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MAGLITE® and American Paramedic Association Partner with Pedestrian Safety Institute, Promoting Traffic and Pedestrian Safety During July: The Deadliest Month of The Year

ONTARIO, Calif. -- The Maglite brand partners up with the American Paramedics Association (APA) and the Pedestrian Safety Institute (PSI) to support traffic and pedestrian safety during the deadliest month of the year. According to the PSI, July maintains the highest rate of traffic related fatalities specifically with those of pedestrians. The days surrounding July 4th are particularly dangerous.

"Paramedics are those that treat the injured and see the deaths up close from traffic fatalities and want to urge people to be more cautious so that we can respond to less of these tragedies," said Andrew Stephen, Executive Director of APA. "Any time a paramedic is out of their vehicle, the goal is to be visible. Why should it be any different for pedestrians?"

Darkness and low-visibility play a significant role in pedestrian deaths. In fact, more than 70% of fatalities happen at dawn, dusk or night. Maglite and the American Paramedic Association are on a mission to illuminate the dangers of driving in low-visibility conditions to reduce deaths and injuries. In order to raise awareness, they are distributing press materials and alerting the media about the dangers pedestrians will face in the coming months, while also promoting National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month.

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month was created by the Pedestrian Safety Institute with the goal of educating and urging drivers to use caution while driving during this time of year.

"There are simple ways to reduce the number of deaths due to pedestrian traffic accidents - carry a bright flashlight, wear reflective clothing and be cautious, especially around fast-moving traffic," said Tony Maglica, founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc., manufacturer of the Maglite® Flashlight.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), more than 6,700 pedestrians died in vehicle related accidents in 2020, up from 6,412 the year before. GHSA projected that pedestrian fatality rate increased nearly 20% as deaths climbed sharply despite people driving less during the pandemic. Preliminary data from 2021 indicates yet another increase in pedestrian deaths.

American Paramedics Association,

Mag Instrument, manufacturer of the MAGLITE® flashlight,

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Media Alert: Campaign Kick-Off to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. -- The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva will hold its kick off rally this Saturday, March 26 in Santa Fe Springs. The rally is the first of several planned over the next several months. The Santa Fe Springs office will be the first of several campaign offices throughout LA County.

WHERE: Alex Villanueva Campaign office in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Click, email or call the below media contact information for the exact address. The event will also be broadcast Live on social media.

WHEN: The rally will begin at 10 a.m. running up until noon.

WHO: Sheriff Villanueva will be joined by dozens of local elected officials and over 200 community residents.

Media Contact: Javier Gonzalez, 213-598-8907,

Additional speakers will represent grassroots communities across the political spectrum and our diverse county. Unlike our opponents, media and critics, Sheriff Villanueva will present a true rainbow coalition of campaign staff, endorsements, and supporters. "Unity is not a catch phrase or pick up line for me. Bringing people together is what leaders do," remarked Villaneuva.

A crowd of more than 250 is expected to attend this first campaign event. "We will show the political establishment what a grassroots rally looks like," said Javier Gonzalez, Villanueva's campaign director.

WHY: The primary election is coming up Tuesday June 7th. To date no significant challenger to Sheriff Villanueva has emerged.

Sheriff Villanueva was elected in 2018 on a campaign of "reform, rebuild and restore." Once in office Villanueva established the first of its kind policy to ban deputy "cliques," equipped all deputies with body worn cameras, established a wage theft task force, banned transfers to ICE, and raised standards for internal promotions, new hires, and senior command staff. LASD is now the most diverse senior command and on patrol staff in its history.

The rally comes on a busy week of endorsements of the re-election of Sheriff Villanueva including:

* Rev. Dr. J Edgar Boyd, Senior Pastor, AME Church

* Steve Garvey, 10 Time MLB Allstar & WS Champ

* Heat & Frost insulators & Asbestos workers Local 5

* Gil Carillo, Retired LASD Homicide Detective

* Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16

* Tania Owen, Retired LASD Detective

* Vilma Cuellar-Stallings, Vice Mayor of Paramount

* Paul Cheng, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia

* Grace Hu, Mayor of Cerritos

* Diane Martinez, Paramount School Bd, Former Mayor

* Philip Chen, Assemblymember

* Carmen Trutanich, Former LA City Attorney

MEDIA VISUALS: The Sheriff and key supporters will speak from a rally stage. Media risers will be available as will be plenty of signage and potential first person interviews.

Learn more:

VIDEO (YouTube):


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Moffitt Services Matching Campaign for Texas EquuSearch

CYPRESS, Texas -- To inspire others to support Texas EquuSearch, Moffitt Services has generously committed to match, dollar for dollar, contributions of up to $50,000 from March 21 - March 30, 2022. As a token of appreciation, every donation of $500 or more will receive a custom Moffitt Services and Texas EquuSearch RTIC Tumbler.

"We are proud to partner with Texas EquuSearch to help achieve its mission of ensuring that all who go missing are found," said CEO, Roy Moffitt. "For years, we have been helping Texas EquuSearch and we hope to incent others to do the same, through our offer to match up to $50,000 in total contributions."

Since 2014, Moffitt Services has been providing funding, fuel, and other resources to assist Texas EquuSearch in searches for missing persons in Texas.

"We are a nonprofit organization, funded solely by donations, and we believe that we can better ourselves by working together to help the community and people in need," said Tim Miller, founder, and CEO of Texas EquuSearch. "Moffitt Services shares our vision and our passion to help those in need," added Miller.

Texas EquuSearch has assisted law enforcement and families across the country in their searches for missing persons. Moffitt is raising support for this critical cause and helping bring these families the peace and closure they deserve.

Since its founding in August 2000, Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team has been involved in over 2,000 searches in approximately 42 states, as well as Aruba, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

For more information or to send a donation, visit:

Read more about Texas EquuSearch: ​​

Read more about Moffitt Services:

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Campaign to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva Announces First Endorsements and Diverse Veteran Campaign Staff in Advance of June Primary

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced via social media its first set of major endorsers today, including Gloria Romero, former State Senator and Majority Leader of the California State Senate.

With the announcement, Sheriff Villanueva stated, "When I decided to run for re-election, I knew that to challenge the political insiders, I would need to create a broad and diverse coalition of supporters. That is why I am thrilled to announce my first wave of endorsers."

Campaign Director Javier Gonzalez added, "The people are with Alex. He's standing with everyday Angelenos to end homelessness and rein in rising crime. The political elites may not like it, but Team Villanueva will be a force in Southern California politics (and beyond) for years to come!"

The first set of endorsers are as follows:

* Gloria Romero, former State Senator, and leading education advocate;

* Steve Cooley, former prosecutor, and L.A. County District Attorney;

* Deon Joseph, veteran L.A. police officer, with 23 years serving downtown and Skid Row;

* The International Union of Electrical Workers, with 775,000 members.

* Ironworkers Local 433

As the campaign heads into the home stretch, it also announced its campaign staff of accomplished veteran staff. Unlike the monolithic teams that control virtually every state and federal candidates, Sheriff Villanueva has built a team that reflects the demographics of Los Angeles with concrete grass roots ties. The team is led by Javier Gonzalez and his firm Tell That Story is responsible for strategy, content and communications. Cristina Rivera is Deputy campaign director, Ben Tulschin is our pollster, Christine Keyegan is our fundraiser, Cine Ivery is our Treasurer, and Jason Lopez is our email marketing director, and more.


Sheriff Villanueva was elected in 2018 on a campaign of "reform, rebuild and restore." Once in office Villanueva established the first of its kind policy to ban deputy "cliques," equipped all deputies with body worn cameras, established a wage theft task force, banned transfers to ICE, and raised standards for internal promotions, new hires, and senior command staff.

LASD is now the most diverse senior command and on patrol staff in its history.

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ASLET enters into distribution agreement with Lamperd Less Lethal of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Advanced Security and Law Enforcement Training LLC (ASLET), a security and law enforcement training school, has entered into a distribution agreement with Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC PINK:LLLI) and its Master Parts Distributor, EJC Security Services, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA. Lamperd Less Lethal has been creating and manufacturing Less Lethal Technology and Ammunition, Public Order Suppression Systems and Innovators for over 50 years. Lamperd describes less lethal as the application of force applied in a manner to cause the least likelihood of injury to the person.

The Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) market is forecasted, over the next 10 years, to emerge as a key domain for asymmetric warfare, law enforcement, and technology providers. Non-Lethal Weapons market worldwide is projected to grow by US $5.2 billion, guided by a compound growth of 8.3%.

ASLET plans to provide the training, certification, and the distribution of the superior Lamperd Less Lethal products to its own logistics and support network service as it focuses on being a nationwide distribution partner offering shields, riot helmets and less lethal launchers as well as other equipment, to qualified personnel.

About ASLET:

ASLET is a certified Pennsylvania Act 235 Lethal Weapons Training School. ASLET providing basic certification and recertification. ASLET seeks ventures for product distribution, training, and certification with its network partners throughout the United States with a focus on private security and law enforcement personnel. ASLET is mindful, committed, and cares about our clients, students, team, and shareholders.

For more information visit:

About Lamperd Less Lethal:

Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (LLLI) is a developer, manufacturer and international sales company for advanced less lethal weapons, ammunition and other security products marketed to police, correctional, military and private security forces. The company manufactures and sells over 300 different products including small & large caliber projectile guns, flash-bang devices, pepper spray devices, 37mm & 40mm launching systems and interlocking riot shields. Lamperd also offers advisory services and hands-on training classes run by highly accredited instructors.

For more information visit:

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Darley Family Foundation Sends 5,000 Gallons of Water to Dixmoor, Ill.

ITASCA, Ill. -- The Village of Dixmoor has been facing a water crisis for nearly ten days, forcing residents to search for safe water alternatives. In effort to help the citizens in their most vulnerable time, the Darley Family Foundation sent a truckload of Safe Water Boxes™ to Dixmoor. One truckload holds twenty-three pallets of Safe Water Boxes, with eighty boxes per pallet, adding up to 5,000 gallons of water in total. Each box is 2.64 gallons of premium drinking water.

Officials stated the cause of the water crisis was a faulty valve that had been turned off and caused several breaks in the pipe; the valve must be dug up and manually turned back on for the emergency to be resolved. Fire hydrants from Harvey and Blue Island are being used to fill up the Dixmoor reservoir, and a boil water order is in place.

Unfortunately, the current fix to Dixmoor's water crisis is only a band-aid solution; the infrastructure is over 100 years old and a permanent fix could cost in excess of $20 million. This could be a long-term crisis for Dixmoor.

"We hope our contribution will ease the difficulty Dixmoor residents are currently facing," said Kevin Sofen, Darley business development manager.

About W.S. Darley & Co:

Founded in 1908, W.S. Darley & Co. (Darley) remains a family-owned and operated business, providing the highest quality equipment solutions to its military and first responder customers. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Darley prides itself on offering a family of leading emergency equipment brands and innovative solutions and services from its corporate headquarters in Illinois and fire pump and apparatus manufacturing operations in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan, as well as global offices in six countries.

Darley can be found online at, or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Churches of Scientology Promote Community Partnership on National Night Out

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Scientologists across America took a stand against drug abuse and crime August 3 by joining local law enforcement and nonprofit organizations to make National Night Out 2021 special for their communities. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and raises awareness about crime and drug prevention. The Church of Scientology International has backed this initiative for more than three decades.

Scientologists took part in events ranging from neighborhood barbecues, live concerts and family fun days hosted by their Church of Scientology to helping organize neighborhood events and providing drug and crime prevention materials to those attending.

"We support this initiative and its purpose of making neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live," says Fabio Amicarelli, Director of Humanitarian Programs of the Church of Scientology International.

The numbers show a clear relationship between drug use and crime:

* 21 percent of those sentenced in state prisons and local jails are incarcerated for crimes committed to obtain drugs or money for drugs.

* Drugs are a factor in almost 40 percent of those jailed or imprisoned for property crimes.

* 14 percent of those incarcerated for violent crimes report they committed their most serious offenses for drug-related reasons.

Scientology Churches sponsor chapters of Foundation for a Drug-Free World and the Foundation's award-winning Truth About Drugs initiative. They also provide drug education specialist training and work with local educators, police, churches and nonprofits to reach youth on this vital subject.

And in a direct address to crime, they use The Way to Happiness, the common-sense moral code written by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. With it, they assist community crime prevention efforts and provide police and correctional officers with tools to help inmates and ex-offenders become ethical and productive members of their communities.

Examples of the use and success of these programs are documented in the original television series Voices for Humanity on the Scientology Network.

The Founder of the Scientology religion is L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige is the religion's ecclesiastical leader.

Learn more about "The Way to Happiness" at:

For more information, contact
Church of Scientology International Media Relations
(323) 960-3500


*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Presenting police and firefighters with certificates of appreciation at National Night Out event at the Church of Scientology Los Angeles.

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Mag Instrument, the USA manufacturer of the MAGLITE Flashlight, Forms Partnership with First Responders Children’s Foundation

ONTARIO, Calif. -- Mag Instrument, the U.S.A. manufacturer of the MAGLITE® Flashlight, has formed a partnership with First Responders Children's Foundation. The initial kick-off of the partnership will be Maglite's sponsorship of the Foundation's annual Fun City Bowl. This is an event in remembrance of 9/11 that pits the New York City Fire Department against the New York City Police Department. Each department fields a football team and they will clash on the gridiron at MetLife Stadium.

Mag Instrument will produce limited edition MAGLITE® flashlights with the FRCF logo, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these lights will be donated to FRCF in support of their mission. These lights will be available on

"We are very pleased to be starting what I am sure will be a long and beneficial relationship with FRCF," said Anthony Maglica, Founder, Owner and CEO of Mag Instrument Inc. "I was born in New York City and spent many years there and know first-hand the great and heroic work both the NYPD and FDNY do and I hope we are supporting them and their children through FRCF for many years to come."

Sponsoring or attending the Fun City Bowl is a wonderful and personal way to show gratitude to our uniformed heroes and their families and to honor the 20-year commemoration of 9/11. Proceeds will support college scholarships and grants for first responder families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Proceeds will also support the FDNY and NYPD football teams. Contributions to this event will have a direct and immediate impact on the children whose families have already sacrificed so much.

"We are thrilled to have Maglite join us to salute our first responder heroes," said Jillian Crane, President of the First Responders Children's Foundation. "The children of first responders embody resilience and hope for the future."

Maglite and FRCF will also be collaborating in June and July to promote National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month. July is the deadliest month of the year for traffic related fatalities (including pedestrians). Darkness and low-visibility play a deadly factor in these deaths and Maglite is on a mission to illuminate the danger.

About First Responders Children's Foundation

For 20 years, First Responders Children's Foundation has been providing college scholarships to the children of first responders who have been injured or lost in the line of duty. The Foundation also awards grants to families enduring financial hardship and supports educational activities and programs created by first responder organizations to benefit children or the communities in which they live. The First Responders Children's Foundation COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund provides financial hardship grants, PPE, and hotel accommodations to first responders on the front lines of the pandemic. The Foundation also pays for funerals of first responders who have made the ultimate sacrifice. More information about First Responders Children's Foundation is available at Follow First Responders Children's Foundation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @1stRCF.

About Mag Instrument:

Mag Instrument, manufacturer of the MAGLITE® flashlight, is proud to be a U.S.A. manufacturer. Each flashlight is a result of an obsession with fine engineering, craftsmanship and a commitment to perfection. Founder, owner and President Anthony Maglica has guided his company's growth from a one-man machine shop in 1955 to an enterprise that has proudly employed thousands of American workers since it produced its first flashlight in 1979. For more visit:

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Business, Free News Articles, Government, Police, Fire and Rescue, Software announces a formal agreement with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (Ga.) to build a new custom mobile app to serve local citizens

FORSYTH, Ga. --, a leading Alabama-based mobile app development company, today announced a new agreement to design and deploy a custom-built mobile app for service by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. The new mobile app will be free for citizens of Monroe County and surrounding areas to download.

The mobile app will be available for download by mid-June 2021 and will provide features such as: truly anonymous tip reporting, jail inmate search and sex offender mapping. The mobile app will also allow the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to send push notifications to app users to inform them of dangerous weather, traffic, road closures, crime and other notification alerts important to local public safety.

Unlike other app development companies, provides iOS and Android data integration into mobile app features to enhance the user experience and provide real-time information to citizens.

"We are honored to 'serve those who serve' by equipping law enforcement, and other public service agencies, with a communication platform that delivers increased partnerships, transparency and engagement with the communities they serve," said CEO, Eric Halverson. "Our technologies provide real-time information important to the Monroe County, Ga. community about local crime, public safety and truly anonymous tip reporting so citizens can assist law enforcement in fighting crime."

"Another unique feature we offer is integrated sex offender mapping. This highly valued feature provides a simple and effective way for citizens to be aware of registered sex offenders in and around their communities."

More information:


Based in Opelika, Alabama, has built and deployed over 500 custom mobile apps for public service agencies across the country. has developed numerous proprietary solutions to help increase communication and partnership between public service agencies and the citizens they serve. ( ), a service of OCV LLC, offers best-in-class affordable custom app development for public service agencies such as sheriff offices, police departments, fire departments, public health agencies and city & county governments.

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‘I am Lauderhill’ Campaign Features City’s Police Officers – Short Form Videos Reveal Fun Facts about Local Law Enforcement

LAUDERHILL, Fla. -- The City of Lauderhill has launched a new video campaign featuring local police officers sharing fun facts about themselves. The "I am Lauderhill-We are Lauderhill" segments are emailed to residents and other subscribers in the City's official newsletter, Lauderhill Living and posted on social media. City officials in collaboration with the consulting firm RMA ( developed a plan to foster stronger connections between the community and law enforcement by focusing on officers' local roots, hobbies, favorite sports teams, and music, along with other engaging aspects of their personalities.

"Through this campaign police officers reveal themselves as the neighbors, friends and family members they are," said Leslie Johnson, Director of Public Relations and Cultural Arts. "These videos have been a tremendous tool in our overall campaign to enhance the positive connection between our officers and residents."

RMA was hired to develop a strategic communications plan for the City, with special emphasis on creating new avenues to engage the community with law enforcement. This initiative was conceived well before the recent headlines, but its implementation has come at a most opportune time.

"During our biweekly collaborative meetings with the City's leadership, we agreed that it was imperative for Lauderhill's residents to feel comfortable calling the police not only in an emergency, but also to report critical information," said Sharon McCormick, RMA's Director of Business Attraction & Marketing. "The goal of this campaign, coupled with prior initiatives by the Lauderhill Police Department, is to change the preconceived notions that some residents had about police in general, by creating a safe environment for relationship-building."

The email and social media campaign also allows the police department to share success stories about cases closed through the very popular segment, "Just Don't, You Will Get Caught!" This section of the email showcases the dedication of local law enforcement in their pursuit of catching criminals, leading to a safe environment for their residents.

In addition, the campaign features regular messages from Chief Constance Stanley. As an African-American woman, who leads a large police force, her words resonate. Chief Stanley's impassioned letter to the community in the wake of George Floyd's death was a powerful message about racial injustice, the need for accountability, and an earnest plea for unity and dialogue. She has followed that message up with regular communications highlighting Lauderhill's comprehensive crime-fighting strategy, which is built on facilitating and maintaining positive communication and collaboration.

About RMA:

Founded in 2009 by Kim Briesemeister and Chris Brown, RMA is comprised of a phenomenal team of leading experts in economic development, real estate for governments, marketing, urban design, and financial analysis. RMA, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida is a highly experienced, full-service economic redevelopment consulting and management firm, specializing in revitalizing core areas and corridors for cities, counties, and special districts nationwide. The co-founders are also the authors of one of the definitive books about city redevelopment, "Reinventing Your City: 8 Steps to Turn Your City Around."

Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Kay Renz

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