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Game, Set, Match! Dink Productions Serves Up Kickstarter Campaign for First-Ever Pickleball Full-Length Feature Film, ‘In a Pickle’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Dink Productions launches a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their upcoming movie "In a Pickle." By engaging the vibrant pickleball community in this campaign, Dink Productions aims to showcase the massive audience awaiting to see this movie come to life.

Announced by Dink Productions in early January, "In a Pickle" is a love letter to the sport, celebrating the community around it and exploring its playful rivalry with tennis. Crafted by filmmaker, storyteller, and pickleball enthusiast Dan Brooks, alongside music and film producer, serial entrepreneur Jason Reid, who builds pickleball and tennis courts across Florida, the movie captures these diverse perspectives on the sport's rise.

Joel Boyd, an acclaimed comedy writer, actor, and director, adds his witty and relatable humor to create a film that promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, heart, and sportsmanship.

The writers are launching a crowdfunding campaign to start the pre-production stage of the movie. More than anything else, Dink Productions is looking to have the vast, passionate pickleball community become part of this exciting journey.

The company is teaming up with jojo+lo Pickleball Wear ~ With Flair, a female-founded brand with trendy pickleball apparel and accessories. This collaboration plays a big role in the different tiers and perks of this campaign, and their products are an integral part of some of the rewards that people can enjoy when they contribute to the campaign.

We have partnered with pickleball's largest online community and leading media platform, The Pickleball Clinic, consisting of a Facebook Group over over 125k players and fans, a newsletter with over 70k readers, and a suite of active, content-filled social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

As an "Official Partner," they will be promoting our Kickstarter, generating hype for the film, running an innovative giveaway, and engaging in other activities such as interviews and social media promotion. The Pickleball Clinic serves as a community for ALL players, from beginners to seasoned pros.

"This Kickstarter isn't just about raising money. We know that there is a huge audience primed for a movie like this. We want to convince big production companies and famous actors that pickleball isn't just a fad - it's a big deal and it needs a movie. With your help, we can show just how passionate this community is. Let's show them why 'In a Pickle' needs to happen!" says Reid.

As the production stage of the movie nears, Dink Productions already knows they have something special.

Dan Brooks says, "The response to our initial marketing on Instagram has been overwhelming and wonderful, and so many people have offered to get involved. Content creators such as Evan Slaughter, Morgan Evans, and The Hype Guys, among many others. We cannot wait to keep bringing more people into this incredibly exciting project, a first of its kind movie that celebrates both the sport of pickleball, and the community that surrounds it."

Be part of cinematic history and help us bring "In a Pickle" to the big screen, at

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‘In a Pickle’ is the First Feature Film that Serves up Laughter and Love for the Pickleball Community, Releasing Summer 2024

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Dink Productions today announced the upcoming production of "In a Pickle: A Comedy. With Balls," the first ever full-length feature film about the fastest growing sport in the U.S., pickleball. The brainchild of former tennis player turned pickleball enthusiast, Dan Brooks, and Jason Reid, one of the leading builders of tennis and pickleball courts across Florida, the film promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, heart, and sportsmanship.

"In a Pickle" marks a significant and timely milestone as the first feature-length movie dedicated entirely to pickleball. This lighthearted and entertaining film aims to showcase the joy and camaraderie of the sport, and its competition with tennis. It will be a must-watch for both pickleball enthusiasts and newcomers alike, combining comedy, a little bit of romance and a whole lot of pickleball puns.

Written by Dan Brooks, Joel Boyd and Jason Reid, the film has a completed script and is currently in the pre-production stage. It's already generating buzz within the industry.

Dan, a professional filmmaker, creative, and story-teller, and Jason, music and film producer, author and serial entrepreneur, have seen and experienced the rise of the sport from different perspectives. The passionate and diverse community it supports, as well as the competition for space between pickleball and tennis they have witnessed, are the inspiration behind this movie. Adding a special touch to 'In a Pickle' is acclaimed comedy writer, actor, and director Joel Boyd, whose witty and relatable humor infuses the storyline with an extra layer of entertainment.

"I loved pickleball as a game from the moment I first picked up a paddle at one of the game's iconic sites, the original Chicken Pickle in Kansas City. But it's the community - in all its wild color and variety - that I really love. And one I wanted to show my gratitude for by doing what I do best, creating humorous and relatable content. Plus the world needs more sports comedies!" says Dan Brooks.

Writer Joel Boyd says: "As a comedian and writer I'm always observing social questions. So what attracted me to this project, besides the sport's obvious rising popularity, is that it is about tradition. And it asks the question 'when is it time to examine traditions, and do they make sense to stay exactly the same for future generations?' The story is multi-generational, hilarious, and perfectly in the zeitgeist because it asks these questions in an authentic, fun way."

The team is diligently preparing to bring this hilarious story to life, and "In a Pickle" will be filmed in Charlotte, N.C., where the movie is located, and is set to begin production in Spring 2024, with the movie set to be in theaters by the fall!

Stay tuned for updates on "In a Pickle" as we move closer to production, at

"In a Pickle" Instagram:

"In a Pickle" Facebook page:

About Dink Productions:

Dink Productions is an exciting new production company founded by professional filmmaker, creative, and story-teller, Dan Brooks, and music and film producer, author and serial entrepreneur, Jason Reid. Their inaugural project, the eagerly anticipated feature film "In a Pickle," marks the beginning of their joint creative journey. The company has a slate of five other compelling films currently in various stages of development.

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