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Colony American Finance Implements OpenClose Loan Origination Platform (LOS)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- OpenClose(R), an enterprise-class multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, announced that Colony American Finance (CAF), a specialty finance company that provides innovative loan products to residential real estate investors, implemented the OpenClose loan origination platform to support its new Single Asset loan product across correspondent, wholesale and retail channels. Colony American Finance is focused on first launching OpenClose's standalone correspondent module, OC Correspondent(tm), for its turnkey capabilities. Implemented in under 45 days, this web-based standalone solution enables Colony American Finance to fully automate its new conduit business.

OpenClose's OC Correspondent module incorporates a seller-facing web portal that allows correspondents to electronically deliver loans to Colony American Finance for purchase, access instant eligibility and pricing, automated lock desk functions, real-time pipeline status, and comprehensive cure condition and purchase advice workflow. OpenClose customized and streamlined Colony American Finance's entire whole loan purchase workflow, including the automation of quality control, compliance, analytics, reporting, document management and imaging, and more. OpenClose's correspondent module functions as a stand-alone solution and also integrates with its end-to-end LOS, LenderAssist(tm).

"Our initial focus is to implement OpenClose to support our Single Asset loan product to launch our correspondent channel, followed by wholesale and retail channels," said Matthew March, CIO at Colony American Finance. "We are excited to leverage the capabilities of the OpenClose technology platform to optimize the entire process for our team and our partners. We needed the right technology to achieve these goals and OpenClose's correspondent module will efficiently and effectively automate the review, acceptance and processing of loans from our correspondent sellers. It gives us complete control and visibility over the entire loan lifecycle, which OpenClose tailored to our specific Single Asset loan products and processes for us."

The intuitive design of the solution significantly elevates the seller experience, helping Colony American Finance secure repeat business, effectively manage risk and maximize profits. On the back-end, the comprehensive correspondent functionality supports the whole loan purchase workflow that users rely on.

"Our correspondent module is ideal for organizations like Colony American Finance that want to quickly and compliantly launch a correspondent/conduit lending business; or, to streamline and ignite an existing channel," said Vince Furey, SVP of lending solutions at OpenClose. "Colony American Finance has launched a progressive and exciting single-asset loan product offering and we're thrilled to be their technology partner. I expect they will be hugely successful using the OpenClose solution to augment their conduit business. OC Correspondent is very intuitive and easy-to-use, end users don't need much experience in the conduit purchase space to utilize our software."

About OpenClose:
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, OpenClose(R) is a leading multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider that delivers its platform on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The company provides a variety of web-based solutions for lenders, banks and credit unions-from loan origination software to decisioning, business analytics, website design and social media marketing. OpenClose's comprehensive LOS is completely engineered by the same company, thus avoiding assembling best-of-breed applications or acquiring technologies in an effort to create an end-to-end platform. The company focuses on providing lending organizations with full control of their data and creating a truly seamless workflow for comprehensive automation and compliance adherence.

For more information, visit or call (561) 655-6418.

OpenClose Twitter:

About Colony American Finance:
Colony American Finance (CAF) is a specialty finance company that provides a range of debt products to residential real estate investors. The company offers portfolio and single asset term loans for stabilized rental properties as well as short term credit lines for acquisitions. CAF was founded in 2014 to finance single family, townhome, condo and small multifamily properties for customers nationwide. Its products are tailor-made for investors and it provides attractive rates, rapid timelines and closing certainty. The company works directly with borrowers as well as with brokers and correspondent partners. For more information, visit

Joe Bowerbank
Profundity Communications, Inc.

Tuan Pham
Colony American Finance

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New, Unique Service for Senior Citizens is Launched

BOSTON, Mass. -- Helping seniors stay emotionally engaged and interested in the outside world is an important part of healthy aging. Now, a new program called Uplift Senior Citizens is offering social engagement as a service to help improve the social and emotional well-being of senior citizens. provides peer-to-peer social encounters that are intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. The program aims at the upper end of the senior market, as there is a fee involved.

The website partners with individual "peers" - all with a variety of life stories and accomplishments. Seniors themselves, families or friends reserve time with an Uplift Seniors peer who has the background, interests or life story that interests them, and then select a social engagement of their choice, such as a lunch, a walk or a visit.

Peer participants include both men and women with diverse backgrounds and education levels. Most importantly, they have a variety of usual and unusual life experiences and interests.

Uplift Senior Citizens founder Henry Quinlan, himself a semi-retired publisher, understands the emotional issues that come with aging, and stresses the need to continually connect with others.

Too many seniors, he says, become reclusive and withdrawn due to a loss of social interaction. This type of isolated lifestyle often brings on a variety of mental health issues and even physical illness.

"Over the years I have developed relationships with all kinds of people, young and old, successful or striving, and recognize that the common thread among people is the need for connection. Seniors who continue to connect with others as they age tend to lead happier and more fulfilling lives," Quinlan says.

Quinlan has come to believe that the perfect, unique gift for a senior citizen isn't a thing - it's an experience. It's a social encounter with an engaging and intellectually stimulating person. Someone who can bring a renewed sense of interest and energy back into their life. We all remember with fondness those occasions - where we simply connect and enjoy someone's company.

For more information, visit:

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Searching for a new home just got bigger and better with TOPTEN!

MILPITAS, Calif. -- TOPTEN New Homes announces the largest national home search specifically for new construction. Scratch the case of the Mondays, friend. We come bearing great news! Our engineering and design team spent several late-night weeks creating a new and improved real estate search,

Just last night they migrated data between servers in an effort to improve performance of TOPTEN and officially launch nationally. Over the weekend, our team successfully completed that migration. (Woohoo!)

Home buyers can now search over 10,000 new home communities in 2,096 cities by 650 builders. Users should now notice significantly faster page load time, a new interactive map, a better back-end and improved buyer engagement/experience.

We're incredibly excited about our progress toward a better platform and hope this is immediately visible when logging in. (Let us know if you need a login.)

Notable improvements:
* Buyers are able to print out a brochure for the community they are interested in.
* TOPTEN has responsive programming with an all-new mobile design.
* A new "nearby me" mobile search to quickly and easily jump to a map of the 10 closest communities to them.
* Buyers are able to request a tour of model homes that is automatically sent to the community contact.
* Buyers are able to get directions, inquiry about the community and email the community.
* Page load times have greatly improved.
* All new Builder and City pages with large images and improved content.
* A national database of the most new home communities you will find anywhere on the internet.
With this huge hurdle behind us, our team will now be pumping out all our highly requested features at a speedy rate. If you experience any additional issues, our support team is standing by to help.

Your patience has not gone unnoticed, and we hope these upcoming features and performance updates will do our gratitude justice.

Thank you so much for choosing TOPTEN to find your new home community. We wouldn't be here without you!

To learn more visit

Have a great week! - The TOPTEN Team.

*LOGO for media:

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Marijuana is Central to the Future Economy and New Companies are Growing like Weeds

DENVER, Colo. -- Marijuana Central has seen incredible growth in the past six months and now receives over 300,000 unique visitors per month. Company founder Korban Stone says, "We have not done any marketing yet, but we continue to see the number of visitors rise." He plans to begin advertising and marketing the site and last month the website began to monetize by accepting listings from marijuana related companies. "We'll be investing our revenues into driving more traffic to the site. I don't see this growth trend ending any time soon as this is just the beginning of this industry and we're positioned to grow with it."

Stone believes that Jack Herer, father of the marijuana movement, would be somewhat pleased with the industry's progress since his passing. Cannabis businesses are taking off as he and fellow activist "Captain" Ed Adair envisioned when they set out to Help End Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.). These two activists realized before the Internet era that information was the key to legalization because of the many benefits of the plant.

Korban Stone created his site - - because of his love of freedom and absolute disgust of what he saw as a violation of people's Fourth Amendment. As a computer expert he created technology that he later patented to help people pass drug tests. He called the product, The Drug Test Calculator, and it has helped countless people.

Wanting to get more insight into this emerging market, Stone created polls on his website to learn from the people who visited. Stone got thousands of his visitors to participate and was shocked by some of the results. He found that more marijuana users claimed to use cannabis for spiritual purposes more than medical. "Those results made me rethink the whole website in relation to the industry." The site is now more of a marijuana-lifestyle community, boasting several mobile applications for iOS and Android.

It has to be acknowledged that one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. is the cannabis business. Famous celebrities no longer find it controversial to admit to having smoked marijuana. For example, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher and Brad Pitt have all admitted to having tried marijuana if not outright advocating for it like Woody Harrelson. Even Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have admitted to smoking marijuana. In the 1980s a highly qualified Supreme Court nominee lost that job opportunity because he admitted to trying pot in college.

Times are changing and marijuana for medical, industrial and recreational purposes are expanding. One state after another is legalizing marijuana in some form. This is taking place internationally as well as on Indian Reservations in the U.S. where each sovereign nation can now choose their own stance on cannabis use. Like the Gold Rush of the 1800s, individuals and businesses are migrating to take part in this "Green Rush." People are moving in vast numbers to legal states to be involved in the rapidly growing marijuana business.

Marijuana lifestyle companies seem to be the vogue. has set itself apart by driving so much organic traffic to their site by offering free technology to the visitors of their site. The company is using the agile method of development and for that reason the layout of the site has seen rapid development over the past year as they are constantly trying to improve the UX/UI, user experience/user interface.

Company executives are finding that marijuana dispensaries listing with Marijuana Central, whether for medical or recreational purposes, are getting 20 new clients per month from the site and they expect that number to grow because of the site's recent exponential growth. Marketing Manager Daniel Diaz says, "We are not as big as some companies out there, but we are reasonably priced and our clients like the customer service we provide." He continued, "Where we beat the competition is on price per new client."

The early HEMP activists were covered in tie-dye when they met at their hemp rallies and now there are marijuana conventions filled with guys in suits who fly thousands of miles and pay high prices to attend these conferences to meet fellow entrepreneurs. As Jack Herer wrote in his heroic manuscript, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" - the marijuana conspiracy and how hemp became prohibited, this plant can save the planet. His theory was that marijuana made just about everything that fossil fuels made and it was prohibited to help the petro-chemical industry. Not only did he say that cannabis was medicine, be he also popularized the idea of bringing back hemp for fuel, fiber and food. Now 30 years later all of these hemp industries that he and Captain Ed envisioned exist and are creating jobs.

Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Craig X Rubin
THC Call Center
(818) 221-7672

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New York Real Estate Investor Relieves Home Sellers of Financial Burden

ALBANY, N.Y. -- A New York-based real estate investor group,, specializes in buying pre-foreclosed homes with little or no equity. SellMyHouseFastNY is designed to help the seller quickly liquidate their home, often within 48 hours, so they can put some cash in their pocket and eliminate any credit damage. The deal can be closed within a week and SellMyHouseFastNY also pays all closing fees.

What sets this New York real estate investment group apart from others? Zack Ali, founder, has a J.D. from Taft University and his legal background allows him to help sellers expertly navigate the deal.

"Additionally, when sellers sell to me, they are going to deal with me, not some impersonal company," he says. "We work together each step of the way."

Ali explains that home sellers are also eligible for reimbursement from the HAFA(r) (Home Affordable Foreclosures Alternative) program which provides homeowners the opportunity to exit their homes and be relieved of their remaining mortgage debt through a short sale. It also provides homeowners with $10,000 in relocation assistance.

There are many reasons why a seller has to sell quickly and not all are related to financial hardship or loans that are upside down or underwater. Divorce and job relocation are also top reasons people need to sell quickly.

"We help these sellers to make a clean break and can quickly remove their financial burden and liability so they can move on with their lives," he says.

For more information, visit:

About SellMyHouseFastNY:

Since its founding in 2008, Sell My House Fast NY has bought and sold more than 200 homes. They continue to look for and to buy properties in New York City, eastern New York and Connecticut. Their motto: "We buy houses fast."

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New Webcast Network Invites Participation in Inspiring Events

BOSTON, Mass. -- A new Internet service co-created by Growthnet and students from Stanford, Cambridge, the Sorbonne and Tsinghua University, invites participants to witness and even join in "Transformative Moments," meaning peak events experienced by people as diverse as new mothers, scientific researchers, musicians, the deaf-blind, and famous authors.

Founders John Toomey, Amy Chang and Soni Gunawan say the idea is to hand-select from the vast number of happenings going on at any given time amongst the planet's 7.4 billion only those with the most potential to inspire the largest possible number of people.

Transformative Moments - - seeks to capture peak experiences from users around the globe, so as to inspire people everywhere and build empathy for our common Humanity.

Examples include new mothers in India being handed their newborns for the first time, an event which the site will eventually display 40 times a day. Another channel includes microbiologists in Switzerland, Japan, and Chicago collaborating remotely using Mind Mapping software; viewers see their sketches and graphs scribbled down in real time using a Share Screen feature, and witness their vibrant discussions (and even arguing) as they compare and contrast hypotheses.

There is a strict formula for deciding which experiences can be accepted as transformative moments.

They must be happening right now, involve informed participants who are willing to appear on live webcam, include either a life-changing, growth-inducing, or thought-provoking event, and must invite interaction with members of a live remote web audience,

Another channel displays children from Mozambique who are both deaf and blind, and who are learning verbal skills and mathematics through a new type of tactile sign language using hand and finger touching. Site users can share the students' small epiphanies as they learn how abstract concepts, proper names, and even smells can be described with this innovative sensory language.

Other programs include musicians from various countries collaborating via TuneShare, so that they can both jam at once, overlay tracks in real time, and even inscribe musical scores at the same time.

Actors and dancers are seen in rehearsal, with remote website viewers able to not only critique their performances, but add suggestions. Online literary salons discuss new and old books.

One channel includes artisans from the developing world creating textiles, ceramics, clothing, and other native handicrafts, while they chat live with viewers on the site. In the planning stages are methods to allow site users to purchase the exact item they saw being created.

More Information:

Learn more about the new site, Transformative Moments at:

For more information about Growthnet, visit:

Media Contact:
Sarah Mendel

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What Does an Award-winning Website Look Like?

CHICAGO, Ill. -- The Independent Publisher Book Awards presented the 20th annual IPPY awards in a special ceremony at the Willis Tower Skydeck. In the Best Publisher/Author/Book Website category, Snowflake Stories, LLC, created by San Fran developer James Stone, was honored with a bronze medal.

So what does it take to create an award-winning website? A lot, actually. Stone's challenge was to develop a website that would allow for the customization of Snowflake Stories' line of award-winning, bilingual personalized children's books. This was no easy task, as Snowflake Stories books are unlike other personalized books currently available.

When Snowflake Stories founder and Connecticut resident Jill Barletti set out to create books for kids, she truly believed that it shouldn't matter if a child has blue eyes or brown, speaks English or Spanish, or has a single mom or two; her books had to reflect all of those children. The solution? A book, customizable for one special child, which allows for the selection of characters (up to six), each of which is tailored so that the entire cast closely reflects the appearance of that child and his or her loved ones. Language(s) must also be chosen as the book is available in bilingual and single-language versions in any of five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian.

Stone created the publisher's site using ZURB Foundation's responsive framework, which allows the website to resize automatically for different screen sizes. One of the biggest challenges Stone faced was making the book customization process effortless. His innovative solution was to create the proprietary Character Builder, which allows visitors to the website to select each character's physical traits, such as skin color, hairstyle, and eye color, with a few clicks of the mouse. Instead of filling out a boring questionnaire, visitors to select and customize a book effortlessly and in just a few minutes. The real genius of Stone's work lies in the website's usability. Stone cooked up a way to see each character as it is built; and that's no small feat as some characters have over 6,000 possible combinations.

Another hurdle Stone thought he would face was finding an ecommerce partner that would allow a highly customizable product to pass through to the checkout process. However, FoxyCart was the perfect solution, as it supports passing custom data into its cart system, as well as providing advanced customization options.

Once the website was completed, Stone called in user interface designer Marcus Handa to give the website a more polished look. Handa liked the feel of the website's original design, which was reminiscent of paper dolls. He streamlined the site with light colors and thin dotted lines, resulting in a clean design while retaining a handmade feel. Although the judges' scorecards were not made public, the creative problem solving and emphasis on creating a great user experience are two of the distinguishing factors that likely helped to win the award.

About James Stone:
James Stone is the author of "ZURB Foundation Blueprints," an adjunct professor at the College of Arts & Architecture at Penn State, and a top contributor to the ZURB Foundation project. The award-winning web developer has spoken at the HTML5 Developers Conference and TEDxPSU and aims to bring world-class sites and web apps to self-funded startups using the power of ZURB Foundation. For more information, please visit

About Marcus Handa:
Marcus Handa is an award-winning user-interface (UI) designer, from the UK. Marcus is the principal of Marcus Handa Design, which provides design services to web/app developers, startups, and solopreneurs. Marcus is known for his clean and modern style as well as his intuitive interfaces. Additional information available at

About the Snowflake Stories:
After publishing the award-winning "Dance Recital" for young girls, Snowflake Stories will release a second award-winning bilingual personalized children's book, written by Jill Barletti and illustrated by Jelena Brezovec. The second book, "The Big Soccer Game," can be personalized for either a girl or a boy and will be available later in 2016, exclusively at The company is guided by the principle that just like a snowflake ... every child's story is unique.

About ZURB Foundation:
ZURB Foundation is a family of open-source responsive frameworks used to create websites, apps, and emails, built by California-based ZURB. The company's clientele is an impressive list of the world's largest, most innovative corporations, including Disney, Samsung, Adobe and the Washington Post. To learn more, go to

About FoxyCart:
FoxyCart provides web professionals with a powerful, secure, and flexible ecommerce platform for their clients. FoxyCart continues to solve ecommerce challenges in unique and better ways for thousands of its clients all over the world. More information about this ecommerce company and its platform can be found at

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OpenClose and MCT Streamline the Loan Sale and Purchase Advice Process for Secondary Marketing Departments

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- MBA National Secondary Market Conference & Expo - OpenClose(R) an enterprise-class, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider, announced that in conjunction with Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) it has developed a solution that normalizes and extracts a lender's committed loan sale and purchase advice data to be uploaded directly into OpenClose's LenderAssist(TM) LOS, thus eliminating significant manual intervention. Depending on the number of loans that have been executed, time savings can be reduced from days to minutes.

"We use MCT as our secondary marketing advisory firm and OpenClose as our LOS provider. The solution they jointly developed empowers us with an invaluable tool to slash the amount of time it used to take us to rekey committed loan data and purchase advice information from Fannie Mae," stated Dan Beam, senior vice president of capital markets at Firstrust Bank. "Given the number of trades we are doing in a particular week, the automation of this process can easily shave off what previously required dozens of man hours down to just minutes."

The solution works by MCT converting large committed loan sale reports or purchase advices into normalized datasets, which is then automatically transmitted to the lender for easy upload into OpenClose's LenderAssist(TM) LOS. All of this transpires with the simple click of a button.

"We want to do whatever we can to make our customers' jobs as easy as possible and this new capability delivers a tremendous uptick in efficiency, saving secondary marketing departments inordinate amounts of time which in turn reduces costs," says JP Kelly, president of OpenClose. "Whether our mutual customers upload a few dozen loans at once or hundreds of loans, it takes a fraction of the time it used to."

"MCT is committed to providing innovative solutions with our technology partners that enable work efficiencies and cost savings for our mutual clients. This interface delivers on that promise," says Chris Anderson, chief administration officer at MCT.

About OpenClose:

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, OpenClose(R) is a leading multi-channel loan origination system (LOS) provider that cost effectively delivers its platform on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis. The company provides a variety of 100 percent browser-based solutions for lenders, banks and credit unions. OpenClose's core solution, its LenderAssist(TM) LOS, is completely engineered by OpenClose using the same code base from the ground up, thus avoiding the problems that often accompany assembling best-of-breed applications or acquiring disparate technologies in an effort to create an end-to-end platform. The company provides lending organizations with full control of their data and creates a truly seamless workflow for comprehensive automation and compliance adherence. For more information, visit or call (561) 655-6418.

About MCT:

Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT) is a capital markets-focused risk management and advisory services company providing independent analysis, training, hedging strategy and loan sale execution support to clients engaged in the secondary mortgage market. Founded in San Diego, California in May 2001, the company has expanded to include field sales and support offices in Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco and Charlotte. MCT is a recognized leader in the industry and currently supports more than 150 clients on the HALO (Hedging And Loan sales Optimization) Program. The company also develops and supports MCTlive!(TM), an award-winning real-time, trading and best-execution secondary marketing platform. MCT's LockCentral(TM) is the industry's largest outsourced centralized lock desk service. For more information, please visit or call (619) 543-5111.

Joe Bowerbank
Profundity Communications, Inc.

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TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues Helps Thousands of Athletic Organizations Manage Rostering, Registration, Scheduling

BOULDER, Colo. -- Although many people know TeamSnap as the leading tool for organizing and communicating every aspect of active sports life for teams, the sports management app innovator also offers a comprehensive web-based solution that helps streamline management for clubs, leagues and associations.

The number of customers using TeamSnap has nearly over the past year to 10 million, and more organizations are turning to TeamSnap every day for a top-notch website, online registration, effective communication tools, scheduling and general management that saves time and sanity.

Colorado Premier Basketball Club is a non-profit youth basketball organization founded by former NBA player Keith Van Horn, who serves as the club's executive director. The club has been using TeamSnap's sports management software for three years with great results.

"Between the desktop version of the service and the TeamSnap app, our club has a streamlined level of communication with our teams and coaches that many other clubs do not," said Mychal Martinez, director of operations for Colorado Premier Basketball Club. "One of the biggest compliments we receive as a club is that we are very organized and communicate information well. TeamSnap has a lot to do with that."

Solutions in the TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues product include:
* Website Builder: Easily build a polished website for your organization that is mobile-friendly right out of the box
* Registration: Free organization-level registration that makes it easy for families to pay online and submit paperwork.
* Communication: Communicate with the whole organization or just certain subsets, like parents or coaches. Never wonder if they got that email again.
* Scheduling: Save yourself the time and headache of dealing with schedule matrices with TeamSnap's scheduler-games, tournaments, you got it.
* Rostering: Say goodbye to those spreadsheets. TeamSnap's rostering feature makes getting everyone on a team as easy as 1, 2, 3.

From competitive soccer clubs to adult softball leagues to regional governing bodies, TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues makes it easy for any organization to streamline the process of managing sports.

About TeamSnap:
Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boulder, Colo., TeamSnap has taken the organization of youth, recreational and competitive sports into the 21st century. Ten million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap's web and smartphone apps to sign up, schedule, communicate and coordinate everything for the team, the club and the season. TeamSnap makes organizing sports as simple as click, tap and go.

For more information, please visit

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Bash Foo Launches New Digital Marketing Agency Website

DAYTON, Ohio -- Bash Foo is a digital marketing agency that regularly launches websites and digital marketing strategies and campaigns for a national client base of small to medium sized businesses. Bash Foo recently launched its own new website ( showcasing best practices in web design, development, SEO and inbound marketing.

As a rapidly growing digital agency with service offerings that target B2B, B2C, small business as well as non-profits, Bash Foo demanded a site that clearly conveyed its full capabilities, relevant case studies and work examples and that would do a better job engaging site visitors through best practices and unique design elements.

The redesign and launch of Bash Foo's new website involved the company's marketing team, graphic design department, senior front-end developer, search optimization team and had oversight from the company's President, Mike McDermott. New features of the site include:
* Fully responsive design
* Sub 2 second page load times
* Custom iconography and web graphics to showcase the company, its culture and clients
* Blog migration with a continued dedication to authoring amazing articles on digital marketing subjects
* Integration with Bash Foo's CRM, maximizing customer experience
* Fully optimized for SEO.

"When it came to the Bash Foo website, it's always been our last concern, preferring to invest our time in our client's projects. But having a team that was dedicated to this particular redesign made it an important and enjoyable success as our company is growing and actively seeking out client partners to join us in our success," says Bash Foo Founder and President, Mike McDermott. "Over the past 17 years, we have found some commonalities in our most successful clients. They all benefitted from our complete inbound digital marketing approach."

Check out Bash Foo's new website today at

About Bash Foo:
Bash Foo is your Creative Brand Provocateur(tm), dedicated to building your online reputation through search engine optimization, digital marketing, and creative web design.

While tucked in the heart of a small Midwestern town (Tipp City, Ohio), Bash Foo is catalyzed by a development and marketing team that truly spans the globe. Pooling the best WordPress development and inbound agency talent, Bash Foo is home to some of the sharpest marketing and media minds.

Bash Foo wants to be a useful tool in your arsenal of awesome. Contact them today to find out how to engage.

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