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Senate Reintroduces Legislation to Federally Invest in Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) Program

SILVER SPRING, Md. -- Yesterday, the Senate reintroduced the Mothers and Offspring Mortality and Morbidity Awareness (MOMMA) Act, critical legislation that seeks to reduce the disparate maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates, especially among Black and Brown birthing people and infants. The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) strongly supports the MOMMA Act.

Spearheaded by Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), the MOMMA Act would, among other initiatives, establish grant opportunities for entities with proven approaches to improving our nation's mortality rate by offering better maternal and postpartum health care.

Specifically, the MOMMA Act would invest federal funding in the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) program, a national partnership of organizations, including ACNM, with goals improving the culture of care to eliminate preventable maternal mortality and severe morbidity across the care continuum.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) strongly supports the MOMMA Act and applauds Senators Durbin and Duckworth for their leadership and commitment to improving the culture of health for pregnant and postpartum people.

"All pregnant and birthing people and babies should be served by a maternity care system that delivers safe, equitable, ethical, and patient-centered care, the hallmarks of midwifery," stated ACNM President, Cathy Collins-Fulea, DNP, CNM, FACNM. "Midwives stand ready to work with policymakers and stakeholders to implement evidence-based solutions, including reducing primary cesarean sections and increasing access to midwives and midwifery-led care models, to help improve maternal health outcomes for all people and communities."

Every year across the United States, of the 4,000,000 people who give birth, about 700 suffer fatal complications during pregnancy, while giving birth, or during the postpartum period, and 70,000 suffer near-fatal, partum-related complications. These statistics disproportionately impact Black and Brown pregnant and birthing people. Through the implementation of a comprehensive set of policies to improve data collection, dissemination of information on effective interventions, and expansion of access to health care and social services for postpartum people, the MOMMA Act is another piece of critical legislation that if realized, can help address escalating rates of maternal mortality and morbidity disproportionately impacting these communities.

Contact Amy Kohl ( ACNM Director, Advocacy & Government Affairs, for more information on the Mothers and Offspring Mortality and Morbidity Awareness (MOMMA) Act.

About ACNM

With over 6,500 members, ACNM is the professional association that represents certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and certified midwives (CMs) in the United States. ACNM promotes excellence in midwifery education, clinical practice, and research. With roots dating to 1929, our members are primary care providers for women throughout the lifespan, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and gynecologic and reproductive health. ACNM provides research, administers, and promotes continuing education programs, establishes education and clinical practice standards, and creates liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress to increase the visibility and recognition of midwifery care.

Learn more at

ACNM Membership & Communications

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Monument to an African American Patriot Drummer? You Bet!

BEAUFORT, S.C. -- According to the Georgia American Revolution Preservation Alliance, if one battlefield archaeologist had his way, the first monument placed on the newly preserved Battle of Beaufort, SC site would not be to the two signers of the Declaration of Independence who also fought there. It would be an almost forgotten private. Not that Daniel Battle feels more than one monument is well deserved at one of South Carolina's newest sites.

By the end of 1778, most of the serious fighting of the War for American Independence had been predominantly in the northern half of the new United States. That was about to change as British Forces surged a new invasion into the southern states. During the British Southern Winter Campaign 1778-79, Georgia was overrun from both land and sea with forces invading from Florida and Sandy Hook, NJ. This appeared to it be the knock-out punch that might just end the American Rebellion. It was a chaotic moment when citizens and militia volunteers throughout the South were weighing their options and loyalties.

"If the King's Forces had strategized a forgiveness campaign as some had planned, rather than a war against the citizenry, the outcome of the war may have been much different," Battle claims. Still, a spark of hope in the American cause was desperately needed at this time. Southerners got that from an unlikely place at Beaufort, SC.

"The British had barely secured Savannah before the wharves had become backed up by wagon loads of loot and plunder being sent back out of port to destinations unknown. British officers were freely enriching themselves shipping off captured slaves and plantation commodities," Battle explained.

A British expeditionary naval force soon set off with the same designs for the Lowcountry of South Carolina. That navy flotilla left a trail of destruction, marked by plumes of burning residences, as it went up the sea islands toward Beaufort. After landing near town, however, they found an angry American force under the fiery General William Moultrie awaiting them. On February 3, 1779, British Regulars attempted to march into the town but were soundly repulsed. They were beaten by an ethnically diverse American militia. "This little victory helped bolster volunteers to the American Cause at a pivotal time when support was desperately needed for what was coming for South Carolina. The American Cause was on razor thin margins," Battle explained.

The engagement at Beaufort was the first true land battle of the war in South Carolina and the first victory for the Americans since the southern invasion. One British officer would later recount, with a sneer, the presence of several African Americans within the American ranks. One of these individuals, a free man of color from one of the surrounding islands, was serving as a drummer in the 4th SC Artillery.

"Drummers were critically important in those days because we didn't have electronic communications like radios to give out battle orders. The beat of drums informed our fighting men of such things as keeping to their post or alerting to new orders during the fighting," Battle explains. This was the beginning of Beaufort's Jim Capers distinguishing career. Private Capers would serve in some of the bloodiest battles of the war all the way up to the surrender of British General Cornwallis' at Yorktown.

"He would have likely had the honor to play his drums as the British stacked their arms and this must have been an incredible experience for Capers," Battle states.

During the war, his name had become well-recognized throughout the Southern command according to pension applications. One soldier claimed: "While encamped at Jacksonborough near Charleston, I heard that the 'great Drummer Jim Capers' under (Francis 'Swamp Fox') Marion was wounded at the battle of the Eutaw Springs, South Carolina."

After the war, Capers applied for the first United States pension. Capers and his wife, who was listed as a slave, were denied benefits. Capers died without the United States ever honoring the debt for his sacrifice of service. A simple gravestone in Alabama reads, "Jim Capers a man of Color and resident in the County of Pike & State of Alabama."

"Capers was an unwavering American Patriot who deserves recognition. There is a wrong here that should be set symbolically right. Certainly, we cannot even begin to ponder what the dream of freedom must have meant to soldiers like him. Erecting a monument makes an important statement and helps set the record straight. It bridges a gap with those who have often felt little or no connection with this part of our American History," Battle states.

About Georgia American Revolution Preservation Alliance:

The Georgia American Revolution Preservation Alliance (GARPA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to study, research, and promote preservation of American Revolutionary War resources in the southeast region of the United States. Our group is made up of professional archaeologist and other specialist who support a range of projects from publications, scientific research, and visual resources for distribution to the public. Our goal is the identification and preservation of endangered battlefields and forts predominantly related to 18th Century America.

Learn more at:

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Over 200 dogs from China saved from slaughterhouses, meat-trade, abuse, and neglect will soon arrive in the United States on their way to forever homes

VASS, N.C. -- China Rescue Dogs, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to rescuing and saving dogs from the China and adopting them into homes in the U.S. and Canada, is calling on the public to help them save over 200 additional dogs.

One hundred forty-five (145) newly rescued dogs will arrive via three cargo planes on March 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2021 at (JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. An additional sixty (60) will, hopefully, arrive in the United States at the end of March - but it all depends on donations.

These dogs were saved from the inevitable just before Chinese New Year. Many were saved off meat trucks, from slaughterhouses and rescued from abuse, and neglect. They have been stranded in China until the New Year celebrations come to an end.

"What was once the end of their lives, is now a new beginning for these beautiful babies," said Jill Stewart, President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs. "They all have been quarantined, micro-chipped, and received all the necessary vaccinations. Now, it is time for them to live the rest of their lives being safe and happy with their forever families."

China Recue Dogs is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Jill Stewart, an ardent advocate of animal rights worldwide, and especially in China. Their global mission is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from China and provide them with loving forever homes in North America. There are over a dozen other U.S. dog rescue organizations that are working with China Rescue Dogs on these rescues.

As Stewart reflects on the progress of the mission to save dogs, she is thankful for everyone's support. "Without and its readers, we would not have been able to save 60 dogs at the end of January. Those dogs are now living in their forever homes and I become so emotional knowing how much joy and unconditional love they are now bringing to their new families."

Sam Scaman Marketing Director for China Recue Dogs, admits, "Although money can't buy love - it can buy a rescue! It's true, the larger dogs are more costly to transfer via cargo, but China Rescue Dogs does offer exceptions and scholarships to senior citizens that are living on a fixed income." Scaman adds, "We have placed many of our rescue dogs with elderly single parents. The close bond and companionship with a rescue dog and a senior citizen can work better than the strongest medicine -- especially during a pandemic. I think every lonely senior needs a rescue dog companion so they can both rescue each other."

Stewart, along with her small team of volunteers are calling donors and fund-raising for this new life saving project. They now need to raise an additional $30,000 so they can bring in all two hundred (200) dogs and not have to turn any away.

"Funding is crucial," admits Stewart. "We never say no to any dog - mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public's continued support."

Everything the organization does relies on donations and volunteers. Ryan McDonnell, Vice President of China Rescue Dogs confirms, "all of us are volunteers - even our vet partner Bay Street Animal Hospital in Staten Island, NY. They come to every flight arrival at JFK and make sure all the dogs are healthy as soon as they land."

"What makes this project even more challenging are the number of states we transportation these dogs to," says Stewart. "From the east coast to the west coast, we have forever families waiting for their new babies to arrive. Delivering these babies to their new homes is worth the effort but is still expensive."

About China Rescue Dogs

China Rescue Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue with the purpose of rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from the meat trade, abuse and neglect in China and providing them with loving homes in the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about their work, visit

Recent articles about China Rescue Dogs on

For more information about China Rescue Dogs or for media inquiries, please contact:
Jill Stewart
Phone: 919-619-4374

Ryan McDonnell
Phone: 330-819-7605

Caption: Jill Stewart President & Founder of China Rescue Dogs, welcomes a flight of dogs into JFK airport in January 2021.

Caption: This beautiful dog is hoping for the funding needed to bring him to the United States where he can meet his forever family and live the rest of his life in safety and freedom.

Caption: Dogs in China awaiting to be adopted by a forever family here in the United States.

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Debut author, Barbara Lane, launches ‘Fictitious Truths’ – a podcast to increase the awareness of child abuse and neglect

WINCHESTER, Va. -- A captivating storyteller, Barbara Lane, hosts a new Podcast where she uses her powerful writing and storytelling skills to share Lucy's Story, a chronical in which she casts a five-year-old fictional character as the voice of the children she represents - a compilation of the true-life events experienced by the abused and neglected children the author has worked with over the course of her career.

"Fictitious Truths" presents beguiling tales created to speak for the voice of abused children, stories that should be told, but often cannot. Timely interview segments with professionals in the field of child welfare will be presented to raise awareness and provide opportunities for listeners to be of service to children in need.

Launching February 16, 2021, the audience can listen-in to the "Fictitious Truths" presentation of Lucy's Story on Amazon, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple or wherever they get their podcasts.

About Barbara Lane:

Barbara Lane has worked in the field of family therapy for over thirty years with a focus on child abuse and neglect. She is currently authoring a memoir regarding a reunion with her ten biological sisters after forty years of separation.

Learn more at:

Podcast Episode One:

Audio Trailer (Soundcloud):


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South Bay Comes Together to Show Support for the Local Healthcare Community on Valentine’s Day

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. -- While everyone continues to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers continue to bear the brunt of it, local businesses are struggling, and people are unsure of how to help. As founder of the popular South Bay Mommies & Daddies, a Los Angeles area community platform for parents and family-friendly local businesses, Laura Stotland was inspired to launch Project South Bay Heroes to help direct well wishes into action in the South Bay community.

In partnership with Tower 60 Foundation, Fueling the Fearless, South Bay Credit Union and OneNinth Media, Project South Bay Heroes is a fundraising program that gives community members a chance to show their appreciation for the healthcare community while also supporting struggling local restaurants. In just a few months, the program has already raised over $15,000, supported 12 South Bay restaurants by sourcing 950 meals for South Bay hospital workers (including Ragin' Cajun, Sacks on the Beach, Bettolino Kitchen,Chicken Dijon, and more), and is racking up massive views and shares as word spreads.

For Valentine's Day, the program funded 500 meals -- over $5k worth of meals -- to local hospitals to remind staff their community is rallying around them: Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers - Torrance and San Pedro. Additionally, the Valentine's Day Kindness Project, mounted online, collected over 1,000 handmade cards from South Bay families for local hospital patients and healthcare workers. While local non-profit, Mychal's Learning place is donating over 400 Valentine's Day cookies for Frontline Healthcare Workers.

"We are so grateful to South Bay Mommies and Daddies for putting together so many beautiful Valentine's Day cards for both our patients and our employees. These cards really put smiles on everyone's face during this difficult time," said Andrew Werts Director, Communications, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers, Torrance and San Pedro.

After polling the healthcare community and other group members about how to support them during this especially difficult time, Stotland conceived Project South Bay Heroes with multiple, simple ways for people and businesses to show their support:

OUTREACH: Spread key messages that our front-line heroes desperately need us to hear and pledge to follow them through a professionally produced video made with clips from local families: stay home, wear masks, keep 6 feet apart, and be kind.

SHOW SUPPORT: Support local first-responders and other struggling businesses in the community by making a tax deductible donation to provide meals from local eateries to those hard-working and hard- pressed heroes on the front lines at various South Bay hospitals: $10 provides one meal, $100 provides meals for 10 essential workers, and $1,000 allows the program to feed the entire staff on duty.

HELP LOCAL RESTAURANTS: Spread the word and tell interested South Bay restaurants to complete an application online to be considered for the program. If accepted, the local restaurant will be notified to schedule a community-sponsored meal for healthcare workers.

The program has already been well received with families, local businesses and restaurants pledging their support.

"When I started talking to people, I heard from so many in our community that wanted to help, and learned that our medical professionals really wanted us to hear their plea to keep everyone safe and healthy," shared Stotland.

"In a time where we're all feeling so helpless, it's been amazing to see our community come together in this way. While we're thrilled to join others in the community in fundraising to provide meals to our local heroes and support local businesses, we're equally proud that we can amplify their wishes through our video, and we hope people will join us in taking the pledge and sharing the video."

"We are grateful to our strong team of partners and sponsors who are making this project possible," said Stotland. "Our goal now is to rack up the biggest restaurant bill the South Bay has ever seen!"

Visit to learn more about the program, make a donation, become a sponsor, watch and share the video, and download a printable sign to color and put in your window to show your support! A contribution of just $10 helps to provide one meal to a front-line hero, $100 helps to feed 10 essential workers, and $1,000 helps to feed the entire staff on duty.

"We are grateful for whatever people can do to help us show our appreciation for those who can't stay home," Stotland said. "The South Bay Community is truly in this together."

About South Bay Mommies & Daddies

Inspired by her local community, founder Laura Stotland launched South Bay Mommies & Daddies as a resource for local parents to provide information and tips for raising families in the South Bay. South Bay Mommies & Daddies is now a popular community platform for parents and family-friendly local businesses that showcases information on Local Events, Community News, Opportunities to Give Back, and so much more. The platform now includes a Facebook Group that serves as a forum to ask questions and share ideas and advice on all things local. Visit

About Tower 60 Foundation -

The Tower 60 Foundation's mission is focused on giving back and goodwill, most recently raising significant funds to benefit the El Segundo Foundation and the City of Hope Cancer Center.

Founded by local real estate agent Alex Abad, who is passionate about giving back to his local community.

About Fueling the Fearless -

Fueling the Fearless (FTF) was founded in March 2020 with the goal of supporting struggling local restaurants while providing meals to healthcare workers serving in at-risk hospitals, free clinics and low-income communities. Since then FTF has also delivered local restaurant prepared meals to hospital support personnel, grocery store workers, bus and truck drivers, women in shelters, the homeless, seniors and needy families.

About OneNinth Media -

OneNinth is an innovative creative marketing agency & content production company with a passion for projects of substance.

VIDEO (YouTube):

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Beatles Historical Artifact from The Ed Sullivan Show Hits the Music Collectibles Market

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Music collectors take note. Fifty-seven years ago, on February 9, 1964, The Beatles made history with their first live American television appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." It had one of the largest viewing audiences ever, changed the course of music and influenced generations to follow. Today, Rockaway Records is proud to present a rare, one-of-a-kind artifact from that historic debut - a fully-signed piece of that stage's backdrop.

Each Beatle penned his autograph on the back of the wall, accompanied by a playful caricature that each drew next to their signature.

"We're thrilled to offer this museum-worthy piece of music history," Wayne Johnson, co-owner of Rockaway Records, says. "In over 40 years in business, this is the most exciting item to cross our path. Music was truly changed forever that day, making this one of the most important pieces of Rock and Roll history."

This 16-inch x 48-inch piece of that plastic wall has only had a few previous owners; its most recent one just consigned it with Rockaway Records. The wall segment is in very good condition, and is professionally mounted in a shadow box display. The signatures and drawings, originally done with black marking pen, have turned brownish over the years, but still maintain a distinctive color.

The wall segment comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Frank Caiazzo, the world's foremost Beatles signature expert, as well as letters of provenance from the original owners. It's offered for sale at $700,000. For more information: .

In addition to this amazing collectible, Rockaway Records also currently has more than $2 Million worth of Beatles and other music collectibles for sale, not auction. Among the many Beatles rarities are original 1960s promotional posters and store displays, as well as the famous Yesterday and Today "Butcher Cover" LP.

About Rockaway Records

Rockaway Records is well-known and respected, worldwide, for the high quality of its inventory, both online and in its retail store. It meticulously vets what it sells for authenticity - only offering items that it's confident are 100 percent genuine.

For more information, visit:

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo Caption: 1964 Ed Sullivan Stage Wall Signed by The Beatles.

Wayne Johnson
of Rockaway Records

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Artisanal Self-Care Subscription Box Brand Little Slacks Announces Valentine’s Day Giveaway

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Little Slacks, the artisanal wellness subscription box brand, announced today a giveaway of one of their self-care subscription boxes to one lucky winner for Valentine's Day. The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Sunday, February 28th, via Instagram, by the end of the day.

Launched in September 2020 with the aim to support hardworking artisans while making hand-crafted, high-quality wellness products affordable to all, the subscription box brand Little Slacks sources its products at wholesale prices in order to offer subscribers discounted prices. The brand also ensures that each of its suppliers upholds one or more of the following values: cruelty-free, eco-friendly, handmade, organic, woman-owned, small-batch, and not found on large retailers such as Amazon.

To enter the giveaway, contestants can simply enter their email on Little Slacks' website. In addition to the giveaway, Little Slacks is offering affordable, alternative gift options for couples, lovers, family, and friends this Valentine's Day to help them practice self-care and enjoy the often-neglected luxury of relaxation, whether they are together or apart.

"We are here to provide high-quality artisan products, in a convenient and affordable manner that meets the needs of hard-working people," said Juliany Marrero, founder of Little Slacks. "We understand that a busy lifestyle leaves little time to find different relaxing products every month from different websites and physical stores. With the Little Slacks subscription box, you don't have to worry about that. You simply receive your box, relax and enjoy!"

In their box, the winner of the giveaway will receive a selection of at least five hand-picked wellness products to practice self-care at home. From handmade soaps and candles to natural skincare products, mists, body scrubs, essential oils, teas, and chocolates, Little Slacks inspires holistic bodily and mental relaxation that subscribers can enjoy with each box. In addition, each month's box is paired with a carefully curated playlist to encourage maximum relaxation. To receive a personalized wellness box, subscribers first take a quiz. Afterward, they are sent a box containing hand-crafted artisanal products tailored to their unique preferences.

To learn more visit:

About Little Slacks:

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Little Slacks is a personal wellness subscription box service offering curated, personalized artisanal products at affordable prices. Artisans the company currently works with include: Celinatural, Rock Creek Soaps, Iron Lion Soaps, Woolzies, Nectar Republic, Teaspressa, Benjamin Soap Co, Rock Bottom Soap, Unique Wax Co, Ora's Amazing Herbal Natural Skincare, Jocelyn & Amp Co., Self Goddess, Himalayan Secrets Laughing Wolves, and Dye Queer. Visit Little Slacks' website to learn more or connect with @littleslacks on Instagram and Facebook.

*Images link for media:

*Caption: Little Slacks, the artisanal wellness subscription box brand, is offering a giveaway of one box to one lucky winner this Valentine's Day.

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Book Release: ‘Say Their Names, 101 Unarmed Black Women, Men and Children Killed By Law Enforcement’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Campaign Justice announced today that Black History Month is not only a time of recognizing the accomplishments of African-Americans, but is also a time to brighten the spotlight on systemic racism within law enforcement. "Say Their Names: 101 Unarmed Black Women, Men and Children Killed By Law Enforcement" (ISBN: 979-8570456860) is a newly released reference book which documents the stories of a few who have lost their lives during a brush with police.

"Why, in this nation, do too many black Americans wake up knowing that they could lose their life in the course of just living their life? Why does justice not roll like a river or righteousness like a mighty stream?" President Joe Biden has said.

George Floyd's murder was as shocking as it was common. As were the murders of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice and James Earl Chaney.

This compilation of lost lives is more of an encyclopedia and serves as a permanent record for the 101 deaths of unarmed people of color attributed to law enforcement. (Note, this is not a complete record and covers individuals who died from 1920-2020.)

We document who they were as people, the details surrounding their deaths, as well as if there were any arrests or convictions of officers involved. The book is dedicated to their families, as well as hero whistle-blower officers who stood up against systemic racism. We have also included links to over 200 social justice organizations.

This 556-page book is available NOW on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo and Google Play. Links can be found at

To coincide with this press release, we have placed the ebook on sale; from $9.99 to $0.99 for one week only:

Campaign Justice is a newly formed organization by an established author and non-profit founder, whose mission is to promote social advocacy and justice projects for marginalized communities.

Campaign Justice is also working on a children's book which recognizes and addresses their fear of law enforcement.

Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media: (Book Cover)

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Tumelo Skin Care Introduces So Sensitive! Body Lotion

REDMOND, Ore. -- Lampella International, LLC, a skin care company, is launching its So Sensitive! Body Lotion, the first in a range of premium specialty body care products.

So Sensitive! - which retails for $19.99 - is formulated to soothe parched, itchy, sensitive skin. A nutrient-rich blend of Macadamia and Coconut oils combined with pure plant extracts aids in calming and restoring insanely distressed skin. So Sensitive! boasts promising visible results in restoring skin's moisture balance and suppleness at a cellular level.

"Comfort seekers - that's what we all are, right?" says Rod Lampella, CEO of Lampella International, LLC. "And, one thing that robs us of comfort is being uncomfortable in our own skin due to dryness, itchiness, flaking or signs of aging. We become not only uncomfortable with how our skin feels, but also with its appearance. Our products are designed for ultimate comfort! The number one thing that sets our lotions apart from all others is our use of highly effective, bio-available, natural ingredients that truly absorb into the skin.

"Our products are formulated to penetrate the skin like no other lotions you've ever experienced. We believe there is no point in applying a skin care lotion if it will sit on the skin's surface and not penetrate down into the deeper layers, where changes will become evident in your skin's appearance and ultimate health."

Tumelo's vegan products are free of parabens, petroleum, GMOs, soy, and gluten. They are never tested on animals and are developed using the safest available resources-from the latest scientific advances to botanical extracts used for centuries.

Lampella went on to say, "We are beyond excited to be introducing our Tumelo brand. The meaning of Tumelo is 'faith and belief.' We believe you will love our products. And, we have faith that you will see a tremendous change in your skin as a result of using our products. Our commitment to producing the highest quality, effective products means we don't take shortcuts.

"We have spent years thoughtfully and carefully formulating our products to be safe and effective. We will soon be introducing unparalleled solutions for a variety of other skin concerns, guided by our unwavering commitment to improving your skin's health and comfort."

The Tumelo(tm) brand will be brought to life through a multi-channel digital marketing campaign. The product is available for purchase on the company's website at

For more information about the products, the company or wholesale purchase opportunities, please email

Follow us on IG @ Tumeloskincare and on FB @ Tumelo Skin Care.

Lampella International, LLC is a Redmond, Oregon-based skin care company dedicated to offering premium, skin-nourishing products for a variety of skin care concerns. Learn more:

IMAGE Links for media:



Caption: Tumelo Skin Care So Sensitive! Body Lotion.

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Remote Control Grapplesaw Crane Lease Model Innovator, Justin Hartmann (Canary Tree), Partners with Tree Leads Today

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Don Dowd, owner of tree lead marketing company Tree Leads Today, announced his new partnership with Justin Hartmann of Canary Tree. As soon as Don Dowd saw Justin Hartmann's short-term grapplesaw crane leasing model, he knew it was the perfect solution for his clients who struggle to keep pace with their backlog of work.

"Until now, our clients had to find additional crews and buy equipment to keep up with the amount of leads we generate for them. Being able to get a remote-control crane and an operator delivered anywhere in the country gives our clients a way to take on an enormous amount of work and complete it in a minimal amount of time. It also enables our clients to get familiar with this cutting-edge equipment and its capabilities." Don first came across Justin's innovative leasing model on Facebook. Justin was surveying tree care professionals' interest and what they'd be willing to spend on this program.

These specialized rigs are quite a considerable investment, usually in excess of half of a million dollars. With the largest fleet of grapplesaw knucklebooms in service worldwide, Canary Tree Service has established itself as the industry leader in disaster relief tree service. As Justin describes, "This is an unparalleled opportunity to get work completed in the safest, most efficient, and most profitable way, with all human risk taken out of the equation. We even offer grapple debris truck rentals with an operator for efficient debris removal."

Since Tree Leads Today has clients across the nation that are backed up for months, these tree companies are often left scrambling to add more crews and equipment to keep pace. As Don explains, "My clients will no longer need to pause marketing now that they can use this revolutionary offering. And they can usually cover the cost for a whole week's rental on the first day. Justin has created the opportunity for any tree company to take advantage of this lucrative investment in superior equipment by offering a simple pricing structure for short-term rentals. "

When Justin was asked why he chose Tree Leads Today over other marketing companies, he replied, "Unlike other marketing companies that take your money and then hope that leads will contact you, Tree Leads Today only charges you for actual leads that contact you directly. I'm also impressed with their diversified approach."

Tree Leads Today is an industry leader, with an expert in every field of marketing including digital marketing, social media, call-to-action websites, content writing, SEO (search engine optimization), and personalized offline marketing.

Justin adds, "All of this coupled with the fact that the company was founded by a long-time tree company owner who knows the tree care business gives them a huge advantage. I can see how Tree Leads Today is able to deliver large volumes of leads that are highly concentrated in their clients' desired territories. I've seen this firsthand through tree companies across the country who I later found out were clients of Tree Leads Today."

Learn more at:

See Hartmann's grapplesaw in action in this recent news clip (Source: News4Jax, Jacksonville, Florida):





Debbi Coren, Copywriter, Coren Content Writing

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