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New Issue of Scattered Comics’ ‘GENIUS’ on Kickstarter Contains Extensive Story Written by the Late Rachel Pollack, a Beloved Trans Writer

FORT WORTH, Texas -- The first issue of the comic book "GENIUS: The Akashic Avatar" is perhaps the most notable because it contains a story penned by Rachel Pollack, an award-winning trans author, tarot expert and comic book writer who died of Hodgkin's lymphoma April 7, 2023 at age 77, the TINSLEY BOYS announced today.

You may remember Rachel Pollack's magnificent writing from DC COMICS' DOOM PATROL - much of which was reflected in the TV series based on the comic.

The 56-page issue of GENIUS is currently for sale on Kickstarter. It can be purchased at:

In addition to Pollack's work, the oversized issue contains stories written by veteran comic book writers BEN TINSLEY and CASEY COLUMBUS. The Pollack story was originally solicited by Tinsley back in 2010. It was originally published in a 2011 issue.

"That story was amazing," said Jake Tinsley, Ben Tinsley's adult son and comic book writing partner. "Rachel Pollack had such epic energy."

Jason Dube, Scattered Comics publisher, agreed Pollack brought something incredible to GENIUS.

"We were floored when we learned Rachel had passed away," Dube said. "She was such an amazing talent. And Ben is always talking about how supportive and friendly she was."

Pollack is survived by her wife, Judith Zoe Mateen.

According to legend, the Akashic Library, or Akashic records, contain information about all universal events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred to anyone and everyone throughout all space and time.

Set on the Texas island Galveston, GENIUS: The Akashic Avatar centers around TANYA, a beautiful teenager of color selected by cosmic forces to become the librarian and guardian of the Akashic Library known in legend as the Akashic Avatar.

After initial publication of GENIUS A few years back, Pollack suggested to Ben Tinsley during an email exchange that he re-publish the story because she was constantly receiving questions about the legendary Akashic Library.

"Her fans kept asking her if the Akashic Library was real or not," Jake Tinsley said. "She told my dad she felt him reprinting story she'd written for us might help ... But we really thought she'd be around to see this."

It took some time to put the comic back together.

The published art for the comic, drawn by Casey Columbus had been lost in the shuffle.

All that remained were the stack of comics Ben Tinsley retained from that original run.

Ben Tinsley was able to recover the original pencils Columbus rendered.

Jason Dube and Tinsley worked closely together to reassemble the comic book, color it and add Pollack's scripted dialogue, which Ben Tinsley HAD retained.

"All of that took a minute," Jason Dube said. "I also worked on the original issue. But it had been published so long ago."

Jake Tinsley said his father secured the copyright for the character shortly before the comic book was originally published.

What happened to the original GENIUS comic was a lesson in organization for Ben Tinsley, his son said.

This new issue includes commentary from Pollack, provided by the beloved writer before dying.

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Comic book child star grows up to partner with writer father on Kickstarter horror titles

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Since he was 12 years old, Jake Tinsley has written and promoted his own professional comic books. Now, the 28-year-old Jake is debuting a brand new adult horror title "ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES" which is being sold in a powerful Kickstarter, side-by-side with "THE BLONDE ASSASSIN" title written by his father Ben Tinsley. The father and son comprise the TINSLEY BOYS writing team who work out of Jason Dube's Sacramento-based Scattered Comics. They are best known for their "NIGHT OWL" character, a young shaman protecting the balance of the universe.

"ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES" marks Jake's first comic book title without his father's writing assistance. Jake decided it was time to work alone on Alternative Narratives while his father focused completely on his other projects.

"Comic book production is a ferocious but rewarding process," Jake Tinsley said.

"It takes an incredible amount of work on everyone's part to get these comics finished - and that's just the writing and editing," Jake said in a recent interview, "After Dad and I finished THAT, our scripts then went to Mark Vuycankiat for art and Diego Vasquez for color on 'Blonde Assassin' and Alex Lopez for art and Mike Stefan for color on 'Alternative Narratives.' And insane number of top-level guest artists helped with the covers."

Phil Lockler, who promotes TINSLEY BOYS projects with Tricia Locker, said both comics are a blast to read.

"Prepare yourselves," Lockler chuckled. "They're coming in HAWT!"

In a storytelling sense, "BLONDE ASSASSIn" and "ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVE" dovetail with one another, Jake explained. There is a loose but undeniable connection between assassin sisters Surrender (The Blonde Assassin) and Monique (The Blonde Bombshell from "ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVES") who each live on alternate earths and each believe the other sister is dead. (Well, actually they ARE, in a WAY, but that's a LONG STORY.)

The online video promotion is available on YouTube at:

"Be WARNED: Both of these comic books are more 'Rated R/Adults Only' than most," said Ben Tinsley, a writer, film actor, singer and former journalist.

"These are nowhere near the Rated G or PG stories you might expect reading 'Night Owl,'" Ben Tinsley said. "Jake and I will be working together again on another horror title, 'DJINN STALKERS,' and some really cool other projects. But you'll find with this title that his writers voice is a bit different from mine. Meanwhile, Jake's getting so engaging with his writing. It's a joy to watch him continue to grow."

Jake marvels at the TINSLEY BOYS comic book titles now occupying a virtual spinner Kickstarter rack online -

Jake described it as a menagerie of comic books with little artistic "add-ons" that do with comic books what an ice cream stores do adding nuts, chocolate and other items to flavors such as vanilla.

Inspired by the memory of Jack B. Tinsley, Jake's grandfather and Ben Tinsley's father, the Tinsleys have published an incredible amount of comic book material over the years. In addition to comic books, they produce the one-page, four-panel Night Owl web comic they circulate online for free die for fans.

Jake's work has attracted much attention over the years. When Jake was 14, he was interviewed on The Today Show in recognition of his comic book "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice: A Night Owl Story," which despite his young age earned him critical acclaim.

Over the years, Jake Tinsley has appeared on numerous news shows, such as FOX, CBS and WFAA. During the "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice" promotion, he spoke during a live stand-up WFAA news segment that was seen throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry named him a "Shining Star of Texas" in response to his work on on the later title "NIGHT OWL: Bullies Deserve Justice."

Now that Ben Tinsley was successful with his previous Blonde Assassin Kickstarter, the TINSLEY BOYS are expanding and in the process of adapting "Night Owl" to film - casting Jake's brother Camden Lee as the flagship hero. But the writing will continue, the Tinsleys said.

That kickstarter, meanwhile, began last week. The TINSLEY BOYS comic books and Blonde Assassin back issues can be purchased at:

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