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Attorney, Mother and Child Advocate Melissa Martz Announces Bid for Florida’s 18th Congressional District

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A tenacious fighter, attorney, mother and anti-child sex trafficking advocate, Melissa Martz begins her congressional campaign to unseat U.S. Congressman Brian Mast in 2022. A main tenet of her platform is to protect the inalienable rights and innate value of each individual in District 18, which covers parts of Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart, Jupiter and Palm Beach.

Having survived childhood sexual abuse, Martz intends to educate others that the blatant exploitation and sexual abuse of children should never be tolerated. Remarks made by Representative Brian Mast on social media about "hooking up with 15, fifteen year olds" and "...don't turn this rape into a murder," make him unfit to hold public office, no matter how much money he is able to raise or how many times he apologizes.

"I appreciate U.S. Representative Mast's service and sacrifice to our country, but there are no answers that can vindicate his voting record against our 2nd Amendment rights or the horrendous comments he made about young girls," Martz states. This is Martz's motivation to avail herself to the community in this trying time.

Melissa Martz is a Constitutionalist, with a moral fire to see the inalienable rights of "We the people," protected by the government, not taken from them. Government intrusion, overreach and outright corruption are happening at alarming rates between lockdowns, election fraud and sexual abuse against our children, which remains underreported.

"It is time for the people to take back their communities, their state, and their nation and it starts here," said Martz.

She is prepared to introduce and support legislation that supports Constitutional rights, restricts government overreach and puts an end to child trafficking.

"I have the backbone, the stamina and the Constitutional expertise to protect the rights of the people," said Martz. "True representation of "we the people" must be free of corruption and abuse."

Melissa Martz is a woman of action. She continues to help represent a group of Palm Beach County residents, on a pro bono basis, against the County mandate, EO-12, which violates the Constitutional rights of the people. Martz understands the role of our government is to protect, not dictate, individual rights. She understands and gives deference to the God-given sovereignty of the individual.

For more information about the Melissa Martz for Congress 2022 campaign and to follow her on social media, visit https://melissamartz.com/.

*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0409s2p-mmartz-300dpi.jpg

*Caption: Melissa Martz, candidate for Florida's 18th Congressional District.


Related link: https://melissamartz.com/

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Georgia Black Women’s Roundtable Break from Battling Voter Suppression to Honor Valiant Women of the Vote

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Despite the ongoing efforts of many leaders to suppress the voices of Georgia residents, Black and Brown voters turned out in record numbers, electing the most diverse leadership in the state's history. Last week, the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda's women's network, Georgia Black Women's Roundtable (BWR), took a short break from their fight against archaic voter suppression laws to recognize the historic leadership of local Black women during a virtual event, "Celebrating Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced."

"Black women have worked extremely hard over the past year to make sure every eligible voter was able to cast a ballot that counted without fear or intimidation," said Helen Butler, executive director of the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda. "We wanted to take a moment to recognize the impact their service has had on our community, locally and nationally."

The first valiant woman of the vote, Dekalb County Commissioner Mereda Johnson, was elected to serve District 5 in 2015. A co-founding partner with the law firm of Johnson Hopewell Coleman, Commissioner Johnson has been a practicing attorney for more than 33 years, concentrating in family law. In 1985, she became the first Black female judge appointed in DeKalb County Courts.

"I decided to be a part of the change I wanted to see in Dekalb," said Commissioner Johnson. "Everyday I wake up to serve my neighbors and try to improve the quality of life in my community."

Gwinnett County Commissioner Nicole Love Hendrickson was elected chair of the Board of Commissioners in 2020, making her the first African American to hold this position. She was the founding director of the Gwinnett County Community Outreach program where she launched several community-based initiatives and has served on the boards of the United Way Gwinnett Community and the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Elected in 2020, Henry County Commissioner Carlotta Harrell is the daughter of a pastor and a freedom fighter. She is a managing partner and VP of Business Development with The Harrell Group, a women-owned consulting firm. Commissioner Harrell served as chief of staff for the Henry County Commissioner in District V and was a consultant for the Georgia Conference of African American Mayors, assisting mayors and cities with identifying over $300 million dollars in funding for infrastructure and economic development projects.

Prior to being sworn in as the county's first Black and first woman chairperson, Cobb County Commissioner Lisa Cupid served on the Board of Commissioners for eight years representing District Four. Commissioner Cupid is an attorney and former mediator, policy analyst and manufacturing process engineer. She is known as a strong advocate for the fair treatment of all of Cobb's residents and stakeholders regardless of geographic, demographic or economic standing. Her accomplishments include championing Cobb's newly instituted Sunday transit service and advocating for enhanced public safety measures.

The Rita Jackson Samuels Trailblazer Award was given to Felicia M. Davis, the co-founder of HBCU Green Fund and convener of Clayton County Black Women's Roundtable. Davis has been a staunch advocate for climate justice and spent just as much time promoting voting. Mentored by renowned civil rights leader, Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Davis has led voter registration, education and mobilization initiatives locally and nationally. She serves on the board of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and was a partner with the late Rita Samuels in Women Flying High, a business devoted to increasing women's participation in Atlanta airport contracts.

"My friend, Dr. Rita Jackson Samuels, would be so proud of the historic number of Black women elected officials in Georgia," said Davis. "Rita dedicated her life to women's empowerment, especially getting Black women elected. Today we're leading in Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Dekalb, Henry and Douglas Counties, and throughout the state."

Dr. Samuels was a civil and women's right's visionary who worked alongside some of the most powerful leaders in the country including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She became the first Black woman in Georgia's history to serve on the staff of a Georgia Governor and went on to serve in the staff of President Jimmy Carter.

The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda ( http://thepeoplesagenda.org/ ) is proud to promote health, wealth, and economic prosperity for women through Georgia Black Women's Roundtable, an affiliate of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation's Black Women's Roundtable (blackwomensroundtable.org); an intergenerational leadership development, mentoring, and empowerment arm for Black women and girls that stays at the forefront of championing justice and equitable public policies.

Contact: Edrea Davis
Phone: (770) 961-6200)/ (818) 613-9521

Related link: http://www.thepeoplesagenda.org/

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The country’s most successful non-partisan congressional candidate Michael Moore announces 2022 campaign

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- In 2020 Michael Moore challenged incumbent Democrat Ilhan Omar for Minnesota's fifth congressional district. Moore was the only U.S. congressional candidate in the country facing both a Republican and Democratic candidate who received more than 9% of the general election vote. Today Moore's campaign announced they will again challenge Omar.

According to the Associated Press, Moore Received 37,979 votes in 2020 (*Note 1). Moore ran with a message of helping provide professional guidance and experience for a district stricken with a serious leadership void.

Moore's stunning debut into politics is impressive, taking into account he was competing in a field of candidates who raised and spent over 20 million dollars.

As a prominent business owner-born and raised in the 5th district, the 51-year-old Moore presents a uniquely non-partisan approach to problem-solving. With a platform of honest, fair, and responsive representation for all residents in the 5th district, including inclusive positions on social justice, income, housing, and economic equality.

A historical view of the 5th district shows transformative and enlightened representation by champions of inclusive and responsible politics. Moore seeks to foster community strength through partnerships and strategic reforms while working on dialing back the counter-productive and harmful hyper-partisan extremism.

Moore says, "We must stop allowing ourselves to be willingly complicit in this fake struggle of 'us vs. them,' 'good guys vs. bad guys.' This deliberately perpetrated illusion of a 2-party political system has been forced upon us by a political tag-team which no longer holds our interests as their highest priority."

The Michael Moore for Congress campaign has a virtual and in-person campaign kickoff planned on February 5, at their South Minneapolis HQ at 4600 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407.

For more details, please visit https://www.usrepmoore.com/


* YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXmOGL_-KxsHkvuO_N6ibEg

* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/moore4the5th/

* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MN5needsMickeyMoore

Michael "Mickey" Moore
Michael Moore for Congress

*NOTE 1 https://electionresults.sos.state.mn.us/Results/Index?ersElectionId=136&scenario=USRepresentative


Related link: https://www.usrepmoore.com/

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Kick-Off of John Lewis Good Trouble Marches and Votercades Through Georgia

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Just a day before they must fight in court against the purging of Georgia voters, the Transformative Justice Coalition and Rainbow PUSH Coalition will join the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda, community leaders and organizers from across the state for a press conference to kick-off the John Lewis "Good Trouble" March and Votercades to mobilize voters for the U.S. Senate runoff races and Public Service Commission race on Jan 5, 2021.

"We're fighting against voter suppression tactics like the unjust, illegal and wrongful purging of 200,000 Georgia voters; we're fighting intentional election misinformation; we're fighting efforts by Georgia legislators to impose more restrictions on absentee ballots that will affect the Runoffs...while Georgians are actively voting," exclaimed Barbara Arnwine, founder and president of the Transformative Justice Coalition.

The John Lewis March and Caravan is designed to capture the Spirit of the Late Congressman's legacy of getting into Good Trouble. "We are here in Atlanta to ensure voters are able to vote in large numbers to Finish The Job," President Arnwine, continued.

"With the John Lewis spirit of overcoming suppressive odds; with the commitment of protecting and expanding access to the ballot box; with the determination for Georgians to not be denied voting rights, the John Lewis Good Trouble March and Votercade creates a level of excitement that inspires Black and Brown people to vote in the special election," President Arnwine stated.

The Marches and Votercades - currently planned in 15 cities and growing - will bring attention to the urgent need for voters to finish the job they started by voting and also promote early voting.


Attorney Barbara Arnwine, founder and president, Transformative Justice Coalition and president emeritus, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Helen Butler, executive director, Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda

Attorney Daryl Jones, board chairman, Transformative Justice Coalition

March coordinators from various counties


Kick-off of John Lewis "Good Trouble" Marches and Votercades throughout Georgia


DATE: Wednesday, December 9, 2020

TIME: 11 a.m. - 12 Noon


Site of John Lewis Mural

Corner of Auburn Ave. and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive

219 Auburn Ave.

Atlanta, GA 30303


FOR MEDIA OUTSIDE ATLANTA A LINK TO VIEW ONLINE WILL BE AVAILABLE. For the link email: edmedia@dogonvillage.com or dianelarche73@aol.com or call 770.961.6200 or via text 818.613.9521.

For more information or to sponsor a John Lewis Good Trouble March and Votercade visit http://votingrightsalliance.org/.

About Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC):

Founded by Barbara Arnwine, president emeritus of the lawyer's committee for civil rights Under the law, the Transformative Justice Coalition seeks to be a catalyst for transformative institutional changes that bring about justice and equality in the united states and abroad. Website: https://tjcoalition.org/


Edrea Davis - 770.961.6200


Diane Larche: 404.273.3227


Related link: https://tjcoalition.org/

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NYC Mayor Candidate Campaigns for Back to Life to Real Solutions

NEW YORK., N.Y. -- Cleopatra Fitzgerald is a New York City native and she's announcing her 2021 run for mayor. The Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs campaign message is: "Back to life to real solutions."

She's calling it the "Renova" (Latin for renew, restore, revive) campaign and is focused on implementing innovative tactics throughout the five boroughs to address issues such as culture, ethnicity, society levels, hereditary traditions, gender, lifestyles, religion, bias and discrimination and more. She's passionate about diversity and human rights and her vision is to restore broken systems and reverse injustices.

Her top priorities are to reduce crime, increase street safety, implement police innovation, create more homeless solutions, address school reform, support mental health renewal, and focus on the economy and health.

"I want to create a safe haven for everyone to call home and envision a city where we can all work towards prosperity," she says.

At present, Fitzgerald is working to give people peace of mind. She's encouraging them not to worry too much during the current pandemic and shares that help is on the way.

"Be happy, be healthy and let's work to create a brand-new life that will collectively benefit all of our neighborhoods," she says. "We can step up, but it depends on all of you."

About Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Cleopatra Fitzgerald has a background in political science. She's met with many of the city's politicians, including Manhattan Borough president, U.S. representative, and Senate candidate. She's been featured on Twiplomacy's Twitter accounts most followed by world leaders and was invited to attend: George W. Bush - Official President's Dinner Invitation, an honorary invite to take a photo with Barack Obama, World Leaders Forum/gathering at the Hilton Hotel, President Trump's inaugural celebration, opening of the campaign office for Independence Party presidential candidate Brock Pierce.

At a CUNY event she sat next to Virginia Fields and at the front seat observed Fernando Ferrer giving his speech. She attended the Brooklyn CUNY Remembrance event of Shirley Chisholm where many whom knew her including Gloria Steinem was present. Ms. Fitzgerald was awarded the Martin Luther King's award and among these others for her leadership and fight against discrimination of all types.

She was a longtime Democrat, several years Independent and currently Republican.

Throughout the years, she's been an active voice who has worked towards fixing broken systems. Her research provides her with an edge to protect people's rights and her reputation is a respected one. She kindly asks of borough neighbors to restore and revive the five boroughs' broken systems by spreading the word and joining her in the effort to meet this end.

For more information: https://cleopatrafitzgeraldforthefiveboroughs.us/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cleopatrafitz05

Cleopatra Fitzgerald
of Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs

"Paid for By Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs"

Related link: https://cleopatrafitzgeraldforthefiveboroughs.us/

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Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda Expands GOTV Activities for Georgia Senate Runoff Amid Ongoing Efforts to Disenfranchise Black Voters

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Ongoing efforts to suppress and invalidate the voices of Black voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia have galvanized the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda (Peoples' Agenda), Clayton County Black Women's Roundtable (BWR) and other groups to register, educate and mobilize voters for the upcoming Senate runoff elections. The disenfranchisement efforts serve as a rallying call and enabled the coalition to expand their get-out-the-vote activities.

"We organize year-round in the Black community and voters trust us. We will motivate them to vote," said Helen Butler, executive director of the Peoples' Agenda. "Before civil rights leaders like Dr. King and the founder of the Peoples' Agenda, Dr. Joseph Lowery, endured beatings and jail for us to have the right to vote, people used poll taxes, literacy tests and even violence to stop us from voting. Today, instead of suppressing Black voters, their efforts are creating a groundswell of support."

"We've received calls from across the country from people eager to help beyond the much-needed donations they're making," adds Felicia Davis, convener of Clayton County BWR, a member of the Peoples' Agenda coalition. "We need people outside of Georgia to help by calling their family and friends in Georgia and let them know to vote. With the Coronavirus raging we're encouraging voters to vote absentee by mail or early in-person to keep the lines at a minimum on Jan. 5."

In addition to celebrities and dignitaries volunteering to make calls, produce robo calls and public service announcements, state affiliates of the NCBCP Unity '20 Black Voting Campaign will keep their 2020 operations going to support Georgia GOTV activities. The Eastern Michigan Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Philly Unity Coalition, and Ohio Unity Coalition will help with phone banking, social media, texts, online events and the Clayton County BWR postcard campaign.

Despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 virus, the Peoples' Agenda has worked nonstop the entire year. They even spent Thanksgiving week training over 500 phone-bankers, registering and educating voters at turkey giveaways, and dispatching teams of canvassers to distribute flyer with voting information packaged with PPE door-to-door in communities throughout the state.

"It's clear that expanding access to absentee voting boosted turnout," said Butler. "The Peoples' Agenda is working with our partners to make sure voters receive and return their absentee ballot requests. For those who want to vote in-person, we're providing rides to the polls starting December 14 when early in-person voting begins."

"This year we lost Dr. Lowery, Rev. C. T. Vivian and Congressman John Lewis, three civil rights heroes whose sacrifices played a key role in the passing of the Voting Rights Act. Their memory fuels our resolve," adds Davis, who also serves as director of HBCU Green Fund. "Our message to anyone trying to suppress or void Black votes is best communicated through a quote from Dr. Lowery, 'We ain't going back. We've come too far, marched too long, prayed too hard, wept too bitterly, bled too profusely, and died too young, to let anybody turn back the clock on our journey to justice.'"

About The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda:

The Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization performing year-round voter registration, education and mobilization in Black communities throughout Georgia. Led by board chair, Rev. J. A. Milner, the organization has headquarters in Atlanta and offices in Athens, Albany, Macon, Augusta, LaGrange and Savannah.

To donate or volunteer visit http://www.thepeoplesagenda.org/.

Email coalition@bellsouth.net or call the Peoples' Agenda at (404) 653-1199.

Media Contact:
Edrea Davis
Phone: 770.961.6200/818.613.9521
Email: edmedia@dogonvillage.com


*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/20-1201s2p-gacoalition-300dpi.jpg
*CAPTION: Organizers from the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda pause for a photo before going to canvass, and deliver yard signs and barbershop posters encouraging people to vote in the GA Senate runoff elections. Photo Credit: La Fonda Smith Fotographer.

Related link: http://www.thepeoplesagenda.org/

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Royse Events to Host the 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum: The Future of California

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Royse Events LLC, a nonpartisan organizer of technology and policy events, today announced its upcoming 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum. The CASC Forum will provide a virtual platform for candidates from across the state to briefly share their vision for California's future.

Candidates will either appear live via videostream on October 10, or can choose to submit a prerecorded video for publication. Participation is open to all California candidates currently running for the United States House of Representatives, California State Assembly, or California State Senate.

The CASC Forum is a free event and open to the public. Attendees should register at https://cascforum.com/.

Confirmed participants include:
* Chris Bish - Candidate for US Congress (District 6)
* Ritesh Tandon - Candidate for US Congress (District 17)
* Jeff Gorman - Candidate for US Congress (District 20)
* Andy Caldwell - Candidate for US Congress (District 24)
* Eric Early - Candidate for US Congress (District 28)
* Angélica María Dueñas - Candidate for US Congress (District 29)
* David Kim - Candidate for US Congress (District 34)
* William "Liam" O'Mara - Candidate for US Congress (District 42)
* James S. Waters - Candidate for US Congress (District 46)
* Gary J. Michaels - Candidate for State Senate (District 19)
* Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh - Candidate for State Senate (District 23)
* Cathy Cook - Candidate for State Assembly (District 8)
* Eric M. Rigard - Candidate for State Assembly (District 9)
* Carlos Villapudua - Candidate for State Assembly (District 13)
* Peter Ohtaki - Candidate for State Assembly (District 24)
* Julie Solis - Candidate for State Assembly (District 34)
* Mike Graves - Candidate for State Assembly (District 43)
* Jeffi Girgenti - Candidate for State Assembly (District 45)
* Toni Holle - Candidate for State Assembly (District 52)
* Godfrey Santos Plata - Candidate for State Assembly (District 53)
* Fatima S. Iqbal-Zubair - Candidate for State Assembly (District 64)
* Sharon Quirk-Silva - Candidate for State Assembly (District 65)

Roger Royse, founder of Royse Events, shared "we look forward to bringing the California candidates together in a virtual forum to meet their voters and share their vision of the future."

The 2020 California Statewide Candidates Forum is the third political forum hosted by Royse Events since 2016. Previous events included the 2018 Silicon Valley Candidates Forum in San Francisco, CA and the 2016 Presidential Candidates Forum in Menlo Park, CA in which 5 US Presidential candidates participated.

About Royse Events

Royse Events LLC is an organization committed to helping, and connecting founders, investors, markets, and regulators. Royse Events promotes visionary thinking in technology, hosts dozens of local, national, and international events and webinars, and publishes useful resources for the technology community. Today, more than 19,000 members have been actively involved with Royse Events.

Media Contact:
Roger Royse

Related link: https://cascforum.com/

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Phillip Snowden Formally Announces His Run for Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District

MONROE, La. -- The Phillip Snowden Campaign announces, mentor and retired engineer, Phillip Snowden on August 29, 2020 will officially announce his candidacy to represent the hard-working people of Louisiana's 5th Congressional District. The announcement will occur at 11 a.m. in his childhood home of Dubach, Louisiana near the Hamilton Warehouse Event Center (124 Hico Street).

Mr. Snowden believes the people from Louisiana 5th Congressional District deserve a leader who will bridge us together and thereby collectively solve the problems which help to lead us out of this pandemic, increase access to affordable health care, have world class education, and infrastructure which rivals that in the best funded areas in our country.

"I will work to construct bridges between Louisiana communities and Washington, D.C. to ensure the government serve its' citizens not the opposite. My focus is delivering on America's promise to Louisiana's hard-working families up and down the financial ladder."

The public is welcome; however, we ask that you wear masks and employ social distancing. We encourage everyone to stay safe.

Those who are unable to attend can see the live stream from Facebook at the Phillip Snowden Campaign https://www.facebook.com/phillp.snowden.104.

Come meet the candidate, provide your suggestions, and hear his thoughts as well as positions on what's needed to build bridges between people and collectively address the hard problems that endanger our way of life, and our children's future in the district, Louisiana, and this nation.

More information visit our website: https://www.phillipsnowdencampaign.com/

Paid for by Phillip Snowden for Congress

Related link: https://www.phillipsnowdencampaign.com/

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Tennessee’s 1st Democratic Nominee Blair Walsingham Announces the ‘Freedom Grant’

EIDSON, Tenn. -- Blair Walsingham, Democratic Congressional nominee in Tennessee's 1st District will award two "Freedom Grants," $500/month for one year to district residents. Walsingham says that her Freedom Grant, not dependent upon a vote for her, is intended to "empower individuals to move beyond survival." If elected, she will seek legislation for a Freedom Dividend, a monthly basic income of $1000 to Americans 18 and over.

Walsingham says that corporations thrive on benefits from tax dollars, and says, "It's time for taxpayers to thrive too." Walsingham cites direct cash distributions by Dolly Parton following the Gatlinburg fires, and per capita distribution in the nearby Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, as models of basic income. "In the EBCI, this practice improved quality of life and increased opportunity," says Walsingham, who interviewed Principal Chief Sneed for her podcast.

While basic income plans vary, Walsingham's plan is universal. "This dividend unites Americans with a shared benefit of citizenship," she says, pointing out that while her plan could eradicate poverty, the advantages are not just for low income households.

"Middle class Americans," adds Walsingham, "are suffering from debt and healthcare bills." A common rationale for basic income is automation in the workplace, which the McKinsey Global Institute says may eliminate 73 million jobs by 2030.

Interest in basic income has grown during COVID-19 after Congress passed a round of stimulus checks. A trial UBI in Stockton, Calif., showed that recipients increased spending on food by 12% from the same time last year.

More money in the hands of Americans means more spending. Walsingham says we can "replace the cycle of poverty with a cycle of prosperity," and that her campaign's Freedom Grant initiative is a step in that direction.

If elected, Blair Walsingham would be the first Democrat to represent Tennessee's 1st District in over a hundred years.

To learn more, visit https://blairforcongress.com/

About Blair Walsingham:

Blair Walsingham, candidate for U.S. Congress, TN-01, is endorsed by key community and national organizations, including former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Running on a platform of health, freedom, and financial security, Blair is a veteran, small business owner, and resides in Hawkins County with her family.

*Link to images for media: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-0VA6dom6xN7b2b3_jR1dYE7eW01Vkhh

Paid for by Blair For Congress

Related link: https://blairforcongress.com/

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Oz Sultan Announces Campaign for New York’s 30th District State Senate Seat

HARLEM, N.Y. -- District Leader Oz Sultan announced today that he is the reformed Republican candidate for New York's 30th District for State Senate.

Sultan, a Harlem resident, has gone from a Harlem Resident to a District Leader for the 70th Assembly. In that time, he's worked with the 5 Borough Homelessness Coalition to stop blockbusting, push legislation in Albany, bring job opportunities and giving back.

"It's time to put politics aside and do what's right for Harlem. We need Community Leaders that build - and need to continue Ruby Wright's Mission. That's why I'm running for New York's State Senate 30th District, Harlem," stated Oz Sultan.

"Those of us across Harlem deserve a true leader, who is not afraid to ask questions, engage the community, demand the truth, and who will always put the needs of the district and its people before self-interest. The people deserve an independent-minded representative who is willing to fight for a stronger health care system, strategic investments in infrastructure, and getting corporate special interest money out of our politics. Most of all, we need someone in Albany who will lookout for more than just themselves."

Working in his community Sultan has been involved in Harlem for years and seen first-hand how much has been lost with the passing of leaders like Brother Akil Rose and Sister Rubye Wright. Sultan's background is 20 years in Corporate America and Startups, with a decade working with Non-profit Organizations and Interfaith groups.

"Post COVID, we are going to need the leader that has shown they are willing to first respond, as well as able to get work done in Albany. We will have bi-partisanship and cooperation."

Learn more at: https://www.ozforny.com/

Jason McCloy, McCloy Hall & Co.

Paid for by the Oz For NY Political Campaign

Related link: https://www.ozforny.com/

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