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RightOnTrek Is the Official US Backpacking Gear Rental Partner for HIGHLANDER

COLUMBIA FALLS, Mont. -- RightOnTrek, which aims to introduce everyone to the great outdoors and backpacking, is partnering with international backpacking adventure company HIGHLANDER to provide its award winning meals and gear rental support for HIGHLANDER's US based events.

Having just completed construction of its first Wilderness EDGE, a 24x7 fully automated outdoors gear rental facility outside Glacier National Park, RightOnTrek also offers a gear rental delivery service for guided expeditions in the western US.

HIGHLANDER has four backpacking "Adventures of a Lifetime" scheduled in the US for 2023, which will be served by RightOnTrek:

* Big Bear Lake, California (May 24th - 28th)

* Ogden, Utah (September 5th - 9th)

* Kalispell, Montana (September 19th - 23rd)

* North Lake Tahoe, California (October 3rd - 7th)

HIGHLANDER participants can reserve their gear online in advance at RightOnTrek's website, and RightOnTrek will deliver it to them at the event. When the event is complete, RightOnTrek will pick up the gear, giving HIGHLANDERs a fluid and easy gear rental experience.

"RightOnTrek is committed to providing the best meals and backpacking gear to HIGHLANDERs," said Victoria Livschitz, RightOnTrek founder and CEO. "We spent years developing our meals and turnkey outdoors gear rental delivery service and are ready to make sure their guests are fully equipped for their trek."

RightOnTrek gear rentals offer everything backpackers need including tents, cooking gear, communication devices, backpacks, sleeping bags, trekking poles, bear sacks and bear spray. They offer for sale consumable items including first aid kits, water purification drops, emergency shelters, and an essentials kit that has everything from sunscreen to lighters, wipes, soap, toothbrush, insect repellant and more.

RightOnTrek meals are highly rated by local enthusiasts and mainstream publications alike. BACKPACKER Magazine gave it the best Mac and Cheese award saying, "This mac is like a from-scratch Kraft with the volume turned up to 11." RightOnTrek offers six signature breakfasts and ten dinners and accommodates special dietary needs and preferences including vegetarian, vegan and keto. It also has offerings that are suitable for those with peanut, dairy, gluten and soy allergies.


HIGHLANDER is a leading global long-distance backpacking event series organizer with over 40 events in 20 countries worldwide. It's a chance to experience the Adventure of a Lifetime on 2-5 day guided treks of approximately 15, 30, 60 or 100 miles. HIGHLANDER is for all nature lovers, explorers and modern-day nomads who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and embark on a completely self-sustained multi-day stay in nature.

For additional information visit To contact HIGHLANDER, email

About RightOnTrek:

RightOnTrek ( makes epic outdoor adventures accessible to new hikers and lifelong mountaineers alike. It makes amazing backcountry experiences simple with an online trip planner, complete high tech outdoors gear rental packages, and delicious and nutritious trail meals. RightOnTrek offers its signature meals, a full day meal planner, and single day meal kits which give you all the snacks and sides you need for full day and multi-day treks. With RightOnTrek, you can feel confident finding your way through the wilderness, and return safely with memories that will last a lifetime.

For additional information visit To contact the RightOnTrek team, email

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RightOnTrek Eco-Friendly Product Design is Finalist for Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards

COLUMBIA FALLS, Mont. -- RightOnTrek was selected as a finalist in the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards. Already receiving multiple best-in-class awards and recognitions from Backpacker Magazine for their outdoor adventure meals, they now earn recognition for their packaging and product experience pairing as well.

RightOnTrek re-imagined the eating experience around its packaging and challenges the industry convention of heavy plastic aluminum-laden pouches. RightOnTrek's multi-layer package material is made of 100% bio-based materials sourced from tree pulp. Their meals are designed to cook in minutes, and taste great. The eco-friendly packaging is waterproof and still has the durability required for any outdoor adventure.

One of the biggest accomplishments in RightOnTrek meal packaging is that it's plastic-free.

The middle barrier layer is a material made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved wood pulp.

The inner linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a bio-based plastic. The company that produces it is International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), certified.

The convention for outdoor meals is to cook and freeze dry food in a factory, package for a 10 to 30-year shelf life, and the end user rehydrates their meal with warm water in the bag.

While the soak-in-a-bag method is convenient, it requires heavy packaging that can handle the boiling water without burning one's hands. Sourcing and processing the plastics and metals in this packaging do harm to multiple upstream ecosystems, and you certainly don't want any of it in your system or our environment after use.

RightOnTrek challenges the need for adventure-ready meals to have doomsday-worthy shelf life. Their meals cook fresh on the trail and are ready for your next adventure, with an 18-month shelf life.

"The material going into the packaging is as important as what it turns into after use. By choosing 100% bio-based packaging derived from renewable resources, we feel we are doing our best to maintain a sustainable life cycle on the consumers' behalf," said Eric Boxer Sustainability Engineer and Head Chef of RightOnTrek Meals.

RightOnTrek is thrilled to be recognized as one of top-30 Product of the Year finalists.

Its core team was in attendance at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show from January 10-12, 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah to join with leaders in outdoor product innovation:

RightOnTrek meals are available in retail stores throughout the US, and online. Learn more:

About RightOnTrek:

RightOnTrek is a leader and innovator in outdoor recreation services that make epic wilderness adventures and transformative outdoors experiences accessible to everyone. For first-time family campers and lifelong elite mountaineers it provides an online trip planner, 24/7 automated gear rental near Glacier National Park, and the most delicious and nutritious backpacking meals you can find. Its Adventure Meals are available both online and in a growing number of retail stores nationwide. Learn more:

RightOnTrek, Inc., 2593 Highway 2 East, Suite 3, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA.

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RightOnTrek Launches Premium Line of Adventure Meals for Backpackers

WHITEFISH, Mont. -- RightOnTrek today announced the release of its long-awaited Adventure Meals for backpackers. Their meals use the finest ingredients and preferred preparation and preservations techniques to create a delicious dining experience on the trail.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals can be bought using their simultaneously launched Adventure Meal Planner that allows you to not only buy their new line of breakfast and dinner entrees, but all your snacks, sides, desserts and drinks as well. Their Meal Planner makes it easy to get delicious, compact, inexpensive, nutrient-dense meals shipped straight to your door. RightOnTrek meals are packed by seasoned backpackers and organized by day, ready for your backpacking trip.

"Our goal at RightOnTrek is to provide a better trail meal experience to all backpackers. We've revolutionized how trail meals are made, prepared, enjoyed, planned, and shared," said Victoria Livschitz, Founder of RightOnTrek.

The easy-to-use meal planner will quickly select your meals with customizable options that cater to most diets. Enter your preferences for spicy, vegetarian, and dairy and then select your total calories per day. With one click their proprietary algorithm will build your personal meal plan. You can keep your selections, or adjust them to taste.

* Designed by backpacker chefs and modeled after the diets of the world's foremost explorers.
* Gives you the right balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and healthy fats.
* Handmade with care.
* Memorably delicious. Sure to satiate even the most selective palates.
* Easy on your budget. $1 for 100 calories. $20 gets you a healthy 2,000 calorie meal kit.
* Cooks on the trail in 10 minutes.
* Comes in sustainable packaging wherever possible.

Entrees range from Egg, Cheese and Bacon Scramble, Beef Lasagne Stew, Chicken Coconut Curry Rice, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, and a variety of exquisite options.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals are available now at

About RightOnTrek

RightOnTrek makes epic wilderness adventures more accessible to everyone, from first-time backpackers to lifelong mountaineers. By combining in-depth information about popular wilderness destinations with expertly-designed multi-day backpacking itineraries, collaborative trip planning tools, and complete wilderness adventure meals, RightOnTrek is removing the barriers to experience the magic of the Great Outdoors to nature lovers of all ages, skills, and physical abilities.

Learn more:

Stephen Gibson
Marketing Communications Director, RightOnTrek

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