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Pompano Beach CRA Announces a Special McNab House Presentation

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- Pompano Beach residents are encouraged to attend a special presentation about the McNab House & Botanical Gardens during a virtual Pompano Beach CRA meeting on Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 1 p.m. The presentation will introduce Randy Hollingworth, Director of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Urban Design from the award-winning, international firm Bermello, Ajamil and Partners (B&A).

Hollingworth will explore potential concepts generally found in botanical gardens based upon his extensive experience in creating outstanding public parks and open spaces.

To view the meeting please visit,

"Randy will be discussing a variety of space-compatible elements for potential inclusion in a botanical garden. This phase begins with a clean slate and no preconceived notions," said Nguyen Tran, Pompano Beach CRA Director. "We are excited to share the possibilities and to launch the public input workshops."

The McNab House, built in 1926, was moved from its original location on Atlantic Boulevard, when the owners sold the land for development. With the support of the Pompano Beach Historical Society, the Pompano Beach CRA saved the historic home, moving it several blocks to McNab Park, with the vision of transforming the home into a restaurant and the surrounding land into a botanical garden. The goal of the McNab House and Botanical Gardens project is to continue economic growth with the East CRA and Atlantic Boulevard corridor. Activation of the park will encourage more pedestrian activity and create a unique attraction with park elements for residents and visitors to enjoy.

"There is tremendous potential for the McNab House & Botanical Gardens to become a premiere attraction in Broward County," explained Hollingworth, who is a Partner at B&A, the Miami-based firm that is contracted to design the botanical garden. "During this presentation, we will not be focusing on specifics, instead exploring an array of visual concepts that have been successfully implemented in similarly-sized urban parks and open spaces. I join this project with no preconceived notions, just stunning possibilities. And I look forward to robust public input leading to the creation of an amenity-filled botanical garden."

The Pompano Beach CRA offered multiple public meeting opportunities during Phase 1 and is tentatively targeting November 2020 for an initial community stakeholder meeting to discuss the design process.

About the Pompano Beach CRA:

The City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) was created in 1989. It has two dependent districts: Northwest CRA and East CRA established by City government for the purpose of carrying out redevelopment activities that include reducing or eliminating blight, improving the economic health of an area, and encouraging public and private investments in a CRA district.

The Northwest CRA District covers an area of about 3,084 acres encompassing a large part of the western portion of the City between Atlantic Boulevard and Copans Road generally west of Dixie Highway. The Pompano Beach CRA is funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The funds are collected as property values increase and a portion of that increase is captured by the Agency. TIF raises revenue for redevelopment efforts without raising taxes.

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Kay Renz

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RMA Presents Long-term Strategic Finance Action Plan for North Miami Beach

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- RMA ( presented their combined 5-Year Strategic Finance Plan and Action Plan for the City of North Miami Beach to the CRA Board on Thursday, June 25. The award-winning consulting firm developed a clear and concise roadmap to prioritize and guide redevelopment in the CRA area. This plan was unanimously approved by the Board.

RMA's presentation detailed long-term development projects within the CRA District and highlighted targeted redevelopment zones for investment, making it easier to allocate resources and implement distinctive branding and marketing campaigns.

A video of the meeting can be viewed at

"RMA has done a tremendous job in developing this Actionable Finance Plan," said Esmond Scott, City Manager who also serves as the CRA Executive Director. "Their team focused on the best strategies for revitalizing underutilized areas and tapping into each district's unique potential. Beyond a list of goals, this plan provides a strategic path to success.

Key recommendations in the Plan include:
1. Transformation of the Snake Creek Canal area, capitalizing on its potential to become a regional waterfront amenity.
2. Create a lively urban "main street" along Hanford Blvd/164, which could feature ground floor restaurants, bars, cafes, offices and artists' studios.
3. Expand the current mural program, and more aggressively identify locations for murals and public art to enhance cultural community pride and diversity.
4. Encourage the City to continue assisting local businesses and take advantage of the mom & pop business cluster north of the canal while adopting incentive programs specific to further the redevelopment of this area.
5. Create a bold and beautiful Civic Commons atmosphere with a grand Boulevard or promenade in the area which currently predominantly features governmental institutions, a theater, offices and schools.
6. Attract private investment to transform underutilized parcels and industrial space into a future industrial arts area with maker's spaces and repurposed co-working spaces.
7. Develop a complete streets initiative along 163rd Corridor to create an area that invites residents to stroll the neighborhood.

"These are just a few of the recommendations featured in the plan that RMA presented to the Board," said Sharon McCormick, RMA's Director of Business Attraction & Marketing. "We are honored to be part of the City's team in revitalizing this dynamic community, and we look forward to implementing the next steps."

RMA has partnered with the City on multiple initiatives over the course of the last several years including economic development and incentive strategies, planning & zoning, and marketing & branding. One of RMA's most remarkable achievements for North Miami Beach was the Land Use and Zoning Amendments, which led to the City's tax base increasing by 17% in one year city-wide and by 46% in the CRA District. RMA also developed the recent North Miami Beach Recovery and Resilience Plan, which focused on the best strategies for moving forward economically from the COVID-19 crisis.

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of leading experts in economic development, real estate for governments, marketing, urban design and financial analysis. RMA, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida is a highly experienced, full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, "Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around."

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Kay Renz, for RMA

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National Community Stabilization Trust Announces Leadership of Two National Initiatives

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) announced its leadership of two national initiatives. First, NCST announced the formation of the Homeownership Alliance, which will advocate for more resources and better policies to increase affordable homeownership opportunities for American families.

Second, NCST announced it will join NeighborWorks America as a partner in leading the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative, which brings attention to neighborhoods across the country that have long been stable communities for middle- and working-class families, but that today are at risk of either decline or displacement from gentrification.

These initiatives both arose in response to unmet needs the national advocacy landscape, and they aim to fill those gaps. Together, they represent a significant new commitment of resources to NCST's policy work aimed at preventing neighborhood blight, promoting stable communities, and supporting affordable homeownership.

Homeownership Alliance

The Homeownership Alliance's members comprise some of the leading nonprofit, mission-focused homeownership practitioners from across the country. These organizations prepare families to become successful homeowners and finance, renovate, and develop affordable homes that are assets for communities and the families that live in them.

"The organizations in the Alliance share the belief that in the United States, homeownership has long served as the most accessible path for families to build assets," stated Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership President and CEO John O'Callaghan, one of the founding members of the Alliance. "In addition to increasing wealth, homeownership provides families with the stability needed to achieve other positive outcomes, especially for children."

The Homeownership Alliance will focus on both legislative and regulatory opportunities to increase funding for affordable homeownership by improving and expanding existing programs and creating new sources of funding. Guided by its members, the group's advocacy will reflect the experiences of and lessons learned by some of the nation's most innovative and resilient homeownership developers and lenders.

Kris Siglin, Vice President for Policy and Partnerships at NCST, who is leading the formation of the group, explained, "Mission-driven homeownership practitioners need a voice in Washington that secures new resources for affordable homeownership and bolsters the capacity of nonprofits who operate in this sector. Creating this coalition will provide a more focused, practitioner-driven voice for homeownership than currently exists in the housing advocacy spectrum."

"As we look for look for strategies to confront inequality and reduce the racial wealth gap, affordable, sustainable homeownership is our nation's most proven tool to build wealth for families and stabilize communities," added NCST President Julia Gordon.

The Homeownership Alliance has 21 Founding Members. They are: Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (GA); cdcb (TX); Center for Community Self Help (NC); Champlain Housing Trust (VT); CHN Housing Partners (OH); Cinnaire (MI); Community Housing Capital (GA); Fahe (KY); Homewise (NM); Hogar Hispano (DC); Housing Development Fund (CT); Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (IN); MaineStream Finance (ME); Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (IL); NeighborWorks Columbus (GA); NeighborWorks Southern Colorado (CO); NeighborWorks Western Vermont (VT); New Jersey Community Capital (NJ); Renaissance Community Loan Fund (MS); The Housing Partnership, Inc. (KY); and The Resurrection Project (IL).

In addition, ten national partners will participate in the Homeownership Alliance's policy development and advocacy: Enterprise Community Partners; Grounded Solutions Network; Habitat for Humanity; Housing Partnership Network; Local Initiatives Support Corporation; NALCAB - National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders; National NeighborWorks Association; Opportunity Finance Network; Prosperity Now; and Unidos US.

Middle Neighborhoods

NCST is joining with NeighborWorks America as a partner in leading the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative, previously housed at The American Assembly at Columbia University. By bringing attention to middle neighborhoods, this initiative supports the continued health and vitality of these neighborhoods so that they can remain safe, affordable communities that offer a high quality of life and access to opportunity. You can learn more at

"We are delighted to announce that NeighborWorks America and NCST will be leading the fight for America' middle neighborhoods. Both of these organizations have a track record of supporting practitioners working to strengthen and rebuild neighborhoods across the country," said Nedra Sims Fears, Executive Director of the Greater Chatham Initiative in Chicago, IL. Fears is a member of the National Middle Neighborhoods Steering Committee and a co-chair of the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice.

Going forward, NCST will coordinate national Middle Neighborhoods activities, including conducting research on neighborhood dynamics and developing policy proposals for supporting and investing in middle neighborhoods. NCST will also lead a communication effort focused on the importance of devoting resources to middle neighborhoods. The Steering Committee will continue to advise NCST on the direction of the initiative.

NCST President Julia Gordon stated: "Strong, stable middle neighborhoods offer a high quality of life, affordable housing, and access to opportunity for their residents, many of whom are households of color. The fate of middle neighborhoods matters immensely for racial and economic equity, and NCST is excited to bring its commitment and experience in fighting disinvestment and blight to the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative."

NeighborWorks America will support the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice, which brings city officials and neighborhood-based organizations from across the nation together with policy makers, academics, financial institutions, and foundations interested in these efforts. The Community convenes for peer-to-peer learning to share local best practices for supporting middle neighborhoods.

"We are excited to connect local stakeholders who are focused on stabilizing and revitalizing middle neighborhoods with their peers from across the country," said Paul Singh, Vice President of Community Initiatives at NeighborWorks America. "Through the Community of Practice, we hope to expand the toolkit for practitioners who are working to build strong and vibrant middle neighborhoods."

In the coming months, the Middle Neighborhoods Community of Practice will redouble its efforts at recruitment, communication, and collaboration among practitioners and will also catalogue how communities are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. NCST will publish new research on the dynamics and importance of middle neighborhoods and develop policy agendas for supporting and investing in middle neighborhoods.

About NCST:

The National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) strengthens communities by facilitating the redevelopment and reuse of vacant, single-family homes by providing community-based buyers an opportunity to acquire distressed properties through its REOMatch(TM) platform and by advocating for policies that prevent neighborhood blight, promote stable communities, and support affordable homeownership. Learn more:

About NeighborWorks America:

For more than 40 years, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp., a national, nonpartisan nonprofit known as NeighborWorks America, has strived to make every community a place of opportunity. Our network of excellence includes nearly 250 members in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. NeighborWorks America offers grant funding, peer-exchange, technical assistance, evaluation tools and access to training, as the nation's leading trainer of housing and community development professionals. NeighborWorks network organizations provide residents in their communities with affordable homes, owned and rented; financial counseling and coaching; community building through resident engagement; and collaboration in the areas of health, employment and education. In the last five years, our organizations have generated more than $40 billion in investment across the country. Learn more:

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Nuclear to Play Vital Role in Innovating Virginia’s Carbon-Free Future

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Innovations in nuclear energy will play a vital role in reaching Virginia's goal to be carbon-free by 2050 after Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation directing the state to work with industry to develop a strategic plan for the Commonwealth's nuclear industry. The bill, passed by the legislature in March, directs the government of the Commonwealth, through the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority (VNECA), to work with industry stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan for ensuring this carbon-free energy source continues its contribution to economic development and reducing greenhouse gases.

"The nuclear industry is a vital part of the Commonwealth's economy and the Lynchburg region," said State Senator Steve Newman, patron of SB 549. "The strategic plan will drive innovation to support and grow this vital resource for jobs and energy production in Virginia. I look forward to seeing the plan take shape and be put into action in the weeks and months ahead."

Delegate Chris Hurst, patron of HB 1303, added, "It is vital to the future of our Commonwealth that we continue to explore all opportunities for carbon-free energy, including nuclear. House Bill 1303 will allow Virginia to lead on environmental responsibility while remaining a national leader in nuclear energy, by encouraging research taking place at our outstanding universities and new economic development through advanced technology and manufacturing."

The legislation directs the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, the Secretaries of Commerce & Trade and Education, the VNECA, and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority to work together to develop a strategic plan for nuclear energy. The plan will spur innovation in an industry already making significant contributions to emission-free energy by providing economic development opportunity, new avenues for education and jobs, and additions to Virginia's manufacturing base.

"We are excited that the legislature and Governor recognize the contribution made by the nuclear industry," said Tom DePonty, VNECA Chairman. "Last year Governor, Northam outlined an ambitious agenda for moving Virginia to 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2050. The strategic plan will help attract innovative new businesses that will help Virginia achieve its goals while helping grow our economy."

With a focus on promoting advanced nuclear technology opportunities for innovation, the plan will drive advanced manufacturing, establishment of a collaborative research center, and creation of a university nuclear leadership program to promote fields that meet the workforce demands of Virginia's nuclear industry.

"Across the country, developments in new reactor designs and fuel technology are leading a resurgence in advanced manufacturing and clean power generation," said April Wade, Executive Director of the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium, a group representing nuclear industry stakeholders and universities across the Commonwealth. "Congress has appropriated $1.5 billion for nuclear energy programs, including demonstration of technologies like small modular reactors. The strategic plan will enable Virginia to take advantage of opportunities like these and to demonstrate the Commonwealth's commitment to carbon-free generation, advanced manufacturing, expanded education and research opportunities, and other economic benefits."

About VNEC:

The Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium (VNEC) established by Virginia statute in 2013 and created in 2015, seeks to facilitate, encourage and advance the nuclear industry in Virginia through collaboration among industry participants, colleges and universities and not-for-profits in areas of need and interest to its members.

To learn more about VNEC please go to

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RMA Offers a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Playbook for Government Leaders

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- For over a decade, RMA ( has been guiding city and county leaders through the "reinvention" process using a strategic multistep approach to help communities overcome economic obstacles. Now, as cities struggle to address the economic impacts of COVID-19, the firm has created a Recovery Playbook for municipal leaders, outlining a customizable plan to help cities recover quickly. Learn more:

"Understandably, many city leaders are overwhelmed by the convergence of problems and the realization there is no boilerplate solution," said RMA co-founder Chris Brown. "However, there is a structured approach for developing a tailored plan which we layout in our Recovery Playbook."

RMA's Recovery Playbook will help city leaders switch modes from survival to recovery to growth with these 3 Steps:

1. Set up an Economic Development Recovery Team & Structure

2. Pinpoint Your City's Economic Opportunities & Threats

3. Create the Recovery Strategy with Specific Action Items for Your City's Needs

"Most cities are now establishing a core economic development recovery team," said RMA co-founder Kim Briesemeister. "But the team must have a designated point person and structure. Their first mission should be an immediate assessment of where the largest impacts will be within the business community that will affect the city's tax base."

Many cities will feel the full brunt of the economic downturn next year, so it is imperative to understand where major issues lie in order to establish effective measures for true economic recovery, on both short-term and long-term levels.

When implementing triage measures, Briesemeister and Brown emphasize that leaders may not want to rely on presumed immediate fixes, such as city-sponsored grants or financial programs, without first evaluating the long-term ramifications.

Cities may face major revenue shortfalls from different sectors as well, so the Playbook suggests looking at three key areas for threats and opportunities: Mainstreet, Real Estate Assets and Industry Clusters that are unique to each city.

"This assessment will pinpoint risks but will also highlight possible new solutions," she said. "For example, the loss of a large retail or industrial tenant may open business attraction possibilities for a modified grocery distribution center closer to the city center."

"Disruption always leads to new innovations," said Briesemeister, whose firm has attracted over $1 billion worth of private sector investment to their city clients, which continued even during the last recession.

The goal is to help leaders formulate a series of tailored economic initiatives to guide local businesses though the difficult times, while harnessing the assets that demonstrate the potential to become economic engines.

The Playbook also includes a Special Section that ponders three topics for cities to "self -assess," including reexamining land use codes, refocusing on the 'village mentality,' and refining the operational processes at City Hall.

For those interested in learning more about the RMA Economic Recovery Playbook, please visit

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of leading experts in economic development, real estate, marketing, urban design and financial analysis. RMA, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida is a highly experienced, full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, "Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around."

Media Contact:
Kay Renz, for RMA

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Community Identity: Stemming the Tide of Homogenization through Custom Design

EVESHAM, N.J. -- Drive down almost any suburban highway, and you will be greeted by a sea of sameness. McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Wells Fargo, Target, etc. You could be anywhere. But soon, when you drive into or fly over Evesham Township, however, you will be greeted by an embodiment of the township seal. Catalyst Experiential and Evesham Township worked together on the design, which fulfills a township goal to have a unique Landmark letting you know that you are entering Evesham.

Pete Henry, lead designer for Catalyst, noted, "We started playing with the concept of the town seal, and really fell in love with the idea of creating a physical manifestation of the seal. We started to envision the township seal as something that would identify the township even if you were flying over or looking at the satellite view in Google Earth."

This concept led to a triangular Landmark that sits atop a 4,200-square-foot reflecting pool, surrounded by an 88-foot-wide circle with the township name and location. The Landmark features visual communications technology on two sides, and a smaller version of the community seal on the third. A transparent dome sits atop the structure, and will feature subtle lighting that changes based upon the barometric pressure. Vibrant landscaping with over 17,000 plants, including evergreen trees, shrubbery, and flowers, will enhance the experience.

The new Landmark will replace an obsolete gas and service station that has been a well-known community eyesore. Leah Furey-Brueder, Township Planner for Evesham, related, "As we've looked at redevelopment over the past several years, that service station has crossed our mind on several occasions. Sitting at the entrance to Evesham Township, it's the first thing people see when they enter. The reason we never did a redevelopment or rehabilitation designation for the site is that, when you look at that site, we couldn't figure out what we could do with it."

"This project was ideal for Catalyst," explained Amanda Toton, VP of Development, Catalyst Experiential. "Our installations are unique in that we can design something for almost any space, enabling us to revitalize land by replacing an existing use with something more desirable to the community."

The property is less than an acre, which is too small for most modern uses. And, it has a triangular shape and a lot of frontage on the roadway. Leah notes that, "Essentially, it was suited to an old-style gas station and little else." So, when Catalyst Experiential approached to discuss transforming the parcel with a community Landmark, complete with abundant landscaping and water feature, Leah was willing to listen.

Rain runoff will supply the reflection pool, as well as be the primary source of irrigation for the landscaping. The township will have access to the two digital displays to share community information as well as emergency alerts. The new plan also eliminates two curb cuts, increasing safety by reducing traffic that might otherwise be entering the busy roadway.

The new Landmark will fulfill many elements that Evesham had specifically outlined in its 2020 Vision Plan, including conserving open space, preserving natural resources, and promoting public health and safety.

Leah commented on the productive partnership with Catalyst, "Their initial plan met many elements of our vision plan. And, when we asked whether they could provide some additional benefits, they did." For instance, the township recommended sidewalks, and Catalyst agreed to install as part of the plan. And, the township also inquired about solar panels to help power the displays, and Catalyst is developing plans for how to incorporate.

The Landmark was approved on at a zoning board meeting on January 27 that was attended by several community members who expressed enthusiasm for the project. Leighanne Ratcliffe, of Greenhill Court, summed up the view of many in attendance, "I'm proud to live here, and having something that beautiful, and with the landscaping-it's a win for the community."

Learn more at:

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Caption: The Evesham Landmark is a larger than life town seal.

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CONCRETE JUNGLE NO MORE – Catalyst Experiential to Bring Green Space Along Pennsauken, NJ Corridor

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. — The Township of Pennsauken, New Jersey, in public private partnership with Catalyst Experiential, will bring some much needed green space back to the heavily commercial Pennsauken corridor in the form of two Community Landmarks, a Clocktower on Route 38 and a Monument on Marlton Pike. More than 70% of the land along Route 38 and 70 is zoned commercial, and commercial land can be 85% “impervious” – meaning concrete and asphalt as opposed to landscaping and greenery.

In keeping with that zoning, the actual percentage of impervious surfaces on the commercial land is. . . 85%. Further, businesses maximize the amount of impervious surface for buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and other things that enable their business to flourish or allow people to get to them.

Catalyst Experiential is working with Pennsauken to introduce nature along two parcels. The first, a Clocktower on Route 38, will replace a car stereo installation shop that occupies an unsightly 1960s single-story purple building. The site, which is almost entirely covered in concrete, will be demolished, and the property will be converted into a vibrant green space with an extensive water feature. The current cold, uninviting concrete building will be transformed into an enticing Clocktower constructed of living plants, an extensive water feature, township identification, and, of course, a clock.

The second is a Monument on Marlton Pike that will replace a closed rug store. It will include a pond as well as township identification.

Amanda Toton, VP of Development for Catalyst Experiential, noted, “The projects both uniquely identify Pennsauken Township, welcome visitors, and revitalize two underutilized parcels in the community.”

The structures each feature high quality digital displays that, in addition to advertising, will be used by the Township as a communication platform that enables quick information-sharing with local residents about community events and other important messages, free of charge.

“Both of these sites have been on our wish list to revitalize,” said, Betsy McBride, former Mayor and a member of the Pennsauken Township Committee. “We are very excited to not only revitalize them, but to transform them into much needed green space in our community.”

The structures fall in line with the Pennsauken Green Team initiative that consists of residents and municipal employees who have a strong interest in the environment and who work towards making Pennsauken Township more sustainable.

The Township participates in Community Visioning, by which residents envision the future they want through meaningful public participation. Stakeholders imagine where they would like the community to be in 10 or 20 years. This shared vision creates the basis for developing goals and completing actions that move the municipality toward a more ideal, sustainable community. This vision is moving towards more green space in the area, with the transformation of two underutilized concrete spaces.

More on Catalyst Experiential

Catalyst Experiential is redefining the physical form of communication by integrating visual communication technology with municipal landmarks, public safety facilities, and community gathering places. Imagine dog parks, pedestrian bridges, art centers, or fire stations that serve the public while enabling the local government, schools, charities, and businesses to speak directly to the community they serve.

Catalyst works closely with communities to understand their needs so that they can develop solutions at no cost to taxpayers. The solutions frequently transform the under-utilized property into a community asset that combines art, architecture, and advertising in a unique way.

Visit for more information. Follow Catalyst Experiential on LinkedIn for updates on the company and exciting new projects.

PHOTO links for media:
Caption: Clocktower on Route 38.
Caption: Monument on Marlton Pike.

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RMA Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Strategies that Helped Secure Amazon Deal for City of Deltona

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- RMA ( has now revealed the international deal-making that was required to secure an Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) distribution center as the anchor for the new Portland Industrial Park in Deltona, Florida. RMA's economic development and real estate project management team brokered the deal between DOT Properties headquartered in Australia; Seefried Industrial Properties, the developer for Amazon; and the City. RMA was hired by the City just one year ago to create a 5-year Strategic Plan, and now, a 2020 opening is anticipated for the business park.

"This is a remarkable achievement for Deltona, and we are pleased that RMA was the catalyst behind this transformative deal," said Chris Brown, RMA's Principal/Real Estate Broker. "Our strategic plan revealed an opportunity which we aggressively pursued; making the right connections and creating a win-win scenario for all."

As RMA crafted the Strategic Plan, it became apparent that the key to a business park included approximately 240 acres of prime undeveloped property along Interstate 4. This undeveloped property provided all of the necessary attributes required by major distribution centers. RMA contacted the owners abroad and commenced a series of meetings to discuss and define goals for the property. All agreed that the highest and best use was as a business park with logistics facilities, and RMA utilized their extensive network to reach out specifically to developers that specialized in those target industries.

Deltona's Economic Development Department, headed up by Jerry Mayes and Dr. Tom Tomerlin, had identified specific targeted industries with the stated goal of the City to attract corporate business investment and quality jobs. Early stages of RMA's discussions included meetings with Duke Energy, Halifax Health, Deltona Village, Team Volusia and other stakeholders in the region.

With the land secured and a vision in place, RMA contacted Seefried Industrial Properties headquartered in Atlanta and initiated the plan to secure the Amazon distribution center, a pivotal move for the industrial park.

"We were confident that RMA would create the strategies and relationships necessary to achieve the development of a business park and manufacturing related recruitment," said Jerry Mayes, Economic Development Manager. "However, what they accomplished in such a short time span is truly remarkable and will spur additional commercial growth in the City. We are very proud of this partnership, and we look forward to more successful ventures to come."

Development of the site will begin immediately, with a planned 2020 opening. Within the first 5 years, 500 new jobs will be created according to the incentive agreement with the City and County. The City's focused 5-year strategic plan, with targeted economic development implementation strategies, is quickly and successfully becoming a reality.

About RMA:

RMA is Florida's most experienced full-service economic redevelopment, consulting and management firm; specializing in revitalizing core areas for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. Learn more at:


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Bill Dehlinger joins RMA as Associate Broker

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- RMA ( is pleased to announce that real estate expert Bill Dehlinger has joined the team to lead the firm's real estate projects in Central Florida. Dehlinger, who is currently the Florida Vice President of Operations for the CCIM Institute in Florida, will be focusing on several major projects for city and private clients including Deltona and Winter Park.

"We are honored to welcome Bill to the RMA team," said Chris Brown, RMA Principal and co-founder. "He has a stellar reputation and is an active and respected member of the commercial real estate market in Central Florida. With RMA's continued expansion in this geographic area, Bill's expertise will enable us to better serve the real estate needs of our clients throughout Florida."

RMA repositions cities and targeted areas as a place to do business. Through careful analysis and individualized specific strategies, the RMA team helps municipalities increase their tax base, create job opportunities, attract project development and fill vacant store fronts. Dehlinger will work closely with these clients, and RMA's private clients, buying and selling properties on their behalf, to attract commercial development. RMA has been very successful with its projects throughout Central Florida, including Sumter County, Mount Dora, Oviedo, Titusville, Deltona and Winter Park.

RMA recently completed a contract with the City of Deltona to provide a strategic 5-year economic development plan for a Business Park and Manufacturing Related Recruitment. That assignment resulted in the creation of Portland Industrial Park at Deltona which Dehlinger will be involved with going forward.

"RMA brings dynamic results to every city, county, CRA and development project they become involved with," said Dehlinger. "I am proud to join their team and to utilize my experience to help this region expand its reputation as a top location for real estate development and business attraction."

With sixteen years of commercial real estate experience, Bill has a proven record of success in Central Florida. His consulting areas of expertise include general brokerage (Land, Industrial, Office, Retail), site selection, 1031 Exchanges, Cost Segregation, and NNN. He is an active participant in the commercial real estate market in the region through his membership in NAR, CCIM, and Orlando Regional Commercial Council. He currently serves as CCIM Florida Chapter VP of Operations. Prior to becoming involved with commercial real estate, Bill traveled internationally for IBM and Hewlett Packard providing training sessions for their top sales executives. He has been a guest speaker and has received awards from several colleges throughout the area. Bill served on the Board of Directors for Oviedo-Winter Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity in Seminole County and Rotary Club of Winter Springs.

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of redevelopment experts passionate about building better communities. RMA, based in Pompano Beach, Florida is the most experienced full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, headquartered in the state of Florida, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, "Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around."

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RMA Hired by Town of Fort Myers Beach

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- The Town of Fort Myers Beach has hired the firm RMA ( to create its new branding and marketing campaign. RMA's award-winning team of economic development and marketing experts will analyze the town's current brand and develop a comprehensive strategy to capitalize on the community's authentic assets and distinctive culture.

"The Town of Fort Myers Beach is an exceptional community undergoing tremendous growth," said Sharon McCormick, RMA's Director of Business Attraction & Marketing. "While already a popular tourist destination, thanks to its magnificent beach, historic nature preserve, and diverse dining and shopping experiences, the town desires to redefine its identity. Visitors often refer to the area in general terms, either as Fort Myers, Estero Island or in partnership with Sanibel Island. Our plan will help establish an individual brand for Fort Myers Beach, creating a sense of place and engendering residents' pride."

RMA has created numerous strategic economic development and marketing plans for cities across the state. For Fort Myers Beach, RMA is now initiating the Discovery and Research phase, where they will conduct a complete assessment of the current branding assets, review the Town's distinguishing attributes, meet with community leaders and town staff to define goals and create the strategy, tactics and budget. Following this process, RMA will present a new brand for Fort Myers Beach to Town Council including a new logo, marketing campaign and supporting collateral materials.

Fort Myers Beach is the only town on Estero Island, which is located off the southwest Florida coast. The town features a stunning beach along the Gulf of Mexico, the Matanzas Pass Preserve nature sanctuary, the Mound House, built on an ancient Calusa Indian shell mound, and an exciting shopping and dining center known as Times Square, as well as other unique destinations. A Margaritaville Resort is also currently in the planning stages.

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of redevelopment experts passionate about building better communities. RMA, based in Pompano Beach, Florida is the most experienced full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, headquartered in the state of Florida, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, "Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around."

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.