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Launch Program Helps Companies Start Selling Direct to Consumers in China Via Cross Border E-Commerce

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- ABC Showcase USA, a leading provider of cross border e-commerce services, international trade and logistics fulfillment, established in 2018, announced expansion of a comprehensive solution to help U.S. companies sell directly to consumers in China and S.E. Asia.

Cross border e-commerce is dramatically transforming the way foreign brands penetrate the Chinese market. In 2019 more than $200 billion dollars in commerce was transacted through cross border e-commerce in China and more than 600 million active online consumers are expected by 2023. Perhaps even more exciting, U.S. companies can start selling their products in China without needing to first commit to costly regulatory approvals, re-labeling or modifications.

The rise of cross border e-commerce has brought with it an unprecedented opportunity for American companies to tap sales directly from Chinese consumers. Even with the specter of protracted trade friction between the United States and China, cross border e-commerce offers U.S. brand holders a sensible work around to sell their products in China avoiding high tariffs.

New-to-export companies can begin selling their brands direct to consumers in China including in highly regulated product categories such as health supplements, beauty products, pet food, and packaged foods with no need to directly ship their inventory overseas and thus bypassing a traditional stocking distributor. The Chinese government has recently lowered duties on most consumer goods sold through cross border sales to 9.2 %. Coupled with the expanded Chinese individual personal exemption, consumers can now import up to 5000 RMB($720.00) duty free.

The team at Showcase USA has simplified the cross-border e-commerce process to offer companies a customizable solution to help quickly launch their products rapidly in China. Since the start of 2018, Showcase USA has managed the successful launch of U.S. apparel, beauty, packaged foods, supplements, and innovative consumer goods on and other leading cross border platforms. According to Mark Matsumoto, company co-founder," The expansion of cross border e-commerce has been a game changer for U.S. companies hoping to reach the vast China consumer market. We have developed a turn-key selling model that reduces risk and gives companies assurance dealing with a U.S. based company."

Leveraging the backbone of ABC Depot Logistics who established the 3PL and procurement arm for Netease/Kaola in North America, the ABC Showcase USA model provides brand holders a simple method to manage all aspects of the cross-border process selling on leading platforms including,, Pinduoduo, WeChat and others.

The ABC Showcase USA Store Program provides brand holders the following bundled support:
* Platform authorization and launch within 30 Days
* Product registrations with China Customs
* Translated product listings on ABC Showcase USA Storefront
* Management of inventory and logistics from Los Angeles or New Jersey Warehouse
* Payment collection from Chinese consumers
* Coordination of platform promotion, including facilitation of in-country social media campaigns and participation in live streaming events.
* 24/7 customer service support in China

California based companies can inquire about opportunities to leverage the California Export ICEP Program that may fully subsidize participation in the ABC Showcase USA Pilot Program - a 6-month trial to on board and start selling products on three of the leading cross border e-commerce platforms.

Don't miss your chance to leverage the biggest online shopping day in the world: Singles' Day on 11/11 which is expected to exceed $60 billion dollars. U.S. companies who take advantage of the program offered by ABC Showcase USA can actively participate in Singles' Day and other important online sales incentive days in Fall/Winter 2020.

About ABC Depot Logistics/Showcase USA

Founded in 2005 as a leading provider of end-to-end logistics solutions, combing air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, road rail, express packages and e-commerce services. Having established a strong reputation in the global logistics industry, ABC Depot was enlisted by Netease/Kaola in 2015 to establish a 3PL operation and procurement office in North America. ABC Depot has played a key role helping become the leading cross border e-commerce platform in China. The launch of ABC Showcase USA in 2018 offered brand holders the first affordable and comprehensive cross border e-commerce sales and support solution.

To learn more about the ABC Showcase USA Cross Border Solution visit:

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Fanplayr Data Shows Retailers Are Making Up for Lost Sales

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in e-commerce intelligence, released figures that give clear insights into the adjustment consumers are making in light of significant lifestyle changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tracking aggregate behavior across clients' sites, the data prove a shift from retail to online purchasing. The results are particularly dramatic in large clothing, sports and kids fashion retailers.

According to analyses of sites with over 20 million visitors per month, key indicators of e-commerce success have risen consistently and simultaneously during the period of time a particular market has been dealing with COVID-19. Visitor traffic, conversion rates and AOV (average order value) have all increased. Simultaneous increases in key indicators is rare, even during peak holiday seasons. Simon Yencken, Founder and CEO of Fanplayr states, "It demonstrates our clients are recapturing some lost revenues, namely 30- 40%, caused by limited or no store traffic."

For example, the Japanese market has been dealing with COVID-19 longer than the U.S. because of their proximity to the epicenter. Over the period of time from first reports of infection to today, online key indicators have all risen.

This information is critical for retailers scrambling to make up lost profits. It demonstrates that lost revenue from shelter-in-place and school closures can be recovered from increased online sales, and the overall impact can be mitigated even more with strategies to increase closure rates of shoppers.

As transactions move increasingly online, revenue attributable to AI and behavioral personalization is also increasing. Yencken says Fanplayr's behavioral intelligence responds to anonymous online visitors by understanding their intent, based on their online behavior, and then responding appropriately. This removes the need for third-party tracking to increase conversion rates.

"Companies must focus online to capture every potential sale," says Yencken. "Without segmentation strategies, companies are losing potential sales, something no one can afford to do in this business landscape."

About Fanplayr

Fanplayr is a leader e-commerce behavioral data, using machine learning and AI to enable businesses to increase conversion rates and revenue, collect more leads, and retarget visitors with personalized recommendations during and after the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

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Helping Powell’s Books and Small Retail Businesses Stay Operational During Pandemic

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Matter Supply Co. responds with a technology solution after Powell's Books layoffs. The company announced today that it will also donate significant efforts to create 20 eCommerce websites for small Portland-area retailers most threatened by closure during the outbreak.

Matter Supply Co. recently developed a Google Chrome extension to help Powell's Books become more visible to shoppers searching for titles on Amazon. Today the company launched its 20 in 20 Program aimed at supporting small brick and mortar retail businesses that are closed during quarantine without websites to sell their inventory.

The program will donate resources to create 20 eCommerce websites within 20 days for Portland business owners who apply and are deemed most at risk for permanent closure. Each site will be available to the selected applicants for $500.

The fee covers initial technology and ancillary service fees only. Portland small business owners can apply to the program now at

"I love this city. Seeing so many closed store fronts is really difficult. As a small business owner, I feel this is the best way to help my community right now," says Joshua Redshaw, Principal at Matter Supply Co.

The company believes this effort will have more immediate, positive impact on the local business community at a time when small business owners wait in limbo for legislative decisions and scramble to garner other means of support. Matter Supply Co. will pilot the program in Portland, with hopes to expand the effort to other cities in the near future.

"If we can create online stores quickly for small retailers that don't have them, it might help save their brick and mortar locations while we figure out what the future holds," adds Redshaw.

Matter Supply Co. is an independent, Portland-based digital product studio focused on creating digital products and technology solutions that address real problems that people face every day.

Company website:

20 in 20 Program Website:

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Currency Notes Can Be Super Spreader of Novel Coronavirus 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- At a time when various governments and health bodies are still figuring out the different modes of transmission of novel coronavirus 2019, there are some spelled out precautions for which there is a universal consensus, says HexGn research. One of them is to avoid contact with the objects, people, surfaces, et all.

The option of isolation at home is not possible as people still need to buy food or step out for essential purchases, and in places where it is business as usual, nearly unavoidable. Financial transactions cannot be avoided whatever be the case, coins, paper money, ATM, card swipe machines, and even plastic cards, therefore pose a risk in such circumstances. It is no longer a debate about cashless economy, contactless is the way ahead.

Currency notes, coins, and plastic cards, due to its frequent circulation in daily life as a medium of exchange, could get easily contaminated by this Coronavirus. Previous studies across the United States, China, India, and other countries (Sharma and Sumbali, 2014) have revealed that 70-94 percent of banknotes and coins harbor various bacteria and viruses on the surface, even currency counting machines were harboring deadly pathogens. If this was not enough, another study by Kramer et al. in 2006, using laboratory simulations, concluded that bacteria and viruses could survive on the surface of banknotes or coins from one to thirteen days.

Avoiding currency notes and coins may not be enough; plastic cards and card swipe machines, too, may not be immune from contamination. Cards are never cleaned and the user needs to punch in the PIN on the payment terminal, which may not be disinfected after every usage. Professor Eike Steinmann at the Faculty of Medicine at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany has published a new analysis in The Journal of Hospital Infection. Professor Steinmann, by analyzing data from different types of Coronavirus, has concluded that many strains can live on surfaces such as glass, plastic, or metal, for up to nine days.

Governments and public health organizations can proactively educate people to use contactless payments systems that facilitate payment using digital wallets, QR code scan, or point and pay.

According to HexGn Research, contactless payments are a part of the FinTech sector, which attracted $46 billion in investments, 10 percent of it made into ventures specializing in payment systems and wallets. This could increase dramatically, as governments look for the immediate adoption of contactless payments being offered by existing players. This will lead to further fundraising to strengthen backend systems and onboarding new consumers. New players will also enter the payments and wallet segment, looking at the possible boom.

"To stem infection early on, it has become imperative for Governments to not only adopt but actively encourage the usage of contactless payments & transactions. This will provide a safer transaction option as we continue to fight with this novel Coronavirus," says Alex Kong, Founder and chairman of Hong Kong-based FinTech Unicorn, TNG Wallet.

Payments and Digital wallet companies could help in reducing the spread of Novel Coronavirus 2019 and embolden global health bodies in stemming this tide with minimal damage.

Learn more at

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After, Inc. launches QuickReg 2.0 with additional benefits for Manufacturers and their Customers

NORWALK, Conn. -- After, Inc., the global leader in Warranty Marketing and Analytics Solutions since 2005, just announced the launch of QuickReg(TM) 2.0, the next iteration of its smart registration solution. QuickReg(TM), launched in March 2019, helps manufacturers drive higher registration rates by making product registration quick, easy and convenient for consumers through their preferred channel of choice.

"Our research has shown that there are four reasons for low product registration rates," says Nate Baldwin, CEO of After, Inc. "First, current registration processes are not convenient for consumers. Consumers won't do it if it's manual, time-consuming and requires multiple steps. Second, registration must happen right away, when consumers first get their products, or it won't happen at all. Third, with CCPA and the additional consumer data protection legislation happening across the country, registration solutions must give consumers control over their data and how it is used. And finally, although consumers are more willing than ever to share their data, they must feel they are getting value in return. QuickReg incorporates all of these requirements."

QuickReg(TM) initially offered two ways for customers to register their products. They could send the model number via text to a specified phone number, or take a picture of the model number and send it via text or email. This would launch an automated process where QuickReg(TM) would engage the customer in a two-way discussion, verify their personal information, and complete the registration process in a few simple steps.

QuickReg(TM) 2.0 gives consumers an additional option. They can scan a QR code or RFID tag on the manufacturer's product box, with the model number embedded.

"A majority of manufacturers are moving towards using QR codes and RFID tags for product identification, so we have enhanced QuickReg to accept it," says Baldwin. "We are excited about QuickReg's added functionality and the convenience it provides to manufacturers and their customers."

To learn more about QuickReg(TM) and demo the solution for your organization, you can visit:

About After, Inc.

After, Inc. ( is a global leader in the Warranty Services industry. Its predictive analytics, data-driven marketing strategies, reporting and program administration are second to none. After, Inc. has partnered with some of the world's top brands to help transform their warranty businesses, driving customer satisfaction post-purchase, higher product reliability, deeper brand equity and additional revenue / profit opportunities. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn. and with offices in New York City, After, Inc. is part of EPIC Insurance Group, a unique and innovative retail property and casualty and employee benefits insurance brokerage and consulting firm with 1,300 employees across the United States.

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Award-Winning Bay Area Nonprofit Now Accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Donations through BitPay

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- AmericaSCORES Bay Area, the award-winning nonprofit that has been studied for its proven benefits to student learning, health, and social-emotional skills of over 2,000 low-income youth, has partnered with blockchain technology and design firm Totem Block and BitPay, the largest global blockchain payment provider, to become an early adopter in accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Cryptocurrency can provide a tax relief option and local end-of-year charitable giving opportunity for donors. Though 2% of all donations to charity-billions of dollars in the U.S.-in 2018 were made in cryptocurrency, very few nonprofits are able to accept cryptocurrency donations, and fewer still in the Bay Area, though it is the top location for cryptocurrency holdings worldwide. AmericaSCORES Bay Area's digital donation platform, implemented by Totem Block, steps into the gap and connects high net worth donors to actual impact and change in their communities.

AmericaSCORES has several programs with proven benefits to the health, social-emotional well being, and academic and creative skills of its youth. SCORES' after-school programs train kids to write poetry, play soccer, and go out into their communities to perform service projects. AmericaSCORES also funds the building of soccer fields in urban spaces, giving kids a green place to play.

Accepting cryptocurrency donations through BitPay helps SCORES keep going with their mission of empowering "poet-athletes" to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world.

AmericaSCORES has been named a 2019 RWJF Sports Award Finalist, one of only 12 in the country. This award recognizes professional teams, individuals and organizations that strengthen and serve communities through sport. It was named a 2019 Presidents Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition Community Leader. This honor was given to only 31 organizations or individuals. AmericaSCORES is 1 of 15 organizations to be recognized as a "Best Practice Honoree" from the Library of Congress for their unique literacy and poetry program.

"As blockchain payments continue to move mainstream, we are seeing an increase in donations from the crypto community to valuable causes like SCORES," said Bill Zielke, CMO at BitPay. "In accepting cryptocurrency donations through BitPay, SCORES can broaden its donor base who want to make donations using cryptocurrency while receiving settlements in US dollars."

The customer makes the donation and BitPay verifies the funds and accepts the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ether. SCORES has the option to take Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether or US Dollars or a split. If SCORES chooses to take 100% fiat currency, the US Dollars are deposited into their bank account the next business day minus a 1% fee BitPay charges for the entire process. This fee is significantly less than the fees charged by credit cards, allowing organizations to keep a larger percentage of overall donations.

"The ways in which people transact financially is changing, which means that philanthropy is also changing," said CEO of AmericaSCORES Bay Area Colin Schmidt. "Accepting Bitcoin is a natural next step as a greater number of people use it. Two percent of donations in 2018 were made using cryptocurrency, which may not seem like a lot until you think about the scale of philanthropy-hundreds of billions of dollars. We want to show that there are many ways to use cryptocurrency, which can practically benefit both an organization and a donor through transparency, securely and easily through a partner like Bitpay."

CEO of Totem, Jackie Morck adds, "We're proud to partner with America SCORES to help them implement all the technology they need to accept cryptocurrencies, and reach the right audiences in the industry. After implementing a donation portal, we've partnered with BitPay for its easy set-up, long-standing reputation, and history of working with nonprofits. We're happy to help America SCORES be innovators in their field and provide more options for donors through using this exciting new technology."

About America SCORES

Since 2001, SCORES has been delivering joyful learning opportunities to Bay Area children, giving students the support, skills, and confidence to meet new challenges and chart their own futures. Its mission is to empower its "poet-athletes" to lead healthy lifestyles, be engaged and collaborative students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. AmericaSCORES delivers free, accessible after school youth development programs that combine soccer, poetry and service learning. It has programs in San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City, San Rafael, Hayward, and Redwood City schools. For more information visit

About BitPay

Founded in 2011, BitPay is the pioneer and the most experienced company in Bitcoin and blockchain payments. Its suite of products enables businesses to send and receive cross border payments, also enabling consumers to manage digital assets with the BitPay Wallet and turn digital assets into dollars with the BitPay Prepaid Visa(r) Card. The company has offices in North America, Europe, and South America and has raised over $70 million from leading investors including Founders Fund, Index Ventures and Aquiline Technology Growth. For more information visit

About Totem

Totem is a blockchain technology and design firm that partners with clients to build creative, cutting-edge development solutions for forward-thinking companies. Totem uses diverse experience in vertical industries, specialized technology insights, and world-class ecosystem to create blockchain applications that are real, viable, and innovative. For more information visit

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Fanplayr Opens Latin American Headquarters in Mexico City

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, a leader in targeted ecommerce conversion solutions, announced it has opened a new corporate hub in Mexico City. Located in the prestigious Polanco district, Fanplayr's headquarters for Latin America (LATAM) has been in operation since September.

Fanplayr CEO Simon Yencken explains, "With our new LATAM offices, we are bringing the concept of behavioral analysis to one of the 10 largest ecommerce markets. We are thrilled to offer positive changes to the region with the strength of Fanplayr's platform, exceptional customer service, and results that have been consistently above expectations."

Led by Mariano Tripiciano, Managing Director Latin America, the new office is strategically located for business relations with key countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Its close proximity to Fanplayr headquarters in California makes Mexico City an ideal location.

Tripiciano began his career as an entrepreneur in Argentina, but also has lived and worked in England, America and Italy. He joined Fanplayr in 2013, where he successfully led the Italian business in opening the Milan office, covering first the position of Head of Operations and then VP Europe. Tripiciano then started to follow the South American market by establishing contacts with important customers.

"We realized long ago that the Mexican market was receptive, but we were trying to manage everything centrally from Italy with limited local support," said Tripiciano. "With a critical mass of business in the region, the time has come to open a new, much more functional office to best serve our customers."

In South America, Fanplayr has already established contacts with important local businesses in a wide variety of capacities, as well as collaborations with major media centers and agencies.

In this first phase, Mariano will be joined by Saúl Corral Rodríguez, Sales Director. With his 15 years of experience in the South American market, Rodríguez will help Fanplayr reach out to the most promising companies. In the second phase of expansion, the goal is further growth of the team with the addition of new functions to fully serve all customers.

"I know South American companies and their business models, but I was surprised with how quickly they have understood the potential of working with Fanplayr," adds Saúl Corral Rodríguez. "They know that we are an excellent ally and the perfect tool to optimize their investments."

About Fanplayr

Founded in 2011 in Palo Alto, California, Fanplayr has received more than $8 million in funding. The senior management team is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs with multiple technology IPOs behind them. Today, it employs 30 people worldwide and has a fast-growing sales network in Europe, North America, Latin America and APAC. Fanplayr's mission is to make online user behavioral data effectively and measurably actionable. Fanplayr is a leader in real-time segmentation solutions and helps its customers customize their relationships with their users by making each session unique.

Fanplayr improves the conversion rate of its customers' sites by improving performance across all sources of paid and organic traffic, both managed and self-service. Fanplayr is the ideal tool for media agencies and direct customers in the fields of travel, telecommunications, automotive, fashion, retail, finance, insurance, energy utilities and electronic retail.

Learn more at

Caption: Fanplayr Logo.

Caption: Mariano Tripiciano, Managing Director Latin America for Fanplayr.

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Fanplayr is Creating Better Consumer and Provider Experiences by Making E-commerce Behavioral Data Actionable in Real Time

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Fanplayr, the leader in targeted, real-time e-commerce conversion solutions, announced today the creation of a focused system of software providing real-time, actionable behavioral data, called Behavioral Data Hub. The precision of this new, more focused digital solution helps buyers and sellers, in addition to clients and service providers, by delivering on the promise of greater productivity in the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent globally in attracting visitors and trying to get them to return. But only a tiny fraction of that, as little as one percent, is spent on the "last mile," converting those visitors to customers or clients, or optimizing the value created for those already "converted," namely, existing customers or clients. As e-commerce continues to disrupt the modern brick-and-mortar retail model, it is evident that more awareness needs to be brought to this key aspect of digital interaction with the customer.

"Tackling this new last-mile problem requires focus and precision. By utilizing Behavioral Data Hub, productivity is increased, translating into shared tangible benefits, better returns on digital investments on one side of the market, and greater satisfaction on the other," states Simon Yencken, founder and CEO of Fanplayr.

When considering the typical sales funnel, the crucial last mile for e-commerce is unwittingly reduced to relative insignificance. Unfortunately, this inattention has held back innovation for the customer conversion stage.

"With Behavioral Data Hub, Fanplayr has both identified and addressed the requisite details of making this conversion stage work better, for consumers and for providers of products and services," says Derek Adelman, VP Asia Pacific, Co-Founder of Fanplayr.

Fanplayr's Behavioral Data Hub is software that is both rich and responsive, not depending on static demographic data, instead relying on real-time, actionable behavioral data. Intelligent software that guides the final stage of the consumer decision process can have significant impacts on these conversion rates. Increasing a conversion rate from 2 percent to 3 percent represents a massive 50 percent gain for the seller.

By collecting rich and relevant data at the conversion stage, creating real time and productive classifications of website visitors, along with real-time segmentation leading to action options that are productive for visitors, Fanplayr's Behavioral Data Hub permits careful, targeted experimentation and efficient learning. Employing this software system improves ongoing customer and client interactions.

"Behavioral Data Hub also addresses a looming problem for the digital world: individual privacy. European regulators have already begun to act on increasing concerns for the protection of demographic and personal characteristic data that fundamentally erodes privacy. Fanplayr recognizes that an approach based on more precise behavioral data, not necessarily tied to fundamental personal identities, delivers productive digital interactions and transactions with greater privacy protection. Such an approach is a better way forward for everyone," Yencken affirms.

About Fanplayr:

Fanplayr is the leader in targeted real-time e-commerce conversion solutions. By harnessing the power of Big Data, Fanplayr's 'Smart & Targeted Conversions' enables marketers to identify, profile and target visitors with customized offers in real-time during the shopping experience. Fanplayr is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

More information is available at

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Yoodlize Launches New App for People to Rent Out Their Stuff

PROVO, Utah -- Yoodlize, a Provo-based startup, has launched a rental platform that allows people to easily find and rent all types of items from other users of the app. The Yoodlize app also provides a safe and convenient peer-to-peer rental transaction system for individuals who want to earn money renting out their things to people in their local communities.

"We've had a very positive reception of our app since our soft launch this summer," said Jason Fairourne, founder and CEO of Yoodlize. "People are downloading the app and loving it - and it will only get better as we get more users."

Several companies like Airbnb, Neighbor, Uber, and Turo have emerged over the past few years and established a strong market for collaborative consumption businesses. Yoodlize expands the peer-to-peer rental model from houses and cars to all the rest of the things we own.

Since its launch in June, Yoodlize has already seen a flurry of user activity. Some of the most popular items currently being rented on the platform are sporting goods like camping gear, canoes, bikes, and paddleboards. Other popular items include bounce houses, motorcycles, electronics, and tools.

"People have added hundreds of items for rent, and the number of listings is growing every day," said Fairbourne. "It's an open marketplace, so the only limit on what you can find is people's creativity."

Part of Fairbourne's inspiration for Yoodlize was the sheer volume of things that go unused. Homes, garages, and storage units are full of people's unused items collecting dust. For many Yoodlize users, being able to make better use of items that would otherwise sit idle is a major selling point.

Yoodlize was designed to make the peer-to-peer rental process as seamless and secure as possible. For example, all items on Yoodlize are automatically insured up to $2000, so users can earn cash renting out high-value items worry-free.

Riding a wave of powerful trends like minimalism and society's growing preference for experiences over things, the Yoodlize platform is primed to grow exponentially and revolutionize the way people "Yoodlize" their stuff.

About Yoodlize:
Yoodlize is a peer-to-peer rental platform for just about anything. Yoodlize makes it easy for individuals to list and rent out their things to people in their local area. Owners earn extra cash putting their otherwise unused things to work, and renters get affordable access to an almost limitless catalog of items and experiences.

The Yoodlize app is available for free download on iOS, Android, and at the Yoodlize website,

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Goodbye checks and wires! Ablii now offers payments to businesses in the U.S. and Canada

TORONTO, Ontario -- Ablii by nanopay, a self-service online payments platform for businesses, is proud to announce its expansion into the U.S. market. Now businesses can send domestic payments in the U.S. and Canada, and cross-border payments between the two countries.

About Ablii:
nanopay Corporation launched Ablii in summer 2019 to replace traditional payment methods, such as checks and wires. While banks offer some services for large corporations, there are limited options for smaller businesses.

Ablii aims to fill this void in the market and offer features that businesses are looking for, such as low-cost payments, automated updates to online accounting software, and management controls.

* Send low-cost payments: Businesses can make domestic payments for only $0.75 and cross-border payments for only $5.00, per transaction, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Competitive exchange rates, plus no sign up or monthly fees, lets business owners try the service risk-free.

* Sync with accounting software: Manual data entry and reconciliation is time consuming and costly. With Ablii, it's easy to upload invoices from Quickbooks(tm) Online. Once payments are completed, Ablii will automatically mark that invoice as paid within Quickbooks(tm) Online.

* Streamline workflow: Ablii lets business owners delegate payables processing by adding employees and setting access controls. Unlike traditional online banking services, business owners can maintain full visibility and approval of the payment without the burden of processing the payment themselves.

Laurence Cooke, Founder and CEO of nanopay Corporation, believes that reform rarely starts at the top, but rather percolates from consumers demanding better options. "Every industry has changed drastically, except for payments. They are slow, risky, and expensive. How can you track a pizza to the nearest meter, but not know where your money is at a given moment? It's time for a change."

According to a recent study by Payments Canada, "more than 80% of small businesses want more payment options." It's time to give the businesses what they want.

Business owners can sign up today at, and follow news impacting small-to-medium sized businesses on Ablii's LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

With North America covered, Ablii looks to soon expand into other international markets to offer an affordable alternative for international payments.

About nanopay Corporation:
Founded in 2013, nanopay is a global payments technology company based in Toronto, offering payment and liquidity management products for businesses and banks. We offer businesses a cost-effective and secure way to send cross-border payments, and offer banks and their corporate clients a real-time intercompany liquidity solution to unlock trapped capital. Built on Centralized Ledger Technology (CLT), our platform delivers a high level of performance and resilience improving the visibility and security of payments. nanopay's long term mission is to lead the world's transition to digital cash, or offer the infrastructure to enable what's more commonly known as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). To learn more about nanopay, visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Learn more: and

For inquiries, please contact:

VIDEO (YouTube):

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