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Cottonwood Farm and Grocery Provides Affordable and Nutrient Dense Foods to the Public and People in Need

FLORENCE, Ala. -- Tucked away in downtown Florence is Cottonwood Farm and Grocery, a one-stop-shop for local meats, produce, bulk grains, flowers, cheeses and even housewares. With their grand opening set to mid this year, this local market fills a need for downtown residents. It's a convenient alternative to larger chain stores in Huntsville and offers vegan, gluten-free products, EBT purchasing and DoorDash Delivery too.

So, for anyone who works in the downtown area or at the nearby university, they've got a great place to shop for items such as fresh carrots, broccoli, avocados, apples and more. It's just next door to the left of Trowbridge's.

Williamson says that right now they're focused on getting more people to see what they offer.

"We want their feedback so we can continue to meet their needs," he says. "How many times does a community get a chance to build its very own grocery store? We have the support system to make it happen. Have a special diet? Let us know. Want a specific product. We can likely get it. We want to make life easier for our customers and are here to serve."

The owners of Cottonwood Farm and Grocery are passionate about helping their community. For instance, items that were damaged during transport or products that don't sell out are given a second chance before their end date at the Help Center where homeless or others in need can benefit.

The storefront is located at 318 N. Court St. and is well stocked with organic and farm-fresh foods. By using UNFI, the supplier of companies like Whole Foods, Cottonwood has been able to keep their shelves filled with organic brand favorites like Annie's, Woodstock, Amy's, Lacroix, Beyond Meat, Evol, Vital Farms, Flowers Creamery, Piper & Leaf Tea, Rosecreek Farms Produce and more.

"We opened this storefront to give local farmers a place to sell their goods, and we've succeeded," Brian Williams, co-owner, Cottonwood Farm and Grocery says. "And, keeping the shelves stocked with other organic items is something the community vocalized, so we're trying to meet that need."

Produce, dairy, eggs and meats are homegrown in the Tennessee Valley - straight from the farm to the table. Cottonwood is also working with their vendor to offer grab-and-go items like snack boxes, drinks and salads.

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Downtown Florence’s Cottonwood to offer same products as Whole Foods

FLORENCE, Ala. -- The Shoals' favorite farm-to-table grocery store, Cottonwood Farm & Grocery, now partners with United Natural Foods (UNFI) to offer all of your niche organic and natural favorites - right around the corner.

UNFI, the same distributor who stocks Whole Foods, has already delivered their first truck to the Shoals, allowing Cottonwood customers to enjoy their big-name favorites without driving more than an hour to purchase them.

"We're always thinking about what our community wants and needs," said co-owner Brian Williamson Jr. "We don't want people having to drive to Huntsville, Nashville, or Birmingham to get their groceries when we can easily provide those goods for them."

Cottonwood Farm & Grocery is the first and only business in the Shoals to offer wholesale UNFI products - such as Annie's Homegrown, Justin's Peanut Butter, Chobani and LaCroix, among others - as well as 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables of better quality than Publix or Amish produce.

"If there's something you don't see in the store but you usually pick up on your Whole Foods run, I guarantee we can get it," Williamson said. "Why would you need to go to Trader Joe's when you've got us right around the corner?"

Since their grand opening in April, Cottonwood Farm & Grocery has offered downtown Florence fresh flowers and produce as well as humanely raised meats and dairy products. Their focus on providing farm fresh goods has bolstered community education of local versus wholesale farming, and the organic, natural offerings provided by UNFI complement that goal.

Current UNFI-provided products include:

* LaCroix Sparkling Water
* Topo Chico Sparkling Water
* Annie's Homegrown Mac and Cheese, Snack Mix, and Cereal
* Justin's Peanut Butter Cups
* Kettle Brand Potato Chips
* Bragg Liquid Aminos and Apple Cider Vinegar
* Near East Pilaf and Couscous
* Kind Granola Bars
* Angie's Popcorn
* Chobani Greek Yogurt
* Tubs of trail mix
* Dozens and dozens more!

Current organic fruits and vegetable selection includes:

* Broccoli slaw
* Carrots (Regular and Baby)
* Cucumbers
* Herbs (including basil, rosemary, and thyme)
* Lettuce and salad mixes
* Mushrooms
* Onions
* Mini sweet peppers
* Baby potato mix
* Tomatoes (heirloom and cherry)
* Pink Lady apples
* Bananas
* Red seedless grapes
* Peaches (white and yellow)
* Hummus (Black Bean, Roasted Red Pepper, and Regular)

For questions regarding Cottonwood Farm & Grocery, contact Brian Williamson Jr. at or visit

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