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Ellis Equipment, Inc. Has Premium K-Rail for Sale in the Sacramento Region

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Ellis Equipment, Inc. is pleased to offer quality K-rail construction barriers for job sites in and around the City of Sacramento. For close to 30 years now, this family-owned and -operated company has worked tirelessly to provide construction industry professionals with the dependable equipment they require for their various projects. Operating with the guiding philosophy that they are in the problem solving business rather than just the sales or rental business, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Ellis strives to offer each client superior customer service from beginning to end.

Ellis Equipment is regarded as one of the leading suppliers of K-rail concrete barriers in California. The multipurpose K-rail they have for sale is in line with Caltrans specifications to help ensure that it functions as required. Clients purchase Ellis' K-rail for a number of important permanent and semi-permanent applications, such as blocking pedestrian and vehicle access to restricted areas, delineating walkways and perimeters, and aiding in general road and freeway construction work.

Ellis has a number of effective K-rail barrier options available for Sacramento area clients, with each size serving distinct functions. As of now, the company offers 5 ft. sticks (2,000 lbs), 10 ft. sticks (4,000 lbs), and 20 ft. sticks (8,000 lbs). These barricades can be situated as individual units, or interlinked for increased traffic control if desired. The company would like to note that with their weight, the K-rail sticks require reach lifts or forklifts to move them.

The incredible team at Ellis Equipment is committed to making the K-rail purchase process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. With their extensive construction industry experience, they fully understand the importance of being able to secure reliable tools and equipment in a timely manner. Ellis stands behind all of the K-rail they sell in Sacramento and around the county, and greatly appreciates the opportunity to assist all who contact them. They encourage all those that need quality K-rail construction barriers to reach out without delay.

Ellis Equipment, Inc. is located at 1015 E. Burnett St. in Signal Hill, and can be reached at (562) 424-9991. For more information, please contact the business or visit

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Introducing the Jellifish: A Universal Crash Barrel Lifting Tool from Ellis Equipment, Inc.

SIGNAL HILL, Calif. -- Ellis Equipment, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Jellifish, an efficient universal crash barrel lift created by construction industry veteran John Ellis. Perfected over years of careful development and subsequent refinement, this patented tool is presently the only device available on the market with the express purpose of handling most kinds of sand-filled barrels used today. The Jellifish is a dependable, high performance tool that is easy for workers to use and can help improve job site safety.

The Jellifish is intended to address the long-standing issue of barrel and barrel lift compatibility. Currently, many manufacturers offer lift attachments that are only designed to hoist their own barrels. Unfortunately, what this means is that attempting to use one brand's lift on another brand's barrel just won't work. Efforts to attach the lift to the barrel may fail completely, or otherwise lead to mid-lift detachment that can cause injury and/or a deluge of sand depending on the particular situation.

With the Jellifish, however, workers now have a safe and secure means of lifting sand-filled traffic barrels no matter which manufacturer (or manufacturers) produced them. Despite weighing in at only 60 lbs, this tool is rated to accommodate weight up to 2,500 lbs. To ensure top product quality and performance, each Jellifish is rigorously evaluated by a 3rd party facility at a weight of 3,125 lbs. Units only receive approval tags for public use once they successfully pass these tests.

In designing the Jellifish, John Ellis was committed to crafting a barrel lifting tool that remedied the compatibility problem while also being incredibly straightforward for workers to use over the course of their day-to-day operations. Each unit comes with a durable storage bag that makes it a breeze to transport and connect to the forklift. Once the Jellifish is attached to the lift and the bag is removed, machine operators can position it over the sand barrel.

A crewmember on the ground then finishes the barrel/barrel lift connection process by linking the grab hook to the chain's tail. As soon as it is no longer required for the day's work, the Jellifish is lowered back into the storage bag and released from the machine. From start to finish, the process could not be simpler.

The growing success of the Jellifish traffic barrel tool is the direct result of John Ellis' in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the traffic safety and construction equipment fields. The device not only assists in bolstering overall jobsite safety, but also enables workers to raise and transport sand barrels in a far easier manner than before. Don't delay in contacting Ellis Equipment, Inc. to secure yours today.

Ellis Equipment, Inc. is located at 1015 E. Burnett St. in Signal Hill, and can be reached at (562) 424-9991.

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