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Publisher and Creative Strategist Launch Women’s Empowerment Show in Honor of International Women’s Day

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Just in time for International Women's Day, New York Times bestselling author Anna David and international lifestyle business coach Lauren Wallett are launching a talk show, "SHE-E-O," where they will get to the bottom of what makes a women-led business successful.

Both David and Wallett have built their respective businesses from the ground up (David's is Light Hustle Publishing, which recently released the #1 international bestseller "The Gorga Guide to Success" by Joe Gorga, and Wallett's company is Alchemist Academy, which coaches entrepreneurs in creative business strategy from start-up to sale.

Their shared passion for empowering women through sharing their stories about what it takes to "have it all" in life brought them to the idea of launching SHE-E-O, a talk show where they'll interview prominent businesswomen on their successes, sacrifices and secret sauce.

"Our personal and professional lives are inextricably linked, so I'm fascinated by how to thrive holistically in both, while maintaining space for creative expression," Wallett says.

Adds David, "Honestly, it's just a spectacular coincidence that we're launching this on International Women's Day. We've had the idea brewing for a while but just got the green light this week."

The show will debut on the Focus TV Network, America's first streaming video talk show network, which hosts other shows about female empowerment, fashion, food, health, spirituality and more. Learn more about Focus TV Network at:

About Anna David:

Anna David is the New York Times and #1 Amazon bestselling author of two novels and five non-fiction books about addiction, recovery and relationships. She's been published in The New York Times, Time, The LA Times, Vanity Fair, Playboy, Vice, Cosmo, People, Marie Claire, Redbook, Esquire, Self, Women's Health, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Salon among many others, written about in numerous publications, including Forbes, Martha Stewart Living, Entrepreneur, Allure and Women's Health and has appeared repeatedly on The Today Show, Hannity, Attack of the Show, Dr. Drew, Red Eye, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show, The Insider and numerous other programs on Fox News, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH1 and E.

She speaks at colleges across the country about relationships, addiction and recovery and has been a featured speaker at three different TedX events. Through her company, Light Hustle Publishing, she helps entrepreneurs build their careers by publishing books. Learn more:

Follow on:

About Lauren Wallett:

South African serial entrepreneur Lauren Wallett sold her first two businesses before turning twenty-seven. A previous board member of Silicon Cape; mentor for Women Eng; global curator and spokesperson for Collaborative Consumption Africa; Associate and pitch coach for Tech Stars; contributor to Future Females and judge for Start-up Chile, she's passionate about helping women in business.

Her extensive list of clients include Desroches Island Seycelles, Machaba Camp Botswana, Bayete Game Reserve Kwa-Zulu Natal and Kraft Heinz Africa. She's an international speaker and coach, empowering entrepreneurs through creative strategies to take action so that they can turn their ideas into gold. Learn more:

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Protests to Hit CBS Friday Over Big Boi Super Bowl Fur Fiasco!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- JaneUnChained News Network, a 501(c)(3) based in Los Angeles, announces that animal lovers across the nation are expressing their disappointment and disgust over the glorification of fur by CBS during its Super Bowl halftime show as rapper Big Boi appeared drenched in fur. In a tragic irony, the word LOVE then filled the screen.

The first grass roots protests immediately sprung up in N.Y., L.A. and Atlanta.


VIDEO (Facebook): "Big Boi Fur Fiasco Sparks New Hashtag: #CrueltyBroadcastingSystem!"

Now, more protests will hit Friday!

Friday, February 8, from 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. Eastern, animal lovers will march outside CBS HQ at 51 West 52nd Street, NYC, 10019.


Friday, at 4-7 p.m. Pacific, demonstrators will protest outside CBS Television City at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, converging on the Fairfax entrance, just south of Beverly.


Protesters will hand CBS staff a letter asking the network to:
* publicly apologize,
* investigate the decision-making process,
* adopt a network-wide fur-free policy.

The Los Angeles City Council recently voted unanimously to draft an ordinance that would ban the sale of fur, after testimony on the industry's extreme cruelty.


San Francisco, West Hollywood and Berkeley have already banned fur sales!

Armani, Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace, Burberry, Tom Ford, Givenchy - and other top designers - have renounced fur and gone cruelty-free, joining the ranks of Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, and Calvin Klein.


Trapping and anal electrocution are just two of the standard methods used to kill these innocent beings.

VIDEO (caution: shows animal cruelty):

Critics say the network's decision to ignore an evolving culture is a slap in the face to those who have worked tirelessly to end this inhumane industry. They are calling it the ultimate wardrobe malfunction!

The network, Big Boi, and the fur industry, are invited at any time to respond.

Learn more about JaneUnchained: was founded by award winning TV journalist and bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell., and its associated social media platforms, is a digital news network for animal rights and the compassionate, cruelty-free lifestyle. Also known as #JaneUnChained, the outlet produces multiple daily videos on animals' rights and the vegan lifestyle.



Instagram: @janeunchainednews

Twitter event hash tags: @jvm #CrueltyBroadcastingSystem #BigBoi #JaneUnchained

*PHOTO link for media:
*PHOTO Caption: These animal lovers converged to protest outside CBS Television City in Los Angeles and are coming Friday at 4 p.m. Pacific because they are devastated over CBS's glorification of fur!

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Steve Harvey’s ‘STEVE’ and Capital Ford of Rocky Mount surprise local woman with a new car

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. -- Steve Harvey's "STEVE" and Capital Ford of Rocky Mount give the surprise of a lifetime to local Rocky Mount woman, Jaylesya Corbett. Capital Ford of Rocky Mount teamed up with Steve Harvey's hit syndicated daytime show, "STEVE" to donate a New 2019 Ford Fiesta to help Corbett get to work easier.

Corbett's story received national attention after Nash County Sheriff's Officer, Scott Bass, noticed Corbett walking alone while he was on patrol.

"One morning, at this intersection, I saw a young female walking and it was really, really cold. It was wet, so I could see she had bags on her shoes to keep them dry. I could also see by her dress that she worked for Bojangles," said Sgt. Bass.

Curious by what he saw, he offered to give Corbett a ride and discovered that she walked over 12 miles a day to get to and from her job at Bojangles Chicken 'n' Biscuits. She would leave her home at 3 a.m. every morning to be at work by 5am. This work ethic struck Sgt. Bass and he soon began giving her rides as often as he could and also asked his co-workers to do the same.

Realizing that he could not always be around to help her, he contacted the Walmart in Nashville, N.C. and spoke to some of the managers. He showed them a bicycle that he saw in the store and Walmart generously donated the bike to Corbett.

After Corbett's story and the generosity of the local community made national news, Steve Harvey's "STEVE" knew that they had to help Corbett, so they reached out to Capital Ford of Rocky Mount.

"Upon hearing the story of Jaylesya, we were inspired to help in any way we could. When producers at 'STEVE' reached out to us with their idea about giving her a car, we knew that there was no one else more deserving! We were thrilled to be able to partner with the show and help present her with a New 2019 Ford Fiesta!" said General Manager, Will Pritchett.

The episode of "STEVE" featuring Jaylesya aired on Thursday, October 25, 2018. (Check local listings.)

For more information on the "STEVE" show, please visit

For more information on Capital Ford of Rocky Mount, please visit

About Capital Ford of Rocky Mount:

Capital Ford of Rocky Mount is part of the Capital Automotive Group. With 18 stores and counting, The Capital Automotive Group has locations across North Carolina. Since inception, Capital Ford of Rocky Mount and Capital Automotive group has made it the core value to provide excellent customer service and remains committed to its customers, staff, and communities it serves.

Find Capital Ford of Rocky Mount on social media at:



VIDEO (YouTube):

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26-Year-Old David Busby Survives Gun Violence and Lands Debut Role on Bounce TV’s ‘Saints and Sinners’

ATLANTA, Ga. -- When viewers watch young, upcoming actor David Busby in his debut recurring role on the third season of Bounce TV's sizzling series "Saints and Sinners," they are witnessing the passion of a young man who has had his own personal run-in with real life saints and sinners. Working alongside the show's veteran stars, including Vanessa Bell Calloway, Clifton Powell, and Keith Robinson most would never guess that twice in two years, the determined 26-year-old thespian almost lost his life to street gun violence.

The first time Busby was shot was July 10, 2016. He was at a local laundromat in Inglewood, Calif. when a gunman aimed on him close range firing seven shots and hitting him. Then again, on May 6, 2017, Busby's life was almost snatched for the second time. While in front of his grandparent's Inglewood home, a car pulled up just 15 feet away and opened fired on him with an assault rifle. With a total of 18 shots were fired, four bullets hit David's car and one pierced his head. These traumatizing ordeals would have pushed many into despondency and depression, but instead they fueled Busby to live his life to fullest.

The remarkable survivor is now racking up the kind of notable acting credits it takes many industry newcomers years to book! He has secured four episodes on the third season of "Saints and Sinners," portraying Profit, a villain who is the perfect menace to society. In addition, Busby has landed a coveted role in the upcoming original BET miniseries, "The Bobby Brown Story" slated for airing later this year. Busby will play Billy, the long-time friend of R&B icon Bobby Brown.

"David Busby is a remarkable talent," cites Christopher Young, talent agent at BYSB Talent Agency. "BYSB signed him immediately upon auditioning him. His unfortunate life experiences have propelled something magnetic in him. His determination to succeed is so palatable you can taste it."

An Inglewood, California native, now living in Atlanta, Busby was raised by his school teacher grandmother and jazz musician grandfather. Church played an important role in his childhood and he always believed he was destined to do great things. After two near death experiences, Busby decided that time was now. He always felt drawn to acting and finally decided to seriously pursue it.

"My two brushes with death pushed me to live. It's crazy because when I think about, I'm not supposed to be here, but I am. When I changed my mind and my thoughts, my world changed. Today, just a year after being shot for the second time, I'm working side by side with actors I looked up too while growing up. But it's not just about me. I want to let others know, especially those my age who are going through something bad, that there is good out there. There is hope. Your situation and your circumstances can change for the better and it doesn't have to take forever for that to happen," expresses Busby.

"Never giving up is the key," continues Busby. "I once modeled myself behind man and man is flawed, so I've really been aligning myself to that which I feel in my heart is true. God is my truth and I model myself behind that and continue to grow and live in it."

David Busby is a self-realized saint who was almost destroyed by sinners. He serves as an amazing example of perseverance, strength and vision. Catch him on this season of "Saints and Sinners" and look out for him in "The Bobby Brown Story." This young man is making moves, and nothing can stop him now!

Follow David Busby's journey on Instagram at @nonregular -

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Organic Aromas to be Featured on the Emmy-award Winning Talk Show THE TALK on CBS

BOISE, Idaho -- Organic Aromas(R) (, a leading maker of premium and specialty Nebulizing Diffusers(R) for aromatherapy, announced today that the Company's products are to be showcased today for the first time on national network television. Organic Aromas will participate in part of a special segment called "Winter Relaxation Essentials" on CBS' award-winning talk show "THE TALK." The show will be airing Thursday February 22, 2018 broadcast at 2:00-3:00 p.m., ET; 1:00-2:00 p.m., PT.

This appearance on the television show is a major opportunity for Organic Aromas to share its' unique product line with a much larger and broader audience.

Organic Aromas is excited to highlight the distinct advantages that Nebulizing Diffusers(R) offer those who love using essential oils. This appearance on the CBS talk show THE TALK is a huge platform for Organic Aromas to demonstrate on a national level the power and beauty of these unique devices. Participation in today's show comes on the heels of the successful launch of the Company's one-of-a-kind, new ceramic Opulence Nebulizing Diffuser and other exciting new and exclusive products late last year.

Nebulizing Diffusers(R) are superior because they can disperse strong aromas across a wide area in a short time, allowing the user to quickly and fully enjoy the complete therapeutic value and benefits of pure essential oil only. With no need for heat, water or plastic, Organic Aromas aims to restore health and true well-being to the aromatherapy market.

Taking part into todays' show on CBS is a great chance to truly expose this special technology to more of those who enjoy the strong and natural aroma of pure essential oil. With the advent of its' proprietary Nebulizing Diffuser(R) technology, Organic Aromas has the chance to revolutionize the essential oil market by introducing some of the most beautiful and effective aromatherapy products on the market today.


CBS' Daytime Emmy Award-Winning talk show "THE TALK" (broadcast weekdays 2:00-3:00 p.m., ET; 1:00-2:00 p.m., PT) features a panel of well-known news and entertainment personalities discussing current events, pop culture, contemporary issues, family, celebrity and the trending topics of the day. The daily one-hour series is hosted by Julie Chen, Eve, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood. Learn more:

About Organic Aromas(R)::

Organic Aromas(R) is a premium essential oil and aromatherapy brand that manufactures the most effective and beautiful aroma diffuser on the market. Using absolutely no heat, no water and no plastic this Nebulizing Diffuser(TM) can emit a heavy concentration of scent across a large area in a short period of time. These powerful aromatherapy devices can be used to enjoy the full potential therapeutic benefits of only pure essential oils and nothing else. Control a very strong aroma, instantly and for as long as you want it. Learn more:

*IMAGE for Media:

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ScriptDrop and Albertsons Hurricane Relief Efforts To Be Covered on ‘The Success Files’ with Rob Lowe

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- ScriptDrop, a healthcare technology company providing medication reminders and deliveries while fighting prescription abandonment and abuse, today announced that it will be featured on "The Success Files" hosted by Rob Lowe, airing on MSNBC and PBS in 2018.

The segment will show how ScriptDrop teamed up with Albertsons Companies to provide relief to Hurricane Harvey victims prevented from picking up their prescriptions in the aftermath of the storm. "We're delighted that 'The Success Files' decided to tell the story of how technology helped to alleviate at least some of the pressure on families in need," said ScriptDrop CEO Nicholas Potts.

"After Hurricane Harvey, we had patients who were struggling to meet their basic needs, so partnering with ScriptDrop to deliver their prescriptions to their homes was an easy decision and allowed our patients to stay healthy and focus on recovery efforts," says Mark Panzer, Albertsons Companies Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Health and Wellness.

"Our data showed that people were either unable to reach the pharmacy or dealing with other priorities," added ScriptDrop's Potts. "By offering our expertise in prescription delivery with Albertsons Companies, we could help people by bringing prescriptions to them and assisting with copays." Albertsons stepped in to cover the cost of the deliveries and the copays were paid for by funds raised.

"The Success Files" is an award-winning program that highlights new stories and innovative concepts through groundbreaking short-form and long-form documentary presentation. The hurricane provided an opportunity for ScriptDrop to test its systems in a high pressure environment. ScriptDrop connects patients, pharmacies and physicians to ensure that patients properly adhere to medication protocols prescribed by their physicians, and that healthcare providers and pharmacies are informed if there are problems.

The complex system or reporting and notifications is implemented through the use of cutting edge blockchain technology, ensuring both the security and accuracy of the process.

The Success Files will tape the segment in Houston on November 14, and it will run on MSNBC and PBS stations throughout 2018.

About ScriptDrop:

ScriptDrop offers a prescription delivery service that makes the delivery process easier for both pharmacists and patients. Once a prescription is ready, ScriptDrop sends a courier to pick up the delivery and tracks the delivery until the patient signs for it. The pharmacist can then view the signed delivery receipt in their ScriptDrop account. ScriptDrop is designed to fit into the pharmacist's workflow, enabling patients to have easy access to medicines and pharmacists to streamline processes as well as access reporting and analytical insight.

Learn more at:

Media Contact
Nicholas Potts
Tel: 615-522-7117


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Austin, Texas Based Internet Program MICHAUX TV Represents The Retro-fied Future of Live Music Television

AUSTIN, Texas -- Soul singer, songwriter, recording engineer, producer and learned music enthusiast Michaux (pronounced "me-show") is in the midst of launching an intimate and engaging new live music show called "MICHAUX TV." Inspired by Hall & Oates lead singer Daryl Hall's successful TV program "Live from Daryl's House" emanating out of Philadelphia, Austin, Texas-based "MICHAUX TV" presents a platform for living room-like live performance coupled with thoughtful conversation that flows very much like breaking bread over a stone soul kitchen table.

"MICHAUX TV is a vibrant and much-needed artist showcase that shifts the focus of discovering new music from deceiving music videos and studio-tweaked tracks to real deal live presentation in a colorful throwback setting." -- A. Scott Galloway, Music Journalist; Album Liner Notes: Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway.

Every three weeks on Friday afternoons, "MICHAUX TV" features performances by Michaux and his band, as well as performances by a special guest ranging from local Austin sensations to unique musicians from around the globe. Also featuring lovely host/co-producer Arlana Clopton, the program educates as it entertains - always steeped in the authenticity and history of culture-rich Soul Music - past and present. When watching "MICHAUX TV," time stops and transports you back to the golden era of PBS-derived music shows such Ellis Haizlip's deeply missed "Soul," "Soundstage" and, to some kindred extent, "Austin City Limits."

Austin-native Michaux is a "retro throwback authenticist" - a proud white soul singer obsessed and entrenched in the depth, sense of purpose and sensual vibrations of Soul Music at its '60s / '70s peak, laid down by masters such as Al Green, Curtis Mayfield and, his favorite, Marvin Gaye.

Raised up in church singing in a soul-inspired style, Michaux has recorded two acclaimed CDs: his self-penned debut "Just MichauX" and his follow-up tribute to Gaye, "What's Going On ... Still ... " -- which Marvin's widow, Janis Gaye, highly praised as "an album done with respect, love, honor and integrity." That vibe also informs "MICHAUX TV."

Michaux muses, "When Soul, Funk and R&B music came alive in the '60s and '70s, they transcended perceived racial and cultural divides, bringing people together through the power of the greatest music ever written, recorded and performed. Our goal is to perpetuate the original vibe of that music, and its messages of love, unity and harmony, with a fanatical focus on high quality video and sonics."

"MICHAUX TV" is free to see from the comfort of your home on your computer or TV or on-the-go on your laptop, smart phone or tablet - any Internet video streaming device via YouTube or Facebook.

Check for programming schedule, news and updates.

YouTube Channel:

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Mighty Grip Inc. and MercVille Productions Release Second Season of ‘The Pole Dancing Chronicles’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Christina Villegas and Jeff Mercer, the creative forces behind MercVille Productions, have announced the release of the second season of their popular web based docu-series, "The Pole Dancing Chronicles." Sponsored and co-produced by Mighty Grip Inc., a leading worldwide sporting goods manufacturer, "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" showcases people and events from within the pole and aerial community.

With the growing recognition of pole dance and aerial art as respected fitness regimens, "The Pole Dancing Chronicles," provides an insider's peek into the sport and the people behind it, highlighting, in particular, men and women who are defying societal expectations and are excelling within the field.

The second season launched with an episode on 56-year-old pole artist Makeda Smith. A grandmother and entertainment publicist, Smith has garnered international media attention for her poling acumen at her advanced age. The second episode of season two covers "Chronicles" producer Villegas and details her love for the art as well as her intention and motivation to create and produce "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" with her partner Mercer. Episode three, the most recent feature, highlights acclaimed multi-championship pole performance artist, Nadia Sharif, a former engineer turned dancer and instructor.

Former docu-reality producers for network television, Mercer and Villegas formed MercVille Productions in 2013 with a goal to create entertaining, inspiring, and informative stories about everyday people. A pole and burlesque instructor, Villegas also opened her dance studio, Flying Curves Dance Studio in 2013. After teaching pole dancing and empowerment through movement to women on and off for nine years while also working in reality TV, she decided to combine her love and passion for pole with her passion for video storytelling and production.

When Villegas began producing "Goddesses Empowered: The Show," a live pole and burlesque show, she was inspired by the various tales, trials and tribulations of her students. She felt that the compelling stories of women who had evolved through pole dancing needed a global platform and the idea for "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" was born. Mighty Grip, a wholesale distributor and online sporting goods store, came on board in 2015 and in 2016 the season debuted with eight shows, which were released online monthly.

"We have met so many wonderful and talented people that have opened their arms and hearts to us," expresses Villegas.

"Pole and aerial is an emerging art and is often misunderstood," adds Mercer. "Our series not only introduces a larger audience to the sport, dispelling myths and concerns, but also serves as a tool of empowerment and motivation within the pole and aerial community."

Mighty Grip, Inc. is widely recognized for their popular grip aids for athletes. Stephanie Housel, President and COO of Mighty Grip, Inc., initiated launching the brand into the pole world, universalizing the use of the product among pole and aerial enthusiasts internationally. "We are honored to offer 'The Pole Dancing Chronicles' as an important vehicle for sharing personal stories about the world of pole and aerial dance," cites Housel. "As one of the leading providers of grip aids, gloves, and protective gear for pole and aerial artists, 'The Pole Dancing Chronicles' allows us to stay in touch and in tune with our client base on a personal level. Our customers are real people with real stories, and we are excited to share them with the world."

Season two of "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" consists of 10 episodes released monthly online through to 2018.

Catch episode two of "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" on Christina Villegas at and watch the latest episode with Nadia Sharif at .

Watch the entire series online at

Like "The Pole Dancing Chronicles" on Facebook and visit MercVille Productions and Mighty Grip there as well. Find them on Instagram at @mercvilleproductions and @mighty_grip.

For more information about Mighty Grip Inc. go to

For more information about MercVille Productions (MVP), visit:

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone: (323) 380-8819

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Lethal Weapon #1 wins 2016 / 2017 Prime Time Softball League Championship!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Thomas Tom Oseransky, Prime Time Softball League (PTSL) board member, congratulates "Lethal Weapon #1" who beat "Pure Genius" 12 to 11 to win the Championship. It was an exciting game that went back and forth and was finally over after an eighth and extra inning.

The teams had to wait three months to play the game due to rain delays. Oseransky says the 2016 season began with 30 teams, and 16 made the playoffs.

According to Thomas Tom Oseransky, previous years' Champions have included "Coach," "Home Improvement," "Suddenly Susan," "CSI: NY," "Smallville," "Law & Order," "Bones," "Castle," "Parenthood," "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and many, many more.

Thomas Tom Oseransky says that, "The PTSL is the Entertainment Business's longest running softball league and has been in existence since the late '80s. The League is coed and rules state that at least two women must be playing for each team at all times."

Thomas Tom Oseransky has helped run the league since its inception, which was started by himself and Rosario Roveto Jr. and Larry Rosenthal.

For more information on the Prime Time Softball League, visit:

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Former Los Angeles City College Basketball Coach Michael Miller Hosting New TV Show ‘Time Out with Coach Miller’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Long time LACC basketball coach Michael Miller is hosting his own live TV show "Time Out with Coach Miller." Coach Michael "Mike" Miller who broke numerous national records as head basketball coach at Los Angeles City College (LACC) is tearing it up in the world of live television with his new show "Time Out with Coach Miller" seen live twice a month.

The show airs on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at 11 p.m. PST for one hour on The show is drawing great interest and has strong ratings after two months of being on the air.

" - An Independent LIVE Web-TV Network" is produced by DromeBox Laboratories, which has produced over 2000 shows and is located in a state-of-the-art studio of over 6,000 square feet in Boyle Heights, Calif. DromeBox Labs is a unique experiment in multi-media software development. Through constant experimentation with media production, they create Information Technologies entirely new and never before seen.

Coach Mike Miller is really excited about his next show on January 20, 2017 when East Los Angeles College head basketball coach John Mosley is a live guest with his team and staff. East Los Angeles College has one of the premier basketball programs in the state of California.

Coach Miller stated: "Coach John Mosley has built a comprehensive program as head coach at East Los Angeles College. I am really proud of his success as he is a former player of mine. I look forward to our show on January 20, 2017 when we can highlight his accomplishments and meet his current team and staff."

Coach Michael Miller brings a real coach's perspective to his live TV show and is proud to have had some great in studio guests in the past like Dave Rice and Dedrique Taylor, successful Division One head coaches; and Tim Tucker of Maranatha high school and Mike Lynch of LaSalle high school were past guests as well as famed John Wooden Award Director Ernest Baskerville.

Coach Mike Miller led Los Angeles City College to a national record 14 straight conference championships in the South Coast Conference. Coach Miller also sent over 100 players to universities while coaching at LACC from 1992-2008, thought to be number one in the entire nation.

More information:

Follow on Twitter at:
@headcoach35 @TOWITHMILLER @CABBAssociation

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