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First Los Angeles Dental Clinic That Uses Hospital-Type HVAC Systems to Mitigate Diseases Like COVID-19

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Mi Dentista Dental Clinic in collaboration with a mechanical engineering firm, HVAC Engineering, has set up the first known dental clinic in Los Angeles that uses Negative Pressure Environments to mitigate diseases like COVID-19, namely the disease associated with the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Novel coronavirus, as the virus is frequently known, is believed to spread via droplets or aerosols produced from coughing, dental procedures, and breathing among others. Thus, the physical proximity between patients and dentists during a typical dental visit may benefit from additional care and attention.

Mi Dentista has set up elegantly-designed high-efficiency negative pressure dental units so that both droplets and aerosols may be rapidly eliminated via a high-speed vacuum. Each unit's reverse flow fan is rated to evacuate up to 2100 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) which means that the quiet, powerful system may replace the air around every dental unit every 20 seconds. In addition, due to the 6000 CFM rating of the multiple reverse flow fans, the air across the entire dental office may be replaced every 90 seconds. Most importantly, as you can see in the video below, the air around the treatment care area, namely the oral region where dental procedures are carried out, is being constantly replaced and refreshed without interruption.

The negative pressure approach is the same method that large, specialized hospitals use to prevent the transmission of many airborne pathogens like tuberculosis and measles in the form of negative pressure isolation rooms. Yet, without similar support, dentists and dental assistants may have a higher chance of becoming infected and transmitting the disease to others.

"Ventilation systems that provide air movement from a clean (DHCP workstation or area) to contaminated (clinical patient care area) flow direction should be installed...," CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Dental Settings (Updated on May 19, 2020).

"Consider the use of a portable HEPA air filtration unit while the patient is actively undergoing, and immediately following, an aerosol-generating procedure. The use of these units will reduce particle count (including droplets) in the room...." "Consider the use of upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) as an adjunct to higher ventilation and air cleaning rates."

The Mi Dentista dental team has also implemented other infection control methods recommended by the CDC and the American Dental Association including avoiding placing patients in an enclosed waiting room, no accompanying visitors, repeated disinfection of surfaces during the day, and frequently replacing masks, face shields, gowns, goggles, and gloves. The air evacuated from the dental environment also first goes through a high-efficiency pre-filter and then is treated with high-powered, UV-C radiation to destroy virus particles. While no approach completely and absolutely eliminates the risk of infection, these methods are believed to help reduce it.

"During this global pandemic, it is important that we help minimize the spread and cross-contamination of pathogens," said Dr. Sadeghpour, Dentist, Mi Dentista Dental Clinic. "I am so proud that collaboration between medicine and engineering can identify and develop a possible solution for reducing the spread of infectious diseases so we can better protect patients and caregivers."

Please call the office at 323-582-1999 to set up an appointment for general dentistry, aesthetic and/or orthodontics procedures. The dental clinic is located near downtown Los Angeles at 3826 Florence Avenue, Bell, CA 90201. Se habla Espanol.

About Mi Dentista and HVAC Engineering

Mi Dentista Dental Clinic has served the Los Angeles community with dental services as well as the My Dentist School for Dental Assistants covering topics such as infection control for more than 25 years. The clinic and the school are located at 3826 Florence Avenue, Bell, CA 90201 and can be reached at (323) 582-1999 or email

Los Angeles-based HVAC Engineering has more than 30 years experience in mechanical engineering projects across California. The company consulted on this project, designed and installed the system, is available to assist other dental clinics for similar purposes and can be reached at (310) 430-1919.

Learn more at:

Downloadable media kit includes all videos and photos & Spanish-version:

Video #1:
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ACE Home Services Honors Our Warriors by Providing a New AC to Military Member this July 4, 2020

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- ACE Home Services is a top HVAC and Plumbing company servicing the Phoenix Metro area. For years since it was founded, they have provided homes with quality AC and Heating facility maintenance, equipment installation, and repair, ensuring smooth operation in homes. This veteran owned and operated company is proud to support and hire military members for over 25 years.

In keeping with esprit de corps, the company announced they will be taking nominations from the Phoenix Metro community to select a military member, who will be the recipient of a new air conditioning unit. ACE Home Services will pay for the cost of the unit and provide the equipment installation. Throughout the month of June and up until July 3, 2020, submissions for nominations can be made online at - or by calling 602-943-2000.

The announcement of the selected military member will take place Saturday, July 4, 2020.

Veterans, active duty and reserve military members are eligible to be nominated. The selected individual must be a homeowner that resides within the Phoenix Metro area. One unit will be replaced for a single household. Additional work, such as duct modifications, are not included.

This July 4th, ACE Home Services would like to take the opportunity to honor veterans and families in the surrounding community. It is a chance for all of us to thank and be mindful of those who serve or have served our country.

The Owner and CEO, Kwan Jin, is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. In addition to actively hiring veterans of all military branches, ACE Home Services also gives additional discounts to all military members and first responders.

The Director of Marketing, James Sesay, is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Regarding the overall goal of the campaign, James says "Too often many of us take the sacrifices that led to our independence and current freedoms for granted. This year, as a company, we want to go above and beyond the normal discounts and appreciations. This year, we want to truly give back to those that serve our country."

About ACE Home Services

With an A+ rating from the BBB, ACE Home Services provides support for businesses and homes in more than 28 cities. They offer air-conditioning installation, maintenance and repair, heating equipment placement, bathroom remodeling, water softeners and heaters, water leak protection, heating replacement, and so on. They are fast, efficient, reliable, experienced, highly reliable, and they always put the customers first in all they do. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information, please visit their website -

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Garden City Plumbing & Heating Celebrates 35 Years Serving Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. -- Garden City Plumbing & Heating is proud to announce that May 31, 2020 marks its 35th year in business serving Missoula and western Montana. Since the company's founding in 1985, Garden City continues to be local and family owned.

"Since I started Garden City back in 1985, my goal has always been to promote a family atmosphere," says Bill Schaff (Founder and President). "As a company, we have grown both in size and in our overall capabilities, but we have made sure to never lose sight of what's important. Honest, integrity, and the quality of the work we provide."

Although Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc started off as primarily a plumbing company, the products and services they now offer have grown substantially.

Some of the products and services they provide include:
* Residential Plumbing Service & Repair
* Residential Plumbing Installations
* Residential HVAC Service & Repair
* Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance
* Sewer and Drain Services
* Commercial Plumbing
* Commercial HVAC
* Custom CAD Design
* And much more!

If you have any questions about Garden City Plumbing and Heating, or would like to talk with a member of our team, contact Garden City Plumbing & Heating at 406-728-5550, or visit

About Garden City Plumbing & Heating:

Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been serving the residents and businesses of Missoula, Montana since 1985. As a family-owned and operated business, their focus is ensuring the reliability, comfort, and safety of their customer's plumbing and HVAC systems. Over the years, they have built an outstanding reputation for customer service and excellence in their work.

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Polar Controller Mitigates Possible Spread of COVID-19 with New Indoor Airspace Management Technology

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Now that the country is beginning to come out of lockdown, indoor airspace management is becoming a concern in managing the spread of COVID-19 according to Polar Controller. Unlike outdoor airspace, which scatters aerosol droplets over a larger area, indoor particulates hitch a ride on airspace currents, dispersing throughout business establishments.

Indoor airspace management focuses on the pressure and airflow within buildings. Kaleb Zeringue of Polar Controller explains, "When the envelope of a building is met with an imbalance of supply and exhaust air, a positive or negative pressure is created that disrupts normal airflow." Research has demonstrated medium-sized particulates which normally fall quickly to the floor (within 5-feet or 8 minutes) are suspended and blown further than 6-feet.

Airflow primarily refers to the speed and direction of air coming out of the vents. One case has been reported where someone with COVID-19 sitting upwind from 9 others in a restaurant, spread the virus to everyone downwind. In this case, social distancing has little benefit because the medium-size particulates are given an extended life.

According to ASHRAE's Executive Committee in the report Infectious Aerosols 2020, "Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 through the air is sufficiently likely that airborne exposure to the virus should be controlled. Changes to building operations, including the operation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, can reduce airborne exposures."

Building science expert, Steve Burcham, suggests that "the hazardous indoor air conditions created by an imbalance in pressure and airflow can be addressed by experienced AC technicians or more comprehensive solutions like AI control technologies from Polar Controller."

Polar Controller's AI technology helps maintain the airflow and pressure balance reducing the likelihood for droplets to hitch a ride on indoor air currents. Learn more at

Polar Controller is a remote Artificial Intelligence technology for cooling equipment that assists businesses with indoor airspace management, reducing electricity consumption, decreasing the carbon footprint associated with cooling and improving profitability.

Kaleb Zeringue, CEO/CTO for Polar Controller is a master HVAC technician, authority in the field and inventor of the Polar Controller system.

Steve Burcham, COO for Polar Controller, Inc. is a building science expert specializing in airflow management with over 35 years in the field.

Kaleb Zeringue or Steve Burcham are available for interview.

*IMAGE link for media:

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Clean Air Dallas Pro Now Helps Homeowners Improve the Structural Integrity of Their Crawl Spaces

DALLAS, Texas -- Clean Air Dallas Pro, known among the Dallas community for providing excellent air duct cleaning services, is lending a helping hand to the homeowners in repairing as well as creating their crawl space. The duct cleaning Dallas business has found favour with the residents of Dallas and has been slowly crawling upwards to displace its nearest competitors. With excellent turnovers over the last few years, everything has been going according to the management's plan.

"People are facing various health nowadays owing to the dirt, dust, and debris that get stuck in the air duct. Clean Air Dallas Pro is known to offer services across the world. We believe people have the right to lead a happy and healthy life and for that, maintaining hygiene and breathing in a healthy atmosphere is very important. At our air duct cleaning Dallas TX business, the experts who work with us have the requisite expertise and years of experience behind them," said Ben Shalom, the Chairman of the company.

"Our vent cleaning Dallas team has worked really hard to reach this position. We haven't left a stone unturned to see them smiling and our good fortune is that, we actually have been able to see them smile. The first thing that has pleased us is our efficient delivery of our exemplary services which our clients can avail at attractive rates. The customers are everything to us and we have all the ability to keep them satisfied. Keeping the prices competitive is indeed one of our ways to make them happy," he added.

A senior manager was quoted as saying, "The crawl space has a very significant role to play in the living room and by improving the structural integrity of the crawl space, the homeowners can easily protect their nest from mould, mildew, and termites. We have the experts who can clean up the entire crawl space as well as improve the environment back at home. The carpet leaning Dallas is committed to handing over a clean and healthy household to every homeowner."

About the Company

Clean Air Dallas Pro is a popular air duct cleaning services provider in the state of Texas.

To know more, visit:

Ben Shalom
Phone No: (832)368-9937
Full address: 3306 Inverness Path Lane, Dallas, TX 77053

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Garden City Plumbing & Heating Partners with United Way of Missoula County

MISSOULA, Mont. -- Garden City Plumbing & Heating today announces their partnership with the United Way of Missoula County. In response to the fallout of the COVID-19 virus, the United Way has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. Since their founding in 1985, Garden City has prided itself on being a local and family-owned company.

To help further support the local community through these trying times, Garden City Plumbing and Heating has decided to donate (until further notice) 1% of every HVAC service call to support the United Way's Emergency Assistance Fund.

"We are Garden City. Yes, we are Garden City Plumbing & Heating; but, we are a part of The Garden City (Missoula)," says Bill Schaff, President at Garden City Plumbing & Heating. "We are all in this together, and we will do everything possible to support our community to get through this tough time."

All donations to United Way of Missoula County's COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund will support:
* Service workers temporarily out of work or working greatly reduced hours
* People without health care or access to health care
* Trusted non-profit partners that work closely with populations most at risk

If you have any HVAC service needs and would like to contact Garden City, or would like to learn how to donate directly, visit

About Garden City Plumbing & Heating:

Garden City Plumbing & Heating, Inc. has been serving the residents and businesses of Missoula, Montana since 1985. As a family-owned and operated business, their focus is ensuring the reliability, comfort, and safety of their customer's plumbing and HVAC systems. Over the years, they have built an outstanding reputation for customer service and excellence in their work.

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Bernhard and ProStar announce national agreement with HealthTrust for Energy-as-a-Service solutions

DALLAS, Texas -- Bernhard and ProStar Energy Solutions (ProStar) announced today an agreement with HealthTrust to offer Energy-as-a-Service solutions to member hospitals and health systems nationwide. The agreement offers HealthTrust members a comprehensive choice of services including engineering design, construction, operations & maintenance and financing that are designed to reduce energy consumption.

"The Bernhard ProStar team has an innovative and valuable service offering that aligns perfectly with HealthTrust's mission of improving operational excellence through total spend efficiency," said Ed Jones, HealthTrust President and CEO. "We are excited to welcome them and look forward to the benefits that their Energy-as-a-Service solutions will bring to our membership."

Bernhard currently works with nearly 1,400 hospitals nationwide, with healthcare facilities making up more than half of its Energy-as-a-Service operations. This agreement marks a decisive expansion in this space. Already, the firm calculates savings of $50 million in operating expenses every year for the healthcare facilities it serves.

"I am certain this first-of-a-kind agreement will prove beneficial to countless healthcare providers and the communities they serve," said Bernhard CEO Ed Tinsley. "The unique capabilities of the Bernhard ProStar team are proven to reduce operating costs, enhance resiliency and reliability, transfer risk, and improve the bottom line."

ProStar has more than 30 years of experience and has completed over 10,000 projects focused on energy optimization and sustainability, through lighting and solar solutions. ProStar is currently one of three LED vendors to provide lighting audit and design services, lighting product procurement, labor and installation services, and energy rebate administration to the members of HealthTrust. ProStar and Bernhard are currently delivering an Energy-as-a-Service project for AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

"We have a long history with Bernhard and are excited about this new opportunity to share our turnkey solutions in the healthcare sector with HealthTrust's diverse membership," said Jerry Jones Jr, ProStar Chairman.

To learn more, visit,, and

About Bernhard

Bernhard is one of the largest privately-owned engineering, mechanical and electrical contractors in America with 100+ years of energy and infrastructure project experience servicing higher education, healthcare, commercial and specialty markets. Bernhard combines development, financing, design, construction and operations to deliver turnkey Energy-as-a-Service solutions that reduce energy use, risk and cost so that our clients can focus on their everyday work. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Bernhard has more than 2,000 employees in more than 20 office locations across the country. Information:

About ProStar Energy Solutions

ProStar is dedicated to helping businesses save money by providing the best turnkey energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions available. ProStar's portfolio of solutions includes LED lighting, automated controls, solar, HVAC, mechanical systems, utility bill auditing and energy procurement services. ProStar is headquartered at The Star in Frisco, Texas. Information:

About HealthTrust

HealthTrust (HealthTrust Purchasing Group, L.P.) is committed to strengthening provider performance and clinical excellence through an aligned membership model and the delivery of total spend management advisory solutions that leverage operator experience, scale and innovation. Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., HealthTrust serves more than 1,600 hospitals and health systems, and more than 43,000 other member locations including ambulatory surgery centers, physician practices, long-term care and alternate care sites. Information:

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A Recommended Company for Air Duct Cleaning in Houston, TX

HOUSTON, Texas -- Air duct is an area at home that is very difficult to clean and sterilize. It is due to the location that is commonly quite remote and cannot be easily reached. However, the cleaning activities in this area are very important, not only for the house but also for the environment. Clean Air Houston Pro is a company located in Houston, Texas that provides an air duct cleaning service.

Despite cleaning the air duct, the company also provides some other services at home such as repairing the fire smoke damage, reconstruction service, cleaning crawl space area, water damage restoration, and more.

The company is named the best air duct cleaning Houston TX for some reasons. The reasons are mostly about how good the company provides services for customers. Clean Air Houston Pro is licensed and insured for all residential and offices. The company commits giving customers the best services for the fact that about 40 pounds of dust are produced by an American home per year. The data is found from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

To give the best service, of course, the Houston air duct cleaning service is helped by a professional expert team. The team works professionally as they always come to the customer's house on time. Besides, the cleaning and repairing process is carried out fast using sophisticated tools and equipment. The customers may consult the problem first, so that it can be easily overcome.

Another benefit of using the service from Clean Air Houston Pro is about the price. It is reasonable if customers must want to pay less without the service getting worse. The company makes sure that the price offered is reasonable and compatible with all benefits provided. It is even possible to get discounts with certain terms and conditions.

About Clean Air Houston Pro

Clean Air Houston Pro is a cleaning company located in Houston, Texas. It provides various services including air duct cleaning, fire smoke damage, reconstruction service, crawl space, water damage restoration, vent cleaning Houston and some more. The company hires professional workers working as a team to make sure that the cleaning and repairing process is done properly.

For Media Inquiry
Clean Air Houston Pro
GMP Link (CID):
Phone: (832) 368-9937
Address: 3306 Inverness Path Lane, Houston, TX 77053
Persona: Ben Shalom

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Matrix Systems Announces the Launch of Its Redesigned Website

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. -- Matrix Systems announces the launch of its redesigned website. The site has been updated with a new look and feel that incorporates the latest features of online web design, as well as optimizing the site for mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The site now features a simple online contact/quote form that can be conveniently accessed on just about every page of the website.

The site has an all new look and feel with colorful graphics, an easy-to-use menu navigation, and accessible information about all of Matrix Systems goods and services.

"This new design does a better job showing off our Smog Hog and Dust Hog product lines, as well as provide details and ordering information about our exclusive Matrix SP7C detergent specifically developed for Smog Hog electrostatic precipitator systems," says Mark Quinlan, President. "The Matrix SP7C detergent will work in any electrostatic precipitator and we'll ship it anywhere in the country."

The site also provides details about specific equipment needs for air pollution challenges such as commercial cooking exhaust, plastics production, metalworking tasks, and wood and ceramics processes.

Be sure to check out the new Matrix Systems website design at

About Matrix Systems

Matrix Systems provides industrial and commercial air filtration system solutions and commercial cooking exhaust systems for Northern California and Northern Nevada from our sales offices in San Leandro, CA and Grass Valley, CA and our service facility in San Leandro, CA. We are the exclusive representative for United Air Specialists, Inc., SMOG HOG mist filtration, DUST HOG dust filtration and PSG commercial kitchen exhaust filtration products. Matrix Systems also provides a variety of other mist media filtration products and dust media filtration products. We provide dust collector replacement parts, SMOG HOG parts, and filters. In addition, we are a complete SMOG HOG service provider including equipment and airflow testing, component cleaning and exchange, as well provide our proprietary SMOG HOG SP7 detergent for automatic wash systems.

For more information about Matrix Systems, call either (510) 822-5167 in the Bay Area or (530) 273-5474 in the Sacramento Valley and Northern Nevada area for more information.


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Energy Optimizers, USA and E2 Host ‘Clean Energy at a Crossroads’ event in Ohio

DAYTON, Ohio -- Recently, Energy Optimizers, USA co-hosted the E2 "Clean Energy at a Crossroads" event in Dayton, Ohio. In true energy-optimized fashion, the event was held at a renovated former steam energy plant in downtown Dayton. Energy Optimizers, USA founder and E2 Midwest Chapter Director, Greg Smith and staff organized the event, along with E2 Midwest Advocate Micaela Preskill.

Amid a backdrop of controversial state bills, like Ohio House Bill 6 (HB 6), and various rollbacks of fuel and emissions standards and other such policies, E2 and Energy Optimizers, USA gathered business leaders and lawmakers together to discuss ways of moving with positive economic and environmental decisions and policies.

Ohio House Speaker Pro Tem Rep. Jim Butler, among others, participated in discussions with more than 50 local business owners and interested parties. Butler defended his stance on the clean energy rollbacks of HB 6, but was receptive to the concerns of executives.

He said hearing from individual business leaders painted the conversation in a new light, and he appreciated the role that E2 and Energy Optimizers, USA played in bringing both sides together.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown shared the same views in this video he recorded for the event ( ).

In addition to productive conversations between lawmakers and business owners, Energy Optimizers, USA founder Greg Smith announced that he will personally fund scholarships for 20 E2 Emerging Leaders members every year for the next five years. This major gift will help young, clean energy professionals become part of E2.

Smith said one of his passions is getting more young people involved in the fight for climate and clean energy.

"It's something I think is important and that I'm personally excited about it," he said.

See here to learn more about the E2 Emerging Leaders program and see here to apply for a E2 Emerging Leaders program scholarship.

Lean more about Energy Optimizers, USA at:

VIDEO (YouTube):

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