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In Uncertain Times, Olerio Homes Breaks Ground on New Development in North Dallas

DALLAS, Texas -- In uncertain times, Lou Olerio, President of Olerio Homes safely continues forward breaking ground on Modella Park, a gated neighborhood with 24 soft-contemporary patio homes.

Modella Park will feature four different floor plans designed by Watson Design Group. Beginning in the high $400's, the location is ideal being just south of Webb Chapel and Forest in Dallas. Olerio saw a need and an opportunity to bring new construction at an affordable price to a location that is still convenient to central Dallas.

Olerio, who has built close to 300 homes in Dallas, Texas says this development is exciting due to the combination of price point, quality product and location.

Unique Resume Gives Olerio Insight

As a Stockbroker during stock market crash of 2001 and developing Olerio Homes during the downturn in 2008, Olerio goes into the COVID-19 crisis with economic advice and experience.

He emphasizes taking precautions and altering the way we work but not stopping, especially with home building deemed an essential business operating under given guidelines.

"In any disruption, there are always opportunities. There are ways to identify the opportunities and you have to figure out how to take advantage of them. While it doesn't feel like it at the time, hindsight is 2020."

Olerio continues saying, "Since the city is on a shelter-in-place there are no open houses or showing and we will definitely see a slowdown of houses going under contract. But that will create opportunities to buy where people are getting cold feet."

For those wondering why it is good economically for construction to continue, with safety precautions implemented by the CDC and the City of Dallas, Olerio explains it is due to labor costs, "If we shut down completely that would be a major blow to the economic opportunities in North Texas leading to a labor shortage. If we keep working, we will reduce the pressures that come along with price increases that are associated with a shortage of labor."

He goes on to explain this further emphasizing the number of people it employs and that housing is always in demand. Having housing prices rise due to lack of demand is not what the economy needs.

As a company, Olerio Homes is utilizing software and taking advantage of this time. They are upgrading their website, implementing new software that will allow clients to view actual sections virtually in the homes and having 3-D models of new construction homes created.

About Olerio Homes

With an eye for classical design that follows innovative function, Olerio Homes ( creates comfortable homes with timeless appeal. A passion for making the Dallas-Fort Worth area the best place on earth to call home guides everything they do.

Learn more at:

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*Caption: Olerio Homes' latest development, Modella Park, featuring a gated neighborhood with 24 patio homes designed by Watson Design Group.

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DAPA Products Shares Reasons to Upgrade Product Quality

JASPER, Ala. -- DAPA Products, a window and door components manufacturer, shares reasons to upgrade supplies with virgin raw materials. DAPA realized early in their manufacturing establishment that many suppliers received less than quality products. DAPA wanted to change the industry. They provide quality supplies and stand behind each of their products, 100%. Suppliers around the globe depend on DAPA for high-quality supplies of extruded plastic products, window and door components, as well as upholstery products.

DAPA considers the following elements that make great products:

1. Streamlining the Process

When it comes to upholstery and fenestration products, streamlining involves three aspects. These are the system, the materials, and the process.

2. The System Is Key

The system of providing customers with excellent products does not include price consideration, according to DAPA. Their only concern is making the highest quality fenestration products. Through steady growth, DAPA began mixing materials and producing the DAPA Foam Spline. Foam spline was an innovation in the industry that significantly improved outcomes for screen industry workers.

3. The Right Materials

DAPA made it a mission from the beginning to use and produce only the highest quality of products. By using only the best virgin raw materials, DAPA can manufacture and provide this quality material in upholstery products. DAPA are specialists in the unique contours, complexity in design, and the highest precision requirements.

4. The Process Makes It Best

Due to the Foam Spline focus, DAPA increased its number of extrusion lines and production time to 24 hours a day. Along with the significant products of Foam Welt Cord and Foam Spline, DAPA provides multiple other products for this market and many others.

All companies can provide designs to order, but very few can give the order on time and with materials that last, as DAPA has always done.

5. Commitment

DAPA provides customers with the highest quality, on-time orders. This means competition, however, DAPA will not risk quality in order to give a cheaper cost. The quality that is provided to the customer will always remain the highest standards.

DAPA continues its growth with new products such as braided welt cord. As wholesale upholstery product suppliers, DAPA continues to advance in window screen products, as well as the window screen components our customers demand. The focus of DAPA is always customer first and only the highest quality product.

The DAPA Products team has a complete commitment to providing customers with the best service and highest quality products on the market! Customers love our commitment to bringing them the lowest possible prices as well. Contact a member of the team today at 1-800-229-3181 or visit to find out about getting the perfect spline to fit your needs.

About DAPA Products:

DAPA Products is known, not just for the Foam Welt Cord, but the highly demanded Foam Screen Spline, along with many more goods in the window, door, and upholstered furniture industries and braided products for the upholstery furniture industry. DAPA runs several extrusion lines 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Foam Screen Spline has helped to reduce the stress of screening and now is the favored choice for many major manufacturers. Thanks to the support of our many friends and customers, a small beginning has proved to be highly successful. Foam Welt Cord and Foam Screen Spline are still our main products but we now provide many other products for these markets and several other industries.

Learn more at:

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Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago Offering A Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair Service

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, a specialist in the garage and its door repair, installation, and maintenance, launched a garage door opener service for customers in the Chicago area. The garage door opener service will deal with one of the most important parts of the garage door.

When this part is damaged or broken, the garage door won't be able to open. It can cause damage to the car when its owner wants to put the car inside the garage. The new garage door opener service isn't only limited to the repair service. This service will also include the installation and upgrade for the new opener part for improving the garage door performance. The service will be handled by their expert team that has many experiences in this industry.

The CEO of Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, Darren Brown, stated, "Every part of a garage door is interconnected with each other. When these parts worked, the garage door also won't give any problem. We know that the garage door opener is one of the important parts of those many parts. This is also one of many reasons why we now provide a garage-door-opener-focused service for our client. We know that if this part doesn't receive proper treatment, our clients won't be able to use their garage door properly. We believe with this service, our client will have a peaceful mind, as their garage door will have every solution they need."

The garage door opener repair Chicago becomes one of the perfect additions to this company's services. Previously, the client could use their service to repair the spring, cable, and garage door track. The client also can ask for maintenance service as well as installation help. The client can also call the service and get the same-day service provided by the experienced and skilled team of experts from this company. With plenty of services available, it is not surprising if the client gives positive feedback.

One client said, "When I try to find garage door repair near me, I almost give up because many of them don't provide the service I need for fixing my garage door. Until my friend recommends Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, maybe I won't be able to use my garage door. So, thank you for your service. Your teamwork is amazing, and they are kind to the client."

About Garage Door Repair Solution Chicago

Garage Door Repair Solution Chicago is a company focusing on garage door repair and installation service. One of their services is garage door opener installation and repair.

For more information, visit: or

Media Contact:
Darren Brown, Phone: (773) 303-6639
Full Address: 5242 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

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Garage Doors Boston Launched Garage Doors Spring Repairing Services

BOSTON, Mass. -- Garage Doors Boston, a chief provider of garage door repair services, has launched garage door repair New Boston MI services. The garage door repair Boston has emerged as one of the key contenders for the top five positions in the list of the key players in this industry. The management has taken very intelligent steps in the recent times and efforts can be clearly seen in the turnovers that the company has been raking annually over the last three to four years or so.

Much has been talked about the services it has been offering, more so because of the quality the management has maintained constantly. Stephanie James, a senior marketing manager, said, "All hasn't been smooth for us ever since we opened shop in Boston. Winning the people's hearts and trust takes a lot of time. However, we never lost patience. Our commitment to offer the best possible service and our perseverance certainly bore fruits over the years."

"Hard work always pays and we believe in that whole-heartedly. There have been times when we were not sure which path to take and what strategies to implement. Our customers were the ones who stood beside us always and showed the way. Just a thank you would always be an understatement. We owe a major part of our success to them and that goes without saying. When it comes to garage door repair in Boston, our experts have been brilliant and the exceptional dedication towards serving the clients are really praiseworthy," James added.

The CEO commentated, "If customers detect some issues with your garage door springs, people must immediately contact us. Small problems in the springs can pose a big threat. Springs and cables are actually tense parts and therefore, utmost care needs to be taken. A wrong move might release their tension and that might lead to tragic incidents. So, people have to be extremely cautious about not letting such things happen. We are there to help them avert any untoward incident. We are trying to offer full-spectrum garage door services."

About the Company

Garage Doors Boston is popular for repairing and servicing garage doors in Boston, Massachusetts.

To know more, visit:

Full Address: Newmarket Square. Boston, MA. 02118

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Garden City Plumbing & Heating Partners with United Way of Missoula County

MISSOULA, Mont. -- Garden City Plumbing & Heating today announces their partnership with the United Way of Missoula County. In response to the fallout of the COVID-19 virus, the United Way has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. Since their founding in 1985, Garden City has prided itself on being a local and family-owned company.

To help further support the local community through these trying times, Garden City Plumbing and Heating has decided to donate (until further notice) 1% of every HVAC service call to support the United Way's Emergency Assistance Fund.

"We are Garden City. Yes, we are Garden City Plumbing & Heating; but, we are a part of The Garden City (Missoula)," says Bill Schaff, President at Garden City Plumbing & Heating. "We are all in this together, and we will do everything possible to support our community to get through this tough time."

All donations to United Way of Missoula County's COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund will support:
* Service workers temporarily out of work or working greatly reduced hours
* People without health care or access to health care
* Trusted non-profit partners that work closely with populations most at risk

If you have any HVAC service needs and would like to contact Garden City, or would like to learn how to donate directly, visit

About Garden City Plumbing & Heating:

Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been serving the residents and businesses of Missoula, Montana since 1985. As a family-owned and operated business, their focus is ensuring the reliability, comfort, and safety of their customer's plumbing and HVAC systems. Over the years, they have built an outstanding reputation for customer service and excellence in their work.

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Capitol Fence Shares Public Safety Tips Around Automatic Gates

AUSTIN, Texas -- Capitol Fence & Deck of Austin, Texas, learned there are an estimated 300 ER visits due to injuries from automated gates. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) notes that most serious injuries occur around public access gates found at an apartment building, condominiums, and gated communities. Electric gates installed in these places are often outdated and no longer meet current safety guidelines.

Austin Electric Gates Safety Tips

If a home has an automatic security gate in Austin, children and vulnerable adults should learn these safety tips:
* Avoid "pinch points." Never stick hands, arms, feet, legs, or the head through gate openings.
* Check that a nationally recognized laboratory tested the automated gate, typically the ETL or UL.
* Don't play on or around the automatic gate.
* Never walk on foot through an automated gate intended for vehicles only. Use the separate pedestrian entrance at all times.

Risks of Automated Gates

Automated gate systems are subject to few safeguards and restrictions. "Safety by design," the belief that something well designed and adequately assembled will be safe, is the default for electronic gates. The most significant risk comes from improper installation.

Correctly installed gates still have these common risks:
* Crushing: Gates close with an individual in their path
* Drawing in: Gates catch on clothing and pulls the individual into their path
* Entrapment: Gates trap the individual while opening or closing
* Hooking: A protruding part of the gate system catches on the individual or their clothing
* Impact: An individual struck while the gate is opening or closing. The individual moves out of the way before becoming entrapped
* Shearing: Gates damage a parallel object such as a wall; shearing incidents can derail a gate system

Automatic gate systems operate until the gates are either fully closed or fully open. The gates don't react to outside influences, which is where most of the danger arises.

Get a Professional to Install an Automatic Gate Safely

Although automatic gate systems in Austin residential homes are potentially dangerous when installed or misused, they're not unsafe overall. When used correctly and given appropriate care, automatic gates can be a useful and safe way to let people in and keep people out of housing development.

Hire professional Austin entry gate installers when you need repairs or a new gate. Although fly-by-night installation companies are cheap, they're also more dangerous.

When searching for an automatic fence gate, Austin residents should always look for a certified installer. Capitol Fence & Deck is certified to correctly and safely install your automated gate system and meets UL 325 standards.

About Capitol Fence & Deck

Capitol Fence and Deck has been providing the top-level design and functionality for residential fences since 1992 in Austin, Texas. Delivering and installing custom wood, plank, chain link, privacy, wrought iron, and many other types of fences along with walk gates, entry gates, handrails, and much more, there are no other fence contractors throughout the Greater Austin Area that can match our selection and customer service.

Capitol Fence and Deck has built a strong history of exceptional customer support and service. Quality is one of the most essential aspects of any Austin Fence Company and when you want the best, only Capitol Fence and Deck will do.

Learn more at:

*(LOGO 72dpi:

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Vista Park Developers Have Secured Full Project Team for New Residential Development in Lamesa, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas -- Vista Park, LLC developers, Ron Smith, President at Smith Wealth Advisors, and Myles Richards, announced today that they have signed agreements with all of the key development team members, moving the Vista Park, LLC residential development project closer to an anticipated ground-breaking in June or July of 2020, pending City of Lamesa approval.

The Vista Park, LLC development offices, located at 6836 Bee Caves Road, Suite 272 in Austin, Texas, in partnership with Myles Richards Construction, Inc, General Contractor for the Vista Park, LLC development, will oversee construction of nearly 360 residential rental units, representing the largest modular construction project in Texas history.

Agreements have been signed for the following roles:

Geo-Tech: PaveTex, Cole Hutson; Civil Engineering: Kimley-Horn, Joe Fraccaro & Sarah Scott are leading the project for the civil design; Architect: Artekta Architects, Jeff Morrau; Structural Engineer: Liberty Engineering Group, Adam Adams; Mechanical Engineer: JPK Engineers, Jamie Kronbeck; Electrical Engineer: Vareberg Engineering, Troy Vareberg; Modular Fabrication: TatumTek, Edwin Tatum CEO & President & Jason Carter Director of Manufacturing & Construction; General Contractor: Myles Richards Construction Inc., Myles Richards, President & Partner; Finance: Knightsbridge Capital, Michael Hunter; Pre-leasing and Property Management: Capstone Real Estate Services, Inc., Matt Lutz VP. Pre-construction Marketing and Public Relations: GlobalSpeed AdGroup, Montgomery Miller; Real Estate: Keller-Williams Real Estate, Deedra Cope; Sharon Youngblood Realty and other realtors.

"This team," explains Myles Richards, President & Partner at Myles Richards Construction, "has literally hundreds of years of combined experience in building successful developments. For the first phase of the Vista Park, LLC project we will construct nearly 360 rental units and expect to break ground in June or July of 2020."

"I think we have a great team," explains Smith, "and I'm ready to get started."

About Myles Richards Construction, Inc.:

Myles Richards Construction, Inc. is a full-service building corporation specializing in high-quality and distinctive luxury homes modular developments, construction development, remodeling and commercial building.

Founded in 1998 by Myles Richards, the Colorado-based company has developed strong working relationships with the finest architects and subcontractors available through its high profile presence in Condominium and Townhome Developments, high-end Luxury Custom Homes, Hospitality, Modular Developments and the Commercial market. Myles' dedication to quality craftsmanship and high-end construction is exemplified in the company's mission statement of creating an exceptional and unique building experience for each and every client they work with.

The company has built projects ranging from 1,100 to 35,000 sq. ft. including small gems, luxury homes, townhomes, a club house, an Aspen Boutique Hotel, and numerous commercial projects. For the past 30 years Myles has maintained a solid reputation for providing clients with an outstanding construction process that is cost effective and maintains the highest level of integrity and quality. For further information call: 970-414-8204 or email:

About Smith Wealth Advisors:

Smith Wealth Advisors is a full-service financial services and consulting firm offering its clients guidance and financial advisory services in retirement planning, investment research, Securities products, 401(k) management and access to global capital markets. Smith Wealth Advisors is a registered Member of FINRA and SIPC and is regulated by the office of the Texas Secretary of State. All Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services carry risk. Smith Wealth Advisors cannot guarantee future financial results. Smith Wealth Advisors may not provide tax or legal advice. Always consult a tax expert or attorney regarding specific legal and tax related matters.

For further information call: 512-330-9161 or visit today.

Media Contact Information:
Contact: Ron Smith, 512-330-9161

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Energy Optimizers, USA Awarded as The Sole Provider of LED Lighting and Energy Savings Programs to Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC)

DAYTON, Ohio -- Energy Optimizers, USA (EOU) is proud to announce that it has been selected by the Ohio Council of Educational Purchasing Consortia (OCEPC) and its six purchasing co-operatives as the sole provider for its LED Lighting and Energy Savings Program for the third year of the program.

School districts and local governments across the state can now partner with EOU to develop and implement LED lighting, energy savings, and facility improvement projects. More than 450,000 students will benefit from the partnership. Competitive bidding has already been completed, reducing project costs and providing faster design and implementation.

Since 2009, Energy Optimizers, USA has worked with communities to increase energy efficiency in schools, government facilities, businesses, and more. EOU is proud to have the chance to work with school districts and local governments in Ohio to create innovative solutions to improve their facilities.

Implementing LED lights in classrooms not only cuts down on costs for schools and taxpayers, but it also creates a better learning environment for students and teachers alike.

"We are so pleased that the board members of the OCEPC have great confidence in our program, and that the results delivered meet and exceed their project goals," said Belinda Kenley, vice president of business development.

More than $17 million in energy savings projects have been sold to Ohio schools and public entities utilizing this program since 2018.

School administrators seeking either energy savings or facility improvement projects or funding for these projects can reach out to Energy Optimizers, USA by phone at (937) 877-1919 or by emailing Belinda Kenley at

Their experienced team of engineers and analysts will first perform an energy audit to understand the district's immediate facility issues. The team will then strategize and present multiple recommendations on how the district can save money while also improving its facilities.

About Energy Optimizers, USA

Energy Optimizers, USA works with educational, governmental, commercial, and industrial customers to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs. The company was named to the INC. Magazine Top 500 list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S. (2014), was named the Fastest Growing Company in the region for two consecutive years by the Dayton Business Journal (2013, 2014), and was named a finalist in the Dayton Business Journal Best Places To Work competition in 2016.

To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at or call them at (937) 889-9261.

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Kokes Properties Expands to Build In-House Services

BRIELLE, N.J. -- Kokes Properties welcomes two new executives to the full-service real estate organization led by founder and third-generation developer Michael J. Kokes. Matthew Stephens has been named Vice President of Development and Paul Kavka is Project Manager. Stephens and Kavka will be shaping Kokes Properties' entitlement and construction projects.

"Bringing Matt and Paul on board bolsters our team's entitlements and project management," says Michael J. Kokes. "Their years of solid expertise, reputations and industry contacts strengthen Kokes Properties' real estate development mission as the size and scope of our projects increase," he adds.

Matt Stephens' experience spans more than 15 years. The past five years, he served as Senior Project Manager at Toll Brothers overseeing construction, sales and marketing of Toll communities; including the largest Toll community built in New Jersey. During that period, he earned a Master of Engineering degree from University of Alabama at Birmingham. Stephens also spent 10 years building custom homes at the Jersey Shore.

Paul Kavka is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He brings to Kokes Properties years of experience overseeing project design, permitting, approvals and construction coordination. His tenure in the industry has focused on site planning, civil engineering design, project management, and construction. Kavka spent years with design firms including DW Smith Associates, Paulus, Sokolowski & Sartor, and was a partner in Gladstone Design, Inc. He graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

Discover more about Kokes Properties and their portfolio of projects at

About Kokes Properties

Kokes Properties turns untapped land potential into thriving real estate assets by prioritizing the impact and longevity of its developments. Michael J. Kokes is a third-generation real estate developer who aims to meet new market demands while honoring the principles and reputation established by his grandfather and father. Kokes Properties' purpose and success are aligned with its customers, trade and business partners, staff and government officials. To learn more, visit

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Paul Kavka (left) and Matt Stephens (right) bring superior entitlements and construction management expertise to Kokes Properties.

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Landscape Design Book Follows Cookbook Format with DIY Garden Recipes

ATLANTA, Ga. -- "Garden Design Recipes: Design Without the Designer" (ISBN: 978-1734260007) by April Harden is a DIY-garden design book that provides easy-to-follow instructions. Set up in a recipe-style format, there are garden design recipes for how to create 75 different gardens in multiple zones across the country.

The book features more than 600 colorful photos, illustrations, designs, detailed instructions and plant information. The first few chapters review the basics of planting and plant care. It also includes professional tips and techniques for homeowners on how they can get the best, most professional results from the designs, reviews annuals versus perennials as well as design do's and don'ts.

"DIYers can now create professional looking garden designs just like the pros," Harden says. "My garden design recipes guide readers from start to finish for perfect results every time."

The step-by-step instructions include information about everything from proper spacing and plant selection to mulch and soil calculation, soil testing, drainage, budget and more.

"I've tried to create a book that's not only educational, but fun to use too," Harden says. "All garden recipes have fun names such as 'Eye Candy,' 'The Bees Knees,' Common Scents' and 'Rock and Roll.'"

For people who don't wish to DIY, the book is a great resource too. It will help them communicate to their landscaper exactly what they're looking for in their ideal garden.

The book is available in Kindle or paperback format and is available through Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and other national retailers.

About the Author

April Harden is a horticulturalist and landscape designer. For more than 10 years, she's been designing and installing landscapes and gardens in the Atlanta metro area. She owns and runs Harden's Gardens, an independent landscape design firm in metro Atlanta.

She has three children and one grandchild and enjoys writing, gardening, golf, kickboxing and poker. Through her work, she hopes to inspire others to understand and enjoy the overall gardening process so they can reap a new appreciation for not just their personal landscapes, but the world around them.

For more information about Harden's Gardens, visit:

Twitter: @aprilharden_GA

Facebook: and

*PHOTO link for media:

Photo Caption: Cover, "Garden Design Recipes: Design Without the Designer" by April Harden.

April Harden
Harden's Gardens Designs

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