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Seattle Plumbing Company Answers Plea for Help with $10,000 Sign-On Bonus

RENTON, Wash. -- It's no secret that both the COVID-19 pandemic and the volume of unemployment is still causing a disturbing amount of damage across Washington state, says Trusted Plumbing and Heating. With over 100,000 residents in King County still collecting unemployment, thousands of businesses are at risk of closing their doors - simply because they can't get people to work.

Trusted Plumbing and Heating, a family-owned plumbing business in Renton, is just one of many local businesses feeling the effects of Washington residents not going back to work. While business is booming and there's no lack of homeowners needing plumbing help, the struggle remains to simply get a team out to the job.

This local team of plumbers is working around the clock to keep up with the heightened demand for plumbing repairs in Seattle and the greater King County area. Jim Cunningham, owner, is offering an extremely generous and lofty bonus for the right candidate.

"Simply put, we just need a plumber. We are looking for a qualified journeyman to join our team. We can't keep up with demand, and we've been searching for months on end. By offering $10,000 we hope to entice the right candidate," says Cunningham. "Believe me when I say there are many who are shocked that I am going to this extent."

Across many states, Washington included, thousands of companies are spending their advertising dollars on billboard ads, TV commercials, and even advertising on local transportation stating the need for workers. With no end in sight, Trusted Plumbing and Heating is hoping that their efforts will make a difference.

For anyone interested in learning more, visit, or contact (206) 231-5008.

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Site Preparations, LLC Named to Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Privately Held US Companies

GAP, Pa. -- Site Preparations, LLC, a garage and shed foundation installation company headquartered in Gap, PA, has been named to Inc. Magazine's 2021 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the United States. The company was ranked #3119 on the list with a three-year revenue growth rate of 121% for the period from 2017-2020. The company is listed on the Inc. 5000 list under its shortened brand name, Site Prep.

Since its founding in 2014, Site Prep has experienced strong year-over-year growth. While the company offers a variety of services, they primarily specialize in site preparation for outdoor structures like sheds and garages. Site Prep's top-selling product, a shed base made of crushed stone, has increased in popularity as shed buyers have become educated on the importance of a solid foundation for the longevity of prefab buildings.

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges, CEO John Dienner says the company was blessed with strong demand for its services. "The pandemic caused homeowners to do work at home which lead lots of people to buy backyard sheds to free up garage space." The company found that increased demand for prefab sheds drove a corresponding demand for shed foundations.

According to Dienner, the company's success is the direct result of a people-first mentality. "Hiring the right people for each position in our company has been the key to our recent growth," he said.

Online marketing has been another key component of the Site Prep's growth strategy. The company spent several years creating an online archive of resources about shed and garage foundations. These resources include how-to articles, DIY foundation guides, explainer videos, and more. The company has found that the free information generates a significant amount of positive feedback, both from customers and from do-it-yourselfers working on their own projects.

Looking forward, Dienner hopes to expand into larger-scale site preparation services. "Our next big goal is to develop a commercial excavation division."

About Site Preparations, LLC

Site Preparations, LLC is a site preparation company specialing in shed foundations, garage foundations, and small building demolition. Since 2014, Site Preparations, LLC has been a leader in the developing shed foundation industry in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Site Preparations, LLC is headquartered in Gap, PA, and serves customers in PA, NJ, MD, NY, DE, VA, and beyond. For more information, visit

Matt Glick
Sales Manager
(717) 799-7311


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*Caption: Crushed stone shed foundation.


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Lightning, Tragedy and Lessons Learned about Safety and Awareness: A Look Back at One of Lightning’s Deadliest Strikes

CUMBERLAND, Maine -- This Sunday marks the 70th anniversary of one of the deadliest lightning strikes in the U.S. and the National Lightning Safety Council is recalling the tragic event to spotlight the dangers of lightning, a common, yet underrated weather peril.

Lives were shattered in an instant on August 1, 1951 when lightning struck a tree at Wind Cave, Wyoming, killing four girl hikers and their leader and injuring nine others. The hikers were on a trek from a girls' camp in Darby Canyon to Wind Cave, Ice Cave, and back.

"Fortunately, most people are more aware of lightning's dangers now than they were in 1951," said John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist with the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC).

According to Jensenius, the Center for Disease Control logged 248 U.S. lightning deaths in 1951, which is one more than the combined total of 247 deaths the NLSC has documented for the past 10 years.

Karma Lambert, one of the most seriously injured survivors, vividly remembers events up until the time when lightning struck the tall tree that she and several others were sitting under. Lambert, now 84, attributes her survival to the quick actions of hiking guide, Fred Miller, and several older girls who repeatedly administered "artificial respiration."

Lambert's detailed account of the incident and her 2015 return to the site is featured on her daughter's website:

Now, 70 years after the event, Kelly Loosli, a professor of Animation and Film at Brigham Young University is interviewing survivors of the Wind Cave lightning incident for a documentary he's preparing. Loosli is the grandson of the then Teton County Sheriff Dwight Loosli, who organized men and horses to rescue the injured and transport the dead in the ensuing hours after the lightning strike.

"My interest stems from my grandfather's involvement in the rescue and the heroism of all those involved," said Loosli. "This was a terrible tragedy and I don't want to see anything like this ever happen again."

Lambert has advice for anyone headed out on a hike, "Check the forecast and if thunderstorms are predicted, just don't go."

Jensenius wants people to know what happened that tragic day in 1951 to stress the importance of monitoring weather conditions to limit the lightning threat.

"Consider canceling or postponing activities if thunderstorms are predicted and remember, when thunder roars, go indoors," advises Jensenius. "Lightning safety is a minor inconvenience that just might save your life."

The National Lightning Safety Council invites educators, government officials and others to help build lightning safe communities by learning more about lightning safety, lightning protection and risk reduction.

Visit the for shareable information, resources and safety tips. Inquiries about specific lightning concerns can also be addressed to Council members via contacts here:


Kimberly Loehr - Kimberly Loehr Consulting,


#lightning #lightningsafety #lightningsafecommunities @lightningkim

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Cincinnati Company Develops Ground-Breaking Steam Technology for Sanitizing Amid Pandemic

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Bayzi Corporation has developed steam technology needed to quickly fight the spread of viruses like COVID-19 as well as bacteria, fungi, bed bugs and biofilms. They manufacture antimicrobial steam devices that will very quickly eliminate microbes, bugs and also provide a quick way to clean dust and grease. The machines use just water and no chemicals.

The patented line of antimicrobial steam cleaners called SaniZap® safely sanitize almost any surface, leaving no residue, moisture or harmful chemicals. The process is 600 times faster than chemical sanitization, making it ideal for following CDC guidelines that call for frequent sanitization.

"There was so much interest in portable high temperature steam devices due to the pandemic that our team pulled these products from the backburner and has been working hard to make this technology and the products available quickly," said Anu Vissa, CEO of Bayzi.

The portable equipment is available in different models to accommodate a range of facilities and price points. SaniZap-1 and SaniZap-Mini are handheld devices well suited for small spaces and small businesses. The SaniZap-4 is a versatile multipurpose cleaning workhorse on wheels with a lot more power. It can be used at lower steam temperatures with soap or detergent to quickly clean visible dirt and grime and can also be used at higher steam temperatures for anti-microbial sanitizing.

The protypes have been demonstrated in schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

* Chemicals generally reduce or eliminate specific microbes. Steam covers a broad range.

* No fumes, odors, sticky residues, or accumulating residues and toxicity.

* 'No-Contact' method, is self-drying and requires no wiping, reducing waste.

* Reduces cross contamination.

* Allows Increase frequency of sanitizing as recommended by CDC, especially of critical areas.

* Benefits employees, staff and patients/clients, reducing their exposure to chemicals.

* Overall better infection control outcomes for healthcare facilities.

* Green method - safe for the environment.

Savings. SaniZap® can be worked into any sanitizing regimen as addition or replacement to an existing cleaning rotation. Savings include no additional chemicals or towels to purchase, no 'wiping-down' labor, reduced waste, and increased productivity as there is no need to 'wait-out' chemical application.

More information at

SaniZap® models may be ordered by contacting Take advantage of significant discounts during product launch in March 2021.

VIDEO (YouTube):






TAGS: @BayziSanizap #steamcleaning #steamtechnology #greentechnology #sanitizing #chemicalfree

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Mold Inspection Sciences Texas Warns Consumers Against Unlicensed Remediation Efforts Amid Disaster Cleanup

AUSTIN, Texas -- On February 12, 2021, Texas Governor Abbott issued a disaster declaration following the severe winter storm that caused damage statewide. Mold Inspection Sciences Texas recommends that consumers pay close attention to this announcement as it allows out-of-state and unlicensed mold assessment and remediation contractors to obtain temporary registration and to perform mold remediation and material removal on storm-damaged properties.

"Repairs and cleanup have just begun," says Mold Inspection Sciences Texas Chief Operating Officer Mike Marshall. "Texans need to be aware that you don't want just anyone addressing a potential mold issue. You must seek out someone who is licensed and qualified.

"We've seen this happen before. Six, eight, twelve months down the road, state-licensed mold assessors and remediators come back to find 'fixed' properties worse off than they were from the initial damage. Our team specifically is still addressing the same type of issues from Hurricane Harvey in 2017!"

To help keep consumers safe, Mold Inspection Sciences Texas recommends that consumers:

* Start drying out their properties as soon as possible and get in touch with qualified water mitigation professionals if needed.

* If mold is suspected, find a licensed assessment company. Consumers who do not use licensed mold professionals will not be able to receive a protocol for next steps to solve a mold issue. Nor will they be able to obtain a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation proving their property has been deemed safe.

* Utilize the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation to confirm the license status of potential contractors by visiting

"Mold and water damage are issues Texans continue to face, given our state's recent history with devastation from Mother Nature," Marshall adds, "and people are being taken advantage of."

About Mold Inspection Sciences Texas:

Mold Inspection Sciences Texas - - was founded in 2007 by President and CEO Michael Bains with one simple goal in mind: to provide affordable, professional, and high-quality mold inspection and testing services to people across Texas suffering from the nuisance of mold. Over the past 14 years, MISTX has successfully performed and solved thousands of investigations, providing safer and healthier conditions for a wide variety of clients to thrive in.

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Fortin Ironworks Reflects on 75 Years Serving Central Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- For most the American Dream begins with an idea. For Fortin Ironworks, that idea began with a truck, a small shed and a man with a passion for welding. Today, 75 years later, it's reflecting on that humble beginning.

The founders, Joe and Josephine Fortin, a 22-year-old Italian American couple, were initially introduced as friendly pen pals during World War II when Joe was stationed in Iran for the U.S. Army. After two years of correspondence, they found more than friendship. Without ever meeting, they engaged, somehow knowing that their love could grow to last a lifetime.

Shortly after their August wedding in 1945, World War II ended. Joe was honorably discharged and the couple's long-distance relationship turned into a love-filled life together.

Jobs were difficult to find after the war, so Joe took matters into his own hands, quite literally. A former welding student of the Columbus Trade School at Fort Hayes in Central Ohio, a welder for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the U.S. Army, Joe was incredibly handy to have around and started doing on-site, portable welding repairs and small metal fabrication jobs.

What started out as a small repair shop run out of his truck and a backyard shed, grew into a thriving business. In 1946, this backyard operation officially became Fortin Welding, now known as Fortin Ironworks. Today, it's a successful, multimillion-dollar company with a modern factory complex on nearly four acres. In fact, the building and its showroom are now local landmarks.

The Fortin Ironworks showroom is a known "destination location" for locals and out of town travelers, alike. Its products can also be found at the Market at Fortin Ironworks, home to the creations of various local artists, eclectic home furnishings and a unique event space available to rent for small gatherings.

Over the years, the business has seen many changes and, most recently, the addition of a high-tech laser machine has allowed it to grow even more and to accommodate unlimited ideas.

Although Joe passed away in 2009, Josephine, now 99, continues to enjoy talking business, gardening, and of course, her many grandchildren who now manage the business. For more information, contact Bob Fortin at: 614-291-4342 ext. 200 or visit:

About Fortin Ironworks

Fortin Ironworks designs, manufactures and offers local installation of most commercial and residential ironwork needs. It's known for offering the very finest custom metalwork and for tackling all jobs, large or small. It specializes in step rails, fencing, gates, table bases, curtain rods, repairs, and of course, custom metal fabrications. Its staff of 40 is comprised of highly-skilled craftsmen, artisans, estimators, salesmen and installers. The products are manufactured in its 56,000 square-foot facility. The company has multiple accounts with well-known national brands and also ships internationally.

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Remote Control Grapplesaw Crane Lease Model Innovator, Justin Hartmann (Canary Tree), Partners with Tree Leads Today

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Don Dowd, owner of tree lead marketing company Tree Leads Today, announced his new partnership with Justin Hartmann of Canary Tree. As soon as Don Dowd saw Justin Hartmann's short-term grapplesaw crane leasing model, he knew it was the perfect solution for his clients who struggle to keep pace with their backlog of work.

"Until now, our clients had to find additional crews and buy equipment to keep up with the amount of leads we generate for them. Being able to get a remote-control crane and an operator delivered anywhere in the country gives our clients a way to take on an enormous amount of work and complete it in a minimal amount of time. It also enables our clients to get familiar with this cutting-edge equipment and its capabilities." Don first came across Justin's innovative leasing model on Facebook. Justin was surveying tree care professionals' interest and what they'd be willing to spend on this program.

These specialized rigs are quite a considerable investment, usually in excess of half of a million dollars. With the largest fleet of grapplesaw knucklebooms in service worldwide, Canary Tree Service has established itself as the industry leader in disaster relief tree service. As Justin describes, "This is an unparalleled opportunity to get work completed in the safest, most efficient, and most profitable way, with all human risk taken out of the equation. We even offer grapple debris truck rentals with an operator for efficient debris removal."

Since Tree Leads Today has clients across the nation that are backed up for months, these tree companies are often left scrambling to add more crews and equipment to keep pace. As Don explains, "My clients will no longer need to pause marketing now that they can use this revolutionary offering. And they can usually cover the cost for a whole week's rental on the first day. Justin has created the opportunity for any tree company to take advantage of this lucrative investment in superior equipment by offering a simple pricing structure for short-term rentals. "

When Justin was asked why he chose Tree Leads Today over other marketing companies, he replied, "Unlike other marketing companies that take your money and then hope that leads will contact you, Tree Leads Today only charges you for actual leads that contact you directly. I'm also impressed with their diversified approach."

Tree Leads Today is an industry leader, with an expert in every field of marketing including digital marketing, social media, call-to-action websites, content writing, SEO (search engine optimization), and personalized offline marketing.

Justin adds, "All of this coupled with the fact that the company was founded by a long-time tree company owner who knows the tree care business gives them a huge advantage. I can see how Tree Leads Today is able to deliver large volumes of leads that are highly concentrated in their clients' desired territories. I've seen this firsthand through tree companies across the country who I later found out were clients of Tree Leads Today."

Learn more at:

See Hartmann's grapplesaw in action in this recent news clip (Source: News4Jax, Jacksonville, Florida):





Debbi Coren, Copywriter, Coren Content Writing

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Fig Linens and Home Updates Website to Better Serve Houseware and Home Design Shoppers

WESTPORT, Conn. -- Fig Linens and Home, a bedding and linens shop in Westport, Connecticut, is pleased to announce that they have recently updated their website. This was to ensure that the website is up-to-date, can easily be navigated, and is mobile responsive. The company offers bedding, linens, and home furnishings to purchase online throughout the United States.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, eager to meet your unique design needs. The experts at Fig Linens and Home assist customers select the finest bedding, luxury bath items and home décor.

Fig Linens and Home offers an extensive selection of luxury linens and textiles for your bedroom, bathroom & table. Along with bedding and towels, you will find many other wonderful items for your home. They specialize in custom bedding, custom bath and decorative pillows, while also offering upholstered pieces, case goods furniture, mirrors and apothecary delights.

Brands carried include Pratesi, Sferra, Matouk, John Robshaw, Yves Delorme, Nancy Koltes, Kevin O'Brien, Home Treasures, Abyss, Habidecor, Kim Seybert, Bodrum, Beatriz Ball, Scandia Down, Downright Pillows and Comforters, Ryan Studio and many more.

Those who are interested in bedding and linens in Fairfield County, CT and surrounding areas may want to check out the Fig Linens and Home website at

About Fig Linens and Home:

Fig Linens is an Interior Design and Fine Linens Boutique located in Westport, CT. Fig Linens and Home specializes in luxury bed, bath and table Linens. With additional accessories for home & garden, lamps, decorative pillows and mirrors, along with lovely gifts, loungewear & apothecary, we can turn your house into a home.

More information:

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Garden Light LED Expands Micro Max Lighting Series with Stunning New Beam Variations

TAMPA, Fla. -- Garden Light LED announces their Micro Series fixtures designed to project powerful light from a small source in areas like stairs and steps, discrete overhangs, handrails, trees, potted plants, water features, and garden landscapes. Available in five different beam patterns, the Micro Series fixtures are miniature, measuring only 1.3 inches (w) x 1.5 inches (l) x 0.5 inches (h) - smaller than a matchbook.

The Owl projects a long, oblong beam pattern, while the Tiger Eye produces a rectangular beam, the Ram provides a V-shaped beam, and the Rock projects its beam forward and down. The original Micro Max provides a standard flood output.

Garden Light LED will be holding a live informational webinar this Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET on the Micro Series variations. Register here:

To ensure precision and consistency in production, they are manufactured using CNC machining - a process that relies on computer-controlled machines in the fabrication of components.

All five Micro Series fixtures are IP68-rated - meaning they are dust-tight and can be immersed in water.

Learn more:

"Garden Light LED offers an array of unique size fixtures, including the Micro Series, that allow our partners to solve problems in the field that other manufacturers haven't thought about," said Michelle Mueller, co-owner and cofounder of Garden Light LED.

Founded in 1996, Garden Light LED's aim is to diversify their revenue through an expanded portfolio of products, penetrate untapped markets, and deliver custom solutions with thoughtfulness, agility, and confidence.

"We look for people who really have a passion for landscape lighting and we support them," said Reto Mueller, co-owner and cofounder. "We have a motto here: 'By watering others, we water ourselves.'"

About Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED is a relationship-based company that creates high quality, innovative, and environmentally sensitive landscape lighting products designed to improve the lives of their partners. Garden Light LED fixtures are engineered, designed, and assembled in the United States. The company's values center on customer service, high quality craftsmanship, and supporting their employees.

Learn more:

Brittany McCauley
Marketing Director
Garden Light LED


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*Caption: Garden Light LED - Micro Series.


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Flavor First Intuitive Line of Wine Glassware Released in U.S. Market

ST. HELENA, Calif. -- For the first time ever, a line of glassware designed around the flavor of wine has been released to trade and consumers in the United States by The Oneida® Group. The set of three glasses corresponds to three key flavor/styles found in wine: Crisp & Fresh™, Creamy & Silky™ and Bold & Powerful™, intuitively putting the power of glass selection in the hands of wine consumers and trade professionals.

Liberating and simple in premise, the Flavor First™ line of glassware was meticulously designed over three years by wine expert and lauded author Karen MacNeil in collaboration with Senior Vice President of Design and Creative Director, Paul Gebhardt of The Oneida® Group, producer since 1880 of fine table and kitchenware to homes and restaurants worldwide.

Their idea was simple-design wine glasses around wine flavor, not around wine regions or wine varietals. Taking into consideration the architecture of the glass, the nature of the human palate, and the desire of consumers and food service professionals to simplify this complex subject, MacNeil and Gebhardt had an "aha" moment together at a wine training Karen conducted for The Oneida® Group. Why, they asked, wasn't there a stem that took the overthinking out of glassware? Why not focus on the fundamental pleasure and flavor of wine itself?

Trials, tastings, iterations over time, and testing of 40 different design options yielded a simple solution. MacNeil stated, "As a writer and wine teacher who's taught thousands of people how to taste and evaluate wine, I listen carefully to how people talk about wine and the words they use. Most people are non-technical; they use ideas such as 'bold reds' or 'creamy chardonnays' to describe what they like. In other words, they use flavor words."

Always academic and thoughtful in her approach, Karen looked at 35 major grape varieties and realized that the glass diameter at the widest part of the glass had the greatest impact on the expression of the wines. As she states, "Oxygen has a profound effect on wine. For each of our three glasses, the widest part of the glass is at a different position."

Gebhardt, said of the collaboration, "Karen and her team are amazing, and together we made the idea a reality. Along with flavor as a driver of form, I wanted to create a line that had as many back-of-the-house operational advantages as possible. The design needed to be easy to live with at home, as well as in a commercial operation, both of which are key audiences for our company."

Importantly, the vessels were designed for daily life at the table, and as such are dishwasher safe. While each glass is endowed with a precision bowl shape and a thin rim typically reserved for glassware three times the price, the carefully calibrated "pulled" stem and foot ensure that the glasses will endure through meals and explorations. All three stems are the same height, making a seamless presentation for a wine tasting or meal with different pairings and ease of storage. The glasses are American designed and made in Germany from lead-free crystal.

The core stems include (all sold at retail in sets of four and six):

Crisp & Fresh™ for champagne, prosecco, sparkling wine, sauvignon blanc, Riesling, and pinot grigio plus light rosés and all wines with a fresh, bright quality

Creamy & Silky™ for chardonnay, chenin blanc, pinot gris plus richer rosé wines and pinot noir, chianti, shiraz and all wines with a round, silky texture

Bold & Powerful™ for very full bodied, oaky chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, Bordeaux, zinfandel, malbec, Barolo, syrah and all wines that feature a bold texture and firm structural backbone

Petite Stem: Designed for more casual gatherings, a next generation version of the stemless glass but, importantly, with a foot to allow for swirling and easier handling. It's also great for beer, iced tea, and select cocktails such as a classic Gin & Tonic.

Available for sale in sets of four and six or as a variety set of six with two stems of each, the glasses are available at a number of retailers such as Amazon,, Macy's, Dillard's, (Canada) and are also available at and

Priced at $74.99 per set of six, the per stem price averages $12.50, extremely affordable when compared to other similar quality wine glasses on the market today.

About Karen MacNeil

Noted writer, author, and educator Karen MacNeil is the only American to have won every major wine award given in the English language. These include the James Beard award for Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year, the Louis Roederer award for Best Consumer Wine Writing, and the International Wine and Spirits award as the Global Wine Communicator of the Year. In a full-page profile on her, TIME Magazine called Karen "America's Missionary of the Vine." In 2018, Karen was named one of the "100 Most Influential People in Wine." Karen's firm, Karen MacNeil & Company, creates customized corporate events for companies and individual groups. Among Karen's clients are Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Disney, General Electric, UBS, and Singapore Airlines, as well as numerous law, banking, and biotech firms.

Karen is the co-creator and Chair Emerita of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley, which has been called "the Harvard of wine education." More information about Karen can be found at

About The Oneida® Group

The Oneida® Group is a leading global marketer of tabletop and food preparation products for the consumer and foodservice markets. With a comprehensive line of tabletop and food preparation products, they market their products globally under a broad range of consumer brands. Karen MacNeil's range of stemware falls under both the consumer facing Oneida and the trade focused SAPORUS brand of food service. Customers range from Fortune 500 companies to medium and small-sized companies in the consumer, foodservice, business-to-business, and E-commerce channels. The company operates two glass manufacturing plants in the U.S. and sources a variety of proprietary designed tableware products. Visit for more information.


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