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Obeidy and Associates, P.A. Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against Broward County Sherrif’s Office

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Obeidy and Associates, P.A. (OBD Legal) announces that it recently represented Scott Thomas, Plaintiff, against the Broward County Sherrif's Office (BCSD), Defendant, and won the initial case as well as follow-up appeals.

Thomas, a military-trained helicopter pilot, initially retained OBD Legal to represent him in an employment dispute with the BCSD. The Plaintiff's primary complaint was discrimination that fell under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. A jury determined that BCSD was in violation of this act and awarded Thomas $240,000 in lost wages. The verdict form also asked whether the BCSD "willfully violated the law," and the jury answered, "Yes." Based on a statutory provision that awards double damages for willful violations, Thomas moved to alter the judgment.

The district judge decided that the jury finding on willfulness was "advisory" and denied Thomas's motion. The Eleventh Circuit also affirmed the denial of the sheriff's office's motion for judgment as a matter of law or a new trial and reversed the denial of Plaintiff's motion for an altered judgment.

The court held that there was sufficient evidence supporting the verdict against the sheriff's office. But the Court of Appeals reversed the denial of Plaintiff's motion to alter the judgment because the parties consented to have the jury decide the issue of willfulness. As a result, Thomas was awarded double damages.

The Defendant was represented by the law offices of Carmen Rodriguez, P.A., a management labor and employment law firm.

A. Andrew Obeidy, Esq., senior litigator, who represented Thomas in Federal District Court said that it was "the highlight of my career to represent this patriot who wore the cloth of our country."

For more information about the case, visit:

About Obeidy and Associates, P.A.

Obeidy and Associates, P.A, focuses on employment law and brand protection. It handles a variety of civil litigation cases that involve unfair labor practices against employees and their attorneys have the knowledge, dedication and experience required to represent workers in a wide range of labor disputes.

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Acoem Acoustic Threat Detection, Archer Energy Solutions, and CIP-014 Standard – A perfect fit!

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- Gun violence is a growing concern that affects every aspect of our lives. In response, Acoem has developed its Acoustic Threat Detection technology, a military-proven solution that is now available for civilian use. The technology has been refined over 30 years through constant innovation and millions of gunshot data collected from multiple combat theaters.

A growing threat facing our nation today is gun damage to critical infrastructure, with recent incidents of rogue gunmen shooting and damaging electric substations. To address this growing concern, Acoem is proud to partner with Archer to provide companies and service providers a solution to meet evolving security regulations through effective risk-based physical security programs.

Archer specializes in assessing, consulting, and testing to ensure compliance with NERC standards, including CIP-014, which recommends the use of Acoustic Detection to provide real-time alarms and awareness of gunshots or explosions as they happen. Acoem and Archer make a strong team, with Archer providing expertise in compliance and Acoem and its integration partners offering expertise in acoustic threats and physical security technology.

"We are creating a solid partnership to help companies and service providers stay updated with evolving security standards through risk-based physical security controls. Archer is excited to partner with Acoem to bring remarkable technology and value to our client's physical security and compliance demands. At the same time, help identify attacks at the earliest moment," said Nick Weber, Archer's Managing Partner.

Learn more about securing substations and other remote critical infrastructure, the Acoem ATD technology, and Archer services, by registering for an upcoming webinar on February 27, 2023.

Our teams will discuss these critical topics and provide insights on how to develop a comprehensive security and a response plan to mitigate ballistic attacks on critical infrastructure.



Acoem ATD:

Archer Energy Solutions:

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Acoem’s acoustic threat detection technology helps detect gunshots and assists in multiple arrests of shooters in Edenton, North Carolina

EDENTON, N.C. -- The Edenton Police Department has partnered with Acoem USA to implement Acoustic Threat Detection (ATD) technology to combat the community's recent increase in gun violence incidents. These real-time alerts triggered by ATD sensors notify police precisely when and where gun violence incidents occur.

This results in a faster, more accurate response to the scene to better recover evidence, interview witnesses and tend to gunshot victims.

Edenton, N.C. was one of the first communities in the state to use this ATD. The town installed 15 ATD sensors during the summer of 2021. With Acoem's technology able to localize a threat with one sensor, the scalability allowed this small town the opportunity to have big-city technology on a lower budget.

To date, its success in the public arena has been unmatched. In its first year of deployment, the Acoem ATD system detected 100 percent of the gunshots within its detection range with video evidence of a vehicle in a drive-by shooting. Most recently, on October 31, 2022, an Acoem sensor detected and alerted that multiple shots were fired in Edenton. Video evidence helped to identify and consequently arrest two shooters within 24 hours.

"We're committed to creating a community that allows its citizens to feel safe so that they can go about their lives," Henry King, Chief of Police, Town of Edenton, N.C., says. "Acoem's ATD is one part of our overall community-first policing plan and having technology like this in our tool belt keeps us one step ahead of criminals."

Acoem ATD systems are built to fit the end users' needs and work with their existing VMS, dispatch and other alerting software in use. With Acoem ATD systems, there's no intermediary. The end user controls their program.

"It was simple to integrate into our existing camera system and gives us the control we need to get alerts immediately," King adds.

ATD can be mounted just about anywhere. Walls and light poles are common examples, but they can adapt to any location due to their flexible mounting capabilities.

"Gunshot detection is not a new technology in the security market, but with Acoem being one of the original innovators of gunshot detection over three decades ago, our ATD sensor has a big advantage over competitors," Mike Arnold, sales manager for Acoem, says.

Acoem's technology is paired with a PTZ camera to not only provide an alert, location and audio, but also to give first responders a look at what is happening at the scene by moving the camera in the direction of the threat as it's detected.

"That situational awareness can be a force multiplier in an active situation," Arnold says. "Along with our AI, scalability and giving the end user ownership and control over their system, Acoem can be a game changer for our communities, schools and in everyday life."

For more information:

About Acoem ATD Systems:

As a leading manufacturer of advanced public security systems, Acoem is committed to securing safer communities through smarter security. Community partnerships fuel its mission, and its revolutionary AI-powered technology is the first of its kind to give security systems the power of both sight and sound. With no system minimums, it's ideal for use on corporate campuses, schools, industry, churches, public venues, cities and more. Learn more:

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Children’s author releases latest in ‘Glad to Do It!’ series about first responders

POMFRET, Md. -- J2B Publishing announces the release of "Uncle Rocky - Fireman #10 - Ice Rescue" (ISBN: 978-1954682160), authored by James Burd Brewster. It's the 10th Uncle Rocky - Fireman book in the "Glad to do it!" children's series and is illustrated for kids aged 3-7. The series honors first responders by retelling true-life emergency response stories through the eyes of its characters: Uncle Rocky - Fireman, Officers Jack and Kate and EMT Morales.

"Ice Rescue," illustrated by Mary Barrows, tells the story of three New York City Fire Department (FDNY) firefighters from Ladder 54 where Tom Yuneman, Chris Harkinish and Kevin Hillman rescued a stranded boy from the ice in the Bronx River. Other books in the series also center on firemen as heroes.

The idea for the "Glad to do it!" series first came to be when Brewster started telling bedtime stories to his two oldest boys (ages 5 and 3). He made up a character named Uncle Rocky - Fireman.

"Boys love firemen, so I told them firefighter stories," Brewster says.

As he told the stories, a pattern emerged. The alarm would sound, Uncle Rocky would dress for the fire, test the fire truck's siren and horn, respond to the emergency and save the day. When thanked for his rescue, Uncle Rocky always said, "Glad to do it!" During the storytelling, Brewster's boys, now 38 and 36, would "pretend" dress for the fire, shout out the fire truck sounds and roar "Glad to do it!" along with Uncle Rocky.

"Since firefighters are usually humble when thanked for doing their duty, the last sentence of every story is 'Glad to do it!'" Brewster explains. "And, so the series was born."

As the series became known, parents started asking Brewster to write about police officers and EMTS too since they found their young children loved them as well.

In the also recently released "Trusty Tinsley," (ISBN: 978-1954682153), the sixth Officer Jack book in the "Glad to do it!" series, a Shiloh Shepherd leads Trooper Sandberg of the New Hampshire State Police (NHSP) and Lebanon, New Hampshire and Hartford, Vermont first responders to the car wreck of its owner. Officer Jack, an African-American male, and Officer Kate, a white female, are partners in the stories.

"It was a story right out of Lassie," Brewster says. "First responders go to rescue a stray dog on the highway and the dog leads them to his owner, who'd been thrown from his car and was freezing to death. He saved his life."

"Baby's Breath" (ISBN: 978-1954682146), the fifth in the Officer Jack series, is a Brewster favorite. TSA Officer Cecilia Morales was working the scanner line at Newark Liberty International Airport. She scrambled over a bunch of equipment to reach a baby who had stopped breathing and her medical training prevented a horrible holiday tragedy.

"My sister sent me the story and I knew it'd be perfect for the Officer Jack series," Brewster says.

Brewster was personally involved in "Clamshell Stretcher," (ISBN: 978-1941927519), the first EMT Morales story in the series. This story describes how EMTs and paramedics from Waldorf Station 12 in Charles County, Maryland used a "Clamshell Stretcher" to lift a man off the ground without causing him undue pain.

"I was driving home in a light rain and saw a man on the ground surrounded by neighbors," Brewster says. "I stopped and held an umbrella. The man had a dislocated hip and EMTs used a 'Clamshell Stretcher' to lift him off the ground. It was an amazing invention, so I wrote a story about it."

The "Glad to do it!" series is unique in that the stories retell actual emergency responses, encourage children to play-act and use adult characters as role models so children learn to go to adults for help. It also teaches humility with its final "Glad to do it!" sentence.

Learn more about "Ice Rescue" at:

To learn more about the series, and download a free eBook version of "Uncle Rocky - Fireman #1 Fire!" visit:

About James Burd Brewster:

James Burd Brewster, president, J2B Publishing and the author of the "Glad to do it!" series started J2B Publishing in 2013 as an Indie Press with a mission to publish "Good books for boys and girls." It now specializes in publishing new children's book authors.

Brewster grew up in Albany, NY, learned to sail on Lake Champlain, graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy, drove an icebreaker to the Arctic and retired after a 23-year career. He and wife, Katie, raised and homeschooled five children and live in southern Maryland.

Brewster's father taught him, "You can grow grass or children, but not both." Like his father, he decided to grow children and now writes and publishes children's books to help other parents grow their children.

Learn more:

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Community Comes Together in Support of the LAPD and a Cleaner and Safer Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- With violent crime on the rise in Los Angeles, more than 50 local businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations joined the LAPD in a community coalition on Faith & Blue Weekend to reclaim the streets of Hollywood with a neighborhood cleanup launched by the Hollywood Community Police Station and co-organized by the Church of Scientology.

October 8 was no ordinary Saturday morning in Hollywood. As crowds gathered in the Capitol Records Building parking lot, tourists and locals soon realized something special was happening. Was it the presentation of a new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Or an unexpected movie premiere? No. This was the launch of a coalition of more than 50 organizations that decided to take back the streets of Hollywood.

More than 460 volunteers gathered for a community cleanup -- the largest ever done in the area. Two local businesses donated the space and parking for the event that was organized by the LAPD and the Church of Scientology on National Faith & Blue Weekend under the banner "Unity in the Community."

The purpose of Faith & Blue Weekend is to create safer and stronger communities by engaging law enforcement officers and local residents through the connections of faith-based organizations.

Hollywood LAPD Captain Yasir Gillani welcomed the volunteers, thanking them and the many LAPD officers for their support of the project. He gave a special shout-out to the Church of Scientology for bringing the community together to support the program.

Faith & Blue founder Rev. Markel Hutchins, in Los Angeles from Atlanta, Georgia, to launch the Los Angeles Faith & Blue Weekend celebrations, spoke of a turnout like this being proof that when faiths, communities and law enforcement work together, we can bridge differences, increase collaboration and reduce bias and violence.

Those coming on board for a cleaner, safer and more beautiful Hollywood included the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the Hollywood Partnership, the L.A. Office of Community Beautification, the L.A. Department of Sanitation, and numerous local businesses and faith-based organizations.

The volunteers divided into seven teams, each headed by an LAPD Hollywood Division officer. The City of Los Angeles Department of Sanitation and Home Depot equipped them with bags, shovels, brooms and trash pickers.

Teams cleaned 170 city blocks totaling 17 miles of Hollywood streets, and they beautified 200 storefronts by cleaning, painting and removing graffiti.

The trash was carried away by one of the L.A. Department of Sanitation's new zero-emission all-electric garbage trucks.

As the teams returned to the Vine Street staging area at noon, they were serenaded by a mariachi band while they enjoyed a complimentary lunch provided by local businesses including Pinks Hot Dogs, In-N-Out Burger, Tommy's Hamburgers, Domino's Pizza, Sharky's and Fresh Brother's Pizza.

The Church of Scientology, LAPD and The Way to Happiness Foundation have partnered in monthly neighborhood cleanups since 2018, including a special annual scouring of Hollywood Boulevard on the eve of each year's Hollywood Christmas Parade.

After each cleanup, volunteers hand out copies of The Way to Happiness, written by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The Way to Happiness is a common-sense nonreligious moral code with 21 precepts to guide people to make better choices in their lives. With precepts such as "Set a Good Example," "Safeguard and Improve Your Environment," "Be Worthy of Trust" "Fulfill Your Obligations" and "Be Industrious," The Way to Happiness encourages people to point the way to a moral, less dangerous and happier life.

National Faith & Blue Weekend was created to facilitate safer, stronger, more just and unified communities by directly enabling local partnerships among law enforcement professionals, residents, businesses and community groups through local faith-based organizations. These connections are built through activities held in neighborhoods of every kind across the United States, jointly hosted by houses of worship and local law enforcement entities.




Video News Release on the October 8 LAPD Hollywood Cleanup:

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Sheriff Villanueva’s Reelection Campaign Releases New Campaign Video and Fundraising Numbers

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. -- The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva announces the launch of its new campaign video airing across local Los Angeles TV stations and online. You can view the video

In addition, as of the September 24 reporting deadline, the Campaign announces fundraising numbers as follows: With 24 hours + remaining on our fundraising deadline, we expect close to $500,000 to have been raised during this reporting period. Sheriff Villanueva's Campaign has led in fundraising from day 1 and continues to outperform his opponent, showcasing the will of the people of Los Angeles County.

Additional endorsements this month include: The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 13 workers Union Local and the El Monte Police Officers Association.

At the first televised debate which took place earlier this week on September 21 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Santa Monica and was presented by FOX 11 Los Angeles and partners KPCC, Univision and Los Angeles Times, Sheriff Villanueva discussed his plan for a second term and presented pivotal questions for his opponent to respond to.

Among these questions, Sheriff Villanueva pressured Chief Robert Luna to clarify his record across the following issues:

* Alex exposed Luna for having no plans to address Homelessness, Rising Crime, and Public Corruption

* We learned Robert Luna admitted he grew up admitting he grew up in Santa Fe Springs, not East LA as he has claimed.

* Robert Luna failed to explain his involvement in the beating of African American motorist Galen Ball?

* Luna failed to explain why in his 20 years in senior command he failed to promote a single African American Woman.

* Luna failed to explain his involvement in the death of Faustino Rodriguez - the Breonna Taylor of the 90's.

* Luna also failed to explain his involvement in the North Town Rangers, a white supremacist police officer "gang" in Long Beach.

"The record shows that Robert Luna has a history of racial bias against African Americans, a personal history of misconduct, and a professional history of promoting and protecting racists. In addition, Robert Luna has several violent incidents as an officer he needs to explain to all of us," said Sheriff Villanueva.

Campaign Manager Javier Gonzalez ( can provide firsthand witnesses to discuss these incidents.

For campaign information, visit and follow @Alex4Sheriff on Instagram.

About Sheriff Villanueva:

When elected Sheriff four years ago, Sheriff Villanueva became the first candidate to unseat an incumbent LA Sheriff in over a century. Running on a campaign platform of "reform, rebuild and restore," Sheriff Villanueva began to immediately address challenges within the department that plagued it for so many years under previous administrations. The Sheriff wasted no time in tackling these problems, such as instituting policies that ban deputy "gangs," equipping all deputies with body-worn cameras, banning transfers to ICE and raising standards which helped diversify the leadership within the department (such as raising standards for internal promotions, new hires and senior command staff). Along with creating the most diverse senior command, Sheriff Villanueva's actions resulted in a dramatic reduction in use of force lawsuits against the department.


Publication/syndication of this press release does not imply an endorsement of any candidate.

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Media Advisory: Safety training experience and experts available to discuss safety in Offshore, Wind, Maritime, and Industrial industries at FMTC Safety in Houma, Louisiana

HOUMA, La. -- FMTC, Fire and Medical Training Center, in Houma Louisiana, is inviting reporters to experience a variety of safety training courses for the Oil, Gas, Wind, and Offshore industries on October 20, 2022 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. in honor of October's National Fire Safety Month. Reporters will get a chance to experience the real dangers of working and living at sea: how to escape from a sinking helicopter, how to approach a fire on a platform, and much more.

Here is a video impression of what to expect:

Safety experts

In addition, several safety experts will be available on request, such as Winona "Bebe" Mahler McElroy, the founder of On-Site Training & Instruction in 1989. She was the first woman firefighter in Houma. FMTC Center Manager, Kaylab Verdin, who has more than 15 years of experience in the offshore and safety industry will also be available to discuss safety topics.

The following safety training courses will be offered to participate in:

OSHA Fire Training

The OSHA Fire Watch Incipient Fire training is designed to teach personnel to properly perform fire watch duties, which include controlling workplace ignition sources (smoking, burning, welding).

OPITO HUET Helicopter Training

The OPITO HUET training is designed to inform about the security aspects on board a helicopter and the potential hazards and emergencies that can occur during transport. Various emergencies such as an emergency landing on the water will be rehearsed in the FMTC's training pool using the training helicopter.

GWO Sea Survival Course

The GWO Sea Survival Training is especially intended for people working in the Offshore Wind Industry. The theory is practiced during various exercises in the swimming pool to become well prepared for risky situations such as being alone in water or with multiple survivors.

GWO Working at Heights

The GWO Working at Heights will teach about the risks associated with working at heights. Several necessary safety skills will be learned such as how to secure yourself and your colleagues in threatening situations high up in wind turbines.

Statistics safety incidents at work

The latest safety incidents statistics come from 2020. In that year, there were 2.7 million non-fatal workplace safety incidents reported and there were 4.764 recorded fatal workplace safety incidents according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

About FMTC Safety:

FMTC Safety is the safety training center for Offshore training, Wind training, Maritime training, and Industry training offering certified training according to international standards. The company's goal is to smartly and sustainably enhance safety in the workplace with respect for people, the planet, and the environment. FMTC's unique selling point is its client-based approach. The client always decides when they want to train and where the training will take place. At this moment, FMTC has 8 training locations around the world. Five locations are in The Netherlands, one in Dunkirk, France, one in Houma, Lousiana, USA, and one in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.

For more information, please visit:

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Broward County Crime Commission to Host Webinar: Active Shooters Among Us: Are the Solutions that Complex?

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- As part of its Building Bridges Mental Health Conference Series, the Broward County Crime Commission is hosting a preemption and prevention-based webinar to analyze outside the box solutions to stop Active Shooter tragedies. 15 of the most renowned experts in the country are participating.

WHAT: Are the Solutions that Complex: Active Shooters Among Us

WHEN: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

WHERE: ZOOM Webinar Platform

TIME: 7:50 a.m. to Noon EDT


Crime Commission Director/CEO, James DePelisi, was quoted as saying, "These Active Shooter killings are becoming an epidemic of great proportions. If School Districts, Public Safety, and Behavioral Health Specialists work closer together, to implement Intelligence Gathering solutions, these tragedies can certainly be mitigated. But it will require the proverbial Team Effort approach. It is not that complex. To quote Steve Jobs, Let's Think Different...Together"

Four Tracks on the Day: 3 panels, 1 presentation, and 15 speakers.

* Panel I: Artificial Intelligence Concepts and Intelligence Gathering Techniques;

* Panel II: Root Causes of Active Shooter events.

* Dual Presentation: How to Talk to Children about Active Shooter Tragedies;

* Panel III: Survivors from the Highland Park Illinois, July 4th shooting, discuss how they are coping and moving forward. Hear their stories.



7:50 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Opening Comments, James DePelisi, Broward County Crime Commission

8:00 a.m. to 8:55 a.m. - Panel I:

Educators, Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategies to INTERCEPT Active Shooter Killers

* Retired District Attorney, Matt Mangino, Lawrence County, PA

* Dr. Allison Paolini, Assistant Professor of School Counseling, Program Director, Arkansas State University

* J.T. Wilkins, Senior Vice President of Government Solutions, Zero Eyes

* Marisa R. Randazzo, Ph.D., Director of Threat Assessment Georgetown University

* Ret. Colonel Alvin Pollock, Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO)

MODERATOR: James DePelisi, Director/CEO, Broward County Crime Commission

BREAK: 8:55 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

9:00 a.m. to 9:55 a.m. - Panel II:

Are Guns the Root Cause of Active Killer Events?

* Analysis and Debate

* Mr. John Lott, President, Crime Prevention Research Center

* Dr. Ragy Girgis, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry and New York State Psychiatric Institute

MODERATOR: James DePelisi, Director/CEO, Broward County Crime Commission

BREAK: 9:55 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m. to 10:55 a.m. - Dual Presentation:

How to Talk to Your Children about Active Killer Tragedies

* Dr. Thomas DeMaria, National Center for School Crisis & Bereavemet

* Dr. Robin Gurwitch, Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Duke University School of Medicine

BREAK: 10:55 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m. to Noon - Panel III:

Survivors of Active Shooter Attacks - Hear How They Cope and Move Forward

* Mr. David Sallak, Citizen, Highland Park, Illinois, July 4th Shooting

* Mr. Tony Brosio, Citizen, Highland Park, Illinois, July 4th Shooting

* Ms. Nancy Rotering, Mayor, Highland Park, Illinois, July 4th Shooting

* Mr. Eric Graves, Community Journalist, FOX 59 TV, Indianapolis, on Behalf of the Citizens of the Greenwood Park Mall Shooting, Indiana

MODERATOR: Ms. Sandra Welch, Vice Mayor City of Coconut Creek

About the Broward County Crime Commission:

Founded in 1976, by Proclamation of the citizenry of south Florida, the Broward County Crime Commission is one of 22 Citizen Crime Commissions in America, and the fifth oldest in the United States. Its mission is to assess and evaluate crime, and social issues which can transpire into crime, within Broward County (and the state of Florida, in general), and to work in concert with the General Public, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice System to derive preemptive and preventive solutions to such crimes, through Behavioral Health Analytics, Academic Programs, and Community Outreach Programs.

About the Building Bridges Mental Health Conference Series:

The Building Bridges Mental Health Conference Series was conceived to narrow the gap, and finite the correlation between Behavioral Health issues and Crime, so that such crimes can be prevented and preempted. Since November of 2013, the Crime Commission has hosted and executed a body of work comprising more than 40 webinars and conferences, in the areas of: Active Shooter Events, Verbal De-escalation and Conflict Resolution, Narcotics Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Workplace Violence, Societal Violence, School Campus Violence, Juvenile Violence, Crimes Against Children of Autism, Hate Crime Violence, Sextortion, and Cyber Crime Ransomware Extortion. More than 7,000 people have attended these acclaimed forums; and more than 700 speakers and judges have participated. Attendees and panel participants include: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Sociologists, Social Workers, Journalists, Law Enforcement Administrators, Judges, Criminal Justice Members, Front Line First Responders, Prosecutors, Defense Attorney's, Doctors, Nurses, Academia, Educators, and the General Public.


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MAGLITE® and American Paramedic Association Partner with Pedestrian Safety Institute, Promoting Traffic and Pedestrian Safety During July: The Deadliest Month of The Year

ONTARIO, Calif. -- The Maglite brand partners up with the American Paramedics Association (APA) and the Pedestrian Safety Institute (PSI) to support traffic and pedestrian safety during the deadliest month of the year. According to the PSI, July maintains the highest rate of traffic related fatalities specifically with those of pedestrians. The days surrounding July 4th are particularly dangerous.

"Paramedics are those that treat the injured and see the deaths up close from traffic fatalities and want to urge people to be more cautious so that we can respond to less of these tragedies," said Andrew Stephen, Executive Director of APA. "Any time a paramedic is out of their vehicle, the goal is to be visible. Why should it be any different for pedestrians?"

Darkness and low-visibility play a significant role in pedestrian deaths. In fact, more than 70% of fatalities happen at dawn, dusk or night. Maglite and the American Paramedic Association are on a mission to illuminate the dangers of driving in low-visibility conditions to reduce deaths and injuries. In order to raise awareness, they are distributing press materials and alerting the media about the dangers pedestrians will face in the coming months, while also promoting National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month.

National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness Month was created by the Pedestrian Safety Institute with the goal of educating and urging drivers to use caution while driving during this time of year.

"There are simple ways to reduce the number of deaths due to pedestrian traffic accidents - carry a bright flashlight, wear reflective clothing and be cautious, especially around fast-moving traffic," said Tony Maglica, founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc., manufacturer of the Maglite® Flashlight.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), more than 6,700 pedestrians died in vehicle related accidents in 2020, up from 6,412 the year before. GHSA projected that pedestrian fatality rate increased nearly 20% as deaths climbed sharply despite people driving less during the pandemic. Preliminary data from 2021 indicates yet another increase in pedestrian deaths.

American Paramedics Association,

Mag Instrument, manufacturer of the MAGLITE® flashlight,

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Media Alert: Campaign Kick-Off to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. -- The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva will hold its kick off rally this Saturday, March 26 in Santa Fe Springs. The rally is the first of several planned over the next several months. The Santa Fe Springs office will be the first of several campaign offices throughout LA County.

WHERE: Alex Villanueva Campaign office in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Click, email or call the below media contact information for the exact address. The event will also be broadcast Live on social media.

WHEN: The rally will begin at 10 a.m. running up until noon.

WHO: Sheriff Villanueva will be joined by dozens of local elected officials and over 200 community residents.

Media Contact: Javier Gonzalez, 213-598-8907,

Additional speakers will represent grassroots communities across the political spectrum and our diverse county. Unlike our opponents, media and critics, Sheriff Villanueva will present a true rainbow coalition of campaign staff, endorsements, and supporters. "Unity is not a catch phrase or pick up line for me. Bringing people together is what leaders do," remarked Villaneuva.

A crowd of more than 250 is expected to attend this first campaign event. "We will show the political establishment what a grassroots rally looks like," said Javier Gonzalez, Villanueva's campaign director.

WHY: The primary election is coming up Tuesday June 7th. To date no significant challenger to Sheriff Villanueva has emerged.

Sheriff Villanueva was elected in 2018 on a campaign of "reform, rebuild and restore." Once in office Villanueva established the first of its kind policy to ban deputy "cliques," equipped all deputies with body worn cameras, established a wage theft task force, banned transfers to ICE, and raised standards for internal promotions, new hires, and senior command staff. LASD is now the most diverse senior command and on patrol staff in its history.

The rally comes on a busy week of endorsements of the re-election of Sheriff Villanueva including:

* Rev. Dr. J Edgar Boyd, Senior Pastor, AME Church

* Steve Garvey, 10 Time MLB Allstar & WS Champ

* Heat & Frost insulators & Asbestos workers Local 5

* Gil Carillo, Retired LASD Homicide Detective

* Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16

* Tania Owen, Retired LASD Detective

* Vilma Cuellar-Stallings, Vice Mayor of Paramount

* Paul Cheng, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia

* Grace Hu, Mayor of Cerritos

* Diane Martinez, Paramount School Bd, Former Mayor

* Philip Chen, Assemblymember

* Carmen Trutanich, Former LA City Attorney

MEDIA VISUALS: The Sheriff and key supporters will speak from a rally stage. Media risers will be available as will be plenty of signage and potential first person interviews.

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