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Enthusiasm Filled the Lake as Scuba Divers Came Together for International Scuba’s 6th Annual Ice Hole Festival on Feb 6, 2023, at Lake Okoboji, IA

LAKE OKOBOJI, Iowa -- Scuba divers from Canada, Mexico, and the USA joined International Scuba's 6th Annual Ice Hole Festival. The week started off with pro level scuba diving training. There were several people to help gear up. As soon as you are out of the water, our hospitality team takes over, with a cup of hot soup, drinks and more food. All while other divers help take your kit off.

Once you are warmed up you rotate into a support position. This is the secret that brings everyone together. The amount of coordinated teamwork is nonnegotiable, and everyone takes their job seriously.

Instructors and even a course director got their certifications on site. International Scuba showed how training agencies can work well together with PADI and SSI both sharing the hole to create new ice diving professionals. With our new instructors and the group's experience, they had things running smoothly all week.

PADI, one of our title sponsors has stepped up big for several years. On loan for the weekend is Charles Dupont, ice diving expert and PADI Rep for much of Canada. SSI also showed up to represent. Mark R Scott III has been a large portion of our program. It took a year to fully embrace this PADI and SSI effort, but it works, and all of us are winners for it. Fourth Element was our first sponsor and a serious asset to the Ice Hole Festival. International Scuba also welcomed Boji Divers. They conducted most of the salvage on the lake by cutting the hole. Cutting ice is no easy chore.

"Our mission was to create ice divers from the top down, and I believe this festival has a very strong group of Instructors and Course Directors, ready to take us forward every year," says Rich Thomas, Owner and Operator of International Scuba.

Next year's event is already in the books. Save the date: February 8 through 11, 2024. Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

Dive Shops: reach out to receive promotional materials. Early bird shops will benefit with links to sign up in our ice hole shop locater, posters, and a minimum of one industry wide press release.

If you are interested in getting involved with shops that want to build scuba, visit International Scuba here: Or call 972-416-8400.

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Introducing Flushmaster: The World’s First Portable Automatic Outboard Engine Flushing System for Single and Multi-Engine Boats

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Seamule, LLC, a trailblazer in solutions simplifying life around the water, proudly presents its groundbreaking new product - Flushmaster - the world's first portable outboard engine flushing system. Engineered to streamline the process of flushing outboard engines after use, this innovative system not only promotes engine longevity but also saves significant time and water.

Housed in a portable marine-grade waterproof box, the Flushmaster system sequentially flushes each engine, utilizing the full force of your water pressure for optimal flushing. Compatible with one to four outboard engines, a boater simply connects the device's outlet hoses to their outboards' flushing ports, presses ON, then START, and the Flushmaster handles the rest.

With the Flushmaster system controlling the water supply, there is no need to touch the water source valve after installation. Portable and versatile, the system can easily accompany you to the marina or can be permanently installed near your boat. Flushmaster is a game-changer for boat owners, simplifying engine maintenance and extending the life of their boats.

"We are thrilled to bring Flushmaster to market, a true plug-and-play and easy-to-use solution to flushing boat engines," said Cayman Ellis, President of Flushmaster. "Our cutting-edge technology streamlines the engine flushing process, saving our customers time and water while ensuring their boats remain well-maintained for years to come."

You can see Flushmaster in action in this YouTube video:

The Flushmaster outboard flushing system is now available for purchase. For more information, visit or contact Seamule at (855) 732-6853 or

About Seamule:

Seamule is all about moving things around the water, as easily as possible. Whether you are floating in the pool, heading to the beach, or going boating - Seamule has a product for you. Our newest product, the Flushmaster, simplifies the process of flushing your outboard boat engines. Connect your hoses, push a button, and walk away! Learn more:

"Let the mule do the work!"

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Media Advisory: Safety training experience and experts available to discuss safety in Offshore, Wind, Maritime, and Industrial industries at FMTC Safety in Houma, Louisiana

HOUMA, La. -- FMTC, Fire and Medical Training Center, in Houma Louisiana, is inviting reporters to experience a variety of safety training courses for the Oil, Gas, Wind, and Offshore industries on October 20, 2022 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in honor of October's National Fire Safety Month. Reporters will get a chance to experience the real dangers of working and living at sea: how to escape from a sinking helicopter, how to approach a fire on a platform, and much more.

Here is a video impression of what to expect:

Safety experts

In addition, several safety experts will be available on request, such as Winona "Bebe" Mahler McElroy, the founder of On-Site Training & Instruction in 1989. She was the first woman firefighter in Houma. FMTC Center Manager, Kaylab Verdin, who has more than 15 years of experience in the offshore and safety industry will also be available to discuss safety topics.

The following safety training courses will be offered to participate in:

OSHA Fire Training

The OSHA Fire Watch Incipient Fire training is designed to teach personnel to properly perform fire watch duties, which include controlling workplace ignition sources (smoking, burning, welding).

OPITO HUET Helicopter Training

The OPITO HUET training is designed to inform about the security aspects on board a helicopter and the potential hazards and emergencies that can occur during transport. Various emergencies such as an emergency landing on the water will be rehearsed in the FMTC's training pool using the training helicopter.

GWO Sea Survival Course

The GWO Sea Survival Training is especially intended for people working in the Offshore Wind Industry. The theory is practiced during various exercises in the swimming pool to become well prepared for risky situations such as being alone in water or with multiple survivors.

GWO Working at Heights

The GWO Working at Heights will teach about the risks associated with working at heights. Several necessary safety skills will be learned such as how to secure yourself and your colleagues in threatening situations high up in wind turbines.

Statistics safety incidents at work

The latest safety incidents statistics come from 2020. In that year, there were 2.7 million non-fatal workplace safety incidents reported and there were 4.764 recorded fatal workplace safety incidents according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

About FMTC Safety:

FMTC Safety is the safety training center for Offshore training, Wind training, Maritime training, and Industry training offering certified training according to international standards. The company's goal is to smartly and sustainably enhance safety in the workplace with respect for people, the planet, and the environment. FMTC's unique selling point is its client-based approach. The client always decides when they want to train and where the training will take place. At this moment, FMTC has 8 training locations around the world. Five locations are in The Netherlands, one in Dunkirk, France, one in Houma, Lousiana, USA, and one in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.

For more information, please visit:

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Son Of Canada’s Youngest Master Mariner Shares His Father’s Thrilling Adventures in Debut Novel

CARBONEAR, Newfoundland -- The life and adventures of one of Canada's unknown heroes is brought to life in Philip Earle's debut novel, "I'll Go the Length of Meself: The Story of Newfoundland's Daring Rascal, Captain Guy Earle, North America's Youngest Master Mariner" (ISBN: 978-0228869597).

As a boy sailing the North Atlantic on his father's schooners, Captain Guy Earle became a brilliant navigator and coastal captain at 16, and then, after falsifying his age by three years to successfully write the exam, he became a master mariner at 18 - the youngest registered master mariner in history. Retold by his son, Philip Earle, the novel explores Captain Guy's daring adventures, his seafaring life, and touches on the lives the dear Captain helped in his decades on the water.

"Many people who knew my father asked me to write Guy's story. But my main motivation was because I found my father to be the most incredible man I have ever known," says author Philip Earle when asked why he wrote the book. "When I was a boy, I thought everybody's father must be like Superman, but the longer I have lived, it is obvious to me that no one was like Skipper Guy."

Released in March 2022, "I'll Go the Length of Meself" is already receiving rave reviews. IndieReader celebrates the novel as "not only a touching tribute to Skipper Guy Earle, but also a warm, nostalgic look back at an entire culture and its character and values," with Kirkus Reviews describing it as "an intriguing account of a Newfoundland mariner's impressive life."

PHILIP EARLE hopes to showcase his father's legacy as a great mariner, businessman, humanitarian and exhibitionist, along with many other attributes. "There will never be another Guy Earle, there couldn't be. This is his story, and I'm proud to share it."

To learn more, visit

"I'll Go the Length of Meself: The Story of Newfoundland's Daring Rascal, Captain Guy Earle, North America's Youngest Master Mariner" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $27) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Author: Phil Earle


Released: MARCH 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 9780228869597

HARDCOVER ISBN-13: 9780228869603

EBOOK ISBN-13: 9780228869610

Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( ).

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FMTC Safety Continues Expansion with On-Site Training & Instruction Acquisition

HOUMA, La. -- FMTC Safety is continuing its global expansion in the Offshore, Wind, Maritime, and Industry sectors by acquiring Houma-based On-Site Training & Instruction. With this acquisition, the Houma location now offers certified OPITO training, a safety training for Oil, Gas, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workers. Later this year, the company will obtain the certified STCW accreditation and offer various STCW training courses, safety training for seafarers which will make FMTC Safety the first and only one-stop-shop for workplace safety courses in the USA.

Besides Houma, FMTC has five locations in The Netherlands, one in Dunkirk, France, and one in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. FMTC offers compliant training according to domestic and international accrediting standards such as GWO, STCW, OSHA, OPITO, and customized training for all sectors.

International certification, same family business:

The acquisition of On-Site Training & Instruction by FMTC Safety originates from a solid 3-year partnership between the two companies. The partnership in Houma was FMTC's first international experience and turned FMTC from a national Dutch company into a global company. Acquiring the Houma location is seen as the start of expanding further in the USA.

By combining the strengths of both companies, the Houma location is now able to offer training in accordance with the OSHA standards, and the newest international standards. In addition, the facilities have been improved, and courses can now be booked online at any given moment the client prefers. In addition, FMTC guarantees that courses always take place, even with just one trainee. Besides these modernizations of the Houma-based company, the course additions, and the new name, the company is still run by the same trusted employees.

Kaylab Verdin, Center Manager FMTC Houma: "We are delighted that FMTC decided to invest in our company in Houma. FMTC understands our unique company culture. We now work under the FMTC banner, but we are still the same devoted family business. And even though Winona 'Bebe' Mahler McElroy, the founder of On-Site, has now retired, her son Alfred Fox is still as involved as always as we continue to help our clients to the safest work environments with our dedicated team."

First woman founder and CEO:

Winona "Bebe" Mahler McElroy founded On-Site in 1989. She was the first woman founder and CEO in the male-dominated safety industry. Breaking through tradition and stereotypes, Winona McElroy became the first woman firefighter in Houma. She was known for taking every possible safety training she could, which eventually led to her being asked to teach a Hazmat training, a course for dealing with dangerous substances. Soon many other companies caught on and asked her to be their safety instructor as well.

"At that time, I was driving around Houma with a 10 lb. extinguisher in my jeep and I was getting paid by teaching hundreds of men working with hazardous material. As a woman, when I proactively started offering safety courses to companies, many thought I was just a sales representative. They were all amazed that I was the one teaching the courses and it was my company. This is how I got started and founded On-Site Training & Instruction in the late eighties. I am happy that On-Site is in such good hands with FMTC and they continue to bring safety to the workplace!"

About FMTC Safety:

FMTC Safety is the safety training center for Offshore training, Wind training, Maritime training, and Industry training offering certified training according to international standards. The company's goal is to smartly and sustainably enhance safety in the workplace with respect for people, the planet, and the environment. FMTC's unique selling point is its client-based approach. The client always decides when they want to train and where the training will take place. At this moment, FMTC has 9 training locations around the world. Two locations are in The Netherlands, one in Dunkirk, France, one in Houma, Louisiana, USA, and one in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

For more information, please visit:


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World Yacht Group Unveils Project Artemis – A Green-built and Environmentally Friendly Yacht That Has It All

MIAMI, Fla. -- World Yacht Group, a global yachting firm dedicated to charters, sales, management and new yacht constructions, announces its most recent and best new construction yacht to date - Project Artemis. This eco-friendly, green-built yacht is 150-foot of pure elegance and promises to impress.

Project Artemis, combines a modern and sleek design with a straight bow - a semi-explorer concept. It features a hybrid propulsion system that allows a max range of 5,000 nautical miles. And, while only using the generators as the power source and with a 330kwh battery bank, it can navigate for 3.5h at 7kn (range of 24nm) in full electric mode, creating zero emissions. Its top speed is 16kn.

Designed by renowned naval architects, Karatas Yacht Design, in Istanbul, Turkey and built by Arkin Pruva Yachts in Antalya, Turkey, Project Artemis is the culmination of years of feedback provided by buyers and charter clients.

"It's something special," Joan Plana Palao, co-founder and CEO, World Yacht Group, says. "The number of features for its size is quite amazing. It's innovative perfection."

Some key features include: six double staterooms including two full beam masters, massive deck areas, a 360-foot walk around bridge deck, hydraulic balcony on main salon, beach club lounge, dedicated gym room, full size pool on the main deck, oversize Jacuzzi on the sun deck and much more.

The A/V systems, designed by LA-based, No-Static Pro Audio, are state-of the-art and include a retractable TV on the sundeck for open air cinema nights. And, the interior concept is designed by Istanbul-based CA Architects and Buju Design.

Project Artemis boasts interior light tones and natural materials such as oak wood, marble, timber and bronze and hand-selected furniture from top designers such as Natuzzi, B&B, Minoti, Casamilano and others. Buyers can choose different furniture and make other changes if necessary.

And while many other yachts are running at more than a two-year build time, Project Artemis is completing its build at 20-22 months. The total price is 17,200,000 Euros (approximately $18.9 million US).

For more information and full specs, visit:






Photo link for media:

Photo Caption: Project Artemis by World Yacht Group.

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Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival Returns to Mesquite

MESQUITE, Texas -- Looking forward to spring fishing? Who isn't? Fortunately for those of us still stuck in winter, the 5th annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival is headed to Mesquite on February 26-27, 2022.

Unique to the Texas Fly & Brew is a focus on microbrewery beer. With their paid admission, festival attendees 21 years and older receive tasting tickets to sample a variety of locally handcrafted brews. Breweries selected to participate in this year's event include Four Corners Brewing Co, Hop & Sting, and Tupps. All of the participating breweries will have personnel on hand to explain what sets microbrewed beer apart, why and how certain ingredients yield different flavors, and how to brew and taste different types of beer.

New to the 2022 Texas Fly & Brew is a series of advanced courses for experienced anglers. "We're well-known as a safe space for complete novices--those folks who have never picked up a fly rod in their lives," says Fly & Brew Director Beau Beasley. "Our event draws scores of children, and we have about six times the national average for women's participation, compared to other fishing events. This year, we're stepping up our game to draw experienced anglers, too, with unique, highly specialized courses taught by regional and national experts."

"Advanced Tactics for Fishing Tailwaters" with author and guide Pat Dorsey focuses on how to correctly fish below dams and in cold water rivers.

Full-time saltwater guide Captain Gary Dubiel, owner of Spec Fever Guide Service and a national pro-staffer for Temple Fork Outfitters, offers his unique "How to Locate and Land Monster Redfish ,"a class specifically designed for those who hope to land the redfish of a lifetime.

Interested in fly tying? Fiber Flies Dubbing owner Jim Bensinger will teach a "Beginner Fly Tying" class as well as a "How to Tie Wet Flies" class for intermediate to advanced fly tyers. No gear? No problem: All vises and materials will be provided by Norvise, which is sponsoring Bensinger's classes.

In cooperation with the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation's Take Me Fishing Program, professional guide Karlie Roland will offer a women-only "Becoming an Independent Angler" to help women hone their angling skills and meet their outdoor goals. Don't miss the "Breakfast Meet & Greet" with Karlie and other female anglers, which is open to the public but limited to the first 50 women who sign up online.

The Texas Fly & Brew has partnered with Chris Johnson, owner of Living Waters Fly Shop, to offer a variety of classes specific to the Lone Star State.


"A Man, a Fly Rod & a Kayak," taught by experienced fly fishing guide Jerry Hamon, owner of River Crossing Fly Fishing Guide Service, is for all who hope to fish safely from a kayak. Don't have a kayak yet but looking for pointers on what to buy? Hamon will cover kayak purchasing as well.

At the "Women's Panel: Ask an Expert" class, Dana Williams, former president of Texas Women Fly Fishers, will answer questions from the audience. Cybil Jones of Dagon Apparel Company will discuss how the right clothing will keep you on the water longer and make your fishing experience more enjoyable. Other guest speakers may participate.

New Mexico-based Ron Kless, competitive angler and a Hardy pro-staffer, will be presenting "Euro Nymphing: The Do's & Don'ts."

Looking for just the right kayak? Check out regional pro-staffers from Dallas-based Mariner-Sails.

"This is our 5th annual Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival, but actually anglers and vendors come from across the entire country," says Beasley. "Mesquite has done all it can to make us feel welcome and we look forward to partnering with them again. The spacious Mesquite Convention Center provides more room for vendors and sponsors and even allows specialty food trucks. A wide variety of specialty fly tyers will also be participating."

The Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival was honored to receive several first-place awards in various categories from the 2022 meeting of the Texas Festival & Events Association.

"Our strong showing is thanks in large part to support from Mesquite, our amazing event team, and our excellent social media manager, Cece Liekar of The League Lady," says Beasley. "I accepted the awards on behalf of the Texas Fly & Brew team, but it was definitely a group labor of love to hold the first in-person fly-fishing event in the country since the pandemic. We had a very strong turnout in February 2021, and we expect to set a new record for vendors and attendance in 2022."

Major sponsors of the 5th Annual Texas Fly & Brew include the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, Gangler's North Seal River Lodge, City of Mesquite, Temple Fork Outfitters, Trout Unlimited, Norvise and Fly Tyer.

For more information, visit or call 703-402-8338.

VIDEO (YouTube):

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EPIC Acquires Oversea Insurance Agency – Continues Expansion of its Specialty Offerings

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Edgewood Partners Insurance Center d.b.a. EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants (EPIC) announced today that it has acquired Oversea Insurance Agency trading as Oversea Yacht Insurance (Oversea). Oversea is based in San Diego, CA and Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Founded in 1978, Oversea Yacht Insurance is in its fourth generation as an insurance agency with three specializing in recreational and commercial marine insurance. Oversea represents unique policy offerings with the premier carriers in the insurance industry, providing value and comprehensive boat insurance coverage to yachts ranging from 30 feet to 300 feet, both domestically and internationally.

Oversea Principals Scott Jarvie and John M. Jarvie, II will remain actively involved in the overall organization and contribute their expertise and guidance in this highly niche practice. John Jarvie will serve as Managing Principal of the Yachting Practice.

"After 45 years in the marine insurance business, we are excited about the opportunities ahead with EPIC as this will enable us to expand our capabilities and offerings to clients. By further collaborating with EPIC and the EPIC Select team who are focused on high-net-worth individuals, there will be added benefit to all," said Scott Jarvie, President, Oversea Yacht Insurance. "I look forward to seeing John continue to lead the practice, as we build our collaboration with EPIC."

Adam Meyerowitz, President, EPIC Midwest & Southeast Regions, said, "We are fortunate to have aligned with the Jarvie team and their organization to provide this specialized expertise adding to our experienced and knowledgeable professionals."

About EPIC Brokers & Consultants

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants has more than 2,600 team members operating from more than 80 offices across the U.S., providing Property and Casualty, Employee Benefits, Specialty Programs, and Private Client solutions to EPIC clients. For more information on EPIC, visit:

About Oversea Yacht Insurance

Oversea Yacht Insurance is a family run fourth generation insurance agency with three of those as marine insurance specialty agency with offices in San Diego and Fort Lauderdale. The Oversea team has over 150 years of combined marine insurance experience. They are a fast-growing agency dedicated to offering competitive and unique policy options with the top carriers in its industry, and its seasoned agents work diligently to service clients every need. For more information on Oversea, visit:

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Seattle company developing wave-powered marine platform for ocean science applications

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Oscilla Power, Inc. [OPI] is proud to announce the receipt of a $200k Phase I SBIR grant award from the US Department of Energy to develop a wave energy powered platform for ocean sensing and monitoring systems. This award will help to develop technology that enables offshore instrumentation payloads to be powered by renewable energy from the surrounding ocean waves.

During this work OPI will collaborate with CODAR Ocean Sensors, an expert in high-frequency (HF) radar monitoring, to develop a wave-powered instrumentation platform for an offshore HF radar package. Such a system has the potential to greatly expand the range of existing shore-based environmental monitoring.

During this 9-month project, OPI will work with researchers at ECU's Coastal Studies Institute and Oregon State University to develop the marine platform using state-of-the-art optimization algorithms inspired by nature.

There are currently over 8,000 ocean monitoring platforms deployed world-wide, yet the global oceanographic monitoring system market is still considered to be in its infancy. Existing buoys and sensor platforms either utilize solar panels or disposable batteries, both of which need regular servicing visits. By harnessing energy from ocean waves, these servicing visits can be reduced to near zero, along with the associated waste and carbon emissions.

According to Balky Nair, President of Oscilla Power, "This is a great opportunity for OPI to showcase our technology and create a paradigm shift in the in the way ocean instrumentation will be powered in the future."

If this early work is successful, OPI plans to continue to work with project partners to progress into a full ocean demonstration in 2023. While the marine platform will be developed specifically for CODAR during the project, this R&D will lay the groundwork for a variety of ocean sensor systems.

About Oscilla Power Inc.:

Oscilla Power Inc. is developing advanced technology to extract energy from ocean waves. In addition to the work described here, they are currently completing the construction of the Triton-C prototype, a 100kW wave energy converter that is expected to be tested in Hawaii next year.

Learn more at:

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Pompano Beach to Test SEAHIVE Shoreline Protection System at Wahoo Bay

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Scientists, government officials and citizens concerned about climate change and sea level rise will soon have a new source of data when Wahoo Bay in Pompano Beach launches. This underwater marine park will become a global incubator for the ocean's ecosystem and will test the SEAHIVE™ marine and estuarine shoreline protection system, a research project funded by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (IDEA) in collaboration with FDOT.

The team at Wahoo Bay collaborated with scientists and engineers from the University of Miami's College of Engineering and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science with the hope that green engineering solutions will prove to be superior to traditional measures such as the controversial U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' proposal to wall-off Miami against water.

"There are a variety of potential solutions being discussed to combat sea level rise and protect areas like South Florida from the impacts of flooding, erosion and wave attack," explained Rob Wyre, Chairman of Shipwreck Park. "However, many of the options can be detrimental to the overall ecosystem. Wahoo Bay will play a critical role in helping scientists and government officials test the SEAHIVE system, while the park itself will create an environment for local, national and international scientific experiments and collaboration."

The SEAHIVE™ configuration for Wahoo Bay combines a modular concrete structure with adequate complexity and material composition with mangroves. The projection is that the system will not only reduce flooding and erosion in the area but will be hospitable to sea life, creating an eco-laboratory for Wahoo Bay visitors.

"We are very excited to be collaborating with the team at Wahoo Bay, said Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, an assistant professor of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at the University of Miami who is part of the SEAHIVE™ development team. "They were very enthusiastic about implementing our research in Pompano Beach, and our discussions with Rob Wyre led to the idea of utilizing red mangroves in the design, resonating our ideas towards a 'green-gray' approach. Wahoo Bay will be an important test for the SEAHIVE system and will provide invaluable data as we search for the most viable solutions to preserve coastal areas."

Wahoo Bay is a Shipwreck Park initiative that will be run by the City of Pompano Beach's Parks and Recreation Department and supported by community volunteers.

This educational initiative is expected to begin construction this September and will cost more than $1 million to complete. Additional funding is required, donations can be made at


*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Rendering of Wahoo Bay.

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