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Carbon Credit Cart Launches New Service – Purchase of Carbon Credits Made Easy

BOULDER, Colo. -- Carbon Credit Cart LLC today announced a new service that provides an easy and affordable way for consumers to purchase carbon credits for themselves or to give as gifts. Carbon Credit Cart ( offers the simplest way to balance carbon-generating activities at home, work, and from leisure activities with carbon credits that fund registered carbon mitigation projects.

"Carbon credits to offset everyday carbon-producing activities cost less than most people think, and now we've made them easier to buy," says Hans Bjordahl, Co-Founder and CEO. "Whether it's an airplane flight, a package delivery, household energy use, or a business activity, you can buy carbon credits to balance your climate impact and pick the specific carbon mitigation projects you'd like to fund."

Carbon Credit Cart also offers carbon credit gift cards. "We hope people will find the gift of carbon credits to be the perfect holiday choice for friends and family," says Bjordahl. "With prices starting as low as $10 to offset an entire metric tonne of carbon, that's a pretty good stocking stuffer."

Carbon offset projects available on Carbon Credit Cart span the globe, from the Southern Cardamom rainforest in Cambodia to Afognak Island in Alaska, USA. "Every project tells a story, and we want people to connect with projects that are meaningful to them," says Co-Founder and CCO Trevor Dodd.

Features and benefits of Carbon Credit Cart include:

* Consumers can now buy affordable carbon credits for themselves, family and friends, and employees from a selection of registered carbon mitigation projects from around the globe.

* Purchasers receive a certificate confirming their carbon credits purchase that includes the registered serial numbers for those retired carbon credits to ensure that carbon credits are only sold once.

* Carbon credit gift cards are an easy and thoughtful way to engage others while helping the planet this holiday season.

Carbon Credit Cart is available starting November 23, 2020, for as little as $10 per carbon credit. One carbon credit offsets 1 metric tonne of carbon.

For more information on Carbon Credit Cart and the projects available on its platform, visit

About Carbon Credit Cart:

Carbon Credit Cart LLC was founded by Hans Bjordahl, Trevor Dodd, and David Skinner in partnership with Wolf Lichtenstein, founder of Evergreen Carbon LLC. Carbon Credit Cart is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with offices in Seattle and Austin. Carbon Credit Cart understands that the best way to combat the climate crisis is to severely curtail carbon emissions. Where that's not a realistic immediate option, however, we offer Carbon Credit Cart as a way to offset those activities and provide a bridge to a carbon-free future. It is our goal to one day put ourselves out of business.

Carbon Credit Cart - Carbon offsets made easy.

David Skinner
Carbon Credit Cart LLC

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Oil and Gas Companies to Solve Climate Change – Develop Global Enhanced Geothermal Energy

YAP, Micronesia -- How can oil and gas companies lead in the fight against climate change? That is a question whose answer could very well solve the climate crisis rapidly. A new research project hosted by the Center for Open Science's online collaboration platform explores one option: pay them generously to drill for geothermal energy, and let their profits transform the entire global economy. That is the focus of Dr. Daniel Helman, a multidisciplinary researcher on the small island of Yap in Micronesia, who initiated the work this week.

According to an MIT study published more than a decade ago, there are large amounts of usable geothermal energy located all over the world, in every country. It is enough energy to power civilization for several millennia to come.

Called "enhanced geothermal" because it involves adding to the drilling process to fracture the surrounding rock, the oil and gas industries can do the work to ramp up this new geothermal energy to fuel the global economy. It could feasibly end reliance on fossil fuels.

"The timing and scale of climate change mitigation and adaptation are important," writes Helman about his motivation. The idea is to use the profit motive to encourage the oil and gas sector to come to the table, and provide a carrot for developing nations to make the switch. That could end the deadlock in the official climate negotiations as well.

"Providing viable pathways for oil and gas companies to cease production of fossil fuels and transition to developing geothermal energy is a novel and useful avenue for research," writes Helman about the work.

This solution doesn't come cheap. Adoption still depends on developed countries like the United States, the UK, and members of the European Union to fund the effort. And negotiations over how much geothermal energy to develop in each country are bound to be contentious, but could easily be based on population or on known fossil fuel reserves.

Helman's "Mixing Climate Change Response with the Profit Motive: Policy Roadmap for Hiring the Oil/Gas Sector to Develop Global Enhanced Geothermal Energy" is available on the Open Science Framework, an online platform of the Center for Open Science, at:

Follow Dr. Helman on Twitter at:

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.ECO® Brand Unites Those Committed to Fighting Climate Change

STAMFORD, Conn. -- The time is now. planet .ECO® affirms that environmental justice is social justice and is illustrating that belief through its creation - .ECO, a transformative brand that unites individuals and organizations committed to combatting climate change. .ECO empowers digital eco like no other product or service by helping consumers, brands and advocates to globally advance sustainability solutions.

Inspired by the belief that "inclusion is the solution," .ECO asserts that clean air, water and soil are basic human rights that all communities across the planet deserve. Addressing disparities in exposure to pollution in communities of people of color is an important part of its mission.

"Ensuring that everyone has a healthy environment is a challenge that requires global collaboration among all stakeholders; big and small players alike must play their part," Moses W. Boone, president and co-founder, .ECO says.

The .ECO brand provides trailblazing, domain, licensing, advertisement agency and verification services that allow a global community of companies, consumers and advocates to connect and promote initiatives that protect and preserve the planet for future generations.

.ECO platforms recognize and promote .ECO community members who work to realize true environmental sustainability for all. The platform includes petitions to take the pulse of the community about key issues associated with environmental justice and the protection of the planet.

planet .ECO, CEO and co-founder, Jean William says, "The .ECO brand has always been clear that inclusion is the solution. We are proud to promote the use of .ECO as a way to empower and connect all communities, individuals, professionals, organizations, experts and governments to support a wide variety of projects focused on collaborative efforts to combat climate change."

The open and unified .ECO brand aims to ensure that all stakeholders' voices are heard. The creators of the brand believe now is the time to correct society's disparities.

.ECO® brands are the exclusive U.S. registered trademarks of planet .ECO LLC.

About planet .ECO, LLC

Since 2009, planet .ECO has been the exclusive registrant of .ECO and continues to provide .ECO domain, database management and advertising agency services. planet .ECO is a purpose-driven organization aimed to create platforms and opportunities for people and organizations committed to fighting climate change. The .ECOnide Giveback Program pledges to donate five percent of its .ECO domain name related registrations, pre-tax profits to sustainable projects.

For more information:




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Artisan Dental Becomes the 1st Carbon Neutral Dental Practice in the United States

MADISON, Wis. -- Artisan Dental, based in Madison, Wisconsin has partnered with Carbon Credit Capital and GreenTrees to certify Artisan Dental as the first carbon neutral general dental practice in the United States. Artisan Dental now offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company's operation including team business travel, team member commutes, office energy, and procurement of all supplies and materials required to provide oral health care services.

Working with Carbon Credit Capital to measure and offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations will be another significant step in Artisan Dental's sustainability journey. Artisan Dental will be purchasing carbon offset credits from the Green Tree's reforestation program in the Mississippi Valley. Green Trees' (ACRE-Advanced Carbon Restored Eco-system) program plants new forests to sequester carbon, restore bio-diversity, clean and restore watersheds through new eco-system creation on degraded lands throughout the Mississippi Valley.

Scott Andersen, co-owner and Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Artisan Dental is excited about Artisan Dental's leadership within the dental industry, sharing, "Becoming carbon neutral is another key step in realizing our mission to serve all of the stakeholders connected to our business. The environment has always been one of Artisan Dental's most important stakeholders based on our appreciation of the wide range of ecological services the environment provides. We feel we have both a responsibility and opportunity to be good stewards of the environment we all enjoy and depend on."

Read our 2020 Impact Report:

About Artisan Dental:

Artisan Dental is a mission, vision, and values oriented general dental practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Artisan's mission is to optimize the health and happiness of our patients, team members, suppliers, community and the environment through exceptional quality care and sustainable business practices.

As part of an ongoing effort to enact its mission, Artisan Dental became Wisconsin a certified B Corporation in 2017. Artisan's business model has been recognized as a Wisconsin Force Positive Change, Dane County Small Business and multi-year "Best Places to Work" award winner.

Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Scott Andersen - Co-owner
Director of Stakeholder Stewardship
Cell ph. 608-658-5193

IMAGE LINKS for Media:
Caption: GreenTrees carbon sequestration forest in the southern United States


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Secure The Future 2100 Publishes Paper – Arctic Ice Loss a Strategic National Security Issue

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Secure The Future 2100 (STF2100) has published a paper "Arctic Ice Loss Threatens National Security: A Path Forward" in the Fall 2020 issue of Orbis, the Foreign Policy Research Institute's quarterly journal of world affairs. Co-authored by the scientist team at STF2100, the paper proposes a strategic approach to develop and coordinate basic and applied research to address the challenge of rapid depletion of Arctic ice and warming of permafrost.

"Global warming is causing a dramatic and rapid shrinking in Arctic sea and land ice," says Dr. Anthony Strawa, retired NASA atmospheric scientist. "A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study reports that the Arctic has warmed at least twice as fast as the rest of the planet, due to a phenomenon known as Arctic Amplification. This loss of Arctic ice impacts weather patterns globally and in the Northern Hemisphere in particular."

The article proposes that the United States take a strong leadership position in addressing issues of Arctic ice loss. Secure the Future 2100 recommends that the United States expand funding towards basic and applied research and multi-agency coordination, an effort they call the National Arctic Ice Restoration Initiative (NAIRI), designed to better understand both Arctic ice loss and develop effective Arctic ice restoration approaches to mitigate and even restore ice loss.

"Events such as droughts, wild fires and hurricane related coastal flooding, all exacerbated by global warming, result in food and water shortages, severe economic and environmental loss and mass human migrations that can destabilize governments and threaten our national security interests," notes Dr. Steven Zornetzer, retired Associate Center Director at NASA's Ames Research Center, "The loss of sea-ice is also changing the geo-political dynamics in the Arctic."

In publishing the paper, STF2100 seeks to raise awareness of the intersection of climate change mitigation and national security and the need for robust policy to address the challenges of rapid loss of Arctic sea and land ice.

Secure the Future 2100 (STF2100) is a nonprofit organization that works to engage the public and policy leaders on measures to mitigate climate change to protect global security and natural ecosystems.

As part of the public education and outreach mission of STF2100, our scientists are ready to present to civic groups.

Learn more:

Read paper:

To arrange for a talk on the National Arctic Ice Restoration Initiative (NAIRI), contact Catherine Shinners. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook

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Performance Artist AY Young is An Emerging Renewable Energy Leader Powered by Music

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- AY Young, founder, Battery Tour, was named by the United Nations (UN) as one of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and to Fresh Energy's 2020 Energy News Network's "40 Under 40."

On a biennial basis, the Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth recognizes 17 young change-makers, between the ages of 18 and 29, who are leading efforts to combat the world's most pressing issues and whose leadership is catalyzing the achievement of the SDGs.

For the UN designation, these young leaders were selected from more than 18,000 nominations from 186 different countries to represent the diverse voices of young people from every region of the world, and are collectively responsible for activating millions of young people in support of the SDGs. Young is the only Youth Leader selected from the U.S.

The Energy News Network's "40 Under 40" awards' program highlights emerging leaders and innovators from across the U.S. and their work in America's transition to a clean energy economy.

Young is one of the first artists to power his concerts with 100 percent renewable energy and Battery Tour is designed to engage communities with fun, physical and digital, entertainment experiences focused on diversity and inclusion to enhance sustainable adoption, action and innovation. And, it's all powered with renewable resources and energy-storage technologies (such as solar & human powered batteries) and showcases current technology capacities and their impacts to raise awareness and ignite innovation for Beneficial Electrification (BE).

"My ultimate goal is to get the world plugged into sustainability using music as a vehicle," Young says.

Thor Dietrich, co-founder and CEO of the Battery Tour, says that he was inspired to create the company when he realized the power music has to unite people.

"The quality of consumables, such as energy and information, directly affects us. We have a responsibility to our personal health to educate, empower, and experience the highest quality of life. With Battery Tour, we engage everyone's passions to scale sustainable impact globally, uniting humanity through entertainment to fund, build, and secure our only future, a sustainable one," Dietrich says.

As part of the Battery Tour, starting on September 18, Young will present six, weekly, social-distanced concerts at 6 p.m. in association with the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department around Kansas City with the goal of uniting the heartland's rich history, talent, and sustainable leadership.

Founder video (YouTube):

Get plugged in at:



Twitter: @aymusik

About AY Young

At age 29, AY Young is a singer/songwriter, dancer, producer, sustainability activist and entrepreneur. He grew up in Kansas City, MO and has organized and performed more than 800 concerts. He's opened for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain, Aaron Carter and more.

For more about the artist:


Caption: AY Young proudly represents the USA as 1 of 17 United Nations' Young Leaders of the World while reminiscing about his love for basketball.


Caption: Youth having a blast dancing with AY Young and the Battery Tour at a corporate philanthropy event.

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Revealiency Announces Issuance of US Patent Covering AI-Powered Autonomous Emissions Testing, Analysis, and Reporting Technology

LEHI, Utah -- Revealiency (aka Emissions-Based Maintenance or EBM) is a Clean Technology company that focuses on optimizing compression ignition engine performance by sampling, and analyzing, engine exhaust using EBM Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to identify corrective maintenance actions that can be taken by engine owners.

Revealiency focuses on commercial and industrial engines that operate over long periods at high-duty cycles. Therefore, even small improvements identified by EBM's technology yields significant benefits.

Today, EBM proudly announces that it has secured US Patent No. US 2020/0109677 A1 - Engine emission status-based maintenance, which autonomously monitors exhaust-gases and provides actionable maintenance corrective actions that can be taken to improve engine performance. By doing so, this technology can also verify an engine is operating within specified parameters.

Benefits of the technology include: 1) reduced environmental impact, 2) lower operating costs, 3) enhanced engine reliability, and 4) improved engine life.

"I am pleased to see the development of this new EBM AI technology. It has been developed using decades of science-based research and hands-on experience with thousands of diesel engines," said Steve "Skinner" Forbush, Co-Founder and Lead Technical Engineer. "This patent leverages recent technological advancements in industrial IoT (telematics) devices with decades of emissions-based engine research."

EBM AI co-inventor and Revealiency Co-Founder and President, Jeramiah Forbush, added, "Many engine owners rely on OEM systems to monitor engine performance and assume that modern computer-controlled engines operate as they were designed. We have collected thousands of emissions tests and typically identify considerable opportunities to improve engine performance. This new AI technology allows for an increase in the frequency of emissions testing while completely automating the testing, analysis, and reporting functions."

For more information on how this patented technology might benefit your business, contact Jeramiah Forbush at or (801) 901-8258.

About Revealiency

Revealiency is a clean technology company that focuses on improving commercial and industrial engine performance by identifying engine maintenance opportunities. This is done by sampling and analyzing engine exhaust using EBM AI technology. In recent projects, EBM AI has produced emissions and fuel savings of more than the 5%-7% targets. EBM has prided positive results with customers on six continents. Revealiency has identified corrective actions that can be taken to save over 2 Billion pounds of CO2 from the environment, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 production of over 900,000 automobiles.

Learn more at:

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Southeastern Data Awarded Orange County, FL Bid For Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Management

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Southeastern Data, an Orlando-Based firm that specializes in computer hardware, electronics, and technology equipment recycling, has been awarded Orange, County Florida's bid for E-Recycling and IT Asset Management.

"We are immensely proud to have been awarded this contract to offer our services to our hometown county," says Michael Stubblebine, President at Southeastern Data. "Our team is dedicated to giving back to the environment, and we also believe in giving back to the community. This is a WIN-WIN for us!"

Orange County residents can see which electronics are accepted, and also view a list of collecting sites by visiting:

Southeastern Data accepts residential working and non-working computers and electronic devices for e-recycling at our Orlando Facility. If the devices contain electronic circuitry, either with a cord or not (cordless) and is considered a technology device, we can accept it for e-recycling.

For a list of items that are accepted by Southeastern Data, please visit:

Founded in 1996, Southeastern Data provides local, national, and international organizations responsible and cost-effective solutions for their electronic waste challenges. Southeastern Data is an ISO and NAID certified and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) approved recycling company. Southeastern Data is a green technology company with the knowledge and expertise in the recycling, refurbishing, and disposal of used computers and electronic equipment.

If you would like more information, please call or e-mail: Hilary Stubblebine (Vice President, New Business) - Southeastern Data at: 800.810.0432, or


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Polar Bears – Now ‘Garbage Bears’ – ‘Can you Hear Me’ by Danielle Alura

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Who doesn't like watching fluffy polar bears, monkeys in natural hot springs, and koalas? Custom couture made out of single use objects? The official music video for "Can You Hear Me" By Danielle Alura is very eye-catching and creates an amazing picture for Mother Earth; fluffy, fashionable and factual all at the same time.

With plenty of hidden talents, this international model, actress, singer, humanitarian and environmental activist - Danielle Alura has recently written a number of original songs - all to bring attention to climate change. Her first single ever, entitled "Can You Hear Me" just released on most popular media platforms.

The music video that premiered at 8 p.m. on YouTube perfectly illustrates her message of environmental awareness and even features a number of familiar faces endorsing her efforts for wasteful single use plastic reduction.

"I hope you like it as much as I did writing and creating everything to make the message universal. Please share it with your friends and family in every way on every platform. The importance of caring for our planet can cross cultures and continents just like music. Let's spread the word and the art!" Alura says.

Danielle Alura has always written music; mixing and mastering songs only for her family to enjoy. She writes in most any genre of music and has finished more than 6 albums worth of songs. This will be the very first song ever released to the public out of all the material she has written. Being an international entertainer has given her the fortunate opportunity to see the world. While increasingly coming across pollution and litter on her travels, she decided this needed to be her primary focus. Danielle Alura will release original music to the world for the first time in effort to promote climate action.

Adopted as a baby, she was greeted with a song her father wrote on his Hammond/Leslie organ. That organ is still in her family's home dusted off and played on joyous occasions. Growing up, her Italian family was very musically inclined- especially while cooking in the kitchen. Her grandpa Joe, who just turned 102, would be watching baseball on mute whilst Italian opera plays on the radio all while cooking an Italian dish. With an all-sensory experience from birth, music became Danielle's joy. She has a crossover voice and can sing most any genre of music, from pop to show tunes to opera. Even Danielle's father can pick up any instrument and play a tune.

Future releases of more environmental music will happen leading up 2021 for Danielle. Currently crowned Elite Miss Pennsylvania Earth 2020, she will compete for Elite Miss Earth USA in January.

The Miss Earth USA organization promotes environmental awareness and encourages green leadership in communities. Danielle advocates against plastic pollution with her platform "No Excuse for Single Use".

Listen now on and on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes.

Watch the Music Video here (YouTube):

Follow her on:
* Instagram @daniellealura

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Danielle Alura, "Can You Hear Me."

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Elite Miss Pennsylvania Partners with 20+ East Coast Hotels – Projected to Prevent More Than 1 Ton of Plastic Waste from Landfills

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Danielle Alura, Elite Miss Pennsylvania, received the 2020 Olive Branch Certificate of Recognition from the Coalition for Peace Action for her efforts against climate change, to build a green economy. One of the achievements this year was Danielle held a socially distanced green talk outside Philly for hotel owners.

The hotel association she met with as her first step of influence was AAHOA, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, the majority being immigrant owned. The attendees interested in her green program represented more than 140+ east coast hotels. She has already been able to convince more than 20 hotels so far to pledge against their plastic waste!

By choosing to adopt at least one of her suggested plastic prevention initiatives into their business operations, this will successfully prevent over 1 ton of waste from our communities' landfills by 2021. She is still meeting with more hotels and franchises as they voice interest in her free green program to reduce plastic waste and save money while going green. A new hotel franchise with more than 100 hotels is on board to implement her "No Excuse for Single Use" Program across their whole franchise.

Danielle is the current Elite Miss Pennsylvania, a member of the United Nations of Greater Philadelphia, a member of their event committee, a member of the Coalition for Peace Action and a supporter of Family Promise, a non-profit helping the homeless. She has sat on their Executive Board as the Secretary, Chair of the event committee and Vice President of Family Promise of Orange County (FPOC). Danielle has helped raise more than $400,000 for charity in the past few years, of which $82,000 was raised virtually over the course of 24hrs for FPOC in the middle of this pandemic for the families.

Danielle admired how green conscious her mother was when growing up. Being the oldest of 4 adopted kids, she remembers, wearing hand-me-downs, recycling and repurposing things they simply couldn't throw away.

"I still remember leaving swim team practice and dropping the empty glass bottles into the recycling bins and hearing them break, or pulling over and watering neighbor's thirsty plants on their porch with our water bottles as we drove by."

After traveling to 9 countries last summer, from the Galapagos Islands, to China - she came across trash everywhere. Upon returning to the states, she searched for ways to create awareness and discovered there was a pageant system designed for such green leaders. Her platform: No Excuse for Single Use (NEFSU).

"First, I encouraged people to begin a zero waste home during the pandemic by taking simple green steps. I post a new sustainable video tip weekly to help you add new green habits to your lifestyle. However, going 'green' to impact climate change does not strictly rely on us as individuals. We need corporations to contribute their efforts for climate change. Otherwise - as individuals alone - we won't even make a dent in pollution. Therefore, the other side of my platform focuses on business. I have partnered with hotels as well to pledge against plastic waste."

Danielle has also lobbied alongside PennEnvironment, United Nations Greater Philadelphia and the CFPA against single use plastics in front of many elected officials. They also talked about the horrors of landfill pollutants into our water, air and food and the importance of increasing Electric Vehicle infrastructure. Danielle's platform "No Excuse for Single Use" will now be utilized by Rep. Ronni Green as a Zero Waste Home resource for the community.

Danielle Alura has recently written a number of original songs - all to the tune of climate change. Her whole life she has written original music but kept it only for her family to enjoy. Now, she will be releasing the first song ever entitled "Can You Hear Me." The original work also features a number of familiar celebrity faces endorsing her efforts for plastic reduction.

Write your elected officials, write your favorite brands on how it's important to go green and remember - there's "no excuse for single use." Danielle is competing for Elite Miss Earth USA in January.

For more information and to follow her journey go to:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: In her first single release happening soon, Danielle Alura has made outfits completely out of single use items. Here she wears one made out of newspaper.

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