenance as the application being tested. AIQ disrupts this old model - eliminating most scripting and maintenance - thereby improving application coverage from an average of under 10% to near 100% in certain cases, while driving down QA time to an hour or so from days or weeks.

"Appvance is the only company in the world that has attained Level 5 autonomy, defined as self-generating tests which are able to validate complex actions, data or elements autonomously at or above human capabilities to do so. The breakthroughs our team has accomplished over the years can dramatically improve DevOps speed leveraging AI, making the unthinkable dream a reality for our customers and partners," said Liao.

About Tech Mahindra

The Mahindra Group is a USD 19.4 billion federation of companies that enables people to rise through innovative mobility solutions, driving rural prosperity, enhancing urban living, nurturing new businesses and fostering communities. It enjoys a leadership position in utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership in India and is the world's largest tractor company by volume. It also enjoys a strong presence in renewable energy, agribusiness, logistics and real estate development. Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,56,000 people across 100 countries.

Learn more about Mahindra on / Twitter and Facebook: @MahindraRise

About Appvance Inc.

Appvance is the inventor of AI-driven testing, which is revolutionizing the $120B software QA industry. The company's premier product is Appvance IQ(tm), the world's first AI-driven, unified test automation system for web and mobile applications. AIQ empowers enterprises to improve the quality, performance and security of their most critical applications, while transforming the efficiency and output of their testing teams and lowering QA costs. Appvance is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional offices in Rochester, NY, Costa Rica and India. Investors in the company include Javelin Ventures, Staenberg Ventures, Social Internet Fund, FundersClub, Three Bridges Ventures and HB Asset Management.

More information:

You can follow Appvance on Twitter at and on Facebook at

Press Contact:
Karen Kirouac

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Aris Energy Solutions and Partners Win Dept of Energy Award to Advance Modular Fuel Cells from Development to Deployment

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. -- Aris Energy Solutions announces that it has been selected for a Department of Energy funding award for its proposal "Modular Fuel Cells Providing Resiliency to Data Centers and Other Critical Power Users." Aris celebrates this $2.66 million 3-year award with its esteemed program partners - the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), West Virginia University (WVU), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Gaia Energy Research Institute, and Velocity Data Centers.

Steve Almeida, Aris' Director of Fuel Cells and CHP, commented: "We are grateful for this opportunity with the DOE, our partners, FCHEA and SOLIDpower to bring a Resilient fuel cell-based energy solution to the markets. Our scalable solution will increase Energy Efficiency, enhance Electrification, minimize downtime - ensuring Resiliency, while decarbonizing Data Center operations. In a present/post Covid World, critical power is where we need it most, in our homes and businesses. Hence, small capacity fuel cells will prove a preferred medium transitioning towards a hydrogen economy, as we will also demonstrate functionality via hydrogen/natural gas blend."

The core fuel cell technology, the modular/scalable BlueGEN micro fuel cell was developed by SOLIDpower, a European company with facilities in Italy and Germany. Aris is currently installing early units in the U.S. and will demonstrate a key feature that will be integrated into the fuel cell system: Resiliency. Near term targeted markets include small/distributed data centers and other critical power users, some of which are in the small commercial segment, and multi-family residential.

Through both the kW size scale-up and cost reductions that are incorporated into this DoE program plan, the markets will broaden to include Medium Size Commercial, Institutional, Municipal and larger scale Data Center/Critical Power users.

Separately, but closely aligned with the goals of the DoE program, Aris is installing BlueGEN units in "real world" applications.

Lou Lombardozzi, Aris' Director of Engineering & Project Development said: "We're pleased to announce grid interconnect approval allowing for BlueGEN installation in a single-family home. This achievement enhances commercial readiness; an objective of the DoE program."

Dan Connors, Aris's COO and Co-Founder, added: "The market has made its two key needs very clear: Resiliency and De-Carbonization. Beyond the Resiliency goal on this program, we seek to advance the BlueGEN's current ability to De-Carbonize buildings and facilities of all types. We believe the BlueGEN fuel cell can become a key part of a Resilient and De-Carbonized energy infrastructure."

We encourage you to Learn More About This Program and Aris Energy Solutions (PDF):

About ARIS:

Founded in 2013 and lead by executives with decades of experience in the electric utility, engineer, construction and fuel cell industries, Aris Energy Solutions is introducing the BlueGEN mCHP fuel cell solution to a broad range of US markets.

More information:

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SimpleNexus Extends Ellie Mae Integration with Hybrid eClosings for Mortgage Lenders and Borrowers

LEHI, Utah -- SimpleNexus (, developer of the leading digital mortgage platform for loan officers, borrowers, real estate agents and settlement agents, today announced the availability of its recently launched hybrid eClosing feature on the Ellie Mae(R) Digital Lending Platform.

Ellie Mae, now a part of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE: ICE), is the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry. The Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform empowers lenders and investors to engage homebuyers and efficiently originate, close, sell and purchase loans that maximize ROI across their business all from a single system of record. The platform delivers a true digital mortgage experience across the entire mortgage workflow for every channel, every loan transaction and every customer type.

"A lender's need for simple, effective eClosing solutions has never been greater," said SimpleNexus CEO Matt Hansen. "SimpleNexus eClosing delights borrowers and turbocharges closing team efficiency, resulting in loans that can be sent off to investors sooner and with fewer errors. By shrinking the gap between loan funding and shipping, lenders can save money by reducing their dwell time on warehouse lines of credit. Additionally, borrowers now have one single portal from home search to home closing."

"We are thrilled to have SimpleNexus join our existing eClosing partners to extend the availability of hybrid eClosing solutions within the Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform," said Ellie Mae Vice President of Business Development Bob Hart. "This partnership is a key step in expanding our ability to provide our lender customers with easy access to digitally closing loans quickly and safely."

SimpleNexus eClosing enables lenders to conduct hybrid closings for purchase and refinance loans, resulting in higher quality loans and faster delivery of those loans to investors. In a hybrid eClosing, borrowers electronically sign (eSign) home loan documents that do not require notarization before meeting with a settlement agent or notary to finalize the closing. Closing appointments are reduced to only a few minutes, since relatively few documents require in-person signatures.

About SimpleNexus, LLC:

SimpleNexus is the digital mortgage platform that enables lenders to originate and process loans from anywhere. The company's best-in-class, easy-to-use app connects loan officers to their borrowers, real estate agents and settlement service providers to easily communicate and exchange data in a single location throughout the entire loan life cycle. Loan officers can manage their loan pipelines, order credit, run pricing, send pre-approvals and sign disclosures - all on the go.

Twitter: @SimpleNexus @EllieMaeInc #digitalmortgage #mortgagelending #domore #eClosing

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Partnership Kicks Off 5G Tech Jobs and Research in Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Celeres Capital, an investment and advisory firm based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, announced that the U.S. territory has secured a leadership role in communication technology with the Puerto Rico 5G Zone initiative. This laboratory is primed to enable companies, government entities, and academia to test applications and build new use cases for 5G networks, securing Puerto Rico's future success.

* 5G technology has now advanced to testbed applications.

* The Puerto Rico 5G Zone is a collaboration with Celeres Capital, the Indiana 5G Zone, public and private sectors, and academia.

Rear Admiral Peter Brown, President Trump's Special Representative for Puerto Rico's Disaster Recovery along with Eric Burger from the Office of Science Technology Policy offered their support for the Puerto Rico 5G Zone during today's conference.

Established through a memorandum of understanding between Celeres Capital and the Indiana 5G Zone, the new Puerto Rico 5G Zone represents a comparative advantage for early stakeholders, including XQ Message, a Silicon Valley-based cyber and communications security platform.

RADM. Peter Brown, stated that, "Improving the capability, reliability, and resiliency of Puerto Rico's communications infrastructure is critical to a number of economic sectors and the quality of life for the people of Puerto Rico. The Trump Administration is working hard to bring pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing back to Puerto Rico in larger scale, and communication connectivity is vital to those industries and many others.

"Attracting new businesses and technologies will also be enhanced with the innovations of new 5G networks and possibilities. Two additional areas where quality of life can be significantly improved for the people of Puerto Rico include distance learning and telemedicine, which have had significant access challenges for remote and rural communities. The 5G Zone shows great promise to more equally distribute access to information networks for all of the people of Puerto Rico, and I am pleased to be able to support the project from my role at the White House."

For his part, Randy Clark, Vice Chairman of the National Spectrum Consortium stated, "5G is the underpinning wireless platform that is going to usher in digital modernization and accelerate this nation's economic development while at the same time increasing the operational efficiency of our government."

Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks (IN-05), reflected on the announcement, "I am proud to see Indiana partnering with Puerto Rico on this ongoing project to make America a leader in 5G. This decision not only validates Indiana's forward-looking approach in the race to 5G by founding the Zone in 2019 but further strengthens the state's position as national leader in this field. As Founder and Co-chair of the 5G caucus in The U.S. House of Representatives, I know that the U.S. must continue to innovate and lead in this space for Hoosiers, Americans, and the world as a whole. I look forward to seeing what innovations will be announced as a result of this valuable partnership."

Kurt Pfluger of Celeres Capital noted that the Puerto Rico 5G Zone stands to benefit from the expertise of the Indiana 5G Zone team, the first 5G public private partnership led by a state. The partnership between Indiana and Puerto Rico underscores a shared commitment to making the U.S. and its territories a leader in 5G tech. "Indiana has done great work in establishing best practices in different verticals deploying 5G services. We are excited to share those experiences with the Puerto Rico 5G Zone."

The Puerto Rico 5G Zone will attract companies and government entities by offering a secure lab and test-bed environment to de-risk 5G investment. Indiana's 5G experience provides Puerto Rico with a proven blueprint to follow in the development and operations of its program. Strategic 5G uses include advanced manufacturing, resilient energy, intelligent logistics, digital agriculture, national security, and public safety.

The Puerto Rico 5G lab will provide a secure network leveraging technology offered by XQ Message. This innovative company provides network security through quantum-safe based edge encryption, to secure communication and data in all network environments. Brian Wane, CEO of XQ Message, remarked "I am very excited that XQ has the opportunity to bring our expertise in modern quantum-safe encryption to the Puerto Rico 5G Zone initiative. We are looking forward to doing our part to bring secure connectivity for the people of Puerto Rico."

Rodrick Miller, CEO of Invest Puerto Rico (InvestPR), the island's official public-private partnership for economic development, noted, "That an undertaking of this magnitude is taking place in Puerto Rico speaks volumes of the island's capabilities to support businesses in a variety of sectors, including business, industry, academia, R&D, and others. The Puerto Rico 5G Zone not only validates our forward-looking approach to economic development, it also showcases our commitment to leveraging the power of strategic partnerships to create opportunities that really push the envelope in terms of the real-world applications of cutting-edge tech."

Celeres Capital is partnering with the stakeholders to create opportunities for 5G in Puerto Rico and LATAM where advanced manufacturing, energy resiliency and IoT are economic development priorities. The Puerto Rico 5G Zone will allow the island to better leverage its human capital and become a hub for tech in Latin America. According to the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster, the island graduates 10,000 scientists, engineers, and IT professionals each year.

Founding Members include: Indiana 5G Zone, XQ Message, Wovenware and Palm.


Celeres Capital:


Puerto Rico 5G Zone:

About Puerto Rico 5G Zone

The Puerto Rico 5G Zone is a public private partnership that is developing a 5G innovation center for test and development of next generation technologies leveraging 5G including Resilient Energy, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture, Cybersecurity and National Security. Members of the PR 5 Zone will have the opportunity to de-risk their 5G investment in the lab and sponsorships are available by contacting or visit

Carolyn Artman, APR
Account Director, MCCI (on behalf of InvestPR)

Natalia Rosado
Communications Manager, InvestPR
(939) 644-8276

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Beyond Benign Partners with Dow to Expand Green Chemistry in Higher Education

WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Green chemistry education nonprofit Beyond Benign partnered with Dow (NYSE: DOW) at the start of 2020 to encourage academic institutions to engage in the adoption of green chemistry in higher education. Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that generate the least amount of harm and waste possible while maintaining excellent quality. Since 2007, Beyond Benign has integrated green chemistry into K-12 and higher education institutions through teacher training, lesson plans, community networks, webinars, and events.

"The team at Beyond Benign is very excited to partner with Dow," says Amy Cannon, Beyond Benign's Director and Co-Founder. "Chemistry and materials science companies design the building blocks of all the products around us. By supporting Beyond Benign's Green Chemistry Commitment, Dow is demonstrating the importance of green chemistry skills and knowledge for their incoming workforce to enable the design of safer products and materials."

Dow's contribution through volunteer time and corporate sustainability expertise to engage academic stakeholders in companywide goals, as well as financial support, is allowing Beyond Benign to increase partnerships with university programs through its Green Chemistry Commitment program. The Green Chemistry Commitment program fosters a community of practice among higher education institutions to share resources and best practices in implementing green chemistry in their courses and programs.

Currently Beyond Benign's GCC program, includes signers from 70 institutions reaching over 1,300 faculty members who are united around a shared vision to:
* Expand the community of green chemists at their institutions,
* Grow departmental resources,
* Improve connections to industry and job opportunities in green chemistry, and
* Collaborate to affect systemic and lasting change in chemistry education.

"Dow is committed to advance the well-being of humanity through science, innovation and collaboration. It is vital that our university partners are aligned and engaged with Dow, across all our value chains, to help solve our world's sustainability challenges. Our partnership with Beyond Benign aligns with our 'Safe Materials for a Sustainable Planet' goal by ensuring our incoming workforce is prepared to design sustainable materials for the marketplace," says Eunice Heath, Corporate Director of Sustainability for Dow.

Beyond Benign's Green Chemistry Commitment program is dedicated to integrating green chemistry and toxicology concepts into chemistry programs with the goal of providing students with the skills to design chemical products/processes that have reduced human and environmental hazards. Seven of Dow's academic partners are signed on to Beyond Benign's Green Chemistry Commitment: University of Minnesota, University of California Berkeley, University of California Santa Barbara, Michigan State University, Prairie View A&M University, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and Wayne State University.

To learn more about this program and which universities have signed the pledge, please visit Beyond Benign's website:

About Beyond Benign:

Beyond Benign, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, envisions a world where the chemical building blocks of products used every day are healthy and safe for humans and the environment. Beyond Benign is fostering a green chemistry education community empowered to transform chemistry education for a sustainable future. Beyond Benign's continuum of sustainable science educational programs including, teacher and faculty training, and curriculum development from K-20 are helping to build the next generation of scientists and citizens with the skills and knowledge to create and choose products that are safe for human health and the environment.

Over the past 13 years, Beyond Benign has an extensive history of service, having trained over 6,000 K-12 teachers in sustainable science and green chemistry, designed over 200 open-access lessons, reached over 25,000 youth and community members through outreach, & partnered with 70 universities to transform chemistry education. Together we can catalyze the development of green technological innovations that result in safer products and processes in support of a sustainable, healthy society.

For more information about Beyond Benign, visit

Also, find us on Twitter @beyondbenign, on Instagram @beyondbenign, and follow us on Facebook @beyondbenign or LinkedIn:

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Ticker: NYSE:DOW / NY: DOW

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Respage and Move For Hunger Announce Collaborative Effort to Fight Hunger Nationwide

NARBERTH, Pa. -- Respage - a leading provider of apartment marketing services for thousands of communities nationwide, and Move For Hunger - a national hunger relief non-profit organization, announced a new partnership that will fight hunger and reduce food waste nationwide. With estimates showing that the number of Americans facing hunger in 2020 could increase by 46% - that's 17 million more people - the collaborative efforts of Respage and Move For Hunger have never been more important than they are right now.

People throw away a lot of things when they move, including perfectly good food. Move For Hunger's network of more than 1,000 moving companies, more than 1,500 multifamily apartment communities, and many of the world's leading relocation management companies, volunteer to collect this unopened, non-perishable food and deliver it to their local food banks. To date, Move For Hunger's network of relocation professionals and multifamily properties has collected and delivered more than 19 million pounds of food - providing 16 million meals - to food banks and pantries across the United States and Canada.

The partnership will enable Respage to support Move For Hunger's food rescue programs and encourage the clients, associations, and property management companies they work with to integrate the Move For Hunger model into the moving out process for residents. It will also provide the opportunity to continue to expand the Move For Hunger network: a robust community of engaged individuals that want to make a difference in the lives of others and have the resources available to create large scale change.

"Partnering with Respage both complements and advances our mission, so this collaboration was a natural fit," said Adam Lowy, Executive Director and Founder of Move For Hunger. "With such devastating hunger statistics all around the country, the support of Respage will help strengthen our efforts and allow us to provide meals to those struggling to put food on the table."

"When we discovered Move For Hunger, it was clear that this was an organization that was a perfect fit for Respage. Our partnership is an important milestone in our commitment to give back to our communities and help support those less fortunate than ourselves," said Jackie Koehler, CEO of Respage. "Today more than ever, people around the country - and the world - are struggling with hunger issues, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact within this cause through our work in multifamily."

Rates of household food insecurity are going to remain high for the foreseeable future. Food banks, pantries, and shelters are the only places millions of people can turn to for help. Move For Hunger and Respage are committed to doing their part to fight for the families, children, seniors, and vulnerable communities who lack reliable access to affordable, nutritious food.

About Move For Hunger:

Move For Hunger is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has created a sustainable way to reduce food waste and fight hunger. We have mobilized the leaders of moving, relocation, and multifamily industries to provide their customers, clients, and residents with the opportunity to donate their food when they move. Members of Move For Hunger also organize community food drives, participate in awareness campaigns, and create employee engagement programs. For more information, or to find out how you can host your own food drive, visit

About Respage:

For almost 2 decades, Respage has partnered with multifamily companies to create extraordinary renting results. Through our trusted social media and reputation management platform, our highly-effective paid search, social advertising, and SEO services, our robust survey and star ratings platform, and our cutting-edge A.I. chatbot + live chat technology, we show our customers more qualified leads, satisfied residents, better star ratings, and ultimately signed leases. We serve as the leading provider of apartment marketing services for thousands of communities nationwide.

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Celebrity Choreographer and Musician David Sincere Joins the HausHill Entertainment Family with ‘Industry Top 10’ (Visual Podcast)

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- HausHill Entertainment, a Los Angeles based broadcast, creative media, distribution and entertainment company and David Sincere, celebrity choreographer and renowned musician - ink a collaborative 3 season deal for the "Industry Top 10" Visual Podcast.

Spanning across all major audio and digital outlets, Industry Top 10 is scheduled to air every Sunday on the HausHill Entertainment Networks, including the free HausHill Entertainment app for iOS and Google Play devices.

Industry Top 10 visual podcast is an authentic and opinionated, weekly countdown show, that takes both listeners and viewers through a weekly top 10 in music, fashion and film. Each episode aims to bring awareness to some of entertainments most famed artists, movies, musicians and iconic times in pop culture & society.

#IT10 joins the HausHill Entertainment growing network of curated podcasts for diverse creators on a variety of topics. Released in near-real time, the audience will witness both nostalgic and comical nods on who's the "best of the best," on the Industry Top 10 visual podcast, hosted by David Sincere.

"What a better time than to have raw, east-coast, genius level talent added to our creative family," said Jovon Pavielle, Director of HausHill Entertainment.

Recorded in Jamaica Queens, New York area, Industry Top 10 will be available for streaming on Sundays at 10 a.m. on the HausHill Entertainment Networks at

Download episodes of Industry Top 10 visual podcast hosted by David Sincere by visiting or by downloading the HausHill Entertainment App (iOS, Google Play).

Apple Music - David Sincere:

VIDEO: Best of David Sincere Choreography (Music Videos):

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Alliances and Partnerships, Business, Free News Articles, VAR and IT Consulting™ and TECVINE Offer the Next Generation of AI

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. --, provider of a proprietary pre-trained artificial intelligence solution called Willow™ that analyzes insights, automates workflows, and optimizes everyday business tasks, announces today its new partnership with TECVINE, a leading provider of network, cloud, and mobility infrastructure solutions for enterprise organizations.

Today's announcement enhances's current renowned intelligent self-learning solutions by putting it into the hands of a prominent integration partner that specializes in advanced technologies that solve complex business issues at scale.

Allen Wills, CEO, TECVINE says, "It is mission critical for enterprise companies to cost-effectively utilize AI to drive immediate revenues, eliminate organizational costs, and improve upon their competitive advantages and this new partnership allows them to do just that and more."

The and TECVINE alliance will focus on offering organizations a seamless solution that includes advanced AI, infrastructure technologies, and complete system integration. "We are very excited to partner with TECVINE," says Brian Kennedy, CEO,, "this partnership builds on each organization's successes. Combining our AI, Willow, with the turnkey integration solution that TECVINE provides is a natural fit and second to none. This partnership will extend our shared success to our respective markets as well as new ones."

About provides the next generation of artificial intelligence solutions by creating private customized networks that sync people with AI. Its proprietary artificial intelligence called Willow™ fuses advanced intelligence with subject matter experts to develop end-to-end business solutions that empower end users and help organizations to rapidly grow, cut costs, and optimize results. To learn more, visit


TECVINE assists enterprise businesses in establishing a customized highly dynamic technical infrastructure. Its turnkey technical advisory services help them to select and implement appropriate enterprise technologies that will solve their complex business issues. The company's leadership brings over 35 years of trusted, industry experience overseeing the implementation of best-in-class solutions for mobility, networking, and cloud. For more information, please visit

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OverSightMD Successfully Pilots COVID-19 Tracking and Screening Solution with Tenafly Teen Summer Camp Keeping Campers and Staff Safe

MILPITAS, Calif. -- The OverSightMD COVID-19 tracking and screening solution was instrumental in providing a safe environment for campers and staff while demonstrating the benefits of routine wellness screenings. The Tenafly Teen Summer Camp in Tenafly, New Jersey deployed the OverSightMD COVID-19 solution prior to the first day of camp and was able to maintain a COVID-19 free camp for the duration of the summer camp schedule.

"The OverSightMD COVID-19 tracking and screening solution was easy to deploy to my campers, their family, and our staff," said Mark Slawson, Director of Youth Services / Director of Summer Teen Camp. "Our summer program would not have been possible this year without the daily tracking and screening services from OverSightMD. They provided our families and staff the confidence to push forward with opening our camp for activities."

Every day the parents and guardians completed wellness screening checks for their children through the OverSightMD mobile friendly platform. All camp staff and administrators reported in daily as well. Temperatures were taken and logged daily by a trained staff member. All COVID-19 possible alerts were addressed quickly and through defined protocols to limit exposure to the camp and community. Through the daily screenings this local community was able to return to some sense of normalcy for their children's summertime activities.

"The partnership with Tenafly Teen Summer Camp in New Jersey was an awesome success. We proved our long-established wellness assessment services could easily be applied to school settings for parents, students, and staff," said Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD Inc. "We are fully capable of supporting any school or district in the country. We just recently assisted a private school in California to obtain a waiver from local authorities to reopen classrooms early with the assistance of OverSightMD."

OverSightMD can quickly be deployed to assist any size school or district. OverSightMD was recently adopted by Mulberry School, a private school in Los Gatos, California for COVID-19 screening. OverSightMD's collection and analysis of health symptoms, vital signs and individual COVID exposure helps schools mitigate their risk associated to COVID-19. The OverSightMD platform provides the insights necessary to take preventative measures alongside following CDC, local, and state guidelines to create a safer environment.

The OverSightMD COVID-19 solution includes:
* HIPAA Compliant Software Platform
* Mobile Friendly Interface
* Data Monitoring by Nurses
* COVID Test Tracking
* Contract Tracing Documentation
* Quarantine Compliance Tracking

The OverSightMD mobile web application allows parents or employees to report symptoms, vital signs, and answer COVID-19 exposure questions easily into a HIPAA-compliant web-based platform from the privacy of their home. The platform maintains a live COVID dashboard and generates detailed reports for school administrators to quickly access information about any COVID exposure across their school community. School administrators can act on this real-time information to prevent spreading to other students and faculty by following their state issued COVID-19 guidelines and OverSightMD COVID-19 tracking recommendations.

COVID-19 testing can be made available to participating schools and districts with test results integrated into each student's or employee's personal health record.

OverSightMD has years of experience providing its healthcare platform and oversight services to hospital systems and providers and is well-equipped to support schools during this pandemic. The OverSightMD platform is simple for parents to use and very effective at quickly highlighting risks for school administrators.

Schools and districts can learn more about the OverSightMD's COVID-19 Tracking and Screening platform at:

About OverSightMD:

OverSightMD ( formed in 2013 is the national leader in population oversight and patient-driven care management. The OverSightMD cloud platform and monitoring technology empowers hospitals, post-acute providers, and in-home care companies to function as a proactive healthcare delivery system to reduce hospital readmissions and improve outcomes. OverSightMD's continuous population management provides seamless exchange of relevant health and wellness data that enables providers to deliver timely, effective care, and team management through real-time dashboards, analytics, and comprehensive tracking tools.

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Lotsa Helping Hands and Papa Partner as Senior and Patient In-Home Care Faces New Challenges During COVID

MIAMI, Fla. -- Papa and Lotsa Helping Hands, two companies dedicated to providing seniors and patients living at home with support and caregiving assistance, are ensuring that these individuals continue to have the support they need amidst the pandemic's impact on the ability of working caregivers to stay at home.

A recent study from CMS shows that 1/3 of employees have left a position to care for a loved one as the duties of caregiving became too burdensome. This issue was recently highlighted by the New York Times and Washington Post as COVID-19 leads to increased demands on working caregivers.

"The level of effort it takes to care for a loved one with a medical condition or who is aging is tremendous. Caregivers go to heroic lengths, and the support of family, friends, and community that Lotsa facilitates is essential," says Matt McCabe, Managing Director of Lotsa Helping Hands. "But even that cannot cover all the needs. Compassionate third-party help is essential as well, and that is why we are thrilled about this partnership with Papa to support caregivers, patients, and seniors holistically."

Lotsa Helping Hands is a web and mobile application that allows caregivers to easily coordinate caregiving tasks and communication with other individuals providing support for their loved one. When supplemental support is needed for key tasks, caregivers can now lean on Papa's network to provide reliable, compassionate service.

Papa's program is fueled by students referred to as Papa Pals. They provide companionship, light house chores, transportation, and technology assistance. Through this partnership, the "Pals" are performing a number of tasks to support the needs of caregivers on the Lotsa Helping Hands platform. Tasks include ordering groceries and refilling prescriptions, cooking meals, helping members with non-essential and medical appointment transportation, and providing companionship as an extension of the Lotsa Helping Hands caregiving community.

During these uncertain times, Papa and Lotsa Helping Hands are uniting to ensure that seniors and patients continue to receive the caregiving support they need, even as COVID is pulling caregivers out of the home. Seniors and patients are particularly vulnerable to the impact of COVID from a health perspective but meeting social and emotional needs is equally important and a vital factor in physical health as well.

About Papa

Papa - Family On-Demand is a Miami startup that provides assistance and companionship to older adults and families throughout Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, California, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas. Papa launched their service in January of 2018.

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About Lotsa Helping Hands

Lotsa Helping Hands is dedicated to helping family, friends and communities support individuals in need of assistance while living at home. Patients often have difficulty asking for help, whether through embarrassment or simple inability. Caregivers are overwhelmed and the traditional methods of organizing via phone calls, email or text is onerous. Volunteers--friends, family, and community groups--want to help but often do not know what is needed. Lotsa addresses this need through a tech-enabled care calendar that allows caregivers to easily coordinate caregiving responsibilities such as transportation, meal preparation, visitation, medication compliance, and home maintenance across family, friends, and healthcare professionals.

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